Minutes of the meeting of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of epilepsy

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					                       Faculty Council of the
                    Faculty of Medicine Meeting

                                 Minutes of
                         Monday, April 25, 2005
                           4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                      Hammer Health Science Center

In the Chair: Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach

Non-Voting Present: Crowley, Drusin, Enochs, Frommer, Giesow, Kessin K., Kessin R.,
Lantigua, Lewis, Merten, Szmulewicz, Tenenbaum, Wolgemuth,

Non-Voting Absent: Bayne, Bell, Benson, Berger, Blaner, Bodur, Bollinger, Brinkley,
Brown-Nevers, Brust, Castaldi, Charon, Cole, Colten, Davis, Falk-Kessler, Franck,
Frantz, Gasparis, Gipson, Granick, Goldberg, Green, Harris, Herman, Housepian,
Jacobson, Jennette, Jordan-Davis, Karlin, Kass, Kirby, Kornfeld, Leach, Lewy, Loweff,
Molholt, Moore, Nicholson, O’Connor, Peterson, Riley, Robin, Rosner, Rubin, Santoni,
Schmidt, Spilker, Spotnitz, Stalcup, Taylor, Wagner, Walton, Warren, Weinberger,
White, Yandolino

Voting Present: Alobeid, Anzalone, Bestor, Bhagat, Capps, Chiang, Covey, Dauer, Del
Priore, Ehrlich, Engler, Glade Bender, Gliklich, Grant, Greisberg, Hripcsak, Kass,
Kaufman, Haskal, McKinley, Nobler, Oberfield, Przedborski, Srinivasan, Walsh,
Wardlaw, Yamashiro

Voting Absent: Abeliovich, Alderson, Alexandropoulos, Amory, Arkow, Stan, Atzrott,
Barlow, Barrett, Barsanti, Benson, Bickers, Bigliani, Bornia, Braun, Brenner,
Brittenham, Brown, Brown, Brown, Calame, Califano, Chang, Chrisomalis, Cimino,
Close, Cohen, Collins, Comer, Connolly, Costantini, Croen, Curry, Daines, D'Alton,
Davidson, Deckelbaum, DeSimone, DiLorenzo, DiMauro, Dodd, Downey, Driscoll,
Emala, Estes, Figurski, Fischbach R, Fisch, Flood, Ford, Garrett, Gershon, Gingrich,
Ginsberg, Glick, Goland, Gottesman, Granowetter, Grebin, Gurland, Hall, Herbert,
Herman, Heyer, Hirano, Hyman, Johnston, Kaiser, Karlin, Kelly, Killackey, Klink,
Klitzman, Knipp, Koester, Krasna, Kronenberg, Lebwohl, Lee, Lesser, Liebel,
Lieberman, Lieberman, Lieberman, Link, Lowe, Ludwig, MacDermott, Malaspina,
Marboe, Markowitz, Markowitz, Marks, Maron, Martin, Marx, Matti-Orozco, Mayeux,
McKiernan, Mercado, Mercer, Meyers, Middlesworth, Missri, Mosca, Palmer, Palmer,

                           Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine

Papp, Pardes, Patterson, Pedley, Pellicone, Polin, Rader, Rao, Ratan, Robin, Rodis, Rose,
Rothman, Rothman, Rozenshtein, Rubenstein, Ruzal-Shapiro, Saqi, Seliger, Shapiro,
Shelanski, Shortliffe, Silverstein, Smith, Smith, Solomon, Sordillo, Spitzer, Starren,
Stein, Storper, Strauss, Streck, Thys, Tuckfelt, Weidenbaum, Westhoff, Whittington,
Wood, Wuu, Zou,

1. Approval of the March 28, 2005 – The minutes were approved.

2. Dean’s Update:
   - Gerald D. Fischbach, MD: Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical
     Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

    Columbia University Irving Cancer Research Center will officially open on May 5th
     with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ICRC includes laboratory, research and
     classroom space. This state-of-the-art facility provides our cancer physicians and
     researchers a significant advantage in the transformation of basic research into
     therapeutic advances that will enhance the quality of life of cancer patient
     throughout the world.
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Oliver Hobert, a neuroscientist and geneticist,
     and Rafael Yuste, neuroscientist and biophysicist have been appointed as Howard
     Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators and will receive research funding
     from HHMI. Dr. Oliver Hobert’s research focuses on molecular mechanisms that
     create and maintain cellular diversity in the nervous system. Dr. Rafael aims to
     identify potential drug targets for treating epilepsy.

    CU/St. Luke’s Affiliation Agreement – Negotiations are progressing and a
     definitive report will be available at the next Faculty Council meeting.

    Anatomy/Pathology Merger has been approved by the Education Committee of the
     Faculty Senate. It is anticipated that the merger will approved by the full Senate.

    Student Recruitment – Recruitment efforts have been effective. Concerns raised by
     the LCME report have been addressed.

    Appointments - Dr. Steven Shea has been appointed as Dean for Clinical Affairs.

       Ms. Jane Tsambis has assumed her position as Vice President for Research

                             Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine

          The search for the Chair of Genetics and Biochemistry is progressing. CUMC is
          engaged in discussion with NYPH to appoint a search committee for a new Chief
          of Radiation Oncology.

3.   Report of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council
     - Dr. Timothy Walsh: Ruane Professor of Psychiatry

        LCME – Preparations for the LCME visit are underway and a satisfactory report is

        Nominating Committee of the Faculty Council – A Nominating Committee has
         been approved by the Executive Committee. The committee is scheduled to
         meet on Thursday, May 19 to develop a slate. Faculty members who would
         like to be considered for the Executive Committee are encouraged to submit
         their names accompanied by 10 signatures of current faculty members to Dr.
         Timothy Walsh c/o Grissel Coplin at P&S 2-401 within ten days from the
         presentation of the slate.

        Executive Committee/Faculty Council Meetings Purpose and Frequency – It
         was suggested that the purpose of each group is to be defined as well as the
         frequency of its meetings.

          Dr. Fischbach urged the faculty’s involvement in bringing forward meaningful
          issues that need to be resolved.

        In response to COAP concerns in connection with the Executive Committee
         and Faculty Council, Dr. Colten commented that every candidate has received
         a rigorous evaluation; people presenting the case have been challenged to
         document their assertion about teaching.

          He added that there is a positive disposition among both COAP Health Science
          and Medical School in addressing teaching as one of the criteria.

          The Provost’s report on tenure report and recommendations has not been
          released. There is a separate group currently considering tracks and criteria
          for non-tenure evaluation of appointment and promotions.

4.   Faculty Practice Task Force
     The development plan for the Faculty Practice Plan is progressing as scheduled. Site

                               Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine

    visits to Duke University, University of Colorado, Washington University, Cleveland
    Clinic, University of Pennsylvania and CASE Western Reserve have been completed.
    The first of several model design sessions is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26. A series of
    departmental and town hall meetings as well as web-base faculty survey have also been
    completed. It is anticipated that by the end of May a plan should emerge for validation by
    the Faculty.

5. Minority Faculty Development Report
   Dean Fischbach introduced Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, Associate Dean for Minority Affairs
   and Diversity.

    Dr. Hutcherson reported on the recommendations submitted to the Dean for
    consideration. Recommendations included:

       Minority Faculty Development must be seen as a priority of the Dean, and part of
        mission statement.
       Recommend Office of Faculty Development that would work closely with the
        Office of Diversity in carrying out the Minority Faculty Development Plan.
       Annual Review (Report card) for Departmental chairs that would look at how many
        minorities recruited, retained, resigned, and advanced or promoted
       Minority representation in the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy
       Minority representation on all major committees and search committees
       Minority representation on COAP committee
       Minority representation on the Executive committee of the medical school
        admissions committee and all promotions committees in the medical school
       Must value teaching, community service, service to the institution and mentoring as
        much as research in determining promotion.
       Recruit minorities for high level positions such as vice president, department chair,
        associate deans
       Actively recruit basic science faculty

      Recommendations for Departmental Chairs consist of:

       Must be committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining minority faculty
       Recruit critical mass of minority residents to feed the pipeline and increase
        academic minority faculty. Internal medicine has an active program and has seen
        success. Expose residents to research, increase their mentorship and encourage
        them to stay at P&S.
       Support faculty fellows to allow protected time for research

                               Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine

       Must set up formal mentoring program. Require senior faculty to include junior
        faculty on research projects.
       Set up annual review with minority faculty for advice and assistance with
       Take advantage of government sponsored programs like the “Minority Faculty
        Fellowship Program”

6. Recommendations from Committee on Appointments and Promotions
   The nominations made by the Committee on Academic Appointments and Promotions
   were distributed to the Faculty Council members at today’s meeting and were placed
   before the Faculty Council for consideration. A closed ballot was taken and the
   nominations were approved with 26 in favor and 0 opposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

                                Respectfully submitted,

                                Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D.
                                Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical
                                Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

                             Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine