Importance of SEO and Social Media Marketing

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					In this day and age, it is very important to have an online presence. Business owners
are now integrating their entire business to an online shop in order to avoid overhead
costs, as well as to get in contact with a larger client base. Many business owners who
make this move, however, do not understand the complexity of search engine
optimization or the importance of social media marketing. If you are one of these
business owners, read carefully! This is an introduction to the world of SEO and

There are a number of advantages when using search engine optimization over other
forms of advertising, if used properly.

Most forms of advertisement rely on the element of surprise or a level of
trickery/deception. In contrast, SEO allows you and your customers to find each other
on a mutual basis. This also opens the door for you to have a consistent placement in
front of a specific demographic.

Naturally major companies like Google, Yahoo! and Bing will not let a brand new
company simply step up and be on the first page of their search engine results. This
makes SEO strategy a necessity.

While some companies have offered quick fixes that will shoot you up in the rankings,
they will not exist much longer. These days, SEO is all about public relations. At the
start of 2010, Google revamped their search engine in order to limit the ability of SEO
companies to work as quick fixes. Instead, Google has made the rise in the rankings
only possible through quality organic growth. Because of this, SEO consulting has
taken a major step over SEO services as a solution for online businesses.

The best way to look at the shift from SEO services to consulting is this: SEO services
don't know your business the way you do, and therefore cannot create the public
relations and buzz with other people in your industry that you can.

But now the problem arises, how do you make a buzz around your company? The best
way right now is through social media. Using websites such as Twitter, Facebook,
Youtube and Digg, you're company has the ability to get in contact with people that
are in (or are interested in) your industry. By simply building a network through
people you know from your industry who are online, and meeting others who are
online in your industry, you can promote your business virally, which is what search
engines like to see.