Human Growth Hormone Explained

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					Human growth hormones are allegedly defined as the most potential hormone for
slowing the aging process. It's excellent anti-aging properties has made it even more
popular in the form of replacements and supplements. But before using a human
growth hormone supplement, one must carefully understand what the hormone is all
about and how it promotes healthy aging.

HGH is produced by our pituitary gland, which is a pea-shaped gland located at the
base of our brain. The growth hormone, as the name suggests, helps in development
and growth of human beings and also assists in maintaining the tissues and other
organs all throughout our life.

As we age, the production of growth hormones tends to reduce and this leads to
several health complications. This is a natural process of slowdown and it has further
prompted the use of human growth in synthetic forms to fight against such problems.
However, there isn't any evidence to support the concept that human growth hormones
can help the adults in regaining youthfulness and vitality despite their age.

Synthetic HGH can be availed by prescriptions. These are usually available as
injections and are believed to be truly potential in helping people who have been
suffering from growth deficiencies, but it cannot be expected that it would also help in
maintaining the reduction of growth hormone production due to age.

Studies conducted on adults who have used synthetic growth hormone injections have
proved that:

- It can help in increasing bone density
- It can assist in increasing muscle mass
- It can help in reducing body fat
- It can help in increasing the capacity of exercising

Human growth hormones are also known to treat muscle wasting caused due to AIDS
or other such HIV related factors. Serostim, which is genetically engineered form of
HGH, has been legally approved by the FDA for treating AIDS wasting syndrome.

Some of the commonly available human growth hormone supplements are essentially
helpful in treating aging problems and growth related issues. As the hormone is
majorly responsible for overall development of the body, people who lack this
hormone are likely to suffer from some constraints.

Defined as a peptide hormone that is secreted by our anterior pituitary gland, human
growth hormones help in stimulating the formation of protein. It is also responsible
for increasing energy, vitality and youthfulness along with several other heath benefits.
Human growth hormone is known for reducing body fat. Researches have proved that
people taking human growth hormone supplements in the form of pills or injections
have lost 14% of the body weight and have simultaneously gained 8.8% of their lean
muscle mass without making any alterations in their lifestyle and food habits. This
indeed is the most amazing benefit of using human growth hormone supplement.
Human growth hormone also promotes growth and development in children and plays
a major role in our metabolic activities as well. Also the human growth hormones
have a profound cause on our cells, unlike any other hormones, as it is cell generator.

Human growth hormone is regarded as the "master hormone" as it helps in controlling
various organs and bodily functions and is also directly responsible for stimulating the
process of tissue repair, cell replacement, and enzyme functions and brain functions.