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									      Role of Compacting PST in Improving the Performance of Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Outlook – a professional, simple, and feature
rich email client from Microsoft Corporation. This email client has been using by more
than 60% computer users including home users, students, and professionals working in
small, medium, and large organizations. There were various issues noticed related to
data loss due to limited data storage capacity of Outlook.pst file. Therefore, to resolve
this issue, Microsoft has increased the default data storage capacity for Outlook.pst to
50 GB, which means huge space for storing emails, contacts, drafts, and other mailbox

While using email client, we also need to delete emails. After deleting those emails, we
think that the space occupied by deleted items has been marked free but in fact this is
not true. After deleting mailbox items, there will be no reduction in size of Outlook.pst
until it is not compressed. MS Outlook compresses Outlook.pst on regular basis but
sometimes we need to manually compact PST file especially when we are experiencing
sluggish Outlook. Compressing PST plays a vital role in speeding up MS Outlook, as
the size of PST gets reduced after compression, which increases the speed of Outlook.
Let us see how Outlook.pst can be compressed in Outlook 2010:

1. Start MS Outlook 2010. You should know that in MS Outlook 2010, native menu bar
has been replaced with latest ribbons, which makes accessing required options fast and

2. Select File tab > Info tab > Account Settings > click Account Settings button.

3. Now, select Data Files tab > select PST file > click Settings button.

4. Select General tab > click the Compact Now button.

When you click the Compact Now button, the process of compacting gets started. The
process may take some time depending on the availability of the space occupied by
deleted items in Outlook.pst file. Therefore, if the process takes a long time then keep
patience and never try to abort the process in between otherwise the Outlook.pst can be
damaged causing data loss. After the process gets completed, close all open screens
and restart MS Outlook.
As you restart MS Outlook, you will be able to see the effect of compacting PST with the
sign of improved Outlook. You must feel happy by sensing that Outlook is now
performing in much better way than before.

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