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									It is no coincidence that in times of business and economic hardship, business owners
turn to outsourcing of executive consultants to service their business demand.

Even though most business owners are content to circle their wagons in times of a
credit crisis, some of the more proactive entrepreneurial business owners tap into the
expertise of executive consultants to drive them out of crisis.

To service business demand during an economic downturn, one has to consider the
race for the business growth and expansion finishing line does not have many

This means there are many opportunities waiting to be grabbed by canny business
owners. Before any business owner considers retaining the services of any executive
consultants to service their business demand they should conduct due diligence. Sadly
many executive consultants talk the talk, but in reality very few can walk the walk
when hired to service business demand.

Many executive consultants are simply not trained or qualified to conduct strategies
designed to grow businesses.

Part of any business owners due diligence should be to identify if their intended
executive consultants are actually qualified and current to pass on their business skills.
This is often a hurdle that many business owners struggle to scale.

One of the very best indications that executive consultants have indeed graduated
from a professional business training programme is to ask if they are an accredited
associate of the institute for independent business or the IIB as it is known in business
circles. Approximately 5,000 executive consultants have graduated from the IIB
residential business school during previous years.

Another method for business owners to check an executive consultants credentials is
to check to see if they are a member of a professional business consultancy
organisation or trade body. The institute for independent business IIB maintains a
membership platform for all of its executive consultants.

The bonus for business owners is that the IIB membership maintains a strict code of
ethics which every business consultant member has to adhere to. This ensures that all
executive consultants maintain an ethical approach to all their business support

It is worth mentioning that the institute for independent business, or to give it its
correct title the institute for independent business international is a not for profit body.
I have worked with several IIB executive consultants who are all either self employed
business consultants or executive consultants working for other consultancy

Another bonus for business owners utilising the outsourced consultancy services of
IIB executive consultants is that they maintain high levels of continuous professional
development CPD by attending monthly regional institute for independent business
international meetings and quarterly IIB national CPD.

The industry of business consultancy is growing despite the current recession and
business owners are hiring qualified executive consultants to service business

The International business guru graduated from the institute for independent business
several years ago and is now a Fellow of the IIB. He suggests there are a number of
regional institute for independent business groups in many countries around the world
making this business consultancy network one of the most professional networks in
the world today.

Consultancy Tip for Business Owners Conducting Online Research:

Open up your internet search engine browser and type in any of the following phrases,
the institute for independent business, institute for independent business international,
the institute for independent business, institute for independent business iib, institute
for independent businesses or simply IIB into Google or any other search engine to
identify articles and information posted about the IIB online.Every business oiwner
will benefit from the available online information.

It's interesting that frequently when one searches for the IIB, it is not uncommon for
people to spell it incorrectly into their search engine. A quick check reveals that even
when spelt incorrectly like, institute for independant business into Google it still
indexes a number of these results every month.

A simple slip at your keyboard to include an extra i in iiib, delivers a whopping
18,000 page references from Google's global monthly search volume.

Worldwide businesses and business owners facing hardship in the current economic
downturn are seeking executive consultants from the ranks of the institute for
independent business, known globally as the iib. The iib executive consultants service
business demand by providing business support & advice to managing directors &
business owners in most countries around the world.

The iib executive consultants are in business demand partly because they constitute a
professional business fraternity dedicated to providing business owners with valuable
business support at affordable prices.
The institute for independent business iib global headquarters are located in Watford,
England in close proximity to London. Many other countries are representatives of the
institute independent business international and large groups of iib executive
consultants assist business owners in America, Australia, South Africa, the Middle
East and most European countries.

When iib consultants service business demand, it is only after the most rigorous
selection criteria and professional testing, followed by personal interviews at the iib
HQ to ascertain one's professional business status.

Once prospective business executive consultants have been identified and passed the
initial selection procedures, the institute independent business iib senior management
officers invite the candidate to the iib HQ for a 1 week intensive executive consultants
specialised residential training course.

Every one of the trainee executive consultants has to pass this iib training programme
before they are permitted to call themselves executive consultants who have
successfully graduated from the institute for independent business International
residential training school.

It is this very strict selection process reinforced by a rigorous residential business
training programme that entices business owners, and produces business demand for
the fully trained and qualified executive consultants.

A not for profit business organisation, the institute for independent business and its
approximate 5,000 registered executive consultants continue to grow and service
business demand for International business owners.

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