How to Shop Safely Online by aihaozhe2


									As the Internet grows more and more with new shopping websites popping up each
day, it can be very important to know which ecommerce websites are legitimate - and
which ones are thieves.

Shopping online can be a very rewarding experience; you can find a wide array of
items online that simply cannot be found in your local shopping center.

However, the savvy shopper knows how to spot potentially dangerous ecommerce
websites and avoid giving them their personal information, including credit cards. The
havoc that can come from giving the wrong website your personal information can be

One of the best ways to ensure you will have a successful online shopping experience
is to make sure that your computer is up-to-date on the latest spyware and technical
advances. By downloading this information onto your computer, you will be more
likely to spot a problematic site. Your spyware and anti-virus technology can help you
determine if the website is trying to implant viruses or other harmful problems onto
your computer.

Credit card security is always seeing improvements online. More and more consumers
are demanding that their online shopping experience is a positive one. As a result,
there are online software solutions that specialize in ensuring that their credit card
security is never compromised by hackers.

If you are about to purchase an item online, be sure to see if the website page is
"secure" when you enter your personal information. An easy way to check if the
website page is "secure" or not is to look at the web address. If the web address begins
with http:// then the site is unsecured. However, if the web address reads https:// the
page is secure. You are less likely to experience problems with your online shopping
experience if you only type in your personal information on a website page that
begins: https://

Another solution for wary online shoppers is to contact the business directly. If you
are at all concerned about the business you are about to shop with online, find a phone
number and contact the company. A reputable business will have an established
customer service center where you can give your personal information to a human
being - versus a website page. In addition, you can ask questions about the business to
ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate operation with whom you know credit
card security is a top priority.

Finally, a simple and easy way to determine if a website is legitimate is to look and
see whether the company has an SSL-certified listing on their website. These symbols
indicate that the business offers a secure online shopping experience to their
customers. In addition, if you see a BBB (Better Business Bureau) symbol on the
website, you will know that these symbols indicate that the company will not engage
in illegal credit card fraud.

Keep these tips in mind before you start your next online shopping experience. This
way, you can be sure that your personal information will not be accessed by hackers
or other online thieves.

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