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									                                   ST      JOHN’S
                      PREPARATORY   SCHOOL
                       NEWSLETTER   No. 9
                          22 July 2004
      Dear Parents and Boys                mingle with the greats of children’s
As there are only two weeks left this
term (can you believe it!), this will be
the last newsletter this term! May I
also, at this early stage, take the
opportunity to wish all St John’s
families a wonderful holiday! Herewith
the latest news…


Curriculum Development
Prep Staff have attended a
presentation     given    by    Rob        Individual Photos
Macaulay on aspects of his                 The photos which were taken on 8
visitorship to the UK. He focused          July are now available from your
primarily    on    the    topic   of       son’s class teacher. Packs of
assessment.       At    the    same        photos cost R40 and will only be
presentation, Warwick Harrison             issued to boys on receipt of
demonstrated       new     computer        payment. Friday 30 July will be the
software first seen at the                 last day for purchasing.
conference he attended in Cape
Town earlier this year.                    Lost Property supports charity
                                           Once again the funds raised from
On Thursday 15 July Nicky Sulter           Lost Property have been used to
and Sue Gordon gave a                      help two charities. Teddy Bears
presentation on their recent visit to      supporting Avon’s iThemba Breast
the    International     Librarians        Cancer Awareness Campaign have
Conference in Dublin. By all               been purchased and these will be
accounts this was an amazing               donated to the Teddy Bear Clinic.
opportunity to hear, meet and

                                                                 Page 1
Gaudy Day                                 Parents’ Afternoons

Gaudy Day was celebrated on
Saturday, 10 July, and was a
magnificent      day.      Proceedings
commenced with a wonderful mass for
the whole community, taken by The
Right Rev Brian Germond, Bishop of
Johannesburg, as the Celebrant on the
Mitchell field.    Eagle awards were
given to Dean and Dot Yates (Dean
was a former Headmaster of St John’s
College) and Ian Player (old boy and
conservationist) for their contribution
not only to St John’s College, but for
making a meaningful contribution in
their different disciplines to society,
both internationally and globally. The
rest of the day was taken up with sport   End of term reports will be sent home
and outdoor activities. Parents, old      with your son/s on Friday, 30 July.
boys and visitors had a wonderful         Parents’ afternoon for Bousfield and
opportunity     to    view  our    boys   Carter have been scheduled for
outstanding work in the art room,         Monday, 2 August and Cullinan and
library and science laboratory. A final   Darragh for Tuesday, 3 August. The
note - although the old boys beat the     purpose of the meetings is for you and
first soccer side on a penalty count      the teacher to discuss your child’s
out, the Old Johannians’ in fact used     progress.
the wrong size ball – the complaint has
been lodged with the Old Boys, and        We realised that some working Moms
we will keep you informed of the          (and Dads) may find these days
outcome.                                  inconvenient. If you would therefore like
                                          to make an individual appointment
                                          before the date, please feel free to
                                          contact the relevant teacher.

 “It is a funny thing about life; if
you refuse to accept anything but
  the best you very often get it.”
        Somerset Mangham

                                                                        Page 2
Results of the Inter-House Quiz     Forensic Science Weekend

1st Bousfield         35
2nd Carter            32
3rd Darragh           28             St John’s boys examining fingerprints while
4th Cullinan          22                 Dr Klatzow and Mrs Arnold look on.

Seniors:                            Our Forensic Science Weekend was a
1st Cullinan          44            great success! Thank you to all those
                                    involved, we had a Judge, two Lawyers
2nd Darragh           40
3rd Carter            39            (Mrs Tsatsi being one), and a Forensic
                                    Scientist, Dr David Klatzow at our court
4th Bousfield         32

                                    Our boys did us proud, the St John’s
                                    team, CSI Egoli, consisted of Sean
                                    Rudling, Bart Ogonowski, James
                                    Fenton, Evan Jackson and Seleho

                                    This was a first for St John’s and will
                                    hopefully become an annual event on
                                    our calendar.

                                                                    C. McIlrath
Please could ALL library books be
returned by Monday 26 July at
the latest. Thanks very much.

Any queries please get in touch
with me.
                        N Sulter
                                                                    Page 3
                                      embarrassing for all concerned if a
                                      member of staff has to ask you to
    Kloofwaters                       move your car.

   Holiday Camp                       Please adhere strictly to a 15km/h
 30 August to 2 September             speed limit within the school grounds.
                                      Saving five minutes out of a day is
                                      inconsequential when compared to
                                      having to live with the knowledge that
                                      you have injured a child.

                                      We have had numerous suggestions
                                      regarding the traffic flow and we do
                                      take these seriously. Unfortunately,
                                      due to the fact that the Johannesburg
                                      Metropolitan Council still own the
There are still spaces                road (even after the closure) many of
                                      these, including the creation of a
available for boys from LII           one-way       road,      cannot    be
to UIII on this fun camp at           implemented          without     their
Kloofwaters. If you did not           permission, which is not forthcoming.
get an application form, or
                                      We must all work together to ensure
have misplaced it, you can            the safety of our children. Please be
collect a new one from Mrs            one of the majority of parents who do
Herold.                               adhere to the traffic rules.

                                                               R Macaulay
                     B. Nicolson


Please do not park outside the Fred
England Block or Administration
block either before or after school
unless you have urgent business to
attend to.

Please do not double-park on the
roadways. This dangerous practice
is becoming more and more
commonplace and it will be very
                                                                    Page 4
                                        in Westcliff, to raise funds for this
  Project Noah                          charity.

    Charity                             There are a limited amount of tickets
                                        available for this event, which can be
                                        obtained     by     contacting   Cindy
    Auction                             Workman on 083 675 8769 or Belinda
                                        Peverett at The Parks Pre-Primary
                                        School on (011) 646-3925. The St
                                        John’s Brass Band and Wind Band,
                                        and the Katharine’s and The Ridge
                                        Marimba Bands will be playing
                                        between 19h00 and 20h00.

                                        Time:  19h00
                                        Cost:  R400.00 per couple
                                               (Food and drink inclusive)
                                        Dress: Elegant

The PTA at The Parks School has         Some of the Items to be auctioned
always raised funds to support a
charity, and this year they have        -      A dress from Clive Rundle
decided to raise money for a very       -      Three leather luggage sets from
deserving charity called Project               Zambezi Trading
Noah.                                   -      A wildlife sculpture from Donald
Project Noah is a registered charity    -      A pink pashmina, necklace and
that builds “Arks” around the country          bracelet from Mandy de Jager
to support children, from birth to 6    -      An antique Victorian safari chair
years, who are either AIDS orphans      -      A painting from Marina Louw
or who have AIDS.                       -      A family portrait by photographer
                                               Greg da Silva
The Chairman of the fund is Tony        -      A bed throw and cushions from
Phillips, CEO Barloworld, and is               Yasmine’s Designer Fabrics
supported by the Anglo American         -      A case of whisky
Chairman’s Fund and the JSE,            -      A child’s outfit from Marianne
amoungst others.                               Fassler

The Parks PTA is hosting an auction         “Patience gives peace, haste regret.”
on 30 September 2004, at Glenshiel                      Jbn Gasbirol

                                                                       Page 5
    Swop Shop

                                      Tuck Shop
                             Please look out for school tuck shop price
                             comparisons, which will shortly be
                             displayed on boards throughout the
                             school (our prices are most competitive!)

                             It is important to note size and quality.
                             Our portion sizes are generous and of the
Please note that the Swop    best quality.

 Shop will not be open on    Combination specials currently being run
                             are as follows:
Monday, 6 September as
    done in the past.        A cup of hot chocolate and a
                             muffin               R5.00
Just in:
                             Bottle of Miranda Orange and
                             a hotdog              R8.00
-   Backpacks
-   Bigger lunch bags        Cup-a-Soup and a roll
-   Pencil cases                                            R4.00
-   Tracksuit pants          We are still short of volunteers and would
-   School socks             be most pleased if Moms could assist
                             between 11h30 and 15h00. Please contact
                             Sharon Kerr-Phillips at the tuck shop or
                             on 084 788 0483.
           Rosemary Dryden

                                                           Page 6
                                  “Lord of the
                                   JR Tolkein
         Ho-Seoung Ryoo LIIIB
                                 The Drawings       Timothy Griessel LIIIM
                                were done insitu
                                 using “straight
                                 Koki pen”. (No
                                erasing or pencil

Page 7
         Justin Laurens LIIIB                       Brent Streeter LIIIM
                                         split the duties of the cox and the
 INDIVIDUAL                              stroke, finishing in 1 hour and 22

                                         Congratulations to Charles Verwer
                                         who passed his Trinity College
                                         London June Practical Exam, Violin
                                         Grade 2.


Well done to Chad van Beurden
who took overall 1st position at
Rookie Day in Vereeniging on
Saturday, 17 July 2004.

Chad van Beurden in his Go-Kart during
              the race
                                          “The fishermen know that the sea is
Rowing                                   dangerous and the storm terrible, but
                                         they have never found these dangers
Well done to Angus and Finn                 sufficient reasons for remaining
Mackinnon, who rowed the annual                          ashore.”
Head of the Bay on Saturday, 1     7
                                                    Vincent van Gogh
July 2004.        They were the
youngest rowers ever to have
competed in the 12km event. They
rowed in a training double skull and
                                                                   Page 8
                                                on well together. We made many new

          BOYZ                                  friends, saw another side of life, explored
                                                artistic cultures and if ever you have an
                                                opportunity to attend this wonderful world,
                                                don’t hesitate! One last thing, take your

          TALK                                  warmest clothes, beanies, blankets…it was

                                                Until next time…
Hi All,
                                                                               B. Ogonowski
Well, a lot has happened since I last put pen                                         UIIIM
to paper. Namely, the first of July 2004 –
seen     spotted   at   the    Johannesburg
International Airport (or has the name
changed), 19 St John’s boys and 3 nervous
teachers, sporting their maroon and blue
tracksuits with the proud emblem of “Lux,
Vita, Caritas” headed for no, not Athens to
bring back the gold, but the “Grahamstown
Arts Festival”.

We boarded our flight, destination PE, all      There was once this boy at the age of nine, he
excited and we saw a lot of other passengers    was bright, cheerful and most of all…kind.
from other schools, namely St Mary’s…need       He was having trouble with some boys at
I say more…                                     school because they were bullying other boys
                                                and threatened to do that to him if he said a
We arrived and took a drive to St Andrew’s      word to the teachers or Headmaster. Now, he
School, our home for the next 4 nights. We      was faced with rather a nasty predicament,
met our guide and enjoyed lunch at “The         and he had no idea what to do about this
Spur”. The next morning, we went on a           problem at his school.
game drive to the Shamwari Game Lodge.
We also attended many craft classes and         When he asked his brother what to do, he
made beautiful leather belts, candles and T-    simply pushed him and said, “Buzz off and
shirts. I really enjoyed learning the gumboot   stop wasting my time you little dweeb!” He
dance, and if you’d like to see a               then asked his bratty older sister how to
demonstration, we will oblige at one of the     tackle the problem, “I’m busy Timmy, leave
forthcoming assemblies!                         a note on my bed if you need to talk to me.”
                                                she grunted. At this point he was fed up with
We saw many plays, namely “The Raiders”,        the nonsense and had given up on asking his
“Backbytes” and a “Big Band Show”. The          dysfunctional family for help.
teachers also seemed to enjoy themselves and    After a week of more torture from the other
were seen shopping up a storm at the Village    students, Timmy was running through his
Green, where you could buy anything in          alternatives from telling the teachers. After
weird and wonderful forms.                      finding that he could no longer keep this a
                                                secret he devised a plan.
My overall impression of Grahamstown, was
something not to be missed. All the St          “Hey Parker, you had better get some kind of
John’s boys were true to their St John’s        insurance, ‘cause when we come for you,
ideals and were all well behaved and all got    we’ll come by force!” This warning left a
                                                                                  Page 9
chill in Timmy’s heart. Although the leader       Believe it or not, there is a moral to this story
of the bullies and Timmy were around the          and if you want to hear it, read on, and if not,
same size, Timmy was still out-numbered,          drop this story right now.
three to one.
                                                  You must always remember that no matter
“Mom, say there was a problem at school and       how provoking or mean a person is to you or
you didn’t know what to do about it, whether      someone else, don’t start a fight with them,
you would be doing good or saving your own        you will only be left with the guilt of having
neck, what would you do?”                         hurt someone and you’ll be as bad as the
                                                  person who started it, only you will have
“First of all, if this is about you-“             continued it. It doesn’t matter if they call
                                                  you a “goody-two-shoes” or a “tittle tale”,
“No-“                                             you will know that you were brave enough to
                                                  go to somebody and talk about it before it got
“-Ok then, now Sweetie, my father once told       out of hand. Now read and keep in mind:
me that no matter what you do you must
know that there is a constant battle going on     “There is a battle, good bull vs bad bull, who
inside you, between two bulls; one is the         will win and who will you feed?” Make
angry, mean, deceitful bull and other one is a    your decision and don’t forget to tell your
loving, gentle bull.”                             friends about me!

“But which one wins Mom?”                                                             B. Myandlu
“The one you feed Sweetie.”

The one that you feed? How am I supposed           “Always do right. This will gratify
to feed? He thought about those words the           some people, and astonish the
whole night with no luck.                                        rest.”
                                                             Mark Twain
He arrived at school the next morning still
with huge confusion about the night before.
At break he had found the group was picking
                                                  SPORTS MATTERS
on a boy he knew…it was his friend.
“Mike!” just as he was about to lunge and hit     Rugby
the leader, a familiar voice range in his head,
which bull will win? At the sound of his own
voice in his head, comprehension dawned on
his face and he finally understood. Gotta get
to Mr Slitfoot’s office before they hurt Mike
seriously. After a long explanation to Mr
Slitfoot of what was and had been happening
at the school, there followed a relieving
sound of, “Case, Fletcher and Williams, you
three have three weeks detention and              Saturday, 10 July
suspension for two weeks, I will be phoning
your parents!” The day was spent in triumph
from overcoming the tyranny of the school
                                                  Super 10 Rugby at The Ridge
bullies at last.
                                                  1sts           Won 3 Lost 1
                                                  U12A           Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 1
                                                                                     Page 10
                                     4th             Cullinan
Hockey                               3rd             Carter
                                     2nd             Darragh
                                     1st             Bousfield

                                     4th             Carter
                                     3rd             Cullinan
                                     2nd             Bousfield
                                     1st             Darragh

Saturday, 17 July                    Open
                                     4th             Carter
U11A Hockey at Morningside Astro     3rd             Cullinan
                                     2nd             Bousfield
St John’s vs St Benedict’s           1st             Darragh
Lost             2– 0

St John’s vs WHPS
Lost            2– 1

St John’s vs Pridwin
Won              1– 0

Saturday, 17 July                    Soccer
St John’s vs St Benedict’s

U11B             Won 3 Drew 1
U11 Boks         Won 3 Drew 1
U11 Cougars      Drew1 Lost 2

Thursday, 8 July                     Saturday, 10 July

Interhouse Hockey                    St John’s vs Old Johannians
                                     (Gaudy Day)
3rd              Cullinan & Carter   1sts            Drew          2–2
2nd              Darragh             2nds            Lost          5–3
1st              Bousfield
                                     LIII vs UIII    Lost          1-0
                                                             Page 11
                                   Monday, 19 July 2004

                                   Interhouse Squash Results

                                   1st        Cullinan    277 points
                                   2nd        Darragh     220 points
                                   3rd        Carter      209 points
                                   4th        Bousfield   201 points

Friday, 16 July                    Cross Country
St John’s vs The Ridge

1sts       Lost        23 –   38
2nds       Lost        31 –   32
3rds       Lost        26 –   37
U11’s      Lost        21 –   42

Friday, 9 July
                                   Friday, 18 June
Junior Interhouse Tennis           Interhouse Cross Country

4th        Carter      21 games    U9
3rd        Cullinan    27 games    1.    M. Stevenson
2nd        Darragh     31 games    2.    K. Lion-Cachet
1st        Bousfield   38 games    3.    V. Pears
                                   4.    K. Ebeling
Senior Interhouse Tennis           5.    A. Esplin
                                   6.    M. Papas
4th        Carter      18 games    7.    J. Berry
3rd        Cullinan    26 games    8.    S. Ontong
2nd        Darragh     38 games    9.    R. Graves
1st        Bousfield   44 games    10.   M. Lane
                                   1.    G. Harrup
Squash                             2.    N. Kuehnemann
                                   3.    T. Pears
                                   4.    S. Lalloo
                                   5.    T. Workman
                                   6.    N. Greeff
                                   7.    C. Murrell
                                   8.    D. Fiser
                                                            Page 12
9.    J. Cowper
10.   M. Laurens     Due to involvement
U11                    in the Pre-Prep
      C. Grant
      M. Pfeffer
                       Sports Day and
3.    F. Pieterse         Chaplain’s
4.    A. Forbes
5.    M. Trindade    Weekend, the “Dads
6.    M. Delport
7.    E. Butler       and Lads Rugby”
      M. Lucas
      T. Geffen      has been postponed
10.   E. Brownhill    until Michaelmas
U12                          term
1.  R. Claven
2.  J. Verhagen
3.  A. Szpytko
4.  B. Dell
5.  W. Marchant
6.  B. Streeter
7.  L. Frewen
8.  R. Chao          “Inspiration exists, but it has to find
9.  B. Walwyn                    you working.”
10. R. Goodlace                 Pablo Picasso
1.  J. Woods
2.  M. Workman
3.  A. Rudd
4.  J. Williams
5.  P. Cresswell
6.  W. Whitecross
7.  A. Mackinnon
8.  E. Cobbett
9.  W. Davies
10. A. Jones

                                                 Page 13
    Please remember,
    school breaks up

Wishing you good rest and
    a lovely holiday!
                       Page 14
Sport Fixtures for Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis and Squash
                      23 July – 6 August

Friday, 23 July       14h00 to 13h00   Tennis vs St Peter’s
                                       1sts and 3rds at home
                                       2nds and U11 at St Peter’s
                                       Tennis ends today
                      17h00            St John’s 1st XI Team Hockey Festival

Saturday, 24 July     08h00 to 13h00   St John’s 1st XI Hockey Team Festival
                                       Hockey matches – please check notice

Monday, 26 July       13h00 to 14h00   U9 Hockey, U10 Rugby
                      14h00 to 15h30   1sts, 2nds, 1stXI, Open Hockey
                                       U11 – 1sts Rugby vs WHPS at WHPS

Tuesday, 27 July      13h00 to 14h00   U11 Hockey, U11 Rugby

Wednesday, 28 July    13h30 to 15h00   U9 – U11 Athletics Trials

Thursday, 29 July     13h00 to 14h00   U9 and U10 Athletics Trials
                      14h00 to 15h30   Open Athletics Trials

Friday, 30 July       13h30 to 15h00   U12 Athletics Trials

Saturday, 31 July     08h30            Pre-Prep Sports Day

Monday, 2 August      13h00 to 14h00   U9, U10 Athletics Practice

Tuesday, 3 August     13h00 to 14h00   U11 Athletics Practice

Wednesday, 4 August   07h40 to 08h25   Interhouse Relay Practice for selected

Thursday, 5 August    10h30 to 13h00   Interhouse Field Events

Friday, 6 August      08h00 to 11h00   Interhouse Athletics – Track Events

                                                                     Page 15
           A Father’s Advice to His Son

            Always smile at those you meet,
               and they will do the same.
             Look for good in others, son,
            and don’t waste time on blame.
             Never be ashamed of crying,
              it’s not a sign you’re weak.
              Don’t be quick to criticise,
              and think before you speak.
           Give more than you take, my son,
                 do no-one hurt or harm.
            Don’t be afraid of being wrong,
             and always chance your arm.
            Stick firmly to your principles,
             don’t follow fads and trends.
           And always answer to your heart,
               and value all your friends.
              Keep that sense of humour,
               it will help you to survive.
And don’t take life too seriously son, for none comes out
                     Written by G. Phinn


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