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  date Heat Treat
· Buying & Selling
  Heat Treat Shops   State of the North American Heat Treating Industry. There
                     would appear to be a vast gap between the overall US
                     economy (possibly in a recession), the Canadian economy
· Used Equipment     (slowing down quickly), the Mexican economy (not too bad
                     thank you) and the captive/commercial heat treating industry
                     in North America. The world is well aware of the financial
· Business
                     crisis in the US due largely to sub prime mortgages but to
                     date the average heat treater in North America has been
                     largely immune to this and in our opinion will in most cases
· Advertising,       remain immune from it (we will preface these comments by
  Articles & Much    saying that the obvious exception to this is the domestic
  More…              automotive market which was suffering from declining
                     market share long before most people had ever heard of sub
                     prime mortgages. When we talk about automotive heat
Visit us for daily   treating we are of course thinking mainly about Michigan and
updated              Ontario). We offer several examples of why we believe heat
information          treaters will remain largely unscathed by this ongoing crisis.
                     The first and foremost is the dramatic decrease in the value     of the US dollar vs.; most other currencies. We have touched
                     upon this before and will not beat it to death, suffice to say
Contact us:          that this decline has lead to US products becoming very    competitively priced as opposed to offshore manufactured
                     goods and is leading to growth in exports. Anecdotal
                     evidence is the number of manufacturers we run across that
                     have seen their production shift from 70% domestic, 30%
                     international to 70% international, 30% domestic.
John Deer and Caterpillar are two excellent examples of this. Second is the booming
aerospace industry which again is profiting from the drop in the dollar-when the head
of Boeing archrival, Airbus calls this a crisis (or words to this effect) you know this is a
serious factor. Third is the overheated oil and gas industry, which shows no signs of
slowing now or in the near future. Fourth is again related to the decline in the US
dollar, foreign manufacturers such as European car builders finding it makes more
sense to invest in new facilities in NA rather than Europe. Fifth and lastly is a wildcard
which if it comes to pass will result in jobs returning to North America-carbon tariffs.
The Kyoto agreement is in our opinion one of the most flawed agreements ever put
together, penalizing developed economies while ignoring growing carbon emissions in
some of the fastest growing economies in the world. None the less restrictions on
carbon emissions are coming to North America. This brings us to the latest idea being
floated, an idea which we feel will come to pass in some form or other-a carbon tariff
for manufactured products coming from areas of the world that are not bound by
Kyoto. The basic idea is that if North American manufacturing is forced to incur large
costs for reduced carbon emissions, causing their products to become uncompetitive it
is only fair to put others on an equal footing in the form of a carbon tariff on imported
manufacturer goods. Slap a 17% tariff (one number being bandied about) on
manufactured goods from non carbon compliant countries and you see both sides on a
level playing field which will almost undoubtedly result in a rethinking of moving
manufacturing overseas. Personally we do not like tariffs but it is patently unfair that
one manufacturer is forced too incur large costs related to carbon emissions while the
other side is not. To summarize we will point out that all is not rosy in the heat
treating industry, rising costs are an issue, a lack of experienced heat treaters is an
issue, overcapacity in some areas is an issue but at the end of the day we believe that
most heat treaters will survive and prosper. Our thoughts and as usual we will add
that this forecast is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Regards, Gord

Heat Treat News

GH Induction Group. Most of what we know about GH Induction is immediately
below this press release, a quick scan will tell you a little about the company. What
caught our eye about this press release is the fact that these machines are being
looked at for heat treating of bearings for Wind Turbines. Wind Turbines as you know
as a regular reader of “The Monty” are being considered as the best thing since sliced
bread for growth in the heat treating industry and will undoubtedly prove to be a
boom for some and a bust for others. Read on. March 28/08

"GH Induction Group announces shipment of it’s new design gear/raceway hardening
machine. The machine is capable of hardening gears and bearing raceways up to 3000
mm in diameter and weighing up to 3000 kg These large bearings are used in the
production of Wind Turbines among many other uses. The updated design allows for
increased productivity, reduced set up time, improved process repeatability and
monitoring and reduced maintenance. The basic design include multi-axis CNC
control, dynamic tracking of raceway or gear teeth, ability to process OD and ID
without changing inductor orientation, process monitoring, programmable set up for
different diameters, automatic coil centering and gap for raceways and self centering
locators using a single crank. Additional optional features to provide increased
productivity includes a second IGBT Power Supply for pre-heat when raceway
hardening or for doing two teeth at a time for gear tooth hardening. This can reduce
cycle time by almost 50%. An optional second rotation table can be served by this
machine design. This relatively small cost addition could increase productivity by 25%
in some cases. Addition of a second coil mounting and a transfer switch allows for
processing a raceway and gear teeth in a single part loading without changing coils.
GH has other models of horizontal and vertical machines are available for Gears and
Raceway up to 4500 mm diameter and 4000 kg. GH Group is one of the largest most
experienced induction heating companies in the world with headquarters based in
Valencia, Spain, and affiliated Companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil,
Argentina, India, South Korea and China. GH has over 4000 installations in more than
50 countries serving some of the most discriminating customers for induction heating
and heat treating. These include companies like GM, GKN, Delphi, Dana, Arvin Meritor,
Bodycote, Bosch, John Deere, Magna, TRW, Mahle, Eaton and many other well known
names. Much of our experience is in providing manual and automated production
systems for induction heat treating. In addition to experience with many other
applications we have developed innovative power supplies able to cover wide
frequency ranges and systems for gear tooth hardening, wire and cable heating and
pipe welding.

"GH Induction Group. When it comes to the world of heat treating Induction is an area
unto itself. Personally we've always found this to be a fascinating process but most
heat treaters regard this as more akin to a machine tool than a heat treating process.
Be that as it may the press release below is telling us about a European company that
is setting up shop in North America. It can be tricky coming up against long
established local manufacturers (of whom there are a few) but we do with them the
best of luck. June 28/07
"GH Induction Group announces expansion in the North American market. In order to
expand their efforts in North America GH has named Frank Wilson their Agent for the
U.S. and Canada. Technical Service, Spare Parts and Manufacturing Facilities are also
being established. GH Group is one of the largest most experienced induction heating
companies in the world with headquarters based in Valencia, Spain, and affiliated
Companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea and
China. GH has over 4000 installations in more than 50 countries serving some of the
most discriminating customers for induction heating and heat treating. These include
companies like GM, GKN, Delphi, Dana, Arvin Meritor, Bodycote, Bosch, John Deere,
Magna, TRW, Mahle, Eaton and many other well known names. Much of our
experience is in providing manual and automated production systems for induction
heat treating. In addition to experience with many other applications we have
developed innovative power supplies able to cover wide frequency ranges and
systems for gear tooth hardening, wire and cable heating and pipe welding. For more
information see or GH Induction Group 313-432-1602 or e-mail at"

Used Equipment Available. On the Miscellaneous page we just added 3 never used
nesting Pit Furnace Baskets. Three furnaces added to our Batch Page : A Lindberg
Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, a PKM-75 Atmosphere IQ Furnace & a
Despatch Car Bottom Oven. Also on the Batch Page: just added a price and more
pictures to the Guler Horizontal Retort Furnace. A special this week is an SBS Air
Cooled Quench Oil Cooler, this unit is 5" wide X 15' feet long with 3 fans and easily
capable of cooling 3 batch IQ furnaces-special price $2,000 USD! Recently added an
item that we do not run across as often as we would like-two Dual Spindle
Inductotherm Scanners. Other recent additions are a 7000 lb/HR Cast Link Belt
Line and a 9" Lindberg Belt Atmosphere Furnace. An item in high demand these
days is a Seco Warwick Aluminum Brazing System which was just added. On the
Continuous page we have a Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace & a Seco Warwick
Exothermic Generator being sold as a package for $119,000USD. When it comes to
sintering furnaces we can offer an Area Electric (now Sinterite) Sintering Furnace.
Something a little different - is a complete Fastener Plating & Phosphate
Department for sale that comes with 2 Recirculating Air Belt Tempering Furnaces.
While rotary hearth furnaces always have a limited market we can suggest 2 Pifco
Rotary Hearth Sintering Furnaces for those looking for this style of furnace. When
it comes to vacuum furnaces our listings include a CI Hayes Vacuum Temper a CI
Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace in “mint” condition, a Vac Aero Model HR-20
Vacuum Furnace and a B.O.C./Edwards Vacuum Pumping System. Two other
furnaces, which in our opinion are well worth mentioning are 2 Ipsen T-7 Batch IQ
furnaces - great shape and a great price. Last but not least are 3 1970’s vintage
Surface Super 30 Allcase furnaces capable of FNC, in good condition and ready to
go. Please keep in mind that this is just a small sampling of what we have available
and if you don’t see what you are looking for let us know and we will find it for you.
March 28/08

Salvester "Sal" Postich/Salloy Inc. Formerly with Surface Combustion (new
furnaces), Sal left the company many, many years ago and started “Salloy” Inc., a
well known manufacturer of fabricated furnace baskets in the US Southwest. While we
never knew Sal personally we have heard nothing but praise about him from his
customers in the industry. March 28/08

“Salvester "Sal" Postich, 82, husband of Rose Mincek Postich, of 114 Gatewood
Avenue, died Tuesday, March 25, 2008. Mr. Postich was born December 17, 1925, in
Johnstown, Pa., to the late Stojan and Dorothy Postich. He was the owner/operator of
Salloy Inc. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having served in World War II, and a
member of Holy Cross Episcopal Church. Surviving, in addition to his wife, are two
sons, Michael Postich and Samuel Postich and his wife, Wendy; one daughter, Joanna
Postich Taylor and her husband Mark; one brother, Milan Postich; two sisters, Lee
McCutcheon and Pauline Demanski; and seven grandchildren, Mitchell, Jack, Cecelia,
Daniel, Sophie, Ella and Heidi. He was predeceased by a brother, Leon Postich.
Visitation will be 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at Fletcher Funeral Service in Fountain Inn.
Memorial Services will be 11 a.m. Thursday at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, officiated
by Father Michael Flanagan. Entombment will follow in the Holy Cross Columbarium.
In lieu of flowers, please send memorials to the Holy Cross Episcopal Church Building
Fund, P.O. Box 187, Simpsonville, SC 29681. Fletcher Funeral Service.”

Business Opportunities. AFC-Holcroft has the following positions available - they
are looking for Experienced Engineers for Sales Opportunities and inividuals for
Industrial controls engineer/software development. Our business opportunities
section includes individuals looking for jobs and companies looking to hire (if you're
looking for a job we will run your ad for free!). Some examples include a
Professional Salesperson looking to grow your business with you, a Texas based
Heat Treat Repair & Maintenance company looking for a Maintenance person, a
commercial heat treater in Fox Valley, Wisconsin looking for a Heat Treat Shift
Supervisor and ALD-Holcroft, a leading manufacturer of vacuum furnace systems,
looking to hire a Sales Representative. Other positions available include a well
established steel company looking for a Sales Representative to cover the south
eastern part of the US, and one of the fastest growing commercial heat treaters in
California,   USA,     Thermal-Vac     looking    for   a    Director   of    Quality
Assurance/Manager, if you are interested please follow the link and send them your
resume directly. As far as individuals looking for new positions we have an Engineer
with 20 years of extensive experience across diverse operations & a well qualified
Materials Engineer. Other ads include a company looking for a Quality Assurance
Manager and quite a few people looking for positions including a Dynamic
Professional with 24 plus years experience in the commercial heat treating
industry (this is an individual that we hold in high regard and will personally
recommend), a very qualified Mechanic looking for a new opportunity, a Metal
Treatment/Metals Manufacturing Specialist looking for a new job, a
Metallurgist looking for a position, a top notch Maintenance guy looking for work &
an Experienced Induction Heating Service/Installation Engineer looking for a
job. Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. (HTSU) is seeking a Technician & a
Southeast US Aerospace/Commercial Brazing & heat treat facility is currently looking
for a General Manager.      March 28/08

Molybdenum Pricing. Our next mission in life is to find our readers the best priced
Moly products around! As always we rely on our readers for good information and
they never fail us. In this case we talked about rising Moly prices and the effect that it
has on vacuum furnaces and moly fixturing. One reader had this to say and very
kindly provided us this chart. March 27/08

"I think you can get all the info you want on moly oxide, which relates directly to the
cost of sheet. But I don't think anyone will give you pricing trends for sheet. There is
such a wide disparity between suppliers on sheet and other mill product forms that
they don't want that information widely published. I just received a trend chart from
one of the moly suppliers showing moly oxide prices for the past several years that I
just received recently. This tells the whole story about the price of moly oxide
starting in 2001 at $2.00/lb and then first tripling to $6.50/lb in 2002, then
dropping back to $3.00/lb in 2003, then going up to $35.00/lb in 2005, dropping
back to $22.00/lb in 2006 and then steadily increasing back up to $33.00/lb now. A
change in starting costs is carried through to the end mill products cost. So if it
double for oxide, it doubles for sheet, etc."
San Yung Electric Heat Machine Co., Ltd. One of the links on the right side of this
page which take you to a listing of the largest new furnace builders in North America.
As you can see companies such as AFC-Holcroft, Ipsen International and Surface
Combustion are all pretty good sized companies, however in the great schemes of
things these companies pale in size compared to some of the Chinese and Taiwanese
manufacturers. For instance “San Yung Electric Heat Machine Co., Ltd.” in Taiwan is
rumoured to be building 10 large furnaces a month, the vast bulk being mesh belt
furnace lines. Most of these units are for the Asian market but as you can see from a
note we had in 2004 they have had some success in the US, although minimal at this
point in time and with the value of the US dollar being so low we do not see this
changing substantially in the near future. March 27/08

"Taiwanese Furnaces. Go to the local Wal Mart, Canadian Tire whatever and we're use
to seeing items made in Taiwan, Korea, China or India. No big deal. How about
furnaces though? I've been hearing about a company in Taiwan that claims to be the
world's largest manufacturer of continuous furnaces, even quoted against them once
but now I'm hearing they are claiming to have two installed in North America. One
into a captive in NY State the other down in Texas. While this should be no surprise I
still find it surprising that you can make something as large as a big mesh belt line,
ship it half way around the world and still be cheaper. As a North American and more
importantly a rep for North American furnaces it's scary however my personal feeling
is that this is yet another sign of globalization and whether we like it or not it is
happening. May 2004"

Eddy Current Testers. Eddy Current testers are an item not commonly seen in most
captive or commercial heat treat operations. Designed as a system for checking for
faults in parts they are a wonderful idea but priced beyond the reach of most heat
treaters, so our question for today is can anybody help this fellow out who is looking
to rent a unit or find one of the used market? March 27/08

"Gord: Do you know of any individual that you could put me in contact with that might
have an eddy current tester they would like to rent or perhaps sell? I am looking at a
large sort and am in dire need of the equipment, however the $40,000 that people
want for a new unit blows me away. Any help would be great."

Molybdenum Pricing. Molybdenum (Moly) is well known to just about every heat
treater out there as it is commonly used in the heat treating industry in high
temperature vacuum furnaces and also in high temperature fixturing. Over the past
few years Moly has become horrendously expensive with a corresponding look at
alternatives. A quick look at the graph below showing the 10 year history tells us that
Moly stayed relatively stable until the beginning of 2004 when it went from under
$10.00 pound to well over $45.00 pound in 2005. What does the future hold and are
there cheaper sources for sheet Moly in China? Over the next little while we will try
and find out for you with the help of our readers as to where the best sources for Moly
are. March 26/08

Vacuum Furnace Maintenance Symposium. We mentioned this event some time
ago, now we have the follow up from Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres. Bob
can tell us in his own words how it went, all we will add is that in the photo below we
see from left to right Roger Jones, President of Solar Atmospheres, Bob Hill, President
of Solar of Western, PA and on the right Terry Brown, Bodycote’s North American
Marketing and Sales Director. And in response to Bob's parting thought about
"improving the industry as a whole? That is what it is all about! March 26/08

"Good Afternoon Gord,

I thought you may be interested in hearing about the most recent Vacuum Furnace
Maintenance symposium which was held in Anaheim California last week. The
conference was sponsored by the Heat Treat Society of ASM and organized by myself,
Roger Jones Corporate President for Solar Atmospheres, Terry Brown Bodycote’s
North American Marketing and Sales Director, and Dan Herring of the Herring Group
(Dan was not able to attend). We had 125 attendees which included 8 international
attendees from as far away as Turkey and Brazil.

The purpose of this symposium was to help the users better understand the basic
principles of the proper maintenance of a vacuum furnace. We had top notch talks and
roundtables from both manufactures and users that were based on:

1. Leak Rates 2. Residual Gas Analyzers 3. Water Cooling Systems 4. Diffusion Pumps
5. Helium Mass Spectrometers 6. Hot Wall vs. Cold Wall Vacuum Furnace Designs 7.
Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing Hot Zones 8. Preventative Maintenance Procedures

I believe that this symposium was a tremendous success. Not only did we exceed our
projected attendance of 70 attendees, more importantly I know everyone departed
from that conference last Wednesday with more vacuum processing knowledge than
they had prior to this event. And isn’t that what it is all about- improving our industry
as a whole?

Best Regards, Bob Hill, President Solar Atmospheres of Western PA."

Batch IQ Furnaces-So Who Was the Originator? Several weeks ago we
mentioned in passing about how Batch IQ Furnaces were the most common of all
types of furnaces in North America and quite possibly around the world. Our
impression had been that Surface Combustion in Ohio, USA was the originator, shortly
thereafter Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres suggested that it might be Harold Ipsen,
after that we had Bill Disler of AFC-Holcroft offering up his opinion that it might have
been Holcroft, now we have another individual with the opinion that it could have
been John Dow of Dow Furnaces. Dow furnaces (now part of AFC-Holcroft of Wixom,
Michigan, USA) might not be known to a number of our readers. While basic furnaces,
there are still quite a number in operation and those using them swear by them.
Possibly because of strong reps in certain areas you will still see quite a number in
areas such as Upstate, NY, USA. So was John Dow the pioneer when it came to Batch
IQ furnaces? Not a clue and so far we have not been able to find out one way or the
other. An interesting topic and those with strong opinions or some definite knowledge
about the history are free to share it with us. March 25/08

Trojan Heat Treat/Premier Furnace Specialists. Two weeks ago we had an
announcement about how Trojan Heat Treat in Homer, Michigan, USA had added a
very large Tip-Up Furnace. This appears to be a famous furnace as Beavermatic (the
original builder) and Premier Furnace have both added press releases to the original
news item. The Premier press release is below. March 25/08

"In November of 2007, Heat Treating Services Corporation of America committed to
adding additional heat treat capacity to the Trojan Heat Treat facility in Homer,
Michigan. Premier Furnace Specialists, Inc of Farmington Hills, Michigan was awarded
the contract for dismantling and removing the Tip-Up Furnace from its previous
location and installing it in Trojan Heat Treat’s facility in Homer, Michigan. As of
February 18th 2008, the installation was completed and is currently running
continuous stress relieve/annealing cycles in atmosphere. The Tip-Up Furnace is
capable of handling 92,000 pound loads. In addition to the Tip-Up Furnace Premier
Furnace also supplied and installed a rebuilt 10,000 CFH Exothermic Gas Generator
and a new Water Recirculation System."
Vector Industries/EPS. Engineered Production Systems (EPS) has sold a large
aluminum drop bottom oven to Vector Industries in Everett, Washington, USA. EPS in
Orange, CA, USA is a new name to us although it appears that they sell the “Cress”
brand of ovens which we periodically run across. Vector Industries in Washington
State, USA, is a captive/commercial heat treater who works hard at the aerospace
industry which obviously includes a lot of aluminum work, hence their desire to add
more aluminum heat treating capacity. If you’re interested in their accreditations and
list          of           equipment             we            will            suggest March 24/08

Dynatech Furnaces/Mumbai, India. It would be rare to find a new furnace builder
in India that is not enjoying a wonderful year. Dynatech is one of a number that we
can think of that are staying busy with new orders these days. The company just
received an order from India Seamless Tubes Ltd for a walking beam furnace line with
10 tons/hour capacity for Seamless tubing. Another order they recently finalized is for
a CNG gas cylinder heat treat furnace line for the Natural Gas Cylinder Co. to go in
their new facility in Rayong, Thailand. A third order they just shipped was a CNG gas
cylinder HT line for Ukraine Cylinders in Ukraine. In case you’re wondering apparently
the CNG gas cylinders market has exploded in India and nearby markets due to a
switch to CNG gas as an automotive fuel because of environmental and economic
March 24/08

NADCAP. We had a number of comments about our recent NADCAP article, the costs
of achieving it, the complexity and the time involved. Some of the most articulate,
knowledgeable and well informed comments came from an individual by the name of
Adeel Karim, President of Doctor Furnace, Inc. and Zia Karim President of Heat
Treat Professionals, Inc. Their comments are as follows;       March 24/08
"As for the costs, if you haven't spent a dime on equipment, training, or flowdown
then yes it will cost money. It's amazing to me the sudden realization that a
metallurgist    (not   a    research    one) really   isn't   a   bad   investment   to
have. Furthermore, comments like, "What do you mean you have to be able to prove
we do that, it's not good enough to say we do it?" As I stated before shops need to
stop the duct tape mentality if they want to keep the business here. It's not like you
are baking cookies here...
Some points to note:
1. PRI really seems to be doing the best it can with the limited staff. If you schedule
the audit our opinion is do so with the mind that it will be about 3 months out.
2. Don't schedule an audit just to "enforce" a date on your organization. If your
company cannot meet deadlines internally you will most likely be unsuccessful with
the same approach.
3. The fastest we as Heat Treat Professionals, Inc. and Doctor Furnace have achieved
Nadcap/Boeing Accredit for a company was 6 months from start to finish. This was a
lot of luck and hours though and you should plan about 10 months in advance
given your initial GAP analysis.
4. In our round table discussion with Dan Herring hosted by Industrial Magazine we
outlined a many points the both of us recommended for clients worldwide. This is
available in the Industrial Heating archives online.
5. Lastly, unlike some other accreditations, this is not a one man show. In most cases
quality or the metallurgist is given a hard date and then left alone for months. It is a
team effort and if you do not have experience the initial GAP analysis is really the key
to success. Take it from us, we have 72 consecutive clients whom we have led
without a single failure.
I leave you with this, Zia Karim had held the staff engineer position at Nadcap for
nearly a decade so we do know the costs. That said, PRI has been monumental in
instituting a proper forum for standardization to do business across the globe. Yes
it costs money, but it's a drop in the bucket for sustained business from the aerospace
customers who have orders for 4-5 years out at least. That said this is still an
industry all about the connections and who you know so be nice! Adeel
Karim, President of Doctor Furnace, and Zia Karim President of Heat
Treat Professionals, Inc.

"NADCAP. With the shine off of automotive heat treating in North America, because
of declining volumes, many captive and commercial heat treaters are looking towards
the booming Aerospace Industry as an alternative. However, one hurdle that needs to
be overcome is the fact that most Aerospace applications will require that the heat
treater has NADCAP approval (while NADCAP is generally thought of as a required
aerospace standard it does come up outside of the Aerospace industry also). NADCAP
is summed up below;

“Nadcap: the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to
manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes & products and
provide continual improvement within the aerospace & automotive industries. The
NADCAP vision is to “develop a world-class special processor supply-base for the
global aerospace industry using a cost-effective industry managed accreditation
process”. Without successful teamwork built on mutually trusting relationships, the
NADCAP program simply would not have the fuel to make its vision a reality. Here’s to
coming together, sharing together, working together, and succeeding together.-
Chetan Date, NMC Chairperson”

"NADCAP program as a part of PRI (Performance Review Institute) was created in
1990 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is headquartered in Warrendale,
Pennsylvania. Nadcap's membership of "prime contractors" convene to coordinate
industry-wide standards for special processes and products. Through the Performance
Review Institute, NADCAP provides independent certification of manufacturing
processes for the industry. Branch offices of NADCAP are located in London, Beijing,
and Nagoya. Wikipedia”

Nice and simple but what are the costs, benefits and downside? Over the course of the
past two weeks we have asked a number of captive and commercial heat treaters for
their thoughts and have condensed their comments to this:
1) While we heard varying numbers as far as the initial costs go a good average would
be $80,000 to $100,000 USD to initially obtain NADCAP accreditation. The one thing
that comes through loud and clear is that the vast bulk of this cost is labour. Keep in
mind that at the end of the day this is largely a standards system meaning that the
focus is making sure that procedures are followed, there is a solid paper trail of all
processes and process variables and that certain criteria are met (such as
temperature uniformity). All of which means labour more than anything else although
additional costs can be incurred for items such as temperature uniformity units (if the
plan is to do this in house).

2) After accreditation expect that annual costs will average $60,000 to $70,000/year
to maintain this standard. Please note that while these costs will fluctuate depending
upon the size of the heat treat department these numbers would be for an average or
larger than average commercial operation or an average size captive shop. Initial
costs will not vary a great deal but on going costs will be higher for larger shops.

3) Temperature uniformity is a large issue when it comes to NADCAP. While many
industries can live with +- 20-25F, NADCAP will require a great deal tighter tolerance
than this, +- 10F or less. This means more tuning of burners at the very minimum.

4) To complete the whole process and obtain NADCAP certification we have heard the
time frame varies between 8 months and one year so at the end of the day NADCAP is
not an easy or fast certification to get.

The benefits to NADCAP are obvious, a chance to quote work that you might not be
able to do otherwise, however there are some downsides which we have heard
articulated by a number of different heat treaters. For instance it can be complicated
having half of a department NADCAP and the other half not which means costs of non
NADCAP work will increase. How about the biggest bone of contention which we have
heard from at least a half dozen heat treaters both captive and commercial? The
primes (the end users) insist on NADCAP but turn a blind eye at the same time by
letting the work go to non NADCAP heat treaters working for one of the suppliers-this
results in a lot of resentment amongst suppliers that have taken the time to invest in
NADCAP. Our opinion is that the idea behind the whole system is sound, it makes
sense, it is a good idea but at the end of day it is not perfect and certainly results in a
great deal of extra cost. On the other side of the coin I personally feel much safer
knowing that any time I am on a plane every single possible precaution in the
manufacturing process has been considered, reconsidered and confirmed. Useful links
about      NADCAP       include and for a list of FAQ's we would suggest At this point in time we will
make ourselves a note to come up with a list of commercial heat treaters in North
America that are NADCAP certified. Feel free to let us know if you have NADCAP
accreditation. March 12/08"

Dynatech Furnaces/Tom Guler. Dynatech Furnaces, Mumbai, India is a large
builder of new furnaces in India. Australian Tom Guler is one of the most experienced
furnace builders in the world having worked in the industry for probably 50 years with
many different companies and in many different countries. Together the two have
plans to develop Vacuum Wire Annealing Furnaces as a cost effective and
environmentally effective (Kyoto compliant) substitute for Large Hydrogen Gas Bell
Annealers (i.e.; LOI, Rad Con, Ebner etc.). It will be interesting to see how this
develops. March 20/08

Sub-zero/Cryogenics Response. March 18 we had posed a question to our
readers, see below, regarding cryogenics. This response comes compliments of Don
Jordan, Vice President/Corporate Metallurgist of Solar Atmospheres. We have also
included an article written by Don in our Article section in the right hand margin -
"Cryogenics Treatment". This was one of a number of responses we received on this
question. March 20/08

"Hello Gord,
In response to the 03/18/08 question on cryogenics, I would like to offer my opinion.
Metallurgically, it is best to perform the freeze as a direct extension of the quench.
Tempering before the freeze (or delaying the freeze for many hours while the parts sit
at ambient temperature) can “stabilize” retained austenite (RA), inhibiting it’s
transformation during the freeze. The principal reason to temper first is to avoid
quench cracking (nothing I know of is related to reducing RA). Cracking may be of a
concern for intricate parts with varying cross-sections, and always if associated with
shape corners. However, relatively “blocky” parts with well designed radiuses are
typically of little concern. Solar routinely direct freezes blocky parts such as gears
(note that Solar never liquid quenches, only gas).

I think the -72°C is marginal at best. Most of what I have read is -80°C minimum (-
112°F), with -84°C (-120°F) preferred. I personally like to go to -100°C (-150°F)
minimum. Solar does this in a freezer that goes to -184°C (-300°F) with work
thermocouples inserted in the load. I once read that a study found that 10% more RA
was transformed when freezing to -184°C compared to -80°C.

A few years ago I published a short article on cryogenics in Solar Atmospheres’
quarterly newsletter, which I have attached. I believe it is still valid, Gord, and think
you readership might benefit from the information in it. One further note, it is a
metallurgical fact that the higher the carbon content (and other austenite stabilizers
like nickel) and the higher the austenitizing temperature used for hardening, the
greater the propensity to retain austenite.

Don Jordan"
Vice President / Corporate Metallurgist
Solar Atmospheres
1969 Clearview Rd.
Souderton, PA 18964
T: 215-721-1502 x 206
F: 215-723-6460

We also have a response from Dave Gaylord who had this to say;
"The heat treatment of strong RA Steel needs to be seriously looked at for time and
temperature of the Austenitizing segment of the total heat treatment cycle. The
minimum of time and temperature required will help to minimize the tendency to
stabilize the austenite which will tend to lower the MF temperature. MF is the
theoretical temperature at which the transformation from Austenite to Martensite has
taken place 100%. MS is the temperature at which the reaction from austenite to
martensite starts to happen."

Original Question: Sub-zero/Cryogenics. March 18/08

"We've not been able to achieve our goal of minimizing or eliminating the Retained
Austenite in heavy RA-prone tool steels like S - 7 & D - 2 even after Sub-zero
treatment, which is currently being carried out between the 1st & 2nd temper, at - 72
Degrees Celsius (3 - 8 Hours depending on the workload). Our aim is not only to
minimize the RA but also to subsequently reduce internal stress in the martensite
developed during carbide precipitation which, in turn reduces the tendencies to micro-

There have always been 2 schools of thoughts in Sub-zero / Cryogenics till date. The
1st ones say that Sub-zero should be carried out as an extended quench thereby
going below the Mf temperature. Whereas the 2nd school of thought say that Sub-
Zero should be carried out between the 1st & 2nd temper.

Our question is, what are the chances of the steels developing Quench cracks if Sub-
Zero is carried out as an extension of the Quench, keeping in view the fact that our
quench rate is atleast 30 Degrees C per minute from the Austenitizing temperature to
538 Degrees C ? We'd appreciate if any of the readers could share their experiences
or thoughts on this issue please." Let us know if you can help this reader.

The Monty/Latest Banner ad. We welcome our latest advertiser - in our right hand
menu you will see our latest banner ad, GrafTech. Below are some details regarding
the company. March 20/08

"GrafTech International is a global leader in graphite based insulation and highly
machined graphite products used in high temperature applications. GrafTech has been
meeting the needs of this industry for over 30 years with its range of GRAFSHIELD®
Industrial Heat Management solutions. These include the GRI™ and GRI-G™ insulating
systems, GRAFBOARD® insulation products and AMW™ heat shields. These products
provide an extensive set of cost effective and durable insulation solutions for
managing radiant, convective and conductive heat loss in a variety of applications that
include solar, semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical, electrochemical, nuclear energy
generation and space. For more information about these products visit our web site at"

Andrew Bassett. A name we have run across in the past and an individual making a
change within the heat treating industry. We will let Andrew tell us his future plans
himself. March 20/08

“As of March 31st, I will be leaving Braddock Metallurgical (commercial heat treating)
as the Pyrometry Director and will be heading up a Nadcap/CQI-9 Business Unit. This
new business unit will help clients with compliance to CQI-9, AMS-2750-D, and other
aerospace prime specific pyrometry specification. This is a great opportunity to assist
clients with these specifications to help them succeed with their audits. By no means
myself leaving Braddock Metallurgical is a reflection on this organization, as they are a
top notch company to be affiliated with and furthermore, I am looking forward to
working with Braddock in the future. Best regards, Andrew Bassett (908) 217-8722”

Solar Manufacturing/Gas Recirculation Fan Wheels. Solar is now offering fans
for vacuum nitriding furnaces made of graphite material as opposed to the standard
330 material. The feeling is that because ammonia gas is so corrosive the graphite will
stand up better. March 20/08

"Solar Manufacturing Develops Gas Recirculation Fan Wheels.
Souderton, PA— Solar Manufacturing’s new vacuum purge/gas nitriding
furnace will utilize two graphite gas recirculation radial fan wheels for
processing with ammonia gas at atmospheric pressure. Because of the
corrosive nature of ammonia gas, graphite was the best material choice for this
hardware as it is nonreactive with ammonia. The 14" diameter wheels employ a
reinforced radial wheel design with 6 straight blades of 3/8" fan blade width. The
special engineered wheels will enable convection heating within the furnace,
circulation during nitriding, and will also run to assist in gas cooling. This convection
process is performed in temperatures up to 1250°F, with the graphite wheels rotating
to 1800 rpm, and driven from dual 3 HP vacuum sealed motors, operating from a
Variable Speed drive. According to Solar’s PhD Chemist, Ginny Osterman, the graphite
selection presented an engineering design challenge, but was well worth the effort to
avoid adverse nitriding effects present with known alloy steel wheels." More
information can also be found on"

Eastham Forge Inc./ Beaumont, Texas, USA. Eastham Forge produces forgings
from 25 to 25,000 pounds and to some extent is bucking the trend by planning on
bringing their heat treating in house. You have to be doing a lot of heat treating
before it makes sense to heat treat in house but as they are currently sending out
approximately $2.5 million USD worth of work we can see the logic. Based upon this
they have drawn up plans and received some approvals to build their own, new heat
treating operation in Beaumont. Plans are for a 42,000 square foot building housing 3
furnaces and quench tanks (we do not know what style of furnaces are planned) with
a budget of $5 million USD. Their outsourced heat treating is currently going to
several commercial operations in Houston so while this might effect some of the shops
no one company will take the brunt of losing this work. If things go according to plans
the operation would be up and running in a little over 1 year. March 19/08

American Axle & Manufacturing Strike. As John Donne said many years ago “no
             man is an island unto himself” and in the manufacturing sector this is
             just as true. American Axle & Manufacturing workers went on strike in
             the US Feb. 26 and both sides appear to feel this will not have a quick
             end. The strike has caused General Motors to temporarily close 7
             assembly locations and has effected production at 22 other GM parts
             plants as AAM supplies axles and associated components. The strike is
             playing havoc with commercial and captive heat treaters all around
             the continent and has most hampered heat treaters in Ontario and
             Michigan who do work either directly or indirectly for General Motors.
             March 19/08

                ABP Induction LLC/Pillar Induction Company LLC. We actually
                missed this amalgamation that happened within the Induction
                Industry quite recently. The Induction heat treating industry has
                always been and will probably always be a very tight knit group, in
                our opinion far more so than the vacuum heat treating industry or the
                atmosphere heat treating industry. Care for more details about this
                arrangement? Keep reading. March 18/08

                  "ABP Induction LLC, Dortmund, Germany, and Pillar Induction
                  Company LLC, Brookfield, Wis., both experts in induction melting and
                  heating, have combined their operations into ABP Induction LLC. Both
companies are owned by CM Acquisitions, a Chicago-based investor. Pillar and ABP
have been working closely together for the past two years since ABP Induction was
formed through the acquisition of ABB's (Asea Brown Boveri) Foundry Systems
Business Unit in November 2005. This combination creates one of the world's leading
induction companies. With nine locations globally, and an expansive service network,
ABP offers its clients a comprehensive selection of products and services in the field of
induction melting and heating. These product offerings include: coreless induction
furnaces, induction channel furnaces, holding furnaces, heated and unheated pouring
furnaces with leading-edge control technology for ferrous and nonferrous applications,
induction heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening, as well as
comprehensive systems engineering, automation, and project management. Both
companies have a long history as leaders in the field of induction. Each has made, and
ABP Induction continues to make, major contributions to the technology. In 1903, for
example, ABP – at that time still under the name of ASEA – manufactured the first
induction channel furnace for the foundry industry. In 1988, the ASEA group merged
with Brown Boveri & Cie to become Asea Brown Boveri (ABB). Pillar Induction,
founded in the U.S. in 1966, developed the first solid-state power supply and followed
it up with the first transistorized induction power supply. This technology is still
critically important for induction melting and heating today. With the announcement of
this combination, the company passes another important milestone in its 100+ year
history. Wolfgang Andree, President of ABP Induction, said: "This enables us to better
serve our customers by providing a more expansive product offering and enhanced
aftermarket services. Further, customers will benefit from the innovative products and
technology that will result from the combination of these two technological leaders."
About ABP ABP Induction provides induction melting and heating systems and
aftermarket services to foundries, forging operations and manufacturers worldwide."

Sub-zero/Cryogenics. We have a question from a large commercial heat treater
about cryogenics. Please feel free to give us your thoughts or as an alternative if you
have some suggestions let us know and we will put you in touch directly with the
party asking the question. March 18/08

"We've not been able to achieve our goal of minimizing or eliminating the Retained
Austenite in heavy RA-prone tool steels like S - 7 & D - 2 even after Sub-zero
treatment, which is currently being carried out between the 1st & 2nd temper, at - 72
Degrees Celsius (3 - 8 Hours depending on the workload). Our aim is not only to
minimize the RA but also to subsequently reduce internal stress in the martensite
developed during carbide precipitation which, in turn reduces the tendencies to micro-

There have always been 2 schools of thoughts in Sub-zero / Cryogenics till date. The
1st ones say that Sub-zero should be carried out as an extended quench thereby
going below the Mf temperature. Whereas the 2nd school of thought say that Sub-
Zero should be carried out between the 1st & 2nd temper.

Our question is, what are the chances of the steels developing Quench cracks if Sub-
Zero is carried out as an extension of the Quench, keeping in view the fact that our
quench rate is atleast 30 Degrees C per minute from the Austenitizing temperature to
538 Degrees C ? We'd appreciate if any of the readers could share their experiences
or thoughts on this issue please." Let us know if you can help this reader.

Tinnerman Palnut. As an update to the news item below we can tell you that our
“educated guess” was dead on the money. Available at this auction (details below) will
be a used austempering line and a fairly new Surface Combustion Endo generator. It
would have been surprising based on Timmerman’s product mix if they didn’t do
austempering at this location. March 18/08

“Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products Ltd. A very well known name when it
comes to the specialty fasteners industry, Tinnerman has a number of plants around
North America, most if not all doing some form of heat treating, typically
austempering. Their closed facility in Mountainide, NJ, USA will be auctioning off all of
the equipment including the heat treating equipment Thursday April 10/08. March

Can-Eng Furnaces/New Order. Can Eng is the largest Canadian new furnace
builder and a company that we have known for quite some time now. Over the years
we have seen the company becoming one of the largest in the mesh belt furnace
business (an area that has largely died in North America recently), dabble in batch IQ
furnaces and become quite a force in the aluminum heat treating industry which is
where the press release below comes in. March 18/08

Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd., Niagara Falls, NY has recently installed and
commissioned a high volume T-6 Heat Treatment System. This Basketless Heat
Treatment System (BHTS) will process aluminum intensive engine components for an
automotive manufacturing company located in the south eastern United States. This
system was specifically designed for integration in an existing engine plant for the
processing of cast aluminum cylinder heads. Once fully implemented, this system will
double the manufacturer’s current casting heat treatment capacity. Can-Eng Furnaces’
BHTS provides this engine manufacturer with a significant reduction in energy
consumption and emissions, while also reducing the floor space requirements over
conventional roller hearth treatment systems. This lean manufacturing system allows
for a reduction in WIP inventories while providing quality improvements through the
unique individual part handling strategy. Cycle times are also reduced as a result of
the individual part handling concept.

Stack Metallurgical Systems Inc./Portland, Oregon, USA. We have heard that
Stack Metallurgical is one of the best run commercial heat treaters in the USA. While
we have not had the chance to see this with our own eyes we have no reason to
doubt it. Either because it is a well run operation, because they are in an area strongly
aerospace (which is doing very well these days) or most likely a combination of both
Stack is booming these days and feeling the need to add more equipment. As we
speak they are busy installing a Surface Combustion “Super 36” Allcase furnace to go
in line with their current Super 36 capacity. March 17/08

Lakshmi Vacuum Group of Companies/India. Both a commercial heat treater and
a builder of new furnaces Lakshmi is one of the companies prospering mightily from
the tremendous growth in manufacturing and consequently heat treating in India.
We’ve had reason to tell you about them in the past, mainly having to do with new
furnace orders (the most recent announcement is a little further down). Today they
are telling us about the most recent additions to their commercial heat treating
operations. Read on. March 17/08

"Dear Gord,
In order to cope up with the huge demand in the Aerospace heat treating market in
India, we have completed the installation of a brand new LVT Versatreat
furnace at our brand new 14000 Sq.Foot plant no.2 in Bangalore. This
furnace features molybdenum shielded hot zone for operating
temperatures of up to 1450° C with the work zone measuring 24" x 24" x
48" deep and a gross load capacity of 2000 lbs. The Molybdenum heating elements
heat the work loads to meet AMS 2750 D specifications and molybdenum nozzles
direct the quench gas onto the work load for optimum gas cooling. The pumping
system from Leybold enables us to process high vacuum applications up to 10-6 Torr.
This latest addition is Furnace No. 18 at Lakshmi and we are also currently building
a Plasma Ion Nitriding furnace as well as a Versatreat 10 Bar / 3500 lbs Furnace which
would be up & running at our plant No.2 at Bangalore by End-June. Apart from these,
a couple of 2000 lbs / 4000 lbs 10 Bar Versatreats are also scheduled to be installed
by September at our next Plant in Pune predominantly to cater to the automotive
tooling industry there. These strategic investments fall in line with Lakshmi's
philosophy of gearing up to face new challenges in a rapidly growing market place.
Thanks / Rgds, Vijay Rajan, Lakshmi Vacuum Group of Companies, India."

            "Hindalco Industries Ltd India/Lakshmi Vacuum. Oh to be a vacuum
            furnace builder in India! It would be very interesting to know exactly how
            many new vacuum furnaces will be sold in India this year, from
everything we hear it will be a very impressive number. The press release below tells
us about one of the most recent orders, an order Lakshmi Vacuum just received from
Hindalco Industries. November 20/07

"Dear Gord, A new Horizontal Vacuum Furnace from Lakshmi Vacuum, a model
Versatreat VHF - 600 has been ordered by Hindalco Industries Ltd INDIA, which is a
part of the USD 9.7 Billion Aditya Birla Group of Industries. Hindalco is Asia's fourth
largest producer of Aluminum with gross turnover in excess of USD 1.2 Billion. This
1300 lbs / 6 Bar Vacuum furnace conforming to AMS 2750 D specifications, would be
with a Graphite-insulated Hot Zone, Leybold Pumping System, Twin heat exchanger,
Siemens S-7 PLC system, Graphite nozzle arrangement for 360º quench gas
circulation & would be used for captive heat treating of Aluminum Extrusion Dies,
which is Lakshmi Vacuum's area of expertise. This turnkey project also involves a full
1 year OEM warranty covering all critical parts such as the vacuum chamber, hot
zone, heat exchangers, quench motor, vacuum valves, power supply & electronic
instrumentation. The complete equipment shall be installed at Hindalco within the
next 18 weeks. After installation, a team of engineers from Lakshmi shall be running
the trial cycles on-site & also be providing extrusion-die specific training to Hindalco

Thanks / Best Regards,

Vijay Rajan
Lakshmi Vacuum Group of Companies,
Assab Sripad Steels Limited/Rubig. Associated Swedish Steel AB (Assab) was
originally four Swedish Steel Companies that joined forces a number of years ago. In
1976, ASSAB became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uddeholm. While we are very
familiar with Uddeholm, Assab was a new name to us until very recently. Odd because
based upon the number of vacuum furnaces they have in house they are a giant in
the worldwide vacuum heating market. To give you an idea if you follow this link you will find that
Uddeholm has over 130 vacuum furnaces in service around the world including 25 in
China alone. Their name comes up today because the Assab plant in Chennai, India
has recently purchased from Austrian Rubig a used 5 bar 500 Kg vacuum furnace
which will be installed in this facility. For those not familiar with Rubig they are as
mentioned based in Austria, are the largest commercial heat treater in that country
and are perhaps best known for building new Ion Nitriding and Vacuum furnace
systems. As a matter of fact if you look at our home page you will see a photo of one
of the Rubig facilities in Austria that we at "The Monty" visited just last year. The
individual in the photo is Dale Montgomery, Editor in Chief here. March 14/08

Trojan Heat Treat/Homer, Michigan, USA. As an update to this previous news
item we also have a photo of the furnace before it was moved to its new location at
Trojan Heat Treat. The furnace is capable of a 92,000 pound load with temperature
uniformity of +/- 5 degrees which is very impressive with a furnace of this size. As
you would expect it is unusual to find furnaces of this type and size in commercial
operations unless they are running very large volume work. March 14/08

Atmosphere Engineering Company/New home. Atmosphere Engineering is best
known for their "EndoInjector", a system to control output of Endo generators-a
system which has come into their own with rising natural gas prices. March 14/08

We are happy to announce that Atmosphere Engineering Company has move to a new
location. Over the past few years we have seen substantial growth and have outgrown
our previous facility. I would like to thank all of you for this growth. Our new building
is roughly 3 times the size of out previous facility and should give us adequate room
to continue to meet our customer needs for years to come. Please update your
records to reflect the following for all future billing, correspondence and shipments.
Our new contact information is:

Atmosphere Engineering Company
4343 S. 27th Street
Greenfield, WI 53221
Phone: 414-331-2457
Fax: 414-332-2457"

Raymond Laplante/Vac Aero International. Yves Morin, Operations Manager for
Vac Aero, Montreal, Quebec, Canada sent us this news item and photo. Vac Aero is
the largest vacuum commercial heat treater in Canada with several locations including
one in Montreal, Quebec. We'll let Yves say this in his own words. March 13/08

"We are pleased to celebrate the (40th) anniversary at Vac Aéro Intl – Montreal
Division of Mr Raymond Laplante our Senior Maintenance Leader. He has worked at
many different positions in the company from Furnace operator to Senior Maintenance
Leader. Congratulations to Mr Raymond Laplante for the hard working and
faithfulness for Vac Aero International Inc. You will see on the picture from left to
right , Former Vice President Quebec Divisions M Louis P Gosselin, Operations
Manager Montreal Plant Mr. Yves Morin , Senior Maintenance Mr. Raymond Laplante
and Vice President Quebec Divisions M Louis Beauvais."

Batch IQ Furnaces. Far and away the most common furnace in use in the world is a
Batch Integral Quench Furnace. But who actually invented it? We had always thought
it was Surface Combustion, Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres suggested Ipsen recently
but perhaps it is neither. Bill Disler, VP of Sales & Technology at AFC-Holcroft has
some other thoughts. March 13/08

"Not to muddy up the works, but I found the comments below interesting about the
invention of the Batch Integral Quench Furnace. It appears Surface Combustion had
claimed it, then Ipsen was credited, and now AFC-Holcroft steps up to the discussion.
Walter Holcroft (Holcroft & Company, now part of AFC-Holcroft) applied for a patent in
1950, which was granted in 1954 (US patent #2,669,445). The patent documentation
begins "This invention relates to heat treating apparatus of the type having an
atmosphere controlled furnace and having quenching means associated with the
furnace". A search of US patents related to heat treating during the 40's and 50's
shows many, many patents granted to both Ipsen (Carl and Harold - I assume they
are family?) and Mr. Holcroft. Both were obviously very talented and prolific in their
inventions during their time, and it says something positive about the industry to note
that all the companies referenced in the paragraph by Mr. Jones are still instantly
recognizable to us today. As a matter of interest, AFC-Holcroft is in the process of
doing a history piece that we will hope to run in some trade magazines as well as
on your website. We are working with a few people that have personal ties back
to this era and we are certain that it will generate interesting history stories. Many of
the big player companies today have surprising ties to common points in the past."

"It was my understanding the first integral atmosphere oil quench furnace was
introduce by Harold Ipsen in the late 40’s or early 50’s on the start up of Ipsen
Industries. The story I have herd from several sources was Harold, a design engineer,
was working for Lindberg Engineering and came up with the thought of the integral oil
quench furnace and presented to his management. Prior to that time all heat treat
and oil quench was performed in two separate steps, an atmosphere furnace and the
work physically removed from the furnace and more less manually quenched in a
separate oil tank, as is still performed today where necessary. Lindberg management
at the time turned the idea down and Harold left the company and founded Ipsen. So,
it was my understanding Ipsen was the forerunner of this technology not Surface
Combustion. I would be pleased to be corrected. I might add Harold Ipsen and his
sales manager were both killed in an airplane accident in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
He was a noted innovator and also a pioneer in the early industrial vacuum furnace.
On his demise this left a big hole in the market allowing a number of other companies
such as Abar and others to enter the vacuum furnace market place. If Harold had
survived the market place for industrial furnaces would be far different today, as he
was noted as an innovator engineer and a driven competitor. William R. Jones, CEO,
Solar Atmospheres Inc., Souderton, Pa."

Trojan Heat Treat/Homer, Michigan, USA. For the background about Trojan Heat
Treat in Homer, Michigan we would suggest looking at two of our previous news items
(below, please note the dates) giving you some information about Trojan Heat Treat
and their parent company Heat Treating Services (both commercial heat treating).
After you have seen the background you can read about their newest acquisition a
very large “Tip Up” heat treating furnace-a very impressive addition to their current
line-up. March 11/08

"In November of 2007 Heat Treating Services Corporation of America committed to
adding additional heat treat capacity to the Trojan Heat Treat facility in Homer,
Michigan. As of February 18th 2008 the 1.4 million dollar installation was completed
and is currently running continuous stress relieve/annealing cycles in atmosphere.
This addition, to Trojan’s other six furnace lines, produces a combined weekly capacity
of 1,023 tons for this facility. This installation will help us continue 100% on time
delivery, enable us to hold current pricing, and provide additional backup for all our
processes. We extend an open invitation to all of you to visit our facility and see this
amazing new State of the Art furnace line."

"Heat Treating Services Corporation of America. Get involved with heat treating in
Michigan, USA (the heat treating capital of the world) and 99 chances out of a
hundred you will have run across this very large commercial heat treater. With three
plants in the Detroit area and a fourth operation by the name of Trojan Heat Treat Inc
in Homer, Michigan, Heat Treating Services is one of those commercial operations that
lives and breaths large volume, heavy automotive parts. Not for the faint of heart this
type of business, but they obviously have done well over the years. This is a family
owned and run business, with the current President being Steve Hynes and Brad
Hynes his brother as VP. Sept. 7/06"

"The Hynes family of HTS acquired Trojan Heat Treat 3/1/05. The Trojan name will
remain with Ron Di Salvio staying on as President. HTS and Trojan combined offer
more than 60 million pounds per month of high volume low cost heat treating,
cleaning, sorting, inspecting, grinding, machining, etc. Our vision is simple. We offer a
variety of value added services with direct ship capabilities. Our customers are the
OEM, tier 1,2, and the captive plants requiring surge or back up capacity. March 2/05"

Metallurgical High Vacuum/Diagnostic Kit. March 11/08

"Fennville, MI March 8, 2008--- Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation (MHV)
announces the release of a valuable new tool for vacuum system users to check their
vacuum pump’s operating condition. The “Vacuum Pump Diagnostic Test Kit” contains
detailed information for evaluating all makes of vacuum pumps to help find potential
problems that can cause poor vacuum pump and system performance. When your
pump is not able to reach process vacuum levels, is it time to replace the pump? Or
just change the oil? When it’s making strange sounds at low pressure, does it require
a big repair job or can it be an adjustment? How can you find a leaky pump fitting,
gasket or shaft seal without a leak detector? When is the right time to change oil—
wait till it’s really milky? The answers to these and many other questions can be found
in this easy-to-read guide for troubleshooting vacuum pumps. MHV has put their
vacuum experience of over five decades in this comprehensive aid that’s written for
the practical use of those people responsible for the care and operation of the vacuum
processing systems. The diagnostic kit contains practical “How To” information."
Horsburgh & Scott Co. One of the things we enjoy the most at “The Monty” is
looking at “trends” in the industry. A few examples would be Vacuum Carburizing of
automotive transmission gears, the growth in the size of Batch IQ furnaces and the
industry change from Nitrogen/Methanol to Endothermic generators. Today we are
looking at the growth in the gear industry with the resulting effects it has on heat
treating. While we have no figures to back this up, gear manufacturing in North
America would seem to be enjoying some boom times. Partly this is a result of the
tremendous growth in the wind power industry but even ignoring this we are seeing
growth. The real issue when it comes to heat treating is the sheer size of the parts
and how do you heat treat them? Traditionally large diameter parts (60” and above or
long parts 60” long or greater) have been done in pit furnaces, however pit furnaces
have fallen out of fashion over the years with very few new manufacturers-at least in
North America. The result is that they are very hard to find on the used market and
large, new batch IQ furnaces are starting to become more popular (for further details
about the new norm for batch IQ furnaces scroll down this page). Having said all this
new pit carburizing furnaces are still being built and installed. The most recent
example we have heard about is Horsburgh & Scott, a specialized gear manufacturer
in the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area that has an impressive operation including a
captive/commercial heat treat department that includes a number of large pit
carburizing furnaces Although
we have not been able to confirm this with Horsburgh & Scott our understanding is
that they have placed an order for 2 large pit carburizing furnaces with a European
supplier, Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems Inc., which has a North American presence
in the Detroit area. These furnaces will be installed to service the booming wind
generation industry. March 10/08

Batch IQ Furnaces. This past week we had a note about how working dimensions for
batch IQ furnaces has increased over the years with the new “norm” being 36” X 72”
X 36”. In this previous article we suggested that Surface Combustion was the
originator of the Batch IQ furnace, one regular reader, Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres
believes it that it was actually Harold Ipsen that came out with the original design.
This is quite a bit before our time and we cannot comment. March 10/08

"It was my understanding the first integral atmosphere oil quench furnace was
introduce by Harold Ipsen in the late 40’s or early 50’s on the start up of Ipsen
Industries. The story I have herd from several sources was Harold, a design engineer,
was working for Lindberg Engineering and came up with the thought of the integral oil
quench furnace and presented to his management. Prior to that time all heat treat
and oil quench was performed in two separate steps, an atmosphere furnace and the
work physically removed from the furnace and more less manually quenched in a
separate oil tank, as is still performed today where necessary. Lindberg management
at the time turned the idea down and Harold left the company and founded Ipsen. So,
it was my understanding Ipsen was the forerunner of this technology not Surface
Combustion. I would be pleased to be corrected. I might add Harold Ipsen and his
sales manager were both killed in an airplane accident in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
He was a noted innovator and also a pioneer in the early industrial vacuum furnace.
On his demise this left a big hole in the market allowing a number of other companies
such as Abar and others to enter the vacuum furnace market place. If Harold had
survived the market place for industrial furnaces would be far different today, as he
was noted as an innovator engineer and a driven competitor. William R. Jones, CEO,
Solar Atmospheres Inc., Souderton, Pa."

Tim Coe/Ipsen International. It would appear that Ipsen International of Rockford,
Illinois (new heat treating furnaces) has added a salesperson in California. Tim Coe
has been in the industry for quite some time, most recently as the Seco Warwick (new
furnaces) contact in California. Things change and Tim very recently made this
decision to work with Ipsen. Tim will be sharing this territory with Mark Mahone of
Agile Thermal Technologies, Inc. in Santa Rosa, CA. March 10/08

Toronto/Canada. Very seldom do we ever have a news item not directly related to
heat treating but we’re making an exception today, an exception to let heat treaters
in wonderful, warm areas such as Florida, California and Thailand know that we’re sick
of hearing how nice their weather is. This is what we have to live with in Toronto,
Canada in the winter of 2008-a record breaking year in terms of snowfall. This photo
was taken outside the offices of WG Montgomery Ltd. just today and shows our 6'
high snow banks. March 10/08

Energy Surcharges. For quite some time commercial heat treaters in many parts of
North America have utilized “surcharges” in their quoting process, a quote for doing
the job and a surcharge for rapidly increasing costs-the most typical being energy
although this could also include alloy as the price of nickel has been so volatile
recently. Whether you agree with a surcharge as opposed to a single price is open for
debate, although not a debate for today. The idea behind a surcharge is that while
many of the costs involved in heat treating are relatively stable and predictable (labor
would be an example), energy costs have been rapidly climbing and a surcharge is a
way of pointing out to customers that as a commercial heat treater you are controlling
costs on items you can control but energy costs are something you cannot control to
any great extent. But how is the amount of the surcharge determined? Using the US
Midwest as an example surcharges range anywhere from 5% to 15% which at the end
of the day is a pretty wide spread (to really confuse the issue some heat treaters do
not include surcharges in their pricing). We don’t have the answer to this question and
are not sure whether there is a definite formula but several heat treaters have posed
this question to us and we in turn are putting it in front of the industry; how is the
amount of a surcharge on a % basis decided? What the market will bear? Formula or
FIB (Feeling in my bones)? Feedback is appreciated and if you would prefer to remain
anonymous use our feedback form without your contact info. March 07/08

Where are they now? Over the course of the past week we received E-mails from
two individuals we worked with for many years in the Canadian heat treating industry.
Jimmy Derouin for many years worked at Sandco Heat Treat in Guelph, Ontario,
Canada a captive and commercial heat treater making GM rocker arms. The heat
treating portion of the business closed a couple of years back and Jimmy took an early
retirement. Super guy who is enjoying his retirement. Gord LeClaire was did
Maintenance at Stackpole Ltd (captive heat treating-primarily vacuum carburizing)
before moving to Bodycote International in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Gord had
some health issues (luckily not real serious) took early retirement and moved to the
middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario, Canada where he is thoroughly enjoying
nature and retirement. March 07/08

Josh and Don Longenette. Don Longenette has a long history in the heat treating
industry working with companies such as Timken Bearings and most recently as the
Asian Engineering Manager for Bodycote International. His son Josh also has a history
in the industry and very recently started in a new position also with Bodycote
International. Josh is beginning a 1 year training program in the UK as a works
engineer focusing mainly in the vacuum technology area. The photo below shows him
at a heat treat function in 2006 shortly after he banged up his 4 wheeler. March

Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products Ltd. A very well known name when it
comes to the specialty fasteners industry, Tinnerman has a number of plants around
North America, most if not all doing some form of heat treating, typically
austempering. Their closed facility in Mountainide, NJ, USA will be auctioning off all of
the equipment including the heat treating equipment Thursday April 10/08. March

Randy Call/Metlab/Pit Carburizing. Randy Call formerly of Bodycote International
(commercial heat treating) and most recently Metallurgical Processing Co., in Canton,
Michigan (again commercial heat treating) has just become the Plant Manager at
Metlab (commercial heat treating) in Wyndmoor, Pa, a suburb of Philadelphia. Randy
started in his new position Monday of this week, is an experienced guy and will make
a fine addition to Metlab. Metlab is a company that either has amazing foresight or is
amazingly lucky. The firm specializes in large part heat treating, primarily in pit
furnaces the largest of which is 180” in diameter X 144” deep. Literally not one week
goes by without receiving an inquiry about where large
diameter gears can be heat treated and Metlab is one of just a handful of companies
around that can handle very large diameter carburized parts. Many times recently we
have talked about the growing demand for heat treating of large diameter parts,
typically gears and especially gears for windmills, and in our opinion this demand will
only increase. While other companies are expanding their capacity to handle parts this
size it is a slow process. One company that already offers large pit carburizing and we
have been told is adding more capacity is a Cleveland, Ohio company by the name of
Horsburgh & Scott Co., a captive heat treating operation that does offer some
commercial heat treating also. More on this in the near future. March 05/08

Where Are They Now/Chris Miller. This is the story of a fellow that spent a large
part of his working life in the heat treating industry and subsequently moved to the
boat building business, a very unusual change of direction. Chris Miller was the long
time Human Resources Manager at Ipsen International in Rockford, Illinois, USA (new
furnaces) who a number of years back left the company to work for Hatteras Yachts
as their VP of Human Resources. Chris retired just this past Friday however if you
would like to get in touch with him please let us know and we can put you in
touch. March 05/08

Batch IQ Furnaces, The New Norm. Many years ago when Surface Combustion
originally came out with the first Batch Integral Furnaces, the “Allcases” standard
working dimensions were 24” wide X 18” high X 24” deep. Since that time we have
seen this grow to 30” X 48” X 30” then to 36” X 48” X 36” and now we are seeing the
next evolution 36” X 72” x 36” and monsters that are 72” wide X 54” high X 72” deep.
The largest sized furnaces are still relatively new to the market and are driven by an
ever increasing demand for large gears, replacing the old norm for large gears-pit
furnaces. While the 36” X 72” X 36” units are fast becoming one of the most popular
sizes for new batch IQ’s they are still reserved for high volume areas, captives with
large steady volumes and commercial heat treaters in Michigan, Ontario, and Ohio
that are serving the automotive industry. Experienced heat treaters will all tell you
that pound per pound it is cheaper to run product in a larger size furnace BUT only if
you are running full loads. March 04/08

International Heat Treat. Two of the world’s largest commercial heat treaters
released 2007 financial figures this past week, Bodycote International and Aalberts Industries While captive heat
treaters might question what this has to do with them, the fact that both companies
are international, are involved in many different industries and that they both have
taken over the heat treating requirements of major manufacturers their results,
thoughts and direction provide a great deal of insight into where the worldwide heat
treating community is headed. For instance the general agreement is that the North
American market is a tough one these days, Europe remains strong and Eastern
Europe is regarded as a “growth” area. Both companies had strong 2007 financial
results and have grown through organic growth and acquisitions. To some extent the
companies have different philosophies but at the end of the day both are firmly
committed to the heat treating industry and willing to make substantial investments in
new projects. If you’re ever feeling bored we would suggest checking out their
websites and see what the experts have to say about the worldwide heat treating
industry. March 04/08

Vac Aero/Dibalog. North Americans have always had an easy ride when it comes to
energy costs as they are amongst the lowest in the world (Venezuela is an exception
where gas is cheaper than bottled water. True-I’ve seen it) but there can’t be a North
American alive that doesn’t believe energy is going up in cost and will continue to go
up. Rising energy costs inevitably lead to a closer examination of how to cut down on
these costs which is where we are going today. Vac Aero in Oakville, Ontario, Canada
is a builder of new vacuum furnaces and also the largest commercial vacuum heat
treater in Canada, with plants in Oakville and Quebec. The company has just placed
an order with Dibalog North America for an “Energy Optimization” system which will
be installed within the next few months. While the system offers a payback of typically
1-2 years with a rebate available from the local electrical supplier the payback could
potentially be half of this period (at this time a final number is still being calculated).
An important thing to know about this system is that it reduces electrical costs NOT
the amount of electricity used. If this appears to be a contradiction it is because all
energy suppliers base their bills to some extent on peak demand. Part of every energy
bill is based upon the highest 15 minute peak demand that occurred over a 1 month
period. Cut down on the peaks and you cut down on your bill. The system does this by
“meshing” energy demands so the peaks are eliminated and no this does not increase
your furnace cycle times by any detrimental amount. With hundreds of such systems
in usage in European heat treating operations it is only a matter of time until
technologies such as this are become common in North America. March 3/08

Aalberts Industries. Last week we alerted our readers to the preliminary 2007
results from the world’s largest commercial heat treater, Bodycote International. This
week is the turn of The Netherlands, Aalberts Industries. For readers unfamiliar with
Aalberts they have interests in a number of different fields, of interest to us is the fact
that they are amongst the 2 or 3 largest commercial heat treaters in the world. The
information          below          comes           from            their          website March 3/08

"AALBERTS INDUSTRIES’ NET PROFIT UP BY 19% 2007 was an exciting and positive
year Highlights 2007:

- Increase in revenue by 18% to EUR 1.7 billion

- Organic revenue growth of 7% combined with consistent acquisition strategy

- Operating profit increased by 15% to EUR 193.3 million

- Net profit rose by 19% to EUR 128.0 million

- Earnings per share EUR 1.26, an increase of 16%
- Dividend increase of 14% to EUR 0.32 per ordinary share

- Further expansion of Aalberts Industries in strategic growth markets

- Integration activities within Flow Control France and United Kingdom"

Solar Atmospheres/MTI. Solar, the largest commercial vacuum heat treater in
North America recently hosted a tour for Metal Treating Institute’s YES Students. Bob
Lacock, Marketing Manager of Solar Atmospheres gave us this summary about the
tour. March 3/08

"On Monday February 25th, Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania, Hermitage,
PA hosted a facility tour dedicated to vacuum heat treating for the Metal Treating
Institute, YES Students. The group was able to tour the entire facility consisting of 12
vacuum furnaces running full production cycles. Pictured is the entire group standing
in front of the latest furnace addition. The vacuum furnace is a 36’ long, car bottom
loading with 150,000 lb. pay load capacity. It is currently being installed in a new
20,000 square foot addition to the Solar plant. It will be fully operational March, 2008.
Student and company affiliations represented were; Barry Faulkner, Aberfoyle Heat
Treating Frank Scully, General Metal Treating John Ochenas III, Geo Corp. Jason
Deibel, Heat Treating Technologies Jason Witten, Heat Treating Technologies Gary
Lopus, Penna Flame Industries David Rodgers, Thermal Dynamic Services Sean
Driscol, Thermal Vac Technologies Tom Morrison, Metal Treating Institute Tour guides
from Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania were Bob Sandora, Vice President of
Operations, Kevin Bekelja, General Manager, and Mike Johnson, Sales Manager.
Representing Solar Atmospheres, Souderton, Pennsylvania were Roger A. Jones,
Corporate President, and Jamie A. Jones, General Manager."

Used Equipment

Unlike used equipment dealers, puts buyers and sellers of used heat
treating equipment together on a commission basis. This means that buyers get the
benefit of lower overheads and as a seller you receive what your equipment is worth-
not what a dealer will pay you for it. All in all a win/win situation for all parties. If you
don't see what you are looking for let us know and we will find it for you.

Before listing we will require a signed copy of the "Terms and Conditions". When
listing equipment please use our Feedback form (click on "Listing Equipment" under
the category dropdown box) or fax Victoria 905-403-0812 all pertinent information
including asking price (which we strongly recommend) age, condition and if possible
photos. At the top of this page you will find links to the different categories of used
equipment. For sellers please keep in mind that this is NOT an exclusive sales
agreement - if we don't sell it we don't get paid - PERIOD.

Notice: We have attempted to describe all equipment accurately from the
information we have available. Any mistakes are unintentional. We do not guarantee
the accuracy of the information, nor can we guarantee the performance of the
equipment or suitability to your application. The equipment is sold as-is, where-is. We
strongly encourage your personal inspection of the equipment before purchase.


Item #B232 Despatch Car Bottom Oven. Working dimensions of 10” 6” wide X 50’
long X 10’ high. Outside dimensions of 18’ wide X 51’ 4” long X 17’ 3” high. Gas fired
with a maximum operating temperature of 1250F. 480V/3ph/60cycle. Furnace is fibre
lined with 2 zones of control. Two doors, one at either end and two cars. Free
standing control panel with Cutler Hammer Panel Mate PLC Controller, Chessell digital
round strip chard recorder, Honeywell digital overtemps. Excellent condition! Asking
price: $137,500.00US.

Item #B231 Lindberg Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace. Lindberg, Model
13-CT-243618-18AQ-2 Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, In/Out Design, Electric
Radiant Tube Design, 65kW, Surveyed Range: 1200°F to 1850°F, Carbon Control
System, Quench Oil Cooler, Quench Oil Heater, Rapid Recovery (from cold to
temperature in 2-1/2 hours), Controls: West 6700 and West 6100, Truline Chart
Recorder, Overall Footprint: Approx. 9-1/2ftW x 13-1/2Ft L x 10ft-10"H No Pit is
Needed, Recently Re-bricked, Operational for Demonstration Price: $35,000 Will be
painted before removal for shipment

Item #B230 PKM-75 Atmosphere IQ Furnace. Pacific Scientific, Model PKM-
75GRT, Gas-Fired, Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, Work Zone: 24"W x 36"L x
22"H, 2100°F max., Straight Thru design, Eclipse Burners, 615,000 BTU/hr, Quench
oil heater, Quench Oil Cooler, Powered Load Table, Carbon Control System, Quench
Oil Filtration, Dual Gas Cooling Fans, 2-Speed Quench Agitation, Brick Condition:
"Good", Overall Footprint: 8'0"W x 20'L x 10'2"H, No Pit is Needed. Manuals and
Drawings Included. Operational for Demonstration. Price: $65,000 Will be painted
before shipment

Item #B229 Carbottom Furnace. Constructed in 1993. The shell is well built with
.375" plate and reinforced with angle iron and C channel. The motorized car bottom is
constructed with heavy 4 x 4 angle and .500" plate. The car bottom is powered with
two electrical 30 ton capacity. The car bottom is insulated with 2 layers of fire brick.
Oven is insulated with 7" Ceriwool, Burners are 2.5" Tempest burners Blower is D-D 5
hp flame, 8864 Flame supervisory panel, DC 3002 temp controller, DC 2000 high
temp controller, blower starter. CX 300 solid state timer, Honeywell UDC digital
controller, Honeywell chart recorder. The door a vertical lift that is motorized. The
oven overall size is 136" long x 126" deep x 80" tall with the door mast 149". Interior
is 116" x 108" x 58". Oven is currently operational but is scheduled to come out of
service soon. It will be dismantled and package for shipping. Two burners, rated for
1250 maximum operating temperature. Asking $19,000USD.

Item #B228 Sunbeam Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace. Priced to Sell,
Used Sunbeam Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, Work Zone handles approx.
24"Wide x 48"Deep x 24"High baskets, Automatic Load Transfer, Marathon Monitors
"Carbpro" Carbon Control and Probe Burn-off System, Current owner purchased but
never hooked it up. Some wiring required, and needs mechanical work. Gas-Fired with
Recuperated Burners and U-Tubes, Top Cool Chamber (no fan in top cool), Brick-lined,
MMI Unipro Temperature Control and Quench Oil Temperature Control. Honeywell Hi-
Limit. Chessel Strip Chart Recorder. Door Opening is 28"W x 27"H. Price: $9,500US
Immediate Availability, Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #B227 Ipsen T-7 Furnaces. We have run across 6 T-7 units ranging in age
from 1955 to 1977. These have working dimensions of 30" X 48" X 20" and are
currently using a Nitrogen/Methanol atmosphere. They are all still installed and were
in operation until very recently. Most of the controllers are Honeywell units with SSI
oxygen probes. The controls have been updated in the past 4-10 years depending
upon the furnace. Voltage: 240. There are 4 Basket Liners, 4 Spare Hearths, 7 spare
tubes and 13 Used Baskets. Overall Width is 101", Length: 173". Height from
cylinder: 154". Height from top of furnace without cylinder: 111". Quench oil coolers
are air/oil. Most have ceramic fiber insulation. Condition of the furnaces varies
anywhere from completely rebuilt and never used to very basic. All have Eclipse
recuperated burners. Many spare tubes and spare parts available. Also available is a
Waukee spray washer and a CEC temper. Approx. cost to move and load a furnace
into an ocean shipping container $3,500.00US per furnace. Asking price varies
depending upon the condition of each furnace but will be between $4,000.00 and
$7,000.00 USD each. We have more pictures if needed.

Item #B223 Pacific Scientific 500lb. Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace.
Refurbished 1976 Pacific Scientific Model PKM-50 Electric Endothermic Atmosphere
Integral Quench Furnace, with top cool capability for loading during gas cool cycle, 76
kVA, 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 1950°F, for Carburizing, Deep Case Hardening, Neutral
Hardening and has enrichment gas addition and control for Carbo-Nitriding. Work
zone is 24"w x 36"l x approximately 20"h. It takes a 24" x 36" grid and basket.
Outside dimensions (footprint) are approximately 9'w x 19'l x 11'hl. It has a stand-
alone control cabinet that is 5'w x 7'h x 20"deep. Finally, the power panels are
approximately 5'w x 8'h x 2' deep. 500 lb. Capacity, with Quench Oil Temperature
Control system with heating and cooling of quench oil (SBS Cooler), Front end loading
and unloading with motorized drive table, Carbon Control System with Honeywell
controls and new SSI Gold Probe oxygen sensor, Brick-Lined and brick is in good
condition, Honeywell temperature control and high limit, operational and can be
demonstrated. Approx. 15 spare heating elements and 6 spare oil heaters. No water
cooling (safety issue). All cooling is done by SBS oil cooler. It is currently set up for
using endothermic gas. It has an endothermic gas flow meter, a natural gas flow
meter, an air flow meter, and an ammonia flow meter for carbonitriding. Price:
$14,500US Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #B221 Ipsen Batch IQ Furnace. Model TQF-11-GM. Built in Cleve, Germany
1982. Furnace was professionally disconnected in 1995 and is now in storage. Located
in Israel. Excellent condition! Includes, Control Panel, temperature recorder, gas panel
(Nitrogen/Methanol) and oil/water heat exchanger. Asking $45,000 USD.

Item #B218 Surface Combustion Pit Carburizer.
This is a gas fired unit with working dimensions of 36" X 72". Overall in not bad
condition, but all the instruments are missing and will need to be replaced. Currently
located in a heat treat shop but not installed.

Item #B212 Ipsen T-4 Atmosphere Lines with Top Cool. There are two Ipsen T-
4 Lines available. They share loaders, so if the lines are purchased separately, one will
have a loader and one will not (or one will have a track loader and the other a fork
loader.) These are in very nice condition.

A. Line #1: Ipsen Model RT-4-GS(30") Gas-Fired, Radiant Tube Atmosphere
Hardening Furnace with Top Cool Feature. 30" Tall work zone. Work Zone is 24"W x
36"D x 30"H. Includes Gas-Fired Temper Furnace, Ipsen Model DLR-4(30")G, alloy
grids, baskets, fixtures (1/2 of what's available) Carbon Control Panel, and a Union
Carbide Nitrogen/Methanol Mixing Panel (if you want it). Asking Price for Line #1:
$48,000US Location: Midwestern US

B. Line #2: Ipsen Ipsen Model RT-4-GS(30") Gas-Fired, Radiant Tube Atmosphere
Hardening Furnace with Top Cool Feature. 30" Tall work zone. Work Zone is 24"W x
36"D x 30"H. Includes Gas-Fired Temper Furnace, Ipsen Model DLR-4(30")G, alloy
grids, baskets, fixtures (1/2 of what's available) Carbon Control Panel, and a Union
Carbide Nitrogen/Methanol Mixing Panel (if you want it). A few years newer than Line
#1. Asking Price for Line #1: $52,000US Location: Midwestern US

C. Shared Items: (Ueed by both lines) 1. Track Loader, Ipsen Model T-4
Unloader/Loader 2. Fork Loader, Crown Fork-Style Walk-behind Loader
Price for All Items Together: $110,000US *Includes cost of loading these from our
warehouse onto your truck. Will require two full truck trailers for shipment.

Item #B210 Surface Combustion "Super" 30 Batch IQ Furnaces (3 available)
These are all early 1970's vintage with the single quench cylinder. 2 are capable of
FNC. All are in very good condition with fairly new "Waukeetronics" flow meters and
good condition SBS quench oil coolers. Currently installed but not in use. L & N
Micromax control systems. Asking price for each is very attractive at $35,000 USD.
Also available is another unit with working dimensions of 30" X 48" X 20" high.
Beyond this the description is identical to that above. Asking price for this unit is
$30,000 USD.

Item #B204 Batch IQ Furnaces Ipsen Batch IQ Furnaces.
(2 Available). Available are one Ipsen T-7 with working dimensions of 30" wide X 48"
deep X 22" high and 1 T-8 units with working dimensions of 30" X 48" X 24" high.
Both furnaces are electrically heated, and range from 1982 vintage to 1989, complete
and overall in good condition. Currently they are not installed, they are packed and
braced for shipping which means no rigging costs. Each comes with an SBS quench oil
cooler and the Ipsen "Carboprof" atmosphere control system. Asking price for each is
$35,000 USD.

Item #B198 Carbottom Furnace Line with Quench Tank and Handler.
Overall Dimensions of this unit are 13'4" WIDE X 17' Long X 16'5" to highest point of
furnace door frame assembly. Inside working dimensions on top of car are 6'6" WIDE
X 10' LONG X 5' High. The quench tank holds approximately 10,000 gallons of oil and
has 6 props and two props per shaft. Overall tank is size is 8' 9" wide X 16'10" long X
10' deep (this needs a pit that is about 9' deep). Actual work area of the oil quench
tank are the same as the car, 6' X 10' X 5'. Handler is over the top of tank and/or car
and is overall 16' X 20' X 17' 6" High. Also included are 12 brand new THERMJET
Eclipse burners and related flame safety upgrades that are still in their boxes and that
cost $25,000 in January of 2006. Furnace is currently installed and in good operating
condition. The furnace and car should be relined with insulation when the new burners
are installed. A serpentine grid (see pictures) also can be included with the line.
Quenching sequence works like this:
1. Turn on quench oil agitators.
2. Open the door to the carbottom furnace to the full "up" position -- by the air
3. Tow the furnace car and the hot load (westward) out to stops on floor with a
regular shop forklift.
4. Get up into the cab behind the handler.
5. Press "forward" button to move the handler (Southward) from over the oil tank till
forks are under the side of the load grate and between the piers.
(The logic in the handler and the limit switches on the ceiling will not let you pull the
handler into position unless the forks are in the "before quench height.") 6. Press the
"up" button on the fork carriage and it will lift the load and grate about 6" above the
car's piers.
7. Press the reverse button on the handler and the handler will move North and stop
in the correct position over the center of the oil tank. (Again, the limit switch on the
ceiling will not let you pull the handler into the wrong position and quench.) 8. Then
press the quench/down button and the load carriage and forks will go into the oil with
the load. Once the hot load hits the "floor level"
(just above the oil level) a dump valve uses gravity to make sure the load goes all the
way down to the stops in the bottom of the quench tank, even in case of a power
failure or operator error....
9. Once the parts are quenched, press the lift button on the handler and lift the
handler forks out from the oil with the load and the grate. Move the handler either to
an oil drip area to the North of the oil tank, or go back (South) to the furnace car
bottom and set the load down for tempering and pull the handler back (North). Then
replace the car with the shop forklift and close the furnace door.
There are railroad tracks in the floor for the carbottom that are oriented East/West;
there are also steel bars on the floor (approx. 2"w X 1"h) running North/South on
either side of the oil tank for the handler mechanism.
Vendor is asking $50,000.00US without the alloy grid and $60,000.00US with the
grid. This is less than 25% of what a new unit would cost.

Item #B190 Blue-M Hot-Cold Dual Chamber.
Model WSP109C-5. Electrical: 240/1Ph/60hZ. Electric Fuel. Maximum Temperature:
Cold = -75°C TO 0°C Hot = 85°C TO 200°C. Zones: (2) Hot - Cold. Type of Control:
Blue-M Control for hot. Honeywell Diatrol for Cold. 2 Timers for Hot - Cold. Excellent
Condition. Asking Price: $10,500.00US.

Item #B189 Lindberg Box Furnace.
Model 363624-E14. Working Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 24". Power required: 230 volt
50 kw 3 phase. Temperature range: 1400°F. Description: Box furnace with brick lined
heating chamber and air operated vertical rise door. Spare elements. This furnace
was previously used in an Aerospace company. Controls: Enclosed panel with
Yokogawa UT-15 Temperature controller, Barber Colman 560 Hi-Limit. Good
Condition. Asking Price: $12,500.00US New Price: $9,500.00US

Item #B181 Dayton Process Retort Furnace
with heat source, retort and lid only. Needs a control system and gas panel. Max
operating temperature 2000 degrees F. Retort size 46" diameter x 51" deep. Heating
elements on sides and bottom. Asking $19,000 US.

Item #B180 VAC AERO Vertical Retort Furnace
with Avesta 253MA retort working size 32" high X 29" diameter. Retort equipped for
vacuum pumping (pump not included). Max operating temperature 2000 degrees F.
Water cooled o-ring seal on retort lid. Cooling stand. Power supply: Hunterdon
transformer 150kVA, 3 phase, 60 Hz, primary input voltage 575V. Honeywell DCP700
controller. Gas control: 3 rotometers - one Matheson 0-4 scfm air, two Air Products
HA6 0-150 graduation. Attached picture is when the furnace was in production, the
control panel on the right is part of the system. Capable of Nitrogen or Argon addition.
Very good condition. Asking Price: $19,000US.

Item #B179 Guler Horizontal Retort Furnace.
Max operating temperature 1400 degrees F. Work zone size within the retort is 37"
wide x up to 30" high x 84" deep. The retort has a roller hearth. It can be used as an
air furnace or controlled atmosphere unit. There is a recirculating fan in the retort. It
needs a new control system (and gas panel if it is to be used for controlled
atmosphere work). Pictures are of a similar, slightly smaller unit to give you an idea
off what it looks like as well as a picture of the retort out of the furnace. More
information & pricing to come.

Item #B152 Pacific Integral Quench Furnace.
PKM-50-CRT. Work Area: 24"W x 20"H x 36"L. Outside dimensions: 96"W X 135"H x
360"L. Max. Temp: 1900°F. Controls: Honeywell 2000 & 3000 strip chart. With carbon
control (Accu-Carb) by Furnace Control, dual agitators. New Price: $19,500US

Item # B144 Accu-Therm / Thermcraft BHSF-242436-1371 Controlled
Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnace.
Temperature Capability: 1400-2500ºF
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 25ºF. Chamber Size: 24" H x 24" W x 36" L. Flame
Supervision Interlocks. Automatic Flame Curtain Using Natural Gas or Propane.
Automatic Ignition of Flame Curtain and Burn-off. Shell made of continuously welded
3/16" plate steel - front frame of 3/4" steel plate 1-1/2" thick silicon carbide plates on
elevating piers make up the hearth. Wall and roof insulation rated to 2800ºF. New
Price: $17,000US


Item #C210 CM High Temperature Pusher Furnace. Model # 488-120-3Z-480V-
3PH-A. Tray size 8” X 12” X 5/8” alumina. Preheat is 90” long with 3 zones of control,
1100C operating temperature, 66KW. High heat is 120” long with 3 zones of control,
operating temperature is 1800C, 135KW. Height over hearth is 7”. Automatic doors at
both ends and atmosphere flushing and burn-off stacks. Atmosphere is Hydrogen with
a Nitrogen purge. There are two cooling sections with a total length of 120”. Screw
drive pusher and load return conveyor system. Overall dimensions are 87” high X
132” wide X 57’ long. The furnace was tested for operation at 1800C but only used for
2 years at 1200C. Asking price is $310,000 USD or best offer.

Item #C209 Cast Link Belt Line. This is a complete cast link belt line rated at 7000
lbs / HR.

LOADER: Loader is 84” wide x 48” deep x 42” high. This has a mechanical clamp down
for the bins. Bins can be placed in dumper. Bin is locked in Dumper 180º to dump the
product in a hopper. Hopper is plastic lined so as not to damage the fine threads on

Weight control to the furnace is by Metro weight control system. From hopper product
is put on a vibratory feeder, weighed and goes to another vibratory feeder, weighed
again, and then it trickles down to washer. On the loading system number of lbs
required for loading is punched in and computer updates the files every 20 sec. to
give an accurate load to the furnace.

WASHER: Wash tank is 132” long x 46” wide x 51” high. It has a steel belt conveyor
39” wide.

GAP MISER: Parts from washer fall on a gap miser conveyor which feeds parts to the
furnace. This is a mesh belt 226” long. This transfers the part to the cast link belt.
With this system parts fall gently on the cast link belt and gap time is reduced. Parts
do not roll off like in conventional cast link belts. Belt is 52” wide and 226” long. 96”
of this belt goes inside the furnace. Parts get pre-heated in this area and belt
discharged on to cast link belt. Height of discharge is minimal.
HARDENING FURNACE: This has a cast link belt 52” wide; length of heat zone is 38’
with 4 zones of controls with Zone 1 9 Burners Zone 2 6 Burners Zone 3 6 Burners
Zone 4 6 Burners Tubes are U tube cast with heat recuperators. Controls of carbon
potentials and temperature control is via Honeywell controllers. SCADA system is by
Metro weigh scale. Load can be monitored through the furnace for temperature belt
speeds carbon potential feed rate live with software in the computer. Burners are
Unirad Maxon burners. Belt is supported on 29 rollers on top and there are 17 return
rollers in the bottom. Bearings on the rollers except the drive rollers are carbon

QUENCH: Quench tank is approx. 7000 gallons with 2 propellers. Pressure from the
back of chute can be utilized for agitation. This eliminates the mixing of parts. Quench
conveyor is 60” wide and is steel Hinged belt. Heat exchanger is air cooled. End of
furnace to beginning of pre-wash is 251”.

POST WASHER: Parts from quench fall on a washer conveyor mesh belt 72” wide.
Washer belt is 108”. Tank size is 72” x 57” x 80” high.

TEMPER: Temper has 3 zones of control each with separate safety control. 3 fans with
20 HP motor. Temper belt is 84” wide mesh belt. Mesh belt rides on steel rod
conveyor with side links 3” high. Temper has a heat zone 39’ long.

SOLUBLE OIL CONVEYOR: This sits at the end of Temper. This is a metal hinged
Mayfram belt 30” wide. This is set 90º to the furnace.

Total length of furnace if put in one line except soluble oil conveyor is 17.5’. Burners
tubes and rollers all can be removed from one side. Furnace can be installed in a U
configuration also. Asking Price is $400,000.00 USD

Item #C208 9" Lindberg Belt Atmosphere Furnace: 1995 Lindberg Belt
Atmosphere Furnace, Currently with 8" Wide belt, Model # 85409, Max. Temperature
Rating: 2060°F Electric Heat, Globar™ Heating Elements, 480V/3Ph/ 112 kW (95kW
Heating), 271 Amp. New muffle in 2005, new elements in late 2007, New 314 SS belt
in Nov. 2007. 24" Preheat Zone, 72" High Heat Zone, 14ft Cooling Zone, Currently
operating with Endothermic Gas, Overall Footprint Size: 41"W x 69"H x 35ft. 4in. L,
Type S control thermocouple. Marathon Monitors Dual-Pro Controller. Belt Speed
Range: 1 to 10 IPM, Endothermic Gas Consumption: 375 CFH, Overall Weight: 8,500
lb. Cooling Water Requirement: 6.7 GPM at 50 PSI, 55°F Condition Ratings: Overall -
Good, Muffle- Good, Insulation - Excellent, Elements - Excellent, Belt - Excellent.
Furnace can be demo operated until moved into storage. Includes approx. $5,500
worth of spare parts (List Available). Location: Western U.S. Price: $19,500 Includes
loading onto your truck.

Item #C207 Seco Warwick Aluminum Brazing System. Built in 1995 this system
consists of a washer/fluxer, dryoff oven and brazing furnace and was designed for
controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing of aluminum heat exchangers. As designed
the system is capable of processing a minimum of 30 charge air coolers per hour,
measuring 27" (685 mm) wide x 32" (812 mm) long x 2.75" (70 mm) thick and
weighing 40 pounds (18.1 kg) including fixture. Belt width is 32”, height above the
belt is 6”. The total system layout will include a washer/fluxer assembly (for charge
air coolers and for radiators), dryoff oven, and brazing furnace, consisting of a brazing
section, a water-jacketed cooling section to solidify the brazed part, air blast cooler,
atmosphere scrubber and atmosphere analyzer panel. A separate conveyor will be
used in the washer/fluxer, dryoff oven, braze furnace, and air blast cooler, and helper
rollers are used at the transaction between each piece of equipment. A separate
washer/fluxer is provided with indexing conveyor to wash both charge air coolers and
radiators. This washer/fluxer will dip flux charge air coolers and radiators. Braze
furnace utilizes a “D” shaped muffle and has 3 zones of temperature control.
Maximum operating temperature is 1200°F. The furnace has a combined effective
heating length of approximately 30` and a cooling length of 8' (2438 mm). Full
detailed specs are available on request. Photos and asking price to come.

Item #C206 Area Electric (now Sinterite) Sintering Furnace. Built in 1994 this is
a Model SRPM 18 – 6Z unit. 18” wide belt with 3 preheat zones, 3 hot zones, and
water cooling jackets. SCR controlled, 265 KW 480V-- 3PH. 2050°F with a
hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere. Length of front drive end 7’. Preheat section 8’ long.
Hot Zone section 16’ long. Cooling section 29’ long. Main control panel 6’L x 20”D x
6’H. Atmosphere panel 5’W x 10”D x 6’ 6”H It does not have a belt but the muffles are
in good shape. Currently in indoor storage. Asking price is $18,000.00 USD.

Item #C205 Pifco Rotary Hearth Sintering Furnaces (2 available). These
electrically heated furnaces are approximately 20 years old and were built by Pifco
(now part of AFC-Holcroft). Both units are the same. Hearth OD is 8’ and ID is 4’8”.
Outside diameter is 13’ and height is 8’ 7”. Both furnaces are capable of 2500F.
Atmosphere is Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Nat. Gas, mix manifold /flow scopes on each
zone. Voltage is 460/3 phase. Heating is by U element “Globars”. Spang
transformers/SCR’s. Overtemp controls on each zone. Please note that zone walls
have been removed from both furnaces although they can be replaced. Door opening
is 9” X 11”. Furnaces utilize a common control panel. Hearth drive is a 460V AC
frequency drive. Furnace #1 was rebuilt in 2002 and Furnace #2 was rebuilt in 2001.
Furnaces are currently not in operation. Asking $30,000 USD each.

Item #C204 Holcroft Gas Fired Atmospheric Annealing Furnace. Maximum
temperature 1450 Degrees F., Maximum length 27' 6", 4-zone. Opening 8" H x 80" W.
1561 lbs per hour, conveyor speed 8.3' through 24.9' per hour. 30' charge table.
Compete with Maxon gas valve, exhaust hood blower and Holcroft control panel.
Serial Number CJ 4614, Build 1992. This unit is still installed. Asking $245,000 USD.

Item #C203 2100°F Belt Atmosphere Furnace. Completely Reconditioned.
Lindberg™ 20" Wide x 12" High Belt Atmosphere Furnace, Electric (Globar elements),
2100°F (may be 2150°F) Max. Temperature, 10ft Heating with 30ft Cooling, Set up
for Exothermic (combustible gas) atmosphere, Burn-off, Guillotine End Doors, SCR
Control, Complete rebuild included but was not limited to: new brick, new cooling
muffles, new elements, new belt, etc. Does not require a muffle, Contact us for full
details. Reconditioned, packed and ready for quick shipment. Price: $75,000US
Location: Midwestern U.S. (Harrisburg, MO)

Item #C202 Electric Furnace Co. EFC, Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace.
Used for Copper tube annealing. 120ft including charge and discharge roller tables.
20ft heating zone, 75 Ft. cooling zone. Max. 3700 pounds per hr. Used 4% Exo gas.
max 1650°F. 10 top, 10 bottom straight, non recuperative burner tubes, North
American burners. 2 roof mounted fans in heating zone, 4 in cooling zone. Stainless
steel curtains on charge and discharge. New brick, rolls and most tubes in 1999.
Recently cleaned and painted. Unit shut down in Jan. 06. 1964 original model. Spare
include 10 rolls, 10 tubes, 1 fan, full change out of cooling tubes and 7K#s of 310ss
trays. No water leaks in furnace when decommissioned. Blower and water cooling
tower is included. Controls: Allen Bradley PLC for roll drives. Waukee flow meters. 2-
Honeywell UDC zone temp. controls, 2 Honeywell paper chart recorders. Asking Price
for C202 & C202b (below) is $119,000 USD.

Item #C202b Seco Warwick Exothermic Generator. 20,000CFH max. North
American burner and 1999 model flame controls, safeties. Unit decommissioned in Jan
2006 in full working order. 1970 model. Asking Price for C202(above) & C202b is
$119,000 USD.

Item #C199 Single Row Pusher Furnaces (2 available).
These were both used for processing aluminum. Maximum temperature 1200°F
although they were run at 1100°F. Gas fired, no recuperation. Utility requirements
440V AC, natural gas (for burners), compressed air, water. Both have 3 zones gas
heated with 2 recirculating fans. Each unit has SBS air heat exchanger. One unit has a
load size of 36"W x 24" D x 18"H. The other One has a load size of 24"W x 24"D x
24"H. One unit is 23 feet in length, the other 21 feet in length. Water quench.
Mechanically both furnaces are complete although the quench tanks are separated
from the furnaces and the one furnace is missing instruments. The condition of
furnaces is fair. Currently in storage. Asking Price: $60,000US each furnace.

Item #C194 AFC Mesh Belt Austemper Line.
Operating life of equipment was 1979-2005. Equipment was in full production until
plant shutdown. The equipment was refurbished in 2002 by Great Lakes Company
(located in the Detroit area). Rework on the austenitizing furnace consisted of all new
Yokogawa temperature control instruments with paperless temperature and carbon
control recording, all new recuperated radiant tube burners, re-work of cold belt
return and water sealing under the furnace. Original AFC hand drawings are available.
Original AFC operating instructions are available.

Technical Details
Austenitizing Furnace
• Production capability is 900 pounds per hour based on belt loading of 10#/ft2 and
time in the furnace of 26 minutes.
• Furnace belt 36” wide x 16’-8” effective length. Roller hearth design with variable
• Three (3) zones of temperature control with one (1) zone of automatic carbon
• Paperless recording of temperature and carbon.
• Burner input of 2,500,000 Btu/hour with 5 HP combustion air blower.

Austemper Tank
• Capacity of 85,000 pounds of salt. Insulated tank with a maximum temperature of
• Quench conveyor is 42” wide with variable speed control.
• Quench curtain pump is 2 HP. Salt agitation pump is 18” diameter propeller with 7½
HP motor.
• Gas fired heating system is 1,000,000 Btu/hour with 3 HP combustion air blower.
• Individual temperature controls and separate gas safety train.

Holding Tank
• Capacity of 85,000 pounds of salt. Non-insulated tank.
• Gas-fired heating system, 1,000,000 Btu/hour.
• Temperature controls, combustion air blower and gas safety train shared with the
austemper tank through a selector switch.

Wash Tank and Rinse Tanks
• Capacities 1200 gallons of water.
• Mesh belt conveyors 42” wide with fixed speeds.

Asking Price: $250,000 USD.

Item #C193 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Tube Furnace.
Model MY-0002.528. 2-1/2" ID tube x 28" long heating chamber, 1700 deg. C, 10.5
kW, single zone control with overtemp. Protection, 75"h x 32"w x 91"l, auto tray
loader, hydrogen atmosphere with nitrogen purge. Price: 18,000.00US OBO.

Item #C192 Holcroft 2 Row Pusher Carburizer.
This line was new in 1995 and has a tray size of 24" x 30", with a clearance height of
18". Each row holds 19 trays. The Furnace is designed for a gross heating capacity of
1050 lbs./hr. at 1700 Deg F. Zone 1 has a heating capacity to heat parts to 1700 Deg
F. This furnace has five zones Zone 1 Heat to 1700 Deg Zone 2 Carburize at 1700 Deg
F Zone 3 Carburize at 1700 Deg F Zone 4 Carburize at 1700 Deg F Zone 5 Diffuse at
1650 Deg F. The temper is designed to yield 1,050 lbs./hour gross at 350 Deg F. The
maximum operating temperature of the tempering furnace is 750 Deg F. Furnace is
currently installed. Asking price $175,000 US.

Item #C184 New, 2001 Model Year, Surplus 1700°C CM Pusher Furnace.
2001 CM High Temperature Furnaces. Atmosphere Pusher Furnace, Model: 4612-96-
4Z, Electric Heating, 480V/3Ph, 250 kVA, 1700°C, SCR Control, Pushes 12” x 12”
work carriers, Approx. total heated length: Preheat (5 zones) approx. 12 ft Long, Hi-
Heat (4 zones) approx. 10 ft Long. Cooling Section approx. 14ft long, (*Used for only
a few weeks since new because the owner did not win the business contract bid for
which it was purchased), Still in Like New Condition, Floor Space Requirement is
approx. 9 ft Wide x 56 ft Long x 8 ft High, Set up for multiple input gases: Hydrogen,
Argon, Nitrogen, Methane. Honeywell temperature control, Includes 2 built-in dew
point instruments, and a Sierra Instruments “Flo Box®” Mass Flow Controller for
hydrogen, nitrogen and methane. Spare Parts Kit. Excellent Condition, Installed and
could be demo operated. This furnace is still on the books for a fairly high value. But
before you automatically dismiss it, if you have a need for this type of equipment,
consider that: 1. This furnace is still substantially less money than a new one (approx.
$200,000 savings) 2. You don't have to wait half a year for another one to be built, 3.
It's already completed its "shakedown cruise". The bugs are out. 4. The technology
used is still state-of-the-art, and the manufacturer can still support it. 5. Leasing
options are available for this furnace, just as they would be for a 2007 model. (If you
aren't aware of the advantages of leasing, ask us. You can step into a piece of
equipment like this with no capital expenditure. Tax benefits are substantial.) Asking
Price: $497,000US. Location: Western U.S. Immediate Availability.

Item #C182 C.I. Hayes 1500°C (2732°F) Atmosphere Pusher Furnace. 1993
C.I. Hayes Atmosphere Pusher Furnace, Type: MY-040860-60PH, Max. Temp: 96"
Long Preheat: 1093°C (2000°F); 96" Long High Heat: 1500°C (2732°F), Atmosphere:
Nitrogen and Dissociated Ammonia, Opening: 12" Wide x 6" High, Currently using 6" x
6" alumina parts carrier plates. Electrical Rating: 81 kW, 460Volts/3-Phase/60Hz, 305
Amp. Preheat Chamber, High Heat Chamber, Dual Water-Jacketed Cooling Chambers.
Pusher Drive with Automatic Return Conveyor with Indexing, Preheat has Gas-Tight
Metallic Muffle, High Heat has Molybdenum Elements. Price: $110,000US Location:
Western U.S.

Item #C180 HARPER Gas Fired Pusher Furnace System.
Model GOU-297360-PT-THK-33-FDE consisting of Main Twin Pusher, Entrance
Chamber, Heating Chamber, Twin Hearth, Process Muffle, Exit Purge Chamber, Exit
Cross pusher and drive, Natural Gas heated section, High-heated section length 390
inches, Ten (10) zones of independent control in heated section, Gas tight entrance
bellow assembly to take muffle expansion, Gas tight high temperature alloy process
muffle for atmosphere containment, Electric power supply connection is
460V/3Ph/60Hz, 3 wire. 1,472 °F operating temp / 1,600 °F max temp. 1.4 Million
BTU Capacity. System overall dimensions are approx. 262" Wide x 140" High x 62 FT
Long. All zones are fully baffled and have independent temperature controls. In order
to achieve optimum temperature uniformity within the process load space, the heating
chamber has sufficient room over and under the load for excellent cross-radiation and
reflection of heat. This unit was manufactured in 1994 but was not put into service.
New, the furnace system would be approximately $1,500,000 US. Vendor is asking
$300,000US for everything on an "as-is" basis, but will consider offers. Vendor can
upgrade per customer's requirements.

Item #C179 2400°F Atmosphere Belt Brazing, Sintering, Heat Treating
1997 Sinterite™ Model PM12HT-4Z, Atmosphere Belt Furnace, 12" Wide, 8" High
Opening, Rated for 2400°F with ceramic belt (not included), currently has 2000°F
max. metal belt. Electric Heat, 6 Zones of Control (2 Preheat, 4 High Heat), 2 Heating
Chambers (Preheat & High Heat), Initial Cooling Rate 75°F/min., SCR Power Control,
Heating: 182 kW, 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 220 Amps, Control: 2000 VA, 120V/1Ph/60Hz,
16.7 Amp, Cooling Length: 14 feet Gases: Nitrogen 1500 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage:
1140 SCFH Hydrogen 100 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage: 60 SCFH Natural Gas (if
needed): 5 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage (if used): 2.5 CFH Utilities: Water - 10 GPM at
10 PSI; Electrical - 220A, 480V/3Ph, 182 kW; Natural Gas (Pilots): 20 CFH at 10 PSI
Production Rating: 90 lb/hr up to 2400°F Belt Width: 12", Belt Speed: 1/4" to 1-1/2"
per minute Original belt loading density: 12 lb/sq. ft. Max. Opening: Est. 3" High New
muffle, new cooling chamber, new elements recently. New spare belt. Asking Price:
$110,000US Location: Western U.S. New Details

Item #C178 Pacific Scientific Rotary Retort Furnace.
Endothermic Atmosphere Rotary Retort Furnace, Throughput ~300 lb/hr, Owner has
gone through the equipment thoroughly in preparation for start-up. But minor
rewiring remains for furnace to be ready to operate. Pacific Northwest Location.
Asking Price: $55,000US.

Item #C175 Surface Combustion Cast Link Belt Line.
Operating temperature is 1700°F, 36" wide belt, 3,000 pounds/hour. High heat is 24'
long, U-tubes with recuperators and Eclipse burners. Belt would appear to be brand
new! Loading system is a computerized "Metro Weighing & Automation" system
loading on to a mesh belt conveyor which feeds the furnace. Oil quench tank with
mesh belt conveyor. Draw is brick lined, 2 zone 46" wide, direct fired with 28' of
heating and 1300°F maximum operating temp. Outside Dimensions: Hardening
Furnace; 28' 5" long x 8'9" wide x 9'8" high. Quench Tank; 14' 5" long x 9'9" wide x 7'
deep. Draw Furnace; 32' long x 10'9" wide x 10'8" high. Loading System; 24' long x 5'
wide x 9' high. Currently not in use. 1970's vintage. Line is in good shape and ready
to go. Asking $220,000 US.

Item #C167 Shaker Hearth Hardening Line.
400 lb/hr Sunbeam Shaker ("Shuffle Hearth") Hardening Furnace Line, Includes
Automatic Part Loader, Electric Shaker Furnace, 1800°F, 112 kW, Quench Tank with
Dragout Belt, Rotary Parts Washer and 1000°F Continuous Belt Temper Furnace, 50
kW. Overall Line Length, if in straight line is approx. 61 ft. Overall Height is approx.
8ft-6in., Max. Overall Width is approx. 7ft-3in. with piping. Still under power for
demonstration. Extra spare shaker hearth and spare belt for temper. Price:
$50,000US whole line.

Item #C128 Ipsen P-6 Pusher Furnace.
24” X 24" X 18" high, holds 6 trays. 1969 Vintage. Three heat zones each with a fan
(although the first zone fan is missing). The second zone needs some rebricking. 16 of
the 32 tubes are new. Instruments include 3 Honeywell UDC 2000 hi-limit controllers.
Charge zone has a Honeywell 4500 circular chart recorder. All 3 zones are Honeywell
type digital controllers. The carbon sensor is Honeywell controlled. All mechanical
parts, (quench drives, etc.), were in good working order when shut down. Fair
condition overall. Asking Price: $16,500US

Item #C127 Ipsen P-4 Pusher Furnace.
27” X 30" X 18" High. Holds 4 Trays. 1975 Vintage, in operation until October 2004
when it was shut down. Excellent operating condition although the front arch needs
some minor repair. Front zone instrument is a Honeywell DR4300 circular chart
recorder. The controllers and hi-limits are Honeywell UDC type. Currently in indoor
storage. Asking Price: $22,000US

Item #C103 Electric Furnace Co. Roller Hearth Normalizing Line.
This line, which was purchased new approximately 10 years ago was only used for a
very brief period of time and is in immaculate condition! Originally sold for $2 million
US it is complete and currently in indoor storage. All electric with heavy duty rolls on
9" centers it has an atmosphere cool and a temper. Uses 36" X 36" trays. 40" wide
work zone, 20" high, 3-4,000 pounds/hr. Brick lined with an operating temperature of
1650F. Vendor is asking $450,000US. Complete drawings are available on request. If
you are looking for a large normalizing line and are considering new I would suggest
that this is a good way to save $1.5 million. By the way the company that
disassembled the furnace took video tape for reassembly purposes.
Uses a 36" x 36" tray with a 20" high door opening. A typical roller hearth cycles at a
preset time and advances the load, one tray at a time, through the furnace. Based on
the dimensions, the normalizing furnace should hold 13 trays at a time and the
tempering furnace should hold 16 trays. If you advance the normalizing furnace every
18 minutes, you will move a tray through the furnace in about 4 hours. If you
advance the tempering furnace every 15 minutes, you will move a tray through the
furnace in about 4 hours.
Both the high heat and the temper have atmosphere. The high heat max temperature
rating is at least 1650°F. New Information & Pictures


Item #T168 Despatch Car Bottom Oven. Working dimensions of 10” 6” wide X 50’
long X 10’ high. Outside dimensions of 18’ wide X 51’ 4” long X 17’ 3” high. Gas fired
with a maximum operating temperature of 1250F. 480V/3ph/60cycle. Furnace is fibre
lined with 2 zones of control. Two doors, one at either end and two cars. Free
standing control panel with Cutler Hammer Panel Mate PLC Controller, Chessell digital
round strip chard recorder, Honeywell digital overtemps. Excellent condition! Asking
price: $137,500.00US

Item #T167 Beavermatic Tempering Oven. Model 24x36x24GIT work load area
24" x 36" x 24"h, 750# gross load rating, operating temp. 350-1400 deg. F, 480,000
BTU indirect gas fired, 10,000 BTU after burner retrofit package, 2 HP alloy circulation
fan, NEMA 12 cabinet with Erotherm controllers & overtemp. Instruments, Honeywell
circular chart recorder. Purchased in 2002, has less than 200 hours use. Overall
dimensions are 6'-0"W X 5'-11"D X 8'-6"H. Asking Price: $25,000.00US

Item #T166 Recirculating Air Belt Tempering Furnaces (2 available). While
one was built by Standard Fuel Engineering and the second by Therm Alliance for all
intents and purposes both are virtually identical. Overall furnace width inside 6’ 6”,
conveyor width 6’, height above belt 12”, furnace overall width 11’ 6”, overall furnace
length 52’, overall height 11’, furnace length 42’. Capacity at 400F 5,000
pounds/hour. Maximum operating temperature 750F. Electrically heated, maximum
heating input 400KW, 480/3 phase/60HZ. Recirculating fan capacity 40,000 CFM. The
Standard Fuel Engineering was built in 1977 and the Therm Alliance was new in 1994.
Price at that time was $171,600.00 USD. Both ovens are in good shape and ready to
go although not currently operating. Asking price for the Standard Fuel unit is
$30,000 USD. Asking price for the Therm Alliance furnace is $57,000 USD. Contact us
at The Monty for more detailed information.

Item #T164 CI Hayes Temper Furnace. Model HBO-242436-12 Tempering Oven.
Work zone is 24 " x 24 " x 36 " Long. New in 1989. Electrical 600 V, 3Ph, 60 Hz, 40
KVA. Maximum operating temperature is 1150F. Currently installed and in excellent
operating condition. Asking $15,000.00.

Item #T162 Mocco Drop Bottom Furnace. Mocco Thermal Industries, drop
bottom, aluminium solution treatment furnace for sale. Working dimensions 700mm
wide x 900mm high x 1,000mm deep (27" x 35" x 40"). Foot Print: 6,000mmL x
3,000mmW x 6,000mm H. Load Weight: <500kg. Temperature: 545deg C +/- 5deg
C. Power: 76kW Voltage: 240 / 415 V Phase: 3phase Process Gases: Nil, no
atmosphere control required Water Quench: 4,500 litre Agitator: 1kW Heater: 5kW
Pump: 3,500rpm Mechanical Drive 1kW. Asking Price: $45,000US. Vendor will
dismantle and load into a container.

Item #T161 Despatch Oven. Model PWB2-63-1E. Line voltage 480V, 3 phase,
60Hz Electric control voltage 120V, 1 phase, 60Hz Heater 28.9 Amps, Motor 1.7
Amps, Total Motor 2.5 Amps. Maximum Temperature: 350°F. Overall dimensions:
76"W x 42"D x 84"H. Working Dimensions: 48"W X 36"D X 61.5"H. Type of control:
Partlow MIC-6000 Honeywell DR-4200 Chart Recorder. Excellent Condition. Asking
Price: $8,500US New Price: $6,500US

Item #T160 Despatch V-34 Standard 500’F MOT batch oven.
E&G. 36”W x 36”D x 36”H inside dims. 3 adjustable shelves, round chart
recorder/controller, high limit. Refurbished, 90 day warranty. Asking Price:
$4150.00US F.O.B.

Item #T159 Despatch V-34 Standard 500’F MOT batch oven.
E&G. 36”W x 36”D x 36”H inside dims. 3 adjustable shelves, indicating controller, high
limit, motorized exhaust. Refurbished, 90 day warranty. Asking Price: $4150.00US

Item #T149 CEC Type Box Draw Furnace.
Gas Fired. Size I.D.: 24" wide X 36" long X 24" high. Maximum temp.: 1000°F.
Controls: Honeywell digital Temperature Control, Honeywell Digital Overtemperature
Control And Honeywell Dr4200 Round Chart Recorder. General: Air Operated Vertical
Lift Front Door. Gas Heated, The Interior Is Lined With Light Weight Refractory, (2)
30" Long Roller Rails And A Belt Driven Circulating Fan In The Roof. Outside
dimensions are 9’ High x 7’ long x 6’ wide. (These take into account all piping and the
control cabinet which is on the side of the unit). F.O.B.: Ohio. Asking Price:
Item #T148 Pacific Scientific Temper.
Model PKMD-50, 23" wide X 36" long x 18" high, Gas fired. 1972 Vintage. 1250 F
operating temperature. Asking Price $6,000US.

Item #T129 Lindberg Box Temper.
Estimated to be almost 20 years old but surprisingly enough don't think it was ever
used and the internals certainly look brand new. Working dimensions of approximately
12" X 12" X 18" high. Operating temperature of 1400°F. Asking Price: $6,000
Canadian (a little over $5,000.00 US). Immaculate condition.


Item #G140 1000 CFH Electric Endothermic Gas Generator. Used Pacific
Scientific Endothermic Gas Generator, Model EN1000, Electric, 120V/2-phase, 15kW,
1 Zone, 1950°F max., S/N P-2214, Elements in good condition (new in July, 2004),
Retort & Catalyst probably due soon for change, Rebuilt mixing pump installed in May
2003, Air-cooled heat exchanger (no moving parts), Honeywell controllers, Operations
manual & wiring diagrams included. Includes 480V/3phase to 120V/2phase
Transformer. Asking Price: $6,500US Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #G139 Surface Endo Generators (3 available). These units are all identical
5600 CFH endo generators in excellent condition. Atmosphere control and water
cooling. Pumps are new, catalyst is new and retorts are in good shape. Please note
that in the photos the top hats have been removed for shipping which of course
means a visual inspection of the catalyst and retorts is very easy. Asking $25,000
USD each.

Item #G138 Seco Warwick Exothermic Generator.
20,000CFH max. North American burner and 1999 model flame controls, safeties. Unit
decommissioned in Jan 2006 in full working order. 1970 model.

Item #G137 Ammonia Dissociator, Sunbeam
Model AME-20, 2000CFH, 36 KW, 480/3/60, Approx. Dim. 90"H x 76"W x 46"D, WT.
4200 #, refurbished with 30 day warranty. Price $21,500 US

Item #G136 Surface Combustion 5000 CFH Endo generator.
This generator appears to be in excellent condition. Gas fueled. Barber-Coleman strip
with digital recording instrumentation and over-ride controls. Max. temp: 1950°F.
Approx. outside dimension: 8'5"W x 10'1"H x 8'11"L. Air cooled. Asking Price:

Item #G131 Ipsen Endo Generator.
Model G750G. Gas fired, 750 CFH capacity, Honeywell controls, spare retort, water
cooled. Asking Price: $4750.00US

Item #G127 Gas Atmospheres Nitrogen Generator.
Model HND600. Brand new in 2001. Capacity estimated at 6000 CFH. Some spare
parts are also available. Excellent Condition. New this was just under $200,000.
Asking Price: $75,000US


Item #I136 Inductoheat Uniscan II Units (2 available). These are identical units
approximately 16 years old. Models BSP5-75-25 dual spindle scanners with 36" of
travel and integrated DI water circulation systems. 75KW, 25 KHz power supplies
which can be converted to 150KW, 10KHz by changing output transformer, Tank
Capacitor and series capacitors. Currently removed from service and in a heated
warehouse. Both units need some work on scanner side (due to transportation
mishandling). This work can be done by any small shop by good maintenance people.
S/N of one unit is L7372. Asking $35,000 USD each. Vendor is available for service
and start up assistance.

Item #I135 Lepel LSS-7.5 Induction Heating Power Supply. 10 KVA, 230 volt,
16 amps, 60 hz, 3-phase. In like new condition. Manufactured in 1992 but never used.
Asking Price: $5000US.

Item #I134 Denki Kogyo / DENKO Induction Hardening Systems (2). 50Kw
100 kHz TG3-100-50 II with integrated gantry parts loaders for Toyota differential
line. 2005 “as new“ condition-never in production. Includes: 2 station HT and parts
loading. quench and water cooling unit with 2 heat exchangers, quench and cooling
water circulating system, Showa exhaust system, and touch panel controls. Mitsubishi
PLC Complete set of manuals for each machine. While this is very specialized
equipment we can truly say that it is state of the art and in immaculate condition.
Best offer.

Item #I129 Lepel 25kW, Medium Frequency Induction Unit. Used Lepel Model
LSP-12, 25kW/30kHz, All Solid State Induction Generator, 460V Input, 3-Phase,
33kVA Typical Applications: Brazing, Annealing, Soldering, Heat Treating, Price:
$16,900US Location: Western U.S.

Item #I128 Lepel 15kW, RF Induction Unit. Used Lepel Model LSS-15, 15kW/50-
200kHz, All Solid State Induction Generator, 230V/480V Input, 3-Phase, 20kVA, 4
GPM/30PSI waterflow requirement, Overall Size: 25"W x 25"D x 32"H, 180 lb. Same
model as typical (newer) units shown in photo below. Typical Applications: Brazing,
Annealing, Soldering, Crystal Growth, Heat Treating, Catheter Tipping. Price:
$11,900US Location: Western U.S.

Item #I126 Lepel Induction Heating Generator. Model T-20-3-KC-TL 46KVA,
480V, 58Amp. 1 extra spare vacuum tube, 1 remote control console with timers for
heat and quench cycles.
1 self contained cooling water refrigeration unit consisting of:
- 2ea. 5 ton independent refrigeration units
- Stainless steel glycol tank
- Automatic temperature control of distilled cooling water
- Turbine circulation pump
- Misc. tools including Lepel made induction coils and adapters
- Manuals and schematics
In Excellent condition. Asking $9,900.00 US.

Item #I124 3 kW/ 50-485 kHz Induction Heating Units. 2 Each, (new in 2000)
Ameritherm Nova StarR 3kW, 50-485 kHz Induction RF Heating units, Each has
generator, 10 ft cable and heating station, 220V 3 phase operation, Automatic
resonant frequency tuning, Generator Dimensions: 17" x 8.6" x 27.1", Std. Heat
Station Dimensions: 4" x 8" x 5". Shipping Wt.: 100 lb. Rack Mountable. Asking Price:
$3,900.00US/each (Terms or Rental/Lease Available). Additional units may become
available. Contact Us.

Leak Detectors

Item #L102 Veeco Leak Detector. Veeco MS-20, Bench Model with digital display,
Diffusion Pumped, includes roughing pump, Has gross leak checking capability, Starts
up in approx. 10 minutes. Rebuilt Price: $8,800 US rebuilt with 6 month warranty.
1 Week ARO For more information, email us at The Monty and include the Item #.

Item #L101 Alcatel Leak Detector. We have an Alcatel Model ASM110T
Turbomolecular-pumped helium leak detector available in rebuilt, warranted
condition. Operates using a throttle valve for leak testing at higher pressures, 5
minute start-up, Quiet, Good Shape, Bench Model, Alcatel 2008 Mechanical
pump, Price: $8,450US rebuilt with 6 month warranty 2 Weeks ARO.


Item # M224 Pit Furnace Fixturing. Available are three never used nesting pit
furnace baskets in RA330 material. Baskets are 20” tall x 51” ID x 54” OD. There are
egg crate bottoms with screen on top of the egg crate. They interlock in a stack, and
can be lifted separately, as one. Asking $27,000 USD.

Item #M223 Inconel insert for a pit type furnace. It is in perfect condition and
has been used for Air Tempering only. The side is solid material as the pictures show
and the bottom is a heavy cast grate material. Inside Dimensions: 36" Deep by 33"
Diameter. Asking Price $4500.00US.

Item #M222 Fastener Plating and Phosphate Department. We have available
for sale a complete fastener plating and phosphate department. This consists of the
following equipment, the ancillary equipment, numerous spare parts and two baking
ovens. Further details, more photos and pricing to come. Equipment can be sold
individually or as a package.
Jessup Automatic Plating Line 60’’ Barrels 21’’ Diameter (94038). Built in 1994.
Asking price for the complete ready to go line is $150,000 USD.
Jessup Automatic Plating Line 48’’ Barrels 21" Diameter (8441). Built in 1984, asking
price is $100,000 USD.
(Both of the above lines have plastic barrels).
Jessup Automatic Zinc Phosphate Line 42’’ barrels 30’’ Diameter (8168). Barrels are
Carpenter 20Cb. Asking $90,000 USD.
Photos below show the Jessup Automatic Plating Line 48’’ Barrels 21" Diameter (8441)

Recirculating Air Belt Tempering Furnaces (2 available). While one was built by
Standard Fuel Engineering and the second by Therm Alliance for all intents and
purposes both are virtually identical. Overall furnace width inside 6’ 6”, conveyor
width 6’, height above belt 12”, furnace overall width 11’ 6”, overall furnace length
52’, overall height 11’, furnace length 42’. Capacity at 400F 5,000 pounds/hour.
Maximum operating temperature 750F. Electrically heated, maximum heating input
400KW, 480/3 phase/60HZ. Recirculating fan capacity 40,000 CFM. The Standard Fuel
Engineering was built in 1977 and the Therm Alliance was new in 1994. Price at that
time was $171,600.00 USD. Both ovens are in good shape and ready to go although
not currently operating. Asking price for the Standard Fuel unit is $30,000 USD.
Asking price for the Therm Alliance furnace is $57,000 USD. Contact us at The
Monty for more information.

Item #M221 B.O.C./Edwards Vacuum Pumping System. Blower Stokes Model
900.607-001x5, Serial# RS 0037762. Pump Ser.# 12297439. 20 HP, 1750 RPM
motor. Manufactured 2006. Asking $18,000.00US

Item #M220 Cincinnati Sub-Zero Freezer. 1988 Cincinnati Sub-Zero Freezer,
Model T-21-2-2-EXP-S/WC, S/N 88-11124, Certified in range of -30ºF to + 25ºF,
Surveyed at +/- 10ºF, 460V, 3-Phase, 60Hz, 15Amp, Work Zone Size: 24"W x 60"L x
26"H Price: $7,500US Immediate Availability, Location: Portland, Oregon.

Item #M219 SBS "Quench Air" Air/Oil Heat Exchanger. Rated for a continuous
furnace of 4,000 pounds. Outside dimensions of 15’ long X 5’ wide with 3 fans.
Approximately 10 years old. This was installed and running until just a few months
ago. Currently in storage. New this would be about $15,000 USD. Asking $2,000.00
USD. Immediate availability.

Item #M217 Alnor Dewpointer. Used Alnor Dewpointer, Model 7000U, in good
working condition. 110V A/C, alt. 6 Volt Battery Operation, circular calculator, filter
and filter material, tube connector Price: $950.00US As-Is, with 30 day right of return
for full refund. Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Item #M215 Complete Surface Combustion 7200 CFH Generator Pumping
System. Includes the roots blower, Motor, all regulators, flowmeters that were
installed with the system. Also included will be the motor starter for the mixing
pump. Asking Price: $2,500US New Price: $950.00US OBO

Item #M211 Moly Nuts. 1/4-20 Moly nuts 4.50 ea, 3/8-16 Moly nuts 8.00 ea, 1/4-
20 x 1" Moly studs 3.00 ea, Prices are F.O.B. South Gate CA.

Item #M203 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Unit/TURNER ENVIROLOGIC.
A rather unusual item. Very briefly this unit is used to burn VOC's from solvent based
coating processes. This system was new in 2004 and was only used for 6 months. The
current vendor purchased it and never installed it, currently it is being stored in an
indoor heated warehouse. It is in excellent condition, complete and fully operational. A
new unit this size would be approximately $220,000 US, vendor is asking $75,000 US.
Please let us know at "The Monty" if you require further details.

Item #M197 VFS Moly Elements.
(2) new factory moly elements for a model HL36HS vacuum furnace. Asking Price:
$800.00US each. F.O.B. South Gate CA.

Item #M193 ITE Distribution Panel.
1600 AMPS 227/480 Voltage, 11 breakers ranging from 100 to 400 Amps. 1974
Vintage. Excellent condition. Asking Price $6,000US.

Item #M175 Vanadium carbide system
fits in an area 25 x 50 feet. The coating line measures 8 feet x 28 feet, and consists of
a pre-heating furnace, the vanadium carbide coating vessel, an oil quenching tank and
a wash station. Assembled loads are moved from station to station using an overhead
hoist. Controls for the line may be housed in a remote location.
View of line from pre-heat furnace
The specifications for the production system are as follows:
1. Direct Fired Gas Preheat Furnace.
· Temperature of Operation: 650°C (1200°F) · 425,000 Btu/hr input · Work chamber
36 inches X 36 inches X 36 inches · Automatic cover drive
2. Gas Fired Retort Furnace for VC coating
· Temperature of Operation: 1065°C (1950°F) maximum · Type 310 alloy retort, 24
inch diameter X 36 inch deep, 3/8 inch thick · Two zone gas fired burner system (total
750,000 BTU/hr gross) · Work locator and support rails for positioning fixtures ·
Automatic cover drive
3. Radiant Tube Gas Fired Oil Quenching Tank
· Designed to quench 1000 pounds maximum from VC treatment temperature ·
Operating temperature 200-250°F, variable speed quench agitator · Internal bath size
60 inches X 72 inches X 48 inches deep ( quenching shroud 36 inches X 36 inches X
36 inches),
Oil capacity 850 gallons. · Rated at 300,000 BTU/hr heating capacity · Air cooled
quench oil heat exchanger
4. Radiant Tube Gas Fired Hot Water Rinse Tank
· Internal size 42 inches X 42 inches X 56 inches deep · Rated at 65,000 BTU/hr,
180°F operating temperature · Submerged spray educator system
5. Load/unload Station for Fixture
6. Variable Speed Mixer for VC Salt
7. The equipment was designed by Metlab. The equipment was manufactured by
Upton Industries in Detroit.
3. The pot size, as shown is 24 inches diameter by 36 inches deep x 3/8 deep. The
retort for the system currently needs repair/and or replacement.
The equipment is approximately three years old, and has seen relatively light usage.
Except for the retort, it is in almost new condition.
Asking Price: $85,000.00US.
Item #M164 AGF D/A Generator.
1500 CFH. Model 7.5 Serial#831341.Natural gas Fired. Retort recharged in 1995
using Koeble nickel catalyst. At the same time the electrical system and valve system
were also rebuilt. Since that time it has really not been used. Appears to be in good
shape although it is missing the controller (an Omega CN 4401TR-A) and the blower is
missing. Shipping weight 2,000 pounds, overall height is 7' 2". Electrical ladder
diagram available. Asking price $9,000 US.

Item #M149 Surface Combustion Charge Car.
Single ended unit for use with a Surface Super 30 Allcase furnace. 575V. In operation
until very recently. Currently in indoor heated storage. Reasonable condition. Asking
$9,000 US.

Item #M148 Surface Combustion Washer.
For use with a Super 30 Allcase furnace. Early 1980's vintage, spray only, electric with
2 new heaters. Model VC-42278-1. 65 KW, 480 Volt. 200F maximum operating
temperature. Good condition. Asking $10,000 US.



                   PRICE-U.S.                                        QTY.
  PART NUMBER       DOLLARS                DESCRIPTION             AVAILABLE
                                BALL VALVE, JAMESBURY #21-1136-
                                TT-01, 1",
                                BRASS/SS W/TFE SEAT W/V60
  A03396/P8681       $286.00    ACTUATOR, DBL                         6
                                ACTING, LINKAGE KIT 900 V
                                BALL VALVE, JAMESBURY #21-1136-
                                TT-02, 2",
                                BRASS/SS W/TFE SEAT W/V60
  A03397/P8680       $363.00    ACTUATOR, DBL                         7
                                ACTING, LINKAGE KIT 900 V
                                BALL VALVE, JAMESBURY #21-1136-
                                1-1/2" BRASS/SS W/TFE SEAT
  A03398/P8682       $330.00    W/V60                                 2
                                ACTUATOR, DBL ACTING, LINKAGE
                                KIT 900V
                                BUTTERFLY VALVE, ECLIPSE #110BV
  A4530/P12851       $105.00    2-1/2"                                5
                                PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE #7377-1-5
   A4536/P8665       $209.00    N.A.                                  1
                                BALL VALVE, APOLLO #80-107-01 1-
  A4653/P19138       $28.00     1/2                                   3
                                Y STRAINER, MUELLER, 758, 4"
                                40 MESH SCREEN, BUNA-N GASKET,
  A4672/P27772       $352.00    W/PLUG,                               1
                                FOR USE WITH NATURAL GAS,
                           LEVER VALVE, ROSS #3126A4010
A4680/P34384   $336.00     1/2" 4/3 WAY                       2
                           6" BUTTERFLY VALVE AND
A4703/P34667   $473.00     ACTUATOR, SIEMENS                  1
                           #SQM50.384R1G4R W/6"
                           BALL VALVE, APOLLO #70-104-41-
A4707/P34720    $22.00     27 3/4"                            1
                           AUTO DRAIN, W/LATCH, LOCK
                           1-1/4 BRASS BALL CHECK VALVE -
A4713/P11758    $28.00     #T480                              6
                           BUTTERFLY VALVE, ECLIPSE,
A4739/P12737    $88.00     MANUAL #108BV 2"                   1
                           BUTTERFLY VALVE, ECLIPSE 104BV,
A5347/P2310     $72.00     1"                                 8
                           ADJUSTABLE SPARK IGNITER,
A4020/P3385    $160.00     #4055-M, N. AMER.                  10
                           3" CROSS CONNECTED RATIO
A5360/P20892   $1,463.00   REGULATOR,                         5
                           ECLIPSE ES369-10316,
                           MANUAL BUTTERFLY VALVE,
A5349/P1179     $72.00     ECLIPSE #106BV 1-1/2"              5
                           ACTUATOR, WORCESTER 4039SN,
                           SPRING RETURN,
                           PNEUMATIC, MTD.TO L90SP4
A5438/P6222    $5,252.00   PULSAIR MICROPROCES-,              1
                           SOR POSITIONER, 4-20
                           MAW/POSITION FEEDBACK
                           REGULATOR, ECLIPSE ES363-20312,
A5358/P20890   $412.00     1-1/2" CROSS                       9
                           CONNECTED RATIO
                           REGULATOR, ECLIPSE ES368-
A5359/P20891   $765.00     10315, 2" CROSS                    5
                           CONNECTED RATIO
                           SHUT OFF VALVE, HONEYWELL
 A5275/P965    $100.00     V5055A1038, 2"                     39
                           LIMITING ORIFICE VALVE, ECLIPSE
A5355/P1178    $116.00     ALO-5, 1-1/4 IPS                   20
                           LIMITING ORIFICE, VALVE ECLIPSE
A5353/P2515     $72.00     ACL-3, 3/4" IPS                    32
                           LIMITING ORIFICE VALVE, ECLIPSE
A5354/P1494    $187.00     ALO-4, 1"IPS                       19
                           TURBINE GAS METER, AMERICAN
A5467/P13192   $1,270.00   METER SZ-2 WITH                    1
                           PULSER, 1"NPT PROPANE SERVICE
                           2000 CFH @ 6 PSIG
                           REGULATOR, ECLIPSE ES366-
A5357/P20889   $105.00     15939, 1"CROSS                     10
                           CONNECTED RATIO
                           BUTTERFLY VALVE, ECLIPSE 112 BV,
A5352/P12412   $100.00     3"                                 8
                           REGULATOR, NORTH AMERICAN
A4938/P2516     $94.00     7344-01, 1/2"                      6
                           SOLENOID VALVE, ASCO 8262G230,
 A4506/P566     $72.00     1/4", SS BODY N.C.,                8
                           120V/60HZ COIL
                           3" BRAIDED FLEX HOSE W/FIXED
   A4983       $182.00     FLG                                    1
                           4" FULL PORT BUTTERFLY AIR
A4515/P29300   $143.00     CONTROL VALVE,                         1
                           AIR CONTROL VALVE,ECLIPSE
                           #501230, 16BV-AB
A4513/P11983   $170.00     4" FLEXIBLE NIPPLE #8777-7             3
                           RADIANT TUBE BURNER, ECLIPSE TFB-030 TO FIRE
                           6-5/8"OD X 6-1/8"ID U-TYPE
A5361/P20113   $616.00     RADIANT TUBE MAX. CAP. OF              9
                           275,000 BTU/HR W/NAT. GAS. AIR
                           TUBE "B" DIM.
                           LENGTH IS 16-7/8"*
                           RADIANT TUBE GAS BURNER.
                           TFB075NAG3NNHL W/ B DIMENSION
A5362/P20435   $616.00     OF 13-7/8" THERM                       9
                           THIEF SERIES. COMPLETE WITH AIR
                           ORIFICE, GAS METERING ORIFICE,
                           FOR NATURAL GAS.
                           REGULATOR RELIEF VALVE, NORTH
A5302/P8659    $847.00     AMERICAN                               1
                           7335-3-32, 1-1/2" ,W/7377
                           ENHANCED SPARK IGNITER, NORTH
A4836/P7069    $143.00     AMERICAN 4051-D                        1
                           ACTUATOR, HONEYWELL
 A5273/P257    $193.00     V4055A1031                            16
                           GAUGE, 6" ABSOLUTE, WALLACE &
                           TIERNAN, CAPSULE
                           PANEL MOUNT, 1/8 FPT CONN. 2MM
A4905/P3662    $1,656.00   GRADUATIONS,                           1
                           SERIES 300
                           PSI OUTLET REGULATOR,
A4595/P11365   $495.00     EQUIMETER                              1
                           #122-8 1-1/4" WITH ORANGE
                           SPRING, 1-1/2
                           RELIEF REGULATOR, FISHER #289H
A4599/P32633   $237.00     10-20 PSIG                             1
                           SPRING RANGE 1" FPT
                           W/UNBLOCKED PETO TUBE
                           SOLENOID VALVE, ASCO, #8342G20
                           1/4" DUAL,
                           120V/60HZ, BRASS, MECHANICAL
A4631/P24488   $204.00     DETENT TO HOLD                         3
                           LAST POSITION ON LOSS OF
                           ELECTRICAL POWER
                           OR AIR PRESSURE
                           FLOW CONTROL VALVE, DELTROL
A4632/P7753     $33.00     #FMF20BK 1/4                          63
                           BALL CHECK VALVE, NIBCO T480 1/2
A4717/P22563   $11.00      BRASS                                  8
A4742/P19212   $149.00     SOL. VALVE, ASCO #8215B50 NC           3
                            1" 120V/60HZ
                            PRESS GAUGE, DWYER #2015, 0-15"
 A4744/P11297    $66.00     WC MAGNEHELIC                         1
                            PRESS GAUGE, ASHCROFT 100MM-
                            W/U CLAMP LIQUID FILLED,PANEL
 A4760/P24794    $55.00     MOUNT                                 3
                            0-30 PSIG 4" DIA.
                            SOL. VALVE, ASCO #8263G206V
 A4762/P24997    $61.00     3/8 110V/60HZ                         2
                            LEVEL CONTROL, #16HMJ1B0
 A4795/P22317   $138.00     WARRICK                               2
                            SOL. VALVE, ASCO #8215G30 3/4
 A4863/P5507     $83.00     120V/1PH/60HZ                         4
                            GAS VALVE, ASCO #8043A67 1-1/2"
                            N.C. 120V 60HZ
                            FM APPROVED WITH 5# SPRING
 A4959/P2516    $484.00     W/POSITION                            1
                            SLIDING CONTROL VALVE, JORDAN
 A5483/P14637   $2,607.00   WITH SLIDING GATE                     1
                            SEATS FEATURING SHORT STROKE,
                            IN FAST RESPONSE, HIGH ACCURACY & ANSI CLASS
                            SHUT-OFF, 1/2" DUCTILE IRON
                            BODY WITH THREADED
                            ENDS (NPT THREADS) SPRING
                            LOADED TEFLON
                            PACKING, ACTION: REVERSE (AIR
                            TO OPEN) WITH A
                            CV=0.84,TRIM & SEAT MATERIAL:
                            303SS/JORCOTEACTUATOR: 3-15
                            PSI REVERSE/35M,
                            ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC SIDE
                            MOUNTED FOXBORO
                            MODEL 6986 (INCLUDES GAUGES).
                            SOLENOID VALVE, ASCO
 A4032/P28679    $77.00     #8210G094,1/2" 24VAC                  2
                            NC 2 WAY PILOT OPERATED,
                            SOLENOID VALVE, ASCO
 A4031/P6372     $66.00     #8263G206V, 3/8" NPT                  2
                            110V/60HZ FOR #2 OIL.
                            BALL VALVE, WORCESTER #5846R,
                            2", SERIES 58,
                            CARBON STEEL, BARSTOCK TYPE,
 A5407/P11021   $187.00     FPT, VACUUM                           1
                            RATED TO 5 MICRONS,
                            SOLENOID VALVE, ASCO #8215B50
 A4558/P19212   $149.00     NC 1" 120V/60HZ                      10

              U.S.                                                QTY.
                       400 IN-LB TORQUE MOTOR,
                       2 LIMIT SWITCHES & 6 AUXILIARY
A4611/P32587 $1,040.00 SWITCHES, NO                                1
                       SHAFT, SHAFT OPTION, UL, CSA, CE
                       AC MOTOR, BALDOR,
                       VM3558T, 2 HP, 1725 RPM, 145TC
A4687/P27797 $220.00 FRAME,                                        1
                       TENV, 208-230/460V 3 PH, 60 HZ,
                       AC MOTOR, BALDOR,
                       VM3554, 1-1/2 HP, 1725 RPM, 56C
A4710/P27795 $176.00 FRAME,                                        1
                       TENV, 208-230/460V 3 PH, 60 HZ,
                       AC MOTOR, 7-1/2 HP, 415V/3PH/50HZ,
A4605/P22620 $671.00 1500 RPM, TEFC                                1
                       213 T FRAME, FOOTED, CLASS "H"
                       INSUL, MTG W-7
                       MOTOR, 40 HP, 1800 RPM, HIGH
                       EFFICIENCY, TEFC
                       ANTI-FRICTION BEARINGS. NEMA STD.
A4815/P1580 $1,452.00 NAMEPLATE,                                   2
                       SHOWING CONT. DUTY HP, RPM,
                       FRAME SIZE,
                       VOLTAGE, SERVICE FACTOR, LOCKED
                       CURRENT, TEMP. RISE, AND MAXIMUM
                       RATING 230/460V/3PH/60HZ
                       MOTOR, SF415-845-409, 1-1/2 HP, 3
A4825/P21772 $523.00 AMP                                           3
                       VARIABLE AC DRIVE, AC TECH

                     PRICE-U.S.                                     QTY.
  PART NUMBER         DOLLARS              DESCRIPTION            AVAILABLE
                                   DIE SPRING, RAYMOND
  A4589/P28593         $77.00      #106832, 2" HOLE DIA,               2
                                   1" ROD DIA, 8" FREELENGTH,
                                   EXTRA HVY DUTY
                                   SHEAVE, BROWNING,
  A4592/P14415        $138.00      2BK110H, 2 GROOVE                   1
   A4610/P331         $149.00      ATQ-1 DRIVE TIGHTENER               1
                                   CYLINDER, TOL-0-MATIC
                                   100 PSI AIR, 4" BORE
  A4714/P34594       $1,660.00     CYLINDER STEEL TUBING,              2
                                   48" STROKE WITH VITON
                                   SEALS. (1) 1" STROKE,
                                   AUTOMATIC TENSIONER,
                                   AIR CYLINDER, HYDROLINE
                                   R5C, 4" BORE, 13"
                                   STROKE, 1" ROD, #2 ROD
  A4773/P4895         $616.00      END, CUSHION BOTH                  1
                                   ENDS, VITON SEALS, 1/2 NPT
                                   PORTS, LOCATION 1,
                                   HINGE, #15665A735 0.25
  A4874/A4546         $143.00      THK. X 3" OPEN                    108
                                   WITH 0.625 PIN DIA. X 72"
     P22646                        LONG
                                   AIR CYLINDER, HYDROLINE
                                   R5R, 3-1/4" BORE,
                                   31-3/4" STROKE, 1" ROD DIA,
  A5162/P6967         $380.00      EOD END STYLE #2                   1
                                   (3/4"-16 THD), NPT PORTS,
                                   AIR CYLINDER, MILLER, 2"
                                   BORE, 36" STROKE
  A5338/P27119        $369.00      5/8-60-DA                          1
                                   WITH OPTIONAL SPRING
                                   FAN PLUG ASSEMBLY WITH 7.5/1.9 HP 2 SPEED
                                   26-1/4 SQUARE ASSEM. WITH
     P14256          $8,250.00     26" DIA. AXIAL FAN                 4
                                   WHEEL, DOWN BLAST
                                   AIRFLOW, V-BELT DRIVE,
                                   CONSTRUCTION, 15,000 CFM
                                   @ .5"sp,
                                   OPERATION UP TO 1600-1800
                                   ROLLER CHAIN, 80SS
  A4777/P1026       $61.00 / FT.   RIVETED                          46 FT.
  A4723/P9909       $25.00 / FT.   ROLLER CHAIN, #40 304SS          5 FT.
                                   MESH BELT PINCH ROLL
 A03608/92829A        $484.00      21"OAL X 12-1/4" ID                1
                                   WITH 1/2" VULCANIZED

              U.S.                                               QTY.
                       AIR FILTER, NAFCO #11020-0014, 2"
A4960/P5069 $149.00 IPS                                            1
                       BLOWER, COMPACT GI 125 3HP 1800
                       RPM 440/3/60
                       MOTOR *304 SS* W/ FLANGED
A5319/P22049 $1,133.00 OUTLET, PLAIN PIPE                          1
                       INLET & DRAIN, RATED @ 200 CFM @
                       1.61 SP
                       1769 RPM 0.09 BHP @ 70 DEG F
                       PUMP, 811 3X1-1/2X6, 316 SS 10 HP,
A5320/P22045 $4,329.00 3500 RPM                                1
                       440V/3PH/60HZ 150 GPM AT 60 PSI
A5365/78230 $1,287.00 UNIT                                     1
                       HEAT EXCHANGER, AMERICAN
A5482/P4321 $649.00 PRECISION INDUSTRIES                       8
                       5A06A04036, TYPE 500, SIZE 04036

              U.S.                                            QTY.
                       ENCODER, DANAHER #HS35-0500-H-
                       1005 500 PPR,
                       1-1/8" HOLLOWSHAFT, SINGLE ENDED
A4519/P22196 $451.00 UNIDIRECTIONAL                            1
                       5-26V IN, 5-26V OPEN COLLECTOR
                       OUT,6 PIN
                       CONNECTOR, PLUS MATING
                       MOTOR STARTER, ALLEN BRADLEY
A4538/P7845 $440.00 #505-BOD, SIZE 1,                          2
                       REVERSING 120 VAC COIL,
                       PILOT LIGHT, ALLEN BRADLEY #800T-
A4539/P23192 $100.00 PT16A                                     7
                       PUSH-TEST 120 V
                       PILOT LIGHT, ALLEN BRADLEY #800T-
A4540/P1928 $100.00 PT16R,                                     4
                       120V, RED PITT
                       SELECTOR SWITCH, ALLEN BRADLEY
 A4541/P576   $55.00 #800T-H2A                                 6
                       TWO POSITION
                       STRAIGHT UV SCANNER, ECLIPSE
A4561/P19136 $138.00 #5600-91                                  1
                       OUTPUT MODULE, MITSUBISHI
A4629/P34052           #AY11E, DC SOURCE,                      2
                       16 POINTS
                       CPU, MITSUBISHI, #Q4ACPU, 4096
A4662/P32502 $5,060.00 I/O, 124K STEPS                         1
                       LIMIT SWITCH, SQUARE D #9007-
A4673/P19160 $154.00 C62B2                                     1
                       EMITTER, BANNER #SMA30SEL SS
                       HOUSING, 12-240
                       VAC "POWER ON" LED INDICATOR
A4693/P6479 $176.00 W/ATTACHED 6 FT                            10
                       LONG PVC COVERED CABLE
                       RECEIVER, BANNER #EM2A30SRLNC
                       AC SS HOUSING,
                       24-240 VAC, 2-WIRE, N/C N/C
A4694/P6480 $179.00 OUTPUT, DARK                               10
                       OPERATE W/ATTACHED 6 FT PVC
                       COVERED CABLE
A4698/P33133 $22.00 CURRENT TRANSFORMER, TROTT                 3
                       2SFT201 200:5 RATIO
                       SENSOR, ALLEN BRADLEY
A4700/P34563 $336.00 #802PRLBAR108                        1
                       PROXIMITY INDUCTIVE
                       CURRENT TRANSFORMER, TROTT
A4701/P5635 $22.00 2SFT151, 150:5 RATIO                   1
                       PRESSURE TRANSMITTER, ASHCROFT,
                       IX3F0242ST1IW, 0-1" W.C.,
A4730/P21206 $963.00 DIFFERENTIAL 4-20 MA                 1
                       OUTPUT SIGNAL, FOR USE WITH
                       NATURAL GAS
                       ZERO SPEED SWITCH, ROTACH #M-
                       5000, 110 VOLT,
                       60HZ WITH MOUNTING BRACKET & 2-
A4758/P5552 $446.00 1/2" MAGNET                           7
                       DISK PRESET 250-350 RPM
A4768/P21972 $66.00 PRESSURE SWITCH, KDI GAO-A4-4-6       2
                       CIRCUIT BREAKER, SQUARE D
A4834/P9263 $445.00 #FAL360501121,                        1
                       50 AMP, 3 POLE WITH UNDER
                       VOLTAGE TRIPS
                       CIRCUIT BREAKER, SQUARE D
A4835/P1803 $242.00 #FAL36025                             1
                       25 AMP 600V 3 POLE
                       POWER SUPPLY, ALLEN BRADLEY
A4910/P12821 $138.00 #1794-PS1                            1
                       THERMOCOUPLE INPUT MODULE,
A4911/P13622 $1,056.00 ALLEN BRADLEY                      1
                       IEC CONTACTOR, TELEMECANIQUE
A4951/P6740 $451.00 #LC1-F150G6,                          4
                       3 POLE, 200 AMP, 120V/60HZ COIL
                       RECEPTACLE, HUBBELL
A4952/P28541 $429.00 #HBL5200RS1W,                        5
                       4POLE, 5WIRE, 200A, 600V, BOX
A4961/P7442 $919.00 MODULE                                4
                       SERIES 90-30 PLC, GE FANUC
                       CIRCUIT BREAKER, SQUARE D
A4964/P5927 $896.00 #KAL361501121,                        2
                       150 AMP, 600 V, W/ UNDERVOLTAGE
                       2 WIRE TERM. BASE, ALLEN BRADLEY
A5169/P12826 $215.00 #1794-TB2                            7
                       13 SLOT CONTROLLOGIX RACK, ALLEN
A4028/P33343 $572.00 BRADLEY                              2
                       FUSED HOLDER, ALLEN-BRADLEY
A4024/P33314 $61.00 #1492-FB2J60,                         2
                       60A, 2 POLE, 600V, FOR CLASS J
A4021/P34188 $638.00 ENCODER, NORTHSTAR                   2
                       PANELVIEW 550, ALLEN BRADLEY
A4906/P10564 $1,660.00 #2711-K5A2                                1
                       TRANSFORMER, 100 KVA 480V 3PH
                       PRI-60V 2PH SEC
                       (2) 2-1/2% TAPS ABOVE & BELOW,115
A5131/P12385 $5,660.00 DEG C RISE,                               2
                       ALUMINUM XFORMER W/NEMA 12 ENCL
                       W/FORCED FILTERED COOLING
                       UV AMPLIFIER, HONEYWELL #R7849B-
A5277/P7897 $127.00 1021                                         50
                       THERMOSTAT, E7656000 500 AMP
A5433/P24124 $5,159.00 380V 3PH 50HZ SCR                         1
                       ZERO CROSS W/CURRENT LIMIT, N.C.
                       SCR POWER CONTROLLER, SPANG,
A4849/P6845 $1,778.00 #FC7G5-B-2151A20                           2
                       150 AMP, 480 V PHASE ANGLE FIRED,
                       CURRENT LIMIT.
                       POWER CONTROL, SPANG, MC7G5-A-
                       8251020 250 AMP
                       480V/60HZ 3 PH. 2 LEG
A4850/P22164 $1,660.00 SYNCHRONOUS FIRING, 208 KVA               1
                       UNIT W/ N.C. TEMPERATURE SWITCH
                       WALL MOUNT AUTOMATIC FLOAT
A4770/P1010 $253.00 SWITCH W/NEMA 1                              1
                       ENCLOSURE ALLEN BRADLEY, #840-


Salt Equipment. Besides the items listed below we have several other salt lines
available. These include an "Indexing Carousel" type system that works very well
consisting of a preheat, highheat, quench, draw and rinse, capacity 800 pounds/hour.
Austenitizing pot size is 18" x 30" x 42". Also we have available 3 neutral salt lines
ranging from very good condition to needs work. Two are 700 pounds/hour capacity
and one is 800 pounds/hour. Best offer for each of these lines.

Item #S005 Ajax Salt Bath Furnace. Type HX. Working dimensions of 12”
diameter X 24” deep. Maximum temperature 1650°F. Pot is constructed of Inconel
material. Salt Furnace Power: 25Kw, Volts: 460, 3 Phase 60 Hertz 32 Amps. Also
included is some high temperature neutral salt and some Quick Cure 275 salt from
Hubbard-Hall. Purchased new in 2002 for $16,000 USD. Asking $4,600 USD.

Item #S004 Automated Straight Salt Line. Consists of preheat, high heat,
quench, draw, rinse an rust inhibitor tank. Installed but not running. Line was shut
down within the past 2 months. Capacity is 800 pounds/hour. High heat has working
dimensions of 24" wide X 24" long X 30" deep. Complete, ready to go and in good
condition. All offers will be considered!
Item #S003 Upton Industries Automated Salt Line. This was brand new in 2003
and is currently installed but not in use. It has a rated capacity of 1200 pounds/hour
and the high heat pot has dimensions of 27" Wide X 23" Long X 30" Deep. The line
includes a prewash, preheat, high heat, quench, draw, rinse, rust inhibitor tank and
dryer. The high heat was operating at 1600F and the quench is rated up to 900F. New
in 2003 this line was over $500,000 USD. Best offer. MUST GO QUICKLY!


Item #P105 Wilson Superficial Hardness tester.
Series 500, Model 8503-S. Asking price: $1,000US. Location Cleveland.

Item #P104 Wilson Rockwell Hardness tester.
This is a series 500 unit, Model 8503-R. Asking price: $1,000US. Location Cleveland.

Vacuum Furnaces

Item #VF176 6-Bar Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace. 1996 Vac Aero, 6-Bar
Pressure Quench Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace, Model # VAH 4848 MP6, Work Zone:
36"W x 48"D x 30"H, (Alternate load size by raising hearth: 48"W x 48"L x 22"H),
2400°F, 200 HP 10,000 CFM External Cooling Blower, 480V/3Phase/60Hz, 285kVA,
Hunterdon VRT Power Supply, 2,000,000 BTU/hr Gas Cool Heat Exchanger, Load
Rating: 2500 lb. at 2400°F, Vacuum Pumps: Stokes 412-11 with Roots 615RGS
Blower, Honeywell S9000 Temperature Controller with UDC3000 Hi-Limit, Edwards
AGC Vacuum Control. Currently still installed, but will be removed for storage later in
December. Removal costs will be added to price. Includes water cooling system and
Loader Price: $295,000US Location: Midwestern U.S.

Item #VF175 Vac Aero Model HR-20 Vacuum Furnace. Work zone is 16 " wide x
12 " high x 24 " long. Electrical 600 V,3 Ph, 60 Hz, 80 KVA. Gas quenching pressure
5" Hg. New in 1978. Control System upgraded in 1993 includes AB SLC500 PLC with
Honeywell DCP-700 Programmer. PLC replaced in 2000. Hot Zone upgraded in 1997.
Included is a spare diffusion pump and spare parts valued at $10,000. Currently
installed and in excellent condition! Asking $45,000.00

Item #VF174 CI Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace. Model VSQD091824, built
in 1989. Work zone is approximately 9" high x 18" wide x 24 " long. Capacity
approximately 200 pounds. Insulation is graphite, heating elements are solid graphite.
Maximum operating temperature is 2400 degree F. Hearth level is 48 1/2". Total
power 75 KW, connected load 60 KW (heating chamber). Operating range 500
microns. Voltage: 575v.
O/A Width: 12’-2”
O/A Depth: 14’-4” + 26” (Stationary roller table) + 30” (load cart) = 19’-0”
Vessel Height: 3’-0” deep pit + 9’-0” above floor = 12’-0”
O/A Height (with piping and relief valve): 3’-0” deep pit = 11’-2” above floor = 14’-2”
Roller table and load cart heights (from floor with vessel recessed 3’-0” into floor):
Our room size: 19’-6” wide x 24’-0” deep
Min. comfortable room size: 16’-0” wide x 23’-0”
Load Cart: Yes, Gas Quenching: Yes
Furnace is currently installed. Overall this unit is in excellent condition! Asking

Item #VF173 One Signature Vacuum Furnace. Model SC-2436 graphite hot zone,
front loading, vacuum furnace in accordance with the attached specification outline,
and including the following equipment for operating temperatures to 1425°C, with
partial pressure to 10 Torr H2.
Vacuum Chamber - 54" diameter x 54" long, carbon steel with carbon steel water
Hot Zone - 18" H x 24" W x 36" L, graphite retort - 500 lbs. gross load at 1350°C
Pumping System - 150 cfm mechanical pump
Power Supply - 150 kW, 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, VRT
Cooling System - Fan mounting flange with blind cover plate only for optional
Recirculated Gas Cooling Fan
Control Instrumentation - Automation Direct PLC for logic control of furnace sequence,
process gas, alarm logic, time/temperature profile, and data acquisition - Over
temperature limit controller - Two (2) type “S” thermocouples
Vacuum Instrumentation - Thermocouple type - pumping system - Dual Baratron type
- furnace
Load Truck - 500lbs. capacity
Cooling Tower System - Capacity 85 ton @ 130gpm & 20°F delta
                        - Furnace requirement 45 ton @ 67gpm & 20°F delta
Asking Price for this furnace including a fork truck type loader and cooling tower is
$220,000.00US. This furnace is 1 year old and used for only 9 months. It will be
warranted as new equipment with the exception of the vacuum pump.

Item #VF172 Ipsen Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace. Model VVFC(BL)
48X60(24)R. For operating temperatures to 2400°F with inert gas partial pressures:
Vacuum Chamber - 76" diameter x 95" high, stainless steel with carbon steel water
jacket. Hot Zone - 48" diameter x 60" high, graphite element Graphite fiber insulation
3,000 lbs. gross load at 2400°F Pumping System - Mechanical booster pumping
system not included 32" diameter, 32,000 l/s diffusion pump. Power Supply - 450 kW,
460 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, VRT. Cooling System - 40hp, recirculated inert gas at
700 torr. Control Instrumentation - Honeywell DCP700 temperature controller -
Honeywell DC300 overtemperature limit Vacuum Instrumentation - Televac II - 2
station TC gauge. Asking Price: $50,000US

Item #VF171 40+ Bar Brew Sinterhip Vacuum Furnace. Rebuilt 1987 Brew
Sinterhip Vacuum Furnace, max. 1400°C, (approx. 1000°C with retort), Stokes 212H-
11 with Stokes 401 Blower (rebuilt by United Vacuum approx. 10 operational hours
ago), No diffusion pump, Ultimate Vacuum is 30 microns (clean, dry & empty), Rated
for 600 PSIG (Code Stamp says 660 PSIG) internal pressure for HIP operation,
Operating pressure range: 50 microns to 500 PSIG. Useable work area: 18" Dia. x 24"
Electrical: 480V/3Ph/260 kVA, 350 Amp Breaker, Cooling water requirements: 50 GPM
at 50 PSIG and 70°F. Chamber has been Ultrasonic inspected for integrity. Practically
new condition, less than 100 hours estimated total use. VRT Power Supply with water-
cooled cables. Bottom elements are not installed in photos below, and retort door is
not shown. Location: Western U.S. Price: $175,000.00US New Price: $125,000US
Offers considered.

Item #VF169 Ipsen Model VFC-427-R. Built in 1966. Working dimensions of 24” X
36” X 12”. Operating temperature of 2400°F. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. The hot zone
has been removed for maintenance. Construction is Graphite board with graphite rod
elements but it will require work. Asking $20,000US

Item #VF168 Lindberg 2 Chamber Vacuum Furnace. Working dimensions of 24”
X 36” X 20”. Capable of both .85 Nitrogen quenching and oil quenching. Operating
temperature of 2150°F. Complete but in need of some work. Asking $20,000.00

Item #VF167 Ipsen Model VFC-321. Built in 1966. Working dimensions of 24” X
36” X 12”. Operating temperature of 2400°F. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. Hot zone
needs work. Asking $20,000.

Item #VF166 Surface Combustion Vacuum Furnace. Working dimensions of 24”
X 36” X 12”. 2400°F operating temperature. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. Asking
$20,000.00. Complete but will need hot zone repairs.

Item #VF163 C.I. Hayes Vacuum Temper. Model:VMH-T-363648 Work
Chamber: 36” High x 36” Wide x 48” Long (Full Round Hot Zone) Insulation: 4” High-
Purity Ceramic Fiber, Heating Elements: Wound Chromel-Alumel Wire Type, Floor
Space:120”H x 191”W x 160”L, Temperature: Uniformity: ±15°F *,Work
Loading:3,000 lb. OEM Rating, Operating Temperature 1450°F Maximum, Power
Requirements:120 KVA, Heating (480/3/60 input), Ultimate Vacuum: A conditioned,
clean dry empty and outgassed system will pump to 100 microns or less within 20
minutes *, Operating Vacuum: During tempering the normal operating pressure is
between 400 to 600 torr, Fan Assembly:10 HP motor, Compressed Air Requirements:
Intermittent demand at 90 psig, Cooling Water:20 to 30 GPM, Nitrogen Backfill:330
Cubic Feet, Vacuum Pumps: Stokes 412-11 and Roots 615RGS,both recently rebuilt,
Controls: All new control panel including instruments, controllers and vacuum sensors
recently, Honeywell HC 900 temperature controller Overall Footprint as currently
installed:13ft D x 16ft W x 9.5ft H Current Location: Northwestern U.S. Asking
$95,000 USD. Terms:50% Down, Balance prior to loading unless otherwise agreed by
owner. F.O.B.: Current Location, As-Is *Original OEM specs, Not guaranteed on used
equipment (Hot zone photo is an older file photo. The others are current.)

Item #VF158 Surface Combustion 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace. New in 1986 this
furnace is installed and in production. It has working dimensions of 38" Wide X 64"
Deep X 30" High. 13 PSI Nitrogen Quenching. Quench motor is being upgraded to 50
horsepower from 25 hp. Variable speed drive. Controls have been updated very
recently and the hot zone was replaced less than 1 year ago. Please note that the
vendor will repair the front of the hot zone prior to sale. Comes with "surge" tank and
"Big Joe" loader. This furnace is in very good condition and ready to go. Asking
$129,000 US.

Item #VF156 Surface Combustion 9 PSi Vacuum Furnace. Working dimensions
of 36" x 48" x 30". Operating temperature of 2200°F. Updated controls. No diff. pump
or port. This would fit the bill for somebody looking for a basic vacuum furnace for
hardening. Asking Price: $89,500.00US

Item #VF155 Vacuum Industries Centorr Vacuum Furnace. 1989, but like new,
used only 6 months, Vacuum Industries Centorr Series 3500, Model 363672-1500C,
vacuum heat treating furnace, 2-Bar capable, but this furnace has no internal heat
exchanger, so it not a fast cooler. Internal 25 H.P. cooling/circulation fan in door.
Work Zone: 36"W x 72"D x 36"H, 1500°C (2732°F), 3,000 lb load, including end
elements for tighter temperature uniformity, Hot zone is moly lined with 2 layers of
Safil™ (alumina ceramic fiber) insulation and stainless steel outer layer, moly rod
elements, moly hearth, 600kVA VRT Power Supply, 665Amp total service,
460V/3Ph/60Hz, Vacuum Pumps: Stokes 412MB combination mechanical pump and
blower with oil mist separator and particulate filter. Controls are Honeywell DCP-700
with Honeywell DPR-1500 recorder. Full opening doors at both ends make
maintenance much easier. Set up for both nitrogen and argon gases. 70 GPM cooling
water requirement @ 40 PSIG max. Asking Price: $215,000US New Price:
$175,000US Location: U.S. West Coast. New Photos

Item #VF154 Large Diameter Crystal Growth Furnace based on patented
process. Can be used as a large vacuum annealer. 12 foot diameter by 16 foot tall.
2ea 20" diffusion pumps and pneumatic valves. Comes complete with Allen Bradley
Slick 500 control panel with ladder logic controlling two each 120KW power loops
manufactured by Spang Electronics. All schematics included. Vacuum levels sustained
at 0.5mmTorr at temps of 1600°C. Graphite resistive heaters used along with
Polycarbon rigid felt insulation. Asking Price: $110,000US

Item #VF150 Ipsen Vacuum Deoiler. Purchased New in 1993. Model HR 50x48DG.
Nominal Work Zone: 36" x 30"H x 48"D. Max. Load & Temperature: 3000lbs @ 650°F.
Operating Temp: 250-650°F +/-10°F. Cleanup Temp: 800°F (Max. 2 hours). Roughing
Pump: 400/300 CFM. Partial Pressure: Nitrogen. Gas Cooling: 50 HP Motor, external.
Backfill Gas: Nitrogen. Programmer: Honeywell DCP-200(singel channel).
Overtemperature Instrument: Honeywell UDC-2000. Vacuum Instrument: Leybold
Inficon PG-3. Asking Price: $80,000US.

Item #VF144 CI Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench/Carburizing Furnace. Honeywell
control system. Working dimensions are 48" deep, 30" wide by 32" high. Equipped
with an automated vacuum carburizing system which was retrofitted approximately 5
years ago by CI Hayes. The voltage is 480V 60 Hz. The maximum hot zone
temperature is 2200deg F. It uses a 412/615 pumping system which is capable of 8.0
X 10-3 Torr. The furnace includes two load carts and a batch gas fired wash system.
Furnace is in good operating condition and is currently in heated indoor storage. S/N
16099 Asking Price: $89,000CDN New Price: $79,000CDN
Vacuum Pumps

Item #VP114 B.O.C./Edwards Vacuum Pumping System. Blower Stokes Model
900.607-001x5, Serial# RS 0037762. Pump Ser.# 12297439. 20 HP, 1750 RPM
motor. Manufactured 2006. Asking $18,000.00US

Item #VP113 BOC Edwards Vacuum Pump. Specs are: 900-612-030-XS 20 HP.
Single motor dual drive. BOC -900-607-001XS. MFG. Date 6/27/06. Asking Price:

Item #VP112 35" CVC Diffusion Pump & Torr Cryotrap. Warranty Rebuilt CVC
Model PMC-32C, 35 inch, 50,000 l/s, 440Volt Diffusion Pump, Direct replacement for
Varian NHS-35, with minor change in foreline piping length, Also available: Torr
Vacuum Products Model RVS322C Cryogenic Baffle All components are rebuilt, primed
and painted, ready for immediate use. (12 Mo. Warranty) Discounted price, only if you
purchase both at once is $23,900US Total West Coast Location (Coeur d'Alene, ID Zip
Price: Warranty Rebuilt
35" Diffusion Pump
                     $12,900US Alone
35" Ref. Cryobaffle
                     $13,500US Alone

After rebuild.

Business Opportunities

Item # 0357 President. A global provider of furnace process technology and
equipment is searching for a President to head up their North American Division.

The role of President will have complete P&L responsibility and oversee sales,
engineering and project management for customers in the NAFTA region.

The President will be expected to have existing relationships in the heat treat
markets, and be capable of high-level business development activities.

Performance Objectives: • Develop the furnace business serving the component heat
treat market in the NAFTA region. • Build the sales and engineering team necessary to
support the heat treat business. • Continue the development of global sourcing of

Desired Experiences: • Proven customer contacts in the heat-treat customer base. •
Technical competence in furnace processes and equipment. • Strong high-level sales
skills. • Capital equipment project management experience. • Understanding of global
business cultures. • Proven ability to grow a business through introduction of new
products. • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business is required.

The Company offers competitive compensation, including short-term performance
incentives, a quality benefits program and an exciting, challenging team environment,
with opportunity for advancement. The Company is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualified candidates should email their resume to:

Item #0355/0356 AFC-Holcroft, the largest North American heat treat equipment
manufacturer, is interested in "A" level candidates for long-term career opportunities
in the capital equipment sector. Our customer base includes general manufacturing as
well as automotive, both in the U.S. and across the globe. We are searching for
candidates in the following areas:

Item #0356 Sales Opportunities for Experienced Engineers with sales aptitude
interested in growing into a senior sales position as well as individuals with
established track records for the sale of large build-to-order machinery. Specific heat
treat or metallurgical experience a plus, but not absolutely necessary. Overall
engineering aptitude, positive attitude, and ability to communicate with confidence to
others are all required. Domestic and international travel opportunities.

Item #0355 Industrial controls engineer/software development individual.
We maintain a software section that requires innovative, computer savvy individuals
both in design and development as well as field implementation for PC-based systems
communicating to individual controls equipment for automation of both process and
material handling with multiple industrial platforms. Degreed engineer desirable but
not mandatory.

Send resumes to: AFC-Holcroft Attention: Resumes 49630 Pontiac Trail Wixom, MI
48393 E-Mail: Fax: (248) 668-5590

AFC-Holcroft offers a full benefits package, competitive wages and bonus package.

Item #O354 Professional Salesperson looking to grow your business. Experienced
in all aspects of heat treating and has gained the respect of top executives in the
metal working industry. Along with a quality background, this gentleman has a proven
track record for increased sales. Other qualities include leadership, training and
management skills. If you are looking for a strong and experienced salesperson
contact The Monty for complete details and contact information, please include the
Item #.

Item #O353 Maintenance Person Required. Dallas Fort Worth based Heat Treat
Repair and Maintenance company seeking employee for refractory work and general
furnace maintenance. Must be based in Dallas Fort Worth area and able to travel
throughout the US. Salary based on experience. Please forward your resume to The
Monty along with the Item #.

Item #O352 Heat Treat Shift Supervisor. We are a growing Heat Treat Company
in the beautiful Fox Valley of Wisconsin with opportunities for you! The qualified
candidate must have at least five years experience in Heat Treating with leadership
skills in training, coaching, and developing employees. A High School diploma or
equivalent work experience and some form of Heat Treating School with a certificate
of completion is a must. Good analytical and math skills as related to production are
also required. Wages based on your current skills and experience.
Our employment package is filled with benefits to fit your needs; Health, Dental,
Vision, Short Term Disability and Life Insurance, 401(k) with 25% no-cap. Company
match, vacations, 9 holidays, weekly payroll, paid breaks, and always a good cup of
coffee and of course great people to work with. With these opportunities and benefits,
we would also consider moving means. We are a growing Equal Opportunity Employer
that would like to hear from you. Please respond to: Human Resources Manager, 2110
Harrison St, Oshkosh, WI 54901

Item #O351 Sales Representative Wanted. ALD-Holcroft, a leading manufacturer
of vacuum furnace systems, is seeking to round out our sales representative network
in the U.S. Interested candidates should respond with line card and territory via e-
mail to , or by mail to: ALD-Holcroft, Attn: Rep
Network, 49630 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393. No phone calls please.

Item #O350 Sales Representative. Well established company in the steel industry
is seeking a seasoned sales representative with the following demonstrated skills and
abilities to cover the south eastern part of the U.S. Excellent communication skills
both written and verbal, strategic thinking/planning, excellent business acumen,
planning, organization and team work. Some of your duties will include direct one on
one communications with customers, field promotions work and developing new
accounts as well as servicing existing accounts. You will work closely with upper
management on the development of new and existing customers, this may include
quotes, pricing, and specific customer needs or concerns. Excellent computer skills are
a must and overnight travel is required. Please forward your resume to The Monty
along with the Item #.

Item #O349 Quality Assurance Manager. Large commercial heat treating
company needs Quality Assurance Manager. ISO-9002 experience is required, and
knowledge of TS-16949 is desirable. Heat treating experience is preferred.
Competitive pay and benefits. Send resume including salary history to: Cincinnati
Steel Treating Company 5757 Mariemont Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227 Equal
Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V

Item #O348 Materials Engineer, presently employed with one of the leading
automotive components manufacturer since last six (6) years. I have additional two
(2) years of hands on experience as a metallurgist with two other organizations in
automotive industry. During these years, I have successfully led and / or contributed
to numerous projects related and to materials and processes development. While my
educational and prior work background has always revolved around heat treating and
surface modifications, I have served on variety of positions (both directly and
indirectly) including manufacturing, quality, product engineering, and research &

My educational background includes a masters degree in metallurgical and materials
engineering from one of top schools in Midwest United States. Additionally, I am
currently on my way to earn an MBA degree from another top business schools from
New England area. I am confident that having knowledge of business / operations
management is only going to help me excel in my technical job by leading and
managing activities that are in line with organizational and business goals.

I am seeking new career opportunities for mainly two reasons: to diversify my
experience by working on different challenges and to advance my career. With my
experience as a materials engineer and knowledge of business management I am
looking forward to take on different opportunities that entail increasing
responsibilities. Presently, I am authorized to work for any employer in the U.S.,
however, I am open to relocation anywhere in North America. I am also willing to give
a serious consideration to right opportunities elsewhere in the world.
Please let us know if you would like to see his resume.

Item #O347 Engineer with 20 years of extensive experience across diverse
operations in Strategic Management, Production Operations, Quality Management,
Process Enhancement/Modifications in the Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Offshore
drilling & Automotive Industry, currently located in India and looking to relocate to the
Proficiency in selection of materials with desired chemical & mechanical properties,
processing for optimum performance and for fitness such as low-temperature
toughness, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance. Discussing designs & data
with colleagues, aircraft engineering trades people & aircraft manufacturers. Providing
technical advice to professionals within the aerospace industry. Astute leader with
ability to motivate subordinates in optimizing their performance levels and possesses
excellent analytical, organizational & interpersonal skills. Please let us know if you
would like to see his resume.

Item #O346 Director of Quality Assurance/Manager of Quality Assurance

The duties include but are not limited to:
-Maintain NADCAP and ISO certifications through implementation and follow-up
-Perform internal audits -Maintain customer approvals and qualifications
-Monitor the Continuous Improvement program
-Assist in developing and implementing Strategic Priorities
-Apply delegation and accountability to direct reports. Has final authority over hiring
and dismissal of Quality employees. Direct reports are, but are not limited to,
Manager of Quality and Quality Engineer. Reports to the President.

-This position is responsible for upholding all quality requirements of the corporation.
It also has the responsibility for growing the company through development and
implementation of the Mission, Passion, Values, and Vision.

Qualified candidates will have at least 5 years of progressive experience and/or a
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related field.

Full company benefits package including: Retirement savings, medical, dental, AFLAC,
paid vacation and sick time.

Please visit us at

Please forward your resume and salary history/requirements to heather@thermal-

Item #O345 Maintenance Individual Looking for Position. This individual
supervised the maintenance department at a large commercial heat treat shop in
Michigan from 2001 to the present. He was responsible for creating PM systems,
ordering parts, setting up, installation, trouble shooting and programming of PLC's.
Experience with AB, Honeywell, Yokogawa, BC, Marathon, Shinko and Cutler Hammer
instruments. Experience in rebuilding furnaces, burners and ignition systems.
Experience in temperature uniformity studies. Willing to consider relocating. If you are
interested in this individuals resume please let us know at The Monty & quote the

Item #O344 Dynamic Professional with 24 plus years experience in the
commercial heat treating industry with 18 years service in quality assurance and
operations management seeks a challenging position that will capitalize on a diverse
skill set. This candidate possesses strong metallurgical, sales and team building skills
as well as a thorough working knowledge of quality and environmental standards
including, ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001, CQI-9 and AS9100B. Strong process control
and process development skills contributed to this individuals established long term
record of consistent sales growth and profitability during their most recent
employment as general manager of a large commercial heat treating facility. Currently
residing in the southeastern U.S./willing to relocate if necessary. Please contact The
Monty directly for more information.

Item #O343 Mechanic looking for a new opportunity. Experienced hands on
mechanic with extensive experience in vacuum furnaces and controls is looking for a
new opportunity. Currently employed with the largest heat treater in the United States
with regional engineering experience. Background in pyrometry (working knowledge
of AMS 2750D, AMS 2759, BAC 5621, etc.). Direct supervision of pyrometry
department doing instrument cals, SAT(s) and TUS(s). 30 years experience rebuilding
vacuum pumps, blowers, diffusion pumps, cyro pumps, etc. Knowledge of all types of
hot zone construction (all metal using doped lanthanum molybdenum, TZM or pure
moly and all types of graphite hot zones and heating elements). Hands on guy that is
just as happy doing all the work alone or supervising a group of people. Electrician,
certified welder, inside machinist, technical writer, and process engineer. Knowledge
of vacuum brazing and vacuum heat treating. Experience in training furnace
operators, knowledge of confined space policies, and experience in all industrial gases.
Related experience in all types of combustion furnaces. Looking for a position in the
Southern California area with relocation as a possibility. Hard worker that thinks
nothing of putting in 60+ hr. weeks. Please contact The Monty directly for more

Item #O341 We are looking for Sales Representatives who are experienced in
industrial and manufacturing sales in the Mexican states of Sonora, Chihuahua and
Coahuila and can represent Phoenix Heat Treating for a broad range of heat treating
services. We are located in Phoenix about 160 miles from the Mexico-US border, and
as one of the largest heat treat companies in the southwest, PHT is ideally positioned
to heat treat gears, assembly components, stamped parts, small parts, as well as
parts that require certification - Nadcap, MIL-Std-45662, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-H-45208A,
among others. We pay on a percentage of sales, or can discuss other arrangements
based on experience and capabilities. We will provide training so the individuals are
fluent in our heat treating specialties and can competently represent PHT in Mexico.
Interested individuals need to contact Peter Hushek, president, Phoenix Heat
Treating: 602-258-7751, or email Peter at

Item #O340 Metal Treatment/Metals Manufacturing Specialist looking for
position in technical management or business development. Global industry
experience. Mech Engineer, 15 yrs experience and 5 years as president of a successful
commercial heat treatment shop. High level expertise in plant, process and
metallurgy. Contact Robert at

Item #O338 Metallurgist looking for a position. 20 years of professional work
experience in Metallurgical Engineering. Process experience in heat treatment and
surface treatments. Material experience in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Expert
in metallography, mechanical testing, failure analysis and x-ray diffraction. Experience
in ecology friendly and cost effective surface treatment of automobile components.
Thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes. Excellent verbal and written
communication skills. Team Player and Permanent Resident. If this is of interest
please send resume in confidence to The

Item #O337 Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. (HTSU) is seeking a Technician
to perform calibrations, repair/corrective maintenance services for temperature
control systems and instrumentation at different client locations throughout the
Southeast. This field service position requires a focus on customer service and a
quality conscious work ethic. Overnight travel is required.

Our technicians calibrate, troubleshoot, install and service control instruments, as well
as perform temperature uniformity studies on industrial furnaces used for steel
processing. Wee utilize state-of-the-art equipment with a focus on electronic
technology for our primary source of data collection, management and communication

HTSU is a rapidly growing company with aggressive long-term goals. We employ
motivated and organized self-starters and offer opportunities for growth and
Ø       Must enjoy working with people and solving problems
Ø       Must have good electrical and mechanical aptitude
Ø       Must have basic computer skills for communication
Ø       Have the ability to work with basic hand tools
Ø       Knowledge in the use of test equipment such as millimeters/calibrators

Benefits and Compensation
HTSU provides comprehensive benefits package with competitive wages. Our benefits
Ø      Medical Insurance – Healthcare
Ø      Life Insurance
Ø      Paid Vacation
Ø      Personal Days
Ø      Sick Days
Ø      Holidays
Ø      Company Provided Vehicle
Ø      Daily Meal Allowances
Ø      401(k) Plan
Ø      Relocation Assistance (if applicable)

Please apply with résumé to Kevin Ruff eat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. Email:

Item #O335 Position available for General Manager of a southeast US.
Aerospace/Commercial brazing and heat treat facility. Candidates should have 5 years
minimum experience in this field with management and P/L responsibility. Sales and
engineering are the major focus required for this assignment. The aerospace and
commercial sales in this area are very strong and present a great opportunity for the
right person. Salary would be commensurate with experience. Company offers
competitive compensation with possible relocation available also. Please forward your
resume to The Monty along with the Item #.

Item #O324 Experienced Induction Heating Service/Installation Engineer
• Performed equipment and system start-up at customer’s plant.
• Worked on medium frequency (0.7 KHZ – 30 KHZ), high frequency (100 KHZ – 400
KHZ) solid-state and Tube Oscillators (Power range from 5 KW to 1200 KW).
• Tested power supplies and systems in-house before shipping to customer.
• Conducted equipment runoff in-house as well as at customer’s plant.
• Troubleshoot equipment over phone and also by visiting customers all over the
• Provided customers with training and support in the operation and maintenance of
the installed equipment.
Available On Contract or as Fulltime employee. Contact The Monty stating Item # if
Item #O250 Metallurgist Consultant.
Recently retired metallurgist wants to apply his knowledge to your problems. This will
keep him sharp and you profitable. Forty-years of experience in the following can be
yours: 1. Metallurgical Laboratory operations and supervision, 2. Heat Treat Process
Development from initial concept to finished product, with all processing, quality, and
production standards generated, and capital equipment purchased and installed, 3.
Conformance of all facets of material and metallurgical process to EPA, OSHA, and
Quality Requirements (QS,ISO, Customer Specific), 4. Experience in Vendor/Customer
Relations. Vendor survey, and Approval, 5. Experience in Failure Analysis. Most
experience in high- volume, automotive type product. I am very anxious to provide
this service to you on a per-job or part-time basis. Please contact the Monty & quote
the Item# to reach me.

Heat Treat Shops for Sale

Commercial Heat Treat Shops For Sale. Currently we have several commercial
heat treating operations for sale in the USA and Canada. These range from relatively
small right on up to multi plant locations. Please ask us for details.

South American Business Opportunity. A very large South American commercial
heat treat company is looking for an investor/partner/buyer. This is a successful,
profitable, growing company that is looking to expand even further and requires
capital to carry this out. In the event of a new owner, current management would be
willing to stay as long as required. If this is of interest to you please let us know at
"The Monty" and following a signed non disclosure agreement we can give you all the
details. If interested, please use our Feedback Form.

Selling of Heat Treat Shops

One of the services that we offer at "The Monty" is putting buyers and sellers of heat
treat operations together. Since we started "The Monty" we have been approached a
number of times from both buyers and sellers of heat treat shops about selling or
buying. We are pleased to say that we have been successful in a few instances. If you
are interested in selling your shop or are interested in buying a new operation. please
contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out. Several commonly asked
questions are below;

1) Is my inquiry confidential?
100% guaranteed! In all cases both potential buyer and seller will be required to sign
a non-disclosure agreement before the 2 parties are put in touch.

2) Is there a fee involved?
We charge a modest finders fee for our services. In some cases this is paid by the
buyer, in other cases by the vendor.

3) Will negotiations be conducted through WG Montgomery Ltd?
Not unless you wish it. Generally we put buyers and sellers together but we are not
involved in the negotiations.

4) What happens if I have already been negotiating with a potential buyer?
Do I have to pay WG Montgomery Ltd. a finders fee?
No. If you have already been speaking with a potential buyer no finders fee would be
applicable as we did not bring the buyer to the table.

5) How would WG Montgomery Ltd. go about finding a buyer for our
We would first approach a number of potential buyers that we have worked with in
the past. In conjunction with this we would also put a description of your shop on the
site with an overview of your capabilities but not enough details to identify the shop.

6) As a potential buyer what if I don't see what I'm looking for on your site?
Please let us know what you are looking for and we'll see what we can do. We would
like to stress that we are aware of a few shops for sale which are not mentioned on
our site.

7) For more details about our commission structure please let us know using
our Feedback Form.

In Parting,

We always enjoy comments, feedback and constructive criticism. Thanks for your
feedback and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to visit us daily

Gord Montgomery,

W.G. Montgomery Limited

Phone: 905 822-4004 Fax: 905 403-0812


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