VOLUME 8 No. 2
    “The moral worthiness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi

                                                                                                                       Lekkerwater Rd, Sunnydale

               SHELTER PETS -                                                                                                P.O. Box 22376,
                                                                                                                             Fish Hoek, 7974

           THE ADOPTION OPTION                                                                                              Tel: (021) 785 4482
                                                                                                                           Fax: (021) 785 4354
                                                                                                                       Emergencies: 083 651 6343

                                                                                                                        Reg. No: 2001/026732/08
                                                                                                                       NPO Reg. No: 044-441-NPO
                                                                                                                         PBO No: 930 001 672

                                                                                                                          MONDAY - SUNDAY

       or animal lovers, the decis-     knowing how big he/she will get         owners who didn’t have the know-           (incl. public holidays)
       ion to acquire a family pet is   and what general physical and           ledge, time or patience to train            8.30am to 4.30pm
       a serious consideration. It is   behavioural characteristics he/she      them, leaving the dog with major
a long-term commitment and one          will have.                              behavioural issues such as sepa-          ADOPTION HOURS
must be sure that the new addition         Many people have great miscon-       ration anxiety, incessant barking,        MONDAY - SUNDAY
                                                                                                                           (incl. public holidays)
to the family will be the right one.    ceptions about shelter pets, in         digging, chewing etc. All these
                                                                                                                             10am to 3.30pm
The choice also has to be made          particular shelter dogs, thinking       problems occur when the animal
whether to obtain a pedigreed pet       that they are bad dogs or genet-        does not receive enough attention.         TEL: 021 785 4482
or a cross-breed, an adult or a         ically and behaviourally inferior.      Shelter dogs make wonderful pets,          FAX: 021 785 4354
puppy/kitten. Some people have          How wrong could they be! Dogs in        provided they, as with any dog,         E-Mail:
strong connections to a particular      shelters are, in the main, victims of                 ....continued overleaf
breed of dog or cat, while many
others don't mind as long as the
animal fits in well with the family
and matches their lifestyle. The
only significant difference between
purebreds and mixed breeds is that
purebred dogs generally conform
to a specific breed standard. This
means that if you adopt a purebred
puppy, you have a good chance of                                                                                        STERILISATION STATS -
                                                                                                                          2009: January to
                                                                                                                          December - 1858
                                                                                                                        January to March -539
                                                                                                                        Feral Cat Project: 2010:
                                                                                                                         January to April - 282
                                                                                                                       (163 Females;119 Males)
                                                                                                                        TOTAL FOR 2010 - 821

                                                                      Tel: 021 785 4482                                                              1
receive the necessary attention!
They usually form a strong bond
with their new owner quickly and
                                          Ready for adoption
are so appreciative of having an
owner, someone who will give
them the love and attention they
so desperately need.
   A shelter environment is a
stressful place for any animal and
some do not cope well with the fre-
netic atmosphere. Often, a dog’s
true nature will only manifest itself
once he/she is away from the shel-
ter. So, if you visit our shelter and
walk past a kennel with a dog
which does not react to your
presence, don’t overlook that dog.
It might just be that he/she is
scared or lonely. We have a dedicat-
ed team of volunteer dogwalkers
who give of their time to walk and
train our dogs and puppies, to help
make them more appealing and
adoptable. The positive interaction
the dogs are having with the
volunteers is of great benefit to
them and is definitely helping to
make them calmer, quieter and
more friendly when prospective
adopters approach their kennels
(See article on TEARS’ Dog-Walking
Programme). In addition, our staff
members involved with homing
know the temperaments of the
dogs well and are only too keen to
assist visitors to find the most
suitable family pet or companion.
   Another consideration is the
cost. While buying a pedigreed pet
could cost many thousands, the fee
to adopt a TEARS Shelter Pet is
R450. This includes first vaccination
plus rabies vaccination, deworm-
ing, flea and tick treatment,
microchipping and sterilisation. In
addition, all our cats are tested for
Aids and Leukaemia. During the
kitten season, when we have an
overwhelming number of kittens
for adoption, the fee is R350.
   Most shelters are always full to
capacity with abandoned, abused
and neglected animals, these
animals coming from the streets,
bush, townships, factories, busi-
ness premises, uncaring owners
and the like. TEARS is no exception
and our shelter is always full of
rescued animals, patiently waiting
for someone to love.
   Local is Lekker - if you are consid-
ering adopting a pet, please visit
our TEARS Shelter. You won’t be
disappointed, and remember:
   By adopting one of our shelter
pets you make space for another to
come in.


                                       Dealing with digestive disorders
Your pet will probably experience tummy upsets at some stage in                                 Rather use a food that is gentle on     l   Feed a healthy, complete diet
its life; digestive disorders are among the top ten reasons cats and                            the stomach and has all the                 that will give your pet the
                                                                                                nutrients your pet needs to build           nutrients it needs and antioxi-
dogs go to the vet. “It can be an acute or long-term problem and is
                                                                                                up its strength again.” Feed small,         dants that will boost its immune
usually indicated by vomiting and diarrhoea,” says Dr Guy Fyvie,
                                                                                                regular meals during the recovery           system.
veterinary advisor for Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
                                                                                                period. And ensure there is always
What causes digestive disor-ders?                      shown that medication combined           clean, fresh water available and        “Digestive problems are not nor-
Dr Fyvie says there are many                           with correct nutrition can achieve       encourage your pet to drink.            mal, and should never be ignored,”
reasons, which include:                                optimum results.                            “Prevention is always better than    warns Dr Fyvie. “Although it may
                                                           First and most importantly, take     cure,” said Dr Fyvie. “By pet-          take time to find the cause, early
l    Consuming spoiled or rotten                       your pet to the vet for expert advice    proofing your home and taking           intervention can be the difference
     food, or eating non-food items,                   and proper diagnosis. Medication         precautions when you are out, you       between life and death.”
     a very common cause partic-                       may be prescribed to manage              can reduce the risk of your pet
     ularly when the animal is a                       acute vomiting, spasm, infection         getting sick in the first place.” He    For more information about
     ‘scavenger’.                                      and inflammation. If the animal          recommends:                             digestive disorders and Hill’s
                                                                                                l Keep your dog on the lead when
l    Ingesting medication, poisons or                  has lost a lot of fluids it may be put                                           Prescription Diet i/d speak to your
     products that are toxic to                        on a drip to rehydrate.                     you go for walks to prevent it       vet, contact Hill’s toll-free on:
     animals. For example eating a                         Your vet may prescribe a food           eating anything it finds en route,             (0800) 228 783,
     small piece of chocolate can be                   specifically developed for animals          particularly if your dog is prone    email or log
     enough to cause an upset                          with digestive disorders, such as           to wandering off in search of        onto
     stomach in dogs and cats.                         Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d, a range       ‘treasure’.
                                                                                                l Keep household chemicals and
     Insecticides, rat poison, bleach,                 of food for cats and dogs of all ages
     some fertilizers and certain                      that helps to control vomiting and          other toxins out of reach.
                                                                                                l Ensure that household rubbish is
     plants are also toxic.                            diarrhoea whilst promoting heal-
l    Parasites, such as worms.                         ing and recovery. Hill’s i/d contains       put into a dustbin and is not
l    Food intolerances or allergies                    a balance of vitamins and minerals          accessible.
                                                                                                l Don’t feed table scraps or meat
     can cause digestive problems. It                  to replace lost electrolytes and
     may be that your pet has devel-                   nutrients and is highly digestible,         bones. Fatty, rich foods can
     oped an intolerance to a certain                  gentle on the stomach and has an            cause a tummy upset and bones
     ingredient e.g. chicken, or just                  appetizing taste to encourage your          can lodge in the body, causing
     that it has eaten something that                  pet to start eating again. The Hill’s       an obstruction or laceration.
                                                                                                l Make sure your pet’s vaccin-
     has disagreed with it.                            Superior Antioxidant Formula helps
l    Diseases such as diabetes, kidney,                support your pet’s immune system            ations are up to date.
     liver disease and inflammatory                    for a speedy recovery and you
     bowel disease can all cause                       should see an improvement in as
     digestive troubles.                               little as three days.
l    Stress can be a trigger for both                      “Home-cooked foods are not
     diarrhoea and / or vomiting.                      always ideal for recovery,” says
                                                       Fyvie. “They are not balanced and
What can you do to help your pet                       can be surprisingly high in fat with
recover more quickly? Research has                     variance from batch to batch.

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                PET TO BE STERILISED.
    Reg. No: 2001/026732/08 NPO Reg. No: 044-441-NPO
                                                           Code:     036009                       19 - 21 Nov   World of Dogs & Cats - Good Hope Centre, Cape Town
                    PBO No: 930 001 672                     Type:    CURRENT
    TEARS IS REGISTERED AS A PUBLIC BENEFIT                                                       December      Buy our Christmas Cards & Calendars
                                                         Acc.No.:    07 2062886

                                                                                      Tel: 021 785 4482                                                                 3
                                                                             net and found the TEARS website.        which was published on Friday
                                                                                The SMS came through at 06h00        January 15, 2010. It read:
                                                                             on Christmas Morning and read in        TEARS, you are amazing.
                                                                             part: “Good Morning and Merry              On DECEMBER 29, the Cape
                                                                             Christmas! I hope it’s not too early,   Argus published the story about
                                                                             but last night we picked up a           Holly, the dog rescued at a filling
                                                                             doggy at a filling station”…… ”Can      station on the R27. I am the
                                                                             you help? An hour later the mother      motorist who picked Holly up on
                                                                             dog, which we named Holly,              Christmas Eve. When I read the
                                                                             arrived at my home, delivered by a      most recent article, my eyes welled
                                                                             grateful Helga.                         up with tears - not out of sadness,
                                                                                Later that morning she was           as on the day I left her with a TEARS
                                                                             taken to TEARS where she would          volunteer, but because of joy, for
                                                                             receive veterinary treatment, be        Holly.
                                                                             spayed and once re-habilitated, be      I think it is only appropriate to sing
                                                                             put up for adoption.                    the praises of the TEARS volunteer
                                                                                From the start we could see that     who, by the time I contacted her
                                                                             she was a special dog, maybe not in     early on Christmas morning, had
                                                                             looks but certainly in personality.     been up the entire night with an
                                                                             She became a firm favourite with        emergency rescue as well. These
                                                                             the dog walkers and so enjoyed          people do it for the love of it.
                                                                             and appreciated all the attention          These volunteers are the unsung
                                                                             she received. With good food and        heroes who are often forgotten
It’s 22 December 2009, just three days before Christmas. All                 medical treatment she began to          when good things come from
over there is excitement in the air and the shops are bustling               pick up weight and within a month       tragic situations such as these. We
with people frantically buying last minute goodies and gifts.                her coat was glossy and fully           owe TEARS a very big thank you.
                                                                             restored.                               Without dedicated people such as
On the R27 West Coast road, near          Then, on 24 December, a lady          Three months after her rescue,       the TEARS volunteers, where
Atlantic Beach Golf Estate, a          pulled into the petrol station and    Holly found a special “forever”         would Holly and I have gone on
different scenario is playing itself   noticed the mother dog as she lay     home with the Parkers, who              Christmas morning?
out. A mother dog and her 12 week      on the grass verge outside the        already have a TEARS dog. Holly         Helga Pheiffer ,Cape Town
old puppy have been dumped at          shop. The dog looked up, ever-        was a surprise birthday gift for           We made a courtesy call to the
the Total Garage. Animals get          hopeful, and ran towards the car,     their five year old daughter, who       Parkers to find out how Holly has
dumped all the time, but at            but soon turned around and sadly      couldn’t contain her excitement         settled in. Belinda Parker advises
Christmastime this shocking            returned to her “spot”. This proce-   when they came to fetch her. What       that Holly is relaxed, has settled in
occurrence seems to escalate and       dure had happened countless           a heartwarming sight it was,            so well; that she is wonderful and
hundreds of animals find them-         times over the past few days,         seeing Holly leaving our premises       gorgeous and they just love her.
selves alone, afraid and hungry,       according to the shop stewards,       with her new, caring family.            Her favourite places to go running
awaiting their fate.                   when the lady enquired. They told        The Cape Argus featured the          are the Noordhoek Common and
    The mother dog was nothing         her that the dog and her puppy had    story of Holly’s rescue on 29           Noordhoek Beach.
special; she looked like any average   been dumped days before and           December (see story on our                 What a lovely ending to a story
cross-breed dog, medium in size,       that her puppy had been taken by      website) and Helga responded by         with such a sad beginning. Just
but thin, with a short, tan, tatty     a passing motorist.                   writing a letter to the Cape Argus      makes our work so worthwhile!
coat; her poor condition due to           The lady, Helga,
malnutrition and having to feed a      immediately took
litter of puppies. On the other        pity on the mother                                                                           Happy Holly,
hand, her puppy was cute, as all       dog and bundled                                                                            relaxing with her
puppies are. A passing motorist        her into her car, re-                                                                         new family
soon picked up the pup, an             assuring her that
unexpected Christmas present for       she would find
the family, no doubt, leaving the      help for her. It was
mother dog totally alone in the        late on Christmas
world. For days she stayed in the      Eve and all the
same position, only venturing into     Animal Shelters
the car park, expectantly rushing      were closed. Helga
up to cars which she thought she       was leaving on hol-
recognized - her owners coming to      iday early Christ-
fetch her? But she soon realised       mas Morning and
that it wasn’t her master and          needed to find
dejectedly retreated again to the      somewhere for the
same spot where she had been           dog to go. She
dumped.                                searched the inter-

                                                                                                                     and exuberant dog.
                                                                                                                        The saving grace (emotionally)
                                                                                                                     for most of our dogs are our

                                                      A DEVIL                                                        dedicated dog walkers who give of
                                                                                                                     their time come rain or shine to
                                                                                                                     walk our dogs and provide them

                                                      CALLED ANGEL                                                   with mental stimulation. One such
                                                                                                                     dog walker, who, I might add, is at
                                                                                                                     our kennels every day, is Maggie
                                                                                                                     Luff. She is often accompanied by
                                                   If ever a dog deserves    evident, making us realise that the     her husband Eddie and they,
                                                   a “forever” home, it is   name chosen for him by his rescuer      together with other regular dog
                                                   one of our shelter        was totally inappropriate. But, we      walkers, spend hours daily, ensur-
                                                   dogs called Angel.        thought, maybe with training and        ing that all the dogs are walked.
                                                   Angel was brought to      time he would live up to his name.      Maggie has a big heart and took
                                                   TEARS on 5 Sep-              He didn’t particularly like any of   pity on Angel. She made it her
                                                   tember 2005, having       his various kennel companions and       mission to find Angel a home, but
                                                   been found on the         when prospective adopters walked        first he would need to receive
                                                   premises of the           through the kennels, Angel would        obedience training and social-
                                                   Novalis Institute in      go crazy, barking and jumping up        isation.
                                                   Wynberg. We esti-         and down, spoiling his chances of          Jan Meyer of the Sun Valley Dog
                                                   mated that he must        being adopted. His frenetic behav-      Training School kindly offered to
                                                   have been about four      iour was also evident when he was       assist with Angel’s training and
                                                   years old then. He        taken for walks and it was difficult    socialisation. Since January, Mag-
                                                   was in a terrible         to control him as he strained and       gie has collected Angel from the
                                                   condition, thin and       pulled on the lead. The years           kennels every Saturday morning
                                                   had biliary which         passed and sadly, despite our           and taken him for training with
                                                   could have cost him       attempts to find him a home,            Jan. Angel has responded so well to
                                                   his life. However, he     Angel remained in the kennels.          the training and has changed from
                                                   bounced back and his      Yet, despite the many years spent       a “hooligan” to a well-behaved
                                                   hyperactive temper-       in a kennel environment, Angel          dog. Maggie advises that Angel is
         TEARS dedicated Dog Walker,               ament soon became         remained a happy, but hyperactive
           Maggie Luff with Angel                                                                                    now a pleasure to work with. He
                                                                                                                     walks beautifully to heel, obeys the
                                                                                                                     commands to sit, or stay, or down
                                                                                                                     and socialises well with other dogs.

TEARS’ DOG-WALKING PROGRAMME                                                                                         All that is needed now is that
                                                                                                                     “special someone” to give Angel a
                                                                                                                     “forever” home. It will indeed be a
                                                                                                                     bitter-sweet moment when Angel
The most important thing we can       morning and refuse to leave until      what to do on the walk, TEARS’          eventually leaves our shelter for the
do for our shelter dogs is to help    every dog in the kennels has been      Dog Rehabilitation Programme            last time. We will all be so happy for
them form positive associations       walked. With so many dogs at our       and what to do after the walk.          him, but will miss the little Devil so
with all kinds of people. This will   shelter, they rarely leave before        Dog walkers are definitely            much. The champagne is “on ice”
help with their behavioural           2pm. One of these ladies is            “going the extra mile” for the          for that special day, which, we
issues, making them calmer,           mentioned in our story “A Devil        sake of our shelter dogs. Their         hope, won’t be too far off.
quieter and more friendly when        called Angel”. Another couple has      dedication is greatly appreciated
prospective adopters approach         made it their mission to exercise      not only by the dogs, but also by
their kennels.                        Monica and Pinto, ex-TEARS dogs,       everyone at TEARS.
Our TEARS Dog-Walking Pro-            who are now security dogs at             Organised walking takes place
gramme has made great strides         premises nearby. Then, there is a      on Wednesdays, Fridays and
(excuse the pun) in ensuring that     compassionate lady who regularly       Sundays, from 10am. New walk-
our dogs receive daily stimu-         takes dogs to her home for a day or    ers are requested to make
lation and interaction with           more, which includes walks on          contact with Leigh Hulsman via
people and other dogs. Dog-           Kommetjie beach. A few of the          the office (021 785 4482), to
Walkers come from all “walks of       Sunday walkers are great at            arrange for a short orientation
life” and comprise school             organising big groups of people        before they start walking.
learners who come to TEARS to         who come to walk.                        So, come on all you Animal
complete Community Service,              A fairly new walker has initiated   Lovers who need exercise!
but often stay on, also young         a passion for nurturing each dog as    Please join our Dog-Walking
people, some single, some             an individual into the walkers’        Programme. Not only will you be
married, who are often not able       schedule and has also introduced       helping our dogs by making
to have a pet of their own, so        puppy training. This person, along     them more adoptable, but, you              Doomed Devil now Adoptable
come to TEARS to walk our dogs.       with a TEARS staff member, has         can meet people who share your                      Angel!
There are also a special group of     produced a booklet The Volun-          passion for animals and get fit at
ladies who have been walking          teer's Guide to Walking Rescue         the same time.                            Maggie, our special thanks for
our dogs for many years.              Dogs. The booklet contains inval-        As one of the regular dog             your dedication to Angel and our
Among them is a dear elderly          uable information including canine     walkers, who is also a cyclist,         cause.
lady who tires easily, so, she        body language, a site map of           said: Walking the TEARS dogs              Jan, we so appreciate the time
grooms some of the dogs               TEARS’ premises, how to use a          makes me fit enough to ride in          you spend training so many of the
between walks. Other dedicated        choke chain collar, getting started,   the Argus/Pick n Pay Cycle Tour!        TEARS dogs and in particular
walkers arrive early in the           how to enter and exit a kennel,        MAKES YOU THINK, DOESN’T IT!            Angel. Thank you.

                                                                   Tel: 021 785 4482                                                                  5
I would like to make a general donation to
                                                         Being a non-profit organisation, we rely greatly on the generosity of the
TEARS for the benefit of the animals.
Amount: R ______________                                            general public and animal lovers for donations.
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                                                    Where:Monkey Valley Resort,
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                                                    Date: Saturday, 12 June 2010                       Grove Club
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Acc. No: ______________Date: ________                     083 651 6343                         collectibles, jewellery, bric-a-brac,
                                                                                                            wine, etc.
Signed:       _________________________
(in accordance with the debit order system)         6
TTouch is a gentle and unique method of working with both health
and behavioral problems in animals. Developed by internationally
known animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch is based on
cooperation and understanding. These revolutionary techniques
promote optimal performance and health without fear or force. It
utilizes bodywork for cats as well as groundwork exercises for both
dogs and horses.

When would one use TTouch?                TTouch for Cats
l An older animal that is in pain         Many people believe that it is
  (i.e. arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc.)   impossible for humans to affect
l Help injuries and surgery to            the behaviour of cats and certainly
  heal more quickly                       once the cat has reached maturity.
l To deepen the bond between              Many TTouch Practitioners and cat
  you and your pet                        owners’ world-wide who have
l To improve you pet’s                    used this unique approach with
  confidence, balance, agility or         cats in their care will know that this
  performance                             is simply not true. TTouch has
l If your animal is fearful of            helped shy, reactive and anxious
  thunderstorms and loud noises           cats totally alter their responses to
l If your animal is getting near          human contact after experiencing
  the end of it’s life and you’d          TTouch and many veterinary nurses
  like to do something to                 and shelter helpers have used
  alleviate the pain and help in          TTouch to help cats that are
  the passing.                            worried by the presence of humans
l For Improving behavior or               and/or other animals or reluctant
  temperament                             to eat in the shelter due to stress.
  F Cats who don’t get along at              Domestic cats, by their nature,
     home                                 are more solitary than dogs                 Feisty Feline Lucy, quite comfortable and relaxed in the arms of TTouch
  F Cats who are fearful of
                                                                                               Practitioner, Barbra George, after receiving treatment.
                                          although many do live successfully
     company                              in a mixed social group that
  F Cats who are standoffish              includes humans, dogs and other          effects of injury and to aid recovery   enlist the help of their local
  F Cats who are fighting etc.            animals. A surprisingly high             from disease alongside approp-          Practitioner to find out how TTouch
  F Cats who have trouble going           number of domestic cats are              riate veterinary care.                  can enhance the lives of their feline
     to the Vet                           fearful of human contact and                TTouch is also a wonderful tool      companions.
  F Cats who are spraying or              TTouch is a fantastic way of helping     for teaching children how to
     scratching in unwanted               cats to overcome their concerns. It      handle their pet cat and cat owners          Sarah Fisher from the website
     places                               can also be used to reduce the           can attend a one-day workshop or              

                                                                                   Well known Cat
                                                                                   Behaviourist, Rita
                                                                                   Brock, of Cat
                                                                                   Assistance Team, has
                                                                                   joined forces with
                                                                                   TEARS and her project
                                                                                   now falls under the
                                                                                   TEARS umbrella.
                                                                                   We are delighted to
                                                                                   advise that Rita heads
                                                                                   up our Feral Cat
                                                                                   Project at Wenga Farm
                                                                                   and is also in charge
                                                                                   of our newly-opened
                                                                                   Cat Boarding Facility,
                                                                                   bringing with her a
                                                                                   wealth of information
                                                                                   and professionalism.

                                                                         Tel: 021 785 4482                                                                      7
              Congratulations!                                                                               “Babe (Bubs K)”
                                                          to our TEARS Vet,
                                                          Tori & her husband,
                                                          Carl who recently
                                                          celebrated their

If you are considering a bequest to The Emma Animal Rescue Society
(TEARS) please let us know. Although your Will is a personal matter,                    When my mind travels back to             Sun Valley in the February heat,
knowing your intentions allows us to thank you personally for this                      summer in 2004 I remember that I         two ulcerated eyes, one hanging
generous gesture. Naturally, any information you give will be treated in                had been planning to buy a               out, in an awful condition - it was
strictest confidence and places you under no obligation whatsoever. Please              Boston Terrier puppy from a well         believed that she was dumped
contact us at:     The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS)                               known breeder in Pietermaritz-           there and just left to die. I wish I
                       P O Box 22376, Fish Hoek, 7974                                   burg… strangely, I was looking in        knew her story - I believed she was
                                                                                        the “lost and found” pets section        loved once, and somehow had
           Tel: + 27 (0) 21 785-4482 l Fax: + 27 (0) 21 785-4354
                                                                                        of the Cape Times and my eye             fallen on bad times. Once Babe
                                                                                        caught a small notice giving             received love again, she began to
       TEARS GROOMING PARLOUR                                                           details of a Boston Terrier found in     improve and then thrive, becom-
                            Our Grooming Parlour, situated at our kennels               Sun Valley. Inexplicably, this           ing the “unofficial” alpha dog at
                            in Lekkerwater Road and run by Lesley Willis, a             played on my mind for the rest of        home - a status bestowed on her
                            certified groomer, is open for business. If you             the week, and that weekend I             by our most even tempered
                            would like to make an appointment for your                  found myself going along to              staffie, allowing her to rule the
                            dog to be groomed, please contact Lesley at the             TEARS with a friend, supposedly,         roost. Babe was even rewarded a
                            TEARS Office 021 785 4482.                                  to give a donation toward the            rosette at a K.U.S.A Dog show.
                                                                                        medical costs for the Boston                 The Boston Terrier Breeders fell
                                                                                        Terrier who had been found in            in love with her and her “wonky”
            FOSTER A FURRY FRIEND                                                       such a bad condition. It was             little body, bandy legs and odd rib
TEARS have a large selection of            have a pet, but are worried what will        nearly the end of business hours         cage. She was vociferous and
beautiful dogs and cats which need a       happen to their pet if they were to          on the Sunday afternoon when             cheeky and as one of the breeders
special home! Some of our “Golden          pass away!                                   we arrived, and Marilyn brought          stated, Babe had the true Boston
Oldies” would love to be part of a            By fostering or adopting an older         the Boston Terrier they had named        Terrier Spirit, a big heart and
loving family, in the last years of        pet there is less chance that they will      “Babe” out for me to meet. There         pluckiness to overcome all her
their lives.                               outlive you, and with TEARS' policy,         she was a little bag of skin and         adversities to enjoy life again. She
   TEARS are offering a new pro-           we will always take back the adopted
                                                                                        bones, with one eye removed,             was a “Pets as therapy” visitor
gramme whereby you can foster one          or fostered pet if required. It has been
                                                                                        stitches still in place, with bowed      occasionally visiting the oldies at
of our special needs dogs or cats, or if   medically proven that an older
you are a Senior Citizen you can           person’s quality of life improves
                                                                                        back legs and a rib cage that stuck      Rus Oord Old Age home. We had
adopt one of our senior pets, at no        remarkably when they acquire a pet!          out toward the left side…..this          Babe for five years. She had
cost. If your foster or senior pet            We, both humans and animals all           little middle aged girl was gamely       several medical conditions which
requires veterinary treatment this will    need to be cared for and loved. Why          following Marilyn around the             deteriorated over the years. She
be covered by TEARS. In certain cir-       not, give TEARS a call right now and         offices - already attached to this       lost the sight in her remaining eye
cumstances, TEARS, at our discretion,      open your heart to a deserving dog or        lovely lady and her team who had         and had breathing problems.
will provide dietary requirements.         cat! Change their lives and fill yours       been caring for her since she had            Until the end, she was our
   Many Senior Citizens would love to      with love!                                   been released from the veterinary        special little girl, and never a day
                                                                                        hospital. It must have been “love        has gone by when I have
               TEARS’ BANK DETAILS:                                                     at first sight” as in a short space of
                                                                                        time I was making a determined
                                                                                                                                 regretted turning down the top
                                                                                                                                 pedigreed Boston Terrier puppy
  Account:     TEARS                       TEARS IS REGISTERED AS A PUBLIC BENEFIT
                                                                                        call to my landlord and lady             and adopting Babe,- her nick-
                                             ORGANISATION. DONATIONS MADE TO
     Bank:     STANDARD BANK               TEARS ARE THEREFORE TAX DEDUCTIBLE BY        asking them if I could bring her         name being “Bubs K”. Those of
   Branch:     FISH HOEK                              YOU, THE DONOR.                   home that night. Luckily they            God's Creatures who we “rescue”
    Code:      036009                              Reg. No: 2001/026732/08
                                                                                        agreed, as I was moving to my            seem to have extra love to give so
     Type:     CURRENT                            NPO Reg. No: 044-441-NPO              own home in a few months time.           all of you out there pondering the
  Acc.No.:     07 2062886                            PBO No: 930 001 672                    So began an extraordinary            pros and cons of adopting a
                                                                                        relationship with a special girl.        rescued animal, believe me, in our
                                                                                        My wonderful 11 year old Staffie         case, we were blessed to have
                                                                                        accepted her immediately, as did         Babe in our lives.
                                                                                        Annie, my pavement special.                  So my dearest, little girl, rest in
                                                                                            Babe survived when some of           peace until we are reunited.
                                                                                        my friends thought she wouldn’t
                       ee page 6 for Membership Application and Debit Ord               make it. She had been found in           Ma and Pa.


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