Introduction To Lead Generation by aihaozhe2


									Lead Generation has been around for years and used by offline marketers to target
prospective customers in all kinds of niches.

Data was collected and collated in all manner of ways, have you ever been stopped in
the street to take part a 'survey'?

This information was then used for research by the company or your details were put
into a mailing list, you would then receive a mailshot from that company or from
another company offering similar products, that was because the research company
rented your name to the other company and made money in the process.

There are many costs involved in this process and that was a very simple explanation,
so imagine being able to take it to another level by using the internet.

For many years savvy internet marketers have been saying one thing "The money is in
your list" and it still amazes me that websites still let visitors leave, perhaps forever,
never to return again without asking them to join a mailing list so they can keep in
touch and build a relationship.

Today's technology makes this so easy to do, set it all up once and that's it.

Imagine how much easier it would be to send out an email with your latest news
rather than trying to keep your website at the top of the search engines by spending
money everyday on advertising, and remember these are people who have asked you
to send them information, not just passing tire-kickers.

Now the road splits here and this is something you need to decide BEFORE you
collect visitors' information;

- You use their information for your own purposes


- You are going to rent their information to other companies in your field.

You need to know this as you must make it clear to them before they sign up to your
mailing list, otherwise they are not going to be very pleased with you.

Remember that you can use lead generation on the web to generate conventional leads,
when they sign up at your website you don't just ask for a first name and email
address, ask for their physical address and phone number.

The statistics show that the more information you ask for, the fewer people will
subscribe, but this is about quality not quantity. I know people who are making huge
amounts of money with mailing lists of just 50 people.

The lifetime value of one customer is far more valuable than a one hit sale before
moving onto the next target.

Seriously consider lead generation and you will take your business to the next level.

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