Iqbal's Concept of KHUDI

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					                           Iqbal’s Concept OF Khudi
                             From the reference Book

              “Iqbal Ka Nazriya Khudi” By “Abdul Ali”
Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the founder of the idea of Pakistan. He was the one who was in
favor of Hindu Nationalism but the changing attitudes of Hindu turned his thinking and
compelled him to think about the separate homeland for Muslims of the Subcontinent.

If we look into the philosophies of Iqbal then we could find the influence of Islam over the
thinking of Iqbal. So Iqbal truly believe in the concept and reality of Momin and Millat, in fact
iqbal’s theory of Khudi starts from Momin and millat.

For Iqbal Khudi or (ego) is one’s self determination, individuality and self confidence. For Iqbal,
as Abdul Ali mentioned that is a process of evolution because according to Iqbal it’s not
necessary to maintain your ego but it should be maintained through an evolutionary changes,
your goals should be not be specified, they should have the capacity of fluctuation because the
time when Iqbal was giving his theories and poetries to the lethargic Muslims then he realized
that the ambition of man should be developed in a way that God requests him that

              Kudi ko kar Buland itna k har taqdeer se pehle

              Khuda bande se puche bta teri raza kia hai…..

But there arises a conflict in the concept of Khudi (Ego) that it means to bring the element of
arrogance and pride in your character but Iqbal totally negated this concept the Khudi means to
build up your character in such a way so that you are not confused between your ambitions and
goals. For that Iqbal gave few examples which have no doubt about the concept of Khudi, Iqbal
very scrumptiously explained that when a drop of water considers that it got some glory and
strength then it fall like a pearl and grass welcomes it with great humility, but it’s not the
greatness of grass but the strength of grass but the drop which compel the grass to get itself ready
to welcome a pearl. Same is the case with earth which attracted the moon to revolve around it;
this is how Iqbal gave the concept of Khudi.

Abdul Ali in his book “Iqbal ka Nazriya-e-Khudi” explained that these are the attributes which
Iqbal want to built in a Muslim’s character, to have an urge, a courage, a boldness and vigor to
achieve what he want, and the thing which a Muslim’s goal at that time was to get relief from
Cruel Hindus and Britishers and get a separate homeland for them where they can live their lives
according to the injunctions of Islam.

The other interpretation which author gave that never let yourself respect down in front of any
cruel ruler, speaks for your rights, build such a gesture which compel others to embrace your
morality and spirituality.

This was a concept of Khudi which is very beautifully summed up by Abdul Ali.

(Done by Zoya Ashraf)