How To Write A -How To- Article by aihaozhe2


									First to understand why these types of articles are great, you have to understand why
people like them so much. So why do people like them? First of all, "how to" articles
are easy to follow. Their step-by-step formula makes people think, "I can do that!"
And right there, your battle as a writer has been won... you have involved your reader.

So here's your "how to" for writing a "how to " article:

Step 1

Figure out how many tips, steps, etc. you have for your information. Make an outline
so you know where you are headed. If you are writing a book (or eBooks) each
chapter should be a step. By outlining it this way, it makes your book, article, etc.
fairly quick and easy to write.

Step 2

Remember it's all about the benefits. Readers always want to know, "What's in it for
me?" So give it to them! In this case, your "How To" article will hopefully provide
useful information that the reader is interested in. It should give them an inside look
into the topic and "reveal" some sort of secret. "How To" articles are great because as
a culture we seek the "easy route." We seek the tips, tricks and secrets to make the
task easier. Always remember to focus on the better, faster and easier way. Don't be
afraid to reveal your secrets, trust me- nobody ever actually wants to do the work,
they just want to say they know how to... they have enough to do already! (And once
you prove you are the expert, they'll just hire you anyway!)

Step 3

Come up with an undeniable headline. Your headline is about all the time you have to
grab your reader's attention and draw them in. There are many practices for teaching
how to write headlines, and truthfully it is an art that if mastered will bring you great
success. Here are a couple of headline ideas.

First, double the benefit. Make the headline so incredible, so irresistibly good by
doubling what they are going to get out of reading your article (again, what THEY
will get out of it- selfish creatures we are!) For example, which is better: "Learn How
to Make Your Clients Happier Than Ever" OR "Learn how to Triple Your Profits and
Make Your Clients Happier Than Ever," I think it's pretty clear...

Another simple headline formula is to take a routine task and put it with a great
reward. This formula is simple:

"How to" Routine Task That Brings Great Benefit.
For example:

"How to Buy a House That Saves You Money"

If you take one thing away from this article, remember to always keep your focus on
your reader and what THEY will benefit from. If you can keep them in mind, and give
them what they want, you will be very profitable.

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