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 Deputy Minister’s
      Budget Vote    4      DCS launches
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                          Service Delivery
                                                  It’s the final
                                                   February - April 2010

                                                      Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-
                                                              Nqakula tabled the
                                                       departmental budget vote
                                                      speech in Parliament on 25
                                                                     March 2010.

                          SA Corrections Today
                                              MANAGEMENT NEWS
SA Corrections Today is the national
internal newsletter of the Department
of Correctional Services, Republic of
                                             Recovering millions from
South Africa
                                             corrupt officials                                  By Molatelo Mokumo

                                             In its efforts to root out corruption within its own cadres, the
                                             department is in the process of recovering in excess of R2
                                             million owed to it by about 702 corrupt officials in KwaZulu-Natal
                                             for medical aid fraud committed between 1999 and 2001.

                                                     ost of the officials were employed    severe budget limitations, hence the im-
                                                     at Durban Westville and Pieter-       plementation of wide reaching cost sav-
                                                     maritzburg Management Areas           ing measures.
                                             respectively.                                   Mr Pieter Kilian, the Deputy Direc-
                                               They defrauded the department by            tor Sanctions at the Directorate Code
                                             authorising false medical aid claims to       Enforcement, said that when evidence
                                             the medical scheme for Correctional           surfaced at the time that all the 702 of-
                                             Services (MEDCOR). The officials were         ficials involved were stationed in KZN, it
                                             colluding with a Durban based medical         became problematic to dismiss all 702
                                             doctor in their fraudulent scheme. When       officials as such a decision would have
                                             MEDCOR paid the doctor, the proceeds          destabilised the department, particularly
                                             were shared on a 60/40 basis between          that region. He said once they had evi-
                                             the doctor and the officials, with the doc-   dence of who the culprits were, officials
                                             tor taking the bigger share.                  were subjected to discipline in terms of
Patron: Minister of Correctional               His name is known to the department         the Disciplinary Code and also had to
Services, Deputy Minister of                 but cannot be revealed as there are           enter into repayment agreements (Ac-
Correctional Services                        criminal cases pending against him. Dur-      knowledgment of Debts). Disciplinary
Editor in Chief: Bheki Manzini               ing the period of his collusion with cor-     processes are ongoing against a few
Editor: Estelle Coetzee                      rectional officials, the medical doctor       officials who did not want to admit their
News Editor: Molatelo Mokumo                 claimed an amount of R34 million in two       participation in the fraudulent scheme,
Layout Editor: Nathan van den Bergh          years from MEDCOR.                            Mr Kilian said.
Published by the Department of                 The medical aid fraud was first un-
Correctional Services, Private Bag           covered by the Jali Commission follow-
X136, Pretoria 0001.
                                                                                            The findings of the commission
                                             ing numerous allegations of corruption,
Tel: (012) 307 2296 Fax: (012) 323 4942      maladministration, nepotism, intimida-
                                                                                           were released in public on 6
                                             tion and other improper conduct in some       November 2006. It revealed that
Repro and printing facilitated by the        of the big Management Areas of the            medical aid fraud was rampant
Government Printing Works, Pretoria.         department. The Jali Commission was           among a large number of
                                             established when a former Minister of
The opinions expressed in SA                 Correctional Services, Mr Ben Skosana
Corrections Today are those of               approached former President Mbeki to
the authors and do not necessarily           appoint an independent judicial commis-         Of the 702 officials, 423 had chosen to
represent those of the editor or the         sion of inquiry to thoroughly investigate     repay the money on pre-arranged terms
Department of Correctional Services.         the allegations and to make comprehen-        whilst no official was allowed to pay less
The editor reserves the right to alter any   sive recommendations in that regard.          than R500 per month.
contribution or not to publish it.             The findings of the commission were           An amount of R2 545 881 was paid into
                                             released in public on 6 November 2006.        the department’s coffers by the Special
Letters to the editor that are published     It revealed that medical aid fraud was        Investigating Unit (SIU) in April 2010 as
in this newsletter represent the personal    rampant among a large number of mem-          part of the money recovered. The money
view of the writers and do not reflect the
                                             bers. Evidence also indicated members         was recovered via Persal from some of-
views of the Department of Correctional
                                             being involved in organised crime, act-       ficials who signed an Acknowledgement
Services. The editor reserves the right
                                             ing as agents to recruit other members        of Debt (AoD) and those who made cash
to amend or reject letters. Letters should
                                             to participate in defrauding MEDCOR.          payments.
be sent to The Editor, SA Corrections
                                             Evidence was also led of members ex-            The department through the SIU is also
Today, Private Bag X136, Pretoria
                                             torting money from other service provid-      recovering money from 28 former of-
0001 and must be clearly marked “For
                                             ers and in this regard a senior manager       ficials who are now pensioners and 34
publication in SA Corrections Today”.
                                             was implicated. The negative financial        who are on medical retirement. Mr Kilian
It can also be e-mailed to:
                                             impact that these criminal activities had     said the files of 92 deceased fraudsters
                                             on the department’s coffers and the           had been closed.
                                             economy of the country as a whole can           Of the total number of cases 37 are still
Copyright is reserved on all material in
                                             never be understated, more so because         being pursued by the SIU and the de-
this publication. Permission has to be
                                             the department is currently dealing with      partment.
sought in writing.

                                                    SA Corrections Today
                                                  MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                                Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula on her
                                                                                                way to parliament to deliver her budget vote

                                                                                                mates who remain in our facilities on minor
                                                                                                crimes with bail amounts of less than R000,
                                                                                                and those who are first time offenders serv-
                                                                                                ing sentences of less than 4 months,” Min-
                                                                                                ister Mapisa-Nqakula said.

                                                                                                Offender labour
                                                                                                  The Minister announced that work has be-
                                                                                                gun on a framework about the benefits that
                                                                                                the offender labour force can have for the de-
                                                                                                velopment of communities. “This work will
                                                                                                help to enhance their skills and social con-
                                                                                                sciousness as well,” she added.

                                                                                                Attraction of scarce skills
                                                                                                  Despite budget constraints, particularly

Minister Mapisa-Nqakula outlines
                                                                                                with regard to expenditure on the compensa-
                                                                                                tion of employees, critical posts that have to
                                                                                                be filled during the financial year have been
priorities for 2010/11                                    By Ofentse Morwane

Photos by Mandla Mathibe                                                                        Remand Detention Branch
                                                                                                  The Remand Detention Branch within the
Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula tabled the departmental                                        department will be established this year in
                                                                                                line with the decision of the JCPS cluster. It
budget vote speech in Parliament on 25 March 2010 and                                           is intended to manage all matters relating to
committed herself to accelerate transformation of the                                           awaiting trail detainees. “We have appointed
department into an effective and integral component of the                                      an inter-departmental task team to investigate
rejuvenated Criminal Justice System (CJS) in the country.                                       the modus operandi and to propose a struc-
                                                                                                ture for the new branch for our approval.

      abling a budget of R5. billion which     of overcrowding could not only be solved         “In the meantime, a video remand court sys-
      is to further grow at an annual rate of    by commissioning new facilities. “While it     tem has since been established, which means
      9.7 % over the next three years to R18.2                                                  that awaiting trial detainees do not necessar-
                                                 is part of the interventions, the real solutions
billion, The Minister said: This trajectory      lie in the success of
for the transformation and integration of the    our      rehabilitation
department as a component of the CJS is in-      programmes, the ef-
formed by our assertion that the system of       fectively managed
corrections in our country should not only       release and reinte-
be at the receiving end of the fight against     gration of offenders,
crime, but should be a value chain change        as well as with the
in the task of ensuring that our people are      integration processes
and feel safe in line with the objectives of     within the Criminal
the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security       Justice System.”
(JCPS) Cluster.”                                   As part of respond-
  The Minister made key announcements            ing to the problem
and highlighted progress on some of the          of overcrowding, a
undertakings made in the 2009 budget vote        ministerial task team
speech.                                          consisting of inde- Community members from Langa came in numbers to support the
                                                 pendent members Minister during her budget speech.
Medical Parole Policy                            has been appointed to conduct an audit of the ily have to physically appear in court, but
  She said a new policy on medical parole        categories of inmates with the view to look can be linked to the court via a video facility.
has been developed by the National Council       at certain reclassifications, such as conver- This helps us to manage both our human and
for Correctional Services. “Although it was      sion of custodial sentences into correctional financial resources,” the Minister said.
our intention to implement the policy by the     supervision. The task team is further ex-
beginning of the financial year, it has become   pected to audit the categories for and status Optimum utilisation of facilities
clear that before this can be done, changes      of vulnerable inmates, including the elderly,      The Minister announced that construction
will have to be made to the Correctional         inmates with psychiatric problems, children of the new correctional centre in Kimber-
Services Act.”                                   and women.                                       ley has been finalised and has been handed
                                                   “With this data at our disposal, it should be over to the DCS by the Department of Public
Overcrowding and Ministerial Task Team           possible for us to implement provisions of
 The Minister pointed out that the problem       the law in terms of the release of those in-                      Continued on page 4

                                                     FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                  
                                                    MANAGEMENT NEWS

Continued from page 3                                                                                                          Deputy Minister
                                                                                                                               Hlengiwe Mkhize
                                                                                                                               (centre) with
Works. “The Centre will be fully operated by                                                                                   her support
the DCS and provides an additional 3000 bed                                                                                    staff and school
                                                                                                                               learners who
spaces. We are staggering the transfer of in-                                                                                  came to witness
mates into the facility in order to manage its                                                                                 how budget
gradual progress to full capacity.”                                                                                            vote speeches
                                                                                                                               are delivered in
  Meanwhile there are smaller centres with                                                                                     Parliament.
an inappropriate high inmate/staff ratio. The
Minister said she has requested an audit of
these facilities to ensure optimum deploy-
ment of both financial and human resources.

New facilities through Public Private Part-
nerships (PPPs)
  Minister Mapisa-Nqakula said she indi-
cated her concerns around PPP facilities last
year, but, “I can report here today that we

                                                   Deputy Minister’s Budget Vote
have decided to proceed with the procure-
ment of four new facilities through the PPP
model. It is important that whatever we do in
this regard, the core mandate of the state to
manage the system of corrections, should be
                                                   Speech               By Ofentse Morwane

safeguarded.”                                      In delivering her budget vote speech in Parliament on 25
  “I have also been concerned that, in the
conceptualisation of these facilities, no pro-     March, Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize committed herself to
vision was made to have a dedicated facility       continuing with paying special attention to the vulnerable groups
suitable for women, and one with the neces-        within correctional facilities.
sary capacity to provide education facilities
to juveniles. A facility that caters for inmates   Female offenders and children behind bars        young offenders. This task is in keeping with
with needs for psychiatric care should fur-          The Deputy Minister told Parliamentarians      the five national priorities outlined by Presi-
thermore be considered and operated in con-        that the increasing number of women in the       dent Jacob Zuma during his second State of
junction with the Department of Health,” she       country’s correctional centres is a cause for    the Nation Address.”
concluded.                                         concern. “There are currently 3 652 women
                                                   in our facilities. However, the challenge is     Mental illness
Prevention of escapes                              that our correctional centres were for men,        “During our visits to correctional centres,
  The Minister raised her concern over the         and as such, are not appropriate for women’s     we came across disturbing cases of incar-
number of escapes which continue to occur          needs.                                           cerated offenders who show symptoms of
from correctional facilities. She said among         “As signatories to the Convention on the       mental illness. Certainly our correctional fa-
the measures to be taken in the 2010/11 fi-        Elimination of all forms of discrimination       cilities have no capacity to manage complex
nancial year will include proper chain of          against women, we are obliged to put in place    conditions like mental illness. As such, they
command for the Emergency Security Teams           measures that eliminate gender discrimina-       should be referred to psychiatric hospitals,”
and strengthening the fight against corrup-        tion and promote and protect women’s rights      said the Deputy Minister.
tion. “We are particularly keen to see the         equality,” the Deputy Minister said.               She said as part of responding to these chal-
development of adequate capacity for vetting         She informed Parliament that as part of the    lenges a workshop with the theme, “Under-
within the department during this MTEF,”           department’s commitment to assist vulner-        standing the relationship between a person’s
she added.                                         able groups the Imbeleko Project has been        mental health status and crimes committed”
                                                   launched in five of the six regions of the de-   was convened with experts from the fields of
Implementation of 7-Day Establishment              partment.                                        criminology, psychiatry and psychology.
  The 7-day establishment is now fully op-           “Imbeleko has two pillars. The first pil-
erational in all our centres, according to the     lar focuses on creating a humane, safe and       Community outreach
Minister. “We have however experienced             friendly environment for mother-child inter-       Victims should remain at the centre of the
some teething and capacity problems with           action within our correctional facilities (re-   criminal justice system and the importance of
regard to the shift system that is implemented     ferring to babies who are with their incarcer-   the Victims’ Charter cannot be over-empha-
together with the 7-day establishment, par-        ated mothers). The second pillar prioritizes     sized, Ms Mkhize said. As part of contribut-
ticularly in centres that are understaffed.        finding alternative placement for children,      ing towards crime prevention, the depart-
  “We intend to continue with the 7-day es-        who are older than two years, outside our        ment has partnered with the Sexual Offences
tablishment, and monitor the cost benefits         centres.”                                        and Community Affairs Unit of the National
due to the reduction of overtime payments.                                                          Prosecuting Authority to reach out to women
We however allow centres to implement the          Young offenders                                  in rural areas. “Our intention was to equip
most suitable shift system according to their        Deputy Minister Mkhize said there was          them with appropriate knowledge and skills
resources whilst ensuring adequate security        a dire need to focus on the development of       so as to prevent them from becoming victims
and services,” said Minister Mapisa-Nqaku-         young offenders. “We will pay particular at-     of domestic violence,” the Deputy Minister
la.                                                tention to enhancing the educational levels of   said.

4                                                           SA Corrections Today
                                               MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                              Top senior managers of the department
                                                                                              were happy to sign the Service Delivery

                                                                                                The charter contains a section on the
                                                                                              Code of Conduct which among others
                                                                                              deals with relationship issues, such as
                                                                                              that between the public and stakehold-
                                                                                              ers, among officials and between offi-
                                                                                              cials and offenders.
                                                                                                The DCS Service Delivery Improve-
                                                                                              ment Plan, which was approved by the
                                                                                              Minister on 25 February 2010, are also
                                                                                              contained in the Service Delivery Char-
                                                                                              ter. The charter is presented in the form
                                                                                              of a handy Z-card. Sufficient copies have
                                                                                              been printed to ensure that each official
                                                                                              will receive their own copy. Marketing
                                                                                              and branding material have furthermore
                                                                                              been developed and have been made
                                                                                              available to all regions.

DCS launches Service Delivery                                                                   The DPSA has congratulated DCS on
                                                                                              developing and launching its Service

Charter               By Johanna Prozesky

Just before delivering her budget vote speech in Parliament
on 25 March, Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula launched the
department’s Service Delivery Charter and thereby echoed the
focus on service delivery of this term of government.

      ith her was the entire Executive        licly spells out its commitment to service
      Management Committee of the             recipients and service standards. It con-
      department who all pledged their        firms that the department will provide
commitment to institutionalise the Serv-      high quality professional services that
                                              are responsive to all service recipient
                                              needs. The department will monitor the
                                              quality and effectiveness of its services
                                              mainly through conducting customer sat-
                                              isfaction surveys.
                                                The charter is clear about its commit-        Minister Mapisa-Nqakula putting her
                                              ment to service recipients, be they in-         name to improving service delivery in the
                                              mates, stakeholders, the public or offi-        department.

                                              cials. It mentions the right of recipients to   Delivery Charter, thereby complying with
                                              all the Batho Pele principles, such              public service regulations. The DPSA
                                              as to be treated with respect;                        has agreed that they will audit
                                              to be provided with prompt                                 DCS’ compliance to display the
                                              and efficient services; pri-                                     Service Delivery Charter
                                              vacy to be valued; fair-                                            at each service deliv-
                                              ness and reasonable-                                                 ery point in the depart-
                                              ness; courteousness;                                                 ment as from end July
                                              to be provided with                                                  to August 2010. This
                                              clear and accurate in-                                               includes     correctional
                                              formation; and the right                                            centres, community cor-
                                              to redress and an apol-                                            rections offices, manage-
                                              ogy for lapses in services                                       ment areas, regional of-
                                              delivery.                                                     fices, and head office.
Acting National Commissioner Ms Jenny           The charter recognises that                              Officials should take note that
Schreiner was the first official to put her
name to the Service Delivery Charter          service delivery is a two way channel           the Service Delivery Charter has to be
                                              and that recipients have certain obliga-        visible in all visitors’ areas. Enquiries can
ice Delivery Charter at all service deliv-    tions, such as it is expected from them         be directed to Johanna Prozesky, Direc-
ery points.                                   to be courteous and civil and respect the       tor Service Delivery Improvement at 012
  In the charter the DCS boldly and pub-      dignity of officials they interact with.        305 8624.

                                                  FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                   5
                                               MANAGEMENT NEWS

Minister deploys task Minister led
team on overcrowding delegation to
By Molatelo Mokumo
                                                                                            UN          By Sonwabo Mbananga

Informed by the concern over overcrowding in many of the
                                                                                                     inister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula
department’s 237 correctional centres, Minister Nosiviwe                                             led a South African Delegation to
Mapisa-Nqakula has taken measures to reverse the situation.                                          the th United Nations Congress on
                                                                                            Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice held

    n a statement released on 19 Febru-       conduct an audit of certain categories of     in Brazil on 18 and 19 April 2010.
    ary, the Minister announced that she      inmates within DCS facilities. The aim is       Minister Mapisa-Nqakula, together with
    has appointed a task team to conduct      to collect statistics about certain trends    her colleagues from the international com-
an audit of certain offender categories       and shortcomings while also identifying       munity ratified the outcomes of two weeks
who could be considered for release in        best practices.                               of deliberations by member countries aimed
terms of existing legislation but who are       The three member task team consists         at achieving synchronicity and international
not considered for possible earlier re-       of Dr Mongezi Guma (Chairperson),             best practices in crime prevention, and inte-
lease or for alternative arrangements.        Mr Tendai Dumbutshena and Ms Britta           grating criminal justice systems, including
   “Since my appointment as Minister          Rotmann. Dr Guma has been the Chair-          the treatment of offenders.
of Correctional Services in May 2009,         person of the Constitutional Body, The          Some of the topics addressed at the con-
I have visited a number of correctional       Commission for the Promotion and the          gress were best practices against overcrowd-
centres that accommodate approxi-             Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Reli-   ing in correctional facilities and recent devel-
mately 165 000 offenders around the           gious and Linguistic Communities – deal-      opments in the use of science and technology
country. Overcrowding in some facilities      ing with issues of diversity, heritage and    by authorities in fighting crime, especially
is of grave concern to government and         identity since 2004.                          escalating cybercrime.
constitutes an ongoing challenge to cor-        Mr Dumbutshena is the Human Re-               “The UN Congress on Crime Prevention
rectional services and the criminal justice   source Development Africa (HRDA) exhi-        and Criminal Justice is a global high-level
system as a whole,” she explained.            bition Director as well as a South African    platform to share information and experienc-
   She said various provisions in the         based Zimbabwean Times columnist.             es on the criminal justice system, at domes-
Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No          He also wrote extensively for the Mail &      tic, regional and international levels. South
51 of 1977) and Correctional Services         Guardian and The Sunday Times.                Africa is committed to meaningful participa-
Act, 1998 (Act No 111 of 1998) have             Ms Britta Rotmann recently worked as        tion in the congress and other related fora,”
been passed by Parliament to alleviate        a United Nations Human Rights officer.        said Mapisa-Nqakula before her departure.
the burden on Correctional Services by        She also served as the legal advocacy           “Initiatives with international communi-
allowing the controlled release of certain    and lobbying coordinator of Sex Work-         ties have been established to facilitate the
categories of offenders on either day pa-     er Education and Advocacy Taskforce           exchange of expertise and development of
role, parole or correctional supervision.     (SWEAT). The trio were assigned three         new strategies to combat threats from local
“It has become clear during my visits to      secretaries, namely Ms Nontobeko Ton-         or international crime syndicates who have
centres that these provisions only exist      ga, Ms Sulice Hayward and Ms Madelyn          the intention to disrupt or affect the event (re-
in theory (in the Acts) and that they are     Faure.                                        ferring to the 00 FIFA Soccer World Cup)
not implemented in reality. I have also         The audit has been underway since 1         negatively,” she added.
realized that there are certain categories    February this year and its work is expect-      The Minister also met with her Brazilian
of vulnerable offenders such as women         ed to end on 31 July. The team receives       counterpart to discuss parole management,
with babies, the mentally ill and the eld-    logistical support from the Office of the     streamlining of correctional facilities, man-
erly within our facilities, about whom very   Minister. In return, they must complete       agement of public private partnerships and
little information is recorded within our     the audit and provide the Minister with a     the electronic tagging and tracing of offend-
systems of administering offenders,” she      comprehensive report at the end of their      ers.
stated.                                       term. They are expected to provide an           Minister Mapisa-Nqakula furthermore used
   As much as measures and resources          interim report after three months in the      the opportunity to visit some of Brazil’s cor-
are pumped into alleviating overcrowd-        saddle (end April).                           rectional facilities to gain greater insight into
ing, there remains a challenge in captur-        “I trust the Task Team will enjoy the      areas such as the incarceration of women
ing offender statistics.                      support of officials in our department        with children and their rehabilitation pro-
   Minister Mapisa-Nqakula said statistics    and achieve the desired outcomes as we        grammes.
reflecting offender categories are not        endeavour to rendering a professional           The Minister also made a brief stopover in
what they should be and do not contain        service to society. I encourage officials     New York, USA and compared notes with
adequate evidence needed to support or        and offenders to interact with the newly      her American counterpart as she consoli-
to motivate amendments of laws with re-       appointed Ministerial Task Team as they       dated her policy vision for the department.
gard to categories of vulnerable offend-      go about their work,” the Minister ap-        The Minister has expressed interest in the US
ers.                                          pealed.                                       corrections system, especially the utilisation
   Based on this evidence, the Minister                                                     of technology, and their rehabilitation and
appointed an independent task team to                                                       social reintegration programmes.

6                                                    SA Corrections Today
                                                 MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                                  tegration in crime prevention; cooperation
                                                                                                  between governments, civil society and
                                                                                                  business; sustainable and long-term fund-
                                                                                                  ing; central body for the implementation of
                                                                                                  national prevention programmes; guidelines
                                                                                                  and toolkits or manuals for information shar-
                                                                                                  ing; leadership commitment at all levels;
                                                                                                  evaluating the impact of crime prevention
                                                                                                  efforts and addressing emerging trends in
                                                                                                  juvenile delinquency; and the integration of
                                                                                                  crime prevention into socio-economic devel-

                                                                                                  Assistance to facilitate ratification and
                                                                                                  implementation of international crime
                                                                                                  prevention instruments that deal with
                                                                                                    Various member states’ positions supported
                                                                                                  the work of the UN Terrorism Prevention
                                                                                                  Branch. Countries discussed their counter ter-
                                                                                                  rorism instruments as well as their legal and
The delegation that took part at the United Nations Congress on crime prevention held in
                                                                                                  administrative measures. They highlighted
Brazil                                                                                            the need for increased cooperation, technical

UN Congress on crime
                                                                                                  assistance and an integrated approach in the
                                                                                                  fight against terrorism, both at national and
                                                                                                  international levels.

prevention held in Brazil
By Marry Magoro, Acting Deputy Commissioner Intergovernmental Relations
                                                                                                  Developments in the use of science and
                                                                                                  technology by offenders and by authorities
                                                                                                  fighting crime
                                                                                                    Most countries were cautious about intro-
The 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and                                          ducting an international convention on cyber-
Criminal Justice, which happens every five years took place on                                    crime but they were positive about ratifying
                                                                                                  the existing European Convention, capacity
12 to 19 April in Salvador, Brazil this year.                                                     building, training, sharing of best practices,

     he congress provides a global forum for         tion work                                    technical assistance, training, legislation,
     exchanging information, best practices,    .   Assistance to facilitate ratification and    support to developing countries, interna-
     views and experience on crime preven-           implementation of international crime        tional cooperation, IT development, private
tion and criminal justice systems and brings         prevention instruments that deal with        sector involvement, research, and measures
together governments, UN agencies, NGOs,             terrorism                                    to address identity related crimes.
academics and experts in crime prevention       4.   Developments in the use of science and
and criminal justice. The South African del-         technology by offenders and by authori-      Criminal justice responses to smuggling of
egation came from departments in the Justice         ties fighting crime                          migrants and trafficking in persons
and Crime Prevention (JCPS) cluster and was     5.   Criminal justice responses to smuggling        Concerns were raised about human traf-
led by the Minister of Correctional Services         of migrants and trafficking in persons       ficking being largely under prosecuted, often
Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula.                        6.   Criminal justice responses to violence       unpunished and being regarded as a low risk
  Minister Mapisa-Nqakula presented South            against migrant workers and their fami-      crime. Most countries have adopted legisla-
Africa’s country statement in which she              lies                                         tion to give effect to the Palermo Protocol
emphasised that the country placed a high       7.   International cooperation to address         and other international instruments. The pre-
priority on dealing with crime as well as            money laundering                             vention and prosecution of human trafficking
strengthening social cohesion. She conveyed     8.   Strengthening international cooperation      as well as a strong call for effective partner-
President Zuma’s intention when he declared          in fighting crime-related problems           ships between governments and civil socie-
00 as a year of action with the need to ad-                                                     ties were discussed. Deputy Minister of Jus-
dress the levels of crime as one of the key     Children and youth                                tice and Constitutional Affairs, Mr Andries
priorities. The Minister also reported on the     The emphasis was on the need for a com-         Nel presented South Africa’s position stating
progress South Africa has made with regards     prehensive juvenile justice system and poli-      that South Africa fully acknowledged the
addressing the issues of children and youth,    cies, preventative measures for the protection    challenges of human trafficking and smug-
and compliance with international instru-       of children from violence, restorative justice,   gling which are perpetuated by transnational
ments on terrorism, human trafficking, xeno-    legal aid, victim issues, medical care, the       syndicates. He talked about measures South
phobia and money laundering.                    plight of children who have parents in prison     Africa has put in place to address transna-
                                                and the promotion of alternative sentencing.      tional organised crimes, illegal mining, sign-
The congress dealt with eight themes:                                                             ing and ratifying several international instru-
. Children and youth                           UN guidelines on crime prevention
. Making UN guidelines on crime preven-         Issues discussed under this topic were in-                         Continued on page 8

                                                     FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                     7
                                                  MANAGEMENT NEWS

Correctional Services at the                                                                      the Inspecting Judge, magistrates and
                                                                                                  SAPS in streamlining the correctional

Portfolio Committee
                                                                                                  system in this regard.
                                                                                                    She indicated that she will immediately
                                                                                                  start a process of tracking rape informa-
A Correctional Services delegation led by Acting National                                         tion and took cognisance that Parliament
                                                                                                  had declared a zero tolerance approach
Commissioner, Ms Jenny Schreiner appeared before the                                              towards rape in correctional centres.
Portfolio Committee in Parliament on 14 April to respond to the                                     A task team with Justice Department
Committee’s questions about accountability, management and                                        and CSVR as partners was formed
compliance with policies and procedures.                                                          about six months ago to prepare a draft
                                                                                                  framework, which included the imple-

      resent at the meeting were Just De-        assault statistics. DCS members sug-             mentation of a zero tolerance approach
      tention International and the Centre       gested management interventions that             towards sexual abuse in correctional
      for the Study of Violence and Rec-         could have an immediate impact on rape           centres. Awareness raising among staff
onciliation (CSVR) for the research they         in correctional centres, including profiling     on sexual abuse matters should be part
had done on reducing and addressing              new arrivals, and identifying vulnerable         of ongoing training. The Portfolio Com-
rape in detention centres both in the USA        candidates and accommodating them                mittee gave their commitment to assist
and in South Africa were of particular           separately. Members also suggested               the department in dealing with its chal-
significance. The organisations provided         surveillance during lockup as a means of         lenges. Ms Schreiner pointed out that
their insights into ways of dealing with         preventing inmate rape, but stated that          DCS management welcomed a partner-
sexual violence in correctional facilities.      the human rights implications of such a          ship with the Committee, especially re-
  The presentation by the two organisa-          measure needed further consideration.            garding change management challeng-
tions was followed by discussions. The             Ms Schreiner acknowledged that rape            es that deal with implementing the White
Portfolio Committee wanted to know more          was one of the most under-reported               Paper. She wanted it to be understood
about gangs and why they have become             crimes in society at large, and even more        in the right context, and that a partner-
so powerful in correctional centres, the         so in correctional centres, where victim         ship does not in any way interfere with
reasons why officials were turning a blind       and perpetrator are most likely locked up        the Committee’s oversight function over
eye when inmates were being assaulted            together. She welcomed the inputs from           the DCS. She stressed that the heads of
by other inmates, and why rape incidents         all role players, especially the Portfolio       centres were pivotal in implementing and
were not recorded separately from other          Committee, partner NGOs, the office of           managing changes in DCS.

Continued from page 7                            and combating the financing of terrorism.      ing of correctional facilities; and Links be-
                                                 Asset confiscation and recovery should be      tween drug trafficking and other forms of
ments relating to smuggling and trafficking      an integral part of an anti-money laundering   organised crime.
in persons, investigations into trafficking in   strategy and strengthening of central authori-   The delegates also attended the following
persons and the development of legislation.      ties for international cooperation. There were NGO ancillary sessions: Prison overcrowd-
South Africa’s Thuthuzela Victim Centres         divided opinions on a proposed new conven-     ing; The international anti-corruption acad-
and the multi-agency Tsireledzani Pro-                                                                                    emy; and Practi-
gramme that deals with human trafficking                                                                                  cal approaches to
were some of the best practices shared with                                                                               crime prevention
the congress delegates.                                                                                                   for children and
                                                                                                                          youth in Califor-
Criminal justice responses to violence                                                                                    nia.
against migrant workers and their families                                                                                  The Draft Sal-
  Topics under discussion were the provision                                                                              vador Declaration
of welfare services to migrant workers; the                                                                               is a negotiated an-
integration and reintegration of victims of                                                                               nouncement       by
violence into society; dealing with the root                                                                              the UN congress
causes of trafficking and migration; the need                                                                             urging UN mem-
for national action plans; integrated coordi-                                                                             ber states to ratify
nating bodies and a multi-agency approach;                                                                                and accede to in-
establishment of databases; measures to ad-                                                                               ternational instru-
dress xenophobia; aligned legislation and        Monister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula interacting with some delegates at       ments,    promote
                                                 the UN Congress in Brazil.
immigration procedures; monitoring mecha-                                                                                  gender    equality,
nism for the implementation of the protocol      tion on international cooperation in criminal taking measures to eliminate violence against
and continual technical assistance by the        matters.                                       women, address the problems of youth and
UN Office on Drugs and Crime to member             The South African delegation attended a crime, address smuggling and trafficking in
states.                                          number of congress workshops, including: persons, having legislation and policies for
                                                 International criminal justice education for victims of crime, implementing measures to
International cooperation to address             the rule of law; Practical approaches to pre- deal with money laundering and cybercrime,
money laundering                                 venting urban crime; Survey of the UN and and lastly, having cooperation agreements to
  Member states are to ratify and implement      best practices for the treatment of prisoners; deal with transnational crime and drug traf-
the UN Conventions on money laundering           Strategies and best practices on overcrowd- ficking.

8                                                    FEBRUARY - APRIL 00
                                                  MANAGEMENT NEWS

                                                 New National Commissioner appointed
                                                         inister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula          agerial skills at the highest level.
                                                         announced on 5 May that a new              He joined Government Printers five
                                                         National Commissioner (Direc-            years ago after a stint in the Depart-
                                                 tor-General) will be heading the depart-         ment of Trade and Industry, where he
                                                 ment’s administrative functions following        was chief director of strategic competi-
                                                 a Cabinet decision to confirm the ap-            tiveness. Mr Moyane is an economist by
                                                 pointment of Mr. Tom Swabihi Moyane              training. Among other positions he held
                                                 appointment.                                     previously was as MD of Engen in Mo-
                                                   The announcement followed a selection          zambique and he worked in Guinea Bis-
                                                 process from a number of candidates              sau in the early 1990s.
                                                 for the position, which has been vacant            The chairperson of the Portfolio Com-
                                                 since February 2010.                             mittee on Correctional Services, Mr
                                                   The Minister said Mr. Moyane, who is           Vincent Smith, welcomed the new ap-
                                                 currently Chief Executive Officer of Gov-        pointments (referring to that of the CFO
                                                 ernment Printing Works, was going to             as well), saying they would bring much
                                                 assume office on 15 May 2010.                    needed stability to the department.
                                                   Mr. Moyane, who has a long history             “We’d like to see the new director-gener-
                                                 of service in both the public and private        al spend at least five years in the position
New National Commissioner Mr Tom                 sectors, brings with him a wealth of man-        to bring back stability,” he said.
Swabihi Moyane

Sokhela fills critical CFO void
The recent appointment of Mr Eric Siphiwe Sokhela in the
position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ends the department’s
two years and eight months spell without a CFO.

       abinet approved the appointment of        sity of KwaZulu Natal – 004) and a B.Com
       the 47-year old financial manager on      in accounting degrees (University of Zu-
        April in Cape Town thus ending a       luland - 1998). He possesses diplomas and
lengthy spell without a permanent manager        certificates in computer operations and credit
in its finance branch.                           management related courses.
  Ms Nandi Mareka has been the Acting CFO          Mr Sokhela will be leaving his position
since the departure of Ms Nadira Singh in        as CFO of the KZN Legislature where he
2008. The Acting National Commissioner,          served since April 2000, as well as his posi-
Ms Jenny Schreiner broke the news of Mr          tion as Chairperson of the KZN Legislature
Sokhela’s appointment to departmental of-        Tender Award Committee. Mr Sokhela is a
ficials on Friday 22 April in a news circular,   member of the Institute for Public Finance
stating it was a pleasure to make the an-        and Accounting (IPFA) and he has accumu-
nouncement. She welcomed the new incum-          lated experience in financial administration
bent on behalf of all officials.                 and management while working for Unilev-
  Mr Sokhela brings with him vast experi-        er, Engen Petroleum and Robertson Foods
ence in financial administration and man-        among others.
agement coming from an illustrious career          At the time of going to press, Mr Sokhela
of over 17 years in finance related positions.   was expected to resume his duties in May
He complements his work experience with a        2010 pending the finalisation of his appoint-
Masters of Business Administration (Univer-      ment.

                                                 Nxele appointed KZN Regional Commissioner

                                                         r Mnikelwa Nxele has been appointed in the post of Regional Commissioner
                                                         (RC) in KwaZulu-Natal, effective from 1 March 2010. His appointment followed
                                                         the approval by Acting National Commissioner Ms Jenny Schreiner, in consul-
                                                 tation with the executive authority.
                                                   Mr Nxele is no stranger to this post as he has been Acting Regional Commissioner in
                                                 KZN since 1 November 2008. He resumed his duties as RC on 1 March 2010. Before
                                                 being permanently allocated to the position, he served as Deputy Regional Commis-
                                                 sioner in the same region.
                                                   Mr Nxele’s appointment is exemplary of the department’s resolve to fill critical posts,
Mr Mnikelwa Nxele, Regional Commissioner         particularly in management, which are aimed at improving service delivery.
in KwaZulu-Natal

                                                     FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                  
                           1 6 D AY S M A N A G E M E N T N E W S O F A C T I V I S M

                                                                                                   n 11 February the Free State &
                                                                                                   Northern Cape (FS & NC) region
                                                                                                   hosted members of the Portfolio
                                                                                            Committee on Corrections, led by its
                                                                                            chairperson Mr Vincent Smith.
                                                                                              Mr Smith said his committee wanted to
                                                                                            ensure that the centre is run according
                                                                                            to the guidelines stipulated in the White
                                                                                            Paper on Corrections.
                                                                                              FS & NC Deputy Regional Commis-
                                                                                            sioner Mr Lazarus Ncongwane gave a
                                                                                            presentation that showed in detail the
                                                                                            architecture and amenities of the facil-
                                                                                            ity. The committee members were also
                                                                                            informed that despite the centre being
                                                                                            new, the risk already existed of becom-
                                                                                            ing overcrowded due to the national
A scene at New Kimberley Correctional Centre at the time of an inspection visit by
                                                                                            challenge of overcrowding in the coun-
members of the Portfolio Committee on Corrections.                                          try’s correctional system.
                                                                                              At the time of the visit, there were 237

Portfolio Committee visits New                                                              offenders who filled one unit so that
                                                                                            management could test that lights, secu-
                                                                                            rity doors, locks, the clinic, kitchen and
Kimberley                      By Puleng Mokhoane
                                                                                            workshops were all in working condition.
                                                                                            Each unit has the capacity to accommo-
                                                                                            date 250 offenders.
New Kimberley Correctional Centre has had its fare share of                                   The centre consists of 12 units (K1 to
visitations by important organs of governance since it has been                             K12) with the total capacity to accommo-
commissioned in January 2010.                                                               date 3 000 offenders.

                                                                                            dicated that a written submission was
                                                                                            already sent to Head Office for the old
                                                                                            Kimberley Correctional Centre to be-
                                                                                            come a Remand Centre for those await-
                                                                                            ing trial.
                                                                                              After the formal proceedings, Minis-
                                                                                            ter Mapisa-Nqakula and her delegation
                                                                                            were shown all the amenities in the cen-
                                                                                            tre. She had the opportunity to talk to
                                                                                            offenders who raised concerns ranging
                                                                                            from transfers, delayed parole and diets.
                                                                                              The Minister reminded officials to con-
Ministers inspects readiness of New                                                         tinue using offender labour to improve

Kimberley prior to opening                                 By Puleng Mokhoane

Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, her deputy Ms Hlengiwe
Mkhize and the Minister of Public Works Mr Geoff Doidge
were among the high ranking officials who visited New
Kimberley Correctional Centre on 8 February to check its state
of readiness ahead of its official opening later this year.

     he date for the centre’s official          for female offenders?” she asked.
     launch is yet to be confirmed.               “I have a problem when our best facili-
       Minister Mapisa-Nqakula was sat-         ties only cater for men and not females,”   Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and
isfied with the state of affairs at the 3000-   the Minister continued. She also wanted     her Deputy Ms Hlengiwe Mkhize with
bed capacity correctional centre. How-          to know what was going to happen to the     the Minister of Public Works Geoffrey
                                                                                            Doidge during a visit to New Kimberley
ever, the Minister expressed her dismay         old Kimberley Centre. She furthermore       Correctional Centre.
at the omission of a unit for female of-        expressed her wish that some of the
fenders during an overview given of the         smaller facilities under Kimberley Man-     infrastructure in communities. She said
new centre by Deputy Regional Commis-           agement Area be closed down.                offenders should be involved in some
sioner, Mr Lazarus Ncongwane. “How                Free State & Northern Cape Regional       work instead of watching TV or sleeping
come there is not a single unit dedicated       Commissioner, Mr Zacharia Modise in-        during the day.

0                                                      SA Corrections Today
                         1 6 D AY S O F A M A N A G E M E N T N E W S C T I V I S M
 The centre is managed according to
Unit Management Principles with each
unit having a unit manager. The centre
also complies with the 7-day establish-
ment and functions on a 2 x12 hour shift
system per day.
 A court yard between the units is where
offenders have their meals.

All clothing for offenders, except
for their shoes will be produced
at the textile workshop and will
be sewn by offenders.
  Other structures include an admissions
block, visitation area, parole board offic-
es, multi-purpose hall, soccer fields, pro-
                                               Minister Mapisa-Nqakula (seated right), Acting National Commissioner Ms Schreiner
fessional staff offices and parking area.      (standing behind the Minister) and the CDC Corrections Mr Motseki (back row 2nd from left)
  A state of the art clinic can accommo-       share goodbye moments with the outgoing council.
date six offender patients per ward, total-
ling 60 patients at full capacity. Medical
practitioners have already been appoint-
                                               Minister thanks outgoing NCCS
  There is a fully functioning bakery ca-      members                    By Molatelo Mokumo

pable to produce bread for 3 000 offend-
ers. The buildings altogether have cost        Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula thanked the outgoing
R857 million.                                  members of the National Council for Correctional Services (NCCS)
  A feasibility study is yet to be undertak-
en to check whether the bread could be         on 22 February whose five-year term in office had come to an
used by other correctional centres within      end.

                                                     he Minister was full of praises and said     Judge Desai added that all the achievements
                                                     that she learned a lot from the council    were made possible by the fruitful contribu-
                                                     members and in particular, Judge Siraj     tions of outstanding and dedicated members
                                               Desai who served as chairperson.                 he worked with on the council. He said he
                                                 In thanking the team, Ms Mapisa-Nqakula        was confident that the new members will not
                                               said, “You have given us a wonderful serv-       disappoint as a solid foundation has been laid
                                               ice and I thank you for that and for teaching    for them to work from.
                                               me and the deputy minister the ropes when          “I am retiring from Correctional Services
                                               we joined the department in May last year.       but I will continue following the activities
                                               You walked slowly with me as a new min-          of the department as a matter of interest,” he
                                               ister when I engaged you in matters relating     assured.
                                               to parole boards and the parole review sys-
                                               tem. You have led and finished the mammoth       “I am retiring from Correctional
                                               task of developing a medical parole policy.      Services but I will continue
Offenders accustom themselves to the new       I also received a copy of the incarceration
sewing machines at the new facility.
                                               framework which you steered to success.
                                                                                                following the activities of the
the Kimberley Management Area.                 You have done your part and I hope that the      department as a matter of
  All clothing for offenders, except for       new team coming on board will be equally         interest.”
their shoes will be produced at the textile    competent.”                                          - Chairperson of the National Council of
workshop and will be sewn by offend-             On his part, Judge Desai said, “When I             Correctional Services Judge Siraj Desai
ers. A special care unit for offenders with    joined the council 4 years ago, the system
disciplinary problems is available where       was rooted in the past. I am happy today be-       The National Council of Correctional Serv-
such offenders will participate in custom-     cause I have seen tremendous changes in the      ices is a body whose functions are to advise
ised programmes to help them.                  Correctional Services system, be it the man-     the Minister on policy matters relating to the
  At the end of the visit Mr Smith com-        agement style, the officers and the way we       correctional system. The advisory role is now
mended Regional Commissioner Mr                deal with the parole of offenders. I am proud    bestowed on a  member committee led by
Modise and his team for a job well-done        to have been part of the team that participat-   Judge Tandazwa Ndita (Chairperson), Judge
despite all the setbacks that led to the       ed in establishing a modern parole system. I     Hendrik Lacock (st Vice Chairperson) and
centre missing its completion deadline.        have not missed a single meeting in my 14        Judge Aubrey Ledwaba (nd Vice Chairper-
The centre was expected to have been           years of service with the NCCS, 12 of which      son). Coenraad Roos continues with the new
completed by October last year. The pro-       I served as chairperson. In my tenure, I have    committee as Secretariat. They commenced
jected time frame for final completion of      released 4 lifers and also sat in four parole   their duty on 1 March 2010 and will serve a
the facility was 15 February 2010.             reviews.”                                        five year term.

                                                   FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                  
                                                 MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                               Care Centre in Soweto to inspect the
                                                                                               facility as a prospective new home for
                                                                                               babies incarcerated with their mothers.
                                                                                               She said about the care centre, “To the
                                                                                               credit of our region, Othandweni, which
                                                                                               means a place of love, has been identi-
                                                                                               fied as a suitable centre for the proper
                                                                                               placement of babies of incarcerated
                                                                                               mothers. This is an important develop-
                                                                                               ment that will assist us greatly in satisfy-
                                                                                               ing the requirements of the law – that is,
                                                                                               ensuring that every baby, older than the
                                                                                               age of two, is placed outside correctional
                                                                                               facilities. It offers residential care to 90
                                                                                               children, ranging from birth to 18 years
                                                                                               old. These would be babies and children
                                                                                               who’ve been abused, abandoned and/or
                                                                                                 The launch of this instrumental project
                                                                                               in Gauteng was not short of followers. It
                                                                                               attracted support from the Departments
Othandweni nursery school during a visit to the facility.                                      of Health, Social Development and Jus-
Ms Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya and Ms Hlengiwe Mkhize during the formal address at the           tice and Constitutional Development, Ba-
                                                                                               bies Behind Bars (an NGO led by SABC

Deputy Minister vows not to                                                                    news presenter Tommy Titus), women
                                                                                               from faith missions and the ever present
                                                                                               correctional officials. Ms Gerry Rant-

rest until safety of children                                                                  shedi-Edison, celebrity businesswoman,
                                                                                               represented Othandweni as a patron.

is guaranteed
                                                                                                 During the formal proceedings in Jo-
                                                                                               hannesburg, Mr Hento Davids welcomed
                                              By Molatelo Mokumo
                                                                                               the guests in his new role as the Acting
                                                                                               Deputy Regional Commissioner of Gau-
Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize vowed to leave no                                              teng. He commended the Deputy Minis-
stone unturned in creating a humane, secure and friendly                                       ter for reviving the passion of caring for
environment for mother-child interaction within correctional                                   children when she joined the department
                                                                                               in May last year.
facilities as well as finding suitable placement for such                                        When the Minister for Women, Chil-
children within communities with the consent of mothers, and                                   dren and People with Disabilities Ms
with full consideration of the best interest of the child.                                     Mayende-Sibiya took the platform, she
                                                                                               said the separation of mother and child

        s Mkhize is pioneering all activi- her acquaintance in the business of car- is painful but in the case of incarcerated
        ties in the department aimed at ing for children, the Minister of Women, mothers, the children will be better off in
        securing the wellbeing of women,                                                                           an active environment
youth, and people with disabilities as well                                                                        away from bars. “The Im-
as children whom she placed in the A list                                                                          beleko Project is in line
of her priorities.                                                                                                 with the approach that
  Ms Mkhize addressed a packed hall on                                                                             recognizes the rights of
31 March at Johannesburg Management                                                                                children in society. Chil-
Area during which she also launched                                                                                dren must not bear the
the final leg of Imbeleko Project (caring                                                                          brunt of their mothers’
for babies behind bars) in the regions.                                                                            wrong doing. Children
She said some milestones have been                                                                                 need to play on green
achieved by changing existing cells into                                                                           grass and enjoy the col-
suitable mother-and-child units. “Our aim                                                                          ourful nature outside,
is to make these units more stimulating                                                                            not in a confined area,”
for children and more comfortable for                                                                              she said. She also told
incarcerated mothers who must focus                                                                                incarcerated     mothers
                                                     Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities
on the developmental needs of the chil- TheNoluthando Mayende-Sibiya and Ms Hlengiwe Mkhize
                                                                                                                   not to lose hope no mat-
dren while serving their sentences,” she (Correctional Services Deputy Minister) arriving at Othandweni. ter the conditions they
added.                                          Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize engaging with toddlers at the find themselves in.
  To mark this special occasion and Children and People with Disabilities Ms                     Incarcerated mothers Dipuo Maleka
to reflect on the aims of the Imbeleko Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya. Together (Johannesburg) and Thembi Seleka
project, Ms Mkhize was accompanied by they also visited Othandweni Family (Pretoria) jointly thanked the department

                                                      SA Corrections Today
                                                 MANAGEMENT NEWS
for involving them and their children on        weni is a place of love. Caring for chil-    cieties. Literally, it refers to a blanket,
the Imbeleko project. They said the in-         dren is my passion and I have been here      made of animal skin, used by mothers
volvement is helping them cope emotion-         for six years now.” Rantshedi-Edison         to cushion babies. In a deeper sense,
ally and it contributes positively to their     said that if she could be given a million    it symbolises protection, love and the
wellbeing. Moreover, they thanked the           to spend on the upliftment of the centre,    natural bond between mother and
department for caring for their babies          she would build a library, increase the      child. Imbeleko has been rolled-out in
and also sent a message of apology to           nursery school space and put up a social     all the regions of the department with
government and communities for their            and skills development centre.               great success. Gauteng was the last
wrong doing.                                                                                 region to launch the project. It was
  While at Othandweni, the patron of the        Unpacking Imbeleko                           first launched in the Eastern Cape, at
centre, Rantshedi-Edison assured the                                                         East-London Correctional Centre, on
ministers that bringing the babies to the        The word Imbeleko has important cul-        26 August 2009.
centre will not be regretted as “Othand-        tural connotations within African so-

Health minister asks officials                                                               Changes to national ARV plan
                                                                                               The following changes to the nation-

to join war against HIV and TB                                                               al antiretroviral programme were an-
                                                                                             nounced by President Jacob Zuma on
                                                                                             World AIDS Day on 1 December 2009.
Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, in a letter on 28                                      The changes were to be implemented by
February this year called on government officials to join                                    1 April 2010.
him in the frontline against the spread of HIV and Aids and                                  •   All children under one year will get
                                                                                                 treatment if they test positive. This
Tuberculosis (TB).                                                                               change will contribute significantly

       e asked officials to have regular        2010 South Africa will reach one million         towards reducing infant mortality
       HIV and Aids tests done so that          patients receiving ARV treatment with            over time.
       they could take responsibility for       state funds.”                                •   All patients with both tuberculosis
their health. The Minister reminded of-           The HTC campaign aims to reach those           (TB) and HIV will be eligible for anti-
ficials that when the country observed          who have not been reached thus far.              retroviral treatment if their CD4 count
World Aids Day on 1 December last                 Dr Motsoaledi said as much as he               is 350 or lower. At present treatment
year, President Jacob Zuma announced            wanted the HTC campaign to be execut-            is available when the CD4 count is
changes to the national HIV treatment           ed at an unparalleled scale, he hoped to         less than 200. TB and HIV/AIDS will
programme which were going to take ef-          bring on board partners (internal and ex-        now be treated under one roof. This
fect on 1 April 2010. The president also        ternal) to help with the campaign. Private       policy change will address early re-
announced that South Africa was due to          hospitals, medical aid schemes, health-          ported deaths arising from undetec-
conduct the biggest HIV Counselling and         care funders, international development          ted TB infection among those who
Testing (HTC) campaign the world has            partners and community support organi-           are infected with HIV. About 1% of
ever seen.                                      sations were among those the minister            the population has TB and co-infec-
  Dr Motsoaledi said plans were under           hoped to lure to the                             tion between TB and HIV is 73%.
way to make the President’s announce-           cause.                                       •   All pregnant HIV positive women
ment a reality. The campaign aims to              The minister said                              with a CD4 count of 350 or with
mobilise people to know their status and        he has approved                                  symptoms regardless of CD4 count
encourage them to be proactive in living        changes to the                                   will have access to treatment. At
a healthy lifestyle irrespective of their       HTC guidelines in                                present HIV positive pregnant wom-
HIV or TB status.                               the public health                                en are eligible for treatment if their
  “We are aiming to massively increase          care system which                                CD4 count is less than 200.
the number of HIV tests done in this            broadened the re-                            •   All other pregnant women not fall-
country per year. All health facilities, pub-   sponsibility to all health                       ing into this category, but who are
lic and private, will be offering HTC serv-     care workers in the public                            HIV positive, will be put on treat-
ices.” The minister said his was confident      sector to routinely offer                                  ment at fourteen weeks of
that the campaign will succeed in mobi-         testing and counselling to                                   pregnancy to protect the
lizing people to be tested even though          all persons who enter a                                      baby. In the past this was
the scale requires taking unprecedented         health facility for any ail-                                 only started during the last
actions.                                        ment.                                                       term of pregnancy.
  He said he was making the appeal to             “I want this national                                •   All health institutions in the
officials personally, “because for too long     campaign to be one                                        country should be ready to
our response to HIV has been a burden           massive, unified effort                          receive and assist abovementioned
shouldered alone by the country’s health        against the epidemics                            patients and not just accredited ARV
care workers. He thanked health care            of HIV and TB. As one of                         centres. Any citizen should be able
workers by saying, “You provide care            the soldiers in the frontline of      this       to move into any health centre and
and support to millions of people who           war, I wanted to personally ask for your         ask for counselling, testing and even
enter health facilities each year and in        support,” concluded Dr Motsoaledi.               treatment if needed.

                                                    FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                            
                                                                F E AT U R E
                                                                                                    on duty, military pensions and pensions for
                                                                                                    former State Presidents, parliamentary of-
                                                                                                    fice-bearers, judges and magistrates.

                                                                                                    Benefits for contributing members
                                                                                                    Retirement benefits
                                                                                                      The GEPF provides benefits for normal,
                                                                                                    early and late retirement, as well as retire-
                                                                                                    ment for medical reasons. Members whose
                                                                                                    jobs have been affected by restructuring or
                                                                                                    re-organisation receive severance benefits.
                                                                                                      Normal retirement: 60 is the normal re-
                                                                                                    tirement age for members. The benefits paid
                                                                                                    depend on whether a member has less or more
                                                                                                    than 10 years’ pensionable service. Members
                                                                                                    with less than 10 years’ service receive a gra-
                                                                                                    tuity (lump sum cash payment) equal to their
                                                                                                    actuarial interest in the Fund. Members with
                                                                                                    10 or more years’ service receive a gratuity
                                                                                                    and a monthly pension (annuity).
                                                                                                      Early retirement: Under certain circum-
                                                                                                    stances, members may retire early, meaning
                                                                                                    before reaching the normal retirement age
                                                                                                    of 60. Again, years of pensionable services
                                                                                                    determine the benefits. Members with 10 or
                                                                                                    more years of service receive annuities and
                                                                                                    gratuities. These are calculated in the same
                                                                                                    way as for normal retirement, but with a

Understand the Government                                                                           reduction of a third of one percent for each
                                                                                                    month between the dates of early retirement
                                                                                                    and normal retirement.
Employees Pension Fund better                                                                         Ill health and other retirements: En-
                                                                                                    hanced benefits are paid when members retire
What is the Government Employees Pen-             What products does GEPF offer?                    for medical reasons, when injured on duty,
sion Fund?                                          GEPF is a defined benefit pension fund,         or when their posts are abolished through
  The Government Employees Pension                meaning all pensions and related benefits are     organisational restructuring. For members
Fund (GEPF) was established in May 1996           guaranteed and members will never receive         with less than 10 years’ pensionable service,
through the consolidation of various pension      less than the benefits for which they qualify.    benefits are based on an increased period of
funds. The GEPF operates under the Gov-             GEPF manages and administers both con-          service and calculated as a percentage of the
ernment Employees Pension Law of 1996,            tributory and non contributory benefits.          member’s final salary. Members with more
as amended. This law defines the GEPF as a          Contributory benefits are based on the          than 10 years’ service are also paid an annual
defined benefit pension fund exclusively for      contributions that members and their em-          supplementary amount.
government employees in South Africa.             ployers pay during each member’s period of
  The GEPF is Africa’s largest pension fund,      employment in government service.                 Resignation benefits
with more than 1,19 million active members,         Currently, each contributing member pays          These benefits apply to members who re-
318 000 pensioners and beneficiaries, and as-     7.5% of pensionable salary. The contribu-         sign or are discharged due to misconduct or
sets to the value of R639 billion.                tion is deducted directly from the member’s       an illness or injury caused by the member’s
  Currently, the GEPF has more than 0 con-      monthly pensionable salary when it is paid.       own doing. These members have two op-
tributing employers, including all national         The current contribution rate for the em-       tions: either they can be paid a gratuity (lump
and provincial government departments and         ployer is % of the member’s pensionable         sum) or have their benefits transferred to an
the South African National Defence Force          salary, except in the SANDF and intelligence      approved retirement fund. If benefits are be-
and Intelligence institutions.                    sector, where the rate is 16%. Employer con-      ing transferred, the GEPF pays the member’s
  Overall accountability for the fund’s invest-   tributions are also collected monthly. Based      actuarial interest to the member’s new fund.
ment and administrative performance rests         on these contributions, the GEPF pays cer-
with its Board of Trustees, which consists of     tain guaranteed benefits on retirement, resig-    Death benefits
an equal number of employer and employee          nation, ill health, death or discharge, as well     Death benefits are paid when a member
representatives. Of the eight employee repre-     as funeral benefits.                              dies while in service, or within five years of
sentatives, one member represents pension-          Non-contributory benefits are not based         becoming a pensioner. The GEPF also pays
ers and another represents members in the         on member and employer contributions but          annuities to the surviving spouses or orphans
uniformed services. Both are elected by post-     are funded by Government. These include           of members who die while in service or after
al ballot. The other six employee representa-     special pensions, post-retirement medical         retiring.
tives are chosen by the labour representatives    benefits for government employees and their         Death while in service: The benefit paid is
on the Public Service Coordinating Bargain-       dependants, compensation payments for             based on the member’s period of pensionable
ing Council.                                      government personnel who are injured or die       service. It is payable to the surviving spouse

4                                                        SA Corrections Today
                                                                F E AT U R E
or beneficiaries or, if there are no beneficiar-
ies, to the member’s estate.
  Death after becoming a pensioner: Retire-
ment or discharge annuities are guaranteed
for five years after a member goes on pen-
sion. If the member dies within this period,
his or her beneficiaries receive the balance
of the five-year annuity payments (excluding
the annual supplement) in a cash lump sum.
  Spouse’s annuity: A spouse or eligible life
partner is entitled to a percentage of the an-
nuity paid to the member at date of death.
The same applies if the member dies while
in service and had a full potential service pe-
riod of at least 0 years (meaning pension-
able service years plus unexpired years for
normal retirement). In the case of members
who retired before  December 00, the
spouse’s annuity is 50% of the annuity the
pensioner was receiving at the date of death.
Members who retired on or after  Decem-
ber 2002 have the option of increasing the         A female offender being visited by a family member.
spouse’s annuity benefit from 50 to 75%.

                                                   Human Rights in the spotlight
                                                   By Molatelo Mokumo

                                                   In South Africa, March is celebrated as Human Rights Month.
                                                   Offenders in correctional centres are often forgotten when the
                                                   celebrations take place. Much as offenders have rights, their
                                                   rights are limited to an extent because they are incarcerated as a
                                                   result of crimes they committed.

                                                          uring a telephonic interview on 11        dependent on their good conduct.
                                                          March at the SABC’s Motsweding              However, rights and amenities can be for-
                                                          FM, Mr Zack Modise, Regional Com-         feited or reduced by the department depend-
                                                   missioner of Free State and Northern Cape        ing on how an offender conducts himself.
  Orphan’s annuity: The GEPF pays annui-           region spoke about therights of offenders as     With individual amenities, offenders who
ties to the orphans of members who became          thousands of the station’s listeners had their   are well behaved are classed in Group A and
pensioners on or after  December 00.            radios tuned on. Mr Cebo Manyaapelo, the         those who misbehave are grouped under C.
Orphans annuities are also payable when a          host of a show called Bosele interviewed Mr      Those who end in Group C are transferred to
member dies in service with a potential serv-      Modise.                                          maximum centres where hardened criminals
ice period of 0 years or more. These annui-         Mr Modise gave a brief history of how Of-      are kept.
ties are paid when a member’s spouse dies,         fender Human Rights Day came about. He             Group amenities include activities done in
leaving eligible orphans.                          said, “The culture of celebrating Offender       groups such as band, choir, sports teams etc.
  Funeral benefits                                 Human Rights started on 25 August 1998             Mr Modise emphasised that behaviour
  The GEPF provides for funeral benefits on        when former President Nelson Mandela of-         determines what an offender is entitled to.
the death of members and pensioners whose          ficially launched Umthonjeni Correctional        “When offenders are admitted to a correc-
pension commenced on or after  Decem-             Centre at Baviaanspoort. Human rights were       tional facility, they are informed of all their
ber 00, and on the death of spouses and          once considered a luxury that offenders only     rights, rules and policies that affect them.
eligible children of members and pensioners        dreamt about during the apartheid regime.”       These include time to sleep and wake up,”
whose pension commenced after  Decem-               When asked which rights were singled out       he explained.
ber 00.                                          as Offender Human Rights because human             The regional commissioner said the depart-
                                                   rights should just be – human rights, Mr         ment was going to allow offenders to watch
Who are members of the fund?                       Modise responded, “Offenders have a right to     the upcoming World Cup soccer matches on
  All Government employees are members             humane custody, be allowed to exercise, eat      television during the day and at night but
of the GEPF, unless they are required by law       nutritious food, have access to health servic-   added that it was a privilege that could be
to belong to another pension fund, or are ex-      es, have policies affecting them explained in    taken away should offenders misbehave.
cluded from membership of the fund. Mem-           a language that they understand. They have a       In wrapping up his show, the host, Mr Man-
bership of the fund terminates when a person       right to education and to be allowed visits by   yaapelo hinted that he was going to invite Mr
retires, resigns, is discharged or passed away.    family members.”                                 Modise to come and talk more about gang-
People who have retired from the govern-             He added that offenders also enjoy other       sterism in correctional centres.
ment are also GEPF pensioner members.              amenities (individual and group) which are

                                                       FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                   5
                                                  REGIONAL NEWS

                                                                                            initiatives was to present a two-day ori-
                                                                                            entation programme to local CIOs (from
                                                                                            Gauteng) at Zonderwater on 25 and
                                                                                            26 November 2009. Here they became
                                                                                            more familiar with the content of the
                                                                                            seven programmes and they sharpened
                                                                                            their facilitation skills to be used when
                                                                                            they present them to offenders.
                                                                                              This was followed by a national survey
                                                                                            on how many CIOs are actively involved
                                                                                            in the presentation of correctional pro-
                                                                                            grammes. The survey revealed challeng-
                                                                                            es that caused fragmented implementa-
                                                                                            tion. Currently programmes are not only
                                                                                            presented by CIOs, but also by external
                                                                                            organisations and by departmental so-
                                                                                            cial workers. Coordinating all the facili-
                                                                                            tators and having reports submitted that
The Correctional Programmes Directorate at Head Office are front from left Magdeline
Matji, Maureen Mokgokolo, Dr Minette Plaatjies (Director), Gloria Selowa, Nompumelelo       are acceptable to parole boards need
Mbethe and Ntuli Nyuswa. At the back from left are Jack Tabane, Malusi Gcingca, Frans       to be attended to. A further aggravation
du Toit, Letisia Heyns and Lucky Rasepae. Team member Thuthukani Ngubane was absent         is that the interim CIOs have not been
when the photo was taken.
                                                                                            fully trained or formally appointed. Also,
                                                                                            the shortage of CIOs had the directorate
Belt tightening affects Correctional                                                        training selected interns as facilitators.
                                                                                              The training plan for Gauteng was
Programmes                       By Directorate Correctional Programmes
                                                                                            launched in Pretoria Management Area
                                                                                            on 8 February this year with the kind
                                                                                            cooperation of the Area Commissioner,
As with many activities in the department, the belt tightening                              Heads of Correctional Centres and Cor-
measures that had to be taken for the second consecutive                                    rections Coordinators. Three interns, all
financial year have adversely affected the plans of the                                     graduates in human sciences and Cor-
                                                                                            rectional Services Management, partici-
Correctional Programmes Directorate.                                                        pated in the training. They were Gloria

     s a result innovative ideas had to be        reintegration back into their commu-      Selowa, Maureen Mokgokolo and Nom-
     devised to try and regain momen-             nities                                    pumelelo Mbethe. They presented the
     tum lost by a serious lack in fund-     •    New Beginnings Orientation Pro-           New Beginnings Programme under the
ing.                                              gramme, aimed at orientating new-         watchful eye of the Correctional Pro-
  The main purpose of the directorate is          ly-admitted offenders to enable them      grammes Directorate and the Pretoria
to contribute to the department’s primary         to adjust to life inside a correctional   Management Area Corrections Coordi-
responsibility of rehabilitating offenders        facility                                  nators.
by providing correctional programmes         •    Cross Roads Programme, aimed                More interns will be made available
that target their offending behaviour.            at enhancing self-awareness of of-        where possible, based on the need per
Apart from implementing existing pro-             fenders and equipping them with           management area. All management are-
grammes, the directorate is also respon-          skills which will enable them to make     as in Gauteng are being visited to identify
sible for researching, designing, sourc-          a living and combat re-offending          where training of CIOs is needed and to
ing and developing other needs-based         •    Restorative Justice Programme             support those CIOs who are presenting
correctional programmes.                          during which offenders are intro-         correctional programmes. The aim is to
  Presently there are seven approved              duced to the principles of restorative    expand these initiatives to other regions
programmes in use, namely:                        justice                                   as soon as possible.
•    Programme on Substance Abuse,             Altogether 121 interim Correctional In-
     aimed at assisting offenders with       tervention Officials (CIOs) have been          Telling others
     substance addictions to overcome        identified nationally to render the pro-         In order to market correctional pro-
     this behaviour                          grammes to offenders who are serv-             grammes to offenders, DCS officials and
•    Introduction to Sexual Offences         ing sentences longer than two years.           external stakeholders, a booklet was
     Programme, aimed at addressing          A project plan to train and orientate the      published and distributed to the regional
     sexual offending behaviour of offend-   CIOs was developed but was not im-             offices. The booklet was handed over to
     ers sentenced for sexual offences       plemented because of the cost cutting          the CDC Corrections, Mr Teboho Motseki
•    Programme on Anger Manage-              measures.                                      on 1 February 2010. A package contain-
     ment, aimed at assisting offenders        This prompted the Director of Correc-        ing hard copies of the correctional pro-
     who have violent and aggressive         tional Programmes, Dr Minette Plaatjies        grammes, the booklet and an electronic
     behaviour                               and her team to find alternative afford-       version on CD will be given to all Area
•    Pre-release Programme that pre-         able and workable solutions and still          Commissioners, trained CIOs and Cor-
     pare offenders for their successful     deliver on the task at hand. One of the        rections Coordinators.

16                                                   SA Corrections Today
                                                       REGIONAL NEWS

                                                                                                   imparts 80
                                                                                                   offenders with
                                                                                                   life skills                By Johan Gerber

                                                                                                         ighty offenders from five Eastern Cape
                                                                                                         correctional centres received cer-
                                                                                                         tificates on 24 March from Vezokuhle
                                                                                                   Youth Development Programme (VYDP) for
                                                                                                   successfully completing various Life Skills
                                                                                                   Programmes. The award ceremony was held
The correctional intervention officials with the Pretoria Area Commissioner Ms Grace               at Kirkwood Correctional Centre’s Recrea-
Molatedi (middle with tie)
                                                                                                   tional Hall .

Intervention officials trained for                                                                   Vezokuhle Youth Development Programme
                                                                                                   is a Port Elizabeth based non-governmental

                                                                                                   organization dealing with the provision of
                                     By Molatelo Mokumo                                            skills development and rehabilitation pro-
                                                                                                   grammes for young people.
The Directorate Correctional Programmes is on course to                                              The 80 offenders came from St Albans,
empower correctional officials in becoming better facilitators of                                  East London, Middledrift, Middelburg, Gra-
                                                                                                   hamstown and Kirkwood.
correctional programmes offered to inmates.                                                          The programmes included self awareness,

      ltogether 22 officials from management     present more complex programmes like sub-         leadership and goal setting skills.
      areas in Gauteng were trained as Cor-      stance abuse and sexual offences. All those         Delivering a keynote address at the ceremo-
      rectional Intervention Officials (CIOs)    orientated received a booklet with a summa-       ny on behalf of the Regional Commissioner
over two days in February in Pretoria.           ry of the programmes, two CDs with the ori-       Nontsikelelo Jolingana, the (then) Acting
                                                 entation material and the electronic versions     Kirkwood Management Area Commissioner
                                                 of the seven programmes they are expected         Buyisile Puwani said, “It thrills us to see our
                                                 to facilitate,” explained Dr Plaatjies.           offenders making advances to equip them-
                                                   She said the full utilisation of CIOs will      selves with skills.”
                                                 improve the ability of management areas to          “The department will never lose its focus
                                                 comply with the White Paper’s requirement         on educating and training of offenders, for
                                                 on providing correctional programmes to of-       we know that most of those in our custody
                                                 fenders.                                          have displayed the will to participate in our
                                                   The seven programmes are:                       programmes and change their lives for the
                                                   .       Anger Management                       better, said Mr Puwani.
                                                   .       Substance Abuse                          VYDP Executive Director Sabelo Rala said
                                                   .       Crossroads                             their investment in young people through
                                                   4.       Restorative Justice Orientation        these programmes yielded good results. A
                                                   5.       New Beginnings                         group of former inmates in Grahamstown
                                                   6.       Sexual Offences                        that had undergone a similar programme,
                                                   7.       Pre-release                            has started a cooperative, Ithemba Cleaning
                                                                                                   Services. Their services include roofing, hard
Ms Grace Mphomela and Mr Willy Hogins
of Krugersdorp and Magdeline Matji (Head           Ms Grace Mphomela who attended the              surface cleaning and a car wash business.
Office) exchanging correctional programme        training said it was important to guard against     Mr Rala confirmed that many of their grad-
training manuals at the session held in          double punishing offenders who have already       uates have managed to find employment or
                                                 being punished by a jail sentence. She said,      have become self employed. He said their
  The session followed on the heels of a simi-   “I once worked at a parole office and when-       main purpose was to contribute to rehabilita-
lar exercise that took place in November last    ever a sexual offender was up for parole, I       tion. Their programmes are aimed at inmates
year from which 14 officials benefitted.         would vote against his release without full       aged between 18 and 35.
  The programme is led by the Director Cor-      consideration of the facts.”                        Sabrina van Schoor, an inmate at East Lon-
rectional Programmes, Dr Minette Plaatjies.        Endros Mkhabela of Pretoria Local felt that,    don Female Medium C said the programme
According to her, following the comple-          “We will be building more and more prisons        helped her to change her life. “Life depends
tion of the training, the CIOs will be tasked    if we don’t educate the public about the cycle    on how you handle situations,” she said.
with rolling out the seven correctional pro-     of crime.” The orientation programme is just        Other offenders said the VYDP programmes
grammes to offenders, starting with the life     what the doctor ordered for Mr Mkhabela           brought a positive attitude into their lives,
skills programme.                                who has a degree in criminology and psy-          something which they believed would help
  “The CIOs present the life skills pro-         chology. He said the training gave him the        them lead a fruitful and positive lifestyle
grammes until they are confident enough to       opportunity to practice what he studied.          when they have served their terms.

                                                      FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                   7
                                                      REGIONAL NEWS
                                                                                                  She visited both the medium and maximum
                                                                                                 category units at the Youth Centre as well
                                                                                                 as the Adult Maximum Correctional Centre.
                                                                                                 During her visit to the latter centre, Judge
                                                                                                 Khampepe displayed her commitment and
                                                                                                 passion for her job by requesting to address
                                                                                                 gang members. In doing that she demon-

Ashley De Vries and Judge Sisi Khampepe with the Uprising Stars youth offender band
members Brandon Goeieman, Johan Lottering, Cheslin Davids and Jan Hugo.

Constitutional Court judge visits
                                                                                                 The Manager of Corrections, Mr Godfrey
                                                                                                 Hammers welcomes Judge Sisi Khampepe
                                                                                                 to Drakenstein.

Drakenstein                      By Manfred Jacobs                                               strated the compassion of a mother and a true
                                                                                                 keeper of our Constitution and penal system.
Constitutional Court Judge, honourable Judge Sisi Khampepe,                                        Judge Khampepe has a very distinguished
                                                                                                 law career – she is a Harvard Law School
visited Drakenstein Management Area for a routine inspection
                                                                                                 graduate, and is best known for heading the
to ascertain the management area’s implementation of the Bill                                    commission that investigated the mandate of
of Rights, Chapter 2 of Act 100 of 1996 (SA Constitution) as                                     the then elite crime fighting unit, the Scor-
well as areas of rehabilitation and correctional programmes for                                  pions. The honourable judge served on the
                                                                                                 High Court bench since 000 and in the La-
offenders.                                                                                       bour Appeal Court since November 2006.

     he honourable Judge, who previously        extremely pleased with the management ar-        She recently emerged as the only woman
     served as Chairperson of the National      ea’s progress with regard to the provision of    judge among the four judges serving in the
     Council of Correctional Services, was      vocational and other training opportunities to   Constitutional Court.

New recruits graduate in
                                                                                                       he graduates successfully com-
                                                                                                       pleted a year-long learnership that

Corrections Science
                                                                                                       taught them professionalism, good
                                                      By Lewies Davids                           governance and good work ethics skills
                                                                                                 as well as eradication of corrupt behav-
On 26 March, 29 new recruits received their National Certificate                                 iour among officials.
                                                                                                   The qualification will enable the gradu-
in Correctional Science at Rooigrond Correctional Centre.                                        ates to demonstrate knowledge and un-
                                                                                                 derstanding of correctional practices dur-
                                                                                                 ing their day-to-day work life. Moreover,
                                                                                                 the course is aimed at changing percep-
                                                                                                 tions and reversing the perception that
                                                                                                 everyone can become a correctional of-
                                                                                                 ficer even without prior training.
                                                                                                   The course has readied the new re-
                                                                                                 cruits to conduct essential operations
                                                                                                 associated with safe custody, rehabilita-
                                                                                                 tion and community corrections. It also
                                                                                                 laid a foundation for their future career
                                                                                                 advancement in the field of corrections.
                                                                                                   The course teaches recruits all they
                                                                                                 need to know at entry level. Officials who
                                                                                                 are already in the system can enroll for
                                                                                                 the course as it will empower them with
                                                                                                 skills and knowledge needed to success-
The group of new recruits who recently qualified for the National Certificate in Correctional    fully implement various correctional pro-
Science through a learnership programme                                                          grammes.

18                                                      SA Corrections Today
                                                    R E H A B I L I T AT I O N
                                                                    Ms Yvonne Modipa         The positive attitudes and comments
                                                                    giving a briefing to
                                                                    David Tlale, with        made by offenders convinced Tlale even
                                                                    Mr Hennie Faber          more to get involved. He said he was pre-
                                                                    (head industries) and    pared to take them through their paces to
                                                                    Area Commissioner
                                                                    Dineo Mokgoetsi also     bring about change in their lives and at
                                                                    present as offenders     the end, contribute to making them good
                                                                    continue with their
                                                                    daily duties.
                                                                                               The host, Ms Mokgoetsi reminded the
                                                                                             offenders of the commitment that the
                                                                                             department has about changing their
                                                                                             lives, but stressed the role of offenders
                                                                                             themselves to experience that change.

Top fashion guru visits Boksburg
By Dibate Thobejane

World renowned South African fashion designer David                                          Fashion guru David Tlale (middle) posing

Tlale was impressed with the quality of work coming from
                                                                                             with officials and offenders at Boksburg
                                                                                             during a visit
the textile section at Boksburg Correctional Centre when he                                  “It is time that you focus your energies
visited on 11February 2010.                                                                  on doing something positive in your lives

       espite his hectic schedule, inter-      where he was shown the facilities.            and we will be bringing people like David
       national flights and fashion shows       “Stitches and designs are set to im-         to partner with us in our initiatives,” she
       around the world, David still man-      prove when we start working together. I       said.
aged to make time to visit our facilities.     have been to the facility before but as a       The visit was a fruitful one and results
He has shown interest in Boksburg’s            visitor to an offender,” said Tlale.          will soon be visible when a number of
textile division and said he wanted to get      “When looking at the structure from out-     projects kick off. Amongst them are fine
involved in rehabilitation programmes.         side you will never anticipate this kind of   arts, basics of designing, sewing, pattern
This became more evident when he gave          set up. I am impressed,” he continued.        making and cutting. Institutions of higher
a brief presentation to the Area Commis-        Tlale later addressed a group of offend-     learning in these fields are also going to
sioner Dineo Mokgoetsi and her crew fol-       ers working at the textile section who        be roped in as partners for quality assur-
lowed by a site visit to the production line   were so excited and inspired by his visit.    ance purposes.

                                                                      Rooigrond Head Mr      at Rooigrond in February.
                                                                      Jimmy Nomandla,
                                                                      actress Lulu Nxozi
                                                                                               The Royal Bafokeng family is one of the
                                                                      and Mr Samson          wealthiest family clans in North West Prov-
                                                                      Ntwe at the centre     ince. They own mines and sports facilities,
                                                                      where the Royal
                                                                      Bafokeng story is      including Rustenburg Stadium, which is one
                                                                      being documented.      of the stadia to host first and second round
                                                                                             matches of the Soccer World Cup.
                                                                                               In the documentary, the Royal Bafokeng
                                                                                             family explains how they built their remark-
                                                                                             able world class sports facility, and it docu-
                                                                                             ments the Bafokeng history, its identity and
                                                                                             vision for the future. The scene at Rooigrond
                                                                                             Correctional Centre, which was known as
                                                                                             the Central Prison in former Bophuthatswa-
Generations star films                                                                       na days, depicts the detention of the queen
                                                                                             mother of the Bafokeng, together with 4
documentary at Rooigrond                                             By Lewies Davids
                                                                                             other women who were incarcerated in 1988
                                                                                             by the apartheid regime for political activi-

       enerations star actress Ms Lungelwa     Rooigrond Correctional Centre.                ties. The documentary highlights the spirit
       Nxozi popularly known as Belinda         Ms Nxozi said she was passionate about       of the Bafokeng to rise above the challenges
       Shabane in the soapy, led fellow cast   showcasing the events of individuals remem-   and hardships posed by the apartheid regime
members during the filming of a documen-       bered for overcoming hardships and those      of yesteryears. The film is scheduled to be
tary to showcase the Royal Bafokeng family     who made a difference in the lives of many    aired on SABC  soon.
history, part of which has a connection with   South Africans. She was speaking on the set

                                                   FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                
                                                     REGIONAL NEWS

                                                                                                Correctional officials, care givers and the
                                                                                                children of Isibani Esihle with the goodies
                                                                                                they had just received

                              Generosity is
                              Ermelo Centre of
                              Excellence code
Pressure on Mangaung to house name financial
                              Despite the
                                                                                                                By Thuthukasizwe Ngcobo

women                 By Puleng Mokhoane                                                        constraints that South
                                                                                                Africans are facing during
Members of the Portfolio Committee led by its Chairperson                                       this turbulent economic times,
Mr Vincent Smith expressed their dismay about the fact that                                     Ermelo Centre of Excellence
Mangaung Correctional Centre did not house any female                                           officials donated various
offenders when they visited this private correctional centre on                                 goods to Isibani Esihle
 February this year.                                                                           Community Centre based

      he committee members echoed               acted with offenders to learn about their       in Wesselton Ermelo on 4
      a concern expressed last year by          concerns. Most offenders wanted to be           March.
      Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula          transferred closer to home.

about the same matter.                            Mangaung is filled to its full capacity yet        he centre caters for boys and girls who
  The Portfolio Committee’s visit was           is one of few centres that are not over-             are mentally challenged. Their ages
aimed at assessing whether the Private-         crowded.                                             range from one to 7 years. The part-
Public Partnership (PPP) between the                                                            nership between Ermelo Correctional Centre
department and the private sector served        The Portfolio Committee’s visit                 and Isibani started in 2008 with DCS officials
the objectives of the Department of Cor-                                                        donating a television set and a compact disc
rectional Services.
                                                was aimed at assessing whether                  player. This year, officials responded swiftly
  During a surprise visit to the centre late    the Private-Public Partnership                  when they were approached for donations.
last year, the Minister said, “It was high      (PPP) between the department                    They donated items such as indoor games,
time female offenders also benefited            and the private sector served the               cleaning material groceries and clothes.
from the facility.”                                                                               “We are warmly touched by correctional
  The committee recommended that at             objectives of the Department of                 services’ deed of showing love to our chil-
least one unit should house female of-          Correctional Services.                          dren. Seeing the children enjoying life like
fenders. The Mangaung centre is one of                                                          normal kids makes me joyful,” said Ms Mar-
two facilities in the country built under the     The committee’s second stop was at            tha Scheepers, the manager of Isibani Esihle
PPP. The other, Kutama Senthumule, is           Grootvlei Medium A. There they were             Community Centre.
situated in Louis Trichardt.                    greeted by hundreds of Remand De-                 After the donations, the children were treat-
  Mangaung is a maximum facility and is         tainees (RDs) who were lining up for            ed to lunch prepared by project leader Ms
home to long serving offenders. It is situ-     supper. Medium A is more than 200 %             Jumarie du Plessis and her team. “As Ermelo
ated on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, just     overcrowded.                                    Centre of Excellence we are able to lend a
a kilometre away from Grootvlei Correc-           The committee learned that some of            hand where it matters most for the benefit of
tional Centre. The partnership arrange-         the detainees had been awaiting trial for       young and innocent children,” said Ms du
ment is in its eighth year and the depart-      more than two years. Mr Smith asked for         Plessis.
ment is to gain total control of managing       a report about the conditions in which            The day was rounded off with a prayer
it in 17 years’ time.                           the remand detainees are kept, how              by the Centre Coordinator Corrections, Mr
  Mr Smith and his committee visited            they spend their days in the facility, their    Michael Mabaso who called upon the mighty
several sections in the centre, including       educational needs, rehabilitation pro-          power of God to give the centre manager and
the skills centre, bakery, candle-making        grammes available to them and the way           her team all the strength they need to take
and textile workshop where they inter-          forward to improve their situation.             care of the children.

0                                                      SA Corrections Today
                                                                S P O RT

The four pupils (in front) who each
received a uniform and school
stationery courtesy of the Overberg
Gym and Cricket Club, with their
                                                   A     t least 0 000
                                                         rounds of am-
                                           munition were shot by 44
principal, officials and members of the    shooters, all in the healthy
community.                                 spirit of the competition.
                                             The sport involves
Overberg sport                             shooting at targets which
                                           are scored and ranked

clubs donate                               under controlled condi-
                                           tions that include safety         DCS National Pistol Shooting Team are from the back left

uniforms to
                                           standards. Pistol shooting        Jacob van Tonder, Lazola Banzana, Stella Barnard and
                                                                             Mornay de Beer. In the front are Andre Scheepers, Samantha
                                           is classified into bronze,        Ramsewaki, Estelle Swart and Maritha Zaayman.
                                           silver, gold, masters and
disadvantaged                              high masters gradings. It

pupils             By Jistice Moseki
                                           is a sport for young and
                                           old people, women and
                                           men alike. The shooters are
                                                                            Pistol shooting
                                                                            as sport thrives
                                           judged according to their
      our pupils of Kosie De Wet Pri-
                                           proficiency (accuracy and
      mary School had a great start
                                           speed) using various types

                                                                            in DCS
      to their 2010 school year when
                                           of firearms and air pistols.
Overberg Correctional Centre’s Gym
                                             The East London cham-                                      By Samantha Ramsewaki
and Cricket clubs donated school uni-
                                           pionships involved a total
forms and stationery to them.
   The four, namely Mzuki Kibi, Jamie-
                                           of 26 shooting disciplines            The department hosted a three-day
                                           and were overseen by com-
lee Masok, Esquin Plaaitjies and
                                           petent range officers namely
                                                                                                 pistol shooting championship
Shanwill Malgas started the year
                                           Andre Scheepers and Jacob Van Tonder (both               under the umbrella of
with new sets of school uniform (for
summer and winter) and stationery.
                                           Protea shooters from East London), and Jon An-             the South African Pistol
                                           derson of the National Pistol Association. Chief           Association between 11 and
They benefited from an initiative that
                                           Range Officer Jimmy Adams (retired shooter - Free
was started by the Gym and Cricket
                                           State region) presided over the event. In the past         13 February at the West
Chairpersons Mr Norman Nzinyana
and Mr Lwellyn Hartman.
                                           the sport has been predominantly white but Eastern         Bank Correctional Centre’s
                                           Cape Province has become front runners in leading          sporting facilities in East
   Each sub-club had agreed to do-
                                           transformation in the sport by getting more women
nate R1 700 to make the initiative a
                                           and people of colour participating. Protea Shooter         London.
reality. When the donations were due,
                                           Andre Scheepers, a developed shooter in both the
the school principal Ms Gladys Tho-
                                           International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and
mas and her team identified the most
                                           the National Pistol Association, is credited with lead-
deserving beneficiaries.
                                           ing the transformation in the Eastern Cape. One of his
   On 28 January Area Commissioner
                                           find, Pilo Bambiso (junior Protea) has progressed to the silver
of Overberg, Mr Ben Modisadife and
                                           and gold class at many events held within the ISSF discipline. Mr Bam-
the patrons of the sport clubs accom-
                                           biso was also recognised by the Eastern Cape Pistol Association as a commend-
panied the committee members who
                                           able role player in the transformation and growth of the sport. He was awarded the Jimmy
handed over their donations to the
                                           Adams floating trophy. Another developing shooter is Port Elizabeth’s Lazola Banzana who is
pupils. After handing over of uni-
                                           currently ranked 7th in the 1500 pistol (9mm) event under the South African Pistol Association.
form and stationeries, Mr Modis-
                                         The Director Employee Sport & Wellness, Mr Pravesh Bhoodram and young Sipho Zwane of Jo-
adife said, “Your efforts will influ-
                                          hannesburg Centre C, were among the new comers in East London who walked away with some
ence these students to approach
                                          silverware. They showed character and both took medals in the bronze classification of the Air
life with a positive attitude. This ges-
                                             Pistol category. Mr Bhoodram further took a bronze medal in the ISSF 50 yard category. The
ture is an encouragement for them to
                                                  big winners of the day in different classes were: Jacob van Tonder - Gold, Andre Scheepers
take school and education serious in
                                                                                                      - Bronze, Lazola Banzana- Bronze, Mor-
their lives.”
                                                                                                             nay de Beer - Silver
                                                                  S P O RT

                                                                                                 New soccer
                                                                                                 league launched
                                                                                                 at Barberton

                                                                                                    n partnership with the Barberton Maxi-
                                                                                                    mum Correctional Centre, Sibahle
                                                                                                    Communications Agency has launched
                                                                                                 a soccer tournament for eight first divi-
                                                                                                 sion teams of inmates in the centre.
                                                                                                   The tournament was launched at the
                                                                                                 facility’s sporting grounds on 10 April
                                                                                                 and will be known as Sibahle Soccer
                                                                                                 League. Attending the event were the
                                                                                                 Head of Centre, correctional officials, in-
                                                                                                 vited guests, representatives of the eight
Boksburg Area Commissioner Dineo Mokgoetsi (in uniform) and legendary boxer Bay Jake             teams and other soccer supporters.
Matlala (bafana jersey) in the mix with offenders during the launch of boxing partnership in
Boksburg.                                                                                          Sibahle Communications has penned
                                                                                                 down a sponsorship deal to the value of

DCS fortifies relationship with                                                                  R5000. It also handed over soccer kits
                                                                                                 to all the teams’ management during the

World Boxing Organisation                                                                        launch.
                                                                                                   According to Ms Futhi Msibi, the MD of
                                                                                                 Sibahle Communications, the initiative is
By Patrick Thobejane
                                                                                                 in line with their commitment to contrib-
                                                                                                 ute positively to the mental and physical
The Boksburg Management Area officially entered into a boxing                                    wellbeing of society and in recognition of
partnership with the World Boxing Organisation and the South                                     the power of football in bringing change
African National Boxing Organization (SANABO) on 10 April and                                    and hope, particularly to inmates.
cemented a long standing relationship aimed at rehabilitating                                      “The event is within the spirit of mak-
                                                                                                 ing 2010 a football year in South Africa
offenders.                                                                                       and the Barberton centre is no excep-

      he partnership is geared towards intro-     when needed.                                   tion. It is our belief that as South Africans
      ducing and promoting the sport of box-       The event ended with a donation of boxing     are counting down the days to the 2010
      ing to more offenders.                      equipment to the value of R25 000 present-     FIFA World Cup, we should not forget the
  Mr Andrew Smale, the 4th vice president of                                                     thousands of inmates that are part of our
WBO, gave an insightful overview and back-                                                       society,” said Msibi.
ground to how the relationship came about.                                                         He added that the event was also a way
  The Area Commissioner of Boksburg, Ms                                                          of demonstrating the values and impor-
Dineo Mokgoetsi applauded the importance                                                         tance of football as a vehicle of hope.
of having strong partnerships with external                                                      “We are convinced that through this en-
stakeholders in support of the department’s                                                      deavour, our mutual objective as South
rehabilitation programmes. She posed a chal-                                                     Africans to support the well being of the
lenge to offenders about their commitment to                                                     inmates as part of building our society
rehabilitation and sports, pointing out that                                                     will be met.”
the guests’ presence was indicative of how                                                         The day was filled with entertainment
concerned communities were about the well-        WBO Africa Champion Samuel Malinga
                                                                                                 as the inmates performed indlamu, sica-
being of inmates.                                 (green top) sparring with an offender in       thamiya and the diski dance.
  The highlight of the day was a brief appear-    Boksburg                                         Sibahle Communications Agen-
ance by the former World Boxing Champion          ed by Mr Smale who was joined by the two       cy is based in Pretoria
Baby Jake Matlala. The overjoyed inmates          WBO Africa champions Samuel Malinga            and provides service
did not shy away from showing their excite-       and Mavhuso Nedzenani, former SA Heavy         in marketing and
ment to finally meet their long time favour-      Weight Champion Johnny Duplooy, boxing’s       communications,
ite “pint size” greatest boxer of all times. He   seasoned judge and referee Mr Jaap van Nie-    event        manage-
was equally happy to interact with offenders      wenhuizen and television commentator and       ment, community
and it was evident during his motivational        presenter, Mr Ron Jackson.                     mobilization and
speech that was also filled with emotions.          The partnership will furthermore result in   corporate social
He pledged his support to the facility and        the hosting of boxing tournaments through-     responsibility pro-
stressed that he will avail himself anytime       out Gauteng’s correctional facilities.         grammes.

                                                        SA Corrections Today
                                                                    S P O RT

                                                                            About 2300 officials participated in the Mass Marathon Aerobics in

                                                                            Police, traffic and correctional
                                                                            officials team up in fitness
KwaZulu-Natal Regional Commissioner Mr Mnikelwa Nxele, CDC
Development and Care Ms Subashini Moodley and 2010 Ambassador                                      By Patrick Thobejane
Doctor Khumalo looking all sporty at the launch of the FIFA World
Cup event in KZN.
                                                                            On a normal working day one would expect
“You are capable of doing                                                   metro police officers busy on the streets
                                                                            issuing fines and controlling traffic, SAPS
positive things,” 16 V tells                                                officers chasing disobedient citizens and
offenders                 By Nokuthula Zikhali
                                                                            criminals while correctional officials will be
                                                                            keeping those caught in safe custody whilst
A 2010 Ambassador Doctor “16 V” Khumalo                                     administering rehabilitation programmes.

joined a KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Region delegation                                     ut on 18 February in Gauteng this was not the case as officials
to launch the 2010 FIFA World Cup in that region                                   from these departments gathered at Orlando Community Hall
on 3 March.                                                                        in Soweto, not for a joint crime combating operation, but for an
                                                                            extremely challenging Mass Marathon Aerobics.

      he event took place at Durban Management Area and was graced            Scores of policemen and -women and correctional services officials
      by the CDC Development and Care, Ms Subashini Moodley and             from all over Gauteng arrived in their various Bafana Bafana jerseys
      other guests of note.                                                 as early as 8am, signaling what was to become a very interesting
  It started off with a tour of Durban Management Area’s female             day.
section where CDC Moodley and KZN Regional Commissioner Mr                    The day kicked off with an official address by events coordinator,
Mnikelwa Nxele handed over toys to babies who are behind bars with          Inspector Sipho Twala of the SAPS Provincial Training Unit. He wel-
their mothers. Ms Moodley attended on behalf of Deputy Minister Ms          comed all participants and then left them to the mercy of the first
Hlengiwe Mkhize.                                                            fitness trainer, Ms Mpho Masinga from Molapo in Soweto who took
  In welcoming the guests, Mr Nxele urged all to prepare themselves         everyone through vigorous routines that left the floor of the hall wet
for the forthcoming Soccer World Cup. He said they must extend the          with sweat.
spirit of Ubuntu to the visitors and also appealed to the offenders to        Surprisingly the somewhat 00 participants remained in high spir-
support Bafana Bafana even if they will watch the games from inside         its as one instructor after the other took them through vigorous rou-
the centres.                                                                tines with only a short break in between.
  The celebrated Khumalo told offenders to do some introspection              Inspector Twala was satisfied with the turnout and gave a brief back-
about their situations that landed them behind bars. He asked them          ground of the event. “It started in 1997 while I worked for the Flying
to use the time of their incarceration wisely by participating in reha-     Squad Unit. I partnered with Baby Jake Matlala (former international
bilitation programmes aimed at improving themselves. He told them           boxer with four championships under his belt) who helped grow the
that rehabilitation starts from within. His last words were, “You are       event bigger,” said Twala.
all capable of doing positive things.”                                        For ten years, only SAPS officials participated and correctional of-
  In reading the Deputy Minister’ speech, Ms Moodley urged offend-          ficials became party to the event in 2007. From then on the event
ers to change their lives for the better. “It is not about what you wear.   picked up momentum as higher authorities in both departments
It’s about who you are,” she said.                                          showed increasing interest so much so that the Metro police was in-
  Then it was off to the fields. An assembled team representing each        vited in 2009.
of the 00 World Cup qualifying countries paraded on the soccer              Correctional officials from Gauteng management areas (Boksburg,
field before Durban based Premier Soccer League outfit, Lamontville         Leeuwkop, Modderbee, Johannesburg and Krugersdorp) were in full
Golden Arrows played against a DCS officials team.                          attendance and participated fully in the last man standing aerobics
  Director Sports and Recreation at Head Office, Mr Fezile Sipamla          marathon.
and Mr Sikhumbuzo Ralarala were acknowledged for their contribu-              The day ended on a high note with various prizes being given to the
tion in preparing the event.                                                superfit who never took a rest during the day.

                                                        FEBRUARY - APRIL 00                                                                  
                                                              S P O RT
                                                                         Self proclaimed
                                                                         No. 1 Bafana fan
                                                                         in DCS chants in
                                                                         front of officials
                                                                         as the sounds of
                                                                         vuvuzelas signal
                                                                         the celebrations
                                                                         of the 100 days
                                                                         countdown to the
                                                                         start of the Soc-
                                                                         cer World Cup.

Mzansi on song as countdown
                                                                                              KwaZulu-Natal Regional office personnel
                                                                                              during a 5km walk to mark 100 days to
                                                                                              the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup in South

accelerated                 KZN celebrates
                                    By Molatelo Mokumo

All the doubting Thomases who still think South Africa will
not be ready in time to host the 00 FIFA World Cup, must by                                 countdown in
now be eating humble pie.                                                                     style
                                                                                                            By Nokuthula Zikhali
   f the celebrations on 3 March that          Sports grounds where officials’ men and

   marked the 100 days countdown to the        women teams logged horns with offend-                 waZulu-Natal Regional Office person-
   start of the World Cup were anything        er teams in both categories.                          nel flew the South African Flag high
to go by, nothing any doomsayer can say                                                              on  March as they joined many South
or do will stop South Africa from staging      CDC Corporate Services Mr                      Africans and Africans to mark the 00 days
a successful soccer showpiece.                 Alfred Tsetsane sings the ‘haha                countdown to the 00 FIFA World Cup.
                                               Bafana Bafana haha’ song on
  In the eyes of millions of patriotic citi-   the 100 days countdown.
                                                                                                The event, organised by Mr Yaw Koran-
zens, June 11 will see a jam packed Soc-                                                      teng, Employee Wellness manager in the re-
cer City Stadium where Bafana Bafana                                                          gion, started with a 5km walk.
will entertain Mexico in the opening                                                            KZN Regional Commissioner, Mr
match of a historic African World Cup. At                                                     Mnikelwa Nxele said, “We must celebrate
DCS all officials will unite behind Bafana                                                       our victory of being a host nation of the
Bafana.                                                                                               World Cup. We must exhibit the spirit
  The CDC Corporate Services Mr Al-                                                                       of Ubuntu to visitors so that they
fred Tsetsane spurred officials on at the                                                                    will remember South Africa
3 March celebration and led them into                                                                          in a good spirit, and not as a
singing celebratory songs, the national                                                                         crime and violence stricken
anthem and blowing vuvuzelas. The                                                                               country.
CDC also demonstrated how he would                                                                                At noon, the officials sang
have played should the World Cup have                                                                        the national anthem followed
come to South Africa 20 years ago. He                                                         by a soccer match between the regional office
showed some glimpses of aptitude but                                                          and Pietermaritzburg Management Area.
the field better be left to the Teko Modis-                                                     After all the activities, soccer lovers remi-
es, Steven Pienaars, Itumeleng Khunes                                                         nisced about the day’s
and Simphiwe Tshabalalas who are at                                                           events over a
their prime.                                                                                  braai.
  In addressing officials, Mr Tsetsane
said, “It’s a big day for us in South Af-
rica today (3 March 2010) and to all our
neighbouring African states. We are only
left with 100 days to go before the official
kick off of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
Let’s all celebrate this significant mile-
stone and continue to support the Foot-
ball Friday initiative and wear the Bafana
Bafana soccer jerseys.”
  Mr Tsetsane then ushered all sports
lovers to the Pretoria Management Area


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