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									             PARKLANDS COLLEGE

PARKLANDS TIMES                                                                                       October 2009


                           Founder’s Message                                                                         DATES
                           Lorraine Roth
Pre-Primary News:                                                                                                    FOR 2010:
 Gilly Southwood’s         Despite the global economic situation, it is gratifying to know that parents
                           overwhelmingly appreciate the value of an independent education. There
                           is no finer gift a parent can bestow upon a child than an outstanding                     Summer Quarter
 The theme this month      education. I know that for many, sacrifices must be made in order to                      13 Jan - 26 Mar
 is our environment        sustain the type of education that Independent schools provide. However,                  Autumn Quarter
 Upcoming Concert &        they are worthy sacrifices and in time, it is the child who will reap the
                           benefit of such an exceptional opportunity.                                               13 Apr to 9 Jun
 Graduation photos                                                                                                   Winter Quarter
                           As 2009 draws to a close, we have much to look forward to in 2010 and it                  13 Jul - 23 Sept
                           is our hope that prosperity will return to our country. The World Cup will                Spring Quarter
                           be an exciting time for each and every one of us, and we look forward to
Preparatory News:          all this world-class event brings.                                                        5 Oct - 9 Dec
 Writer’s Corner
                           In order to celebrate Christopher Robin’s 30th anniversary, we decided to
 Medieval Banquet          present a really special production to the Parklands College family and
 Grade 7 Orientation Day   “Oliver” was the unanimous choice. However, the exclusive rights to Lionel
                           Bart's musical "Oliver" have recently been bought by theatrical impresario                GATE TIMES

 Special Achievements
                           Cameron Mackintosh. This is to protect the investors of the current West
 Personal Development      End production and as a result there are no amateur licences currently
 Leadership Programme      being granted anywhere in the world. The good news is, there is local
 Outreach visit to         professional interest in the show and no doubt in a few years we can look                 PRE-PRIMARY
                           forward to a touring version of this West End hit, which is now booking in                Monday - Friday
 the SPCA                  London up until 2011. So it was back to the drawing board and we
                           discovered it wasn't "Oliver Twist" calling out to us after all, but another              07h30 - 08h30
                           orphan entirely. We take great pleasure in announcing that in 2010 we shall               12h45 - 14h30
                           be staging the story of the spunky depression-era orphan with a heart of
Secondary News:            gold - Annie! The feisty little red-head who is determined to find the
                           parents who abandoned her on the doorway of a New York City Orphanage                     PREPARATORY
                           run by the cruel and embittered Miss Hannigan. In adventure after fun-filled
 Awards Assembly           adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan's evil machinations, befriends                       Monday - Thursday
 Grade 10 Baby Project     President Franklin D. Roosevelt and finds a new family and home in                        07h30 - 08h15
 Grade 11 Job              billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary Grace Farrell and a                   12h45 - 13h30
                           lovable mutt named Sandy. The bright little star of the American musical
 Shadowing                 theatre, who with her up-beat optimism and sheer will to overcome                         14h00 - 14h45
 Peer Counsellors          difficulties is sure to win your heart and set your feet-a-tapping. She is the            Friday
 Culture News              perfect entrée to the up and coming banquet of the Performing Arts Tour to
                           New York City. We look forward to a resounding success of this production                 07h30 - 08h15
 Study Skills Workshop     under the expertise of Cathy Dodders. "Annie" is an all time classic that is              12h45 - 13h45
 LMH Awards                sure to bring back many old and heartfelt memories, so we hope you will
 Valedictory               support us!
                           As we embrace the last quarter of 2009, it is necessary to acknowledge the                Monday - Thursday
                           wonderful talent of our learners and the dedication of our teachers. The                  07h00 - 08h10
                           culmination of the Preparatory Faculty Art Festivals, "Show me the Funnies"
Sport                      and "Heal the World" were a great success! Not to mention the professional                14h10 - 14h50
                           and very creative SCSA and LMH Awards evenings that took place in the                     Friday
 Prep & Sec Sporting       Secondary Faculty - justly recognising and rewarding our wonderful learners               07h00 - 08h10
 Achievements              for all they have achieved during 2009. We look forward to the last few
                           major events for this year namely the Preparatory Faculty Prize Giving, the               13h45 - 14h30
 Sport Results             Secondary Faculty SACA Awards evening and the Pre-Primary graduation
                           and concert which will take place during the next few weeks. You will
                                                                                                                     Monday - Friday
                           shortly receive invitations to all of these events.                                       15h40 - 16h20

                           As our matric class embraces their last school examinations, which are well
                           under way, we are able to look back and reflect on the contribution this group has made to the College
                           during their time with us, each learner contributing in their own special way. In particular, thank you to
                           Tholo Lerotholi and Helené Bam, our Head Prefects and their Prefect Body for their leadership during the
                           past year. Our best wishes accompany each Grade Twelve learner for their future studies. We would
                           also like to take the opportunity of welcoming our new Prefect Body and their leaders, Pierre Marais,
                           Jeanique Davidson and Chase Agulhas - we are certain that their time in ‘office’ will be just as

                                                                                              Farewell Class of 2009
                                                                                              Michelle Khoza, Shalima Mkongi, Odette Booysen,
                                                                                                 Seyram Gavor, Tholo Lerotholi, Helené Bam,
                                                                                                 Dewald Engelbrecht, Yolanda Runeyi, Nikiwe
                                                                                               Monakali, Ntombothando Sigabi, Elaan Coetzee,
                                                                                                 Carla Marques, Claudette Gomes, Nicole May,
                                                                                                 Rebecca Allen, Shaun Wynford, Lou-Ann van
                                                                                              Niekerk, Jacqueline du Plessis, Kiriaki Marantidis,
                                                                                               Emily Mitchell, Samantha Allchin, Storm Baines,
                                                                                              Taryn Adams, Roxanne van Zyl, Mikhail Petersen,
                                                                                                Katie Lowther, Grobler Coetzee, Jong Woo Han,
                                                                                               Caroline Robson, Samantha Rutgers,       Carmia
                                                                                               Schutte, James Rosenberg, Tamsyn Mally, Megan
                                                                                              Hobbs, Eric Chowles, Trent Harris, Jarryd Gutzmer,
                                                                                                 Yihang Ren, Sean Todt, Craig le Roux, David
                                                                                              Metelerkamp,       Dayne Collings, Ronan Henrick,
                                                                                                  Robert Hall, Iain Konkol, Dominique Essop
          Secondary Faculty

                             From the Principal’s Office
                             Sylvia Steyn

                             With apologies to Frank Sinatra, at this time of the year, I am reminded of the words of the
                             opening line to one of his famous songs, “And now, the end is [near], and so [we] face the final

                           During the past month we have celebrated the school careers of our matriculants at the Leadership,
                           Matric and Honours Awards; bid them an emotional farewell at a special Valedictory Assembly, and
                           seen them embarking on one of the most important examinations of their lives. It invariably makes
                           one think of the end of an era, the curtain coming down … But then, when I see the new Learner
                           Leadership group comfortably sliding into their roles, the Grade 10's all dressed-up for their formal
                           dance, the Grade 9's getting excited about their subject choices for next year; I realise that the next
                           act is all ready to open. This is what makes life at the College so exciting – there is always another
                           memorable experience around the corner. As the summer sport season draws to a close, I also want
                           to thank and congratulate our learners on their exceptional achievements. Sport at the College
continues to grow and make us proud.

We are into the final stretch before the rest of the school starts with their year-end examinations. I want to wish all our learners the
very best and encourage them to make use of the tutorial classes to iron out any problems before they start studying.

                                            Awards Assembly
                                            Congratulations to our top achievers of the Winter Quarter on their excellent

                                      Grade 12 - 75% and above: Rebecca Allen, Elaan Coetzee, Dewald Engelbrecht,
                                      Trent Harris, Carmia Schutte Grade 11 - 75 % and above: Caitlin Jacobs, Chase
                                      Agulhas, Jeanique Davidson, Pierre Marais, Jared Paisley Grade 10 - 75% and
                                      above: Keagan Adriaanse, Michelle Lee-Sun, Atanas Stavrev, Simone Kyle,
                                      Alexander Strydom Grade 9 - 80% and above: Robyn Africa, Nicole Bastos,
                                      Claudia Belcha, Jacinta Correia, Timothy de Wet, Stephanie van Zyl, Emma-Jane
                                      Wilkinson, Chambrez Zauchenberger Grade 8 - 80% and above: Emma Baines,
                                      Kayla Coetzee, Ryan de Villiers, Tamara Jeggels, Steffen Jacobs, Kay-Lee Lewis,
                                      Janell Matthews, Chwayita Mbili, Megan McCarthy, Tara Meyer, Melissa Muller, Emma
                                      Newton, S'Thokozile Ngcobo, Joyce Ngolle, Conor O'Sullivan, Spyro Orfanos, Sophia
                                      Ratcliffe, Michael-Paul Roth, Lay-Lah Salie, Claire Simonis, Laené van Niekerk
Grade 7 - 80% and above: Jonathan Alp, Karly Ament, Alannah Branaggan-Fuller, Chloe Brown, Nina Cara, Amber Clark,
Sarah Donde, Aya Fouad, Luke Fourie, Megan Friday, Pieter Goos, Kayla Liebenberg, Nina Matthews, Liam O"Donoghue,
Daniella Pazda, Emma Peterson, Alexander Powell, Tayla Shergold-Smith, Nicol Steyn, Leslie Wu, Sasha Zauchenberger
Mathematics Achievement: Congratulations to Michael-Paul Roth who entered the UCT Mathematics talent search and
made it through to the second round.

Baby Musiyiwa
Congratulations to James and Faith Musiyewa, who gave birth to a baby boy on Monday, 26 October. Their baby's name is
Tallen Tinaveisshe. Tallen is French for: talon or sharp claws, and according to his father he will, “Have the strength of an
eagle because he will find his strength in the Lord.” The other name is Tinayeishe, which is Shona for: We have Christ in us.
We wish them the best of luck.

                                                                             Grade 10 Baby Project
                                                                             The Grade 10's took part in a Baby Project at the
                                                                             beginning of the term as part of their Teen Pregnancy
                                                                             awareness in Life Orientation. "Parents" had to log
                                                                             the care involved with their babies and take
                                                                             responsibility for every aspect of their baby's well-
                                                                             being. The learners handled the project with great
                                                                             maturity and enthusiasm - and overall we were very
                                                                             impressed with their parenting skills. Thanks to
                                                                             parents and staff for their support of this important

                                                                             Learners and teachers cast their votes in various
                                                                             parenting categories, and the results are as follows:

Best Parents: Annita Danieli & Andrew Mogotsi, Michelle Smal & Mops Lerotholi, Garren Munro & Chelsea Lawrence,
Simone Kyle & Werner Engbelbrecht
Worst Neglect & Abuse: Fabio Lightenberg & Justin Roeters - van Lennep
Best Single parent: Ryan Johnson, Atanas Stavrev, Kirsten
Most Stylish baby: Krysia Gaweda & Leigh Petersen (Baby Zara Alice Pietersen)
Best baby name: Ryan Johnso (Baby Mia), Simone Kyle & Werner Engbelbrecht (Baby Juan Palo Engelbrecht)
Most Organised parent: Michelle Lee Sun & Keagan Adriaanse, Annita Danieli & Andrew Mogotsi

Interact 2010
Lou-Ann van Niekerk (Interact President 2009)

Congratulations to our new committee for 2010, who were inducted at Driftwood Café
on 14 October 2009. A warm welcome back to Mrs Rowe (a.k.a Waldeck) after a year's
sabbatical. We wish them the best of luck with all their worthy endeavours.

President - Hezel Ndlovu         Vice - President - Nicole Favelowitz
Secretary - Kirsten Patterson    Treasurer - Jeanique Davidson
Marketer - Inge Heradien         Community - Tara Mfilo
International/Historian - Michelle lee Sun

Grade 11 Job Shadowing
eTV - William McKenzie: Over the holidays I spent three days job shadowing an animator by the name of Gareth Qually.
He showed me around the studio which is located on Longkloof Road in Cape Town. I learnt that soon there will be fifteen
channels on SABC as apposed to the four currently being broadcast. The broadcasting station will soon be shifting to digital
signal from analog. I also discovered that 3% of e-TV's music budget and shows are planned four months in advance. After
being introduced to the entire building, I worked on two animations for the remainder of the time. One was my own which
was educational and the other was for Halloween which will be coming up soon. What an amazing experience I had!
Milnerton Medi Clinic - Steffan di Leva: This was quite a medical experience for me. From 8:00 sharp the patients start
flowing in, and the only question running through my mind was, “What do these people do to get hurt like this?” Weary
doctors that have been up since the night before, still strive on to make sure their patients get the attention and medicine
they need. I will not go into any gory details of the 'accidents' that I saw during the three day course, but there were
disgusting stuff - such as the dog bite and stabbing. According to the doctors all the real stuff happens at night, but sadly I
wasn't brave enough yet. I would like to thank Parklands College for literally forcing me to do this job shadowing course,
without them I would never have gone through this amazing experience. Whether I will want to be a doctor one day? Well
that is debatable at the moment.
Milnerton Aquatic Club, The Vodacom Head Office at Century City and a Brokerage Company at Tygervalley -
Mitchell Wagstaff: The Vlei experience was lovely, we learned about alien trees and conservation and removed alien trees.
I enjoyed the brokerage company because we had hands on experience of how the company operates. I enjoyed going to all
these places because these were real life experiences and an eye opener for me on how it is in the real working world.
Nyanga Police Station - Itumeleng Mabusha: Job shadowing my mom, who is a Police Officer was quite an experience. I
learned that to be a Police Officer you have to be very active, very strong mentally because it is a very responsible and
important job in society. Even though I do not want to be one, I enjoyed the fact that I actually went and spent the whole
day at a Police Station. I would not mind doing this again. I saw inmates in custody, but I was not allowed to talk to them.
This is a very sad place to find yourself in. On a Monday there are lot of murder cases due to the weekend with people
getting hurt at the taverns and committing crime. I also saw how police are always on demand…the constables are always
being called out to duty.

                          LMH Awards Evening
                          Tholo Lerotholi
                                            Head Prefect Report 2009 A very good evening to the founder of this incredible
                                            institution of education, Mrs Roth, our treasured Principal Mrs Steyn, our inspiring
                                            Associate Principals Mr Le Feuvre and Mrs Baily, members of staff, respected
                                            teachers, parents, the fabulous matric group of 2009 and of course, the students
                                            of Parklands College. My duty this evening, is to make all the students appreciate
                                            the comfort and warmth of their blazers as well as to make each and every
                                            individual sitting in this very auditorium, appreciate the hardness of their seats. I
                                            would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you all to the 2009
                                            Honours Evening, an evening where I will be publicly replaced. But most
                                            importantly, welcome to an evening of great possibility and brightened futures. In
                                            all seriousness, I have been fortunate enough to be given the honour of
                                            presenting the prefect's report of 2009. It is all good and well me standing here
                                            and exhibiting a great speech of how high and mighty we were as a prefect body,
                                            but I feel obliged to acknowledge the master technicians and engineers behind the
                                            unit of the prefect body of 2009. If they could please stand as they
                                             are mentioned, I would also like to request that we please reserve our
                                             applause until the end:

                                                      HEAD GIRL: HELENÉ BAM DEPUTY HEAD BOY: DEWALD
                                                      ENGELBRECHT AUXILIARY PREFECTS: CLAUDETTE GOMES &
                                                      ODETTE BOOYSEN HEADS OF LEARNER AFFAIRS: TAMSYN MALLY &
                                                      LOU-ANN VAN NIEKERK HEADS OF CULTURE: CARMIA SCHUTTE,
                                                      ROXANNE VAN ZYL & EMILY MITCHELL HEADS OF SPORT:
                                                      REBECCA ALLEN & MIKHAIL PETERSON HEADS OF TECHNOLOGY:
                                                      CRAIG LE ROUX & TRENT HARRIS HEADS OF HOUSES:
                                                      ELAAN COETZEE & KIRIAKI MARANTIDIS HEADS OF ORDER:
                                                      CAROLINE ROBSON & DAVID METELERKAMP

                                      Ladies and gentlemen these seventeen ambassadors of integrity, respect and
                                      responsibility deserve a round of applause for their resilience and service to the College.
                                      I will never forget the indescribable excitement of being inaugurated as the Head Prefect
                                      of Parklands College - the nerves, the extreme highs and extreme lows, the- “We are
                                      having the time of our life” moments and the “life could be so much better” moments,
                                      the moments where we were required to take risks and the moments where risks took us
                                      to not so pleasant places. As the prefect body our fundamental vision was to decrease
                                      the number of detainees by 65% but instead we increased this particular figure by
  Prefects 2010                       135.5%! We also set out to improve the school's discipline and camaraderie with the
                                      quintessential assistance of the matric group of 2009. Discipline, what is this notion of
                                      discipline? We established that discipline is the magnificent ability to have self control
                                      that is not momentarily prevalent but is rather continuous and long lasting; discipline is
the ability to resist the temptation of peer pressure and the wrong form of attention. We firmly believe that discipline is a
partner of respect, because without respect for oneself, fellow pupils and the teachers that devote their lives to us the
students, failure is imminent. Through a number of initiatives such as RESPECT week and the introduction of black books, I
believed that we have achieved. The possibility of discipline has a great volume of power, it truly does, the essence of
discipline is powerful but the achievement of discipline is tremendously empowering. Imagine a school where the students
stand up when a female teacher walks past, not because they are after a merit or two, not because they are forced to or
because they want to be a prefect one day, but purely because they WANT to. They WANT to show respect, they WANT to
achieve that high level of discipline we had envisaged and they ultimately want to WANT to be empowered. Let us move onto
camaraderie, what exactly is this vision of camaraderie we had? Camaraderie is SPIRIT, COMPANIONSHIP, A SENSE OF
BELONGING, SOLIDARITY and AMITY, now ladies and gentlemen I am not merely throwing a faction of abstract nouns
around, this is what we aimed to achieve, and of course we were led by the ever-so energetic Ladies of Houses: Elaan and
Kiriaki, along with the element and hunger for victory. Our inter-house events were much contested, pupils from grades 7 to
12 stood shoulder to shoulder, collectively thrusting their athletes over the finish line and roaring so loudly that the ball
eventually rolled over the goal-line.We were the extra men on the field and the legal substance that gained our competitors a
fair advantage. At the inter-schools athletics, I was proud to see us all together saturated in each other's PERSPIRATION and

collectively creating a fresh and organic fragrance I like to call NATURALE. Ladies and gentlemen I would now like to thank a
special lady that was instrumental to our term in office, Ms Helene Bam!! Wow...where to start, working with Helene, Ms Bam
as I call her, made me feel as though I could conquer any challenge that came my way, even if it came in the form of a well
spoken and highly energetic, highly opinionated enthusiastic young lady with curly blonde hair. One thing I admire about Ms
Bam, is that she has the ability to stand firm and not be overpowered by anybody. Her sense of values and principals are
truly exceptional! Her enthusiasm and active role in clubs and societies set a precedent for all. Ms Bam's passion for people
and her contagious laugh was echoed through her innate kindness.

As we draw ever so close to a poignant yet tremendously exciting end, we feel it is our obligation to salute the school that
moulded us into the leaders that we are today and the successes we are destined to be. With the admirable mentorship of our
Associate Principal Mr Le Feuvre and the experienced, yet tough direction of our Principal Mrs Steyn, we are and forever will
be exceptionally appreciative. 2009 witnessed a great list of firsts, to name but a few; the buddy reunion, the matric fashion
show and of course Ross Halstead's hobby - break-detention! For me, to be a head prefect or a prefect for that matter, is
not somebody that has won a popularity contest, it is not a figure that is superior to other individuals, it is not a bully that
throws their weight around because they can, NO...A prefect should be someone who can best serve the interests of the
school in the terms of discipline, student welfare, school spirit and not only be an exceptional example but also have an
abundant supply of air-time. We learnt that effective leadership is only possible if each student leader recognizes the fact that
being a leader not only summons one to lead but also to serve. To the next administration of prefects, please may you all do
yourselves and most importantly the school a favour; don't ever ever EVER forget that leaders need followers, much like the
way teachers need students and students need teachers, do not for one second make the mistake of thinking you are doing
the school a favour, when actually the school is doing you a favour...

In closing, as I stand here on behalf of 18 selfless individuals, I would like to thank you all for granting us such a tremendous
opportunity to contribute to a legacy that has touched so many lives and is yet to touch many more. I thank you…

Secondary Faculty Art
Jane Hoskyn, Head of Art

The Matric Art Exhibition was very well received by the external markers and the
DOE examiner. Our learners can be very proud of their work - all those late nights
and early mornings have been worth it! Their work was displayed in the hall during
open day and many compliments were received. Well done Matric Art learners of
2009 - you made me proud and you all worked so very hard! Our top achiever in
2009, Claudette Gomes, was presented with the Jane Hoskyn Art Prize, a group
portrait painting of the Grade 12 Art group, while Helene Bam walked away with
the Van Zyl Trophy for creativity. This year our best drawing candidates in drawing
were Leigh Petersen in Grade 10 and Kyle Macintosh in Grade 9.

Peer Counsellors at Parklands
Kim Schloms-Madlener

This year twenty-one of our FET learners applied to train as peer counsellors with
the goal of establishing a fully functional peer counselling service at school. The
learners were trained by Life Line facilitators Chantal and Bernie and the training took
place over two very intensive months. The topics covered included personal growth, active listening and managing
confidentiality. Helene Bam, our Head Girl, is passionate about helping others and was instrumental in driving this project. We
are exceptionally proud of our counselling graduates and look forward to seeing them take peer counselling to a new level!
We plan to build on this programme and train new FET learners each year.

                           Valedictory 2009
                           Rhett Meyer

                           Be Prepared – Face the Challenge Good morning Mr Tilney, Directors, Principals, Colleagues,
                           Learners of Parklands, parents and of course our matric body of 2009. You know when Mrs Steyn
                           asked me to be Grade Head this year, I must confess I was a little anxious and nervous but I
                           embraced it as a challenge because I knew I had the backing of a matric group with character. I
                           wanted to develop a relationship with each Grade 12 because each one of you has a unique
                           personality. I feel I've done this! The matrics coined the phrase; “Get in there”, for the 2009 year,
                           but what does this mean? So I set about asking them; 1. Shawn Wynford (aka Mossie): “no time to
                           play, be serious about your academics and work ethic”. 2. Emily Mitchell (aka Paris Hilton): “get
                           'stuck' into everything you do and set yourself goals”. 3. Iain Konkol (aka Iain Konkol): “hooking up
                           with your friends, getting down to the nitty gritty”.

                           I believe it stems from taking every challenge and / or opportunity whether positive or negative and
                           making it your own; doing your best, preparing planning, communicating and executing, reaching
                           an outcome that you are proud of. Because, as the cliché goes, what doesn't kill you makes you
                           stronger, this is how you grow, don't ever give up! You guys will be faced with many challenges in
                           your life. It's what you do with these challenges that will ultimately define you as a person of
                           substance. At the age of seven, in Grade 3, I joined the Scout movement. Every Friday evening I
                           would walk down the road to the scout hall on the banks of the Blue Dam. I was so proud of my
                           uniform, my blue scarf, green beret, shiny belt buckle and shoes. I learned how to tie knots, build
                           fires, first aid just to mention a few. But what I learned the most was: friendship, pride, integrity
                           and respect. The three years I spent in cubs were amazing - I had become a young boy with a set
                           of values. But I wanted more. My induction into scouts was a ceremonious
                           event, flag hoisting, singing the National Anthem and most importantly -
                           reaffirming the scout promise. “I promise to do my best to do my duty to
                           God and my country to help other people at all times and to obey the Scout

My six years in Sea Scouts (yes in Johannesburg), afforded me the chance to stamp my introduction
on life. I was no longer a lonely insecure teenager but rather a confident young man with a range of
abilities. I showed off these abilities in the form of standard grade and master grade badges, belt
slide awards, a service chord and finally the big one the Springbok scout award, damn - I was proud
and most importantly so were my friends and family. Some of my school friends called me a sissy
and would say things like, that is so 'gay' and why dude do you want to spend your Friday nights with
a bunch of guys when you could be out partying? I did not care - I was still partying and going out
with girls, but the lessons I learned prepared me for life and at the age of forty I look back to the
scout movement with fond memories and thank those people: Skip, 1st mate. PO and all my scout
buddies for having helped shape my future. I can safely say and without any hesitation that Scouts
was a stepping stone to becoming a teacher and I am still helping people as the scout promise
echoes. Matrics, everyone needs a life purpose it does not matter what it is, it could be family,
friends, religion, community based even just helping out around the house. This is what builds
character - not idleness. In the eighteenth century Sir Isaac Newton established Laws of Motion. His
first Law stated,” that an object at rest will remain at rest unless it is acted on by a resulting force”.       Mr Meyer

Do not become that object, and those resulting forces I am talking about are circumstances that will control you or you will
be in control of. The Scouts motto is “be prepared” I would like to extend an invitation to you today to be prepared for
everything and anything that life throws at you, because you are a champion - never ever forget that. Embrace and face the

I would like to end off with a piece of inspiration called the Mayonnaise Jar.

The Mayonnaise Jar
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 Hours in a day is not enough, remember the mayonnaise
jar and 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class
began, wordlessly, He picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked
the students, if the jar was full? They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them
into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.
He then asked the students again If the jar was full?    They agreed it was.
The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.
He asked once more if the jar was full? The students responded with a unanimous 'yes.' The professor then produced two
cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between
the sand. The students laughed.
'Now,' said the professor, as the laughter subsided, 'I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life.
The golf balls are the important things - Religion, family, children, health, friends, and favourite passions –
Things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things
that matter like your job, house, and car. The sand is everything else - The small stuff.
'If you put the sand into the jar first, 'there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life.
If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
So... Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical
checkups. Exercise. Take your partner out to dinner. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the car. Take
care of the golf balls first - The things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.
One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled. 'I'm glad you asked'. It
just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a

I thank you and good luck matrics.

Grade 11 History & English Outing
The outing on 21 September was very enjoyable. I was tired after the hike up Lion's Head, but I liked the visit to the museum
and I loved the view of the gardens in Town. I had delicious ice cream in the gardens, which was a wonderful way in which to
end an exciting day. I slept in the bus on the way back to school. - Chan Park.
I liked the freedom we had during the visit in the museum as we could walk around and view the environment at our own
pace. I enjoyed the walk in the gardens and the fact that we were allowed to purchase consumable goods as the day was
ending. I also enjoyed the fact that the teachers treated us as young men and women. - Alexander Hopking
I enjoyed the slave museum, because I thought it was really interesting, and a visit to the gardens was a nice way to finish
the day. I think the whole outing was enjoyable and I wouldn't change anything. - Danae Marshall

                                       Culture News
                                       Pamela Barr

                                      Trinity Exams - We wish the following learners the very best of luck as they await
                                      results of their recent Trinity practical and theory exams: Sasha Zauchenberger;
                                      Alannah Brannagan-Fuller; Wen Chen; Emily Mitchell; Nicol Steyn; Mischka Daniels;
                                                   Jonathan Alp; So-Dam Lee; Claire Simonis; Aya Fouad; Chambrez
                                                   Zauchenberger; Jared Paisley; Leslie Wu; Ntombothando Sigabi and Carla
                                                   Marques. Inth preparation for these exams, we ran a music workshop on
                                                   Saturday 17 October where the musicians took part in a scale competition
                                                   as well as performance classes…cool cat, Jared Paisley shows us how it is
                                                   Music T-Shirts - The orchestra and now have wonderful music department
                                                   t-shirts to wear at all our future performances. Over the years, many
                                                   learners have complained about how restrictive they feel when performing in
                                                   their school uniforms so thanks to Warren Johnson for his creative input, we
                                                   have designed a music t-shirt which we intend to wear with black trousers at
                                                   all future music performances in the hope that the learners can feel more
                                                   relaxed and comfortable on stage.
                                                   Farewell Emily, Thando and Carla - We would like to say farewell to the
                                                   three matric music ladies who during their time at Parklands have shown
                                endless commitment, enthusiasm ad dedication to all things musical, we will miss you very
                                much and wish you all the best for the future and we hope you never stop playing music!

National Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships
Stephen Le Feuvre

We would like to congratulate our senior learners who represented Parklands College during the September holidays at the
National Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships in Durban. Their best results in the different genres were as
follows: Itumeleng Mabusha: 16th in After-dinner speaking, Shalima Mkongi: 14th in Prepared Reading, Chase
Agulhas: 10th in After-dinner speaking and 12th in Prepared Reading, Pierre Marais: 9th in Debating, 14th in After-dinner
speaking and 17th Overall.

Study Skills Workshops
Kim Schloms - Madlener

40 GET and FET learners attended the Study Skills Workshops run over the last two weeks. The learners explored different
study and memory techniques, as well as how to manage distractions. They also had a chance to put the new techniques to

practice and receive feedback on their efforts.
Some comments from the learners' evaluation of the workshops:
           "My mother suggested I go to the workshop; but in the end I found I learned a lot and quite enjoyed it."
                             “I gained insight into different ways to study and it was fabulous!"
                                      "I've realised that I need to get more organised."
            “The workshop helped me to find a technique that suits me and hopefully this will improve my grades!"
Learners are reminded that they are welcome to make an appointment with the counsellor after school Monday - Thursday for
individual study support or for help setting up a study timetable for the exams.

Arabian Nights…
Michelle Lee Sun
Despite little time and so much to do, the Grade 10 Dance committee pulled off an absolutely amazing dance. It was a
beautiful evening at the harbour with great music and yummy food. All the girls looked stunning, and the guys - they cleaned
up very well. We had a wonderful walk down memory lane while watching the slideshow, and when the gents offered to dance
with the teachers; it caused quite a stir. This was definitely a night to remember and one we will all carry with us forever.
Thank you to everyone – especially Mrs 'Furwood' - who contributed towards making our dance such a successful event.

         Preparatory Faculty

                     From the Principal’s Office
                     Colleen Millar

                     Viewing the Foundation Phase Arts Festivals imbues in one a general sense of optimism. From the purity
                     of their voices, to the gracefulness of their movements to the overall celebration of their talent, our
                     festivals make us pause and reflect on the potential in all of our children. My heart truly contracts when
                     I have the occasion to witness this wonderful celebration of the creative expression of all the learners in
                     the College.

                     Continuing on this note, the fourth quarter is certainly one in which we celebrate and encourage potential
                     on all fronts. We have our 'Big Friendly Tests' (otherwise referred to as our examinations), our sports
                     days, our gala… culminating in our annual awards ceremonies. Of course, we also have the requisite
                     matches, enrichment activities, music examinations and dance assessments. There are opportunities for
                     everyone to shine. We certainly look forward to acknowledging these achievements too.

Writer’s Corner
The Magic Fairy One day I met a magic fairy in the woods. She told me to make a wish. My wish was to be a violinist
because I want to be famous. I want to go to Durban to play in front of millions of people. She waved her wand. My wish
came true! - Justin Watling

Space Cadet Sally was riding her bike on Saturday morning. Suddenly she stopped. She saw a pair of green glasses on the
path. Sally picked up the glasses and put them on. She got back on her bike. Suddenly she was in an inhabited world with
terrifying fangs. There were dragon ones and dinosaur ones and even zombie ones. One dinosaur said let's eat her. So Sally
was off on her bike. The monsters were off after her again. She found a portal, she hit the portal with a rock. Some blue
light appeared in the portal which sucked her in and then she was back. She fell off her bike and broke her leg and went to
hospital and got a card. - Xavier Brannagen-Fuller

Intaka Island outing On the 16th of October my class and I went on an outing. When we were there we stopped and had
a little snack on top of the water on a lookout. Our guide, Themba, told us which birds were Herons and which was a Blue
Crane. Themba gave the class binoculars and then we started the walk. He showed us a thorn bush. He showed us berries
that you can eat and then we saw two lizards tanning on a cactus. The cactus can help your nails. We stopped to have lunch
and after lunch we went into a bird lookout. We learnt about Kingfishers. Now it was time to go onto the boat. We went
underneath bridges, past waterfalls and we also saw a diver. When we were close to the end the girls' boat got stuck with
grass at the end. We took a photograph and then we went back to school. - Chloe Govender


A poem about South Africa
Nicayla de Villiers and Jordan Dowd
South Africa's our land,
it is wonderful and grand,
and our currency is rand.
Pretoria is our capital city,
it is nice and pretty!
We have the Big Five,
that like to do the jungle jive!

The Deer, The Fawn and The Crocodile One day a deer and her fawn were walking next to a river. Suddenly a crocodile
grabbed the fawn and swam away. The crocodile had been sly and the deer had not noticed her fawn was gone. When the
deer did notice she started to panic. She searched and searched and just when she was about to give up she heard her fawn's
cries. She followed the cries and came to a clearing. In the far corner of the clearing was the crocodile's nest. In it were
seven sleeping crocodiles and the deer's fawn. The crocodile's tail was stuck in a thorn bush. The fawn was lying next to the
crocodile. It would not get up and looked as if it had a broken leg. The crocodile said that if the deer got the crocodile's tail
out of the thorn bush it would give the deer its fawn back. The deer got the crocodile's tail out of the thorn bush and in
return the deer got its fawn back. Moral: One good turn deserves another. - Romy Bogner


The Grade 5 Camp to Wortelgat: 21 – 23 September 2009
On the day we were leaving I was so excited to go. We arrived at school at seven thirty in the morning. I ran to the buses
and said goodbye to my mom and then we left at eight o'clock. Well the trip was really long. - Matthew Du
We set off for a two hour journey. We started singing songs and telling jokes to each other. We were having so much fun on
the bus. - Matt van Galen
Finally we got to Wortelgat. I stepped out of the bus and put my bags down and turned my head from side to side. We were
told to put our bags down and go to the hall where we would meet the leaders. Their names were Maynard, Lukas, Joseph
and Larnelle. When we walked in they told us the rules about camp. After that we were showed our rooms. - Tammy
They put us into groups. There were grapes, apples, strawberries and oranges. I was in the oranges. We had to go to
different chairs and we had to move when they called our fruit name. Then it got more difficult. If we were in the middle we
either had to sing, dance, tell a joke or do a soccer skill. - Adam Jubber
After we ate we went on a night walk. It was called The Owl Trail. We had to use our torches to find the reflective signs that
had animal foot prints. It was so much fun. - Sebastian Holmen-Raschen
Talia and I walked arm in arm on the walk. Lukas spotted a porcupine. He threw a rock to get it away from us. We made it
back to the camp. We had to check ourselves for ticks. I had no ticks. Lauren and Talia had. So did Kristy on her shoes. -
Kirsten Eppel
In the morning we woke up, got dressed and had to tidy up our messy rooms. There was room inspection before breakfast.
We had French toast – yum,yum,yum. After that we went to the wonderful hall for activities: Low ropes, Spider Web and
Stepping Stones. - Nolethando Musewe
The food was delicious as well. We had burgers, pasta, ice-cream for dessert, chicken, cereal, bread and French toast. We
also had to clean our own plates and bowls. It was really gross because there were bits of food in the sink and bowls. -
Jenna Venter

When the flower is out
The darkness and the sadness
Will be a new life
Sung Jun Bok
Pollution is crime
Not pretty but very quick in time
It affects our world
Alexa Sowade
Flowing through the land
Crushing rocks and building coastlines
Shimmering like diamonds
Savannah de Barros

Medieval Banquet
Brittany Orlik

On the day of our Medieval Banquet, Friday 18 September, people were dressed in all
different outfits: as jesters, lords, ladies, knights, kings and queens. It was such fun!
We started at 9:30am and ended just before second break. All the Grade Four learners
were excited for the surprise at the end of the day, and guess what it was? It was a
fencing demonstration. The man asked for volunteers and one of my friends, Olivia, was
chosen. She was very good, but she did not win. I thank Princess D, Princess G and
Princess L (Grade Four Ma'ams) for a wonderful day.

Grade Seven Orientation Day
Michelle Karsten

On the 10 October the Grade Sixes had a Grade Seven Orientation Day where they were told about what happens in high school.
Many things change when we cross the road, for example we have what is called 'lines' in the morning when we get letters and
information about the day ahead. In high school there are also many different clubs and after school activities to choose from. I
think I'll be doing quite a bit!
After we were told all about Grade Seven, some of next year's matrics took us aside and challenged us with a few games. First we
played 'Broken Telephone'. It was really funny because the sentences got changed so much that by the time they eventually came
to the end of the line they were completely different. After a couple of rounds of that we had a treasure hunt activity. Basically you
get divided up into about 6 or 7 groups of 8 and then your team gets a piece of paper that has your team's name and clues. Then
you have to use the clues to figure out which class to go to and then you actually have to find that classroom in the big school. Once
you've found the classroom, there are some Grade Twelves waiting for you. They ask you a question and then if you're right, you
go to the next clue. My group didn't win but we had tons of fun!
I think Grade Seven is going to be awesome! I'm so excited to be going to High School and moving from class to class but I'm also

really sad to be leaving all of our teachers and our little Grade One friends. I think most of the Grade Sixes feel this way!

AMESA CertificateWinners
Laura Wolvaardt, Grade 4 & Jessica Hawthorn, Grade 4: Doubles - Bronze, Corentin Robin Grade 5 & Ewan Cheng, Grade 6:
Doubles - Silver, Tae-Jun Park, Grade 6: Singles - Silver, Gwang il Lee, Grade 6: Singles - Gold

Outreach Visit to the SPCA
Michelle Finegan

Towards the end of last quarter the Outreach Committee made a collection of pet food, blankets,
towels and other items for the SPCA. We had a wonderful response to the appeal and we would
like to thank all who donated to this very worthy cause! During the holidays three Grade Six girls
also took it upon themselves to collect donations from the residents at Atlantic Beach Golf Estate.
They were very passionate about the cause and managed to collect extra donations to add to our
very large collection. On 21 August, after taking over half an hour to load the Parklands College
school bus, the donations were delivered to the SPCA in Grassy Park. They were delighted and
extremely grateful for our generous contribution. A civvies day was also held on Friday 23 October
to raise additional funds for the SPCA.

Art Exhibition
Jessica Fritz

The art exhibition on Open Day was a wonderful success. We were fortunate to have good weather and the Preparatory
Faculty was adorned with the fantastic artwork that our learners worked so hard to create this year. Every learner was
represented in his/her classroom and the amphitheatre boasted many excellent examples of the exciting projects we have
tackled. The morning was enjoyed by parents and learners alike, and was an excellent tribute to the talent of our learners!

Culture News
Beulah Watson, HOD Culture

Congratulations go to all the Intermediate Phase participants of the recently staged, 'We Will Thrill Ya!'. Outstanding
performances from our learners, lighting, sound and backstage crew ensured that our audience were 'thrilled' by the experience.
Many compliments were received from our parents who attended the performance and many have commented that 'it was the best

Gee-Q Mdluli set the tone for the evening by delivering an outstanding welcome speech and impersonation of Michael Jackson.
Precision timing, creative choreography and appealing costumes were a treat for the eyes in the dance items. Our Drama
Department rose to the occasion by delivering well rehearsed items of choral verse. Each item was creatively enhanced with props
and movement by Mrs Cassan Ferguson, our drama specialist.

The Preparatory Faculty Senior Orchestra has grown in technical ability, musicianship and members this year. This was evident in
the deliverance of their varied programme of repertoire. Many thanks go to our specialist guitar and drum educators, Mr Rob Hack
and Mr Ian Black, respectively. They added another dimension to the performances of the orchestra and choir and it was an honour
for our learners to perform with these talented musicians.

Our choristers are to be congratulated on their outstanding voice blending and part singing. They delivered a varied
programme of choral works and set the mood for the grand curtain call by moving to the sounds of 'Hey Jude'. This certainly
was an emotional moment for our Grade Six learners and we thank them for their tireless dedication and enthusiasm in our
Cultural Department. Our Secondary Faculty is gaining an outstanding group of 'culture vultures'.

CPYO Performance Our Secondary Faculty Hall was once again filled with the variety of timbre and sounds from the Cape
Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble and Orchestra at the end of the Winter Quarter. Our Parklands Community, parents, learners
and staff were treated to music containing tonal and dynamic variations which are seldom evident in musicians of this young age.
We appreciate the endeavours of our Director, Mrs Roth, who ensures the continuation of exposure to cultural events of this calibre.
All proceeds were donated to the CPYO for the vital funding of this programme.

Well done to the following boys who received trophies at the Table View Prize Giving: U7A Team: 'Player of the Year' –
Sheldon Stanley and 'Most Improved Player' – Luca September U7B Team: 'Player of the Year – Ryan Baines and 'Most
Improved Player' – Adam Crafford Congratulations to Matthew Crous in Grade One who recently competed in the SA U14
Inter Provincial Ice Hockey Championships where his team placed second and he received a trophy and his Western Province
tracksuit! Ryan Baines in Grade One played in a tennis tournament last weekend. He played four matches and won all of
them. Once again, he was the youngest player at the tournament. Chris Strydom in Grade One attended Ryan Maron's
Cricket School of Excellence holiday clinic where he won a certificate for being the 'Most Improved Junior Batsmen'. Well
done, Chris. We are proud of you! Lyric Fogarty in Grade Two took part in a colouring competition at the Spur Bayside
where she won a High School Musical 3 DVD and matching backpack. Well done to Jake Schoeman for participating in the
recent Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation Championships for which he received a medal of participation. Since the beginning
of the year, the Brownies 2nd Tableview Pack has been growing in numbers and participating in a variety of events. Kerry
Howlett in Grade Three joined the group at the beginning of the year and has already been appointed a Sixer in charge of
the Dassies. During this short time, she has achieved 11 badges and was chosen to represent Tableview 2nd Brownies Pack
as Flag Bearer for the Guide Sunday Ceremony. Well done, Kerry! Luca Powell in Grade Four was promoted to Section 3 in
May this year after winning the Atlantic Tennis Academy Masters Tournament for Section 2. He played his first Section 3
tournament recently and made it into the backdraw which he went on to win! Well done to Pascale Schoeman in Grade
Four who received three medals for the Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation Championships. She received gold, silver and
participation medals. This is an outstanding achievement as it is her first competition! On Saturday, 4 October, Tieg
O'Sullivan in Grade Four was part of the Earthware surfing attempt to break the world record by all surfing on one wave at
the same time. There were 125 surfers who participated in this attempt and they managed to break the record by 25 surfers!
Well done, Tieg. Well done to Jessie Brown in Grade Five who received Gold at the SA Irish Dancing Championships these
holidays. Jessie and her team came first in the 4 hand reel, second in the 6 hand reel, and third, fourth and fifth in her
individual dances. Well done to Natalie Pretorius who participated in the Alberton Eisteddfod in August. She was placed
second overall for the ballet and modern solos. Her specific results were as follows: she received a Diploma for the ballet solo
and the modern character, and Gold for the ballet demi character and for the modern solo. Natalie also received the following
results in the group dances that she participated in: Diploma for contemporary, modern, modern musical, modern ballet and
Hip Hop and Gold in modern and modern musical. Congratulations to the following children who participated in the Gun Run:
Brandon Buckley, Savannah de Gouveia, Kerrin and Kayla de Nobrega. We are very proud of Jenna Leigh Hamilton

who recently won a trophy for horse riding! Well done to Nicholas Hanel in Grade Three who received a trophy from the
Table View Soccer Club for the "Best All Round Player". We are very proud of him! Joshua Bradley has become part of a
squad of 28 U9 and U10 boys (14 each) who are receiving coaching at Ajax in the hopes of spotting talent for their U11
teams. On Saturday, Ajax hosted an U10 tournament and there were 15 teams that competed from Cape Town as well as
Johannesburg and one from Angola. In addition to the U10 side, the development U9 team was entered. Joshua played
midfielder and defence, and played very well against some tough teams. They eventually came 8 out of 15 – a pleasing result
for a new team who played against 10 year olds. It was a great experience for them. Well done to Joshua Jones who
belongs to Edgemead Soccer Club and was awarded two trophies – the first was the 'Coach's Award' and the second one was
for his team making it through to the Edgemead Goodwood Cup Final! Matthew Reaper represented Western Province
recently and participated in the U14 and U16 South African tournaments. Both teams had many young players and placed
second in both tournaments. Matthew received two MVP awards in the U14 section and a second star MVP award in the final
of the U16 tournament. It was a wonderful opportunity to play in the U16 team and it was his first tournament in which full
contact was allowed. Congratulations to Charles Nelson who also participated in the U14 Inter-Provincial Championships
during the holidays. Charles received the following accolades: the 'Best Goalkeeper' in the championships and the 'Second
Most Valuable Player' in the final game of the tournament. Charles is also to be congratulated on receiving his Western
Province U14 colours this year. Jurie Swart received a beautiful trophy for Karting. He is currently leading the
championships and has one more race to go! Luke Herring competed in the Western Province Karting Regional nd
Championships last weekend. After qualifying for the pole position, he won the day with two 1st places and one 2 place. He
has won the WP Junior Max Championship. He has also been invited to enter the Rotax World Finals in Egypt in December.
Well done, Luke! Congratulations to Jihaad Nordien who won two rosettes for horse riding in the SDRC dressage category
at a recent show in Stellenbosch. He will be competing in the WP dressage in two weeks' time and will also be competing in
the October Fest Showing at CHPC. Swimming results (Strand) - Tarryn Baines completed the 400m Free in 6.15 (32
seconds off Level 1). In the 50m free, she finished in 35.00 (1.23 seconds off Level 2). She also recently swam in the
Barracuda Gala. Tarryn participated in the 100m freestyle and swam it in 1min 28.56 seconds thereby knocking 4 seconds off
her old time and the 50m butterfly which she swam in 42 seconds and knocked 4 seconds off her time. Kristy-Anne Milne
participated in the Westridge Challenge gala where she won Gold in the 100m Backstroke and Silver in the 50m Backstroke.
We are proud of you! Jack Carlisle took part in the Westridge Gala where he won Gold in the 50m Backstroke, Silver in the
100m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley, and Bronze in the 200m Breaststroke. Congratulations, Jack! Congratulations
to Nicholas Bunn who only joined the Table View Soccer Club in the 3rd term and who was recently awarded the trophy for
'The Player's Best Player' of the year award for his team. Well done, Nic. Pierre Hodgson, Karl Pferdekamper, Matthew
Bodington and Michael Nesbitt made it through to the WP Zonal Trials for the U12 age group. Selections will be made after
a 4 week trial. Congratulations, chaps! Alex Priscu has competed in various karate championships including the Western
Province one. He has his 'send kyu' on his brown belt with a commended distinction. Alex has also been chosen a few times
to play for the “A” side in the U11 Edgemead soccer team and may move into that team next season. Some very pleasing
achievements, Alex! Jenna Venter participated in the Karate World Championships held at the Velodrome. There were 350
athletes in the SA Team with 25 countries participating in the event. Jenna narrowly missed winning a bronze medal and
finished fourth in the Kumite (Fighting) section. She is to be congratulated on her outstanding achievement! Well done to
Samantha Kilian who along with all the learners in the Preparatory Faculty entered the Cartoon Network National
Competition. Samantha placed second in the country thereby winning an X-box for herself and R5000 for the school. Sam
will be flying up to Johannesburg to receive her prize in person.

    We have some wonderful news!           Well done to Samantha Kilian who          Well done to Joshua Cilliers and Rebecca
  We have our first Western Province          along with all the learners in the     Crous who recently took part in the Figure
     cricketer at Parklands College.     Preparatory Faculty entered the Cartoon    Skating National Championships representing
    Michael Liebenberg has been                Network National Competition.          Western Province. Joshua came second in
      selected to represent Western       Samantha placed second in the country     the Pre-Novice Boys' section thereby scoring
  Province U11A this year. This is an    thereby winning an X-box for herself and      a personal best for the year and Rebecca
   outstanding achievement for such      R5000 for the school. Sam will be flying     came sixth in the Pre-Novice Girls' section.
   a young player in this competitive     up to Johannesburg to receive her prize   This is an extremely competitive section with
  code! He also recently scored 102                      in person.                    17 girls ranging in age from 9 – 12 years.
     runs in a cricket match against                                                The Western Province team also managed to
    CBC. This is the first time in the                                               win both the junior and senior trophies, and
       history of the College that a                                                     were the overall winners of the event.
    learner has managed to score a                                                  Rebecca is now ranked first in South Africa in
  century. Congratulations, Michael!                                                   her age group. Both Joshua and Rebecca
                                                                                    have been selected to represent South Africa
                                                                                     in Budapest in early December 2009. They
                                                                                    are to be congratulated on their outstanding

Personal Development Leadership Programme
The Parklands College Leadership Programme consists of the Parklands Apprentice Programme and the Courageous
Challenges. The learners are rewarded by successfully completing each set task. These are: 1st achievement: Level 1
certificate, 2nd achievement: Level 1 badge, 3rd achievement: Level 2 certificate, 4th achievement: Level 2 badge
The 1st level is represented by 1 star on this badge; the next level is represented by 2 stars. The recipients of the awards
are as follows: Level 1: Certificates Adan Barker, Joshua Cilliers, Savannah de Barros, Marco Galheto, Connor McKintosh,
Natalie Pretorius, Emilio Ramos, Matthew Scrimgour, Tarryn Baines, Nicholas Bunn, Gordan Fogarty, Gwangil Lee, Sabrina
Loxton, Jihaad Nordien, Tae Jun Park, Matthew Reaper, Johnathan Wilmans, Pano Giannakopoulos, Sean Hegarty, Samantha
Killian, Madisun King, Taylah King, Lutho Mavuso, Gabriella Munkes, Alan Pohl, James Robson, Agata Sobkow, Jurie Swart,
Jonathan Torbett, Laurens Weyn and Lucy Xia Level 1: Badges Marco Arnoldi, Hannah Crafford, Bobbi den Bakker, George
Hadjidakis, Hilary Ijieh, Justin Levermore, Danae Moreau, Charles Nelson, Reilley Pember, Francesca Phillips, Cassidy
Schrauwen, Kirsten Waldeck, Jessica Watling, Mikayla Matsukis, Natalie Pretorius, Giovanni Asaro, Adan Barker, Kristen
Abrahall, Ryan Bastos, Daniella Connaway, Abigail Hawthorne, Oraya Laemkaew, Gwangil Lee, Akeem Manual, Thebe Moloko,
Oliver Ng Pan Hing, David North, Paige Orlick, Karl Pferdekamper, Boitumelo Ragoleka, Nicole Savvas, Alexa Sowade, Daniel
Vorster, Gianluca Aldera, Sung Jun Bok, Sarah Bradley, Jake Brand, Luke Herring, Michelle Karsten, Taylah King, Yannick
Kamers, Gee-Q Mdluli, Shaun Nothard and Shaun Oberholzer Level 2: Certificates Mikayla Matsukis, Karl Pferdekamper,
Alexa Sowade, Danile Vorster, Michelle Karsten, Gee-Q Mdluli and Shaun Oberholzer

         Pre-Primary Faculty

                 From the Principal’s Office
                 Lee-ann Steynberg

                 2009 has raced by and we are now in the final and most exciting stretch of this year. We had a wonderful
                 Open Day and Art Exhibition, and special mention must be made of the exceptional creative talents of our
                 learners, and of course the educators who guide them. Thank you to the many parents and special people
                 who came to visit and view our art!

                 The learners attended an "anti-bullying" workshop and were again reminded of the importance of informing
                 others if they are in a difficult situation as well as providing them with the necessary skills to deal with
                 bullies. Many learners make use of our “It’s Cool to Care” box in reception and we encourage and praise
                 them for reaching out when they need our assistance. Well done!

I would like to thank our parents for their wholehearted support of our recent outreach project. The ladies at Little Lambs
work in Du Noon and distribute essential items and baby products to vulnerable children and babies. They were delighted with
our donation sand it was heartwarming to overhear parents explaining to their little ones why they were giving the nappies,
formula thereby teaching them the importance of giving!

A special welcome back to Riëtte Pieterse who will be returning from Maternity leave and assisting with preparation for our
annual Concert and Graduation, which is less than a month away. The Nutcracker is a wonderful play and we are sure you will
thoroughly enjoy watching your little ones perform. The performances are on Wednesday 2 December and Thursday 3
December. Tickets @ R40 (payable in cash)may be purchased from the Pre-Primary reception from the 1 November.

We hope you have a wonderful final quarter and we look forward to seeing you all at the Concert!

Grade 0
Owl, Pooh Bear and Rabbit’s House
Justine de Wet, Tali Maltz and Lucette Torbet

The Grade 0s are experiencing a very exciting final quarter. It began dramatically with Gilly
Southwood's storytelling. They learnt a lovely song called “Tikki Tikki Thembo…” and re-
enacted stories, such as “Mmm, Cookies”. The learner's numeracy skills are being polished
this month in preparation for the forthcoming International Mathletics Olympiad 2009.
They have been learning skills such as doubling, halving and counting in twos and fives.
We are enthusiastically practising our graduation songs. Each learner has been given their
own special role in the concert. They are eagerly looking forward to the final rehearsals
where they will have the opportunity to dress in their costumes, as well as the
graduation photographs when they can wear their uniforms and outfits.

We are looking forward to seeing all the moms, dads and special people at this
momentous occasion.

Grade 00
Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin’s House
Candice Acheson, Suzette Watkins, Lyn-Maree van Enter

Welcome back to the Grade 00s. We cannot believe we are already in the fourth and
final quarter of 2009. We trust that you all had an enjoyable holiday and are
recharged, excited and ready to tackle the exciting endeavours we have planned for
this Spring quarter. Our themes this month are all about our environment, Cape Town
and South Africa. We are learning to appreciate and care for our beautiful
environment, the sea and our lovely city, Cape Town. Congratulations to our budding
artists on a magnificent art exhibition! The Grade 00 classes were brimming
with original, creative pieces of art, all reflecting the hard work and delightful
imaginations of the Roos, Christopher Robins and Kangas. Well done! Once
again Gilly Southwood dramatized some captivating stories for our Grade 00s.
They thoroughly enjoyed the stories and found the show riveting.

As we near the end of the year, we are eagerly starting to prepare for what
promises to be an extra special concert. With so much to look forward to before
the end of 2009, the Spring quarter is sure to be an exciting one!

Grade 000
Honey Bee and Tigger’s House and Piglet’s Place
Jayne Naidoo, Maliney Bailey and Ingrid Vorster

Honey Bees, Tiggers and Piglets were thrilled to have our superb story teller Gilly
Southwood to visit. She read us some rather special stories and had us laughing,
clapping and listening with undivided attention. She even left us one of her very own
books “ Cherry Blossoms” to read. …which has been placed in our library! How special! Our 'ART EXPO' was spectacular!!
Mums and Dads were so impressed with our colourful paintings, our fantastic construction work and took lots of pictures on
the day. Our teachers are very proud of our hard work! Everyone in Honey Bees and Tiggers are very busy as we are now
embarking on our next stage performance…our year end concert which no doubt will be a wonderful event for us all.

sport sport sport
                secondary faculty
                Tennis      1st Team Boys: What a privilege it was to watch our young tennis players beat Edgemead A I was most
                impressed with the standard of tennis displayed by all the players and have no doubt that this is a team to watch in
                the future. I would like to invite all the tennis players at Parklands to come and watch the team in action at Parklands
                on Mondays. I would also like to thank Emma Pietersen who replaced Justin Roeters - van - Lennep who was injured.
                We wish Justin and Kyle Shergold Smith a speedy recovery. 2nd Team Boys: After two matches so far this season, in
                which we were defeated by Bellville Technical High School and Milnerton High, our Second Boys' Team in the Second
                League remains committed to hard work at practice and to their enjoyment of the game. The players in the team are
                Justin Manser, Brendon Malan, Jason Rademan and Alex Appolis, with a guest appearance by Jamie Heradien. Boys
                5 League: The Match was drawn against Westcliff. The player of the match was Ashleigh Phillips NEWSFLASH
                Krysia Gaweda lost in the final of the U/16 Tennis Masters tournament (Top U/16 players in Western Province)
                last Sunday. Rhys Milne played in an U/14 Tennis Masters Tournament. (He is in the top 8 in the WP)
                Cricket       U/ 14 Pinelands batted first and scored 41 runs for 6 wickets. Calvin King bowled 3 overs and got 7
                wickets for only 2 runs; Ross Halstead bowled 3 overs and got 1 wicket for only 1 run. Parklands batted second and
                got 44runs for 2 wickets. We won by 8 wickets! Our man of the match was Devon Reid scoring 24 runs - not out.
                U/15: We played against Oude Molen. They batted first scoring 63 runs. Tyron Britten got 3 wickets for 9 runs;
                Marcus Engelbrecht got 2 wickets for 13 runs. Parklands batted and scored 64 runs with the loss of only two wickets.
                Top scores: Tyron Britten 12 and Micheal Paul Roth 14. NEWSFLASH The following boys will be playing against the
                U/13 Cambridgeshire County Touring Cricket Team: Devon Reid, Giovanni , Rhys and Liam. Devon Reid's
                Inter-Provincial Action Cricket Team played in a tournament during the holidays. His team played extremely well
                throughout the tournament, went through to the finals and won the gold medal for their U/13 league.
                                               Softball          It has been a wonderful challenging season thus far. We still remain
                                               undefeated and would like to keep it this way. The teams (1st and 2nd team) have been
                                               practising really hard and with great enthusiasm. We hope to achieve the goals which
                                               we have set ourselves for the season and that is to remain undefeated. We look forward
                                               to further development and growth within the sport. Thanks to our wonderful coaches
                                               Mr Meyer, Ms Louw and Mrs De Gouveia and to all the girls who have committed
                                               themselves to playing Softball for Parklands College. - Sarah Blunt
                                               Sarah Blunt represented Western Province at the U16 Girls' Softball this year.
                                               Western Province secured the gold medal in this category. Senior Softball: The senior
                                               side played against Elkanah House on Tuesday 20 October. Elisemay Phillips was the
                                               player of the match as she scored the only home run during the match. We are proud to
                                               say that we won our first match of the season 9 - 5. Junior Softball: We played against
                                               Table View and drew 12 – 12, with superb batting from our girls. Considering that many
                of our girls are playing Softball for the first time ever they are having a super season thus far. Our player of the match
                was Daniella Pazda. We also beat CBC by 3 runs.
                Netball We would like to congratulate Ellie Clews and Cailin Snyman on being selected to participate in the
                Western Province Action Netball trials. Both these girls currently play for Montague in the Super League and
                have been playing weekly tournaments for the last two months against the other Teams in the Province i.e: Paarl,
                Claremont and Brackenfell. The coaches from the Western Province Team selected 23 girls from all of the teams in
                their age group to attend the trials on Thursday. We wish them both the best of luck.
                Rugby Ryan Johnson and Matthew McDonough played for Hamiltons in an U/19 Sevens Rugby Tournament
                organized by False Bay Rugby Club in Constantia. They made the semi finals – playing schools such as Sacs and
                Bergvliet High - and ended up coming 4th overall.
                Paintball Michael Oertel's Paintball Team – Johannesburg Dynamix – took part in a series in Europe called
                The Millenium Paintball Series. This is just the second of five such events he will be competing at in the near future.
                Equestrian Simone Kyle made the Western Province Equestrian Showing Team and will be competing
                from 12-18 of December.

                We would like to commend and congratulate all our learners on their commitment and dedication on the
                sports field. You make us proud.

                        Tamsyn Ruhl's Dance Results 2009 Tamsyn has recently passed Bronze Level 4 and is now currently
                     dancing at a Silver 1 Level. She danced in September at the World Superdance Ballroom and Latin American
                                 Competition. She was awarded the following outstanding results in the Pro/Am section:
                    2nd place for Tango, 1st placestfor Waltz, 1st place for Foxtrot, 1st place for Samba, 1st place for Salsa, 1st place for
                                       Sokkie, 1 place for Cha-cha, 1st place for Jive, 1st place for Cuban Rumba

                       Tamsyn will be dancing on the 5 and 6 December in the SADF 2009 Social South African Open Dance
                    Championships and next year April in the World Pro-Am Championships in Argentina. We wish her all the best
                                                           for these future competitions!

                                                                        Sylvia Stander

                preparatory faculty
                Mini Cricket Tournament
                Nicole Viljoen

                On 17 October Parklands College hosted a Mini Cricket Tournament with six schools competing against each other.
                The boys entertained the crowds with skilful fielding and some brilliant bowling and batting. Simeon September and
                Jarryd Du were each awarded the “Players of the Match” for their overall performances. We look forward to the Under
                8s joining us in the league this quarter, as well as many more exciting mini cricket matches.

                Futball Feva: Zwaanswyk 2009
                Gareth Knott

                On Saturday 24 October, Parklands College participated in the Futball Feva Tournament hosted by Zwaanswyk
                Academy. We entered an U9 and an U12 team in the tournament and the opposition proved to be very challenging.
                Both our U9 and U12 teams were very unlucky and struggled to keep up with the pace and physical play of the
                opposing schools. Although our boys did not progress to the final, they made us very proud in their efforts. We are
                confident that the boys gained a lot from this experience and will come back stronger in the next Futbal Feva

Sport Results
Cricket U9A vs van Riebeeckstrand: Won by 20 runs, U9B vs van Riebeeckstrand: Lost by 9 runs. U10A vs. CBC: Won:
Parklands (177/2), CBC (62/7) – Player of the Match: Michael Liebenberg. Cal Smid took 4 wickets.
U10A vs Table View: Won by 9 wickets with 13 overs to spare: Michael Liebenberg took 3 wickets and top scored with 21 not out.
U11A vs Milnerton: Won: Parklands (116/7), Milnerton (75/9) – Player of the Match: Michael Nesbitt. Jared Saevitzon and Joshua
Jones took 2 wickets. U11A vs Reddam Atlantic: Won by 61 runs: – Player of the Match: Michael Nesbitt. He was well supported by
Joshua Conradie (28 not out). Timothy North claimed a hatrick (3 wickets in 3 balls). U11B vs. Kenridge: Won: Parklands (48/6),
Kenridge (51/3) – Player of the Match: Niki Taveres. Aleco Savvas took 2 wickets. U11 vs Rondebosch: Won by 9 wickets with 15
overs to spare: – Player of the Match: Joshua Conradie. Joshua Jones took 2 wickets. U12 vs Rondebosch Boys “B”: Parklands (66
all out) – Player of the Match: Marco Arnoldi. James Robson top scored with 28 not out.
Tennis Parklands “A” league vs Jan van Riebeeck: Won 10 – 0. Parklands “A” league vs van Riebeeckstrand: Won 8 - 2:
Players of the Match: Sean Hegarty and Calvin Jordaan. Parklands “A” league vs Elkanah: Won 10 – 0
Looking Ahead...
                   Date           Activity                           PP        PS   SS

                   10     Tue     “How To Handle Bullies” W/Shop     x
                   11     Wed     Graduation Photographs             x
                   12     Thur    Grade 7 IBT Tests                                 x
                                  Grades 3 & 6: ICT Presentation               x
                                  Ballet Exams                                 x
                   14     Sat
                   15     Sun
                   16     Mon     Final examinations commence                       x
                   19     Thurs   Examinations commence                        x
                   21     Sat
                   22     Sun
                   23     Mon     FP General Knowledge Quiz: Round 1           x
                                  Report Feedback Meetings Begin     x
                   25     Wed     FP General Knowledge Quiz: Round 2
                   26     Thur    Grade 1 Outing: Imhoff Farm                  x
                                  Grade 3: Cape Town Tour                      x
                                  Riverglade and Huis Zonnekus                 x
                                  FP General Knowledge Finals                  x
                                  Waltons                                      x
                   27     Fri     Matric Exams End                                  x
                                  GET Exams End                                     x
                                  Riverglade and Huis Zonnekus Visit           x
                                  Examinations End                             x
                                  Academy Outing and Day/Night Game
                   28     Sat     Staff Breakfast                    x         x    x
                   29     Sun
                                                                                                            LouAnn van Niekerk

                   Date           Activity                           PP        PS   SS
                                                                                          Wendy Tailor’s
                   1      Tue     Grade 7 NS Camp                                   x

                   2      Wed
                                  Grades 1 and 2: Fun Sports Day
                                  PP Concert                         x
                                                                               x           073 700 2071
                                  IP: Interhouse Athletics                     x         For all your clothing alterations
                   3      Thur    PP Concert & Graduation            x                         done professionally
                                  Grade 7 NS Camp Return                            x
                   4      Fri     FET Exams End                                     x
                                  Text Book Collection                              x
                                  Grade 1 & 2 Gala                             x
                   5      Sat                                                                Unit 13B, Village on Main,
                   6      Sun                                                             Parklands Main Road, Parklands
                   7      Mon     Admin Day                                         x        (Same complex as Midas)
                                  Grade 1: Prize Giving                        x
                                  Grade 6 Farewell Dance                       x
                                  Medal Assessments                            x          Grade 8 Entrance Examination
                                                                                                    Chris Han
                   8      Tue     Grades 2 & 3: Prize Giving                   x
                                  SACA (Special, Academics & Colours Awards)        x    "I should (have) gone to Korea this
                   9      Wed     Academic Awards                                   x    year, but my parents say I can stay
                                  Grade 4-6 Prize Giving                       x         here and prepare for my dreams"
                   10     Thur    End of Spring Quarter               x        x    x


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