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                                                                    Hanging at Wreck since 1918
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                   Chilly climate freezes admissions
  by Chris Nuttall-Smith                   in place relating to educational          done to remedy the systemi c
                                           equity and a learning and work-           problems detailed by McEwen .
    UBC ' s graduate program i n           ing environment which is fre e                "It's my understanding that
the political science departmen t          from harassment and discrimi-             racist or sexist behavior is against
is rife with racism and sexism ,           nation, " he said .                       the law in this province an d
an independent report release d                Although Strangway will fol -         therefore, one would think tha t
June 21 concluded .                         low the report's recommenda-              an employer who's concerned
     The report was commissioned            tions, he stopped shy of prom-            about meeting his or her obliga -
 by the university and written b y          ising any action above and be-            tion under the law would take
 independent investigator Joa n             yond the recommendations. He              steps to discipline their employ -
 McEwen . She found "a genuin e             said that he would not repri-             ees, " said Anita Braha, lawye r
 basis" for systemic and pervasiv e         mand any faculty or staff, no r           for the Graduate Students' Soci -
 racism and sexism in the depart-           would he speak with the depart-           ety, which also represented th e
 ment.                                      ment.                                     complainants .
     While McEwen did not name                 In an open letter t o                     Students are also frustrated b y
 any specific complainants or fac -         Strangway, president of th e              the university administration ' s
 ulty accused of racism and sex-            Toronto based Society for Aca-            reasoning in refusing to disci-
 ism, she did provide example s             demic Freedom and Scholar -               pline any faculty member .
 of several incidents . Allegations         ship John Furedy attacked th e            Strangway said the universit y
 cited in the report range from a                                                     would not take such action be -
 white male professor telling a                "It seems to m e                       cause it was not specifically rec -
Jewish female professor tha t                                                         ommended in McEwen 's report .
 feminism is a `Jewish-American               prudent that at                         Ironically, the university's term s
 Princess conspiracy , " to profes-              least those                          of reference in commissionin g
 sors making explicit sexual ad-                                                      the report specifically precluded
                                               individuals in
 vances towards female graduat e                                                      any recommendations for disci-
 students .                                 particular reasses s                      pline .
     The department also used in-           their usefulness t o                         At least one student organiza-
 accurate or incomplete statistics                                                    tion is adamant that the univer-
 "to refute those allegation s " an d         the university. "                       sity must follow through in eradi-
 " failed to listen to what the stu-                                                  cating racism and sexism from
 dents were saying, " McEwen                                                          the political science department.
 wrote .
                                                  -GSS Lawye r                        Robin Cox of the Alliance o f
     At a press conference follow -               Anita Brah a                        Feminists Across Campuse s
 ing the report's release, UB C                                                       warned : "We have no intentio n          President Strangway gives his take on the Poli . Sci. report June 21 .
                                                                                                                               Chris Nuttall-Smith photo
 President David Strangway an-             report . Furedy wrote : " . . .this i s    of allowing the university not to
 nounced that the university will          an inquisitorial report whic h             follow through with these recom -      individuals in particular reasses s         dismissed complaints mad e
 implement all seven recommen-             contains vaguely stated and un-            mendations . "                         their usefulness to the univer-             about the department as early as
 dations included in the document          proven allegations of racis m                 Graduate Students' Society          sity. "                                     1992 and "prejudged the merits
     At the top of the list ,              and sexism, names no specifi c             lawyer Anita Braha was mor e              The report criticized political          of the dispute in favour of th e
 Strangway announced the sus-              individuals, and permits of n o            severe . "I think it ' s clear tha t   science department head Do n                faculty . " Blake left his position
 pension of admissions to the              defense by the accused collec-             there are some members of th e         Blake . McEwen wrote that he                to go on leave July 1 .
 graduate program in politica l            tivity. "                                  administration and the depart-
 science . The department wil l               But representatives for stu-            ment who are implicated in Ms .
 not admit new students "unti l
 there are satisfactory provisions
                                           dents who allege the harrasmen t
                                           say that not enough is being
                                                                                      McEwen ' s report . It seems to
                                                                                      me prudent that at least thos e           Is the report fair ?
                                                                                                                                 by Chris Nuttall-Smith
                                                                                                                                 Since the report's release last month, letters and editorials i n
                                                                                                                              the mainstream press have used words like `McCarthyism ' an d
                                                                                                                              `witch hunt ' to describe the report.
                                                                                                                                 A BC Report editorial stated: "A sound feminist [McEwen] wa s
                                                                                                                             .not inhibited by the folderol developed by the patriarchal soci-
                                                                                                                              ety, like due process or the rules of evidence . She went straight
                                                                                                                              to the complainants and found guilt everywhere . "
                                                                                                                                 A close reading of the report, however, shows the investiga-
                                                                                                                             tive process was not so simple :
                                                                                                                                 • McEwen conducted approximately 225 interviews of pas t
                                                                                                                              and present students in the department, faculty, administratio n
                                                                                                                              and resource personnel.
                                                                                                                                 • Professors about whom allegations were made were informe d
                                                                                                                             of the allegations and asked to respond .
                                                                                                                                 • When an allegation was disputed each side was asked to hea r
                                                                                                                              and respond to the others' story.
                                                                                                                                 McEwen also writes : " . . .students requested anonymity in only
                                                                                                                              a handful of cases . . .I informed the student that I could not con-
                                                                                                                              sider his/her allegation unless he/she agreed to be identified t o
                                                                                                                             the `repondent' faculty member. "
                                                                                                                                 The investigator added : "Where he/she did not [wish to b e
                                                                                                                             identified' I discounted the allegation ."

  Steve Wilson (left) and Anita Braha, lawyer for the GSS, slam UBC 's PoG _
  Chris Nuttal-Smith photo

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                       The Ubyssey
                  Darlene Marzar i
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                                                  By Students - For Students
                         ALMA MATER SOCIETY
                         UBC STUDENT GOVERNMEN T                        Prepared by your Student Society

         2                                                                                          The Summer Ubyssey                                            Thursday, July 13, 1995 .

                                                                                             NEW S

    Students to pay as AMS goes over budge t
       By Scott Hayward                     the whole year, starting from May      unable to change its Bylaws afte r        encies, our business office checks    den said he would take it up with
       Students will be paying $50,000      first, but when [the new executive]    the failure of the SGM.                   their accounts every time the y       students . Redden was contacted
    per year for each of the next fiv e     took office, they started all these        Former AMS GM Charle s                want to write a cheque or make a      by The Ubyssey but declined com-
    years to cover overspending b y         new things," Romero said.              Redden left last December. Romero         withdrawal . It was assumed and       ment on the matter .
    last year's AMS government.                He cited items such as increase d   felt that the executive "didn 't          it used to happen a couple o f           Boyle claims this informatio n
       According to documents pre-          executive salaries and budge t         think that there was enough sup -         years ago that the business offic e   never got to her and that las t
    sented to AMS council by Direc-         overruns in the Student Leader -       port and guidance along the way           would do the same for the student     year's president, Bill Dobie, wa s
    tor of Finance Tara Ivanochko, last     ship Conference as being prob-         without a general manager i n             government side of things ."          tight lipped in disclosing informa-
    year's government was ove r             lematic . "Our executive was re-       place and I think that made a bi g           AMS comptroller Gerry Wan          tion. "There was a lot less infor-
    budget by over $182,000, the larg -     ally ambitious in wanting t o          difference in terms of what hap -         said, "It was not in my mandat e      mation coming from the presi-
    est budget overrun in the AM S's        change a lot of things, but at th e    pened ."                                  to ask about the student govern -     dent's office, to the other execu -
    79 year history. This does not in -     same time maybe the financial              AMS Vice President Namiko             ment side of the operation ."         tives and to council, significant
    clude about $25,000 in possibl e        realities weren't there," he said .    Kunimoto says the budget prob -              He was aware of overspendin g      amounts less, far less group deci-
    losses from Asia Pacific Ventures,         Romero adds that some of th e       lem will tie the hands of the new         and approached Redden on sev -        sion making . The most surprising
    currently being investigated by th e    changes in the SGM would hav e         council. "Our campaign promise s          eral occasions . "I did talk to       thing I've learned since becom-
    AMS Finance Commission .                freed up reserve funds for use by      are our priority and we will b e          Charles about it and said look ,      ing president is how much, afte r
       While council is still waiting for   Council, but the meeting failed to     able to do them, but in a scale d         they're overspending like crazy, '    being vice president for tw o
    the results of the annual audit du e    reach quorum . "We were think-         down form . " She acknowledged ,          and that's where my responsibil -     years, I didn 't know and it's up -
    sometime this month, preliminary        ing and [then AMS president Bil l      however, that new student initia-         ity ends ." Wan also said that Red-   setting ."
    findings show that the student gov -    Dobie] was thinking, and the ex-       tives will probably not get funde d
    ernment overspent last year whil e
    service organizations and revenu e
                                            ecutive were feeling that this was     even if they are good ideas.                Budget problems mean                            big cut s
                                                                                       "The AMS would go bankrup t
    were on or near target .                                                       if it kept on spending so carelessly          The new AMS council, reeling the budget will be in three weeks,
       Council spent $482,777 last                                                                                            from overspending of over              so I'm giving them three week s
                                                                                   and haphazardly. That's part o f           $200,000 by last year's council, is to look at what I've done."
    year while they were only budg-                                                the reason why [the Action No w
    eted to spend $331,728, an over -                                                                                         tightening up its fiscal procedure s      Spending will be monitore d
                                                                                   Slate] ran for office," said Kunimoto .    in order prevent similar occur- throughout the year by the audit
    expenditure of 460/o.                                                              AMS president Janice Boyl e            rences in the future.
       Similarly, the Student Admin-                                                                                                                                 subcommittee as required by th e
                                                                                   said the monitoring system failed.            Council has depleted its Re- AMS Code of Procedure . Thi s
    istration Commision (SAC) was                                                  "The Director of Finance [Rand y           serve Funds earmarked for other committee "will be going through
       over budget by more than                                                    Romero] did not mention to th e            purposes in order to cover its costs . [the actual expenditures] an d
    $35,000 . In contrast, four of eigh t                                          executive committee that the y                Before the July 12 AMS meet- comparing them with [th e
    resource groups including th e                                                 were overspending by tha t                 ing Director ofAdministration Am budget] and making sure every-
    Student Environment Centre an d                                                amount ."                                  Johal said, "A motion will be          body is on line ," she said.
    Global Development Centr e                                                                                                brought to council this Wednesday The audit subcommittee di d
                                                                                       Romero said, "I knew Coun-
    were under budget .                                                                                                       that interim financial statements be not meet last year . However as
                                                                                   cil was going to go well ove r             brought to council by the D of F Ivanochko pointed out, "it was
       Last year' s D of F Rand y                                                  budget . Everybody else knew, I            every two months and that each written into code, it just wasn' t
    Romero blamed the overspending                                                 mean it was presented at the [An -         executive have separate budgets ." followed last year."
                                            Janice Boyle, AMS Presiden t
    on an overly ambitious executive                                               nual General Meeting]. " H e                  In the past, executive expenses
    who added new expenditures as                                                                                                                                       The AMS is considering other
                                            going to pass, and that we woul d      claimed he had the AMS Busi-               were combined in a single line changes which would extend th e
    the year went on . He said that ex -    be able to change the Bylaws s o       ness Office produce a report with          item "Council General" which role of the D of F, she said . Cur-
    ecutive believed the AMS' Specia l      we would have access to some of        actual expenditures regularly an d         went $75,000 overbudget last year. rently council oversees just ove r
    General Meeting last Novembe r          the funds in reserve to pay for        " I would distribute that to the              Johal said all council minutes      $1 million of the AMS's budge t
    would pass, freeing up additional       some of these new CORP changes ,       executive, so the executives wer e         and the interim budgets will be of $9.8 million . "The other more
    funds, but it did not .                 but that did n't happen , " he said.   fully aware ."                             posted on the first floor in the SUB   than $8 million is budgeted for
       "You have to remember that I                                                                                           concourse:                             by the businesses without any in
                                            AMS Council made changes t o               Boyle also said the Busines s             Ivanochko said her budget pro- put from the D of F, and that' s
    wrote the budget for what I per-        its Code of Procedure, but it wa s     Office was not paying attentio n
    ceive those expenditures will be fo r                                                                                     posal presented to council             something else we're going to b e
                                                                                   closely. "With clubs and constitu -        Wednesday night was "for infor         aging," she said.
                                                                                                                              mabon, and then all discussion of
        No limit to tuition increases?                                                                                       the suggestions Boyle delivered        and not constantly strummin g
                                            increases are not planned . Tuition    Graduate Student Society.                 to BoG. Boyle said the three part      away upon the banjo of poverty . "
       by Chris Nuttall-Smith               levels will mirror decreasing gov-       Janice Boyle, Alma Mater So-            proposal included moderate and            Janice Boyle mentioned sh e
                                            ernment funding . The policy has       ciety president, said BoG is act-                                                was angered by Berger's com-
                                                                                                                             planned increases in step with in -
       Student groups are crying fou l      no expiry date and the university      ing recklessly. "The university           flation, an expiry date on any new     ments . "This is not a campus o f
    at UBC's Board of governors af-         is not trying to cut operation s       now has absolutely no incentive           tuition policy, and university ef-     students who drive BMW's, wear
    ter they voted May 18 to rais e         costs.                                 to cut operation costs because if                                                monogrammed polo shirts and
                                                                                                                             forts to cut operating costs .
    tuition fees by any amount nec-            "The board's decision will cre-     they're short of cash, this policy                                               ride horses on the weekend .. .It's
                                                                                                                                But Boyle stated the recom-
    essary to match shortfalls in fed-      ate uncertainty for incoming stu-      allows [UBC] to blame it on [gov-                                                appalling that anyone on th e
                                                                                                                             mendations and consultatio n
    eral funding. Student leader s          dents and will seriously limi t        ernment] funding and jack up tui-         process were a waste of time . `The    board of governors could have so
    have several complaints . Future        UBC's ability to attract graduate      tion fees," she said.                     dialogue was meaningless ... [BoG ]    much ignorance on this issue, "
                                            students," said Steve Wilson, di -        The AMS had hoped that BoG             said `thank you for your submis-       she said .
                                            rector of student affairs for the      would adopt a policy similar to           sion' and pretty much ignore d            Steve Wilson had some opti-
                                                                                                                             what you said or even refute d         mism, though . "Demand for edu -
                                                                                                                             what you said.. .they didn't care,"    cation is not quite as inelastic as
                                                                                                                             Boyle said .                           they think." Wilson prophesied,
                                                                                                                                Steve Wilson also complaine d       "When university enrollmen t
                                                                                                                             that student groups were not in-       plunges, and we can't attract o r
                                                                                                                             formed of when BoG would vote          retain any quality students tha t
                                                                                                                             on a tuition policy until shortly      make UBC the respected institu-
                                                                                                                             before the meeting, and were al-       tion that it is, then the universit y
                                                                                                                             lowed only five minutes each to        is going to care ."
                                                                                                                             address BoG.                              Only Wilson and Boyle made
                                                                                                                                "We should have been give n         presentations criticizing unfai r
                                                                                                                             more time for such an importan t       tuition increases before the dis-
                                                                                                                             issue, " declared Wilson. Boyl e       cussion and vote, which wer e
                                                                                                                             added that because BoG's discus -      closed to students . True to apa-
                                                                                                                             sion and vote occurred behin d         thetic UBC student style, only a
                                                                                                                             closed doors, students may never       handful of students showed u p
                                                                                                                             know what led to their decision .      outside the meeting to protest any
                                                                                                                                BoG member Tom Berger said ,        increases .
                                                                                                                             "I think the public would look             Boyle has heard from the pro-
                                                                                                                             upon you as some of the most            vincial government that tuitio n
                                                                                                                             privileged people in the country.       could exceed $15 000 by the year
                                                                                                                                                                     2000 .

            Thursday, July 13, 1995 .                                                  The Summer Ubyssey                                                                                         3
 Vancouver Folk Music Festiva l                                                   four. Well, I wish I had such a
 July 13 - 16 at Jericho Beach Par k                                              pure, articulate voice in m y
                                                                                  head . Maybe I can get an injec -
                                           The politics are there, just a s
 by Jessica Woolliam s                                                            tion .
                                            surely as there is a breath before
                                                                                     With Driver now on a majo r
     How many folk fests can a fe -         she sings, but they never domi-
                                                                                  label (Warner ' s EarthBeat) ,
 licitous folkie fair if she fancie d      nate to the point that one might
                                                                                  hopefully she will start to get th e
 to fandangle her fastidious fans?         describe her as a political singer.
                                                                                  recognition she has long de -
 Well . . . quite a few actually.          She is the writer of earthy, ma-
                                                                                  served . She has long had a smal l
 Ferron has been coming to th e            ture, and deeply moving poetr y
                                                                                  group of devout fans, but faile d
 Vancouver Folk Music Festiva l            set to hauntingly sad melodies .
 on alternating years since 1978 .            Or at least that's what sh e        to win the widespread respect
                                                                                  that she so richly deserves . She
 One might say she's become a              used to be . In the two years sinc e
                                                                                  has recently finished a tour with
 fixture of this summertime festi-         Ferron last played at the Fol k
                                                                                  Indigo Girls, who introduced her
 val, and that Vancouverite s              Fest, she has released a new al -
                                                                                  every night as one of their big-
 should be very proud of this .            bum, Driver. In it, Ferron no t
                                           only branches out musically,           gest influences . So go see her this
     A Canadian-born singer /
                                                                                  Saturday before she is too big t o
 songwriter now living on a n              moving into both jazzy an d
                                                                                  frequent her folk fest fans . For
 American gulf island, Ferron stil    l    zydeco styles, she branches ou t
                                                                                  the eighteenth year, it will be a
 holds Canadian citizenship .              emotionally. She is more posi-
                                                                                  fabulous folk fiesta .                 Folk Fest favorite fixture Ferron feels fine .
 Born of the mid-'70s women's              tive . She can still be compared
 and folk music explosion, she             to the likes of Joni Mitchell ,
 started her career in the cafes o f       Leonard Cohen and Holly Near.          STUDENT PRESS SHUT OUT OF LOLLAPALOOZA ' S CAMPUS GIG
 Vancouver, and she loves t o              She describes her music now a s
 come back . As an out lesbia n            contemporary folk, but she i s         Lollapalooz a                             Sonic Youth, thankfully, wen t       of six-page exclusivity contract s
 now co-parenting a newborn                much more than that.                   8 days ago at Thunderbird              from song to lively song withou t       foisted on them by Lolla H .Q .
 child, she is still true to the spiri t      Reflecting on the restrictive-                                             any dead air, and Sinea d                  It's sad to see a show that
                                                                                  by Peter T. Chattawa y
 of political revolution . In a            ness of definitions and the fallacy                                           O'Connor redeemed both th e             champions freedom of speec h
 phone interview with The Ubys-            of objectivity, she says, "As the          If one word comes to mind t o      afternoon mainstage and he r            and access to the people get s o
 sey, Ferron shared her sadness at         light changes, yo u' ve got some-      describe this year ' s Lollapalooza,   much-tarnished reputation wit h         anal about things like access to
 the fact that lesbians are cur-           thing else ." And suddenly I feel      it's "malaise" . Whether it was        a varied set — mixing rap, dance ,      the student press — particularly
 rently not allowed to adopt any           like the head nun in The Sound of      Courtney Love staggering acros s       and a cappella ballads — that wa s      when the show takes place at our
 of the 7000 foster kids living in         Music, singing about Maria :           the stage, showing off the ban-        both empowering and vulner-             own Thunderbird Stadium .
 King County, let alone in th e            "How do you hold a moonbeam            dages on her arm and cussing at        able .                                     On the other hand, the ring-
 many states and provinces with            in your hand? " Ferron 's music        her guitarist, or Cypress Hill run-       Unfortunately, Lollapalooz a         masters at Another Roadsid e
 similar numbers .                         has a richness that is difficult t o   ning through several phoneti c         H .Q. in California denied The          Attraction have opened today 's
     Ferron believes that a perso n        define. She says she tries to writ e   variations of "are yo u                Ubyssey official press access to the    Thunderbird jamboree to w e
 can't be alive without being po-          with the voice that has always         motherfuckers cray-zee ", much         show, and freelance photogra-           tykes at "the vile rag" . Let the
 litical, and that is the kind of rol e    been in her head, the same one         about the one-day festival fel t       phers were unable to let Th e           moshing begin .
 her politics play in her songs .          that' s been there since she was       redundant, turgid, and stale .         Ubyssey use their photos because

Nine Months                                                                                                                                                   to accept the lyrical possibility of such a n
opens July 14 at Cineplex theatre s                                                                                                                           unlikely premise . Modern mytholog y
by Peter T. Chattaway                                                                                                                                         paints the Irish as a poetic race of roman -
                                                                                                                                                              tic eccentrics given to just such exuber-
    In Four Weddings and a Funeral Hugh                                                                                                                       ant excesses . It is, after all, the postcard
 Grant learned how to overcome his fear                                                                                                                       picture of Ireland so beloved of Holly -
 of marriage . Now Nine Months takes him                                                                                                                      wood .
 to the next hurdle in the obstacle course                                                                                                                        Even the intrusion of an unpleasan t
 of Commitment : as Samuel Faulkner, h e                                                                                                                      official, in the form of authoritarian bu s
 must learn to overcome his fear of par-                                                                                                                      inspector Carson (Patrick Malahide), doe s
 enthood .                                                                                                                                                    not initially disrupt the idyllic setting sinc e
    In some ways, Nine Months is a bette r                                                                                                                    it highlights one characteristic that th e
 continuation of the Hugh Grant person a                                                                                                                     Irish have long shared with the English ,
 than the recent Englishman Who Went up                                                                                                                      namely deep distrust and intense resent-
 a Hill, albeit toned down for the family                                                                                                                    ment of authority . The evil ticket inspec-
 crowd. Grant's eyelids still flutter and hi s                                                                                                               tor is set apart from the rest of the char-
 neck still jigs about when he has to stam-                                                                                                                  acters by virtue of his accent ; his is the
 mer his way through an embarrassing                                                                                                                         harsh burr of Northern Ireland, not th e
 white lie, but his "fuck fuck fuck" traffic-                                                                                                                soft burr of the South.
jam soliloquy is here tamed to a barel y                                                                                                                          Alfie casts Adele to play Salome in
 audible " shit shit shit" .                                                                                                                                 Oscar Wilde 's intriguing interpretation o f
    At least Julianne Moore knows how t o             Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore discuss sex and babies (but not prices) in Nine Months .                 the ancient Christian fable about the ex-
 act . As Rebecca Taylor, she has the screen                                                                                                                 ecution of John the Baptist by Hero d
 presence and the emotional resonance t o             meant to showcase male ineptitude, or do           A Man of No Importanc e                             Antipas at the request of his beloved step-
 carry Faulkne r' s baby and help carry th e          they serve to hold the focus of comic en -         opens July 14 at the Plaz a                         daughter .
film, whereas Andie MacDowell could                   ergy away from the female leads? Suc h                                                                      Throughout this play the darker reali-
barely be counted on to carry her hat .               puerile hijinks prevent Nine Months from           by Andy Barha m
                                                                                                                                                             ties underlying the picture postcard im-
Unfortunately, Rebecca is written out o f             attaining that degree of warmth that mad e            English film makers have a knack for             agery of the film begin to be exposed . Re-
the script halfway through — in a flat, non           similar films so radiant (Junior comes to          picturesque period pieces whose charm               ality intrudes subtly at first with the pol-
sequitur plot twist, she leaves Samue l               mind) .                                            lies in their ability to subtly expose th e         ished grace of an old rake turning u p
because he' s not paternal enough — s o                  Writer/director Chris Columbus may              complex realities that underlie their ol d          slightly inebriated at a dinner party, who ,
that Grant can demonstrate that Lime y                be coasting on the family-values mayhe m           postcard simplicity .                               despite occasional lapses of taste, can still
charm that puts him, and him alone, a t               of his most recent flicks — Home Alone, Mrs.          A Man ofNo Importance is one such pro-           charm us with his lively banter.
the top of the credits .                              Doubtflre — but Nine Months betrays a n            duction, starring Albert Finney as Alfi e                But like the dinner guest who inevita-
   And Grant is certainly up to the task .            unusual obsession with B-movie motifs .            Byrne, a bus conductor who reads poetr y            bly drinks to intoxication, the picturesqu e
Yes, the audience titters whenever hi s               Halloween costumes, nightmares abou t              to his passengers . His regular passengers          charm ultimately fades, exposing the big-
sexual performance enters the dialogu e               woman-sized praying mantises, and the              are joined by Adele Rice (Tara Fitzgerald) ,        otry and intolerance that lie beneath .
(and yes, one such discussion takes plac e            subtly ghoulish casting of Jeff Goldblum           a young girl who is as sweet, lovely, an d              It is worth noting that Oscar Wilde wa s
in a parked car), but Grant is a truly witt y         and Joan Cusack as siblings all seem t o           seemingly innocent as any vestal virgi n            himself the epitome of the urbane din-
actor and he stutters with impeccabl e                suggest that Columbus wants to get bac k           ever pretended to be . Alfie invites her to         ner guest who concealed a dark secre t
comic timing . Still, I can't help question-          to his Gremlins roots .                            join this odd assemblage of characters ,            beneath the polished facade of outward,
ing the keyed-up slapstick that consis-                  For sheer shiver potential, though, i t         who also form an amateur theatre trou p             if somewhat outrageous, respectability .
tently undermines the deeper attempts a t             would be hard to top the kisses that To m          for Alfie's attempts to stage Oscar Wild e          This story is a modern adaptation of th e
characterizattorf : are the Matchbox-styl e           Arnold keeps planting on Hughie Than k             olays .                                             plavwright s life — kind of a giant meta -
car accidents and the boyish fistfights (on e         God no baby's corning out of that rela-               Although this scenario seems a mil e             prior, it you will .
even happens in the birthing room!`                   tionship .                                         L. :tastic, as the film ees eiops one begins            'North American film audiences raay
       Horatio's Noteboo k
       at the Freddy Wood until July 15
                                                  waste of society, hungry fo r
       by Jim Rowley
                                                  truth, searching for a Holy Grail ,
           Horatio 's Notebook surprised          and finding only alcohol and
        me, and it will surprise you . For        snatches of misinformation .
        the 30th Anniversary of UB C                 Horato 's Notebook makes effec -
        Summerstock, Tom Sholte an d              tive use of multi-media, music
       UBC Theatre students have cre-             (Nirvana, naturally), movemen t
        ated a fresh and potent work              choreography, half-mask, an d
       based on the DNA of Englis h               the impressive resources of th e
       drama : Shakespeare' s Hamlet.             UBC Theatre Department . Ian
           Despite this, it ain't quit e          Patton' s set segregates and clas -
       Hamletitself — the title should tell       sifies the characters into boxes ,
       you that. It centers on the fou r          platforms and perches, empha-
       youths in Shakespeare ' s play —           sizing their isolation and loneli -
       Horatio, Hamlet, Ophelia and               ness in an electronic age .
       Laertes — but Scholte, who con -              One resource the play ne-
       ceived and directed the play, has         glects, however, is the text upo n     Horatio (Peter Grier) inspects a member of the Chorus (Rebecca Lee )
       added the reality of youth living         which it is based . Frase r
       in a "Generation X " world "de -          Mackenzie as Hamlet has an             ti le taste of child pornography in         enough . "I disagreed very vehe -      kind of icon — I mean, that was
       void of ` good guys '" and full of        impressive emotional presence ,        my mouth .                                  mently with a lot of the things        one of the things . . . that led to
       anger, confusion and despair.             but he tends to speak down int o           To dissect and reassemble so            that were done in that show. I f       his disintegration . I think it's the
          Unfortunately, major plo t             himself, not out to the audience .     great a play as Hamlettakes enor-           what we' re trying to explore ar e     same thing with Hamlet : ` O
       threads are dropped to fit all thi s      Though Hamlet 's words are ca-         mous courage .                              the things that are current to us ,    cursed spite,/ That ever I was
       in . Hamlet never meets hi s              pable of speaking to the soul o f          "The show is not called Ham -           let's create a new play . . . abou t   born to set it right. ' "
       father ' s ghost, so it falls t o         "Gen X", the opportunity is los t      let," Scholte told The Ubyssey, "so         our relationship to the old play . "      Horatio's Notebook succeeds in
       Horatio to shake him out of his           if they can' t be heard.               I don' t think you can criticise it            Scholte compares Hamlet to          entertaining and provoking its
       lethargic woe. Unfair as it is t o            Nevertheless, the cast is very     on whether or not it' s a faithfu l         the late Kurt Cobain, "a kind o f      audience while exploring th e
       compare a new work to Hamlet,             strong . The members of th e           production of Hamlet We're sort             pop star of his own time" who          undefinable illness of a genera-
       this play is weaker as a result.          Chorus reveal their scars one b y      of debunking the play, as th e              epitomised "this kind of cynical,      tion . "Making sense isn't the pri -
          Horatio (Peter Grier) sits atop        one, like jabs of a needle .           Gen X like to take the piss out             detached nihilism which, I think ,     mary goal of this production, "
       the rickety scaffold of highe r           Carriona Leger 's Ophelia, th e        of everything. . . . What is this re-       is a real symptom of our genera-       says Scholte, but that doesn't
       learning, so distracted by th e           very picture of innocence, re-         ligious fervour over a work o f             tion . If you look at Kurt Cobai n     mean the action is arbitrary and
       horrific images on his TV that            veals the wisdom, sensuality an d      fiction? "                                  as this tortured individual tryin g    meaningless . It is a powerful, fas-
       he must turn them off in orde r           sadness that "pictures" are not            Scholte played Laertes in th e          to express himself and then, next      cinating and mature work, per-
       to concentrate on his reading.            supposed to possess. Her explo-        UBC Theatre Department' s                   thing you know, he 's got the en-      haps because its themes are lived .
       He encounters the Chorus a s              ration of alcohol and sex in an        modernised Hamlet a few year s              tire generation turning to hi m        by its actors every day of their
       they slither through the tabloid          encounter with the Chorus left         ago, but did not think it went far          and holding him up as some             young lives.

have difficulty understanding some of the             tendency to sail corporate logos upon the          because he avoids those that make him                   stunningly realistic and expressiv e
dialogue, since the dialect is pretty in-             waves of human sentiment. Hear our                 look bad.                                               sketches on the spot . He talks candidly
tense . Also, I have gained the distinct              noble song, let the cockles of your heart             As much as Crumb broke the sexua l                   about his fixation for large legs an d
impression, since returning to this side o f          glow in the warmth of the human spirit,            taboos and drew women in realistic pro -                twenty-year-old girls . While Dian
the ditch, that North Americans are un-               and do please buy our product. Th e                portions, he did disturb some readers.                  Hanson, the editor of Leg Show Magazine,
able to appreciate the sort of banter t o             worst offender in this regard is Britis h          Valid concerns about his portrayals o f                 defends pornography, Crumb inspect s
which Brits and Paddies are prone, an d               Telecom's smarmy, visionary pitch (star -          women as objects of lust and Africans as                the bodies of young girls lined up for hi s
which the Irish have so mastered. Hence,              ring Stephen Hawking!) to " keep th e              half-witted servants are not dealt with i n             approval. Though hardly indicative of th e
audiences here might not get some of                  world talking" .                                   much depth . He claims they were "ex-                   movie, this sexist and out-dated behav-
these odd moments of humour. This is a                   And some ads try too hard to grab your          pressions of my id . . . reflections of a cor-          ior is featured in the movie ' s ads .
pity, because a lot of the Irish charm re-            attention . In direct counterpoint to the          rupt society . . . and from my LSD trips i n               Covering a period of over six years ,
volves around their gift for repartee .               frenzied quick-cutting of these orgiasti c         the 60s . "                                             the movie is structured like a disorganize d
                                                      opuses, Bella Pasta wins The Ubyssey' s               While he deflects criticisms, Crumb i s              file folder. Insightful scenes are mixed i n
The Best of the Best fro m                            unofficial prize for pure sublimity : no           also uneasy around gushing fans . He                    with navel gazing and non sequiturs, re-
Britain                                               actors, no sets, no hasty cuts — just a lei -      demonstrates his keen ability to produce                sulting in an unsatisfying combination .
at the Ridge July 14 - 2 0                            surely operatic score and softly fadin g
                                                      titles that are guaranteed to make yo u
by Peter T. Chattaway
                                                      chuckle . Sometimes simplicity is best .
   In a typically commercialized summer ,
 when Batman Forever is as much a com-                Crumb
 mercial as its McDonald's spin-offs and              opens July 14 at the Varsit y
 Pocahontas exists as much to sell a fran-
                                                      by Charlie Cho
 chise as it does to tell a story, one canno t
help but find 75 minutes of in-your-fac e                During the free sex 60s, Robert Crum b
 advertising a refreshingly honest alterna -          (Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural) was the hippi e
tive to the usual theatrical fare .                  comics king. But Crumb, a geeky awk-
   Even better, this is British advertising .        ward man, was never very popular with
For scabrous wit and naughty punchlines ,            the subculture he influenced . Crumb is as
the Brits are as good as English-languag e           much about the artist and his family as i t
advertising get. A few ads seem to have              is about his work.
taken their cues from The Crying Game-,                 Robert's brother Charles lives in limb o
one shows a happy woman driving int o                at home with his mother, controlling hi s
the sunset with a 'Just Divorced ' sign              depression with tranquilizers . As one
tacked to her car ; in another, a ma n               scans the neatly pencilled comics tha t
shrieks at the discovery of his dark sid e           Charles drew as a kid, one wonders wh y
when he sees his twisted retlection in a             he did n' t share Robert' s success . Consid -
bottle of Smirnoff (and this is suppose d            ering the rare opportunity to see thes e
to make us want to drink the stuff?) .               early works, one wishes they weren' t
   A handful of British comedians are o n            filmed over someone's shoulder as the y
hand to peddle various wares, but fo r               flipped the pages .
sheer aggression, John Cleese's pointe d                 The viewer may feel like a voyeur of
anti-smoking ads and Rowan Atkinson' s               "wimpy nerdy weirdos" while hearing the
Bean-ish Barclaycard spots are no matc h             tales about Roberts family and their sad ,
for seconded American Denis I,ea y's "n o            pathetic lives . Though Robert Crumb ap -
shit" pitch for Holston Pils .                       pears as the most intelligent and accom-
   Regrettably, some ads still display a             plished person in he movie, this may be            Robert Cntrnb . . .   N   direst the record player; the sketchpad, or the tier, beets .

                                                                                                                          OP/E D
     Okay, everyone who noticed we were gone, raise you r
     hand . One, two, three . . .

     Gratifyingly, several thousand of you not only raise d
    your hand, you used that hand to cast a vote in las t
    January's referendum that resurrected The Ubyssey, for
    which we thank you . However, just because we' re back
    doesn 't mean that everything's well.

     For starters, there is a year ' s worth of news on campu s
     that we weren ' t around to cover . And in the last few
     months, things have gotten really interesting on cam -
     pus . The AMS discovered that they were about $200,00 0
     in the hole, completely blowing their budget, depletin g
     their reserves and damaging their ability to react quickly
     and immediately to both present and future demand s
     on the Society. For 5 years, the AMS will be paying
     $50,000 a year into a reserve fund to pay back wha t
     they 've blown in the last 12 months . Talk about leaving
     a legacy for the future .

    But if the worst thing to happen on campus was a
    $200,000 shortfall, everyone would be happy . Joan
    McEwen, the lawyer investigating claims of sexual ha-                                                                         walking hazardous .
    rassment in the UBC political science graduate program ,                                         Life without                                                 the University' s CE O        doesn't necessarily
                                                                                                                                         UBC administra-          pushes toward the same        mean that I am a
    released her report in June, as you no doubt heard . No
    matter your stand on political correctness, academic free -
                                                                                                     The Ubyssey                  tion has closed th e            market and th e               criminal. We all can
    dom or sexual harassment, UBC's image has been badly                                                                          Faculty Club, and no w          President's Office, wher e    make a mistake ,
    tarnished by this debacle . And so, coincidentally, ha s                                         Dear People :                plays an advertisin g           the main officer ha s         because imperfectio n
    the reputation of the mainstream press .                                                               Welcome back to        game through its medi a         taken on the role of CEO      is due to anyon e
                                                                                                     the staff of The Ubyssey, publication, UB C                 in a business enterprise .    who's not perfect .
    One of the worst things about the Political Science scan-                                        a newspaper that dare s      Reports (see June 15,          Just as the corporate          But nothing can
    dal has nothing to do with the report itself, or with th e                                       speak in a critical voic e   1995), to decide what           CEO now drives towar d        change a particular
    department. The big story is how everyone seems to
                                                                                                     of affairs on campus .       shall be built on the site .   success in the                 situation, unles s
    use UBC Political Science to name drop when they tr y
    to exorcise demons of political correctness .– and mos t                                               In the 15 mont h       The thrust of the men at       transnational market, s o     there's a will to d o
    of these people obviously haven ' t read the report . The                                        absence of this student      the top seems to be for a      the University's CEO          so . Is God the onl y
    University set out terms of reference for the enquiry that                                       newspaper UB C               hotel/convention centre .      pushes toward the sam e       one who forgives? I
    specifically excluded recommendations of punitive o r                                            administration has kep t           The new UB C             market and with the           hope it hasn't been
    disciplinary action and then used the lack of such find-                                         a swift pace in its          recreation building ,          same greedy anticipation .    accounted presump-
    ings to justify taking no action. Why did no one cal l
                                                                                                     building program :           turned down by an                     When UBC look s        tuous if a man of low
    Strangway out on the terms of reference? Because th e
    mainstream media don't have time to cover campus is -                                            monuments to rich me n      earlier AMS referendum ,        for only money, i t           and humble statio n
    sues effectively . Only a paper that is published by stu-                                        and their money hav e       nears completion . A            abdicates its role as         has ventured to hav e
    dents, for students and on campus can truly get a fee l                                          risen everywhere . In       senior staff member             defender of academic          a friend .
    for what people are saying and thinking . Not man y                                              contrast, the academi c     reports that 17 ceremo-         freedom . When it joins       Thank you for your
    mainstream papers meet those criteria – none, in fact .                                          campus has become           nies are planned around         the gut-and-get world of      time and consider-
                                                                                                     more derrelict in           opening of the ne w             commercial exploitation       ation.
     Luckily, we do . That's what we're here for. You wanted
     us back, so we' re back. And if you want us to reflec t                                         appearance and mor e        centre and closing o f          it puts fences and private    Alphonso Haye s
     your opinions and viewpoints, the only way we're go-                                            depleted in human           older facilities .              ownership above acces s       #17953 5
     ing to be able to do that is if you tell us what they are . So                                  energy.                            Students wh o            and public freedom .          Hiawatha Correc-
    join the staff. Write letters to the editor. Vote .                                                    The next phase of     appeared before the May                So welcome back to     tional Facility
                                                                                                     building, defined in their meeting of BoG in orde r         all of you at the outspo-     Kincheloe,
    And if you aren't interested or can't do any of those
    things, at the very least read The Ubyssey. You might not                                        1993 Greater Campus         to protest almost certain,      ken Ubyssey. When you         Michegan, 49786 -
    get politically involved, but everyone should be politi-                                         Plan, received the go -     and large, tuition fe e         write, remember always        000 1
    cally aware .                                                                                    ahead at a March            increases, were admon-          that you are not the          USA
                                                                                                    meeting of UBC Boar d        ished by one Board              privileged of the Univer-
     the summer ubyssey	                                                    13 iuly 199 5           of Governors. A frame -      member for their insensi-       sity – your voice was
                                                                                                    work for this second         tivity. Students were told      stopped once, and can be
                  The sun began to creep over the eastern mountains as a new day was emerg-
      ing. The apes slowly crept towards the tall, black object Jessica Wooliams lifted her hea d   phase of Universit y         they "should conside r          again, though not
      to stare at its intensity. Chris Nuttall-Smith, Paula Bach and Pat McGuire began an           expansion was pub-           themselves privileged" t o      necessarily for th e
      undulating dance to honour the new arrival. Out of the bushes dashed Andy Ferris hell-
      bent on joining the merriment The apes wondered what world occur if the object was            lished in UBC Reports,       attend university, espe-        reasons given.
      touched. Only the wisest of the tribe should face such a dilemma . Who else but James
      Rowan could have possibly been the first to touch the object? There were no blindin g         February 9, 1995. It calls cially one that is fas t                   Nancy Horsman
      flashes of light, no blasts of noise, nor any deep revelations . Only frustration, a deep ,
      agonizing feeling of frustration . Andy Barham beat his chest in rapturous joy. Bureau        for destruction of 100       approaching interna-
      Boy yawned as Peter T. Chattaway picked the knots out his hair. Rick Hiebert watched
      enviously from across the river bank, longing to be with his brothers and sisters . What
                                                                                                    hectares of south            tional status (i .e. money      Man in pe n
      was to be done with the monolith? What did it stand for? Siobhan Roantree and Sara h          campus forest for th e       and riches) .
      O'Donnell were called upon to debate its philosophical significance . The debate raged .
      Matt Thompson fell ill. Jim Rowley and Stanley Tromp went mad in their quest fo r             erection of more market             The events of thes e
                                                                                                                                                                 needs a frien d
      understanding. Charlie Cho took action and killed everyone including himself, or so h e
      thought From the top of a cliff, Scott Hayward and Christine Price had watched th e           housing .                    15 months show UBC
      madness unfold . They smiled to themselves knowing what they had done. A new object
                                                                                                           Meanwhile, the        ready to trade an aca-          Dear Students :
      had been created, one which would anger and annoy even the calmest creature in th e
      universe and it was good.                                                                     main campus has              demic past for a corpo-         I am presently con -
                                                                                                    endured another year o f     rate future . Power on          fined at the
              Coordinating Editor : Siobhan Roantree
                   News Editor : Matt Thompso n                                                     neglect, of burst pipes ,    campus has becom e              Hiawatha Correc-
                Culture Editor: Peter T. Chattaway                                                  stopped toilets, broke n     heavily centralized in the      tional Facility. And I
                   Sports Editor: Scott Hayward                                                     doors, cracked ceilings .                                    would be very grate-
                                                                                                                                 President' s Office, where
           Photography Coordinator : Chris Nuttall-Smith
                                                                                                    In winter, flooded           the main officer has            ful if I could perhap s
                                                                                                    washrooms and "out o f       taken on the role of CE O       establish a corre-
    The Summer Ubyssey                  is a publication of
    The Ubyssey Publications Society                                                                order" signs are com-       in a business enterprise.        spondence with
    5138 SUB Blvd. • Rm. 241K • Vancouver, B .C. V6T 1Z 1                                           monplace ; litter an d      Just as the corporate            anyone wishing to do
    Editorial (604) 822-230 1                                                                       garbage take on a life of   CEO now drives toward            so. Please under-
    Business/Advertising (604) 822-6681 • Fax (604) 822-9279                                                                                                     stand, just because I
                                                                                                    their own ; potholes and    success in th e
                                                                                                    loose pavement make         transnational market, so         am in prison that

            6                                                                                                        The Summer Ubyssey                                                   Thursday, July 13, 1995 .

                                                                 CAMPUS NEWS

    Enrolment plan ups number in art s
         by Paula Bach                Strangway also recom-            ments will retain their past   programs mostly increase .        society ... It is important t o
                                      mended the faculty offer         enrolment levels .             In graduate arts programs ,       focus on the need for more
          The faculty of arts         unconditional early admis-            Among the profes-         there will be either an           places at the entry level to
    could accept 100 more             sion to outstanding students ,   sional programs, architec-     increase or a decrease in         colleges and universities".
    students for next year if the y   rather than risk losing them     ture plans to reduce enrol-    enrolment, depending on th e            In 1994-95, the equiva-
    follow the recommendation s       to other institutions .          ment in its bachelor' s        department . Commerce ,           lent of 1,115 graduate
    President Strangway made               Landscape architecture ,    program and replace it wit h   dentistry, education, and         students (actual enrolment:
    to the Board of Governors .       home economics and dietet-       a master's program . The law   sciences are among those          4,983) were left unfunded .
          There were 772 full -       ics are among the undergrad      admission will continue        that plan to maintain enrol-      The ability of the Ministry
    time spaces in the faculty o f                                                                    ment at current levels .          to fund graduate enrolment
    arts left empty last winter                                                                             Also in the new plan i s    will help fulfill The Mission
    session, resulting in a $1 .5     "The shortfall is mostly the result                             an attempt to establish, with     of the University of Britis h
    million tuition revenu e                                                                          the Ministry of Skills ,          Columbia set out in 1979 to
    shortfall . The shortfall i s
                                      of fewer applicants accepting ad -                              Training and Labour, th e         achieve a graduate enrol-
    mostly the result of fewe r         mission offers and a reduce d                                 value and importance o f          ment of at least 6,000 by
    applicants accepting admis-                                                                       funding additional graduate       1990. Endorsed in 1989 as
    sion offers and a reduced
                                       credit load of upper level art s                               enrolment.                        Second to None, the Senate
    credit load of upper leve l                  students."                                                 In a letter to Deputy       reaffirmed the goal. The
    arts students.                                                                                    Minister Garry Waters ,           new enrolment plan hopes
          The administratio n                                                                         Strangway writes, "The            to align Ministry plans with
    recommended the facult y          departments increasin g          reducing their quota, while    research and development          UBC's Mission .
    compensate for lower 1994/        admissions quotas for next       the other professiona l        carried out at the universi-
    95 student course loads by        year. Nursing and socia l        programs maintain their        ties is an absolutely essen-
    accepting more transfer           work will cut admission          enrolment quotas .             tial element of job creation
    students into arts .              quotas, while other depart-           Quotas in the graduate    in our knowledge intensive

                                                                                                      Welcome to the Feeding Frenzy -
                                                                                                      Janice Boyle, AMS President, in her first media scrum followin g
                                                                                                      the release of the report of the enquiry into the UBC politica l
                                                                                                      science department . Photo by Chris Nuttall-Smith .

                                                                                                                   Th e
                                                                                                                  again .
                                                                                                            Join the Ubyssey's production team .
                                                                                                             SUB 241 K . Any time, day or night .

         Thursday, July 13, 1995 .                                      The Summer Ubyssey                                                                       7


     Grizzlies promote UBC sport s
    By Scott Hayward                        the other will be at GM Place ,       zlies .                                  June 21. The owners ratified Ewing went before the U .S. Na-
                                            and proceeds will go toward s            The current labour dispute            the deal, but players tabled a tional Labour Relations Board t o
        UBC Athletics and The Van -         the Grizzlies Futures fund . The      between the NBA owners and               vote on the contract because try to have the players unio n
     couver Grizzlies have joine d          Grizzlies will also play a n          players may have a profound af-          some of their members op- decertified . A decision on the
     forces to raise $2 million to pro -    intersquad preseason exhibitio n      fect on the first year of the Griz -     posed the agreement.              case is expected next week .
     mote sports and education in           game at War Memorial Gym ,            zlies Futures program if it delays         Then on Wednesday, July 5 ,
     BC and raise the profile of thei r     and other events are cur-             the beginning of the season, ye t        a group of players lead b y
     teams in the process . However,        rently being planned.                 Grizzlies spokesperson Butt as -         Michael Jordan and Patrick
     their efforts may be hampere d            Don Wells, UBC Sports In-          serted that Grizzlies Futures i s
     by the current labour disput e                                                       " a grassroots community
     between team owners and                                                                       event and it will go
     the NBA Player's As -                                                                               ahead ." Ye t
     sociation .                                                                                          the owner s
        At aJune 6 pres s                                                                                  have locke d
     conference at War                                                                                     the player s
     Memorial Gym th e                                                                                     out an d
     Grizzlies, Vancou-                                                                                    "will have no
     ver's new NB A                                                                                      contact wit h
     team, announce d                                                                                  players unti l
     they will try to rais e                                                                          an agreemen t
     $200,000 per year for five                                                                      is reached," Butt
     years for an endowmen t                                                                    0,, says .
     fund called " Grizzlies Fu -                                                                      An agreemen t
     tures " . UBC will try to                                                                   was reached between
     raise an equal amoun t                                                                   the NBA owners and                                                                   TM
     from the proceeds of T-                                                                  the players' union on
     Birds exhibition games an d
    with outside sponsorship .                                 formatio n
        The Grizzlies will donat e                         and Promotion s
    between 6 .5 and 10.5 per cen t         Coordinator, is looking forward
    of what they make from all sea -        to high attendance at thes e
     son ticket sales to UBC alumni ,       games . "We'll have th e
    faculty, staff, and students . Both     Grizzlies/Canucks marketin g
    organizations will be holding           machine helping to promote the                  The Ubyssey Publications Society owes a great deal of thanks to
    different events during the year        game [at GM Place] " he said ,                the many people who helped create the society and win the referen-
    to raise funds, and other corpo-        noting that community attend -                dum campaign .
    rations in BC will be invited to        ance at T-Birds games was up                    The staff of The Gallery Lounge who kept the campaign machin e
    join the program .                      last year during the NHL own -                well oiled .
        There are also other pro-           ers lockout . He hopes "the even t
    grams in the works to support           will help promote UBC teams . "
                                                                                           The AUS, Marj and Jill for that lovely bonfire, the sociology prof,
    the fund . According to Griz-              Part of the Grizzles Future s              sorry, December was s0000 long ago . . .
    zlies ' spokesperson Debbi e            fund will support charities lik e                Brian, it was lotsa fun . .
    Butt, the team is "working o n          Sport BC and Kidsport, whic h                  The University Board of Governors who agreed to collect our fees ,
    deals with TV and radio sta-            provide fmancial aid to childre n            and Byron Hender and Maria Klawe .
    tions as well as other charitie s " .   who might not otherwise b e                    Everyone who gave seminars : Andrew, Dayson, Nadene, Gordon ,
       The Grizzlies will not be the        able to participate in sports . I t          Ross, Katherine, John, Bob, Victo r
    only team to help promot e              will also be used to fund the Sta y
    UBC sports this year. The UB C          In School program which pro -                  Michael Valpy for writing an article supporting us in the Glob e
    Thunderbirds hockey team wil      l     motes completion of secondar y               and Mail during the week of the campaign
    play two exhibition game s              school by high school students.                Rose
    against the University of Main e           Athletic and academic schol -               All those lovely cuppies in Windsor, Dominic and the rest of mem-
    Black Bears during the Christ-          arship programs for post-sec -               bership commission, Michael, Stu, Jennifer, Yannick and the rest o f
    mas break. The Bears won th e           ondary students will also be de -
     1993 NCAA Championshi p                veloped. The endowment wil l
                                                                                         ad coop commission . Hey, who said tile floors were hard? And whe n
    and were runners-up in 1994 .           be administered by a commit -                will the national exec ever figure it out?? ?
    One game will be playe d                tee of representatives from both               action now !
    at Thunderbird Arena while              UBC and the Vancouver Griz -                   CiTR who helped us find bands for our impromptu Friday Rally.
                                                                                         Nancy Horsma n
                                                                                           The Minstrels, Face Puller, and Omar Washington and his band
        POSITION OPE N                                                                     Much gratitude to Hillel House, Speakeasy, and the Agricultura l
                                                                                         StudentsUndergraduate Society who shared the SUB concourse with
                                                                                         us durin their bookings
                            Director- of Service s                                         And+ alll those lovely wrcuppies who helped out duringg the cam-
                                                                                         pain, especially at our sister papers, The Link and The Glearler . .
        w for Graduate Student Societ                                                      Tianks to the OP for thinking of us when they got that PMT-cam-
                                                                                         era .
        GRADUATE                                                            y
                                                                                           Kris far redesign
                          Nomination forms are availabl e                                  Michael and Heathe r
                       at the GSS Office at the Grad Centr e                               Those clever writers at the 432 who brought the issue of The Ubys-
                             and must by submitted b y                                   sey to so many people's attention on campus, even on t)BC gener a
                            5pm, Wednesday, July 19th .                                    All those old ubysmals and new ones too .
                                                                                          .All the people who helped out With the referendum campaign b y
     As the Director of Services y uu would be responsible for developing ,              handing out leaflets, putting up posters, talking to people .
     promoting and maintaining social, recreational and educationa l
     programs sponsored by the Society ; met-see the actiNities of th e
                                                                                           The 3000 people who voted yes for the student press, and to thos e
     Programs Committee and liaise with the Publications Committee t o                   who voted no, thanks for caring enough to vote . . .
     promote the Society and its services ; and provide 6 hours of fixe d                  A last big thanks to Bill and Janice for making it all possible . . .TO
     office time per week.                                                               THE EMPIRE!!!! (whomever's we're building )
     Honorarium SS,000 .

        8                                                                             The Summer Ubyssey                                                   Thursday, July 13, 1995 .

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