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How To Use Twitter


									It wouldn 抰 be an understatement to say that the number 1 question regarding
Twitter is how to use it. The amount of people joining Twitter or wanting to join this
social networking platform is increasing by the thousands every day.

Twitter has become such a big player in the mainstream that people cannot resist
finding out what all the fuss is about. Nevertheless, a lot of these people wishing to
join Twitter have no idea how to use Twitter. This article hopes to cover some of the
basic concepts regarding using Twitter.

Opening An Account

To join any social networking platform, you first have to open an account. When it
comes to Twitter, it 抯 all a matter of going to and following the prompts
to complete the signup process. All you need to have is an email address (which most
people already have) and the rest is fairly simple. Once you have opened an account,
don 抰 forget to add an appropriate photo and colors that reflect your tastes and

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Once you start to get the hang of Twitter, you will find it hard not to tweet. Tweeting
is basically Twitter language for sending a message to all your followers. Make sure
your messages relate to the profile you want to build on Twitter. If it 抯 inappropriate
or not very useful (such as spam) then your followers will not like it one bit. If you
want to get a loyal following then you will need to provide great content constantly.
Tweet carefully and with purpose.

Follow Me, Follow You

The whole essence of Twitter revolves around following other people. You should
only follow people who are interested in what you 抮 e interested in. Otherwise, you
will have to put up with uninteresting tweets. Furthermore, if you want people to
follow you back, do them a favor and follow them first. If you share your love on
Twitter, then some of that love will come back to you.

The most important thing to remember is that Twitter is not very difficult to use. As
with all things, it 抯 hard at first, but then with a bit of persistence, you will become a
Twitter expert. If you remain committed to making the most out of this social
networking platform, then the result would be an increased knowledge of Twitter to
the point that you will be in a position to teach others.

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