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									   An MBA WITH
TomoRRoW’s busInEss LEAdERs
To many, mbA is still the         dR JopIE CoETzEE of unisa’s
                                  Graduate school of business Leadership
regarded as the degree.           (sbL) says this premier business manage-
However, there is a school of     ment qualification is in need of a radical
thought that says today’s mbA     makeover to be relevant to the emerging
                                  new world and has delivered the first
is outdated and not fit for its   fundamental research-based revision of
purpose anymore. business         the mbA since the 1950s. dr Coetzee
management expert Henry           has been lecturing strategic International
                                  business at sbL since 2002 and has 30
mintzberg belongs to that         years of management experience in the
school of thought and he          global minerals industry with bHpbilliton
unashamedly refers to it as a     as a geologist and mining engineer. He
                                  shared his views with Unisawise on why
1908 degree with a 1950s          the business management qualification
strategy. The same sentiment      has to be revisited or face the danger of
came from the late sumantra       becoming irrelevant.

Ghoshal, a former professor of    "What is the role of management
International business at         and business in society? What is the
InsEAd, Harvard and the           end-purpose of the firm’s vision?
                                  What is a business for? How can we
London business school, who       eradicate poverty at the bottom of
argued that with 60 years of      the human pyramid?"
amoral business education,
                                  These are the questions that have to be
business schools have failed      considered in the development of a busi-
themselves and society.           ness management qualification such as the

                                  The current global business environment
                                  is radically different to what today’s mbA
                                  educational paradigm provides for.
                                  According to the influential Economist,
                                  present geopolitical and socioeconomic
                                  forces shaping a new world are of equal
                                  proportion to the coming of the Industrial
                                  Revolution some 200 years ago – then
                                  only a third of the global population was
                                  affected; today nearly the entire global
Dr Jopie Coetzee                  population will be affected.

      UNISAWIsE       46
This is how some global icons describe        as the dominant business logic; and
this new world, which flies in the face of    global business leaders with an ability
today’s mbA:                                  to lead the way to the WoIG.
• on 20 January 2009, president
    barack obama said in his inaugura-        The postmodern mbA is aligned with
    tion speech that the current state of     this vision. It cultivates a personal
    the global economy is: "a conse-          passion and competence to deliver
    quence of greed and irresponsibility      through world-class businesses a value-
    (...) and a failure to make hard          added service to humanity. To this end,     WORTH A READ
    choices".                                 global business leadership responsibili-
• on 24 september 2008, ban                   ties will have to be aligned with the       Dr Jopie Coetzee recently published his re-
    Ki-moon, addressing leaders from          following two mega variables: To make       search on the need to revise current busi-
                                                                                          ness management education in keeping
    business, government and civil soci-      globalisation inclusive by creating the
                                                                                          with the changing world in his book
    ety at the first united nations private   world’s largest new market by taking
                                                                                          A social contract with business as the basis
    sector forum, said that "markets can      about three billion people above the        for a postmodern MBA in a world of inclu-
    flourish only in societies that are       us$2 a day poverty line. This may,          sive globalisation – a critical metasynthesis.
    healthy, and societies need healthy       however, be seen by others, as the
    markets to flourish".                     privatisation of poverty. There is a need   In the publication he introduces four
• on 17 July 2008, at World Youth             to increase societal security by imple-     substantial and original contributions to
    day in sydney, pope benedictus VXI        menting solutions for humanity’s            the field of business leadership:
    said that insatiable consumerism          problems beyond national borders,
    (fuelled by irresponsible and unethi-     such as global ecological degradation.      Firstly, a critique of the global discourse
    cal marketing) was driving global                                                     on the future of the MBA as published in
                                                                                          academic journals from around the world,
    warming and ecological degradation,       To deliver on such a global challenge,
                                                                                          as well as a critique of other doctoral stud-
    and destroying human values – a           there are two requisites fundamental
                                                                                          ies on the MBA over the past ten years.
    poison that corrodes what is good.        to the education of the postmodern
• on 25 January 2008, bill Gates ad-          business leader. The first is a mindset     Secondly, a new research methodology,
    dressed the World Economic forum          reoriented towards the social contract,     termed ‘critical metasynthesis’ (combining
    in davos on 'creative capitalism' that    in which business is part of a triad – a    metasynthesis, critical management
    works both to generate profits and        responsibility towards society, politics    research and the Socratic dialectic method
    to solve the world’s inequalities.        and the planet. This takes the business     of systematic inquiry), to craft a new
• muhammad Yunus (Chairman of                 leader beyond today’s corporate social      archaeology and genealogy of knowledge
    the Grameen bank in bangladesh)           responsibility towards global steward-      arising from the wisdom of 145 global
    received the 2006 nobel prize for         ship-in-practice to ensure an inter-        leaders and thinkers who are already
                                                                                          working towards a world of inclusive
    peace for "his efforts to create          generational stable business environ-
    economic and social development           ment. The second prerequisite is an
    from below".                              educational context that is aligned         Thirdly, a new model, termed ‘the social
                                              with the values and aspirations of an       contract with business’ as the raison d’être
It is against this background that it has     inclusive society. To achieve this, a new   for postmodern business – taking leader-
become apparent from dr Coetzee’s             vocabulary as well as guidelines for a      ship beyond global responsibility towards
research that global business leaders         new canon of knowledge for business         global stewardship.
have to revisit current practices and         education has been developed. This
aspire for a new world vision that would      academic leadership challenge has           Fourthly, a new educational context,
be to the benefit of all. such a vision       been designed as a set of interlocking      a new vocabulary, as well as guidelines for
would entail a world of inclusive globali-    priorities for the professoriate, namely    a new canon of knowledge for business
                                                                                          education and curriculum design for the
sation (WoIG) where humankind’s               to discover, integrate, apply and teach
                                                                                          postmodern MBA – a synthesis of west-
broad security is assured and extreme         the new canon of business science
                                                                                          ern, southern and eastern knowledge,
poverty eradicated. And, a WoIG would         required for a turnaround to a new          values and aspirations.
require a society that finds its greatness    world.
in protecting both its humanity and its                                                   Entrepreneurs, academics and business
economy as a whole; world-class busi-         The postmodern mbA stands ready             leaders should find this reader-friendly
nesses that are financially robust across     for implementation as a ‘gift to future     book inspiring. Details of the book are
business cycles, with global stewardship      generations’.                               available on

                                                         UNISAWIsE              47

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