Internet Marketing - The Number 1 Secret Revealed by aihaozhe2


									Internet Marketing is so lucrative that everyone wants to know the secret to becoming
successful and everyone wants to know the secret to making money online. So what
really is the secret to being a success story online and why is it that 95% of internet
marketers fail, when only 5% succeed? Some people say most fail to plan, where
others say most fail to follow their business plan. Some say that most have too large a
goal to begin with. The list goes on and on.

The secret to being in the top 5% in Internet Marketing is to never give up. You heard
it, never give up. There is an old saying, "A big shot is a little shot that kept on
shooting." This statement is so true. If you had access to the most successful people in
the country, they would all tell you the same. Never, ever give up. It seems so easy to
say but most think it isn't easy to put into practice.

Obviously, if it were there would be a far higher success rate. So what should we do
to train ourselves to adopt an attitude where we never give up? The first thing to
remember is if someone else can do it then we definitely can. Why would we want to
keep jumping from opportunity to opportunity, when others have proved to us that it
can be done. The key is reminding ourselves that someone else is succeeding in what
we are doing.

We should also keep in mind that most people give up at a point when they are 90%
of the way to reaching their goals. It's a statistical fact. Unfortunately they are
unaware that they have just 10% of the way to go. They hit the wall and stop. They
feel so disheartened with all the hard work they have put in, that their attention gets
too focused on the problem, instead of finding the solution.

Those that are successful in Internet Marketing realize that these so called problems
are merely minor road blocks in their journey to success. They don't stop at the
roadblocks and give up. They find ways around, over, under or through every time.
The key to their success is always looking at finding the solution to everything that
they do. This is the difference between those that give up and those that do not.

There will come a time after all the hard work we have put in where we feel we may
want to give up. When this time comes we all need to remind ourselves that if
someone else can do it then we definitely can. We need to remind ourselves that we
only have 10% of the way to go to achieve our goals and we need to remind ourselves
that there is always a solution to everything that we face. The secret to internet
marketing, never, ever give up!

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