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									         A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                     July 2009

                                       We have certainly experienced some extraordinary times since
                                       the last quarter of 2008!

                                                                                                            GRINDROD - ‘Fourth-best shipping company in the world’
                                         The effects of the financial crisis are still being felt across
                                       the world. So how has Grindrod fared in these challenging
                                         The markets within which Grindrod operates have certainly
                                       not been immune to weaker economic conditions. However,
                                       having said this, Grindrod was, during 2008, in the process of
                                       positioning itself for a downturn in markets.
                                         Our strategy was to capitalise on the extremely high value of
                                       ships, by selling some ships, and by increasing our contrac-
                                       tual earnings cover position both in the Shipping Division and
                                       Freight Services Division.
                                          These actions have resulted in Grindrod being very well po-
                                       sitioned with an extremely strong balance sheet, high levels of
                                       liquidity and good cash flows.
                                         The efforts of our staff during these challenging times, and
FROM THE BRIDGE                        the support from our customers, partners and suppliers, is
                                       greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of you.
                                         Finally, Grindrod has again done extremely well in the Marine
         with Alan Olivier             Money International Shipping Company Rankings by being
                                       placed 4th against all listed worldwide shipping companies.

   New contracts for Auto Carrier Transport
    Congratulations to the Grindrod Logistics Auto        mestic and export deliveries for Toyota SA
    Carrier Transport (GLACT) team on the new             Motors. The new agreements are expect-
    contracts with Honda South Africa, Associat-          ed to be finalised effective 1 August. New
    ed Motor Holdings, Nissan Diesel South Africa         delivery areas for GLACT include Namibia,
    and Toyota SA Motors. These contracts will            Limpopo, Mpumalanga and additional KZN
    equate to in excess of 4 500 additional vehi-         dealers. Stock transfer to Gauteng as well
    cles being transported per month by GLACT.            as a significant increase in the transporta-
       In addition, GLACT will be providing storage       tion of export vehicles will also be under-
    and other logistical services to Honda South          taken by GLACT.
    Africa at its Durban, Bellville and Gauteng fa-         GLACT, working in conjunction with Grin-
    cilities. As Honda motor vehicles are imported        drod Corporate Marketing, embarked on
    via the Port of Durban, the major storage facili-     the launch of both a new website, and an e-
    ty will be located in Durban to facilitate fast and   postcard campaign. These initiatives both
    efficient direct delivery to all Honda dealers.        attracted new customers and promoted the
      GLACT has increased its share of both do-           brand.
MAKING WAVES             A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited              July 2009

    Grindrod invests in rail
     Grindrod announced earlier this year the im-
     plementation of a joint venture with Solethu
     Investments resulting in the creation of RRL
     Grindrod, a 51% black-owned company.
        RRL Grindrod was formed out of an ex-
     isting business, RRL Holdings (Proprietary)
     Limited, and provides locomotive leasing,
     rail operations and shunting services to its
     clients. These services include inbound and
     outbound rail management, building of train
     sets, loading / offloading of rail wagons
     and the management of its clients’ relation-
     ship with Transnet Freight Rail to ensure the
     smooth running of their rail operations. The
     Company intends growing its locomotive fleet
     in order to continue to support and grow its
     client base and to position itself to capitalise
     on business opportunities arising from rail re-
     structure in South Africa.
        Dave Rennie, Grindrod Freight Services
     MD, sees the re-entry into the rail sector
     as strategic for the Grindrod Group in that
     Grindrod is a major investor in terminal and          Ted Zulu, the Managing Director of RRL Grindrod,
     port operations with a reliance on rail logis-     believes that RRL Grindrod’s empowerment creden-
     tics for throughput. Rennie says, “We wish         tials, together with the financial strength of Grindrod,
     to provide integrated logistics solutions for      will present opportunities for RRL Grindrod to partner
     our clients. In so doing, we wish to position      with Transnet Freight Rail in developing rail solutions.
     ourselves to participate in public-private part-   We hope to see RRL Grindrod performing a feeder
     nerships, feeder services to Transnet Freight      service to Transnet Freight Rail which interfaces with
     Rail and branch-line concessioning. We are         Transnet Freight Rail’s main-line operations. RRL
     hopeful that Transnet will bring these types of    Grindrod has secured a contract to shunt magnetite
     opportunities to the market.”                      trains at Phalaborwa station for Masoka Mining.

     Third bunker tanker now being fitted out
     The third Unical bunker tanker, “FUMANA”,
     is on course for completion and delivery in
     August. She was launched on 26 April and is
     being fitted and completed alongside.
       The “FUMANA” is to be employed in Dur-
     ban and will allow Unical Bunker Services to
     more effectively service their clients.
       Unical Bunker Services’ bunker tanker, the
     “Southern Venture” remains fully employed                      Fumana under construction in March 2009
     servicing the shipping industry in Durban, with                at the Dormac shipyard in Durban.
     the “Southern Valour” based in Cape Town.

MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                           July 2009

    Passion for education
     Learners benefit from                                       Grindrod builds maritime centre
     Jo Tankers bursaries
                                                                Grindrod has also been supporting maritime learners
     Chemical tanker operator Jo Tankers has had                at Sethengile, and is funding the construction of a
     a long relationship with South Africa, having              maritime studies centre at the school.
     provided transportation services in and out                  Grindrod and Jo Tankers, both having a passion
     of our harbours for the last 26 years. They                for education, hosted the Sethengile bursary stu-
     have now initiated a bursary programme for                 dents from the school on 5 May.
     students at Sethengile Secondary School,                     Dag Bjaarstad, General Manager Africa Services
     Clermont, near Durban, further strengthening               for Jo Tankers, assisted by Jeremy Skeen, represent-
     their bonds with our country.                              ing Jo Tankers in South Africa, gave a presentation to
       The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS)             the learners at Grindrod House. He profiled Jo Tank-
     has together with Jo Tankers developed the                 ers, and explained that a job in shipping involved long
     bursary programme. The course, “Under-                     hours, hard work and possibly lots of travelling. He
     standing Shipping”, was awarded to the ten                 encouraged the learners to prepare themselves for a
     best 2008 grade 11 maritime economics                      shipping career by achieving in their studies, and by
     students at the school, and commenced in                   adopting such business norms as a firm handshake
     January. Upon successful completion of the                 and a clear speaking voice.
     course, which is typically completed over nine               Grindrod’s Neil Eckersley, HR Officer, covered ca-
     months, each student will receive a diploma                reers at Grindrod, what Grindrod looks for in new
     demonstrating their achievement from the                   employees, and he gave some interview tips such as
     ICS in London.                                             to prepare for the question, “Why would you like to
       The presentations were made to the ten                   work at Grindrod?”
     pupils on their first day back at school in                   Alison Briggs, Marketing Manager, gave the learn-
     January, in front of their peers, teacher and              ers an overview of the companies in the Grindrod
     headmaster.                                                group.

             The bursary students from Sethengile High School visited Grindrod House in May to hear several presentations.

MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                 July 2009

    Jo Tankers thank esteemed clients
                                                                 Jo Tankers of Bergen, Norway, recently held their sec-
                                                                 ond annual client function at the Hilton Hotel in Durban.
                                                                 Using last year as a base, the event went up a gear
                                                                 when the resident band “Send the fire” was supported
                                                                 by nationally known comedian Aaron McIlroy, who had
                                                                 the guests eating out of his hand. This, the 26th year
                                                                 of service of Jo Tankers into South Africa, was the sec-
                                                                 ond time that Jo had held such a function to thank their
                                                                 esteemed, regular and long-standing clients.
        Dan Dalton (King & Sons), Johan Odvar Odfjell (Jo
        Tankers, Bergen) and John Coetzee (Elgin Brown
        & Hamer) attended the Jo Tankers function.

     IVS Cabernet shrugs off Somali pirate attack
     On 1 May this year, the IVS chartered Cape-
     size bulk-carrier IVS Cabernet was some 960
     nm off the Somali coast and a mere 210 nm
     east of the Seychelles group when the Officer
     of the Watch (OOW) sighted two small boats.
     The boats were sighted at 09h30 at range of
     11nm and closing at a speed of 22 knots in
     clear visibility and calm seas. The OOW raised
     the alarm and the ship’s company mustered
                                                                 Armed Somali pirates aboard a small craft.
     in the accommodation after ensuring all ex-
     ternal doors were closed. The Master ordered             Unicorn and IVS have adopted a strategy to re-
     maximum speed and altered course to put                duce the risk of attack by Somali pirates through
     the closing boats astern.                              avoidance of the area where possible, by complying
       The first boat came alongside and three pi-           with the voluntary notification and routing schemes,
     rates attempted to hang a ladder off the ship’s        maintaining a heightened awareness and vigilance
     railings. The second boat stood off and four           status on board and adopting non-aggressive tech-
     pirates engaged the ship from both quarters            niques to ward off a boarding attempt. In cases
     with rapid fire from light automatic rifles. As,         where the area cannot be avoided the company will
     the ship was in ballast, her 15m freeboard             assess the risks involved and in any case vessels
     proved too much for the pirates who were               are to maintain a minimum of 600 nm off Somalia
     unable to get a ladder on board and broke off          and navigate within an established transit corridor in
     the attack after 45 minutes.                           groups (convoys) when transiting the Gulf of Aden.
       The early detection and immediate actions               Industry Best Practice guidelines produced by the
     of the personnel aboard the IVS Cabernet               International Maritime Organisation, Oil Companies
     enabled the Master to thwart the pirate’s at-          International Maritime Forum, Joint War Committee
     tempts to board by way of speed and ma-                and BP have been adopted aboard Unicorn Ship-
     noeuvre since the best defence against pirate          ping and Island View Shipping International owned
     attack is to avoid being boarded at all.               vessels. These best practices call primarily for defen-
       Whilst charterers can advise owners on               sive measures such as vigilance, assessment of the
     what anti-piracy measures to implement on              risk, preparation prior to entry of a high risk area and
     board, owners are ultimately responsible for           pre-planned responses to an attack.
     the measures adopted. These measures can
     be offensive, defensive or both.

MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                July 2009

    A truly empowering BBBEE transaction
     In February this year Grindrod Limited an-
     nounced a BBBEE transaction resulting in
     the sale of 25% plus 1 share of its subsidiary
     Grindrod (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (GSA). This
     sale of 15% to Calulo Petrochemicals and
     10% to Adopt-A-School Foundation was by
     way of the issue of new equity for a total con-
     sideration of R274 million. GSA includes the
     majority of Grindrod’s 100%-owned South
     African based operations.
        Said Alan Olivier, CEO of Grindrod Limited,             Donné Nicol – Adopt A School Foundation, Mkhuseli
     “We have a successful business relation-                   Faku – Calulo Shipping and Dave Rennie – Grindrod.
     ship with Calulo and have already partnered
     with them in our South African marine bun-              The Adopt-A-School Foundation enables companies and in-
     kering and coastal shipping operation. They          dividuals to participate in and improve the conditions of schools
     know the industry and add significant value           in historically disadvantaged communities. The ingenuity of the
     to the deal. The third party in this transac-        adoption model is that it cements a long-term partnership be-
     tion, Adopt-A-School Foundation, fits very            tween adopters, donors and the school community. This partner-
     well with Grindrod’s social responsibility focus     ship approach creates direct benefits for the local communities
     which is to support education initiatives.”          through the creation of employment, the involvement of parents,
                                                          the transfer of skills and the development of the learners to
        The Adopt-a-School Foundation, founded
                                                          become productive citizens.
     by Cyril Ramaphosa in 2002, received an
     interest-free loan from Grindrod, making this          There is a Swahili proverb which says: “The land does not
     transaction possible and represents the first BEE     belong to us – we borrow it from our children.” This saying
     transaction to be concluded by the Foundation.       underscores our responsibility as adults to be custodians of
     Furthermore Grindrod has pledged to direct a         our children’s future which encompasses education, health
     significant portion of its corporate social invest-   and the environment.
     ment to this cause – estimated to be about
     R1 million per annum.

     New tip-off service
     In striving towards a work environment free of
     fraud, theft and corruption, Grindrod has re-
     cently subscribed to Deloitte’s Tip-Off Anony-
     mous Service. This was communicated to
     staff via flyers, e-mails, intranet and licence
     disc holders. The communication roll-out will
     continue by way of presentations, posters
     and DVDs.
       The tip-off service enables you to blow the
     whistle on dishonest activity within Grindrod in
     total confidence. Make a toll-free call to 0800
     21 31 18 in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa,
     Sotho or Portuguese, 24/7. Help preserve our
     core values: respect, integrity, professional-
     ism, fairness and accountability.

MAKING WAVES               A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                July 2009

    Maiden voyages to Richards Bay

      Seen before a function on board are,
      from left, Acting Harbour Master Ash-
      wani Pathak, Chief Engineer Pedro
      Jundez, King & Sons representatives
      Gillian Hapelt, Edwin Culverwell and
      Mike van Rooyen, Pacific Accord
      Master - Captain Anecito Puga, and
      RBCT representatives Silven Chetty,
      Nicky Redinger and Donovan Raj.

     Taking coal to Portugal
     Representatives from King &
     Sons recently welcomed mv
     Pacific Accord into Richards
     Bay on her maiden voyage.
        The Cape Size bulk carrier
     is almost the length of three
     rugby fields and is capable of
     15.6 knots in ballast condi-
     tion. She took on a 163 500-
     ton parcel of coal at Richards
     Bay Coal Terminal for delivery
     to Portugal.

     Loading coal for Spain
     On her maiden voyage from a shipyard in Chi-
     na, super vessel mv Flash arrived on Valen-
     tine’s Day, 14 February, in the port of Richards
     Bay to load coal from RBCT.
       King & Sons were appointed as agents and
     together with master / crew and local port
     authorities commemorated this special occa-
     sion on the bridge with well wishes and a pre-
     sentation of a plaque handed to the master
     by Mike van Rooyen, Branch Manager.
       The new vessel sailed with approximately
     170 000mt of coal, bound for Gijon, Spain.
        King & Sons as agents were exception-                     mv Flash loads coal for Spain at Richards Bay.
     ally happy as they managed to obtain and
     achieve necessary permission from port au-          achievement equated to approximately 5000mt ad-
     thorities and shippers to exceed their maxi-        ditional cargo for time charterers, ensuring extra
     mum permissible sailing draft of 17.50m and         freight and revenue. The vessel cost the owners,
     loaded the vessel to 18.00m (even-keel). This       Flash Shipping, in the region of $100-million.
MAKING WAVES             A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                   July 2009

    Unicorn’s female officers are making waves
     For thousands of years seafaring was an ex-
     clusively male domain. But, today, with ad-
     vances in technology, shipping has changed
     and a career at sea may appear attractive to
     young women seeking a profession that of-
     fers challenge and adventure.
       Globally, women have been making waves
     in recent years and Unicorn Shipping is no
     exception. The company currently employs
     three South African female officers in its fleet
     of mostly tankers, and is managing several
     female cadets who are expected to qualify
     shortly. A Polish female Chief Officer has re-          Second Navigation Officer Kerry Freeman on M.T. Breede.
     cently been employed through Trampbalt, a
     manning agency that has served Unicorn well       not seem to perceive themselves as “women in a
     for a number of years. Four South African fe-     man’s world”, but rather as professional people with
     male catering staff are employed within the       responsibilities and goals. This attitude has earned
     fleet, and by all accounts the quality of their    them respect from both their management and
     food and service is exceptional.                  peers. Natasha maintains that, “It’s a way of life to be
        Kerry Freeman hails from Cape Town and         at sea, not just a job”.
     joined Unicorn as a cadet in 2005 with an im-         So what makes nice girls like these decide on this
     peccable academic record. She obtained her        type of career? Both Kerry and Natasha cannot give
     Certificate of Competency (COC) as a Deck          a definite answer; circumstances just pointed them
     Officer in January 2007 and is now serving         in that direction. Natasha is glad it worked out that
     as a Second Navigation Officer on board the        way, though: “I like the travelling and the constant
     M.T. Breede.                                      learning that we are exposed to at sea; it’s a very ex-
                                                       citing job”. “Jo” says, “I was looking for a challenge,
        Ramatsobane Mphahlele (“Jo” to her
                                                       it might have been more than I bargained for, but
     friends) served on board Unicorn vessels to
                                                       it’s great. Especially the responsibility part, it’s such a
     obtain seatime as a cadet with the Transnet
                                                       high for me. I like being in charge and taking charge
     National Ports Authority. Having obtained her
                                                       of things.”
     Deck Officer COC, she later left that employ-
                                                           The three officers are adamant that they plan to
     ment in search of broader horizons and was
                                                       continue in their chosen path. As 24-year-old Kerry
     employed by Unicorn Shipping as a Third
                                                       says, “It seemed right at the time, and so far it has
     Navigation Officer in September 2008. She
                                                       been the best decision I have ever made.”
     has since been promoted to Second Naviga-
     tion Officer and is currently on leave, having
     completed a recent five-month stint on board
     the M.T. Rainbow.
       Natasha Black served her cadetship with
     Safmarine and obtained her Deck Officer
     COC in November 2007. After further ser-
     vice with Safmarine, she is currently serving
     with Unicorn as a Third Navigation Officer on
     board the M.T. Breede.
       The personal views and work performance
     of these three officers differ little from their
                                                            Third Navigation Officer Natasha Black on M.T. Breede.
     male counterparts. If anything, they have
     set themselves higher personal standards
     for performance. It is significant that they do
MAKING WAVES             A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited              July 2009

    Unicorn’s training school provides a vital service

                                                                                Fire drill.

     Almost 40 years ago the company now                cals. This flexible approach also extends to the ability
     known as Unicorn Shipping founded an in-           to present courses in almost any location throughout
     house training school in Fletcher Road, May-       the country. In the past year, courses have been con-
     don Wharf, to cater for the training needs of      ducted in Cape Town, Richards Bay, East London
     the company’s cadets. Today Unicorn Marine         and Mossel Bay.
     Training School has expanded into a facility          Clients include Bibby International, Starlight Cruis-
     with well-established regional and interna-        es, National Sea Rescue Institute, Offshore Sailing
     tional links, which currently offers a total of    Academy, Transnet National Ports Authority, oil ma-
     28 courses. The vast majority of learners are      jors such as Total and Engen, Seychelles Petroleum,
     not Unicorn personnel, but consist of private      Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, SA Police Services, the Na-
     and sponsored individuals from the maritime        mibian and Kenyan Port Authorities, and SAMSA
     sector, and they often hail from regions far be-   itself.
     yond our borders.
                                                          Says Gavin Le Roux, Unicorn’s Fleet Training Man-
       The “bread and butter” of the school is the      ager, “It has been our experience that in the long run,
     array of mandatory courses required by all         no amount of advertising can achieve the same re-
     seafarers to serve in various roles on board,      sults as clients’ loyalty and referrals to others based
     in accordance with the requirements of the         on their satisfaction with the service levels that we
     International Maritime Organisation (IMO).         consistently offer.”
     These courses can be broadly divided into
                                                           Another role played by the school is the selection
     the categories of Safety, First Aid, Seaman-
                                                        and training of cadet officers for Unicorn Shipping, as
     ship and Survival, within a maritime context.
                                                        well as the supervision of onboard and shore-based
     They are conducted and assessed according
                                                        training of third-party cadets for other organisations
     to strict criteria set out by the SA Maritime
                                                        such as the Transnet National Ports Authority. In the
     Safety Authority (SAMSA), which accredits
                                                        past year, 33 cadets managed by Unicorn Marine
     both the course material and the institution.
                                                        Training School achieved certificates of competency
       In line with its mission statement, in recent    as Deck or Engineer Officers.
     years the school has developed and pre-
                                                          From January to December 2008, a total of 1 886
     sented a number of value-added courses at
                                                        certificates were issued to successful learners and it
     the request of clients. These cover topics as
                                                        looks as if 2009 will be an even busier year, in keep-
     diverse as shipboard management and com-
                                                        ing with the school’s vision, “To be the preferred pro-
     munication, security training for passenger
                                                        vider of internationally accredited marine training on
     ship crew, and several courses at different
                                                        the southern Africa east coast”.
     levels concerning the handling of petrochemi-
MAKING WAVES            A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                  July 2009

    Grindrod contributes to new buildings at Simon’s Town school
     Built 12 years ago mainly out of donated
     shipping containers to house pupils taking
     the maritime studies course at Simon’s Town
     School, Lawhill House is being replaced by a
     permanent building.
       Apart from accommodation and recreation-
     al facilities for 60 boarders, the new Lawhill
     Maritime Centre will also house two custom-
     built classrooms for the teaching of maritime
     economics and nautical science, as well as             Lawhill House’s new building seen in May this year.

     a dining room. The complex will have pan-
                                                         Now in its 14th year of operation, the school’s
     oramic views of False Bay and the distant
                                                      Maritime Studies Department – unique in Africa and
                                                      even further afield – offers two matric subjects, mari-
       Reflecting some of the architectural char-      time economics and nautical science, from Grade
     acteristics of old Simon’s Town, the façade of   10 to 12. Maritime economics prepares learners for
     the new building will blend aesthetically with   careers in the shoreside shipping sector, while those
     the ethos of the town.                           who wish to follow a sea-going career also take nau-
       Grindrod Limited is supporting this project.   tical science.

     Easter came early to Little Eden Village
                                   Debby Gray, Air-   Röhlig-Grindrod Johannesburg staff generously
                                   freight Forward-
                                   ing Supervisor,
                                                      donated clothes, toys and Easter eggs to the Little
                                   left, and JP       Eden Village for the mentally handicapped in Eden-
                                   de Meillon,        glen on 13 March.
                                   Seafreight Imp
                                   Controller, both      As March is also considered to be Human Rights
                                   of Rohlig-Grin-
                                                      Awareness month, close to the celebration of Easter,
                                   drod Johannes-
                                   burg, with two     this donation carried a message of extra compassion
                                   of the delighted   and goodwill from our staff towards the residents of
                                                      Little Eden.

     Fun race lifts Grindrod Bank’s profile
     Eleven people from Grindrod Bank’s Johan-
     nesburg office took part in the JP Morgan
     Corporate Challenge on 5 March.
       The distance of 5.6 km was run through the
     streets of Melrose, with approximately 10,000
     people from 132 businesses taking part.
       The race has become a popular forum for
     networking with other corporates and we
     thank the participants (11 out of 17 staff in
     JHB) for their part in developing team spirit         From left: Yaron Zimbler, David Shimkins, Gareth Sto-
     and increasing the profile of the bank in the          bie, Thami Ndlovu, Vuyo Mgolodela, Gina Goss, Michael
                                                           Rosholt, Nicole Grinaker and Jackie Woolley.
     financial community. Gareth Stobie was the             (Missing: Meglan Pillay and Delon Pather.)
     first Grindrod team member to finish.
MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited              July 2009

     FACT achieve high BEE score
      Future Auto Carrier Transport (Pty) Ltd, (ve-     tor status with a BEE recognition level of 125%. The
      hicle stevedores), is proud to announce that      company was evaluated by EconoBee and the rating
      they have achieved a level 2 BEE contribu-        was verified by BEEMax Agencies.

      Grindrod Bank and Oreport assist in Rally to Read
      Grindrod Bank
      Grindrod Bank, Johannesburg office, re-
      cently participated in the 2009 Rally-to-Read
      in Zeerust, North West province. Rally-to-
      Read is a rural literacy education project
      that, amongst other things, supplies South
      Africa’s most remote schools with resources
      and training aimed at improving literacy lev-
      els where the need is the greatest. The READ
      Foundation is responsible for managing the
        A minimum contribution amount of R22 000
      per vehicle (four passengers) was required to     Oreport
      enter the Rally-to-Read project. These contri-    Three teams from Oreport entered the Rally to Read
      butions made by companies and individuals         in Limpopo at the end of May. The 4x4 drivers were
      raised R4.5 million this year. The READ Foun-     Ian Falcon, Huw Collett and Wayne Burger, each ac-
      dation acquired the books and materials to        companied by colleagues.
      be distributed to the relevant schools. On the       On the Friday, the teams travelled to Makhado
      day of the Rally, representatives from partici-   (Louis Trichardt) and filled their vehicles with educa-
      pating companies transport these books and        tional material. On the Saturday, they joined other rally
      materials in 4x4 vehicles to the schools.         vehicles and headed into a rural area near Makhado,
        On 16 May, the participants in the North        hoping to make a difference in a child’s life, and won-
      West Rally gathered at the Swartruggens NG        dering if one of the children being helped would one
      Kerk where the books were loaded onto ve-         day become a geologist or some other professional.
      hicles. Each team, made up of at least seven      At Mavhode, a pupil in Grade R (pre-school) spoke
      vehicles, was allocated two schools in the        in perfect English expressing his hope to become a
      Witkleigat and Nietverdiend areas in Zeerust      medical doctor.
      to which books were delivered.                      Oreport’s tea lady, Jeanette Mavhungu, was one
        At each of the schools, rally participants      who assisted on the Rally to Read. She grew up
      were entertained and read to by the children,     in Venda and her children are now at school near
      whilst at the same time being given an op-        Makhado. She says she knew that the schools were
      portunity to engage with the teachers and         in need of educational material, teachers, etc, but
      children.                                         she thought that the schools were an improvement
         The rally does wonderful work and whilst a     on what she had experienced.
      great success in its own right, it really does      The materials from Oreport were distributed at the
      highlight the daunting task facing South Af-      following schools: Mavhode, Madatshitshi, Tshien-
      rica’s rural schools in their quest to improve    deulu and Gogogo.
      and empower their pupils.                            Back at their guesthouses in Makhado, all the par-
        Thank you to Thami Ndlovu, Gareth Stobie,       ticipants in the rally realised how much they have to
      Meglan Pillay and Michael Rosholt for repre-      be grateful for in their lives.
      senting Grindrod Bank in this most worthy
MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited             July 2009

     Prestigious projects for Furniture Division
      Grindrod Logistics, Furniture division, has
      been appointed the preferred transporter for
      World Procurement Services, a procurement
      company and development consultant oper-
      ating mainly in the hospitality industry. They
      currently have two prestigious projects on the

      Fairmont Hotel Zimbali, KZN
         The project involves warehousing, trans-
      porting and keeping a stock of furniture and       Department of Foreign Affairs, Pretoria
      décor items from various suppliers for this          This project involves the services mentioned above
      159-room hotel and 20 villas. The items ar-        for the new premises of the Department of Foreign
      rive from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Dur-         Affairs, two guesthouses for delegates, and a presi-
      ban at a central warehouse in Pinetown. As         dential suite. With its head office in Johannesburg
      and when hotel rooms and villas have been          and branches in Cape Town and Durban, the Con-
      completed, the items for the specific rooms         sumer Goods Division is able to tailor-make a range
      are picked and delivered to site. The items are    of services to meet clients’ needs.
      unwrapped and placed in the rooms.

      The day Intermodal made an elephant fly ...
      Shaun Dixon, Business Development Man-
      ager at Grindrod Intermodal, likes to say,
      “There’s nothing we cannot do.” But when he
      got a call to move an elephant from Durban
      to Cape Town by road, he realised this was
      going to be a challenge.
        With the management team consisting of
      Pratish Singh, Reaaz Essop and Vitor Ferraz,
      they visited the elephant at the NSA Gallery
      – for it is in fact a precious work of art – and
      then got together for some serious innovative
      thinking.                                                 The team that moved the elephant.

        Said Shaun, “We came up with a plan and          imals, living in communities just as we do, and they
      in collaboration with one of our truck-crane       remind us to care for our fellow-humans. With these
      contractors prepared to see the elephant           connotations, the elephant is, for me, a metaphor for
      ‘fly’– if only from the gallery onto the truck!”    fragility.”
        The elephant is the creation of artist Andries     On 5 March, a team from Intermodal jacked up
      Botha. It is almost life-size and weighs one-      the elephant and slid two trolleys under its feet. It
      and-a-half tonnes, about the same as an ac-        was pulled out of the gallery and slings were carefully
      tual elephant. It is made of leadwood pieces       positioned around its chest. The hoist, under the su-
      fastened to a steel frame with galvanised fas-     pervision of Intermodal’s Lashing Manager, Vitor Fer-
      teners.                                            raz, went smoothly, and soon the elephant was on
        Says Andries, “The elephant is a symbol          the truck. At the warehouse, it was transferred onto
      of our relationship with our environment. El-      a flat-track, heavily wrapped in plastic and lashed
      ephants are an indicator of the state of health    down, ready for the road journey to Cape Town.
      of the ecology. They are also very sociable an-
MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                 July 2009

     Kingsley expedition taking HOPE across the continent
      The Boundless Southern Africa expedition led
      by Kingsley Holgate departed from the ICC
      in Durban on 11 May. A few days before the
      departure, Grindrod hosted a bon voyage
      event at the Royal Natal Yacht Club. This was
      a wonderful opportunity for Grindrod staff to
      meet the explorer and humanitarian. The Af-
      rican-themed marquee displayed photos of
      past expeditions, mobile libraries, spectacles
      for the “rite to sight” campaign, life boards,
      water-purifying straws, mosquito nets and              Kingsley Holgate with well-travelled calabash.
      posters illustrating the various Grindrod-sup-
      ported initiatives. Outside were some of the      and reserves and the communities adjacent to these
      expedition vehicles including a Grindrod-         areas. It’s all about nature, culture and community.”
      branded Land Rover and playing in the back-          …. and so the Land Rovers set off loaded with
      ground was township music performed by lo-        books donated by Grindrod staff which will be dis-
      cal musicians. ‘Camp-fire food’ was served to      tributed in mobile libraries across Africa and which
      some 150 guests and souvenir enamel mugs          were to be placed in the Grindrod-donated container
      stood by for refreshments.                        library in Tembe Elephant Park in northern KZN. The
         On all Kingsley’s expeditions, a calabash      book donations from Grindrod staff have been amaz-
      is filled with seawater, carried throughout the    ing. Please keep sending books, as the container li-
      journey, and emptied on return. This one was      brary could do with more. A special mention must
      no different. Kingsley describes the moment:      go to the staff of Lexis Nexis who donated hundreds
         “My beard blows sideways in the strong         of books, and to Vernon van Blerk from Grindrod in
      wind. The Shakaland Zulus chant and wave          Cape Town. Said Vernon, “My wife Angelina is an
      their spears and shields. The waves crash         employee of RamsayMedia (the publisher for Get-
      against my knees. Cameras click and flash.         away magazine); I was so amazed at the response
      Slowly Indian Ocean seawater glugs into the       from them – they donated almost 2800 copies of
      same calabash that has carried water on pre-      Getaway magazine.”
      vious expeditions. Today marks the start of
      the Boundless Southern Africa Expedition – a
      120-day journey across the continent to the
      Atlantic across nine countries, seven trans-
      frontier conservation areas, 30 national parks

                                                             Alan Olivier and staff say ‘Hamba kahle, Kingsley’.

          Swaziland singers.                                 Inside the Grindrod-donated container library at Tembe.

MAKING WAVES                A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                 July 2009

     Expedition is about nature, culture and communities
         Tembe reserve is part of the Tembe tribal
      land. The reserve is home to 230 elephant,
      the only elephant indigenous to the eastern
      coastal area. “We are busting at the seams. All
      our cows are contracepted because there is
      just not enough land,” said Ernest Robbertse
      from Tembe (he operates the tourism in 50%
      partnership with the tribal trust). “We have to
      fast-track the economy through tourism and
                                                                From left, Kingsely Holgate, King Mabhudu Israel Tembe,
      get more land. Anton Rupert understood this               Craig Robertson (Grindrod) and Prince Dlamini.
      and through his foundation, 90 women are
      educated per year in tourism (60 from South         have been fortunate to raise R22 000 towards build-
      Africa and 30 from SADC countries). Eight           ing a kitchen,” said Ernest, “and this was made pos-
      young women from the Tembe area are cur-            sible by tourists coming into the area.” Many of the
      rently studying at the SA College of Tourism        pupils are orphans, so this one meal is often the
      (funded by the Peace Parks Foundation and           only meal they receive in a day. There are no sports
      the Anton Rupert Foundation),” said Ernest.         grounds and any soccer balls are made from pieces
         The Asibuyeni school situated in the area        of plastic tied together. Can you imagine the excite-
      has grown from 18 pupils in 1999 to 276 pu-         ment when members of the expedition team arrived,
      pils today, ranging between the ages of five         prepared a field, drew the chalk lines, put up the goal
      and 15. In 1999, the children were taught un-       posts, supplied the rules and whistles? A neighbour-
      der trees and in reed huts. Today there are         ing school (about 6km away) arrived. King Mabhudu
      seven classrooms, most of which were spon-          Israel Tembe arrived, Prince Dlamini of Swaziland ar-
      sored by tourists. But there are not enough         rived, the community arrived, Kingsley Holgate and
      desks or chairs, or basic equipment. As part        his expedition arrived and the guests all gathered.
      of the government’s feeding scheme, all pu-         Dancing, singing and celebration followed.
      pils are provided with one meal per day. This          Every time a team scored a goal, the entire school
      is cooked on open fires under the trees. “We         would run on to the field, dance and cheer. Once the
                                                          Grindrod soccer trophy was awarded, an art competi-
                                                          tion followed, the Grindrod sponsored life boards (lap
                                                          desks) were handed out and then, with the jubilant
                                                          voices of the Swaziland singers in the background,
                                                          the handover of the container library followed.
                                                             This expedition is about nature, culture and com-
                                                          munities. Kingsley, we wish you and your team well
                                                          as you continue on your journey creating an aware-
                                                          ness of conservation, a route for future tourists/
                                                          adventurers to follow, and HOPE for the communi-
                                                          ties adjacent to these areas.
          A container library at Asibuyeni school.

           Asibuyeni school in 1999.                           Pupils from Asibuyeni school dance and sing.

MAKING WAVES              A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                July 2009

     Röhlig-Grindrod in EDI ‘first’
      In February 2008 Röhlig-Grindrod began the             a smaller branch. The first implementation happened
      process of becoming the first agent in South            in late March 2008 and was a huge success.
      Africa to submit cargo dues via EDI (Electronic          “We then moved on to Cape Town and Durban
      Data Interchange).                                     in June and July respectively; both were also very
        Röhlig-Grindrod funded this initiative and,          successful. This saved us both time and resources
      along with LPS Services, Compu Clearing and            as we were getting releases within minutes, saving
      National Ports Authority, developed a system           us having to send drivers to physically have cargo
      whereby the cargo dues would be sent via               dues stamped.
      Compu Clearing directly to the National Ports             “Our challenge came with implementation at the
      Authority server. Processed cargo dues would           Johannesburg office because we are not officially a
      then be sent back to the controller who could          port and instead of having just one account with Na-
      then immediately print a very different cargo          tional Ports Authority we had to open an account in
      dues release directly from Compu Clearing.             each port. This obviously involved a lot more prepa-
        Said Tracy Roodt, Imports Manager and                ration and planning, and the implementation is now
      project leader, “From a systems perspective it         complete.
      was relatively smooth sailing but we did have             “We have had the full support of National Ports Au-
      some glitches in convincing the shipping lines         thority and we can now officially boast that Röhlig-
      to accept the new-look cargo dues. They                Grindrod is the first agent in the country to success-
      eventually agreed and we decided to imple-             fully implant EDI cargo dues at all branches.”
      ment a pilot process in Port Elizabeth, being

      Unical makes donation to school
      Unical Bunker Services
      recently had the privi-
      lege of donating 500
      writing slates to Inchan-
      ga Primary School.
        Russell Burns, CEO
      Unical, said: “Grant Sa-
      lomon, the Rotary pres-
      ident elect of Inchanga
      A 1000 Hills Chapter,
      approached us for this
        The principal, George
      Shau, is passionate
      about his school and
      has rallied much sup-            Seen with part of Unical’s donation
                                       and some learners are, back from
      port from organizations          left, Sandile Keswa – Unical, Daryl
      such as Rotary.                  Kinder and Grant Salomon – Rotary,
                                       Russell Burns – Unical, and George
                                       Shau – Principal.

                                       Right: Grade R pupils at Inchanga

MAKING WAVES                A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited                    July 2009

     Emerging-market specialists visit Grindrod
      An investment management team from
      Emerging Markets Management based in
      Arlington, USA, visited Grindrod in April. The
      team met with Alan Olivier and Tony Stewart
      and was then given a guided tour of the Grin-
      drod facilities in Durban by Alison Briggs.
          These investment professionals travel
      throughout emerging markets to visit and                  Seen with Gilbert Alleaume, Business Unit Manager, Grin-
      scrutinise the companies and industries in                drod Terminals Maydon Wharf, third left, are members of the
      which they invest.                                        American investment management team, from left, Dessie
                                                                Kofetarova, Danielle Menichella and Peter Trofimenko.

       PMR award for Röhlig-Grindrod
                                                           Röhlig-Grindrod’s Branch Manager Cape Town,
                                                           Danie du Plessis, received the PMR Golden Award
                                                           in March on behalf of his seafreight and airfreight
                                                           branches. The certificate was inscribed: Excellent –
                                                           1st Overall, Freight Forwarders, Western Cape 2009.
                                                           Röhlig-Grindrod’s Durban offices (Sea and Air) won
      Danie du Plessis, second from left, with the award   the KZN PMR Diamond Award for excellence in the
      and his team, from left, Colleen Willemse, Exports   freight forwarding industry in KwaZulu-Natal for 2008
      Manager; Henri Holthuis, Imports Manager; Sandra
      Stassen, Imports Supervisor; Cathy Alison, Opeara-
                                                           at an award function held on 1 October 2008.
      tions Manager; Candice du Randt, Sales Manager;
      and Neville Potgieter, Exports Supervisor.

      We miss you                                                     Helping a school
      Luud Koelemeijer, a highly experienced mem-
      ber of King & Sons’ Richards Bay office,
      passed away on 28 May, after 35 years’ ser-
      vice with Grindrod. He had been fighting can-
      cer since 2005.
        Luud started as a Junior Freight Clerk in the
      Port Elizabeth office, working his way up to
      Assistant Branch Manager. He transferred to
      Richards Bay in 1988 as Marine Superinten-
      dent and in 1992 he was promoted to Assis-
      tant Branch Manager. He later had positions
      of Admin Co-ordinator, Coal Team Leader
      and Clearing and Forwarding Supervisor.
        Luud was an athletic person and enjoyed
      competing in triathlons and rowing.
        He leaves his loving wife Tieneke, two chil-
      dren and two grandchildren. His colleagues                         Grindrod sponsored a jungle gym at the
                                                                         Makabongwe Pre-School situated near
      and friends will miss him.                                         Warwick Avenue in Durban.

 MAKING WAVES                  A news update for the customers, suppliers and staff of Grindrod Limited        July 2009

        Well done to Comrades helpers and runners
           Thank you to all the Grin-
           drod people who woke
           up at ‘sparrows’ on the
           morning of 24 May, left
           their warm beds and
           braved the cold air to set
           up tables for the “Grin-
           drod watering hole” on
           the 89-km Comrades
           Marathon from Pieter-
           maritzburg to Durban.
           Your efforts were very
           much appreciated.
              Well done to the fol-
           lowing Grindrod runners
           on their great accom-
           plishment: Andy Challis
           10 hours 39 minutes,
           Bob (Dhanilall) Ghirdari
           11:36, Steve Griffiths
           10:47, Marie Griffiths
           10:47, Stanton Pillay
           11:21, and Marco Raf-
           finetti 11:33.

                                                   They got up early to help their comrades.

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