How To_ - Have The Body Of A Fitness Model_ by aihaozhe2


									Picture this - You're walking in the mall and you spot out a short sexy little dress that
you would just love to wear. You pick it out just hoping that it will fit. You enter into
the dressing room, that little room that haunts you and always are used to leaving
feeling defeated. But this time it's different. You close the drape. You slip the dress on,
and it hugs your new hard firm feminine body on all the right curves. You take a real
good look at yourself in the mirror and let out a sigh of relief and of victory! It didn't
sink in till just this very moment, that you now have the body of your dreams, the
body of a Fitness Model!

You can't believe it. You look like a brand new woman. Your body is tight and
compact, yet with all the right key feminine muscles cut to perfection. Your shoulder
caps are perfect and your arms are defined with no jiggle whatsoever, your back
strong, posture upright and confident, you have a perfect whittled down waistline,
with flat abs of steel.

Your glutes look lifted, tight and toned. Your quads and hamstrings look like those of
an athlete, muscular yet long and lean. And your calves are perfect and they pop every
time you take a step. You just can't help but to smile with pride, joy and happiness
knowing that you now have the body of a fitness model.

You are feeling so great and you are oozing with sexy confidence, you decide to go
for it you decide to try on a bikini 'and Yep! You are definitely NOT dreaming!

Every where you go, you are now exuding your new fresh healthy aura of someone
who has the body of a Fitness Model. As you head out to work or school... and realize
that men are always staring at you. Little do they know that you are a mom, or a full
time student, or a 9-5 business executive! And now you are not walking, but striding
and strutting with purpose, you have a confidence that's elegant and sexy! They all
think that you are a Model because your body shows it!

Imagine, for the first time... being like the woman on those fitness and health
magazine covers! The woman you always dreamed of becoming, but always thought
impossible! NOW is the time to arm yourself with the tools you need to... Create
unbelievable feminine muscle definition! Command more respect!

Become more confident! Get noticed when you walk into a room! No more wasting
time and energy in the gym! No more surfing the Internet for the "latest and greatest"
routine or 'quick fix.' Shapely. Curvy. Healthy. You've got it all and you're loving it!
Well, it's not impossible, because it's just one step away! You just need to find the
proper program and you can have the body of a Fitness Model. A program that can be
done in the comfort of your own home with only 5 pieces of gym equipment.

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