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                                                                                                                            Storage and Cases
                                                                                            Impact Sockets - 1" Dr

1” Drive 6 Point Deep Length                      1” Drive 6 Point Metric Impact
Impact Sockets                                    Sockets

ORDER#         SIZE                  UOM          ORDER#           SIZE                                       UOM
PRO 10014L     7/8"                  EA           PRO 10029M       29 MM                                      EA
PRO 10015L     15/16"                EA           PRO 10030M       30 MM                                      EA
PRO 10016L     1"                    EA           PRO 10032M       32 MM                                      EA
PRO 10017L     1-1/16"               EA           PRO 10033M       33 MM                                      EA
                                                  PRO 10035M       35 MM                                      EA

                                                                                                                            Hand Tools
PRO 10018L     1-1/8"                EA
PRO 10019L     1-3/16"               EA           PRO 10036M       36 MM                                      EA
PRO 10020L     1-1/4"                EA           PRO 10038M       38 MM                                      EA
PRO 10021L     1-5/16"               EA           PRO 10041M       41 MM                                      EA
PRO 10022L     1-3/8"                EA           PRO 10046M       46 MM                                      EA
PRO 10023L     1-7/16"               EA           PRO 10050M       50 MM                                      EA
PRO 10024L     1-1/2"                EA           PRO 10054M       54 MM                                      EA
PRO 10025L     1-9/16"               EA           PRO 10055M       55 MM                                      EA
PRO 10026L     1-5/8"                EA           PRO 10058M       58 MM                                      EA
PRO 10028L     1-3/4"                EA           PRO 10060M       60 MM                                      EA
PRO 10029L     1-13/16"              EA           PRO 10063M       63 MM                                      EA
PRO 10030L     1-7/8"                EA           PRO 10065M       65 MM                                      EA
PRO 10031L     1-15/16"              EA           PRO 10067M       67 MM                                      EA

                                                                                                                            Landscaping Tools
PRO 10032L     2"                    EA           PRO 10070M       70 MM                                      EA
PRO 10034L     2-1/8"                EA           PRO 10075M       75 MM                                      EA
PRO 10035L     2-3/16"               EA           PRO 10080M       80 MM                                      EA
PRO 10036L     2-1/4"                EA
PRO 10037L     2-5/16"               EA
PRO 10038L     2-3/8"                EA
PRO 10041L     2-9/16"               EA           Socket Retainers
PRO 10044L     2-3/4"                EA           Proto Retaining Rings
                                                  - Retaining Rings are used to help secure sock-
                                                    ets onto drive tools. They are not intended to
                                                    bear any load. The rotational forces are
                                                    between the drive tool and the socket.
                                                  Proto® Crush Gauge Retaining Rings
Impact Socket Universal Joints                    - Proto® 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" Drive Retaining Rings are designed with

                                                                                                                            Measuring Tools
Patented “Pinless” Design                           a resin crush gauge to help identify when to replace worn sockets.
                                                  - The resin crush gauge on the pin helps indicate when a socket is
ORDER#         DRIVE                 UOM            excessively worn and should be replaced
PRO 7270P      3/8” DR               EA           - Drive tool and socket should line up when in use and should not
PRO 7470P      1/2” DR               EA             pinch the crush gauge.
PRO 07570      3/4” DR               EA           - Cracked sockets and or worn drive tools cause each other to turn
PRO 10670      1” DR                 EA             excessively in relation to each other. This action pinches the small
                                                    fin or the crush gauge on these retaining rings. If the crush gauge
                                                    is pinched, it is an indication that the socket and or the drive tool
                                                    need to be replaced.
                                                  - One piece construction, no loose parts. Pin made of resin which
                                                    allows the material to compress without breaking.
Socket Extensions
                                                  ORDER#           DESCRIPTION                                UOM
                                                                                                                            Power Tools
                                                  PRO RR07520      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 1-1/4 GRV                 EA
ORDER#         DRIVE        LENGTH   UOM          PRO RR07523      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 1-7/16 GRV                EA
PRO 7175P      3/8” DR      3”       EA           PRO RR07526      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 1-5/8 GRV                 EA
PRO 7176P      3/8” DR      6”       EA           PRO RR07528      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 1-5/8 GRV                 EA
PRO 717BP      3/8” DR      12”      EA           PRO RR07532      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 2 GRV                     EA
PRO 7180P      1/2” DR      2"       EA           PRO RR07534      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 2-1/8 GRV                 EA
PRO 7182P      1/2” DR      3"       EA           PRO RR07536      RNT RNG CG 3/4DR 2-1/4 GRV                 EA
PRO 7181P      1/2” DR      5"       EA           PRO RR10028      RNT RNG CG 1DR 1-3/4 GRV                   EA
PRO 7184P      1/2” DR      9"       EA           PRO RR10032      RNT RNG CG 1DR 2 GRV                       EA
PRO 7183-00    1/2” DR      10"      EA           PRO RR10034      RNT RNG CG 1DR 2-1/8 GRV                   EA
PRO 07565      3/4” DR      5"       EA           PRO RR10036      RNT RNG CG 1DR 2-1/4 GRV                   EA
PRO 07567      3/4” DR      7"       EA           PRO RR10040      RNT RNG CG 1DR 2-1/2 GRV                   EA
PRO 07568      3/4” DR      10"      EA           PRO RR10042      RNT RNG CG 1DR 2-5/8 GRV                   EA
                                                  PRO RR15046      RNT RNG CG 1-1/2DR 2-7/8 GRV               EA
                                                                                                                            Pneumatic Tools

PRO 07569      3/4” DR      13"      EA
PRO 10607      1” DR        7”       EA           PRO RR15054      RNT RNG CG 1-1/2DR 3-3/8 GRV               EA
PRO 10608      1” DR        10”      EA           PRO RR15062      RNT RNG CG 1-1/2DR 3-7/8 GRV               EA
PRO 10609      1” DR        13”      EA           PRO RR15070      RNT RNG CG 1-1/2DR 4-3/8 GRV               EA


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