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Ideas For Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower by aihaozhe2


									Coming up with baby shower ideas can be simple once you know how to approach it.
Great baby shower ideas can usually be found by deciding on a theme for your
shower and then simply organizing all the necessary elements under your theme.
Below is a simple outline of what you will need to host the perfect baby shower.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

You can narrow down your list of baby shower theme ideas by knowing if the baby is
going to be a boy or a girl (though this can be difficult since many moms-to-be prefer
not to know their child's gender until birth). The next step is to pick your theme. Your
options are wide open here and you can be as creative as you like. Some sample
themes: Diapers, Noah's Ark, Nursery Rhymes, Zoo (Baby Animals), Sports, Cars,
Wizard of Oz, Baby Needs, Rubber Ducks, Smart Baby, Retro (Vintage) Baby,
Holidays, Locations and many others make great baby shower ideas. One important
thing to note when using a baby shower theme is that it is important to let your guests
know what your theme is so that they can prepare their gifts accordingly.

Baby Shower Games

Once a theme has been chosen your focus is instantly narrowed and be easier to
determine. Traditional decorations might include, streamers, appropriately colored
floral arrangements, themed candles, themed table cloths and napkins, baby themed
items such as bottles, pacifiers and balloons. A lot of these things can be found easily
and a quick trip to your local party supply store can cover all your bases here.

Party Favors

When it comes to baby shower ideas, party favors are one of the things that can truly
add a unique dimension to your baby shower. Many people will keep (and talk about)
your favors long after the event so it pays to make it something memorable and
unique. Personalized Candle Tins, Crystal or Ceramic Keepsakes, Personalized Soap,
Photo Coasters, Personalized Tea Bags, Themed Vases, Personalized Seeds for
Planting, Mini Topiaries all make great baby shower ideas. One of our personal
favorites are Candy Bars with Personalized Candy Wrappers.

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations are your opportunity to let your guests know about your baby
shower theme as well as other important information. There are many choices when it
comes to finding the perfect baby shower invitations and depending on the impression
you would like to make, many different levels of quality. Like party favors, baby
shower invitations are often saved by your guests so paying close attention to quality
here is well worth the effort and expense. High quality paper and materials are a must
when designing and putting together a great baby shower invitation.
Hopefully these simple guidelines and tips can help you in planning your own shower
for someone special. As mentioned above, deciding on a theme is an excellent way to
organize yourself and narrow down your choices when getting all of your baby
shower ideas together.

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