Is There An Alternative To Waxing And Shaving- by aihaozhe2


									If you have unsightly body hair that you really have no use for, then chances are
you've tried everything to get rid of it. Shaving, tends to leave itchy red bumps and
tends to require constant maintenance every few days. Plucking is a pain, literally and
figuratively. Waxing just plain hurts and requires regular appointments in order to
maintain a smooth, hairless surface.

So what does that leave? Well, you have two options, electrolysis and laser treatment.
Most people lean towards laser treatment simply because there's less risk involved.
Electrolysis is just as it sounds, the application of electricity to the area to essentially
burn the hair away. Laser treatment, on the other hand, is completely safe nearly one
hundred percent of the time.

Laser treatment is a bit of a misnomer. The treatment doesn't have a technician with a
zapper performing your bikini hair removal one hair at a time. Laser hair removal
actually involves the use of a special lamp, not a laser beam of any sort, to nullify the
skin's ability to grow hair. The light activates on melatonin found naturally in the

Being little more than a lamp, it is pretty much one hundred percent safe. That is
barring extreme, rare circumstances wherein a person may be especially sensitive to
the light used in the treatment. The incidents of injury or even significant pain being
suffered as a result of the treatment are incredibly rare, especially compared to
electrolysis, which almost typically leads to scarring.

Laser hair treatment is a permanent hair removal option, so if you actually haven't
tried shaving or waxing yet, give it a try to see how you like the Brazilian look before
getting rid of it forever. The treatment typically demands a few sessions over the
course of several months, depending on the individual's skin and hair type.

Because the treatment is light based, it's really most effective on darker hair. Those
with especially light hair may find that it simply doesn't stick. Fortunately, a high
percentage of people only grow dark, coarse body hair rather than softer, more lightly
colored hair. However, some redheads may have red, orange or blonde colored body
hair. The lamp activates on melatonin, being the stuff that makes your skin or hair
dark, therefore it's incapable of working on hair lacking a strong degree of melatonin.

If you're interested, you'll want to talk to your physician before pursuing the treatment.
As safe as it may be, the fact remains that if you are in that small minority that may be
allergic to the treatment or if you have hair that's too light to be affected, you'll want
to know that before getting serious about pursuing laser hair removal. That said, the
end results do give you smooth, hairless, healthy, beautiful skin with no need to shave,
wax or pluck ever again.

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