How to Prevent Recurrent Yeast Infections

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					A Recurrent Yeast Infection is simply a yeast infection that keeps coming back,
maybe up to four or five times a year. Some people are simply susceptible to them.
Read on to find out why!

A Yeast Infection is a complex environmental condition caused by "Candida
Albicans". Candida is a naturally occurring yeast found in everyone and in the air. It
seeks to overgrow and rule the body when suitable conditions are present. This
overgrowth can be hugely dangerous! It can go from non pathogenic to pathogenic
and produces root like structures called Rhizoids that actually penetrate the intestinal
walls enabling yeast and toxic waste to enter the bloodstream. Scary!

A Yeast Infection or overgrowth happens when your natural inner balance is affected.

Some of the causes of this could be...

* A high sugar diet - a leading cause, as it feeds the yeast and allows it to spread and
* Diabetes - Diabetics are often sufferers due to excessive sugar.
* Antibiotics - You take these for some other infection or bacteria and they will kill all
the good bacteria too! The body does it's best to stay in balance but antibiotics can
* A compromised immune system - this may be you feeling under par after an illness
or prolonged stress or if you are an HIV or Aids sufferer.
* Sex with a person with a high level of yeast themselves.
* Hygiene - Candida Albicans loves warm, damp and dark environments like the
intestines, vagina, mouth and between the toes etc.
* Clothes that don't "breathe" or are tight and restrict the flow of air.

Symptoms of a Recurrent Yeast Infection can be varied and many! They are a warning
that something in the body is not right. Among the symptoms can be

* Burning, swollen, itching rashes.
* Discharges and odours
* Migraines, mood swings and brain fog
* Food cravings
* Lack of energy, vitality and good quality of life
* Gas, bloating, poor digestion and digestive pain
* Eczema
* Yeast Infections in the toe and fingernails
* Muscle & joint aches and pains
* Sinus disorders

Not good!
So how do we prevent these Recurrent Yeast Infections?

You've probably tried lots of creams, remedies and over the counter treatments. The
problem with these, however, is that they just address the external symptoms and not
the internal root cause! So you take them, the infection goes, you stop taking them
and Hey! Back comes the infection. Again!

The best and only approach that works permanently is to tackle the problem
holistically. This means following a multi pronged approach. Some of the points to
look at include

* Diet - among the issues here are sugar, alcohol and yeast products.
* Stress management - don't lower your immune system more.
* Exercise and sleep optimisation - build up your inner self.
* Clothing - breathable or natural fabrics and not too tight.
* Good personal hygiene - keep everything dry - yeast loves damp bits!
* Scented products - Not good. They can throw out the PH of your body and upset it's
balance further.

You have to tackle the root cause & not the symptoms!
You must reverse the adverse conditions which are encouraging your Yeast Infections
to thrive.
Recurrent Yeast Infections happen because you keep feeding the yeast!

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