Integrating Online And Offline Marketing

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					It's not one or the other, it has to be both!

Why integrating online and offline marketing is essential for marketing success . . .

All brand managers unanimously agree that marketing is a must. But while they are
constantly trying to overcome media clutter and find innovative advertising devices,
they often commit a simple yet serious crime. If print, TVC, radio, OOH belongs to
the realm of offline marketing, PPC, social media marketing, blogs, forums and
articles form a distinct part of online marketing. What many people fail to realize is
that a marriage of online and offline marketing plans is likely to produce far more
effective results than either one alone.

This is at the core of the concept of 360 degree marketing that basically prioritizes
multiple media marketing over one or two media. In other words, it may be better to
put your eggs in many baskets when you are trying to reach out to the maximum
number of consumers.

For brick and mortar businesses, the first obvious step to marketing online is to create
an online identity in the form of a professionally designed, search engine optimized
website. Not only does this help you reach out to far greater virtual visitors than
possible with a physical store or office, it also is a more cost effective way to
advertise services. Since most offline marketing media entail prohibitively expensive
costs, it is best to use as little media space as possible to grab eyeballs and generate
basic awareness. The offline advertisement must then contain a link to your website or
more specifically, a specially created web landing page, where the audience can get
greater details to satisfy the curiosity created by the offline ad.

Another very important aspect of online marketing is to not limit your presence to a
website. There are multiple low-cost, pay for results models offered by various sites
and affiliate marketers that can help spread the word about your business on the World
Wide Web.

Going from offline to online methods is therefore relatively easy and economical. The
reverse, however, is much harder making it very difficult for exclusive internet
businesses to have a presence in the non-virtual world. This is particularly magnified
in the case of pan-continent businesses where it is just not possible to have an offline
presence without having targeted geographies. For such businesses, full exploitation
of all possible internet marketing methods is a far safer bet.

Another great benefit of online marketing is the ability to evaluate various media
comparatively to a very fine detail and then re-plan allocation of funds to the more
ROI effective methods. There is a far more ambiguous link between advertising and
sales in offline marketing methods.
In conclusion, online marketing is more suited to smaller companies that are starting
up or have limited funds. With time though most businesses need to find a way to
make their online and offline marketing models work in tandem for maximum