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Full Circle Seeds
            P.O. Box 807
       Sooke, B.C. V0S 1N0
           (250) 642-3671
Dear Fellow Farmers and Gardeners,
You will find among our selection, seeds from many heritage varieties
selected by our grandparents for their excellent flavour and pest resist-
ance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe prized
by chefs from our best restaurants. Our seeds are grown on ALM
Organic Farm on Vancouver Island, certified by Islands Organic Produc-
ers Association. We offer open-pollinated untreated seed grown without
herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
 *Open Pollinated means you can save the seed yourself and it will come true year after
 *Locally Grown means this seed is from plants that have adapted themselves to our
  climate, soil conditions, and ecosystem. They are resistant to pests in our region.
 *Certified Organic the plants these seeds came from have been grown without any
  chemicals and are naturally healthy and robust.

Our most exciting new seeds this year are
  * Triamble winter squash – A unique flavourful blue from Australia
  * Lazy housewife pole beans – Heavy producer stringless heirloom
  * Cherokee trail of tears beans –Heirloom dried pole bean
  * Kobutakana greens – Unusual Japanese mustard for steaming and salads
  * Dwarf green curly kale – Our chefs’ favourite kale
  * Minutina salad greens – Unusual, productive cold weather green from Italy
  * Red orach – The brightest colour we have ever seen
  * New lettuces – Merlot, Yugoslavian red, Red Velvet, Ruby red, Rossa
               d’Amerique, Dutch winter, Galisse
  * New Tomatoes – Tina’s De cabo, German gold

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our seeds. We offer a full
guarantee on all our seeds. We grow our own seed on our farm and have only
limited quantities of some varieties. You may want to phone or email to check on
supply before ordering.

                             Mary Alice Johnson, Marika Nagasaka, Holger Laerad
                                                  IOPA/COABC Certified Organic
                                                             Farm number #401

           Most seed packets will plant a 30' row
                ALL SEED ARE $3.00
                    ARUGULA                               * (New) Cherokee Trail of Tears
Aromatic salad green important in French and Italian      Shiny jet-black seeds. Green 6" pods with purple
cooking. It is also known as rocket, roquette, rugula,    overlay, good for snaps and dry beans.This bean
and rucola. The taste is nutty and peppery at the         was carried over the Trail of Tears, the infamous
same time. Easy to grow. One of the earliest vegeta-      winter death march from October 1838 in the Smoky
bles in the garden and essential in your salads.          Mountains to March 26, 1839 in Oklahoma, leaving a
                                                          trail of 4,000 graves.
* Arugula Eruca vesicaria, subsp. sativa
This is a slow bolt annual variety that is most often                       Broad Beans
used in restaurants and in fine cooking. Quick to         Broad beans, sometimes called fava beans, should
germinate, easy to grow, cold hardy.                      be planted in late fall or early spring for an early June
* Sylvetta (wild arugula), Diplotaxis tenuifolia          * 5B's Choice
This cold hardy variety is a smaller, wilder form of      Selected for about 80 years, about 40 by Peter
arugula which is heat tolerant. The leaves are finely     Robin, who got the beans from David Barton. They
cut and the flavour more peppery. Perennial.              have nine or more green beans in 12" to 14" pods.

                       BEANS                                               Runner Beans
Plant beans as soon as the soil has warmed, early         Runner beans tolerate cooler weather than most
May through late June in this area. Inoculating the       beans. They reach 6'-10' and need staking. They all
beans with a legume inoculant will increase yields.       have large flat pods which are delicious fresh, and
         Fresh Bush Beans                                 they are also good as a dry bean.
* Maxibel, fresh filet bush                               * Painted lady
Extra long, 6" stringless filet bean. Extra slender,      This rare heirloom was first recorded in the US in
firm-textured, but still tender. Maxibel is the number    1855. Beautiful red and white blossoms.
one French filet type from France. Being stringless
provides for a longer harvest period. Tasty, disease      * Best of All Runner
resistant.                                                An excellent Scarlet Runner. Gorgeous pole bean
               Fresh Pole Beans                           with bright red flowers. Produces large flat pods of
                                                          delicious snap beans, also good as a dry bean.
* Fortex
Growing to over 11", Fortex has the longest pole
bean pods. Dark green, firm-textured round pods
are completely stringless and delicious at all lengths,                        CHARD
even after the seeds get big. Many believe that           Excellent cooked green. A good source of beta caro-
Fortex is the highest quality green bean available.       tene and vitamin C, calcium, and iron. The leaves
                                                          are good steamed, sauteed with onions, in a pasta or
                                                          a soup. Provides quantities of fresh greens all season
* (New) Lazy Housewife                                    from one sowing. Easy to grow. Make sowings
Claimed to be the first completely stringless bean,
introduced around 1810. First listed in W. Atlee          early-late spring and again in mid-summer.
Burpee’s 1888 catalog, "We presume it derived its         * Rhubarb Chard
name, which seems discourteous, from its immense          Dark green leaf contrasts with ruby red stem in the
productiveness making it easy to gather..." One of        summer. In winter the leaves turn burgundy red.
the oldest documented beans, and most productive.
An ideal bean for the home garden.

                      Dry Beans
Plant dry beans by early May. Once they have
flowered withhold water and allow to dry on the bush.
Shell once the pods are dry. If wet weather threaten,
you can pull the whole plant and hang in a dry place.
     CLAYTONIA, Miners' Lettuce                           tasting frilly springs at the heart for salad mix. Has
A beautiful, tasty, cold-hardy salad green. Quanti-       a great disctinctive, slightly bitter taste. A good cool
ties of delicate heart-shaped leaves, each wrapped        weather crop.
around a white-flowered stem. Hardiest of the winter
salad greens, can be grown all winter in our climate.
Self sows easily.

        COLLARDS, B. oleracea
Famed for cold hardiness, these delicious greens
are high in iron, Vitamins A and C, and anti-oxidants.
Their sweet flavour is heightened by fall frosts. Plant
spring through summer. Great in a salad mix.

* Carina
A beautiful golden bronze corn brought from Northern
Italy in the Alps region of Udine by Mr. D. Arduino of
                                                                   FENNEL, bulbing type
Sooke, who also gave us the Ardwyna tomato. This          * Zefa fino
corn has been saved and selected for size and taste       Delicious fresh anise flavour, specialty European
for over 100 years. It does very well in our cool sum-    vegetable which is a favourite of our best local chefs.
mers. It makes wonderful polenta and corn bread.          Bulbs are delicious raw or cooked. Put thin slices in
                                                          salads. Braise, grill or roast. Direct seed or trans-
                                                          plant from spring to late summer. Thin or transplant
                CUCUMBER                                  9" apart into fertile, well-drained soil.
* Lemon cucumber
Heirloom first introduced in 1894. Similar in size and                           KALE
appearance to a lemon, with fruits that average 2" by     Kale is very hardy and productive year round. Use
3". Very easy to digest with a crisp, clear taste and     baby leaves in salad mix. Steam larger leaves.
an edible skin. Pick small and use them whole for         Sweeter after a frost. Plant year round.
snacking in the garden or as a table treat. A favourite   * Red Russian kale
of our local chefs.                                       Rich in vitamins and minerals. Red kale's dark green
                                                          oak-leaves colour up to red and purple after the fall
* Uminami Oriental cucumber                               frosts. The leaves are very tender compared to other
Back by demand. A long crisp, crunchy non-bitter          kale varieties and remain sweet even in the summer.
dark green cucumber from the Uminami Farm in
Metchosin. Will grow to 2' without becoming bitter.       * (New) Dwarf Green Curly Kale
Tender skin. Holds on the vine for a long time. Trel-     Brassica oleracea (Borecole)
lis to keep fruit straight.                               Dark green, densely curled leaves. A favourite with
                                                          chefs because it stays firm when cooked. Very winter
* Uzbeki cucumber                                         hardy. Introduced before 1865 and popular ever
I got seed for this blunt shaped cucumber at Seedy        since, it is a dwarf variety producing an abundance
Saturday last year. Best harvested at 5" long. Good       of tender and delicate, densely curled leaves. It was
for slicing.                                              once also known as ‘Dwarf Curlies’.

           CRESS, Upland curly                                                  LEEKS
The best cress for the outdoor garden. 6-8"” rosettes     Sometimes called "the gourmet's onion", with a more
of dark green, glossy, rounded leaves. Similar to         subtle taste than onions and easier to digest. They
watercress but much easier to grow. The plants are        are easier to grow and provide a winter vegetable
very slow to bolt and long-standing. A wonderful, hot     in our area. Needs fertile, weed-free, moist soil to
flavour. Great in salads. Self seeds.                     prosper. Traditionally sown indoors in Feb.-March,
                                                          and transplanted when 8" tall, 6" apart, in rows 24"
                    ENDIVE                                apart. They are harvested at almost any stage for
* Frisee                                                  use raw as baby leeks in salads or cooked in soups
Frilly, deeply cut green leaves. Forms a mass of mild     and sautees. They're rarely troubled by pests and
diseases and are not finicky about soil fertility and          * Deer Tongue, leaf
transplanting.                                                 Heirloom bibb type lettuce. Attractive smooth
                                                               tongue-shaped outer leaves. Slow to bolt and taste
*St. Victor's                                                  stays mild. Slightly crinkle-edged sweet and tender
 New strain selected from 'Bleu de Solaise'. Stores            triangular green leaves grow in a rosette around a
well in the ground, and foliage turns to deep violet
                                                               loose head. Reliable, tolerant of heat and cold.
as cold increases. A beautiful glowing purple blue
French winter variety that can be harvested until
spring. It also makes a good ornamental border.
                                                               * De Morges Braun
                                                               Strong radiant, upright leaf lettuce with beautiful
                                                               rounded leaves that are tinged pink in spring and
* Unique                                                       change to light green in summer. Tender and sweet.
This is a prize winning leek recommended by Linda
                                                               Rare heirloom. Best grown spring/fall/winter.
Gilkeson, author of Year-Around Harvest. It is the
largest most cold hardy leek I have grown yet.
                                                               * (New) Dutch winter
                                                               A green curly leaf lettuce which excels in cool
                   LETTUCE                                     weather. Given to ALM Farm by Ruth Zbinden who
Lettuce needs moisture, light and temperatures                 lives in Sooke.
above 35° F or 5° C to germinate. Does not germi-
nate well at high temperatures.
                                                               * (New) Galisse
* Arctic King, butterhead                                      Looseleaf type with smaller, more compact heads
Plant produces flavorful butterhead type lettuce. This         than Salad Bowl. Good taste even when past opti-
variety withstands the winters with minimal cover.             mum maturity. Leaves are light greeen. Spring or fall
Plant in August and September and harvest February             crops as well as summers in northern, cooler areas.
through May. Very reliable! Suitable for greenhouse.
                                                               Mary Alice's favourite this year. Great in salad mix.

* Berenice, green oakleaf
Dense, compact heads with long, narrow, dark green
                                                               * Ibis, leaf
oak leaves. Slow bolting and tolerant to mosiac
                                                               Deep, dark purple-red, shiny leaves. Very ruffled and
virus. For spring, summer and fall production.
                                                               savoyed. Holds rich, sweet flavour well into warm
                                                               weather. Rare.
* Black seeded Simpson, leaf
A "giant red Oakleaf" type. The large, heavy, upright
                                                               * Ice Queen, crisphead
trumpet-shaped heads are made of delicate, lobed,
                                                               Reine des Glaces A French heirloom, this variety
dark green leaves with a rusty red overlay. Slow
                                                               is a small-headed, black-seeded gourmet lettuce,
bolting. The best of the red arrowhead type. Good
                                                               so-named because its spikes on the outer leaves re-
for head lettuce and cut and come again.
                                                               semble a crown. Cold-hardy crisphead lettuce whose
                                                               leaves can be harvested after the heads.
* Cimmaron, romaine
The sweetest tasting red romaine with soft leaves
that melt in your mouth. Green veins with maroon               * Jericho, romaine
edges.                                                         Bred in the hot desert of Israel, this robust, bolt-re-
                                                               sistant variety stays sweet and crisp in hot weather.
                                                               Very large, medium green, dense heads.
* Cowlick, leaf
Leaf lettuce from Czechoslovakia with a unique look.
Frilly, wavy, pointed leaves that twist off in all different   * Marvel of 4 Seasons, red butterhead
directions. Sweet and succulent.                               Merveille de Quatre Saisons, An unusual French
                                                               heirloom lettuce introduced in 1885; the outer leaves
                                                               are reddish green with cranberry-red tips, and tight
* Dark Lolla Rossa, leaf
                                                               hearts are creamy-coloured. It is a fast-maturing,
Heavily frilled green leaves with dark red edges are
                                                               all-season, red butterhead. Round compact heads
essential in salad mix, providing loft, texture, and
                                                               with incredible taste. Easy to grow.
colour. More compact and slower growing than other
lettuce types. Nice for garnishes. Much darker red
than regular Lollo Rossa. Stays red even in summer.            * Mascara , red oakleaf lettuce
                                                                The darkest red leaves that we have seen on an
                                                               oakleaf lettuce. We found that it is relatively resistant
                                                               to bolting in the heat..
                                                            veining underneath a red surface blush. Although
* (New) Merlot
                                                            narrow in form, the leaves are thick providing good
Striking colour, the darkest red burgundy in our gar-
                                                            weight, texture and shelf life.
den. Like a good red wine-dark and deep. A loose
leaf cutting lettuce that is slow bolting and well suited
to cut and come again mesclun culture.                      * Sweet Valentine, romaine
                                                            This the sweetest flavored lettuce we offer. The
                                                            heads hold long into the heat without bolting. The
* Oakleaf purple, leaf                                      extremely deep red leaves are slightly smaller than
Vigorous plants with beautiful purple leaves shaped
                                                            other cos varieties. They are slightly savoyed, a
like oak leaves with crinkled edgees and savoyed in
                                                            great lettuce for salad mixes.
the middle. Good tasting and beautiful in a salad
mix. Rare
                                                            * Tango, leaf
                                                            Deep green, heavily savoyed rosettes look great in
* Olga, Romaine                                             the salad bowl. Its leaves are frilly, crisp and densely
A gourmet European Romaine-type lettuce. It has             ruffled. As well as forming beautiful compact heads,
unusual leaf texture, is less crunchy, and is sweeter       this type of lettuce will resprout vigorously from a cut
than other Romaine types. Olga has light green              stem without loss of leaf quality. One of our most
leaves, forming a loose head with excellent flavour.        vigorous lettuces, good for early and late season
Holds flavour well without going bitter in the heat. Its    planting.
appearance makes an outstanding salad.
                                                            * Winter density, romaine
* Outredgeous, Red Romaine                                  Unique bibb-romaine type. compact, extra-dark
Totally bright red. Outstanding colour. Long, deep          green heads. Particularly good for winter growing
shiny red leaves with green veins and ruffled edges.        but can be grown year round. Known in France as
Heads are big, tall and beautiful. Good taste.              Craquerelle du Midi

*Red Salad Bowl (red oak), leaf                             * (New).Yugoslavian red
A wine red version of Saladbowl. Highly lobed,              Loose, large head, 12" wide with red outer leaves
delicate oak-like leaves form a full rosette. Holds         and green to white inner leaves. Excellent mild
sweet for a long time.                                      flavour and nice texture. Rare heirloom. Cutting the
                                                            head in half exposes solid-green interior leaves and
* (New) Red Velvet, Looseleaf                               a center that is almost white.
Tops of leaves are solid reddish maroon, and the
backs are green tinged with maroon. A loosely
                                                            * LETTUCE BLEND
formed head with soft, elongated leaves. Heads are
                                                            A blend of our best salad-mix lettuces. This mix
slow to bolt. Pleasant, chewy texture. , 55 days.
                                                            includes round and frilly leaved lettuces as well as
                                                            a mix of red, dark and light green and rosy
* Revolution, red lolla                                     colours. For a straight high-interest salad mix.
Sensational deep red to almost black colour, good
size, vigour, slow to bolt and good flavour.
                                                                      MACHE or corn salad
                                                            Gourmet salad item for cool or mild weather and
* (New) Rossa d’Amerique                                    winter greenhouse. Northern European favourite.
Pale green leaf with sparkling rosy red coloured            Sow in fall for over wintering or in spring for a late
edges. This Italian specialty will form loose head or       spring crop. Self seeds readily.
may be used as a cutting lettuce.
                                                                     MAGENTA SPREEN
* (New) Ruby red                                            A remarkable variety of lamb's quarter with brilliant
A heat resistant leaf lettuce. Mixed red and green          magenta colouring on the young leaves. A dramatic
leaves with delicious flavour for pretty salads all         addition to salads or as a garnish. Young tender
season long. Forms a large juicy head.                      plants have a pleasant delicate flavour. Easy to
                                                            grow. Self seeds. Plant in early spring throughout
* Sunfire Oakleaf, leaf                                     the summer.
Bred specially for salad mix, Sunfire has a narrow,
branching oakleaf shape and interesting colour
pattern. Medium green leaves, have red and green
* Mixed Mustard                                           * (New) Red Orach
A blend of mustards including mibuna, red giant, mi-      This particular variety has the brightest red colour we
zuna, purple osaka, and green wave long standing.         have seen.
Highly nutritious and delicious. Eat greens in salads
when young and cooked when mature. Flowers are                                  PEAS
great in salads. Plant in early March and again in late   Plant as soon as ground can be worked in early
July/August for fall and winter harvest. Extremely        spring, as early as February in the Pacific Northwest
winter hardy. Easy to grow. Self-seed readily.            area.
                                                          * Jim's Oregon Giant edible pod
* Ellen's hot frilly Mustard                              An outstanding very large, juicy pea which grows on
A very hot spicy mustard with bright green frilly         6' tall vines. Brought to our farm by Johanna Stiver
leaves. Great in salads or cooked.                        from Jim Cherrington's garden. The tender edible
                                                          pods can be 5" long. Produces all summer. Wilt and
* (New) Kobutakana                                        enation mosaic virus resistant. Plant March to Sept.
Very sweet mustard from Japan. Grows well year
round. Dark vitamin rich leaves. Great in salad mix       * Tall Telephone (Alderman) Pole shelling peas
and as braising greens.                                   Heirloom, 6' vines produce lots of late developing
                                                          shelling peas. A well flavoured late main crop variety
* Mizuna                                                  with large pods. Favoured as an old-time pea, grown
An important salad mix ingredient, good year round.       since 1885. Resistant to wilt.
Japanese non-heading type, with many slender,
white stalks bearing feathery, deeply serated sweet                         PEPPERS
leaves that give body and lift to your salad mix. Easy    Start plants indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date.
to grow and harvest. Vigorous, cold-hardy.                When sprouted with second set of true leaves trans-
                                                          plant to 3" pots. Harden off before transplanting.
* Osaka Purple Mustard                                    Peppers are real heat lovers. Benefit from mulching
Osaka mustard has beautiful purplish leaves with
a mild but pungeant flavour. Plant early spring
through late summer, for year round harvest.

* Tatsoi (bulk seed available)
This beautiful dark green, very mild spinach-like
Japanese mustard is easy to grow. It has glossy
spoon-shaped dark green leaves which form perfect
rosettes. Good in salads, stir fried, or steamed.
Grow all year. Seed in early spring and throughout
the year.

*Tokyo Bekana
Sensational salad mix item. Recommended for
thick sowing and harvest of deliciously sweet,            * Ariane (sweet orange bell)
tender-crispy, baby leaves. Bright, light green leaves    A big blocky pepper 4" to 5" long and almost as wide,
are curly and ruffled for loft, with good weight and      changing from medium green to vivid orange. Each
shelf life. Regrows for multiple cuttings. Does well      sturdy plant yields a plentiful harvest of uniform,
year-round. At full size, tender ruffled leaves can be    three to four lobed, persimmon-orange peppers. The
bunched for braising.                                     thick flesh is crunchy and spicy-sweet, making it a
                                                          natural for the grill or stir-fry.
        ORACH, Atriplex hortensis
Orach is related to Lamb's Quarters or spinach. Its       * Buran Sweet red
rounded leaves are stunning in a salad and it is used     90 days. This heirloom pepper from Poland is one of
in a pasta in Italy. It is a warm weather crop.           the sweetest you can grow. The 18-24 inch tall plants
                                                          produce lots of three lobed peppers that are 4" long
* Purple Orach (bulk seed available)                      and 3" at the shoulder. Wonderful when picked
This variety is a striking purple colour.                 green, or left to mature to a shiny red color.
* Lipstick (sweet red)                                            Shungiku, Edible Chrysanthemum
Shiny, smooth, most delicious sweet pepper. Four           Yellow and white daisy-like flower with multiple
inches long, fruits taper to a blunt point and ripen to   petals. Young leaves are used in Sukiyaki in Japan.
a glossy, rich red. Thick and juicy. Dependably early     They add a meaty taste to stir fry. Use flowers and
heavy yields, even in a cool summer season.               young leaves in salad or as a garnish. Sow March
                                                          through July. Hold up in cool weather.
* Red Ruffles (sweet red)
A favorite sweet pimiento with thick, juicy walls.                 SQUASH, WINTER
Great for fresh eating, this plant produces clusters of   .* Delicata, C. Pepo
peppers, 8-10 per plant. Fruits are oval, with ridges,    (Heirloom) Introduced in 1894, this is a improved
similar to a pumpkin’s shape.                             version of the delicious squash that kids like. The
                                                          flesh is incredibly sweet and orangish yellow. Oblong
* Bulgarian hot carrot (Hot orange)                       (9 inch long) fruits have a cream-colored skin with
An heirloom from Bulgaria called Shipkas. The 3 to        green stripes and splashes of orange. Prolific and
4 inch bright orange beauties are quite hot but with a    needs no curing to keep for 3-4 months. 4-8 ft.
fruitiness to the pungency that makes them delicious      vine. "
for chutneys, marinades, pickles and salsas. The
jaunty colour is great for hot pepper jelly. Plants are   * Galeuse d'Eysines, C. maxima
18" tall. Fruits grow in big clusters close to the main   An unusual and beautiful French squash. Quick to
stem.                                                     germinate, produces vigorous plants that set smooth
                                                          yellow fruit. At the start they look nothing special,
                RADICCHIO                                 but then they take on a rosy pink as they ripen,
* Palla Rossa Special                                     and then in storage they grow an amazing warty
A reliable variety which forms a gorgeous, firm,          surface. Makes great soup, sauteed in butter,or as
round, dark-red and white heads. Its unique, bitter       a base for a rich pasta sauce or pumpkin pie. Early
taste adds colour and crisp texture to salads. Also       & productive.
great on the barbeque or roasted. A cool weather
crop but this variety also does well in summer.           * (New) Triamble, C. maxima
                                                          Also called Triangle or Tristar of Shamrock. Ex-
             SALAD BLEND                                  tremely rare. Quite unique three lobed blue skinned.
A beautiful mix of leaf form and colour from our          First grown in U.S. in 1932 with seed obtained from
collection of lettuces, mustards, chicories, chards,      Arthur Yates & Co. of Sydney, Australia. Very thick
kales, red orach, arugula, shungiku, cress, mizuna        orange flesh, excellent quality pie or vegetable
and shungiku. Plant in rows. Thin as they mature,         squash. Excellent storage over long periods
using the thinnings in your salad, and then harvest
tender young leaves from the crown of each plant.
Replant as the patches age.

                   SPINACH                                               TOMATOES
* Elly's Dutch                                            All our tomatoes are indeterminate and need staking
Elly brought this large leaf winter spinach to us in      unless noted otherwise. In our area, start tomatoes
1999 from a biodynamic farm in Holland. It has            mid-March indoors. Plant into a greenhouse or
                                                          covered space in April or outdoors in early May.
broad arrow-shaped leaves and is very productive. It
is vigorous and hardy and preferred to all other kinds    * Heritage Tomato Mix
for spring sowings.                                       A mix of heirloom tomatoes including black, yellow,
                                                          marbled, white, red, orange tomatoes of various
* Giant Winter                                            sizes, textures, shapes and flavours.
A very hardy plant, with broad, intense green leaves
on plant with spreading habit. True to it's name, it      * Aker's West Virginia
is a special spinach for late summer or fall seeding      A very pretty, large 1 pounder. Large, vigorous
for crop in early spring. Also does well with early       plants produce big harvests of delicious red smooth
spring sowing. Harvest in 4-10 weeks if sown in           tomatoes with little cracking or other blemishes. A
early spring.                                             treasured family heirloom with sweet, rich flavour.
* Andrew Rahart Jumbo Red                                 red tomato that has a full, rich flavor. The productive
One of the most delicious reds. Brilliant, scarlet        vines yield well even in hot weather, perfect for
beefsteaks, 1-2lbs. Very meaty and brimming with          canning or slicing.
rich robust flavour. Very productive
                                                          * Enchantment
* Anna Russian                                             A beautiful red tomato which offers rich flavour with
Handed down through several generations from a             an excellent sugar-to-acid balance, perfect for both
Russian immigrant. Large, juicy, pinkish-red, heart       fresh eating and cooking into luscious sauce. Borne
shaped tomatoes, weighing around 1 pound.This             in clusters of smooth, egg-shaped crimson fruits on
high yielding tomato has sweet, juicy flesh and           disease-resistant plants. Very reliable.
superb flavour.
                                                          * Flamme´
* Ardwyna, paste                                          Beautiful salad tomato, very juicy, a good, sweet
Huge red paste tomato excellent for cooking or dry-       flavour with fruity overtones. About the size of a
ing because they are low in juice and high in pulp.       golf ball and a lovely persimmon orange colour
They are early maturing, very productive and blight       both inside and out. Extrememly productive French
resistant. These 4 - 5" tomatoes, weighing up to          heirloom.
a pound each, are smooth cylindrical and taper
gradually to a point.                                     * Galina, cherry
                                                          A gold cherry larger than gold nugget and long
* Aunt Ruby's German Green                                keeping. Very tasty. The last tomatoes to succumb
Not a pretty tomato but our best tasting tomato.          to the cold.
Very large plant produces large, flat beef steak size
juicy seedy fruit with green skin and flesh which         * (New) German Gold
turns paler when ripe. A favourite with chefs.            From Virginia Mennonites in 1880's. Moderate
                                                          producer of 1-2 lb. yellow, beefsteak fruits with red
* Black Krim                                              marbeling and red on blossom end. A good slicer
Fruits are a dark, deep red - almost a shiny black        with sweet, mild, fruity flavors.
- with heavy green shoulders. Inside, the fruits are
a deep, reddish-green colour. Sweet and tasty. An         * Green grape, cherry
early tomato.                                             A wonderful tasting 1" cherry tomato shaped lide a
                                                          large grape, grows in clusters. It is green with yel-
* Black Plum                                              low highlights when it is fully ripe. Introduced to this
This prolific black heirloom tomato from Russian          area by Two Wings Farm. Determinate plants with
can reach 8' tall. Loaded with clusters of 2" plum        resistance to blight.
shaped, reddish brown fruits with green shoulders.
Seem to be blight resistant and last well into the fall   * Green zebra
when other varieties giive out.                           The most unusual variety you'll ever grow! Fully ripe
                                                          fruits are bright green, with yellow stripes. Round,
* Brown berry, cherry                                     smallish fruits have excellent, "real tomato" flavour.
The first truly brown cherry. Warm, earthy brown          Vigorous plants.
fruits are a great color addition. Excellent sweet
juicy flavor, extremely heavy producer. A great           * Green sausage
companion to White cherry, Galina, and Green              Unusual paste tomato appearing in 2004 seed
Grape.                                                    catalogs in England and America. An elongated
                                                          lime green tomato with bright yellow stripes. Short
* Cherokee Chocolate                                      bushy plants bearing 4" long fruits. Flesh looks
Very large 3” to 5” beautiful chocolate coloured          almost like a kiwi. A great companion to Speckled
tomato. Very dependable producer of blemish free          Roman and Orange Banana. Determinate
flavourful fruit mid through late season.
                                                          * Longkeeper
* Cosmonaut Volkov                                        Do you want to be eating tomatoes in March?
Medium large squarish tomato with good flavour.           Orange-red tomato known for its long lasting fruits
Prolific. From Ukraine named after the 1st Russian-       which when picked, can last 12 weeks or longer off
cosmonaut. A smooth and attractive, medium-large          the vine without rotting or losing flavor. Determinate.
* Manyel Moons                                            * Red pear
Mild, juicy round yellow fruit that weigh about a         Small 1" pear-shaped fruits born in clusters. Sweet
quarter pound. They ripen to a clear yellow, not          and juicy, ideal for appetizers or salad. Heirloom
gold, colour. Produces an abundance of fruit.
                                                          * Rose de Berne
* Matina                                                  A pink tomato from France that tastes like Brandy-
Heirloom. A tried-and-true red from Germany. Early        wine but is more round. Lots of handsome 6-8 oz.
fruiting with the flavour of a beefsteak. Huge plants     smooth pink fruits with soft flesh and very thin skin.
resistant to early blight. Potato leaf. Globular red,     Rare.
quarter-pound fruits are borne in large clusters and
free from green shoulders.                                * Speckled Roman
                                                          You won’t ever see another Italian paste type tomato
* Nell's Red                                              like this one! Stunning &unique, long pointed red
 A large delicous red tomato from Nell, an elderly        fruit have wavy golden stripes! A mid-size fruit, very
farm woman in North Carolina.                             meaty flesh with sweet flavour. Few seeds.

* Nepal                                                   * Striped Cavern
Originally from Farmers Seed Co., from India’s             Beautiful stuffing tomato, blocky thick-walled
Himalaya Mountains. Big sprawling plant pruducing         jewel-like fruits with red and yellow stripes. Many 8
abundant crop of 6 to 10 -oz., smooth, round,             ounce fruits which keep 4 weeks when harvested
scarlet-red fruits with little cracking and intense       ripe. Good flavour. Stuff with cheese for unique
sweet tomato flavour. Matures earlier than most           appetizers. 80 days from transplant. Prolific.
large fruited types. Disease resistant, (80 days)
                                                          * Stupice
* Neves Azorean Red                                       Extra early, cold tolerant medium sized red tomato.
Large red beefsteak. Juicy with great taste. Mid-         High yielding with a wonderful, low acid taste.
season.                                                   Czechoslovakian Heirloom.

* Nyagous                                                 * Super Marmalade
Geat black tomato that is blemish-free! Baseball-         Lovely pinkish red medium sized tomato that is
sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits,   very juicy and sweet. Produces well mid-season
very productive. Excellent full flavour. Great for        until late. Very prolific.
markets. 80 days from transplant.
                                                          * Tiger Tom
* Orange strawberrry                                      An unusual, small, early red tomato with orange,
Heirloom. A Big heart-shaped orange fruit which           green and yellow stripes.
grows on vigorous vines. The fruit sometimes
weigh over a pound but they do not get green shoul-       * (New) Tina's De cabo
ders or blemishes on their tops. They are very firm       Tina Fraser Baynes developed this crunchy
and meaty. Easy to slice - a favourite at our market      flavourful cherry tomato by stablizing a hybrid that
because of their great taste.                             appealed to her. She graciously has given it to our
                                                          farm to offer to you. It is perhaps my favourite cherry
* Paul Robeson Black                                      tomato.
A curvaceous black tomato, slightly larger than
Black Krim, traded at the Vancouver Seedy Satur-          * White Cherry
day. One of those, "my black tomato is better than        Pale yellow fruits, 1 1/4" in diameter. with a good,
yours" affairs. This is a very tasty black- juicer than   mild taste. Plants are compact and easy to pick.
the others.                                               Great in a basket with orange and red cherry
* Princepe Borghese
Italian heirloom very popular in Italy. Fruit are 1 to    * White potato leaf
2 oz. and very meaty. An ideal variety for drying         A medium mid-season sweet yellow-white tomato.
with low moisture and few seeds, maintaining              It is meaty with few seeds, with a mild non-acid
colour and flavor well. Plants produce heavy              taste and creamy texture. The colour is reminiscent
yields of small, red plum-shaped fruits. Although         of fresh pineapple, appealing in salads and mixed
determinate, it will require some staking.                tomato plates and salsa. Matures early.
                                                         * Chamomile, German, Matricaria recutita
* Wonderlight                                             For a relaxing tea with a scent of pineapple. Aids
Lemon like, yellow fruit. This tomato looks just
                                                         digestion. Sturdy spreading plant. Blossoms in July
like a lemon. It has thick walls and little seed pulp.
                                                         and August from spring sowing but may be started in-
From Siberia. Also called lemon vine. Prolific.
                                                         doors. Reseeds readily. Prefers fertile well-drained
                                                         sandy loam. Annual
* Yellow Peach
Known as Peach tomato because of its buffed
                                                          * Catnip, Nepeta cataria
smooth, furry skin, these wonderful heirlooms are
                                                         Faourite of cat lovers, for cats relish the intoxicating
packed with flavour and just the right size for garden
                                                         leaves. Tea is a popular nightcap, as it induces a
munching or salads. Absolutely unique in appear-
                                                         good night's sleep. Remedy for colds and fevers.
ance with flavour to match. Semi-determinate.
                                                         * Chervil,     Anthriscus cerefolium
* Yellow Pear, cherry                                    Cool season herb with ferny, dark green foliage, look-
Heirloom. Charming little lemon yellow pear-shaped
                                                         ing like parsley and having a pleasant anise flavour.
minis. The sunny yellow fruits are borne in heavy
                                                         Excellent raw in salads. An important herb in French
clusters on tall vigorous vines that want to climb.
                                                         cuisine in egg dishes, fish and sauces or a wonder-
Mild flavour and special eye appeal.
                                                         ful addition to herbed vinaigrettes. Makes best crop
                                                         in spring and fall but does well even in the summer in
* Yellow and Red Pear Combo                              a shady spot in the cool Pacific Northwest. Shade
A mix of both varieties.                                 tolerant. 12" tall.

                TOMATILLO                                * Cilantro, Coriandrum sativum
A friut used in Indian and Mexican cooking,              Sow these frost tolerant herbs throughout the spring
particularly in salsa verde. Although tomatillos are     and summer for continuous harvest. Important
grown like tomatoes, they are easier and more            ingredient in Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and
hardy. Start them indoors early, transplant outdoors     SE Asian cuisine. Also challed coriander or Chinese
after frost danger. The plants should be spaced 2-3'     parsley. Best direct seeded. Annual
apart. Harvest when paper husk loosens and fruit
turns from green to yellow.
                                                         * Dill, Anethum graveolans
                                                         Spectacular, delicious green Finely cut, feathery
                                                         foliage used as "dill weed" to enhance sour cream or
                                                         yogurt toppings, salads, sauces, and soups. Allowed
                                                         to go to seed used for dill pickles or in seed breads.
                  HERBS                                  Plant as soon as ground can be worked in spring.
                                                         Easy to grow, very prolific. Height 3 ft. Annual

                                                         * Epazote, Chenopodium ambrosoides
* Anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum                     Important Mexican herb used in Mexican cooking,
A mint which produces many purple flower spikes
                                                         also called Wormseed. Stout, aromatic herb, to 3-4'
over dark green foliage. Fragrant nectar attracts
                                                         tall. Add to bean dishes to reduce gas. Needs high
bees. Excellent in semi-shade or full sun, this
                                                         temperature to germinate.
biennial reproduces readily by itself from seed once
established. Easy to grow. Leaves and flowers
strongly anise-scented. Used in cooking and for
                                                         * Evening Primrose, Oenothera            lamarckiana
                                                         Clear yellow 2" church bell blooms in elegant spires
tea. Many medicinal uses. Useful in bouquets.
                                                         on 3 to 5 foot tall plants. Charming border beauty.
                                                         Oil in seeds contains gammalinolenic acid (GLA).
* Borage                                                 Roots can been eaten as a vegetable; shoots as a
A large herb, known as the "Herb of Gladness", bor-
                                                         salad. These hardy, long blooming plants prefer full
age has fuzzy leaves and periwinkle blue flowers.
                                                         sun and well drained dry soil. Self-seeds. Biennial
Attracts bees. Add chopped leaves and flowers to
salads or summer drinks. Cool off in the summer
with iced borage tea, adding honey and lemon juice
                                                         * Feverfew, T. parthenium
                                                         In recent years feverfew has become known as the
to taste. Borage is easy to grow and self-seeds
                                                         "migraine" herb. This easy-to-grow herb is also
readily. Annual
                                                         valued as a decorative plant in the garden and for
                                                         wreaths, potpourries, etc. Perennial
                                                             * St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum
* Lovage,       Levisticum officinale
                                                             Noted for its calming effect; valuable for nervous dis-
3-6'tall. Handsome vigorous plant, strongly fla-
                                                             orders such as insomnia, depression and bedwetting.
voured, celery-like leaves used in salads, potato and
                                                             The oil has remarkable soothing and healing action
poultry dishes. Makes a beautiful garnish. Roots are
                                                             when rubbed into painful joints and strained muscles.
used medicinally. Slow to germinate, make take 30
                                                             Bright yellow flowers. Perennial.
days. Likes moist, fertile soil, with sun to part shade.
One of the first herbs to return in spring.
                                                             * Sorrel, French Rumex acetosa
                                                             Most famous for sorrel soup. Large succulent,
* Milk Thistle,         Silybum marianum
                                                             slightly acid-tasting leaves give zest to salads and
Bold and beautiful specimen plant for food and
                                                             any dish which is insipid in itself. Remove flowering
medicine. Large plant with shiny, spined leaves
                                                             tops as they appear to keep leaves tender. Perennial
mottled with white. Outstanding, solitary 2” pluple
flowers. All parts are edible. Medicinal: The active
componenet, silymarin, is found in the seeds and is
know for liver rebuilding properties. Easy to grow.                         FLOWERS

* Motherwort, leonurus cardiaca
bees love the handsome, purple-pink flower spikes.
                                                             Also called pot marigold. Plant in full sun; give
Grows to 6 feet. Easy to grow from seed and self
                                                             average soil, adapts to moist soil or little watering.
sows. Has been used to treat female disorders
                                                             Usually the last flower in the garden to give in to the
throughout the centuries.
                                                             cold, often will overwinter in this area. Annual
                                                             * Calendula, calendula officiana
* Mugwort, Arthernisia vulgaris
                                                             The sunniest flowering herb with a long blooming
Believed to give strength and negate negativeity,
                                                             period Blosssoms are edible and rich in carotenoid.
mugwort has been surrounded by legends and used
                                                             Medicinal uses: antiseptic tinctures, healing skin
medicinally for centuries. This soft, green plant has
                                                             ointments. Easy to grow.
tiny ball-shaped flower heads with deeply cut leaves.
It will grow 6' tall in average to poor, well-drained soil
in full sun. I can be easily raised from its tiny seed       * Calendula, UBC special mix
                                                             An outstanding strain of calendula developed at
                                                             UBC. Orange and yellow with bronze undertones.
* Mullein, Verbascum thapsus
                                                             Edible flower with many medicinal uses.
Striking yellow flower stalks rise from a huge woolly
leaf base in the second year. Sentry of the herb
garden. Good rememdy for coughs, hoarseness                  * Canterbury Bells, Campanula medium
and bronchitis, rheumatism. Flowers for infused oil          Attractive large cup and saucer blossoms in shades
for earache. Plant can be used to produce yellow,            of blue, pink and white on a 2-3 foot high stalk. A
bronze and grey dyes. Biennial                               great cut flower. Good in sun or partial shade.
                                                             Sow seeds in May for bloom the following summer.
* Parsley, Italian
The one the chefs use. More flavour than other
parsleys. Vigorous, erect plant produces flat, dark          * Columbine, ALM Mix Aquilegia
green leaves. Cool weather crop that holds well in            Fairy-like woodland quality with lacy foliage and
hot weather. High in vitamins A,C, iron and minerals.        beautifully posed flowers in a variety of exquisite col-
                                                             ours and shapes. Partial shade or full sun. Attracts
                                                             humming birds. Seeds sown indoors in early spring
* Shiso, Red Perilla Perilla frutescens                      will usually bloom the first season. Perennial
Decorative purplish red foliage reminiscent of coleus.
Cinnamon-scented leaves are popular in Japan for             * Cornflowers, bachelors' buttons
flavouring raw fish, bean curd, pickles and tempura.         Blue, white, pink, wine, and mauve flowers. Sow
Also used to give scarlet colour to pickled plums and        directly into garden in spring. Continuous blooming
preserved ginger. Before sowing, chill seeds at 5°C          late into season. Full sun. Excellent cut flowers.
(40°F) for 3 days in moist sand.          Annual             Easy to grow. Self-sows. Hardy annual.
* Delphinium, D. elatum                                     * Marigold, TANGERINE GEM
Tall, stately, old-fashioned beauty. Flower stalks          Tagetes signata       The best tasting marigold. Dainty
are covered with elegant double flowers in shades           blossomed plant forms a ferny mound 12 inches tall
of pale to dark blue, orchine, rose, and white. Does        and as big around. Lemon-scented foliage releases
well in our Pacific coast climate. Requires rich, well,     its fragrance when brushed. Globe shaped plant
drained, slightly alkaline soil. Perennial                  covered with tangerine coloured small blooms and
                                                            lacy foliage. The small 1/2" diametre flowers are the
* Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea                              best tasting of all the marigolds.
Graceful upright flower spikes bear large, 3" thimble-
shaped blooms with delicately speckled throats.             * Nasturtium, tropaeolum majus
Strong plants bearing cream, white, yellow, rose and        Beautiful flowers add a sweet spicey flavour to
mauve flowers. Sow seeds in spring in a nursery             salads. Prolific plants grow most anywhere and in
bed. Sun or light shade. Self sows.                         any soil type. Leaves are excellent in stir fry. Seeds
                                                            can be pickled. This is a mixture of pale yellow to
* Globe Thistle, Echinops ritro "Globe Thistle" Bees        bright orange flowers with white varigate leaves and
and butterflies adore Echinops. So easy to care for         deeply scarlet flowers with dark leaves. Direct seed
that you will too. Stunning in the garden or as a fresh     after danger of frost.
or dried cut flower.They thrive in well drained soil,
even if it is poor or sandy. They are as undemanding                             POPPIES
as any perennial you can find! Intensely blue, the          Always eye-catching and reliable, annual pop-
surreal-looking globes perch on stalks of elegant,          pies can be broadcast into almost any soil and will
jagged-edged gray-green foliage. Blooms July–early          self-sow readily. Perennials take more care to start
September.                                                  but come back year after year and can be divided to
                                                            obtain more plants. Seed pods are intersting addi-
* Lamb's Ear, stachys byzantina                             tions to dry flower arrangements.
Delightful soft, downy foliage resembles lamb's ears         * Perennial pink, red and orange
in feel and appearance. Silvery appearance is ideal         Huge soft pink, bright red and orange blossoms with
for contrasting and grey gardens. Formerly used to          dark centers. Sow in early spring or late fall indoors
bandage wounds. Pretty pink flowers. It is a reliable       and transplant into after true leaves appear.
performer that needs little care. Hardy perennial.
Deer resistant and attractive to bees and birds. May        * Poppies, ALM annual mix
be direct sown in the fall or started in seed trays in an   Papaver somniferum
unheated greenhouse in late winter or early spring.         A mixture of shining single blooms blood red blooms
                                                            vividly marked with a white "iron cross" in the centre,
* Larkspur                                                  double pinks and mauves, and scarlets.
Larkspur is an excellent cut flower - both for fresh and
dried or everlasting markets. Blues, mauve and pale         * California poppy, Eschscholzia californica
cream. An easy to grow annual that does best in a sunny     Brilliant orange flower on lacy 8 to12" plants. Mildly
site with well-drained soil. Larkspur grow to their full    narcoatic colourless juice was used by Californian
potential in climates with cool, moist summers.             Indians to treat toothache. Best sown direct very
                                                            early in spring as it prefers cool weather. Will often
* Lunaria, Honesty, L. annua                                overwinter. Self sows readily . Easy to grow.
Also called the silver dollar plant because of its
intriguing flat seed pods which look like pearly discs.      * Rose Campion, Lychnis coronaria
Cut in the fall to use in winter flower arrangements.       Wonderful vibrant violet/carmine blooms which really
Plant in May or June in any well-drained soil. Sun or       dazzle the eye - in fact, they appear almost luminous.
partial shade. Clusters of purple flowers bloom in          Superb contrast with their silvery grey soft leaves.
April thru June in second year. Reseeds itself readily      Grows in moist or dry soil. Requires little or no care
                                                            and self seeds readily. Perennial.
* Lupins, Mixed Lupinus polyphllus
Deep red blossoms. Spectacular spires create a              * Scabiosa
marvelous landscape effect in May and June. Long            A colonial favourite. Fragrant striking flowers. Fully
lived plants are easy to grow in sun or light shade.        double ball shaped flowers on strong stems on 3’
Sow where you want them to grow, or start indoors in        plants. Outstanding, long-lasting blooms in crimson,
pots. Thrives in acid soils. Perennial.                     rose, blue, burgundy, lavender, almost black and
white. Excellent for cutting and drying. Hardy annual
which does well in any sunny well-drained sil. Butter-
flies love this flower.

* Shoo Fly Plant, Nicandra physaloides
Traditionally grown to repel white flies (pests,
especially, of tomato plants). We like it because it’s
PRETTY. The 2-3 inch wide purple flowers appear
when the plant is about 6 inches high and continue
as the plant matures to its final height of 3-4 feet.
The blooms are papery thin. Lantern like dark purple
papery cases surround each hard fruit (everlasting).

* Sunflower, Mixed
A mix of sunflowers, some with red petals others
which are real giants. Sunflowers are large easy
to grow plants which give a dramatic show. Seeds
can be saved for winter eating or leave up heads
for winter food for birds. Plant mid-April in a sunny
spot. Drought resistant. Annuals
                                                             ALL SEEDS $3.00
* Wallflower, Cheiranthus cheiri
A popular spring bedding item - very fragrant with all
the colours of a Persian carpet. Grow as a hardy bi-
ennial. Sow May-July outdoors, flowers April-May the
following year. Ideal for beds and borders. Scented.
Prefers full sun or partial shade. 18" high

* Wildflower mix
Contains a mixture of annuals that reseed them-
selves and perennials. We've chosen varieties that
are both beautiful and self-sufficient. Their vibrant
flushes of color will slowly unfold in response to
the weather and season for constantly changing
displays. Contains columbine, larkspur, lupine, corn-
flower, feverfew, calendula, mullein, poppies, pink        Shipping and handling
and yellow daisy, hollyhocks, lychnis and foxglove.      Orders
                                                         less than $9      $2.50
                                                         $10 to $18        $3.50
                                                         $19 to $48        $4.50
                                                         $49 to $75        $5.50
                                                         above $76         $6.50

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