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					Of course, we all know what a windscreen is and we also all know which part of the
vehicle it is. Take a look at your vehicle and the front window of your vehicle is the
windscreen. Although if you travel to other places, you would learn that this is also
referred to as the windshield.

You would know whether the scratch on your windscreen can be repaired or not by
rubbing the scratch with your fingernail. Such a scratch is of two types. A scratch,
which feels smooth when you run your fingernail over the glass, is a surface scratch.
On the contrary, if your fingernail gets stuck in the scratch, deem that the scratch is
pretty deep and the whole windscreen may have to be replaced, as the scratch cannot
be repaired.

Repairs save the factory seal. Windscreen repair time is 15 to 20 minutes and is
usually paid for by your Insurance Company by waving your deductible. Most repairs
improve the vision and keep the windscreen from cracking further. To find a good
windscreen repair service get referrals from friends or neighbors that have had this
service done before or call your insurance agent. You may also refer to the yellow
pages under glass or windscreen repair.

For most vehicles manufactured and produced today, they make use of windscreen
that are crafted from laminated safety glass. This safety glass is made up of two
curved sheets of glass. Keep in mind also that between these two sheets of glass is
actually another layer of plastic. This has been laminated between the two sheets to
provide safety. The whole mechanism is actually glued to the frame of that front
window. Compared to early vehicles, the windscreens were actually made from
toughened glass. To keep them in the frame of the window, they used rubber or
neoprene as seal.

A feasible alternative is windscreen repair, which most insurance companies now
accept in place of replacement. In fact, they even waive the client's deductible should
he or she choose to repair instead of replace the car windscreen. This makes financial
sense to insurance companies too, because they save millions each year this way. By
repairing instead of replacing an auto windscreen, the original windshield retains the
integrity of its factory seal. In short, everyone wins. Windscreen repair is a high
margin specialty service, making it a major industry.

In conclusion, consider preventive windscreen repair instead of replacements saving
you time money and maybe your life.

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