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									How Environment Sustains it self and Support Life

Environment is a term that is loosely defined. There is lot cry about environment, global warming, climate
change, going green and so on. But the truth is that we do not know how nature actually functions.

Here I give you some tips to comprehend earth, nature and life. Everything in nature is made up of energy and
energy can be deduced to heat. Science tells us that energy is matter and matter is energy. If you care to stop and
observe nature we note Earth is designed to sustain herself with two cycles of energy that are opposite but are

When west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder [energy cycle], the east simultaneously goes into sleep and
order [matter cycle]. An ordering and disordering phase working simultaneously and sustains earth from
collapsing. These cycles exist in a ratio and produce a quantum dance periodically. Earth struggles to maintain a
ratio of energy to matter. When this is pushed to the critical limit it shows aberrant behavior, before it collapses
into new order. Earth is going through this critical phase. The cause is human beings.

When the energy of sunlight causes shredding, the cycle on the opposite converts this energy into matter and
thus maintains the balance of energy and matter on earth. In the process it maintains the temperature. This
fundamental design of earth helps the system maintain its balance and create environment for life to survive.
These two cycles work between two limits in a dynamic manner. An information exchange occurs between the
two cycles and the system is designed for instantaneous communication and appears to have ability to sense and
make changes. In short there is a controller.

The earth and its energy cycle needs to be understood along with life to understand its stability. The second law
of thermodynamic applied to matter shows a time direction to death. Science has understood universal
shredding and universal collapse to a point [Big Bang Theory]. But when we take life into consideration it gives
stability to earth. Life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The second law of thermodynamics applied to life shows
an opposition to matter and its tendency towards gravitational collapse and death.

This truth is evident from plant life, which takes sunlight and heat during day and transforms into matter and
grow against gravity in the night. The day and night cycle and its balance are essential to this process. All life
exist in the above day and night energy of cycle of energy. All life obeys the law of the energy cycle. They live by
instinct and do nothing to disturb the earth’s energy cycle or heat cycle. But humanity is an exception. The
functioning of earth is stressed when humans interfere into the night cycle and ordering phase of earth. Human
mind attached to matter and its power is thus the cause of time direction to disorder and death to the world. The
Global warming and Climatic Changes we witness can be directly related to upsetting the energy cycle and
interfering into her functioning to sustain her self.

When Nature’s space and time for repairing herself is decreased beyond a point, the energy is accumulated as
negative energies and they spur up during critical transition periods causing abrupt high and low fluctuations.
These are signs of end time, the last breaths of a life and its struggle to maintain life. Thus we are witnessing
uncontrolled forest fire and instant flooding and so on. These are predicted in my site. In normal course natural
forces are dynamically balanced and smoothly give way for the other. These abrupt changes also can affect the
forces in earth and air leading to huge earth quakes and wind associated destruction. This probably is the cause
of huge increase in natural catastrophes that we are witnessing. It is predicted that, the next few years the
catastrophes are going to increase by many fold. History tells us that nature cools herself through volcanic ashes.
Reports say many big volcanoes are due to erupt. Observation from NASA shows that we are heading to Solar
Maximum that can turn violent and acute. This can virtually shatter life on earth.

The transformation of earth into New Time Cycle is inevitable. Time is a reality of nature both from material
point and living point of view. The transformation can occur smoothly if we humans awaken to Truth of Nature
and change our thinking about nature. When this happens we enter the Kingdom of God or Golden Age. Our
thinking as of now is materialistic, built on self, hatred, fear, violence, conquering motive and corruption. This
has to change. We need to understand nature as living and loving entity. Otherwise earth and its forces will,
cause destruction beyond human imagination. The quantum wave associated with quantum world is collapsing
to go into New Time Cycle. The multiple worlds and multiple waves are collapsing and are striving to make a
New Beginning. Nothing can stop it. The spiritual scriptures have compared this state to a pregnant woman
giving birth to a child and thus heralding a new era. What is conceived has to deliver. The more we extend
higher will be the pain one has to bear. We need to understand the Truth of Nature and yield to Truth. This is
the only way to survive.

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