How To Mastermind A Career Change by aihaozhe2


									How to mastermind a career change? That is a crucial question that comes across
individuals that are opting to change their career for a new one. Changing a career
involves long term planning which can be decided upon certain parameters such as
experience, salary and the future interests that the individual would have in a career.

If you are an individual that has started upon a new job but is not currently satisfied
with the field, then it is necessary that you do some brainstorming as to which job will
enable you to pursue the career of your interest.

Factors Important In Deciding Upon A Career

From the very beginning of your education, i.e. from elementary school, you decide
upon certain careers that you would want to pursue. As a child you often dream about
being a pilot, doctor, businessman or any other field which will enable you to get an
accurate assessment of your achievements for your future.

Its when you come out of this fantasy land that you realize that everyone has
capacities and interests according to which they have to adapt their lives to. Some of
the factors that one must look into while deciding upon a career change can be
elaborated as follows -

- Aptitude

There are individual differences among everyone which enables one to decide upon
which career to choose from. Aptitude is one important individual difference which is
the mental capacity of an individual to perform a task. For example if you are not
good with arithmetic then you have a very low aptitude for jobs which would allow
you to perform on arithmetic operations. Choosing a job in the engineering field won't
be a good idea. You would be better off by opting for a career in the field of arts and
humanities. If the current job that you have undertaken doesn't suit your aptitude then
you should consider a change of your career.

- Interests

If you have dreamed of being an engineer or lawyer then it is necessary that you
pursue your interests in this field. But it is important to remember that you should
have the aptitude to perform the job. There are many individuals working a specific
job but do not have any aptitude in performing that job. If you think that you are not
enjoying the current job setting then it is necessary that you weigh the time adequately.
Maybe it is a temporary phase that you are going through and it may require some
assessment in terms of the work place that you are working in.

- Workplace environment
Often individuals get confused in terms of the work place environment and the career.
In this situation, it is necessary to distinguish your interest in the career and that of the
workplace environment. However there are various questions that you would have to
ask yourself regarding the present work environment that you are working in.
Questions such as -

- What is the relationship with my colleagues?

- Am I satisfied with my pay?

- Is the workload too much?

These are personal questions that you should separate from your career interests.

Therefore masterminding your career is a matter of deciding upon your aptitude,
interests and the present working environment. With these three parameters in place
one is sure to find the adequate job.

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