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About The Author

Dan Davies has made the Internet his source of income for over 10 years, having
worked as a web designer, affiliate marketer, and has even had a brief stint as an
Internet Marketing consultant for a top UK firm, and in his tenure he had helped the
firm gain massive exposure amongst the online community.

He finally broke out on his own just a little over 5 years ago with his own line of
niche products, and has since consistently generated 5-figure income from sales via
his websites dealing in a variety of lucrative niches.

Dan now shares his expertise, strategies and experience on building profitable
Internet businesses through his courses and programs.

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Strategy #1: Article Marketing .................................................................. 1
Strategy #2: Squidoo ...................................................................................... 3
Strategy #3: Forum Marketing .................................................................. 5
Strategy #4: Pay Per Click............................................................................ 7
Strategy #5: Social Networking ................................................................ 9

Strategy #1: Article Marketing
When you are thinking about traffic generation strategies, one idea at the front of
your mind should always be article marketing. This free traffic generating method
should truly be a part of any good internet marketer’s arsenal of marketing tools.

Traffic generation is a topic that many internet marketers discuss, but few get right.
The main problem seems to be that they throw so much stuff in so many different
directions and nothing sticks long enough to work.

Imagine this: You are having a party and you want to invite 35 people to your party.
You go out and invest in all kinds of decorations because you want your house to
look top notch (think domain names, headers, fancy site templates).

One week before your big bash, you see Susie Smith at the grocery store and you say
“I am thinking about having a party next week. Hope you can come” and you walk
away to get your milk and eggs. Meanwhile, Susie is left standing in the cereal aisle
wondering where the party is, when it will be and what the party is for.

On the big night of your party, you are sitting at your dining room table wondering
where those 35 people are.

Your decorations are up, your appetizers are getting cold and you cannot believe
how much money you spent on everything. You think to yourself “What a lousy
investment THIS was!”

How does all of this relate to traffic generation and article marketing? Well, so many
marketers create these really fancy websites with great headers and nifty domain
names. Then, they write one short rehashed PLR article and wait for the millions to
come rolling in.

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If they are really go getters, they might write 5 or even 10 articles before calling it a
failure. The truth is, you cannot just invite one or two people to your internet
“party” and decide it is a failure when no one shows up!

In article marketing, you need to be aggressive and consistent. You need to be
specific and lead your prospects where you want them to go. You cannot beat
around the bush.

You need to give good solid information with a direct call to action to get them to
click on your links.

Instead of telling Susie there MIGHT be a party, why not send out 50 invitations so
you can make sure your 35 guests show up?

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Strategy #2: Squidoo
When most people first hear the word “Squidoo”, they have no idea what in the
world that means! It is a funny name for a site, however this particular website
certainly packs a powerful punch when it comes to driving traffic to your own
websites. Because Squidoo has garnered such a great page rank and important with
Google, you can use it to give “juice” to your own site.

Let's say for example that you want to target a keyword phrase such as “lose weight
for your wedding”.

Right now, that phrase may have stiff competition. If you created a website of your
own, it may take years to even begin to crack the top 10 on Google. There are likely
many sites on page 1 that have been around a long time or have a lot of back links.

To overcome them, you would have to do a lot of work on search engine
optimization, back linking, article writing and more tasks just to attempt to over
take them. However, you want to start making money now, right?

A better idea is to create your website, but then also create an adjoining Squidoo
lens (these little mini sites are called lenses). Because Google tends to like Squidoo,
you could rise to the top much easier using a Squidoo site.

However, you DO still want to have your own website because it will be something
you own that you can control.

You just use Squidoo to point traffic to your own website. So, you will create a
Squidoo lens which uses the keyword phrase that you are targeting. Google will pick
that up and start sending people to your lens.

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On your Squidoo, you will use anchor text to point people to your website. However,
you must be careful that you do not violate any of the terms of service at Squidoo as
there are certain topics that they no longer allow because they were too spammy.

Also, make sure that you do provide valuable content as well as a lot of interaction
for your visitors so that they will want to click through to your website.

The more content you have, including polls, comments and video, the better chance
you will have of getting a higher ranking and thus more traffic from Google. Using
Squidoo is one great way to generate more traffic to your website very quickly.

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Strategy #3: Forum Marketing
Trying to get more traffic to your websites can be a bit of a hit and miss game.
Sometimes you think you are doing everything perfectly and you think you can hear
crickets when you look at your website. No one is showing up!

Other times, you forget the site is even online and you realize you are getting good

It seems like you cannot win! One method for getting more traffic has become more
popular recently and that is called forum marketing.

Forum marketing is just what it sounds like. It is the process of marketing your
website in a forum. Basically, you would choose a forum that is related to your
niche. For instance, if you are in the golf niche, you might want to join some forums
related to playing golf or even golf clubs.

However, there are some BIG do’s and don’ts associated with this method. If you do
not follow these rules, you are going to have a heck of a time getting forum
marketing to work for you.

DO become an active, contributing participant in the forum.
If you go in, guns blazing, trying to sell a product or service, the other members will
sniff you out immediately. People can smell a sales pitch from a mile away, so go in
as a regular person and you will get a lot further.

DO NOT give your website address at first. Make sure that you post some
worthwhile content the first few times before you add your web address to your
signature or profile.

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DO read the forums for ideas on articles and short reports you can write. This is a
great place to find out the unanswered questions about that niche. You could even
create your own eBook about one or two of those topics.

DO NOT disobey the rules. If the site rules state there cannot be links in a post,
respect that. No one wants a renegade coming along and messing up their forums.
Be respectful.

Forum marketing is a great way to learn more about your niche while also building a
good reputation within that niche.

If you ever write your own eBook, perhaps you can partner with the site owner to
do a joint venture. You never know where the road will lead, so be an active
participant and you will be surprised at what it does for your business!

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Strategy #4: Pay Per Click
Few things can be more confusing to a new internet marketer than Pay Per Click
Marketing (PPC). Not only can it be confusing, but it can drain your wallet faster
than a teenager in a shopping mall!

PPC is one of those strategies that literally change your business overnight and
make you a successful marketer quickly. However, there is also a very good chance
that you can lose a substantial amount of money if you do not fully understand the
process and the risks associated with it.

Before you even attempt PPC, you must first take a lot of time to read and study the
right way to set up your campaigns. There is a lot of room for error, so it pays to
take the time to research. There are several good courses available that can walk
you through the whole thing step by step.

However, the best place to start is with reading Google's own guide about setting up
Adwords campaigns as this is where most marketers begin their PPC journey.

Understanding your market is the next key to getting more traffic to your website
using PPC. You are asking people to click on your advertisement, but before you can
get them to click you first must understand their needs and motivations.

If your ad does not read well and does not touch them in their heart, they will not
click. Or, worse yet, they will click but not buy from you. They might be confused, yet
still click which costs you money that you will not get back.

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Make sure that when you are starting in PPC you set up a daily budget that you will
not go over. It is very easy to forget that you have ads running out there and later
you see an enormous debit to your bank account that you were not expecting. Make
sure that you give yourself enough money and time to see if it is working for you,
but do not go overboard.

PPC can be a fabulous traffic generating strategy, however it takes work and
research like any other part of your business.

There will be a lot of trial, error and failure, but remember every failure leads you
closer to success. There are no short cuts and no magic bullets. The only proven
strategy that is always successful is WORK!

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Strategy #5: Social Networking
The buzz word of the decade has to be social networking. If you have never heard of
Facebook, you must have been living on the planet Mars for the last several years.
And, chances are, if there are people on Mars they have even heard of it!

Not only are these social networking sites a great place for old high school chums to
find one another, but they are also a fantastic way for you to get your marketing
message out to thousands of people at one time.

Here are some ways that you can use social networking to generate traffic to your

Do not join social networking sites as a way to sell yourself or your product. If you
come off as a salesperson, people will shut down and never hear your message.
People do not like to feel like you are selling to them because it appears you do not
care at all about them and their needs.

Find groups that match up with the niches you are working in. This may mean that
you need more than one user name so that you do not appear to be working in
dozens of niches. Again, the idea is to not appear to be just another salesperson. So,
if you are working in the baby products niche, you might want to get involved in a
new mommies group and start making some friends there.

Certainly, you can buy advertising space on these social networking sites as a way of
bringing in more traffic. The costs vary depending on what you want and which
network it is, but many marketers report great results using advertising space.

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Start your own group! This is an often overlooked tip that can bring you a lot of
extra income. You can create your own group around your niche, and the great part
is that you control the group. So, you can do a bit more marketing with your own
group and it is really similar to having another list that you can use for your
marketing efforts.

Put a link in your profile. You should have a link on your profile which leads back to
your site. Not only can this bring traffic, but it will also provide a high PR backlink to
your site. Plus, it serves as a reminder to your list of friends that they need to visit
your website.

Yours truly,

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