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									   Are You Making The #1 Mistake Most Men
    Make When Getting To Know a Woman?
I sent an email to Bethany, an old friend of mine, asking her to tell me a
couple of things that guys do either when they approach her or when they
are in a relationship with her that really annoy her or put her off.

I was expecting to get a pretty short list, but what I ended up with was a
very revealing rant about men and dating.

Keep in mind that Bethany is an awesome, drop-dead-gorgeous woman, so
if this is the kind of woman you are looking for, you should really take what
she says to heart!

“Hey baby,

You wanted to know what turns me OFF, so I’ll tell you …

There are two things that guys tend to do that really put me off.

They seem to either be too afraid to be themselves around me or they try
being all cocky.

It would be wrong for me to say that I didn’t like guys who are cocky. There
is a sense of danger and adventure that these guys have that I really like,
but I tend to lose interest in them really quickly.

I get bored with the whole idea of “danger” pretty quickly. It’s as if there is
nothing more to their personality than their cockiness, and if I had been
involved with them for something more than a one night stand, then I start
to feel a little bit cheated.

It makes me wonder what attracts me to these guys in the first place, so
now I just try to avoid people like that. I know that these kinds of guys CAN
turn me on, but I have decided to just avoid them for my own emotional

But you know what’s worse?

Guys who probably do have a personality, but are just too wimpy to express

This is so weird to me, because a lot of my guy friends have asked me how
to be better with women and I always give them the same answer: just be
I know I’m not the only girl in the world who thinks that this is really the
best way to win a girl’s heart.

A woman wants a man who is honest about himself, not some loser who isn’t
confident enough in his personality to be real.

I know plenty of guys, bless their hearts, who are really great, friendly,
awesome people, but when they are around girls who they are attracted to,
that all goes right out the window.

They freeze up, they fidget, and they feel like there is something “cool” or
“sexy” that they should be talking about. They put on this front that is just
not who they are, and we can see right through that. It doesn’t help their

I tell them all the time to just be the way they are around me, but they just
won’t do it.

I’m so sick of guys who try to be something that they are not. You have no
idea what a let-down that is… discovering that the guy you were so into is
actually a completely different person.

BE YOURSELF. It’s that simple!

XOXO Beth”

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