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									 Does Buying A Woman A Drink Make It More
 Or Less Likely That They Will Go Home With
Here's the answer.

Never buy a girl a drink if you think it will help your chances of getting laid.

… Because it won’t.

Trust me.

Okay, fine. Don’t trust me.

Go try it yourself!

Buy that gorgeous girl at the bar a drink and see what that does for you.

Did you get her number?

Did you call her?

Did she ever return your calls?


Well what did I tell you?!

A lot of guys think that this is a great way to show affection to a woman
without any of the emotional stuff.

Or even worse, they think that, like opening doors and pulling out a
woman’s chair for her, it’s what men are “supposed” to do.

It makes sense that guys might think that.

I’ve been there, too.

Guys think that if you buy a woman something then you aren’t revealing any
EMOTIONAL weakness. And men tend to like that.

We just don’t like seeming vulnerable.

Okay, fine.

But let’s think about this for a second:

Pretend that someone comes and buys you a drink, and you have absolutely
NO IDEA who they are.
Maybe you’ve known them for a whole 5 minutes.

Do you suddenly want to hang out with this person and get to know them?

Assuming this is the first time this has ever happened to you, maybe.

But what if it was the 10,000th time?

Do you still want to get to know these dudes?

Well, you may want to keep hanging out with them because they are buying
you drinks, and hey, who doesn’t want a free drink.

But you definitely aren’t too interested in getting to know them.

Women feel the SAME way about this, only more intensely.

When a guy buys a guy a drink, then guys see it as a genuinely friendly

When a guy buys a girl a drink, then girls see that as wanting something in
return (AKA sex).

And it’s definitely fair for them to think that, because, well, it’s true.

A LOT of guys think that buying a drink for a girl will help them get laid, so it
makes sense that women would develop this defense mechanism.

And it’s not just that.

Think about how many guys approach a beautiful woman on a given night
and buy her a drink!

No matter WHAT your intentions are, even if you have NO interest in that
particular woman, or even if you are JUST being friendly, she will throw you
in to the REJECTED pile without even batting an eye.

Why wouldn’t she?

It saves her time to behave this way.

You are probably a really awesome, genuine guy, BUT this is not the way to
show it.

Do me and yourself a favor:

The next time you even think about buying a girl a drink with the intention
of “getting laid” or even “getting to know someone”, take out the money and
BURN IT, right there at the bar.
I’m dead serious.

Well what should you do instead?

How do you “break the ice” with that gorgeous girl you've had your eye on
all night if you can't buy her a drink?

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