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Influence Tactics That Work At Work


									The ability to get others to alter their behavior, want to improve, achieve company
goals and willingly perform is one of the key skills of all leaders. Use these influence
tactics to help you improve your ability to guide the people you work with to strive
for and achieve excellence.

Influence Tactic 1: Create A Bright Future

People want a clear, simple-to-understand 'promised land' to which they can travel.
The most effective way is to do this by painting a promising picture of the future.
Certainly you can do it through fear, but it is nowhere near as empowering. Find out
what their 'hot buttons' are. For most people it is things like: the sense of making a
difference, having control and mastery over their destiny, being involved in something
bigger, feeling affiliated with others, feeling like they matter. You will irresistibly pull
them forward when you link these types of hot-buttons to whatever it is you are

Influence Tactic 2: Establish a Sense of Urgency

People need to have ignited within them a fire to move away from their current
comfort zone. Present them with data and facts that ignite them emotionally that they
need to get active on whatever it is you are presenting to them.

Influence Tactic 3: Offer Rewards for Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

This is one of the oldest and most effective means to influence people. Certainly it
will get changes in behavior - but the minute the reward is gone you will probably
find an immediate return to the old way of doing things. You and they will be far
better served if you can appeal to their higher order of values, so that they will be
inspired to the action rather than feeling manipulated.

Influence Tactic 4: Be Known For Delivering Results

Your capability to deliver results is paramount to people who are choosing whether or
not to follow you. People will look to your previous performance to assess how much
they can trust that what you are suggesting now will come to fruition. Build your
reputation such that when you say you are going to do something, people can rely that
it is a done deal.

Influence Tactic 5: Be Passionate

Nothing is more magnetic than a person who is filled with passion and enthusiasm.
Passion comes from a combination of belief, enthusiasm and emotion. Enthusiasm is a
great force and it is contagious. People want to be connected to positive people.
Having an expectation that whatever it is you want will come to fruition in a way that
serves the greater good, will enable you to walk with a spring in your step and speak
with conviction. Others will be drawn to you and your cause.

Influence Tactic 6: Love and Care for Your People

The number one need of all people is to be accepted and appreciated (another way of
saying loved). And as a leader you can best meet this need by ensuring that people
feel that YOU hear, understand, appreciate and include them. Be out there in their
territory, walking around and talking to people. Receiving information from them:
understanding what is the biggest problem they face at the moment and the obstacles
in their way.

And at the same time giving them information, helping them to see things in a new
light or maybe understand more fully the reasons for a decision, or whatever is topical
in your business right now. Importantly it is about you being out there with people and
connecting at a real level, not just superficial, or tick I'm doing this because that is
what good leaders do.

From the smallest of seeds the mightiest trees grow. From your daily interactions with
others, the more able you are to lead others into being a flexible, dynamic group.

If you don't believe you have the time to spend influencing the people around you, I
challenge you by saying that you cannot afford not.

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