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Internet Marketing Expert - Insider Tips


									Listening to two of the emerging experts in the internet marketing world discuss their
techniques reveals some tips and tactics that are worth their weight in gold. Here are
some of them:

1. You don't have to have a 'list' to be a successful internet marketer. Most, if not all,
of the gurus in the internet marketing business today started with no customer list.

2. Web 2.0 has created huge opportunities for people to get targeted traffic to their
websites and sales pages. Becoming involved in your niche discussion boards,
knowing the rules of forums and social sites and making valuable, intelligent posts,
will establish your credibility and expertise in that niche.

3. Identify the best web 2.0 sites by seeing what the very competitive product
affiliates are using, e.g. Viagra and Gambling - see the forums and social sites they are
targeting by typing the product names or keywords into a search engine.

4. Be creative and versatile in your marketing strategies. Try new methods, e.g. PPC
(pay per click), and article marketing - test and measure the results, and see what
works best for your niche.

5. Observe your competitors websites and research where their links are coming from
- get involved in these sites as well.

6. Don't tackle too many projects at once. It's easy to get carried away when you see
'hot' products on places like affiliate marketing websites like Clickbank. Even the
experts limit their big projects to perhaps one a month - while they are working on
generating their own products.

7. One of the best skills you can learn is how to write sales copy. This doesn't just
relate to a sales letter, or a 'pitch' page. In the internet marketing business world ever
word you post is a sales tool.

8. Don't approach internet marketing as a hobby. To be successful, you should treat it
as a business, and if you have no business skills - go out and get some. Simply buying
a book on Amazon written by credible business specialists like Jay Abraham, Dan
Kennedy and Steven Pierce will get you on the right track.

But whatever you do - get started! Take your lessons from people with proven
expertise, who speak your language - learn from their success.

Learning from experts is how most of the top internet marketers got to where they are
today, but by thinking outside the standard practices, improvising, putting your own
ideas into action - that's what separates the gurus from the also rans.
Which would you prefer to be?

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