How to Plan a Hawaiian Theme Wedding by aihaozhe2


									The first step in planning a Hawaiian themed wedding is choosing the perfect location.
When you think about Hawaii you picture lush outdoor landscapes full of tropical
beauty. Depending on your location, this may seem like a big obstacle, but not if you
think outside of the box. Check with local golf courses, parks, and if you are lucky
enough to live in an area that has a beach, that is even better. You may not think of a
golf course as being a "tropical location", but many times they are beautifully
landscaped, and with a few additions it works beautifully. Parks, the same as golf
courses, usually only require the addition of a few tropical flowers to transform into
an amazing Hawaiian site.

The wedding attire can be really fun with a Hawaiian themed wedding. Think floral
prints, bright colors, and aloha shirts. Rather than have the traditional tuxedos for the
groomsmen and ushers, why not go with something a little more relaxed like an aloha
shirt. As for the bridesmaids, floral print dresses work beautifully. When deciding on
the attire, do not be afraid of bright beautiful colors. With a Hawaiian theme, they
work wonderfully. If you want to add even more Hawaiian accents, consider leis.
Brightly colored leis will defiantly add a Hawaiian feel to the ceremony. If you have
enough money in your wedding budget, you could even have a lei for all of your

Planning the reception of a Hawaiian themed wedding can be extremely fun.
Choosing to skip the traditional formal reception and going with a luau places
everyone in party mood. To decorate the luau use a lot of fresh flowers. Orchids,
anthuriums and gingers are all great choices. Luau tables can easily be decorated with
loose flowers, or you may even want to cut some of the leis and tie them end to end,
to create a beautiful table runner. Fresh tropical fruit such as pineapple also fits nicely
with the Hawaiian theme, and are both budget friendly and available year round.
Another way to decorate your reception is by using brightly colored fabric, with or
without Hawaiian print, and sea shells. The possibilities are endless.

Food for the reception can also have a more relaxed feel. Many traditional luaus
involve a roasted pig, along with several other dishes. If you are a little worried about
what to prepare, you may want to look for a caterer who specializes in Hawaiian or
tropical cuisine. Tropical drinks also add more character to your celebration.

If you really want to get into the Hawaiian feel, and are not afraid to be bold, why not
hire a group of hula dancers and fire dancers. This will definitely be a hit. You could
even have extra hula skirts available for your guests if they would like use them.

Choosing to go with a Hawaiian theme for your wedding day can be both fun and
relaxing. The possibilities for decorating and entertaining are endless, and can be
accomplished on both large and small budgets. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate
with family and friends, what better way to do that, than with a huge party.

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