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					Most people do not like getting their photo taken for an ID card. And that is primarily
because most of the time you only have one shot, you never know how you are going
to look like in the photo until you have gotten the ID itself. If the photo does not look
great, you are stuck with an ugly-looking ID that you never really want to show to
anyone, let alone wear.

The good news is that, there are several ways to have your picture taken in such a way
that the result will be favorable, or at the very least acceptable. If you want to achieve
that photogenic look that you get once in a while in candid photos or pictures taken of
you by your friends. Here are some important tips on how to take an ID photo that
you will love.

Relax your face

One of the most important tips to remember is to relax your face. If you are nervous
or tense, this would show on your face. A tense face does not look good in camera.
The mouth and eye areas are where the anxiety looks most obvious. Most of the time,
this can cause a "pursed lip" look. This is very unflattering and yet we see it all the
time on people's ID cards.

Find your best angle

Prior to having your picture taken for your ID, practice in a mirror using a digital
camera. Look for the angle that looks best on you. Then, you can use that angle when
you have your picture taken. Make sure that you consider the shape of your face and
your best features when looking for the right angle. Moreover, do not tilt your head
too much, otherwise the photographer may not approve of the angle that you are
trying to achieve for the ID picture. Tilting the head upwards is never a great idea
because this can widen the face and add more weight. Tilting the face slightly down
works better for most women.

Apply make-up and fix your hair

If you are a woman, practice wearing make up with lighting. Light make-up is ideal
for fluorescent lighting, which is commonly used for ID photograph taking. Apply
liquid foundation on your face using the smallest fingers in your hands. Smoothen the
foundation by spreading it in an upward direction until your entire face is covered.
Next, work on the eyebrows. Make sure that they are neatly shaped even before you
put make-up. If you have thick eyebrows, there is no more need to use eyebrow pencil.
But if you have thin eyebrows, look for an eyebrow brush, color it with the eyebrow
pencil and brush it along the shape of your eyebrows. Using the eyebrow pencil
directly can result in eyebrows that look obviously drawn. Then find your cheekbones
and apply light blush. Apply nude lipstick on the lips. What you are trying to achieve
here is to look well groomed without looking made up.
Make your own ID

Finally, if you want to have the best photo for your ID, why not make your own? With
ID card printers and ID card software now available in the market, you can now create
your own identification cards so you can be assured that the photo you have in your
ID is picture perfect.

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