Internet Marketing - Viral Marketing On The Internet by aihaozhe2


									Viral Marketing is preparing an advertisement that is tied to an e-mail. It is also a
form of advocacy or word of mouth endorsement marketing. In other words, viral
marketing takes place as one customer passes along a message to other potential

The name viral is derived from the image of a person being infected with the
marketing message, then spreading it to friends like a virus. The major difference,
however, is that the customer voluntarily sends the message to others.

Viral Marketing messages include ads for goods and services, hyperlinked promotions
that take someone immediately to a website, online newsletters and various games.
Statistics indicate that 81 percent of recipients who receive a viral marketing message
pass it along to another person. Almost 50 percent pass it along to two or more people.

The marketing message can be more deliberate such as when an individual
recommends something to a friend. It can also be transmitted passively, when the
message is simply attached to an email. Viral Marketing allows a firm to gain rapid
product awareness at a low cost.

The main advantage of implementing viral marketing technique is getting fast and
effective results by using this technique widely on the Internet. This gives a better
exposure to the website as well as its owner and make other people aware of its
existence. It also helps in conveying the desired message to a larger audience
therefore building a good reputation for both the company/website and the owner.

Another benefit is that the more popularity the website gain, the bigger number of
webmasters it will attract who will be willing either in exchanging links or just
placing inbound links. This will definitely increase the value of the website by having
external links which will ultimately result in improving its page rank with search

The number of visitors to the website will also rise on a regular basis as it gains
popularity and search engine ranking. The website owner will really benefit from the
high volume targeted traffic that is going to blow his or her website fame and shoot up
his or her revenue. Therefore, I can not emphasize more on the importance of viral
marketing in boosting the Internet Marketing industry these days.

Blue Marble, a viral marketing company, created a program for Scope mouth wash.
Consumers were able to send a customized, animated e-mail - - kiss - - to their friends.
The attached marketing message reinforced the brand message that Scope brings
people - - kissably close - - . People who received the e-mail kiss could then forward
the message to someone else. Scope's tracking technology indicated most did forward
the message.
The term - - viral - - may connote the negative image of a computer virus.
Consequently, care should be given when offering to create such a program for a firm.
Company leaders may want to find some other term to describe the technique to the
general public so that no undue suspicion or fear arises.

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