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					Professional Grooming and Deportment
Workshop (Image & Attitude)

                                           Would you like to:

       Increase the level of professional etiquette amongst all frontline staff.
       Create an awareness of self-image and the use of body language.
       Impress upon staff the importance of professional grooming and appearance and how this can help
       them project a positive image and therefore enhance the image of your business.


The following outcomes are set for the 1 day programme:
        Delegates will be able to:
         Understand the important role of frontline staff as the ambassadors for the business.
         Understand what business etiquette is and why it is necessary in today’s business world.
         Understand why developing a good self-image and good manners are important to the
         success of a business.
         Understand how personal grooming contributes to a positive image.
         Understand the importance of self branding
         Understand how professional appearance and appropriate attire enhances your acceptability in
         the business world.
         Understand that good deportment is an important way of communicating visually with the
         Develop a company standard for meeting and greeting customers.

                                        Programme Outline:

       Frontline staff and the front office / The receptionist and the reception area
       What is etiquette
       The basics of business etiquette
       The importance of personality, self-image and good manners in a front office
       Develop your personality
       Improve your self image
       Develop good manners
       Professional, appropriate grooming
       Professional business attire and good deportment
       Analysing grooming and body language


Who should attend:                    All frontline staff or anyone who deals with customers face to face
Duration:                             1 full day
Group size:                           Maximum 14 delegates
Accreditation:                        Services Seta
Black Economic Empowerment:           100% black owned company
For further information:              Arlene Adriaanse on 021 556 7958 or

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