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					Timeless Timber Decking
Capture your individuality

       “We wanted our home
        to be as unique as us”

         Decking that says more about you
         Your home has a room you hardly ever use. One            So while you’re picturing what your garden could
         in which you won’t be bothered by the television,        look like with pathways, walkways and raised decks,
         or be reminded that there is tidying up to do. A room    we make sure that whatever design you create,
         in which you can entertain your friends, spend time      quality and safety will not be compromised.
         with your family or take five minutes at the end of
         the day to take time for yourself as you relax and       We are members of the Timber Decking Association
         unwind. That room is your garden and it’s a place        which means that all of our products carry the
         that can say just as much about you as your home         ‘DECKMARK’ certified stamp. It’s your guarantee
         does – as long as you use the right decking.             that every single component you use has been
                                                                  rigorously tested to make sure that it conforms and
         The extensive range of Timeless Timber products          performs to the standards that we say it will. It’s
         give you more scope to create the kind of                the result of manufacturing and testing procedures
         surroundings you really want, while letting you          which mean that when you use Timeless Timber
         explore your individuality building the kind of garden   products nothing will let you down. It’s this certainty
         you feel more relaxed in.                                that makes us confident that our products will give
                                                                  an outstanding performance no matter what you
         A place where you can do more than you ever
                                                                  throw at them.
         thought possible. More welcoming and altogether
         more comfortable than a patio, your garden is where      To give you even more assurance, we make sure
         your home ends and your imagination takes hold.          that all of the boards we use are FSC Certified,
         Somewhere you can work or rest. Somewhere to             while Timeless Timber accessories have been
         entertain friends. Or simply somewhere to entertain      certified by PEFC and sourced from sustainably
         your innermost thoughts. Timeless Timber products        managed forests.
         are guaranteed for as long as twenty years despite
         the great British weather.
         We believe that your creativity shouldn’t be
         hampered by practicalities. That’s our job.

Timeless Timber Decking
Summer in the city

       “This year we’re having a city
        break... in our own city!”

        Make the most of the summer
        Spending summer in the city can be brilliant. It’s        Timeless Timber city decking is made to
        chic, it’s sophisticated, it’s exciting, but remarkably   compliment your city life and the demands you
        it can also be relaxing! Imagine meeting up and           make of it. A great accompaniment to city living,
        spending time with your friends as well as relaxing       as well as looking the part, our stylish range of
        with your family in your own oasis of calm created        decking has been developed to ensure that it always
        exclusively with Timeless Timber decking. Evenings        performs no matter how you choose to unwind.
        can be spent in quiet contemplation, thinking over        A wax additive is added to the treatment of the
        the day’s events, planning for what tomorrow will         deckboards increasing their longevity. So however
        bring, while you enjoy watching the sun set over the      you plan to enjoy your outdoor living space, your
        skyline. Or why not escape for the weekend to             Timeless Timber decking will help you to get the
        a little place where you can really let your hair down    most from your summer in real style.
        while you live it up just a little, and all in your own
        back garden, or even your roof garden.

Timeless Timber Decking
Capture the high life

       “Breakfast on the balcony
        even beats breakfast in bed!”

         Give life a lift
         Who wouldn’t want a brilliant taste of balcony living?   The ideal solution to sloping gardens where a
         Throw open the doors, stroll out and relax on your       traditional patio or decking may be out of the
         elegantly decked balcony area. Maybe you’ll want         question, Timeless Timber decking products are
         to enjoy a drink, perhaps top up your tan, or even       specifically designed and manufactured to look
         have breakfast while you watch the world go by.          the part, while ensuring that your deck is as safe
         Sounds good doesn’t it? Be the envy of your friends      and secure as it is stylish. Adding value as well as
         and neighbours alike with a superb raised deck           attracting compliments to your property. So the
         that not only gives you a great area for relaxation      balcony living you’ve only ever dreamed of could
         and enjoyment, but also adds that certain something      be well within your reach.
         to your home. A balcony looks great from inside
         and out, extending your living space as well as
         your options.

Timeless Timber Decking
Quality wax treated deckboards

       “It’s like a raincoat for
        your timber”

        Our deckboards are cut to 32mm in depth, 120mm         At first the decking sports an even, green hue. Then
        wide and are pressure treated with an additional wax   time and weathering do their work, transforming
        treatment, Timeless Timber Pro-Wax. This water         them to their natural shade of honey brown; a
        repellent slows down the rate of water absorption      process that means no further treatment is needed
        and evaporation, therefore ensuring the longevity of   at the installation stage. Of course, the final colour is
        your deckboards.                                       up to you, Timeless Timber certified decking can be
                                                               either painted or stained to match its surroundings.
        Deckboards are available in 2.4m, 3.0m. 3.6m, 4.2m,
        and 4.8m lengths.


Timeless Timber Decking

Creating solid foundations

       “I have enough things to
        worry about. So why leave
        this to chance?”

        Safe and secure
        Like so many other things, no matter how great         Timeless Timber joists and posts are high pressure
        things look on the surface, it’s what goes on          preservative treated against rot and decay for in
        underneath that really matters. It’s the joists and    ground contact. Don’t compromise the quality of
        posts that support your decking that really hold the   your project. Make sure that you use Timeless
        key to a successful project as they form the very      Timber joists and posts and your decking will stand
        foundation of your decking, if they don’t perform      the test of time for as long as twenty years. After all,
        as they should, then the life of your decking can      with decking this good you want to pick up the
        be affected, it’s as simple as that.                   compliments for as long as you possibly can.

Timeless Timber Decking
Timeless Timber
Decking Accessories

                                    Timeless turned range
                                    The Timeless Turned Range has huge aesthetic
                                    appeal with finely turned balusters and newel
                                    posts with Timeless Universal Rails to complement
                                    any decked environment.

                                    Timeless chamfered range
                                    A classic look of straight balusters with a simple
                                    chamfered top, Timeless Patrice Newels and
                                    Timeless Rails.

                                    Timeless square range
                                    Simplicity at its best. The clean, straight lines of the
                                    Timeless Square Spindle fit comfortably within the
                                    Timeless Universal Rail.

                                                            Timeless Timber
                                                         Decking Accessories

Timeless Axxys range
The Axxys Hi Level Decking Range from Timeless
Timber meets guidelines set by the NHBC and the
TDA’s ‘DECKMARK PLUS’ scheme for raised
decks. It has also been independently strength
tested by Trada.


Timeless roman column range
A solid and reliable balustrading option
complemented by tailor-made Timeless Roman
Newels and Rails.

Timeless stop chamfered range
Bringing a classic internal spindle outside to fit
easily alongside the Timeless Universal Rail and
Timeless Turned Newels.
Timeless Timber
Decking Accessories

                                    Timeless crossed range*
                                    Add interesting detail to your deck with our
                                    Timeless Crossed Panel, installed using Timeless
                                    Turned Newels and Timeless Universal Rails.

                                    Timeless sunrise range*
                                    Add a little sunshine into your life with our Timeless
                                    Sunrise Panels, installed using Timeless Turned
                                    Newels and Timeless Universal Rails.

                                    *Sourced from well managed and sustainable sources
                                    but not certified.

                                    Timeless clear range
                                    The clear choice for your deck. Stylishly combining
                                    Timeless Patrice Newels, Timeless Clear Rails, and
                                    Timeless Clear Spindles (7 Timeless Clear Spindles
                                    per 1.8m Rail).
                                    The Timeless Clear Glass spindles are made with
                                    5/16" (by 6") clear tempered safety glass which has
                                    been pre-engineered and tested to withstand 400lbs
                                    of pressure. These are 25% thicker than typical glass
                                    railing sections.

     Timeless Timber
     Decking Accessories
     Product Index

               2                                     6                                                                         9                                   12

     1                               4                                                                                              10             11
                       3                                  5                                  7                                                                              13


                     14                              15                          16

     20                                    21
                                                                              22                                23                                      24

     25                             26                         27
                                                                                         28                               29                             30

Ref No   Product                                              Code    Size
1        Timeless Turned Newel                                TT001   82 x 82 x 1300    19       Timeless Square Newel                                       TT009      82 x 82 x 1300
2        Timeless Universal Rail 2.4m                         TT002   68 x 44 x 2400    20       Timeless Ball Cap                                           TT022      75 x 75 x 95
2        Timeless Universal Rail 1.8m                         TT003   68 x 44 x 1800    21       Timeless Patrice Cap                                        TT023      115 x 115
3        Timeless Turned Spindle                              TT004   41 x 41 x 895     22       Timeless Flat Capping Rail                                  TT024      27 x 115 x 2400
4        Timeless Patrice Newel                               TT005   75 x 75 x 1195    23       Timeless Chamfered Capping Rail                             TT025      27 x 115 x 2400
5        Timeless Chamfered Spindle                           TT006   27 x 27 x 895     24       Timeless 3 Step String*                                     TT026      872 x 48 x 250
6        Timeless Rail                                        TT007   120 x 27 x 1800   24       Timeless 5 Step String*                                     TT027      1455 x 48 x 250
7        Timeless Square Spindle                              TT008   41 x 41 x 895
8        Axxys Dek Square Newel                               TT046   81 x 81 x 1500    Ref No   Product                                                     Code       Size
9        Axxys Dek Universal Rail                             TT045   54 x 1795         25       Timeless 100mm Landscape Screw                              TT029      50
10       Axxys Dek Stop Chamfered Spindle                     TT050   21 x 55 x 887     25       Timeless 150mm Landscape Screw                              TT030      50
11       Timeless Roman Newel                                 TT013   91 x 91 x 875     26       Timeless 63mm Screw                                         TT031      200
12       Timeless Roman Rail                                  TT014   21 x 90 x 1800    26       Timeless 40mm Screw                                         TT032      150
13       Timeless Roman Column                                TT015   83 x 83 x 457     26       Timeless 50mm Screw                                         TT033      200
14       Timeless Sunrise Panel*                              TT017   32 x 760 x 1135   26       Timeless 75mm Screw                                         TT034      200
15       Timeless Crossed Panel*                              TT018   32 x 760 x 1135   27       Timeless Deck Rail Bolt                                     TT035      2 piece pack
16       Timeless Stop Chamfered Spindle                      TT037   41 x 41 x 895     28       Axxys Dek Spindle Bracket Satin Aluminium                   TT043      1 Pair
17       Timeless Clear Rail                                  TT038   28 x 85 x 1800    29       Axxys Dek Handrail Connectors Satin Aluminium               TT047      1 Pair
18       Timeless Clear Spindle                                                         29       Axxys Dek Baserail Connectors Satin Aluminium               TT048      1 Pair
         (7 Timeless Clear Spindles per pack)                 TT039   9 x 150 x 820     30       Timeless Clear Rail Bracket                                 TT056      1 Pair
                                                                                                 * Sourced from well managed and sustainable sources but not certified


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