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Interior Design- Decoration Advice And Help


									When architecture and design come together a field known as interior design is born.
If you need to do some interior decorating then there are a few important points to
keep in mind. The point is to make a coordinated space that has harmony in which the
architecture, the space and its functions are all brought together to maximize the
room's functionality while being aesthetically pleasing. The color, lighting, texture
and proportions are important for this task. Choosing the right, quality furniture like
Barlas Baylar or Brancusi, is the other big step.

Begin with the lighting and color scheme. Both of these should complement the
architecture used in the space and it should set the tone of the room. If the room is
going to be used mainly for television and video games then lighting is not a big issue.
If this room is instead a reading room then the amount of sun light, and lighting in
general, becomes a much bigger point of interest. If the room is a recent college
graduates bedroom then perhaps blue is not the best color choice. If the room is a
young boy's bedroom then blue may be the best choice.

Texture is another point that needs to be addressed. If the room is going to be used as
a living room then rough textures should be avoided while soft, inviting textures
should be maximized. However, if the room is a playroom for children then
playfulness and whacky colors are acceptable.

Now, you need to get high-end furniture to make the room complete. The furniture is
going to be used on a daily basis, so choosing furniture that is sophisticated and well
built such as Barlas Baylar or George Nakashima, is essential. Make sure it is
proportional to the room. You don't want an long dining room table in a small room .
This will make the room awkward. The furniture should fit comfortably so the room
isn't seemingly empty nor is it cramped. You also want the furniture to compliment
the criteria listed above. For example, if the carpet of a room is grey, a grey couch is
probably a bad idea.

These are the general ideas of interior design. Much of this may seem quite logical but
it's easy to lose sight of the basics once designing begins. So start by focusing on the
purpose of the room. After that, the proportions, textures and colors are important.
Finally, with quality products from a name like Barlas Baylar, furnish the room(s).
This is your home so make it comfortable and pleasant for you and your guests.

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