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    Spring 2008 Issue

                                       TRAFFIC SAFETY - TRAFFIC ISSUES
                                        TRAFFIC! TRAFFIC!! TRAFFIC !!!
     Concerned about the traffic on Prospect Lake Road and/or surrounding roads? Feeling frustrated, frightened and
     overwhelmed with the increased traffic in our community? The speeding? The road racing on weekends and late
     at night? Worried about your children going to the park and school? Almost been hit walking with family, friends
     and pets? How about riding a bicycle? Heart sore at the maimed and dead wildlife? If you answered yes to any
     or all of these questions, you are not alone. TRAFFIC has become a menace to safety and sanity in our
     neighbourhood. Do you want ACTION? The time is NOW. An initiative is underway to solve the problem.
     Please complete the TRAFFIC SURVEY on page 8 and submit it to the PLDCA Community Association Traffic
     Committee. Many thanks to Leanne Webster-Bugslag, Traffic Chair, for taking the lead on this issue. Please
     contact Leanne with your concerns at either or call 479-7000. Thanks also to Kim
     Cutler for the following informative article on sharing the road with wildlife and pet safety in vehicles.

I often hear drivers blasting their horns as they drive by my home. I imagine they are trying to tell wildlife to get out of
the way. There is no need for this. Simply slow down and let the deer pass. Many years ago I took the Young Drivers
of Canada course and I learned some skills that I use often. The first technique is called "Brake and Avoid". If an object
suddenly appears in front of you, hit the brake petal firmly and then swerve. Swerving before you brake will cause you
to lose control of the vehicle and is less effective than the Brake and Avoid technique because slowing the vehicle first
increases the distance between you and the object. Another method for avoiding wildlife, pets, cars, and pedestrians
that suddenly appear is to drive using the Scanning method. Drivers tend to look straight ahead when they are driving
and don't see objects that appear from the side. Look left to right as well as straight ahead and watch for cars coming
from side streets and driveways. It is amazing how many times a driver will dash out unsafely. Unless you drive
defensively, a collision may occur. It won't matter whose fault the collision is when you have to deal with a damaged
car and bodily injury. When driving our rural roads especially, decide to be mindful of watching for animals. The eyes
of a deer show up very well in headlights so watch for those two "warning signals". Using these techniques, I have
                                        never hit a deer, rabbit, or anything else. I have even slowed down for a mouse!
         IN THIS ISSUE                  I hate to see dead deer and rabbits on our roads. Slow down, drive conscientiously,
                                        and use the techniques described above. Hopefully this will cut down on the
   SAFETY ISSUES                        carnage on our roads.
    Hall Repair Fundraising Reports    2-3 PET SAFETY IN VEHICLES

    Notes from the Treasurer            3 It is now illegal to transport dogs in the back of a pickup truck unless they are
    Weekly Hall Schedule ; Community    4 properly secured with a harness and short leash (which prevents strangulation
    Notice Board; PLDCA Executive          and death in a collision), or inside a crate which is secured in the centre of the
                                           truck box. If your dog is riding inside the vehicle, he should be secured with a dog
    Memory Lane; Neighbourly News;       5 seatbelt or be inside a secured crate. This law is in Section 72 of the B.C. Motor
    Volunteer Thank-you                    Vehicle Act. Under the B.C. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act you can be
    Business Advertisements            6-7 charged with animal cruelty if your pet is injured. For further Information go to
    TRAFFIC SURVEY                      8
                                            Wishing you a joyful Spring and Summer, ~ Kim Cutler

                         REPORTS ON FUND RAISING FOR
                           COMMUNITY HALL REPAIRS

       A HUGE big thank you to Country Grocer for accepting us into the com-
       munity “Save A Tape Program” as well as to everyone who is participating. It really is an
       easy way for everyone in the community to help with very little effort required. Here are
       the numbers so far:

                                              #                      Total     Rebate     Received

                                              1        10/31/07     6,426.17    321.31     325.00

                                              2        11/30/07    10,204.76    510.24     510.00

                                              3        12/31/07    21,202.47   1,060.12   1,065.00

                                              4        1/31/08     15,337.93    766.90     770.00

                                              5        2/29/08     24,951.23   1,247.56   1,245.00
    Mail your receipts to PLDCA
    5358 Sparton Road V9E 2H5                 6        3/31/08     25,577.57   1,278.88   1,260.00
    or drop them in a Save a
    Tape box at Oldfield’s Save               7        4/30/08     34,139.30   1,706.97
    on Gas station on West
                                              8        5/31/08
    Saanich Road and at the
    Community Hall.                           9        6/30/08

                                                                  137,839.43   6,891.97   5,175.00

                                                                     Grant Application
                                                                    We are pleased to
                                                                      report that the
                                                                    PLDCA application
                                                                       for $40,000.00
                                                                       Capital Grant
                                                                     funding from the
                                                                        BC Gaming
    MLA Hon. Ida Chong, Minister for Community
                                                                     Commission was
    Services, presenting the PLDCA with a cheque for                    APPROVED.
    $40,000.00. L-R: David McLean, Deborah Tubman,
    Hon. Ida Chong, Paul Scrimger.

    Art Raffle                                                            Flea Market
    The draw for the raffle was held at the Christmas Potluck             The Flea Market was once again a
    December 12, 2007 at the community hall. Thank you to                 success, in spite of the fact there was
    everyone who bought tickets — $2,292.00 was raised                    less room for tables because of the Hall
    toward the hall repairs. A special thank you to the                   renovations. $280.50 was collected from
    donors of the raffle prizes;                                          rentals, the Community Table collected
                                                                          $150.00 and concession sales of hot
    Robert Bateman                                                        dogs and drinks garnered approximately
    Sergei Gibson                                                         $50.00 for a total of $480.50. Thanks to
    Keith Hiscock                                                         John and Lois Steeves for their long
                                                                          standing commitment to organizing the
    Broadmead Gallery for framing the Hiscock print                       Flea Market and ensuring it’s success.
                                                                          Thanks also to the Aikido group for the
    Here are the winners of the raffle;                                   Hall table setup and Joe and Cherie
    1st    Brian Martin    Keith Hiscock Framed Print                     McLean, Jason Hillis, Dave and Sue
    2nd    Jason Hillis   Robert Bateman Framed Print                     Barker, Laura Mindenhall and her friend
    3rd    Linda Picot    Sergei Gibson Carvings                          Ed Leahy for all their help.

                                           NOTE FROM THE TREASURER

          I was simply ecstatic when I received the email from BC Gaming that we received final approval
      for our $40,000 Gaming Grant application. I immediately sent out an email to the directors and
      thanked a number of people who were directly involved in the process. Paul then sent out an email
      to the community and identified additional people that contributed to the grant application and its
      success. Now that my initial exuberance has passed I would also like to thank some more people,
      without which we would not have been able to request $40,000 (many residences don’t have email,
      or are not on the email list, so I am repeating the names here so everyone will know who was
                Paul Scrimger and Deborah Tubman for their contributions in the preparing of the grant application;
                Sherron MacPherson and Sue Barker for requesting and assembling letters of support and historical
               Dave Barker and Gary Moonie for their experience and comments relating to the building and repair
                 plans and preparing preliminary designs and cost estimates;
               Fred Haynes and the Island Aikido club for pre-paying their entire year’s rent and Gary Moonie for
                 loaning the PLDCA $10,000 so that we would have additional funds in the bank in order for BC
                 Gaming to match;
               The Large family and Country Grocer for their continued support by offering the “Save a Tape
                 Program”, whereby Country Grocer gives the PLDCA 5% of the receipts we submit to them. We
                 have had a great deal of community support in this program. The community has up to April 30,
                 2008 submitted Country Grocer receipts totalling $137,300, which has enabled the PLDCA to
                 receive $6,865;
               Kelly McLean, the volunteers and the people in the community that attended and supported the
                 various fundraising activities over the past year;

           Finally, the members of the community that have made donations to date totalling $11,240
      It’s very rewarding volunteering for an organization where there is this high a level of support and
      involvement. Congratulations and thank-you to everyone that contributed in so many ways.

      David McLean, CA Treasurer

                                     COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD
     FALL YOGA PROGRAM AT THE HALL: Are you interested in Yoga? This fall we
     will be running an 8 week program at the hall. Jodi Jackson is a certified Yoga
     instructor and will be leading us in evening classes once a week. This class will
     be for all levels and ages. If you are interested in registering or for more details,
     contact: Linda Geggie Tel: 727-9605
     SUMMER “DRIVE IN” MOVIE NIGHT: We are thinking of having an outdoor movie night at the hall this
     summer. Instead of doing a drive in with cars we thought people could come and set up their blankets and
     lawn chairs on a warm August night and we could watch a movie appropriate for everyone - maybe one of
     the Disney Classics? Anyone who would like to help or has movie ideas or knows anything about outdoor
     audio visual equipment, could they please contact: Linda Geggie 727-9605
     BABY SITTING LIST : If you are interested in being on a casual baby sitter list please contact Susan
     Porter who has offered to compile and keep one for the community. Both students and mature people
     welcome as sitters. Tel: 294-9186 email: SR.

            DAY                           WEEKLY HALL SCHEDULE 2008                                 CONTACT
Monday                                                 Available
Tuesday                       AIKIDO - Main Hall 7:00 - 8:30 pm                              Fred Haynes 708-0702

2nd Tuesday of the Month      EARLY FORD V8 - Meeting Room 7:30 pm                           Dave Wallace 479-2793

3rd Tuesday of the Month      VAN ISLE A & B FORDS - Meeting Room 7:30 pm                    Barry Lodge 479-6454

Wednesday Every Week          LADIES BADMINTON -Cancelled until Hall repair completed Drop In

1st Wednesday of the Month    FRIENDS OF TOD CREEK - Meeting in Homes                        Mary Haig-Brown 479-8801

2nd Wednesday of the Month    PLDCA - Meeting Room 7:30 - 8:30 pm                            Sherron MacPherson 479-

2nd Wednesday of the Month    SOUTH MALAHAT 4H RABBIT CLUB - Main Hall 7:30 - 8:30pm         Dr. Jane Wrinch 478-8136

3rd Wednesday of the Month    SAANICH 4H POULTRY CLUB - Meeting Room 7:30 - 8:30pm           Roxanna Thompson 479-3245

Thursday                      AIKIDO - Main Hall 10:30am - 12:00 pm                          Fred Haynes 708-0702

Friday                                                 Available

Saturday                                               Available

Sunday                        AIKIDO - Main Hall 10:30am - 12:00 pm                          Fred Haynes 708-0702

    PLDCA Executive Board Members
    Chair:           Paul Scrimger          727-9315     Events Committee: Sue Barker              744-1631
    Vice Chair:      Gary Moonie            479-7880
    Secretary:       Sherron MacPherson     479-3972     Traffic Committee: Leanne Webster-Bugslag 479-7000
    Treasurer:       Dave McLean            479-3391
    Membership: Sue Barker                  744-1631
    Families $5 / single $3                              Hall Manager: Laura Mindenhall                  727-7254
                                                         Hall Rentals: ____________________              479-8018
                                                         Newsletter:     Deborah Tubman                  479-0977
    Sue Barker             Art Dimock
    Mary Haig-Brown        Jim Reslein
    Sandra Scrimger        Lois & John Steeves
    Don & Vivian Sanford   Dave Wallace

                                                      MEMORY LANE
                               MEMORIES OF GROWING UP IN PROSPECT LAKE
                                            by Derek Gaye

    We moved to the lake in the year 1951 when I was just turning 13 years of age. At the time there were only
    twelve permanent homes. Our house had been a summer house and was quite primitive. The bath room
    was an add on and one would freeze while in there. We drew water from the lake for a few years, and one
    Christmas we spent the entire day thawing the water pipes. There were lots of cold, snowy winters - someone
    drove a jeep across the lake two years in a row on the ice.
    Eventually we were able to purchase property next door that had a spring bubbling up and I dug a well by
    pick and shovel until it filled and had to be pumped out. My Dad acquired a hand pump and we pumped and
    dug as far as we could and then poured cement walls and built a pump house. Then there was the year our
    house was raised to put in a basement. It almost slipped into the lake and a cable had to be wrapped around
    it. Also, there was a full tree about 3’ to 4’ in diameter under the house. It had been fallen and just built over.

    Prospect Lake was a great place for a young boy. Sleeping on the porch in the summer you could hear a
    cougar screaming and the loons calling. One year a large flock of swans flew in and landed on the lake. It
    truly was a majestic sight. A person could shoot at the ducks that came in every year and fish all year round.
    Jack Durrance had a store where all the kids gathered to take the school bus to Mt. Newton School. Some of
    them made his life miserable. We had parties upstairs in their home. Across from the Durrance Store, Brian
    Oldfield had a service station. He was a great guy and would let me do some work on my car there when I was
    older. His brothers had a machine shop on the lot behind the garage. He built a hand made car. It was rear
    engined and formed like a tear drop. My good friend for years was, and is, Sergei Gibson. We met when we
    were both 15 years of age.

    A young person was free to roam the whole area and do things kids would never be able to do now. A
    neighbour gave me a home made boat, about 7 feet long. I used to row over at night to visit my friend Mac
    MacGregor to do homework and row back in the moonlight. I rowed that thing all over the lake swimming
    and fishing and daydreaming.

    ~ Memories written to Deborah Tubman from her Uncle Derek Gaye.

                                                 NEIGHBOURLY NEWS
       Born to Leanne Webster and Brian Bugslag of 4918 Prospect Ave, on May 27, 2007 a son, Liam. His proud sister is
         Breannah and grandparents Marg and Jack Bugslag of 4891 Prospect Lake Rd. Three generations of Lakers!

       Born to Jean Wallace and Dustin Rushworth, a baby boy Keiden David. Proud grandparents Dave and Judy Wallace.

       Good Luck and Farewell to Dick and Ruth Marshall who have moved from the neighbourhood to a new home in
         Saanich. They will be missed.

       A warm welcome to newcomers Katrinka Simpson and Don Gordon who have moved into the Marshall home!

       Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Woody Thomson.

     THANK-YOU!!          To Rob Oldfield and                               THANK-YOU!! To Dean Rebneris and
     Staff at the Save on Gas Station for                                   Colin Rankin for quietly showing up to
     their enthusiastic support of the Country                              maintain the Community Hall grounds,
                                                                            season after season.
     Grocer “Save a Tape” program.

    Prospect Lake Service Ltd.                           PIANO LESSONS
                                                         Geraldine McLean
             Complete Automotive Service
                                                      B.MUS., A.R.C.T., R.M.T.
          Government Certified Technicians
                                                  Experienced with both traditional
                  Mike Laitinen                      and Suzuki piano methods.
               5295 West Saanich Road                    All ages welcome
              RR5, Victoria, BC V9E 2E8           Echo Drive      Phone: 744-4087
      Phone: (250) 744-1773 Fax: (250) 744-5677


                                                                     your coffee shop

     Red Barn Market
    5550 West Saanich Road

           479 8349

        Fresh Produce

      Turkey Specialties

        Beef and Lamb

    Animal Feed & Pet Food

         Deli Counter

    Would you like to advertise in the newsletter?
            Contact Sherron @ 479-3972

          Markets & Deli                    Sanitech Services Ltd.
                                                434 Goward Road
         Taste A World of Difference          Victoria, B.C. V8X 4M6
          4649 W. Saanich Road
           Victoria, BC V8Z3G9
    John & Jodi Ambrosio De Medeiros             Phone: 250-744-2004
             Tel/Fax 479-8821                      Fax: 250-744-2003
                                                Toll Free: 887-744-2001
       ~Look for the Red Wagon~                E-Mail:
                                              More Info:
    Premium Local Produce, European
            Imports & Deli
                                       "Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority"

                                               TRAFFIC SURVEY
We are in the process of collecting input from the community about Prospect Lake Road (designated collector road, not
connector) and Goward Road. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.
Do you feel that Prospect Lake and Goward Roads are unsafe due to increased traffic and speeding? If so, would you
be in favour of any of the following solutions:

 Speed humps                            Official and lowered speed limit
 Increased signage                      Road narrowing
 Blocked road at mid-point
 Other (Please give your suggestions)

Do you or a member of your family walk on Prospect Lake or Goward Road? If so, what is your general destination?

School                                 Store/gas station
Connecting to a park or Interurban Centennial Trail
Just going for a walk                  Other ______________________________________________________

Are there ways that we could make these roadways safer for pedestrians?

Adjacent trail                         Crosswalks
Curbs                                  Sidewalks
Better signage
Other Traffic calming measures_______________________________________________________________

What sections of the Prospect Lake and Goward Roads would be a priority for changes?

Would you like to be kept informed on the progress of the PLDCA Traffic Committee Y            N

If so, please provide us with your email address and/or phone number____________________________
Please drop off this form at the Prospect Lake Gas Station or email your comments to: by
July 31, 2008.
Thank you for your input.
Prospect Lake Community Association Traffic Committee

If anyone is interested in helping out with the traffic committee, please contact Leanne.