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					                                12. MATRICULATION EXEMPTIONS

                                All International students with non-South African qualifications require a certificate of
                                exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa for admission into undergraduate
                                Application for Matriculation Exemption along with undergraduate application forms should
                                be sent to: , Private Bag 4, WITS, 2050, Email: , Tel: +27 11 717 1030
                                Including the following supporting documentation;
                                    • Form M30E (this form is included in the application package for study at Wits)
                                    • Correctly Certified copies of your educational qualifications certified by a South
                                      African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your
                                      home country
                                    • A correctly certified copy of your passport or birth certificate certified by a South

                                      African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your
                                      home country
                                    • Exemption fee included in the non-refundable application fee of R600.00 charged

                                        to international applicants
                                    • Sworn English translations of documents are required.
                                Please Note:
                                    • Statements of results and high school transcripts are not accepted by the
                                      Matriculation Board
                                    • Certification by police or any ordinary Commissioner of Oaths is not accepted by
                                      the Matriculation Board.
                                    • Faxed and scanned copies are NOT acceptable
                                    • Students are advised to send two sets of documents, one for application for
                                      Matriculation Exemption and one for application to programme (degree) studies
                                    For additional information on Matriculation Exemptions see the Matriculation Board
                                Ordinary level, Advanced Subsidiary level and Advanced level qualifications
                                O/ GCSE Levels: A candidate who has written only the O/GCSE-level examination
                                and no other school-leaving examination is not eligible for admission to the University,
                                unless he/she has attained the age of 23 before or during the first year of registration.
                                Such an applicant may apply to the university on the grounds of mature age exemption.
                                Only symbols A, B and C credits are acceptable (although not all programmes (degrees)
                                consider mature age applicants).
                                    A-Levels: The University recognizes A-level passes. To obtain a complete exemption
                                    from the Matriculation Board a candidate requires two recognised A-level passes and
                                    three O/GCSE-level passes including English Language and an approved second
                                    language. A foreign conditional exemption is issued to a candidate who has pass
                                    marks in two approved A-level subjects (symbols A to E are acceptable) and three
                                    approved O-level subject credits, including English or English Language.
                                    Note that entry requirements vary in the various programmes (degrees).
    AS-Levels: The University recognizes AS-level A to D passes. To obtain a complete
    exemption from the Matriculation Board a candidate requires four recognised
    AS-level passes and one O/ GCSE -level pass including English Language and an
    approved second language. A foreign conditional exemption is issued to a candidate
    who has pass marks (symbols A to D) in four approved AS-level subjects and one
    approved O/ GCSE -level subject credit, including English or English Language but
    no second language.
Submission of results
Applicants must submit certified copies of their results together with the application form
for university studies. For students who are writing the exams in November of the year
in which they are applying, the results will be available in late January. Please note that
due to time constraints, this may not enable you to obtain the necessary study permit
prior to registration in mid-February.

                                                                                                    MATRICULATION EXEMPTIONS
A and O/GCSE -Levels outside Britain
An applicant in possession of O/GCSE, AS and A-level qualifications from countries which
conduct these examinations themselves and which are not administered by British
examining bodies, must show documentary evidence that he/she would qualify for
admission to a British university.
Exemption from A-level subjects
Please note that the university does not give credits for any A-level subjects taken, but
may grant exemption from a particular course. If you intend applying for exemption from
a course, a detailed syllabus of the course you have completed must be submitted. The
individual faculties will provide further assistance in this regard.
Applicants have to pass two higher level and three subsidiary level subjects including
English towards the International Baccalaureate Certificate. Grades 4 to 7 are acceptable.
Twenty four (24) points are required to obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Submission of results
It is the responsibility of the candidate to submit the results when applying for university
An applicant with IGCSE qualifications is treated in the same way as an O-level candidate.
A certificate of exemption (from the Matriculation Board) is issued to a candidate who has
passed four HIGCSE subjects and one IGCSE subject including English on first or second
language HIGCSE level, and approved HIGCSE and IGCSE first language selected from
Groups I and II and two of Groups III, IV and V:
    • Group I: a first language approved by the Committee of Principals;

                                     • Group II: a second language approved by the Committee of Principals;
                                     • Group III: a third language approved by the Committee of Principals which is not
                                       offered for the purposes of Group I or II, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical
                                       Science or Physics;
                                     • Group IV: Art and Design, Biology (if not offered under Group III), Chemistry (if not
                                       offered under Group III), Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics (if not
                                       offered under Group III), Music, Physical Science (if not offered under Group III)
                                       or Physics (if not offered under Group III);
                                     • Group V: Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies or Design and
                                       Symbols 1, 2 and 3 are regarded as HIGCSE pass marks and symbols A, B and
                                       C are regarded as IGCSE pass marks.

                                Submission of results
                                The applicant must submit the results with the application form for university studies. For
                                students who are writing the exams in November of the year in which they are applying,
                                the results will normally be available in December. Faculties can make this decision as
                                soon as the results are processed. Please note this may not enable you to obtain a study
                                permit prior to registration in mid-February, due to time constraints.
                                AICE is a foreign group examination introduced in 1998, which has been approved by the
                                Matriculation Board for exemption purposes. The Cambridge International Examinations
                                (CIE), previously known as UCLES, conducts it. A certificate of complete exemption (from
                                the Matriculation Board) will be issued to a candidate who has passed five full credit
                                courses or alternatively four full credit courses plus two half courses including English, a
                                second language, and a pass mark in one of Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,
                                History, Economics or Geography. Symbols A to D are acceptable for AICE.
                                Submission of results
                                An applicant who has written and has a certificate, must submit a certified copy together
                                with the application form for university studies. An applicant who requires a study permit
                                and who will be writing the University of Cambridge A-levels in November must supply
                                the University with the following details:
                                     • exam dates,
                                     • exam numbers, and
                                     • exam centre,
                                This will enable us to obtain your results from CIE. If we do not obtain your results in time,
                                it is unlikely you will be able to obtain your study permit before registration in February.
                                Please see tables below as a quick reference guide to assessing your foreign qualifications
                                by country. For students writing foreign qualifications outside of the United Kingdom or
                                Namibia please see the Matriculation Board website at;

UNITED KINGDOM: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

COUNTRY          QUALIFICATION                                     NOTES                    TYPE OF
UNITED           Two approved Advanced Level subjects and          Symbols A to E are       Complete
KINGDOM          three additional approved Ordinary or GCSE        Advanced Level Pass      (Reg 13)
England, Wales   Level subject credits that satisfy the grouping   marks whilst symbols
and Northern     requirements                                      A, B or C are O-
Ireland                                                            Level/GCSE credits

                 Pass marks in five subjects including four A/S    Symbols A to D are
                 Level subjects from Group I and II and two        A/S level pass marks
                 other groups or five subjects including four      with symbols A to C as
                 A/S level subjects with English as a Group I      GCSE Level pass
                 or II subject and another language at first or    marks
                 second language level (depending on the

                                                                                                                    MATRICULATION EXEMPTIONS
                 group under which English is offered) and
                 three other A/S level subjects selected from
                 two of Groups III, IV or V

                 Pass marks in two approved A-Level subjects       Symbols A to E are       Foreign
                 and three approved O-Level subject credits        Advanced Level Pass      (Reg 28)
                 that do not satisfy the grouping requirements     marks whilst symbols
                                                                   A, B or C are O-
                                                                   Level/GCSE credits

                 Pass marks in English Language at AS Level        Symbols A to D are
                 and pass marks in three AS Level subjects         A/S level pass marks
                 with SA HG subject equivalents or pass marks      with symbols A to C as
                 in four AS Level subjects and a GCSE pass         GCSE Level pass
                 mark in English Language or at First Language     marks
                 English but no second language

                 Pass marks in four Advanced Vocational            Symbols A to E are
                 Certificate of Education (AVCE) subjects as       AVCE pass marks & A
                 well as a GCSE credit in English Language         to C GCSE credits

                 A BTEC National Diploma as well as a GCSE
                 credit in English Language

                 General National Vocational Qualifications                                 Foreign
                 (GNVQ's), Vocational A Levels and BTEC                                     (Reg 28)
                 qualifications                                                             provided
                                                                                            letter of
                 BTEC Higher National Diploma
                                                                                            eligibility from
                                                                                            UK university
                                                                                            is produced

                 Pass marks in English Language and three          Pass mark = symbols      Mature age
                 approved O-Level subjects, three of which         A, B or C                (Reg 30)
                 must have been passed at one examination

                 Qualifications obtained in examinations of                                 Not
                 London Chamber of Commerce and Industries                                  acceptable for
                 Examination Board (LCCIEB), Royal Schools                                  university
                 of Arts (RSA) or National Vocational                                       admission
                 Qualifications (NVQ's)


                                COUNTRY    QUALIFICATION                                    NOTES                    TYPE OF
                                SCOTLAND   Four Higher Grade pass marks (symbols A,         Pass mark = symbols      Foreign
                                           B or C) and one additional Standard Grade        A, B or C                (Reg 28)
                                           pass mark in respect of Scottish Certificate
                                           of Education (SCE)

                                           SCOTVEC/SQA vocational qualifications                                     Foreign
                                                                                                                     (Reg 28)
                                                                                                                     letter of
                                                                                                                     eligibility from
                                                                                                                     university is


                                           Pass marks in English and three SCE subjects     Pass mark = symbols      Mature age
                                           provided three had been passed at one            A, B or C                (Reg 30)
                                           examination sitting

                                NAMIBIA    At a maximum of two examination sittings         HIGCSE and IGCSE         Complete
                                           the following requirements must be satisfied:    level subjects           (Reg 15)
                                           Passmarks in four Higher International           examined in Namibia
                                           Certificate of Secondary Education (HIGCSE)      by UCLES as from
                                           and one International Certificate of Secondary   November 1995.
                                           Education (IGCSE) Level subjects including       Symbols 1, 2 and 3
                                           English on first or second language HIGCSE       are regarded as
                                           Level, and approved HIGCSE or IGCSE              HIGCSE passmarks
                                           language on first language level (if English     whilst symbols A, B
                                           had been taken on the second language level)     and C are regarded as
                                           or a foreign language (if English had been       IGCSE level
                                           taken on first language level) accompanied       passmarks. HIGCSE
                                           by passmarks in two HIGCSE level subjects        symbol 4 also
                                           selected from two of the following groups:       regarded as equivalent
                                                                                            to IGCSE Level
                                           Group 3: A third language, Chemistry, Physics,   passmark
                                           Mathematics, Physical Science or Biology

                                           Group 4: Art, Economics, History, Geography
                                           or a subject from Group 3 excluding third
                                           languages provided offered for one group

                                           Group 5: Accounting, Computer Studies or
                                           Design and Technology provided the subject
                                           must be accompanied by a passmark in
                                           Mathematics on at least IGCSE level

                                           Bachelor's programme (degree) irrespective                                Complete
                                           of admission requirements                                                 (Reg 17)
                                                                                                                     w.e.f. date
                                                                                                                     of completion


COUNTRY   QUALIFICATION                                   NOTES                    TYPE OF
NAMIBIA   Pass in four HIGCSE Level subjects (1 to 3)     HIGCSE and IGCSE         Foreign
          and one approved IGCSE Level subject (A,        level subjects           (Reg 28)
          B or C), that satisfy all the grouping          examined in Namibia
          requirements of paragraph 15 except the         by UCLES as from
          second language requirement                     November 1995.
                                                          Symbols 1, 2 and 3 are
          Three year teachers' diploma after completion   regarded as HIGCSE
          of five IGCSE subjects including English        passmarks whilst
          Language                                        symbols A, B and C
          Five approved IGCSE Level subjects with A,      are regarded as IGCSE
          B or C symbols including English as well as     level passmarks.
          completion of first year of local bachelor's    HIGCSE symbol 4 also

                                                                                                     MATRICULATION EXEMPTIONS
          programme (degree)                              regarded as equivalent
                                                          to IGCSE Level

          Three year teachers diploma without required                             Mature age
          Ordinary Level passmarks                                                 (Reg 30)

          IGCSE level passmarks in English as First
          Language and three other subject equivalents
          to SA HG subjects provided three had been
          passed simultaneously or one HIGCSE level
          passmark and three further IGCSE level
          passmarks provided three subjects had been
          passed simultaneously

                                                    1 3 . P O S T G R A D U A T E I N F O R M AT I O N

                                                    13.1 APPLICATION PROCEDURE
                                                    Enquiries should be directed to the relevant Faculty Office OR see
                                           for more information, and an application package.
                                                    Once you have received and completed the necessary forms, please return them to the
                                                    Faculty Office with:
                                                        1. A completed application form and the non-refundable application fee of R550.00
                                                           (as a bank draft made payable to the University of the Witwatersrand, in the South
                                                           African currency of “Rand”).
                                                        2. Certified copies of all your programme (degree) certificates and request the
                                                           universities or institutions that you attended to send a full academic transcript
                                                           covering all periods of registration to each faculty to which you are applying. Include
                                                           all details of courses undertaken and the marks obtained. Any documentation not

                                                           in English must be translated and sworn to by an authorised translator.
                                                        3. Curriculum vitae.
                                                        4. A short outline of your intended research area (no more than one typed page) - for
                                                           Masters (by research) or PhD applicants only, and if you are applying for a Master
                                                           of Arts programme (degree), a sample of research work or a long essay written or
                                                           translated into English.
                                                        5. Two reference letters from people of authority dependant on program applying
                                                           for (not family).
                                                        6. Proof of English Language proficiency. (Refer to page 16)
                                                        7. Enquiries in respect of evaluation of your qualifications may be addressed to:
                                                           Directorate: Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services (DFQEAS),
                                                           The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
                                                           Helpdesk: 086 010 3188
                                                           Call Centre: +27 12 431 5070
                                                           Fax: +27 12 431 5146
                                                           Postal Address: Postnet Suite 248, Private Bag X06, Waterkloof, 0145
                                                           E-mail: or
                                                           (Application form in centre of book)
                                                    CLOSING DATES FOR POSTGRADUATE SUBMISSIONS
                                                    The closing date for submission differs from one Faculty to the other. Kindly contact your
                                                    representative Faculty website.


Arrangements can be made by the Wits International Office for a shuttle/taxi transfer from
the airport to the University. This will be for the account of the student.
If this service is required, please email the transport form to
at least two weeks before date of departure. Please go to to download
the form.

It is best to organise an international driver's license applicable to South Africa in your
home country. Such a license must be issued in English by an authorised licensing
department and be shown in your passport. Licenses issued in a language other than
English must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (in English) issued by the
Foreign Office (e.g. Embassy or Consulate of the bearer's country of origin). It is law in
South Africa to carry your driving license with you whenever you are driving and you could
face a fine if you are found by the traffic authorities without one.

                                                                                                        TRAVEL INFORMATION

 • The Gautrain, service currently running from O.R.Tambo Airport to Sandton
   Visit the website for more infomration:
                              15. OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT

                              Visit any of the banks below in the Matrix, Wits University to open a bank account.

                              ABSA - Contact Number: +27 11 403 3100

                                  • Savings Account
                                  • Proof of Registration
                                  • Proof of Residence
                                  • Passport and valid study permit
                                  • R50.00 open account and R35.00 for card. No cash is accepted

                              First National Bank (FNB) - Contact Number:+27 11 403 5692

                                  • Student Account
                                  • Proof of Registration
                                  • Passport and valid study permit
                                  • Proof of residence in South Africa
                                  • R30.00 to open account. Cash accepted

                              Standard Bank - Contact Number: 086 010 1341

                                  • Student Account (maximum age 26)
                                  • Proof of registration or Student Card
                                  • Passport and valid study permit
                                  • Proof of Residence in South Africa
                                  • Minimum of R10.00 to activate account. Deposit - Autobank

1 6. AV E R A G E L I V I N G E X P E N S E S

The average rate is around $1 = R7.00 – R9.00. The figures are to be used as guidelines
only. Please note that prices are correct at the time of going to print and is subject to
 Bread              1 loaf               R9.00
 Potatoes           1 Kg                 R10.00
 Milk               2L                   R15.00
 Eggs               1 Dozen              R15.00
 Pizzas                                  R30.00 – R50.00
 Monthly groceries for one person        R1000.00 – R1500.00

                                                                                                 AV E R A G E L I V I N G E X P E N S E S
 Computer Desktop             +/- R7000.00
 Laptops                      +/- R10000.00
 Textbooks                    R700.00 – R1500.00 (locally printed)
                              R2000.00 (imported) per book
 Bus Ticket                   R140.00 – R200.00 per month
 Minibus Taxi                 R10.00 one way trip (depending on the distance)
 Movie Ticket                 R40.00

 Expenses                            Month                           Year
                              Rand            US$            Rand            US$
 Rent                        3500.00         350.00        42000.00         4200.00
 Groceries                   1500.00         150.00        18000.00         1800.00
 Transport                   350.00          35.00          4200.00         420.00
 Pocket Money                800.00          80.00          9600.00         960.00
 TOTAL                       6150.00         615.00        73800.00         7380.00

    • Rental is for self-catering accommodation in a bachelor flat. The amount quoted
      excludes electricity and water, which amount to R100.00 – R300.00 per month
      depending on usage.
    • Transport: this amount is for the Metro Bus Service. The amount will vary depending
      on the area that you are traveling from.

                                  17. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                  17.1 STUDY PERMIT
                                  How do I apply for a study permit?
                                  Refer to Section 5.2.1 ‘Study Permit’ on page 7.
                                  What do I have to do if my study permit expires?
                                  This constitutes for an application for a new study permit. Refer to Section 5.2.1 ‘Study
                                  Permit’ on page 7.
                                  If I have written a South African matriculation, but I am not a South African citizen,
                                  do not have permanent residence and have had a study permit for school, do I need
                                  a study permit for university?
                                  Yes, even if your school study permit is still valid, you must re-apply for a permit which
                                  is for university study only. The earlier permit is not transferable. This also applies to

                                  students who change universities. You can only study at Wits with a study permit that
                                  clearly states ‘to study at Wits’.
                                  If I have a valid work permit, do I need a study permit?
                                  In the past an endorsement was issued, due to new interpretation by the Department of
                                  Home Affairs we advise that you contact the WIO for the latest interpretation.
                                  When can I apply for my study permit?
                                  You are required to submit an application to study at Wits. If your application is successful,
                                  the Faculty or SEnC will send a firm offer letter. You may then apply for a study permit
                                  from your nearest South African High Commission, Consulate, Embassy or Trade Mission.
                                  What documents do I need to get registered at Wits as a refugee student?
                                  You need to show proof that you have a valid refugee permit. Refugee students are not
                                  required to have a study permit or medical aid cover. This also applies to Asylum Seekers.
                                  What happens if I get permanent residence?
                                  You need to notify the Wits International Office immediately. Please bring your passport
                                  (a copy of the page containing the permanent residence stamp is needed) and your original
                                  permanent residence certificate in order for the Wits International Office to change your
                                  status on the university system
                                  17.2 FEES AND BURSARY/SCHOLARSHIP
                                  When should I pay?
                                  You can make the payment at any time before you come to your Faculty to register - you
                                  may prefer to avoid the queues on registration day(s) by paying earlier.
                                  You may pay at the University’s Fees Office on the Senate House Concourse, East Campus
                                  weekdays between 08:15 and 15:30. For your convenience, additional cashiers will be
                                  available on registration day only. Please note NO payments are accepted at the Wits
                                  International Office.
                                  What should I do if I have a bursary/scholarship?
                                  You should first go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to authenticate sponsor
                                  then go to the University’s Fees Office in Senate House Concourse, East Campus, where
                                  on presentation of proof of stamped bursary/scholarship, a clearance certificate will be
                                  given to waive the payment before registration.
                                  Can I receive a scholarship or grant from Wits to fund my studies?
                                  If you are a postgraduate student, you may apply for the Postgraduate Merit Award.
                                  Although the university does not offer any scholarships to undergraduate International
do check our website for information about private scholarships options.
How do I pay my tuition fees?
Refer to Section 9 on ‘Financial Information’’ on pages 17 to 19.
How much do I pay for tuition?
Once you have been accepted, the Faculty will send you information on how much tuition
fees you need to pay. You can also contact the University Fees Office for this information
on +27 11 717-1530. Do keep in mind that you have to pay all your fees before you can
Can the Wits International Office help me find accommodation?

                                                                                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
The Central Accommodation Office deals with all accommodation queries. Students are
advised to apply for accommodation in time as spaces in the University residences are
limited and are offered on a first-come first-served basis on an academic point system.
For more information refer to Section 7 on Residential Accommodation on page 14. Do
refer to their webpage for these requirements. Please e-mail Gita Patel for Off Campus
accommodation enquiries:
How do I get medical aid cover?
For more information refer to Section 6 on ‘Medical Aid’ on page 11.
What is a matriculation exemption and how do I get it?
In terms of the Higher Education Act, anyone who wishes to pursue a first programme
(degree) (bachelors degree) needs a Senior Certificate with Matriculation endorsement
(university entrance), or a certificate of exemption issued by the Matriculation Board.
Various types of exemption certificates may be issued depending on the qualification of
the applicant.
Can I apply for admission to as many universities as I wish?
Yes. Remember that you can only register at ONE university for an academic year of
studies. The exemption certificate can only be issued on behalf of the university you are
registered with.
How long does it take to receive my certificate of exemption?
It takes approximately six weeks on receipt of complete set of documents.
Where can I obtain an application form?
The forms can be obtained as follows:
     •     Available from the Admission Officers on the University campus
     •     Can be downloaded and printed from the Matriculation Board website:
           or the WIO website:

                                  17.6 APPLICATION PROCEDURE
                                  I have received my acceptance letter from Wits. What other documents will be required
                                  during registration?
                                  Before you can register at the Faculty office, you need to obtain an international clearance
                                  certificate from the Wits International Office.To receive this clearance, you must present an
                                  original passport containing a valid study permit which reflects that you will be studying at
                                  the University of the Witwatersrand, proof of one year’s membership with a South African
                                  recognized or administered Medical Aid, completed fees quotation form and an international
                                  fees clearance certificate from the Fees Office which is proof that you have paid the year’s
                                  tuition, IRF and residence fee (if applicable). If you are an undergraduate student, you also
                                  need to have applied for a Matriculation Exemption.
                                  I have completed a Bachelors programme (degree) and would like to apply for a Masters

                                  programme (degree) at your university. How do I apply and how do I get my programme
                                  (degree) evaluated?
                                  Please see this guide for information on postgraduate applicants. Postgraduate students
                                  who need to have their certificates/qualifications evaluated should contact the South African
                                  Qualifications Authority directly. (See for more information). Refer to Section 13 ‘Postgraduate
                                  Information’ on page 29.
                                  What are the term dates at Wits?
                                  Term dates and other important dates are found in the Almanac available on the website .
                                  Does Wits accept mature age students?
                                  Does Wits offer courses by distance learning?
                                  I have completed my first year of university in my home country. I would like to transfer
                                  to your university to complete the programme (degree). How do I apply? Will I get
                                  credits for the courses I have completed at my university?
                                  The application procedure is similar to applicants who have completed high school and the
                                  deadlines apply. Please refer to the guide under the section for undergraduates on application
                                  procedures. When you apply, you need to send your academic record from your home
                                  university. You may apply for second year if you think you qualify. The Faculty will then consult
                                  the department into which you are applying to ascertain if you qualify to have credits for the
                                  courses completed in your home country. Please contact the Student Enrolment Centre for
                                  more information or refer to Section 11 ‘Undergraduate Information’ on pages 21 to 22.
                                  I would wish to improve my English as I study at Wits. Is this possible?
                                  Yes. The Wits Language School offers language courses. Refer to Section 8.8 on ‘English
                                  Proficiency’ on page 16.
                                  What should I do if I want to transfer from a South African university to Wits?
                                  You need a letter of release or a letter of deregistration which indicates your academic

                                                      1 8 . I M P O R TA N T N U M B E R S O N C A M P U S

                                                      GENERAL ENQUIRIES        FACULTY OF HEALTH           Medical School
                                                      Main campus              SCIENCES                    Tel: +27 11 717 2222
                                                      Braamfontein             Undergraduate enquiries     Campus Health and
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 1000     Tel: +27 11 717 2125        Wellness Centre
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 2545        Tel: +27 11 717 9111/13
                                                      Education campus
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 2097
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 3007
                                                                                                           Counselling and Careers
                                                                               Postgraduate enquiries      Development Unit (CCDU)
                                                      Medical School
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 2075        Tel: +27 11 717 914032
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 9966
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 2076
                                                      Wits Business School                                 Disability Unit
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 3999     FACULTY OF                  Tel: +27 11 717 9151
                                                                               HUMANITIES                  Examination and

                                                      Wits Language School     Undergraduate enquires      Graduation Office
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 4207/8   Tel: +27 11 717 4001        Tel: +27 11 717 1274
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 4007
                                                      STUDENT                                              Fees Office
                                                      ENROLMENT CENTRE         Postgraduate enquires       Tel: +27 11 717 1538
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 1030     Tel: +27 11 717 4006        Financial Aid and
                                                      FACULTY OF               Wits School of Arts         Tel: +27 11 717 1081
                                                      COMMERCE, LAW            Tel: +27 11 717 4605
                                                                                                           ICAM Card Centre
                                                      AND MANAGEMENT           Education                   Tel: +27 11 717 1830
                                                      Undergraduate            Tel: +27 11 717 3021        Office of Residence Life
                                                      enquiries                Tel: +27 11 717 3018        Tel: +27 11 717
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 8003                                 9170/72/73/74
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 8006     Social Sciences
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 8178     Tel: +27 11 717 4051        Sports Administration
                                                                                                           Tel: +27 11 717 9408/09
                                                      Postgraduate enquiries   FACULTY OF                  Student Affairs
                                                      Masters Commerce         SCIENCE                     Tel: +27 11 717 9102
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 8005     Undergraduate enquiries
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 6000        Traffic Office
                                                      Masters Law                                          Tel: +27 11 717 1882/3
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 8176     Postgraduate enquiries      Welcome Centre
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 6003        Tel: +27 11 717 4072
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 3582     PART-TIME STUDIES           Wits International Office
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 3629                                 Tel: +27 11 717 1054
                                                                               WITS PLUS
                                                                                                           Wits Theatre
                                                      FACULTY OF               Tel: +27 11 717 9505        Tel: +27 11 717 1372
                                                      ENGINEERING AND          Fax: +27 11 717 9519
                                                      THE BUILT
                                                                               OTHER CONTACT
                                                                               NUMBERS ON
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 7000/7   CAMPUS
                                                                               Alumni Relations
                                                      Built Environment        Tel: +27 11 717 1090
                                                      Tel: +27 11 717 7601/2
                                                                               Campus Control
                                                                               Main Campus
                                                                               Tel: +27 11 717 4444/6666
                                                                               Education Campus
                                                 37                            Tel: +27 11 717 3310
1 9 . I M P O R TA N T N U M B E R S O F F C A M P U S

CAR RENTAL             TRANSPORT &             EMERGENCY
                       TRAVEL                  SERVICES
Avis Car Rental
0861 11 3 748          Gauteng Tourism         Ambulance
                       Authority               10177
Budget Car Rental
                       +27 11 832-2780
0861 01 6 622
                       STA Travel
Europcar                                       Fire Brigade
                       0861 781 781
0861 131 000                                   10177
                       Airports Company
Hertz Car Rental
                       South Africa
0861 600 136

                                                                            I M P O R TA N T N U M B E R S O F F C A M P U S
                       086 727 7888            Lifeline
                                               0861 322 322
TAXIS & AIRPORT        083 915 8000
                       Greyhound(bus)          Police (Flying Squad)
AA Metro cab           083 915 9000            10111
083 692 22 22
                       Inter-Cape (bus)
Airport Link           0861 287 287
+27 11 792 2017
                       Translux (bus)
                       0861 589 282            Milpark Hospital
Airport Shuttle
                                               +27 11 480 5600
086 174 88 85
Dial Travel
+27 11 916 2999                                Park Lane Clinic
Maxi Taxi                                      +27 11 480 4000
+27 11 648 1212
Rose Taxi
+27 11 403 9625                                Garden City Hospital
                                               +27 11 495 5000

Department of Home                             Wits Donald Gorden
Affairs                                        Medical Centre
+27 11 639 4000
                                               +27 11 356 6000
Embassies and
Please Dial 1023


This publication was made possible by the generous donation from:

MANAGEMENT                                  +27 11 489 1900
+27 11 403 0554                    (for off campus accommodation)
(for off campus accommodation)

0860 102 493 or
+27 12 671 8511
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