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					Press Release
25th September 2009

                A new generation of bearing protection
Radial lip seals are used to retain clean oil that is not under pressure,
in situations where, for example, a shaft passes through a bearing
housing. If the seal is subjected to overpressure or if contaminants
enter into the lip-seal, it will be abraded and destroyed very rapidly.
The non-friction, non-wearing Expeller™ Seal from global rotating
technology experts, SKF, is the solution.

In dynamic mode the pumping vanes fling particles, fluids, fluid-drops and mist
away and out faster than they can enter the seal. When the shaft stops
rotating, the static seal function is activated to ensure a more efficient seal if
pressure increases too much.

“The SKF Expeller™ Seal provides an effective seal against splashes, dirt and
dust. It also provides an effective seal against oil and oil-mist and seals from
both sides and offers effective sealing even in flooded installations,” states
Andre Weyers, SKF’s Platform Development Manager.

“The Expeller™ seal has no wear, no friction and accommodates misalignments
and shaft movements. It is easy to install and independent of rotational
direction. It can also be used from low-speed to high-speed applications,”
continues Weyers.

The Pumping effect of the SKF Expeller™ Seal

Splash from outside has to enter through a small gap between the rotating ring
and the stationary ring.

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The drops and particles entering the chamber inside the seal will also enter the
cavities in the rotating ring and be subjected to a centrifugal force, which flings
the drops or particles away and out. The Expeller™ Seal has the same function
on both sides, so it will handle oil-mist from inside in the same way and then
fling it away and out to the bearings.

O-ring seals function

In dynamic mode the O-ring will be thrown out into a hidden corner by the
centrifugal force so that it is not subjected to wear against the static wall. When
stationary, the O-ring returns to its normal diameter and comes down to the
angle/corner in the bottom of the groove and is pressed against the static wall.
A higher pressure from outside will press the O-ring harder into the corner to
provide better sealing.

The range of Expeller™ Seals covers the following main types of installation:
   •   Expeller™ RF fits standard radial lip seals
   •   Expeller™ SNH fits the SKF bearing housing
   •   Expeller™ XR is fitted outside the housing and
   •   Is located in the groove of a radial seal.
   •   Expeller™ XF is designed to fit onto the existing housing with a bolted
   •   Expeller™ SP is the split version allowing easy installation without first
       having to withdraw the shaft.

Expeller™ – RF

The RF is ready to fit in the space for a normal radial lip seal without any
modifications - the Expeller™ Seal can be installed and the lip seal replaced.
The very compact design also means limited figures to overcome angular and
radial movements in the shaft compared to the other executions of the
Expeller™ Seal.
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ExpellerTM – SP

The SP, a split version of the Expeller™, is used for easy installation in heavy
pumps, gearboxes or other machines. There is a considerable time saving when
using the split version in place of the all-in-one types because the necessity to
withdraw of the shaft from the bearing housing is completely eliminated.

Expeller™ – SNH

The SNH is ready to fit in all types of SKF bearing housing and is very easy to
install. SKF bearing housings are often installed in tough environments and
even in flooded conditions. The Expeller™ handles this environment etremely
well. In some installations the seal has to accommodate misalignments, radial
and axial movement, etc. The Expeller™ handles these types of condition better
than normal lip-seals.

Expeller™ – X-types (specially designed seals)

The X types are specially designed Expeller™ seals to fit into housings of
different design. Expeller™ XR fits the cylindrical groove of a lip-seal in the
bearing housing and will be bolted to the housing with a flange.

About SKF

SKF is a leading global supplier in the areas of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services
and lubrication systems. The Group’s service offer includes technical support,
maintenance services, engineering consultancy and training. SKF is represented in
more than 130 countries and has 15,000 distributor locations worldwide.

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