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                                       LOVE GOD, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR

                                             THIS IS THE CORE OF GOD’S DESIRE FOR US
                                      Have you ever found yourself wishing that God would just write in
                  EQUIPPING 2         the sky what He wants you to do? Have you ever thought that this
                                      kind of clarity would make life simpler? If you resonate with this
                                      desire, I have some good news for you. God may not have written
        PHILIPPINES REPORT 4          His will in sky writing, but He has made it clear in His Word!
             SMALL GROUPS 7           On one occasion, a religious leader asked Jesus to name the
                                      greatest commandment in the whole Old Testament Law. In
        WOMEN’S MINISTRY 8            response, Jesus went way beyond answering the question and
                       ALPHA 10       basically gave a summary of God’s will for all His people. Here is
                                      His answer…
                                              Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your
          STEPHEN MINISTRY 12                  heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.
                   PRIMETIME 13              This is the first and greatest commandment. And the
                                              second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself. All
CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM         14                 the Law and Prophets hang on these two
          MISSIONS REPORT 16
                                                      commandments.” ~Matthew 22:37-40
                                      There it is…God’s will for us in four short verses. We are to love Him
                           BLINK 18
                                      and love our neighbour as ourselves. Essentially, God is calling us
          DAYCARE UPDATE 20           to live in a relationship of love with Him that impacts us so deeply,
                                      it spills out in our relationships with others.
                      AWANA 21
                                      In this coming ministry year, we are going to adopt Jesus’ call to
         YOUNG MARRIEDS 22
                                      relationship as our ministry theme: “Love God – Love your
       COLLEGE & CAREER 23            Neighbour.” We are going to be talking about what it means to
                                      love God and be loved by Him in such a way that this love
                  CALENDAR 24         reaches beyond ourselves to our relationships with one another
                                      inside God’s family and our relationships with those outside God’s
                                      I invite you to join us as we embark on this journey of a deepening
                                      relationship with God and the people around us. As to the
                                      legitimacy of the journey, we need not doubt. God has not
                                      written it in the sky, but He has written it clearly in His Word… “Love
                                      God – Love your Neighbour!”
                                      Pastor Lyle
Page 2                                             THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

What is our part in ‘sharing our faith’ with others? The answer to this question can be
seen in the lives of those who first followed Him: the woman at the well (John
4:19-30,39-42), Mary Magdalene (John 20:1-18) and Paul (Acts 26:1-22). They are three
examples of those who served effectively as Jesus’ ‘witnesses’. A witness, by definition,
has to have seen something. The experience of seeing produces a true witness. Each
of these people actually saw Jesus and the experience of seeing Him forever
transformed them. So the question is: have you seen Jesus?
After a person ‘sees’ Jesus they are never the same. The fruit that is produced by being
connected to the vine is always both delicious and healthy. Rather than setting out to
‘campaign’ for Jesus, they simply live out of the transformation that occurs as Jesus
reigns in their life. A real encounter with Jesus will naturally result in our becoming a
living witness.
This fall we are providing two different formats which will allow you to grow in your faith
and to become equipped to naturally share that faith with those closest to you.
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                                   Page 3

In examining society's prescription for fulfillment in retirement we quickly notice lists of
"freedoms from" and "freedoms to".
Freedoms from:! responsibilities, time schedules, demands of the boss and deadlines.!
Freedoms to: read, travel, golf, have afternoon naps and visit with family and friends.!
No doubt we have been influenced by assertive entrepreneurs seeking opportunities
to sell their goods to vulnerable baby-boomers guided by their instincts of entitlement.!
So we continue to hear such messages as "because you deserve it", "prudent financial
planning", and "Freedom 55".!
As we consider the question of how followers of Christ should respond, we should be
reminded that exemption of retirees from stewardship is noticeably absent in scripture.!
In Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life, he surmises (from scripture) that God will
ask us two questions at His judgement seat:! "What did you do with my Son, Jesus
Christ?" and second, "What did you do with what I gave you?"! The first question deals
with our salvation and discipleship and the second addresses our stewardship (time,
talents, opportunities, money).! Clearly these questions of accountability would beg us
to examine our priorities.!
In the past year, we have been challenged by Pastor Lyle's sermons on "Living Fully,
Living Holy".! (If you think about it, the sermon series could well have been called
"Responsible Stewardship").! Because God works through our relationship to Him, and
to others, the series explored ways by which relationships!are/could be established,
restored and enriched.! Some of the topics explored included: intentional discipleship,
intentional relationships, pursuing authentic community, intentional mentoring,
investing in the character of future generations, and surrender of our inner life to the
care and the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.!
As we retirees examine our retirement lifestyle, we are!challenged to be guided into
those pursuits that honour God's priorities and purpose.
Gladys and I have been challenged and blessed by the church-wide emphasis of
"Living Fully, Living Holy (set apart)" and we continue to be so thankful for the caring
community of McKernan Baptist Church.!
                   "So teach us to number our days, that we may present to thee a
                   heart of wisdom"! ~Psalm 90:12!
                   “The steadfast of mind Thou wilt keep in perfect peace, because he
                   trusts in Thee.! For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.”!!
                   ~Isaiah 26:3-4!
                   Laurie & Gladys Bubenko
Page 4                                                  THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

...but it doesn’t have to stay that way
A trip to Legaspi, Philippines will overwhelm a person
with the sights, smells, and customs. This is a long way
from Edmonton in many ways. Any day in Edmonton,
you’ll regularly see very large vehicles with only one
person in it; contrast that with over here where you’ll
definitely see many small motorcycles with 3 people
on them, hanging on to their bags as they dart
between traffic. There are large vehicles, but they
are called jeepneys…they replace buses and they M
                                                         t. Ma
swarm everywhere. There’s a good chance that god of yon, she overlooks the
                                                               old; const                city like a
you have plastic drain plumbing in your home; bad          of the eart     antly pum
                                                                                      ping ince
                                                                       h into the                nse
idea here…you see, only metal plumbing can                                        tropical sk
withstand the volcano’s constant tremors. Alright,
how about this one…temperature is sitting at around 30°C, you’re thinking a nice cold
glass of ice tea; here they are looking for sweaters and a cup of hot coffee. So, you
get the picture? Dorothy, you’re not in Edmonton any more.
                                 This summer I had the opportunity to serve in Legaspi,
                                 Philippines. This is where the Bicol Centre for Christian
                                 Leadership (BCCL) is stationed. The BCCL is proficiently
                                  run by director Mayette Bueno. She is a sharp,
                                  determined and compassionate woman who has
                                   pursued a dream that has been given to her by our
                                   Lord. Through the Lord’s blessing upon her, she has
                                   continued the vision of Pastor Lee Bertsch and has
                                   developed a competent training ground for pastors
                                    and church leaders. The guidance given here is
                   tte Bue no       multi-faceted to accommodate the diverse people
      Tony & Maye
                                that are led to the Centre to be equipped. In the class
                                that I taught there was both a brother that works the
rice fields while he pastors a church, and sitting right beside him a young lady that
works as an online freelance writer.
As I served, these lines written by Bruce Cockburn kept echoing, “Dust and diesel, Rise
like incense from the road, Smoke of offering, For the revolution morning.” The dust
and the diesel are overwhelming. Legaspi is a beautiful city only when you look into
the hearts of those that taste the difference that freedom makes. The ministry
opportunity here is abundant. Though the Philippines is overwhelmingly Roman
Catholic, there is very little awareness of the freedom that is available to a person that
receives the love and grace of our Lord Jesus. With our Conference’s support, the
 THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                                     Page 5

 BCCL is rising up leaders that are passionately
 making a difference through their local churches.
 They are joining together and increasingly
 experiencing a revolution that points to the
 Kingdom of God.
 As I taught these sisters and brothers I was
 overwhelmed with the love they have for Jesus,
 the church, and the people around them.
 Strengthened by the training they receive at
 BCCL they are progressively more equipped to
 reach the people around them with the life-
 giving message of Jesus Christ. The BCCL is a
                                                           The class
 vibrant ministry that deserves to be supported                       writing th
                                                           yes, thos             e
                                                                     e are liza final exam…
 as it continues to follow Jesus bringing light into the         up and d      rds scam
                                                                           own the w pering
 darkness.                                                                            alls

 Pastor Dan

 The Ephesians class that I attended under Pastor Dan has had a great impact on my
 life. It was overwhelming. At the beginning I thought it would be very difficult to arrive
 on time because it takes 30-45 minutes travel to arrive at the BCCL. Prior to Bible
 school, I have work to attend to and a family to care for, plus ministry tasks to
 accomplish. Praise God, it was all fun even under pressure! It is great to rejoice while
 serving Him even in the midst of strong winds.
 I am Lanilane, 25, a self-supporting freelancer. I am the only Christian in the family,
 everyone is a devoted Catholic. I used to have a seemingly perfect family, whom I
 looked up to, until I discovered that my dad had committed adultery. I love my dad. I
 have forgiven him and because of God’s love for me, I have realized that I love my
 dad more than before, no matter what he has done to me and my mom. I also
 learned to love my step-mom. I have also accepted my mom’s death (heart failure),
 which was the result of the entire burden she encountered with my dad.
 In the second Wednesday of the Ephesians course, something happened that made
 me stronger. While Pastor Dan was in the middle of his lecture, my step-mom phoned
 me. She was crying out of anger against my dad. It was disturbing and heartbreaking.
 I love my step-mom and I felt the entire weight of her emotions. She was crying and
 telling me that she can’t take the lies of my dad anymore. She said she would take my
 3 siblings away from us, and that she just called to say goodbye to me. She thanked
 me for everything. I thought it was all over when she hung up. I was speechless while
 standing outside the room, while Pastor Dan continued the discussion inside.
Page 6                                             THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

My classmates and him did not know what was going on with me behind the wall. I
was just feeling heavy. I told myself “not again...my dad is back”.
My dad is a womanizer. But I believe in God’s power to change him. My hope is in the
Lord, who is the maker of heaven and earth. Why should I worry? As I stood in shock
outside the room, I held my breath and thought about the ministry in our community. I
can’t continue serving them if they know that my dad is like that and my family is
broken. A little later, I released the air and held my head high, “You are good. I trust
You”, then I entered the room. I was about to burst into tears because Pastor Dan’s
topic was like the comforting words coming from God. Our teacher was talking about
peace. If I remember it well, he spent about 30 minutes discussing peace. I can
remember him telling us: “how do you have peace even though you feel like
everything around you is a mess...”. Wow, God doesn’t want me to be struck down. He
lifted me up at once! God is truly awesome.
For that 30 minutes, Pastor Dan was recurrently uttering Peace...Peace...Peace...Like
God’s voice telling me: “My peace is with you...” and really, I felt it. I just knew, I am
comforted though I seem to be surrounded with “unbearable curses” (which are
apparently not). The peace of God is amazing.
That night after the Ephesians class, I knew God’s peace within me. Thanks to the
empowering message that God had given through Pastor Dan, I was able to have
fellowship with my sisters in Christ until midnight and I opened up to them what
happened. God’s comfort continues to flow through them.
The next day, I went home. Perfect! My step-mom is still in our house and my 3 siblings. I
arrived and had a perfect arrangement for a heart to heart talk that morning. My dad
and step-mom were eating breakfast together and so I joined them. I asked them
what happened, and the rest is history. My dad asked for our forgiveness and
promised he won’t do it again. My step-mom was still crying not because of anger but
because of having the heart to accept and forgive. I realized I must have been crying
over spilt milk since I spent the whole night worrying about the call. It was really among
the best decisions I’ve made; I trusted God and surrendered the problem to Him.
Now, I can see that my dad is continuously proving that he is sorry. I thank God
because though I may have the most imperfect family, His purpose is evident in my
life, even before my eyes! He is making me stronger, preparing me for something more
in His kingdom. I believe God knows what He is doing so I will continue walking in step
with Him, listening to His instructions, and obeying His commands.
No matter what happens in my life, I will continue focusing on His love, which endures
in Legaspi, Philippines
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                               Page 7

Four years ago I wanted to join a
small group. Hearing that the
waiting list was long due to lack
of leaders I figured, hey, I can do
that. After a few phone calls I
had 7 people meeting in a
basement. Ever since then it
has been truly God's ongoing
work and blessing with what
has happened within our
small group. Since the
beginning we have all taken
turns leading the study and
providing the all-important snacks. I
do believe it has led to greater 'buy-in' by all the
members, which has given the group stability, strength, unity and
commitment. I think people enjoyed the challenge and honour as well.
However, I am writing this in the past tense for a reason. This fall I will no longer be in
that small group. God is leading me to new, different things. They are exciting, though I
do mourn the loss of something that has become so dear to me. I leave a group that
has given me support, a wife (an original member of the group) and close friends. I do
not worry about the group I leave behind. It will be well led and the foundation that
has already been built will ease them through the transition. A new leader will rise to
the occasion and others will be able to join a small group as well. In some ways I felt
conflicted in leaving because I still felt a sense of responsibility for the group. Others
have left us as well for reasons like getting married and moving away and each time
we felt the loss of those who left. But it was replaced by the joy of the new people who
then joined us. Now it is simply my turn to allow someone else to enter into that small
group. To know the joy and support that it gives. This makes me happy. God knows
what He's doing. He's always taken care of me and He'll take care of that group. I'm
just His servant being
sent off to another
assignment.                  If you are looking at being better connected
Matt Chute                  please plan on being part of a Small Group.
                            Grab a card from either the Welcome Centre or
                            check on our website!
 Page 8                                             THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

 Greetings precious women of MBC. By the time you read this we will be well into
 September with all the activity and bustling the month brings. I pray each one of you
 had a summer of refreshment and renewal facilitating your desire to become involved
 and serve where the Spirit leads you.
 As the coordinator of our expanded Women’s Ministry team I welcome you! Our goal
 is to tailor ministries to the uniqueness of our church recognizing that no “one-size-fits-
 all”. What an exciting opportunity for this local church community of women to touch
 the lives of other women by the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We look forward to
 how God will work through effective, Spirit-directed women serving other women
 within our church family, in our communities and around the world.
                         Mark these dates on your calendars now as we plan a
                         fabulous fall event for Saturday afternoon October 16th, and a
                         Christmas celebration evening for Thursday, December 9th.
                         Watch for details on the Women’s Ministry bulletin board and
                         Beloved, let us love one another for love is from God…not that
                         we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son… (Taken
                         from 1 John 4: 7,10)
                         Brenda Dryden
 THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                           Page 9

 Are you ready once again to impact your life
 and your world by going deeper into God’s
 word? I dare you to experience a fresh
 explosion of faith by Believing God with me on
 Thursday evenings starting September 23rd from
 7:00pm - 9:00pm in the Chapel. This 11-week
 Beth Moore study is all about taking God at His
 Word rather than just believing in His existence
 and the salvation He offers. Based on Isaiah
 43:10 we will study the lives of Abraham,
 Moses, and others from Hebrews 11.
 We d n e s d a y m o r n i n g s c o m m e n c i n g
 September 22nd from 9:30am - 11:30am in the
 Chapel, we will explore the book of Genesis by
 studying The Patriarchs, another 11-week Beth
 Moore Bible study. Let’s explore together such
 concepts as blessing, covenant and promise
 and how they affect our lives as New
 Testament believers.
                                          To contact me concerning Women’s Ministry or
                                          to register for a Bible study email
                                          b.dryden@telus.net or call 780-918-5482.
                                          Loving God and one another…together.
                                          Brenda Dryden
      Page 10                                           THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

      I was reminded that God gives us continually an amazing grace and strength to press
      on in life...God never gives up on us, but His desire is that we come to know Him more
      and more and to honour Him wherever we may find ourselves on this amazing journey
      called life. ~Roxy

      I learned that I am not alone. Within the Alpha retreat I was “surrounded by such a
      great council of witnesses” and I need to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin
      that so easily entangles” Hebrews 12:1. I learned this is possible only by the grace of
      God. ~Julie

                     I have everything I could ever ask. Amazing family, friends, education,
                     now I need to begin to give back to God for all he has blessed me. I
“Alpha has brought
                     am here to learn, and continue to learn...As I follow God and I learn
   me more peace
                     about Jesus I can seek and speak to Jesus to discover God. I believe I
     with myself...”
                     am on a journey and it begins with learning about Jesus’ teachings.

      I was reminded of the power of authentic community and how the living Christ reveals
      himself when we have the courage to be open about what is really going on in our
      hearts. ~Pastor Sam

      [Alpha] has brought me more peace with myself and allowed me to see my need of
      what is missing in my life with the fact of accepting good in my life and allowing good
      to be around/ a part of me. I know now just how much help I need. ~Sonia

      We’re all on the same journey; we have more in common that unites us than
      differences to divide us. ~Kelly

      Healthy boundaries: limits to “my” human abilities. Healthy heart: the strengthening
      and building of a spiritual healthy heart. Wanting to forgive and release myself from
      the chains and burdens I have created in my life. ~Robert

      The Alpha [retreat] has shown me the true power and grace of God through honest
      hearts, the beginning and continuation of true friendships and the opportunity to
      release myself from temptations through discussion and prayer, bringing me closer to
      our Lord Jesus Christ. ~Rob
  THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                               Page 11

 Looking for answers?
 Interested in renewing and restoring the foundations of your faith?
 The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the meaning of life in a
 relaxed, non-threatening manner in 11 thought-provoking sessions.
 It’s low-key, friendly and fun! Join us for free dinner & discussion!

                            Alpha One - Tuesday nights starting September 21 @ 6:30pm

                            Alpha Two - Tuesday nights starting September 28 @ 6:30pm

                            Register online (www.mckernanbaptist.ca),
                            by phone 780-436-0611, or at the Welcome Centre.

                                                                              Missions Fund
                                        General Fund              $111,735 $105,357
Thank you for your
financial gifts. Your                 $653,539 $660,909
generosity enables
McKernan Baptist
Church to do the work                                                Budget
God is calling us to do.
      Page 12                                            THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

        Christ-centred care during difficult times
     Stephen Ministry is a ministry grounded in Jesus’ command to
     love one another. Through a one-on-one relationship with a lay-
     person who has completed over 50 hours of intensive training to
     provide confidential, Christ-centred care, an individual going
     through a difficult time has someone to listen to them and to
     encourage and walk with them. Hazel Lee has personally experienced this
     ministry, so I have asked her to tell us her story.
     Hazel and her husband Justin had lived in Fort McMurray since 1989 and worked for
     Suncor. In Spring 2005 Justin travelled to Edmonton almost every weekend to prepare
     himself for badminton in the World Masters Game, leaving Hazel alone in Fort
     McMurray. During that time, Hazel felt something like a “fishbone” stuck in her throat.
     Praise the Lord, Justin was home in August when Hazel could not breathe and almost
     lost her life. Hazel was admitted to ICU in Fort McMurray. A CT scan showed enlarged
     thyroid behind the sternum. Hazel was flown by air ambulance to Edmonton for
                         immediate surgery where she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
    “This faith-based
                         She had radiation as well as radioactive iodine treatment at the
care helped Hazel to
                         W.W. Cross Cancer Hospital. She was off work for eighteen months.
    continue trusting
                         As she lay in hospital, she realized that her life had been spared and
God through the ups
                         that “God is not finished with me yet – there is still something for me
       and downs...”
                         to do” (God spoke to Hazel through Psalms 118:17-18).
     Hazel is grateful for the way God provided for her needs, especially through a special
     friend, Julie. During her treatment, Hazel stayed in Edmonton and worshipped at
     McKernan Baptist Church where her children, Juliana, Harold and Isaac attended. In
     Spring 2006 she was surprised when she was asked whether she would be interested in
     having a Stephen Minister meet with her. This was the beginning of a special
     Hazel’s Stephen Minister, Brenda Dryden, consistently visited and maintained personal
     contact with her for many months, including during further surgery in August 2008.
     Hazel felt comfortable talking about absolutely anything and casual conversations
     inevitably led to prayer. This faith-based care helped Hazel to continue trusting God
     through the ups and down of cancer surgery and treatment. Hazel describes her care
     giver as someone she could “talk to” and “cry with”. Sometimes when she was feeling
     down she didn’t want to say anything, she just needed a hug, “like a blanket”, from
     someone who cared and understood.
     Eventually, Brenda and Hazel established a special bond and they continue to keep in
     touch. Hazel is grateful for God’s mercy and grace in her life. She says she “has no
     words to express how much God has done”. She reminds us that “we might think what
     we are doing (reaching out to others) is insignificant, but to God it is a lot”.
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                                 Page 13

                            Justin and Hazel are retired. Edmonton is home and
                            McKernan Baptist Church is their home church. Hazel is
                            anticipating further treatment this fall as her oncologists
                            know she still has cancer, they just aren’t sure where the
                            cancer is.
                            There is so much more to Hazel’s story about how God has
                            provided for her needs. Take time to talk to Hazel and be
                            encouraged by her faith and the power of Christ-centred
      Justin and Hazel
                           Hazel Lee with Pastor Sharon

PRIMETIME ON TUESDAYS                                               New t
                                                                               his fal
Over the next 12 months Pastor Lyle will be preaching a
series of messages on loving God and loving your neighbour. For a
number of months I have been thinking about how we can care for and reach out
to people in our church and community who are 55 years of age and older. So, in this
edition of the Heartbeat, I am introducing a new pilot project!
    What:        An informal, monthly information sharing and discussion session
                 called Primetime on Tuesdays.
    Who:         People 55 years of age and older in our church and community
    When:        October 12, November 9, and December 14. Further sessions are
                 contingent on feedback from pilot project participants.
    Time:        9:30 am – 11:00 am
    Where:       Chapel, McKernan Baptist Church
    Topics:      Specific to people 55 years of age and older, such as: preparing a
                 will and other legal documents; the ‘sandwich generation’; caring
                 for grandchildren; preparing for an emergency – the first 72 hours;
                 coping with grief and loss; managing medications, etc.
I am delighted that Darlene McCormack has volunteered to work with me as a co-
facilitator of this pilot project. Topics for the fall sessions will be based on discussions I
have had with people in this age group over the past couple of years.
More information will be available early in September so watch the church bulletin
and website for details!
Pastor Sharon
  Page 14                                               THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

 We have a wonderful team assembled to lead our Sunday Morning Children’s ministry
 this coming school year. Here is an opportunity to meet some of the people who will
 be leading in the various areas!
 Pastor Blain

                      Marina Edlund - 1st Service Nursery/Age 2 Intern
                      Why do you like working with the children in Sunday School?
                       I love the pure and simple joy the little ones express when they are
                       playing with and discovering new and simple things. It is completely catching!
                       What's your favourite hobby?
                       Walking in the river valley and reading.
                        What are your plans for this fall?
                        I!ll be entering into my third year of pharmacology at the U of A.
                        If you could do anything this year, what would it be?
                        If I could do anything this year I would learn to play the guitar really
  really well. Also' I think I would spend as much time in the mountains as possible.

Lauren Schneider                                                   Lyndi Blackwell
2nd Service Nursery/Age 2 Intern                                   Preschool Intern
Why do you like working with the
children in Sunday School?                                         Lyndi has
I love working with the kids at
McKernan because they are full of a                                to us from
contagious energy. Whether it’s                                    her time
something silly they say' a quick hug                              in Spain.
or a giggle' they always bring a smile to my face. I feel very     She is
blessed to spend time with these kids each week and I              back
know we’ll all learn a lot from each other!                        enrolled
What are your plans for this fall?                                 at the U
I will be starting my first year in the education program'         of A
minoring in Spanish' at Grant MacEwan University.                  taking her third year
If you could do anything this year, what would it be?              of her Bachelor of Education.
I would travel around Central and South America and become         This is Lyndi’s third year as an
fluent in Spanish. I have such a passion for the Spanish           intern.
culture' the music' the language' everything!
  THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                                 Page 15

Lorell Hurtubise                                          Kirstin Epp
Leader of our Grade 3&4                                   Grade 1&2 Intern
Sunday School
                                                           Why do you like working with the
                                                           children in Sunday School?
Lorell returns this fall to                                It’s really exciting to see the kids
teach our grade 3&4’s.                                     grow spiritually and learn to love
Lorell trains radiologists
                                                           God. Seeing their simple faith and
around western Canada
                                                            genuine love for Him brings me a lot
when she
                                                            of joy while challenging me in my own
is not at
                                                            walk with God.
School.                                                     What's your favourite hobby?
                                 What are your plans for this fall?
                                 I am going into my third year of nursing.
                                 If you could do anything this year, what would it be?
                                 I would visit my sister and brother"in"law in Ontario.

                                             Stephen & Leanne Johnson
                                             Leaders of our Grade 5&6 Sunday School
                                              Why do you like working with the children in
                                              Sunday School?
                                              We grew up going to Sunday School and know the
                                              life"long impact that it can have. We have fond
                                               memories of Sunday school and would like to be a
                                               part of that in other!s lives. The kids are able to
                                               be open and truly ask candid questions about the
                                               Bible and life that we so often forget about.
                                               What's your favourite hobby?
                                     We both enjoy snowboarding and sports. Leanne enjoys
playing acoustic guitar when she can' and Stephen enjoys playing board games with friends.
What are your plans for this fall?
Our plans for this fall are to settle into my our new home and work environments. Stephen is
starting a new engineering position with his company Caterpillar' and Leanne is starting her
new position as a School Health Facilitator and soon to be Registered Dietician. We are excited to
make McKernan our home and begin our married life together serving God and our church family.
If you could do anything this year, what would it be?
Learn to surf
Page 16                                           THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

  Mexico City 2010

Oh how do I describe our Mission trip to Mexico City to you? How do I explain what it
was like taking a team of 21 high school students and leaders for 13 days of serving,
seeing God at work, and of the life-changing experiences for our team?
I could tell you the facts, after serving at High Seas Adventure here at McKernan all
week, we flew to Mexico and served two churches in Mexico City, both pastored by
Jaime Becerra. One church is in the rural area of Huixquilucan where we taught a
Vacation Bible School in Spanish. Then we did construction at Iglesia Gesthsemane-
Monte Sion, Pastor Jaime’s church in Mexico City, building a cement roof on an
addition to the church. All of that was fantastic and it would describe the “things” we
did, but it wouldn’t really tell you the story of what happened there.
To me, Mexico is about the people. People I never expected to have such a closeness
to in such a short time, so I thought I’d introduce you to a few of them.
Sara Becerra – Sara is the wife of Pastor Jaime. She is precious to us.
Her heart serves and loves so easily; she is a beautiful and humble
giver. She worships passionately and her laugh and smile are
contagious. She works as a nurse in a Mexico City hospital, and also
assists in the ministry of the churches. She and Jaime have 5
children: Israel, Isaac, Sara, Oscar and Luis. When we came to
Mexico City I knew that Sara was burdened as there have been
some hard times with her extended family. On the last night
before we left, Sara said goodbye to the team because she had
an early shift at the hospital. She said through joyful tears that she
was so grateful we had come, because she had been so sad
because of the hard times she has experienced recently. She
said our time there had restored her joy and I could see it in her
face. It was worth going just to have encouraged Sara and see the
                       joy come back into her eyes.
                     Viviana Giron – Vivis as we call her, is the girlfriend of Pastor
                     Jaime’s son Isaac. We adore Vivis! She’s fun and sweet,
                     kindhearted, a beautiful gentle and loving spirit. She is from an
                     area close to Huixquilucan and has such a heart to reach
                      people for Christ. This is not an easy task in a very history soaked
                      Mexico that is so influenced by a culture that holds to
                      superstition, Aztec, Spanish, and Catholic practice - but not a
                      relationship with Christ. Vivis only gets 8 days of vacation from
                       her job in a pharmacy, and she took most of her vacation to be
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                               Page 17

with us serving. On the last night in Hiuxquilucan Vivis and Isaac came in to see the
team at the team meeting and Vivis was weeping. She told the team that she was so
encouraged and overwhelmed by the love the team had for her people, for reaching
them for Christ and for encouraging the church there that she was overcome with
emotion. To bring hope and encouragement to Vivis was worth it all.
                   Edgar Entzana – Edgar was one of our translators on the trip. He
                   often helped Terry and Jaime translate before the trip when they’d
                   have phone conversations on Skype. Edgar is the youngest of 8
                    children in his family. His family came to know Christ later in life
                    and now their whole family has such a passion to reach the
                    people of Hiuxquilucan. It’s a tent church on part of the family’s
                     property where they meet and they are the reason the church
                     plant is there. Edgar is wonderful. He runs a shipping business on
                     his own but spent almost every minute of his time working with
                     our team while we were there. I cannot tell you how much he
                      blessed and encouraged us. He is so fun-loving, made us laugh,
                      has such a genuine heart to serve, is so hard working…he really
                      connected with the team. Edgar’s heart is stirring to serve God
                      in ministry. He would be ably gifted to do so. It is my prayer that
God continues to show Edgar the path to go and will provide the resources that Edgar
would need for training. Please pray for Edgar. The trip was so rich because we met
Edgar. He spurred on our faith in beautiful ways.
Noe Ferio – Noe is a young man that lives with and
works for Pastor Jaime. He comes from the
mountains in Oaxaca, and has some training in
Engineering. He has not had an easy life and he
lives a very humble life now. And yet when you look
at Noe, you see joy and a complete attitude of
service. I have never seen serving others so vividly in
one person like you see in Noe. Even without you
noticing, he sees things that need doing and
quietly does them. I think this was one thing that
really impacted our team – watching how he
served and what it means to serve. He is such a
hard worker, and for a man small in stature – he’s
strong as an ox! He’s one of many in the family that gave up his room and his bed for
us to stay at the Becerra’s. As we were leaving he handed Ethan his Pumas hat
(Mexican soccer team) and said it was now Ethan’s hat. Noe is still taking steps toward
full commitment to Christ. Please pray for him, he is someone that really means a lot to us.
It is emotional for me to write about these people. They were Mexico to us…along with
so many more individuals I haven’t mentioned (you can ask us about Yolanda and
Sara at the nursing school, Guiereni, Luis, Oscar, Marta, Lupita, Katherine, Obed, Juan
 Page 18                                        THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

 and Amanda, Jaime, Yvonne and Jorge…and so many others!). They have impacted
 us greatly. When we were in Mexico so many of the team members said they felt like
 they belonged and it was because of how these people loved us.
 One of our mottos at McKernan is “a place to belong”. We’ve been challenged by
 our experience in Mexico on what that means and I pray that we can live it out to
 you…and I pray that you are challenged to love this way too.
 Thank you McKernan for all your support in helping us to go! And for your prayers as
 we were there. God is so good!
 Pastor Christine


 Here we are in the beautiful
 Rocky Mountains as I write. I was
 just looking at some pictures on
 my computer from four years
 ago when we were here on
 vacation. I can’t believe how
 much our children have grown
 in four short years. In these
 pictures Emily was a little girl,
 now she’s a teenager, Ethan
 was just seven years old -                                2007
 which is the same age Noah
 is now. And Noah at the time
 was just such a tiny guy. It all seems
 to have gone so fast. And a lot of life has happened
 in that time.
 We were listening to a new CD yesterday from a
 new group called Revive; the song is called “Blink”.
 Some of the lyrics read: “it happens in a blink, it
 happens in a flash, it happens in the time it took to
 look back, I try to hold on tight, ‘cause there’s no
 stopping time, what is it I’ve done with my life, it happens in a
 blink”…. Life does move so quickly doesn’t it? And it seems to me, in the
 fall with all the new events and involvements and being back at school – it
 accelerates even more. Time goes by possibly without us taking stock of what we
 intended our life to look like…and then the time is past.
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                              Page 19

Another line in the song
reads: “when it’s all said and
done, no one remembers
how far we have run, the
only thing that matters is
how we have loved”. I think
that is one of the many
lessons we lear ned in
Mexico on our Missions
Trip. Our Mexican friends
and family there loved us
deeply, richly, it seemed
they taught us how to
relish each moment
because we knew that
the time was short. And
how powerful it was to
experience that kind of
love! It was really life-              The 201
                                                0 Moby
changing for so many of us on the             our Me    Mexic
                                                     xican fr o Mission Team
team. We can live with this mistaken                         iends a            with
                                                                     nd fam
idea (especially as teenagers) that we have                                 ily
endless days ahead and live with intentions for the future, but
not actions for the present. “I’ll have that conversation tomorrow”, “I’ll invite my friend
to youth group next month”, “I’ll have time for playing with my kids in a couple of days
when this is done”, “I’ll make a plan for devotions next week”, “I’ll make youth group a
priority after this sports season”, “We’ll join a small group next year”, “I’ll get to know
that neighbour after the winter is over”…and on and on we make excuses for not
loving today. This moment. And then that moment is gone. And sometimes that’s
Our theme this fall is “Loving God, Loving Others”. And I’m so compelled by this theme.
I want to understand…and to help others understand what it looks like, right now to
love God more deeply, to rest in Him, to know His heart for me…and out of that
beautiful love relationship to have the courage, the strength, the absolute compulsion
to love my world. It doesn’t matter how hard I am able to run this fall, it matters how
I’ve loved. Mexico really challenged me in that. I pray that you will allow God to
challenge you in that this season too. It happens in a blink. I want to claim with the
Psalmist “Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom”
Psalm 90:12.
Pastor Christine
Page 20                                             THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

This month marks my third anniversary as the director of McKernan Child Development
Centre. I have heard from many other directors that the first 18 months is the “make it
or break it” time period where many choose not to continue as directors, and then
when you reach the third year marker then you can really “cut it”. I have to say, these
past few years have been a struggle and many times I questioned walking through this
door I believe God opened for me. Thankfully, I am still here with a smile on my face
(most times) and happy that God gave me this opportunity.
Parents often ask how they should prepare their child for daycare, what to expect,
and what the days will be like for their child. We do have answers for them, but so
often the staff and I laugh at how unpredictable every day is. When scheduling
around 37 children and 10 adults there is bound to be some chaos and
unpredictability. When all our staff is here and we have some extra help, every child
has their nap or many children are away on holidays. Other days, we can have a full
roster of children, two to three staff members call in sick and no one wants to have a
nap...except the adults! Yet, we make it through and still come back for more the next
                                             day. Some months we struggle to fill our
                                             empty spaces or find adequate staff to
    Prayer Requests                          keep things running smoothly, and then
    • Stress management and keeping a shortly afterwards, those needs have been
      positive work/life balance             met. All I can say is God is faithful. He never
    • Health for the staff and families at   is surprised by our needs or the chaos we
      the daycare                            are facing and so He has challenged me
    • That the daycare will continue to      to leave it in His hands so that the daycare
      “show God’s love in a practical        program will succeed. With that in mind, I
      way” to all families involved          would like to say thank you to everyone
    • Management and decision                that has been praying for the daycare. On
      making regarding our program           those days when I am struggling in my role I
                                             can see the results of all of those prayers
                                             and greatly appreciate them.
Although our schedule keeps going throughout the year, we generally look at
September as a fresh start. Many of our older children will be moving on to
kindergarten and some other new children will come to take their spots. We will begin
           the month with a clean slate and host a professional development day for
           the staff to prepare for the fall. We are looking forward to the months
           ahead and all that is in store for us. The daycare will be joining the church
           to celebrate Kickoff Sunday and we will be setting out photos and
           information about our program for people to look through. We welcome
           you to come visit us or take a tour through the Centre at anytime.
            Kristy Thomas
THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH                                           Page 21

Awana is an internationally recognized program that helps churches and parents
worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ. Awana includes
fully integrated evangelism and discipleship programs for!children that actively involve
parents, church leaders and mentors. The Awana program at McKernan Baptist
Church includes the following programs:

                                          Cubbies               New t
                                                                          his fal
                                          • Preschool
                                            age children
                                          • $40 per child
                                          • Young children should and can receive
                                            spiritual training
                                          • Home is the primary place for spiritual

                                          • Children from Kindergarten to Grade two
                                          • $35 per child
                                          • We’ll be learning basic truths about God,
                                            Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible
                                          • We’ll be memorizing verses that cover
                                            salvation and key Christian doctrine

                                          Truth & Training
                                          • Children from Grade three to Grade six
                                          • $45 per child
                                          • We’ll be studying and memorizing dozens
                                            of passages of scripture
                                          • We’ll hear the gospel message
                                          • We’ll know how God wants us to live our
                                            lives, and have memorized verses to back
                                            this up
                                          • We’ll complete mission projects that help
                                            us see the world through God’s eyes
The registration fee includes a personal uniform, handbook and awards. Awana is held
Wednesday nights at 6:15pm from September to April.
Further information and registration is available online at
www.mckernanbaptist.ca/awana or by contacting Dustin and Alicia Elmgren, Awana
Commanders at mckernanawana@gmail.com.
 Page 22                                           THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

 Did you say "I Do" over the summer? Are you getting married over Christmas? Did you
 celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary this month? Did you know McKernan Baptist
 has its very own Young Marrieds Ministry?! That's right! Young!married (and engaged)
 couples gather in the chapel downstairs on the last Saturday of every month! at
 7:00pm for food, fellowship and fun!!These events!typically include a themed potluck,
 a devotion and an activity.! Last year we enjoyed wedding food,! pumpkin-themed
 food! and a whole series of Iron Chef challenges! We also enjoyed a number of
 exciting activities including! The Newlywed Game, The 2010 YM Olympics,! Banana
 Trivia Hunt! and Pumpkin Carving! We have had a wonderful year of community
 building and we are excited to see where God takes us in the new year.
                                          Speaking of the new year...we will be kicking
                                          it off Saturday, September!25th with a BBQ at
                                           Pastor Dan's house located at 11776 - 44th
                                           Ave, starting at 6:00pm!! Check out
                                            the! Young Marrieds! bulletin board! in the
                                             foyer, drop by our Facebook page
                                             (McKernan Baptist Young Marrieds), or
                                              send an email to akfiebich@gmail.com!for
                                              more information. After our kickoff event
                                               we will be meeting on the last Saturday of
                                               the month in the chapel downstairs
                                                starting at 7:00pm. We hope to see you
                                  s               Kathy and Alan Fiebich
                         Olympic nt
               Y M 2010          ev e             On behalf of the
            Jun ior Mint                          Young Marrieds Leadership Team

 International students are looking for Canadian families to connect with
 and teach them about Canadian culture.
 Join our Friendship Partner Program!
 Contact David & Kathy Gottlob for more information.
 780-465-5991 or got@telusplanet.net
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Another fall is upon us. Another semester with all of its
potential awaits us. What will we do with this school
year? This is always a tough question to wrestle with.
There will be so many opportunities and we will want to
be involved in them all, but realistically we can’t. So
let me suggest some of the opportunities we would
love for you to protect in your schedule, because we
think they are really important. We have some amazing
opportunities to show our love and I think they have the
potential to be places that God really moves in us.
With the theme of Loving God, Loving Others, we are partnering with the Mustard
Seed to serve and “love others”. We will be serving at the Mustard Seed on the third
Saturday of each month (except January) and will either be helping with their
Saturday Night Popcorn ministry (Purpose: Groups provide, prepare, and serve
popcorn to our community. Groups have the opportunity to be part of our community
as they serve popcorn, play cards, have coffee, or watch the hockey game with the
individuals in the evening drop-in), or on Saturday afternoons helping them sort
through their donations (Support the work of Personal Assistance Centre by helping us
sort through incoming donations of clothing, toiletries and household items.). Here is
the schedule:
      !   Oct 16 popcorn (7:30pm - 11:00pm)
      !   Nov 20 sorting (3:00pm - 5:00pm)
      !   Jan 22 popcorn (7:30pm - 11:00pm)            New t
      !   Feb 19 sorting (3:00pm - 5:00pm)                        his fal
      !   Mar 19 popcorn (7:30pm - 11:00pm)                              l!
      !   Apr 16 sorting (3:00pm - 5:00pm)
Worship Café is also returning this year. Mark the first Saturday of the month down as a
time to worship with your peers. Let’s make the Lighthouse come alive with an
amazing time of prayer and worship. Our first Worship Café is October 2nd.
So what will this semester look like? I don’t know all the details of the other great times
we’ll have together. What I do know, is that we will take time to learn what it means to
really love God and how we can tangibly love others. I believe this year can be a life-
changing time for you!
Looking forward to seeing you at College & Career this year!
Pastor Terry
Page 24                                         THE HEARTBEAT OF MCKERNAN BAPTIST CHURCH

          CALENDAR                                 NOVEMBER
                      * indicates page number         6    C&C Worship Cafe *23
   SEPTEMBER                                          7    Baby Celebration
     12   Kickoff Sunday                              9    Primetime *13
     13   C&C Large Group Begins *23                 14    Church Membership Seminar
     15   OASIS (MOBY & F.I.T.) Begins            19-21    ABA Sr. High Retreat
     15   Impact Begins *2                           20    C&C Serving @ Mustard Seed *23
  17-19   F.I.T. Retreat                             22    White Cross
     19   Church Membership Seminar                  28    C&C Toonie Lunch *23
     19   Abound Begins *2
     21   Alpha I Begins *11
                                                      9    Women’s Christmas Event *8
     22   Ladies Bible Study Begins *9
              Wednesday Mornings
                                                     12    Christmas Program
     23   Ladies Bible Study Begins *9
              Thursday Evenings                      14    Primetime *13
  24-26   MOBY Retreat
                                                      Looking for more details?
     25   Movie & Games Night *8                           Check online:
     25   55+ Potluck                                 www.mckernanbaptist.ca

     25   Young Marrieds BBQ *22
     26   F.I.T. Sunday School Begins                 O U R PA S T O R S
     27   White Cross
                                                                          Lyle Buyer
     28   Alpha II Begins *11                                           Senior Pastor

   OCTOBER                                            Sam Nikkel
                                                      Executive, Missions & Outreach Pastor
      2   C&C Worship Cafe *23
     12   Primetime *13                                          Sharon Harewood
                                                               Pastoral Care Pastor
     16   C&C Serving @ Mustard Seed *23
     16   Women’s Fall Event *8                       Dan Schroth
                                                      Adult Ministries Pastor
     17   Baptism Classes Begin
     17   Hymn Sing                                                      Blain Davis
                                                           Children’s Ministry Pastor
     23   All-Church Pie & Games Night
     25   White Cross                                 Terry & Christine Okken
                                                      Student Ministries Pastors
     31   Missions Trip Fundraising Lunch

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