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                                                                                                Winter 2010~11

“Hamlet’s BlackBerry”                           velopment between persons. This Advent
                                                and Christmas let us be creative with
tHougHts for advent and cHristmas
                                                preserving our mental and emotional
I love reading a certain newspaper and          and thus our soul space. Can I suggest
its book review. One book caught my eye         we think about some of these questions
recently with this title. It is by William      at this time of year:
Powers. The sub title is “A practical phi-
losophy for building a good life in the         -       Do I need to send this email or
digital age”. It is a fabulous book and very    text or phone call?
thought provoking. It is a good book for        -       What about talking with the per-
this time of year too. It is a very spiritual   son “in person” instead?
book. At the core is an argument which
says life now is all about connection but       -      Do we think about the existing
we have forgotten how to disconnect.            email box of those we send email to and
Anyone who has seen the Social Network          how much is already there?
movie especially knows about the power
                                                -      Do we need to send all the emails
of connection! The writer of this book
                                                we do?
however says we need to learn how to be
disconnected and that disconnection is
equally important.
                                                -      Do we think about the tone of
                                                what we send and its length?                    CONTENTS
It has bothered me for some time that           -       Does email and phone use foster
many people seem so preoccupied with            a respect for people and their lives?       Hamlet’s Blackberry            1
technology, cell phones and computers
                                                -       Do we think about how the           Confirmation Olivia Brown 2
especially. The art of being focused and
respectful and giving people the benefit        person may be feeling in receipt of our     Confirmation preparation 2
of a non technologically interrupted eye        email or message and how might our          Parish Poetry Group            2
ball to eyeball conversation is becom-          email impact them?                          Little Portion Franciscans 2
ing a dying art. Ringing and buzzing of                                                     Danny Davison                  3
                                                -       Do we think about how a hand-
gadgets can be seen to be so often an
                                                written positive lovely and encouraging     Veterans Visit St John’s       3
intrusion robbing life of quality atten-
                                                letter/postcard can lift someone’s spirit   144th Annual Convention 4
tiveness. The desire to be connected is
                                                and touch them deeply?
out of control. The writer says that emails                                                 The Convention Logo            4
especially tap into our private space and       -       E cards are may be an excep-        58th Annual Country Fair 5
can crowd out and affect the life of the        tion rather than an alternative. Would
                                                                                            Fair Thank You Party           5
soul. Through technology the human              we rather have a home made card from
need for internal quietness, not being          someone than something across the in-       Thank you Father Michael 6
pre occupied and the desire for mental          ternet especially if made by young rela-    Thoughts From the Road 6
space and room for the soul to thrive, is       tives and the card dripping in glitter?     Harry Potter in Advent         7
attacked left right and center. He argues
                                                -        Do I need to use technology less   Godly Play                     7
that disconnecting from technology is of
equal importance to connecting.                 for my spiritual health? For my well be-    Christmas Music Program 8
                                                ing? Is it crowding out precious time and   Parish Hall Dinner Theater
Technology and connectedness are                making us too preoccupied?                  Resounding Hit!            8
gifts if under our intentional control
                                                -       Let us ask ourselves whether we     Christmas Card                 9
and thoughtful usage. They can ben-
efit people, churches and business of           are as vigilant with praying as we are      St. John’s Winter Schedule 9
course. These can all also have such            with using technology?                      Bobbe Maass                10
negative “soul consequences” in terms           -        Is technology helping our spiri-   St John’s Bids Farewell to
of impairing focus and how it can crowd         tual life and spiritual development or      Rev. Michael Sniffen       11
out precious time for soul development,         hindering it?                               Baptisms, etc.             12
personal creativity and relationship de-                               continued on p. 3
                                             winter 2010~2011 issue                                                               2
confirmation of olivia Brown                                  Fr. Simon, Oliva Brown (center), Bishop Larry, family and guests

confirmation PreParation                                            satisfied that they express a mature faith and are ready
                                                                    to be presented to the bishop, the priest will let the
at St. John’s begins during Lent as per the tradition               parents know of the next upcoming confirmation date
of the Ancient Church. Confirmands are expected to                  given by the Diocese of Long Island (Either October or
attend a service on Ash Wednesday and they will then                May, traditionally). Bishop Provenzano will now also be
be enrolled in Confirmation Preparation on the fol-                 celebrating confirmations in individual parishes, but it
lowing Sunday (the first Sunday in Lent). The age for               is unlikely that he will be at St. John’s of Lattingtown in
Confirmation in our Diocese has been lowered to 13,                 the next 18 months.
but remains at the discretion of the local priest. It is
more important that the confirmand be able to express               A schedule of confirmation preparation sessions will be
a mature faith than be of the exact age.                            available in the Spring prior to enrollment. Thanks very
                                                                    much for your interest in Confirmation Preparation at
When the priest who is preparing the confirmands is                 St. John’s of Lattingtown.

Watch the parish bulletin and website for details of                of the services held in the parish that day and young
a new bi-weekly weekday program beginning in the                    people’s confirmation preparation will continue until
New Year. For our younger members this will be part of              their confirmation itself. It is hoped that our new group
their on going confirmation preparation. In our parish              will act as a key group for those young people who
adults and young people will be enrolled together as                seek confirmation as well as those who want to belong
candidates for confirmation on Ash Wednesday at any                 to a lively youth group. S+

ParisH Poetry grouP & daniel scHnorBus                              little Portion friary franciscans

Fr. Simon, Vicki Fox, Elizabeth Henderson, Cecily Pennoyer, Fr.      Brother Max, Father Simon, Brother Richard Jonathan
Michael, Suzanne Dillenbeck, Daniel Schnorbus (facilitator)          Brother Max was recently a guest preacher.
                                         winter 2010~2011 issue                                                             3
 danny davison ~ rest in Peace
 The parish said farewell recently to faithful parishio-
 ner, friend and vestry person who died since our last
 Eagle publication. The Rector and Assistant Rector had
 the privilege of being alongside Danny and Katusha
 and the Davison family as Danny passed into God’s
 closer presence. Danny died peacefully and full of
 faith after his illness and in dying as in life he was an
 example of what it means to be a Christian. We will
 miss Danny and offer our condolences to Katusha
 and all the family. May our living and dying speak of
 the same love of God, spirituality and faithfulness of
 this most faithful servant of God and God’s Church.

Hamlet’s BlackBerry (cont’d)                                                                 Danny Davison circa 1980

-       Would we be better praying more and in silence          bad of technology. In the parish we have established
with God and spending less time on the computer firing          a Technology for Mission Development Group where
emails?                                                         we shall be putting technology to the service of God’s
                                                                mission here to enhance spirituality and connection. We
-       Is God sending us the equivalent of a spiritual         are not promoting salvation by technology but in the
email with a red exclamation mark saying URGENT:                service of the spiritual.
Spiritual development, soul development needed!
                                                                Barney the Golden retriever and I wish you from the
This Advent and Christmas I am going to be on a retreat         Rectory an Advent, Christmas and New Year that are good
and disconnect from as much technology as possible              and give space for soul things, nourishing things that
for the good of my soul and that of others. I shall use         help everyone of us to be more present, more thought-
it essentially and very sparingly. Jesus managed and            ful, more loving and more prayerful. Disconnection has
the disciples did and they were very effective commu-           spiritual value not only connection! Let’s value both and
nicators and community builders too. This will be my            show that we do!
spiritual discipline.
                                                                Happy Advent, Christmas & New Year from the Rectory
If you are a parishioner who does not like some of
technologies impact be encouraged and let us have a             Your friend and Rector
dialogue as parishioners and pilgrims on the good and

                                                                                 veterans visit st JoHn’s
                                                                                 Locust Valley veterans from the
                                                                                 American Legion, Howard Van Wagner
                                                                                 Post, #962, were part of a special
                                                                                 Veteran’s Day service recently at St
                                                                                 John’s of Lattingtown.
                                                                                 Commander Robert Snyder (retired)
                                                                                 said a few words in support of all vet-
                                                                                 erans and presented Rev Simon Foster
                                                                                 with a certificate of appreciation which
                                                                                 read “In recognition and sincere ap-
                                                                                 preciation of outstanding service and
                                                                                 assistance which contributed to the
                                                                                 advancement of The American Legion
                                                                                 programs and activities dedicated to
                                                                                 God and Country.”
 Father Simon, Roger Welden, Joe Rydzewski, RB Peelle, Past Commander Robert
 Snyder, Bill Wood, Father Michael
                                         winter 2010~2011 issue                                                             4
                                                                    Michael+, Bishop Larry and Simon+ at Convention
144tH annual diocesan convention
The 144th Convention of the Diocese of Long Island
took place on a fine weekend in November. I was the
lay delegate from your parish and I can report that “The
sun is shining high over the entire Diocese.”
  I was alone amongst hundreds of people since Father
Simon was a managing official on the dias and Father
Michael was a teller for the numerous votes required
to fill the positions for elective office. I wasn’t lonely,
just alone, which gave me the chance to observe, listen,
concentrate and communicate without distraction.
     Several practical and legal matters were addressed
and voted on. Although they are important to the              give them hope. Education is the great need to give
functioning of the Diocese, I won’t report on them. I         opportunity to live out of their impoverished isolated
found the spirituality filling the room much more in-         state. He will ordain a woman next year who has been
teresting...and important. I can report three incidents       asking for twenty years only to be rejected.They are
that may explain it. However there was an intangible          essentially forgotten, but they take to the Episcopal
element that can only be described as fresh air blowing       church and derive hope from it. I saw missionary work
through our diocese which, I think, I just can’t explain.     in a whole new light...helping people achieve the spiri-
You decide.                                                   tuality that they want.
    Our Diocese (all of Long Island) has “Companion              After addresses by the Honored Guests from the
Diocese Relationships.” Our last Companion Diocese            Companion Dioceses, Bishop Provenzano celebrated
Relationship has ended. Bishop Provenzano believes            the Eucharist and addressed us. He began by saying
that developing companion relations “across pro-                    this is a manifestation of his dream to be a pastor
vincial borders, as part of the process of                                of ONE diocese. Don’t think he’s sitting in
developing the cross-cultural nature of                                      a plush office in Garden City. He’s on us!
communion” is an “important part of our                                        His focus is on duty, stewardship and
mission strategy.” The idea is that we,                                          mission. He has, or will, visit all par-
from our position of relative safety                                              ishes (even one with only 12 families
and prosperity, share the knowledge                                                I’m told) who have not been visited.
of Christ to strengthen the people in
oppressed areas who seek the love                                                      His direction to all of us is to
of Christ, against all odds.                                                       act as missionaries to show some,
                                                                                   to introduce to others, the love of
    The first companion is the Diocese                                            Christ. If we do he promises that we
of Torit in the Sudan, represented by                                            will be proud of our mission. It won’t
it’s Bishop, accompanied by his wife in                                         be done with huge budgets, Bishops
a beautiful African dress. Bishop Oringa,                                     or complexity, or serving the needs of
in good English, asked us to pray for them.                               an antiquated structure, but with our love
In that war torn country they want to become                           of serving God’s people were we find them.
a separate nation so they can be free and peaceful.           Tithing is still in, yet it’s a truth that money always
How can they do that, be free and peaceful? It seems          follows mission.
that their best bet now is to use the energy within the
soul, to pray. The youth of Sudan, in Torit, are tired of         The Bishop gave us all pins saying: “One Diocese
war. The women rely on the Bible to fight the devil so        One God One Dominion One Mission.” With him we
there is peace. The sharing we can do is through the          are living together in the cause of Christ. So be it.
spirit, not our dollars. In strengthening them we will
                                                              JoAnn Browne, Parish Delegate
strengthen our selves. Nothing lost and a lot gained.
   The second new companion Diocese is that of Ecuador
Central. Bishop Luiz Ruiz, speaking through an inter-
preter, relayed that his Diocese has 21 parishes and 16
                                                              tHe convention logo
missions made up of indigenous people. He explained           Used on signage, book covers and pins, was created by
that years ago Peruvians and Columbians came as imi-          the Comittee of Dispatch on Business which our Rector
grants. They remain so, so poor; they have a very hard        chairs and designed and executed by parishioner
life. He believes that they need special pastoral care to     Duncan Naylor.
                                      winter 2010~2011 issue                                                               5
58tH annual country fair                                   “We’re all quite mad, you’ll fit right in.”
It was a perfect September day for the 58th annual St      Some of the younger girls dressed as Alice and, several
John’s Country Fair. People came out in record numbers     adults wore Mad Hatter hats and there was at least one
to partake of the various opportunities for family fun.    white rabbit. There was a parade of those dressed in
Several new booths were added this year, balloons, ice     character to the music from the Disney film. The music
cream, fudge and Spin Art tie dye T shirts, along with     of the day was provided by Master of Ceremonies, St
the traditional booths that have become                                 John’s Music Director, Eric Milnes.
part of the history of the fair. Parishioners
and the community came together to make                                 The Silent Auction, Cream of the Crop,
the fair a big success. For many years pa-                              Peddlers Market are very most popular
rishioners have worked hard for months                                  booths with adults, as is the Books tent
prior to the fair to create a memorable                                 which has grown over recent years to add
day.                                                                    CD’s DVD’s and vinyl records. Handmades
                                                                        has also grown to include Christmas items.
Rev Simon Foster, Rector of St John’s,                                  Children’s clothes, books and toys were
officially opened the fair at 10am with a                               plentiful as were Sporting Goods, Jewelry
prayer. Fair Chairperson Victoria Crosby                                and Furniture.
introduced Glen Cove High School sopho-
more Sabrina Ali who sang ‘America The                                  There were new children’s games in ad-
Beautiful.’ Later in the morning the Gordon                             dition to bouncy rides and a magic show
Highlanders paraded and played rousing                                  in the afternoon, with plenty of food at
bagpipes.                                                               breakfast and lunch allowed families to
                                                                        make it a whole day’s outing. The Drum
This year the church returned to the tra-                               Circle has become a very popular tradition,
dition of a story book theme of Alice in                                not only with children but adults too.
Wonderland, which was evident in the
large cut outs from the recent version of the film star-   Funds raised by the church fair help support out-
ring Johnny Depp, placed around the tents. Church          reach, and in the past have donated to the North Shore
volunteers wore Alice in Wonderland stickers that said     Sheltering Program and the Glen Cove Soup Kitchen
                                                           among others.

fair tHank you Party                                                                                Gerda Andersen
                                                                                                    receivng a plaque
A thank you cocktail party was held re-                                                             in recogniton of her
cently in the Parish Hall at St John’s of                                                           years of service as
                                                                                                    Chairperson of the
Lattingtown for the parishioners who had                                                            Silent Auctition.
helped to make the St John’s 58th annual
fall fair such a huge success. A DVD by
Barry Rivadue was playing, showing high-                                                                 Fair articles
lights of the fair.                                                                                      by Victoria
Chairperson of the Silent Auction, Gerda
Andersen, was honored for her many
years of dedication and tireless work. Rev
Simon Foster and Fair Chairperson Victoria                                                            Fair Preview
Crosby presented Gerda with a certificate                                                             Cocktail Party
of appreciation. The Silent Auction tra-
ditionally has the largest revenue of the
fair and this year made $30,000. In 2011
Gerda will step down as Chairperson, but
continue to work on fine jewelry and art.
Katherine Marshall will become the Silent
Auction Chairperson.
The fair gross income is $92,039. The
fair expense is $21,000. The net thus far
is $71,038. Victoria and Gerda as Vestry
members and Outreach Chairs have met
with Rev Foster to discuss the disburse-
ments of the funds, which will be further
discussed at Agape meetings.
                                      winter 2010~2011 issue                                                           6
tHank you fatHer micHael
On November 21st the parish family said goodbye to our
Assistant Rector Father Michael Sniffen after his three
and a half years among us. Bishop Frank Griswold was
with us that day too and we thanked God for Michael and
his gifts and ministry here and thanked God for Bishop
Frank’s ministry as Twenty Fifth Presiding Bishop of
The Episcopal Church. We also baptized Tucker Flaim,
son to Ben and Kate Flaim who had been married here.
We had a wonderful celebration morning with festive
refreshments to follow.
“Father Michael was the right assistant rector for the
right time in parish history and we have so benefited
from Michael’s skills as a preacher of the Gospel of love
and justice, as skilled teacher, for his youth ministry
oversight and as a pastor. We are all going to miss him
but wish him and Joanna his wife who we will also miss
much, a happy and grace filled time at St Luke and St
Matthew Brooklyn “ said Fr Simon our Rector.
“Thank you Fr Michael for the privilege of having you
here and for the blessing you have been to your rector
as colleague and friend and to so many. We assure you         Bishop Frank Griswold and Father Michael
of our prayers and look forward to visiting your new
parish and to welcoming you back at St. John’s.”            prayerfully discerning the way ahead in terms of the lay
                                                            and ordained ministerial shape for the future for the
Much work has gone on intentionally in planning for         parish’s on going continued growth and development
this transition to enable all ministries to continue that   under my leadership and as a place for mission, educa-
Fr Michael had oversight responsibility for. Fr Simon       tion and outreach.”
our Rector said “ I and the Bishop and our Vestry are

tHougHts from tHe road                                      healing? Is there a favorite pastime that you have not
                                                            enjoyed for too long? Now is the time to pay attention
It has been a pleasure to share thoughts and reflec-        to these things. As God moves closer to humanity in
tions on the seasons and my own faith journey in each       the incarnation, we are encouraged to participate in the
edition of the Eagle over these past 3 years. My articles   freedom and new life that Christ offers us. Preparing for
have been titled, “Thoughts from the Gatehouse.” Now        Christ’s arrival by rediscovering the blessings we have
that I have moved out of the Gatehouse and have not         packed away is a worthwhile exercise.
quite moved into the Rectory in Clinton Hill, it seems
appropriate to share some “thoughts from the road.”         As I continue to unpack boxes both literal and figura-
                                                            tive, I find myself so grateful for the people in my life
Moving is certainly a dramatic experience that requires     who have encouraged me to be faithful to God and to
a great deal of physical, emotional and spiritual energy.   myself on the pilgrim road. I thank all of you for the
Joanna and I have found this to be true! I find many        wonderful send off from St. John’s on November 21st.
connections between the experience of moving and the        The service and the reception were uplifting, empow-
season of Advent. Now that we are at the “unpacking”        ering and a sign that Christ is indeed moving among
stage here in Brooklyn, we are discovering things we        us even as we prepare to receive him more fully this
forgot we had and enjoying them all over again! Each        Christmas. Thank you for your generosity toward me
box seems to have a few surprises (most of them,            and Joanna in the parish leaving gift. We are so grateful
pleasant). We are putting many of our possessions to        to you. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the
new use and discovering where they might fit into our       palm of God’s hand.
new lives. During the season of Advent, we are invited
by the Church to unpack things we have not payed at-        Your partner in unpacking the Good News,
tention to in a while and discover how God is moving in
our lives in new ways. Is there a box somewhere in your     Michael+
internal life that you have not looked into for a while?
Is there a relationship you would like to spend time
                             winter 2010~2011 issue                                                        7

If you would like to volunteer to be part of the magic or bring a tasty treat for the pot luck on either
night please contact Kate at or at the office at 516.671.3226 ex15.

                                sunday scHool - godly Play
                                  Winter schedule is on the web
                                    winter 2010~2011 issue                                                            8

ParisH Hall dinner tHeater resounding Hit!                on to his next calling. The professional soloists and
                                                          full choir ensemble demonstrated, once again, what a
 One hundred and twenty people filled the Parish Hall     treasure we have at St. John’s, as these vocalists help
on November 7th as Eric Milnes and the choir of St.       lead our worship each Sunday morning.
John’s presented the inaugural program of “Music at
St. John’s” for this church year. A wonderful, home-      The responding consensus was, “MORE, MORE,
made Italian feast proceeded the musical presenta-        MORE!”
tion, as we crowded around tables to enjoy the deli-
cious offerings prepared by all members of the choir      So, the choir invites you to our next Music at St. John’s
and Mary Williams, Jan Hagner and Sue McFarlane.          event, again, in the Parish Hall, a Christmas Cabaret.
                                                          It will be a seasonal mix of Holiday refreshments,
Excerpts from Broadway shows spanning 5 decades           Christmas caroling, and of course, more musical de-
provided a delectable smorgasbord of musical treats.      lights from the choir, soloists, and Eric Milnes, our
                                                          director. Sunday, December 19th, 7:00 pm.
Highlights were Kathryn Harlow’s personally adapted
rendition of “All That Jazz”, Duncan Naylor’s swinging    A suggested donation of $20.00 makes it all pos-
take on “Mack the Knife,” Carla Beale charming all with   sible. Will you please join us? And do let the office
“I Feel Pretty” and Victoria Crosby’s moving perfor-      (671-3226) know you intend to come. It will help us
mance of “You Will Never Walk Alone.” A surprise solo     make the preparations which will insure a wonderful
singing debut at St. John’s came from The Reverend        Christmas fellowship opportunity for all!
Michael Sniffen, a memory we will cherish as he moves
                                            winter 2010~2011 issue                                                          9

                    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
       from the Rector, Eric, Karin, Mary, Kate, Duncan and Humberto

st. JoHn’s winter Program scHedule                              5th January for 8 weeks New Continuing Education
                                                                Program led by Rector . Title: Reflecting together about
dec. 12th Advent 3 – 8:00 & 10:30 service, the                  Unity: in scripture, in Church tradition, between the
Reverend Steve Pierce will be the guest preacher. The           denominations and faiths and between the human be-
Rev Steven D Pierce is Minister of Congregational               ings, the planet and all the creatures. Program begins
Care, Marble Collegiate Church, NYC                             at 10:15 through 11:30 each Wednesday for 8 weeks in
dec 18th    9am Greening of the Church                          the Rector’s office. Each Wednesday Morning Prayer will
            9am Vestry Meeting                                  be said at 9am and Eucharist at 9:30 in the Chapel. All
                                                                are welcome at these services as well as the program.
dec 19th    Advent 4 8am Eucharist
            9am Pancake Breakfast                               Jan 9th Baptism of Jesus Sunday at 8 and 10:30
            10:30 Lessons & Carols                              Guest preacher: The Rev. Dr. Cecily Broderick,
            7 PM Christmas Cabaret – music                      Vice President of Pastoral Care, Episcopal
            & hors d’ouevres in the Parish Hall                 Health Services, Diocese of Long Island.

dec 22nd Christmas Confessions 11thru 12                        Jan 13th 1pm Hutton House Lecture by Fr. Simon
or by appointment(day or evening)                               Jan 16th 9am Parish Breakfast and conversa-
dec. 24th 2:30 Christingle Workshop and pageant costuming       tion about the Bible with the Rector
           4:00 Christingle Service and Christmas Pageant for   Jan 17th Martin Luther King Jnr Day – de-
           young and young at heart                             tails to be announced.
           6:00 & 11:00 First Eucharist of Christmas
                                                                Jan 18th through 25th Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
dec 25th 8am Said Eucharist & 10am Eucharist
           with Carols for Christmas Day                        Jan 23rd Ecumenical Sunday (Christian Unity Sunday)
dec 26th 8 & 10:30 services as usual: Holy Family Sunday
January 2nd Epiphany Sunday and Prayers
for the New Year at 8am and 1030
                                         winter 2010~2011 issue                                                           10

Francis Greene Doerge being announted with oil at Holy                       BoB and BoBBe maass
                                                                 Bob and Bobbe Maass, most faithful parishio-
                                                                 ners and communicants are on the move to Port
                                                                 Washington around New Year so as very much
                                                                 loved and cared for parishioners we send them
                                                                 our best wishes, love and prayers. What faithful-
                                                                 ness! What hard workers for St John’s and the
                                                                 churches they have attended over the years. I and
                                                                 Fr Michael and the whole parish wish you happi-
                                                                 ness, joy, strength and peace as you move and
                                                                 look forward to you still being very much part of
                                                                 our church family Simon+
                                                                 The Amsterdam, Apartment 460,
                                                                 300 East Overlook, Port Washington NY 11050

 Edna Sykes, Home Communicant, at her 100th Birthday        Thomas “Tucker” Cranwell Flaim on Thanksgiving Sunday with
                                                            Mom & Dad, Ben and Kate Flaim, Father Michael, Bishop Frank
                                                            and Father Simon

                                                         Dear Rev.Michael,
                                                         We miss St. Johns! We miss you! We promise to attend
                                                         mass when we are able to spend Saturday evenings over
                                                         “Grandma” and “Grandpa’s” house.
                                                         We thank you once again for such a joyous Christening of
                                                         my daughter Sky Liang. Our friends and family members
                                                         could not say enough about how special your sermon was
                                                         and how connected & included they all felt as a result of
                                                         your words and sentiments.
                                                  We look forward to seeing you in the near future and con-
                                                  tinue the spiritual life that you initiated for our Sky. She
                                                  is happy to be a member of God’s family and our home
discussions and prayer and bible readings continue to fascinate and inspire her.
God bless you and yours. We look forward to seeing you at services! Love, Barbara Hadjiargyrou
                                     winter 2010~2011 issue                                                         11

                           st JoHn’s Bids farewell to rev. micHael sniffen
Rev. Michael Sniffen, who grew up in Bayville, and has been Assistant Rector at St John’s Episcopal Church of
Lattingtown for more than three years, is now the Priest-in-Charge at St Luke and St Matthew Episcopal Church
in Brooklyn. His last Sunday at St John’s, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, was a celebration of his ministry. The
Right Reverend Frank T. Griswold, former Presiding Bishop and former Bishop of Chicago, was visiting St John’s
that day, and gave the sermon. The Rector, Simon Foster, thanked Michael for his years as Assistant Rector and
his work in the parish, particularly with the Sunday school, his innovative programs and youthful enthusiasm.
Following the service Father Michael was presented with a gift from the church and a large cake was served
which said “Thanks Be to God.” Wardens of the Vestry Tom Gimbel and Carlyle Dunaway thanked Father Michael
for all he has brought to St John’s. by Victoria Crosby
                the newsletter of                             return service
            St. John’s of Lattingtown                         requested

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      Locust Valley, New York 11560

        phone     516.671.3226
           fax    516.671.6097
       web site
        The Rev. Simon Foster
              office hours
    Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
         Friday 9 a.m. - noon

If you would like to talk to the Rector about
anything, need priestly ministry or would
like to receive Holy Communion at home
or in hospital due to sickness, please call to
make an appointment.

                                                 tHe ministry team at st JoHn’s        ministers of music:
Francis Greene Doerge
                                                 a parish which seeks to live the
Reed McCormac Morris                                                                   Eric Milnes (Director) with choir
                                                 Baptismal Covenant (pg 304, Book of
Thomas “Tucker” Cranwell Flaim                                                         members.
                                                 Common Prayer)

                                                 ministers:                            administrative suPPort:
confirmation                                                                           Karin DeMario, Kate Scefonas,
                                                 Every congregant, parishioner and
Olivia Brown                                                                           Mary Syracuse, Duncan Naylor,
                                                 participant in parish life.
                                                                                       Humberto Marichal
                                                 assistants to tHe ministers:          ParisH leadersHiP team:
funerals & memorials
                                                 Diocesan Bishop -                     Father Simon Foster, Rector
Nancy Spinning Powers                            Lawrence ‘Larry’ Provenzano           Churchwardens and Vestry
Daniel Pomeroy Davison                           Rector - Simon Foster                 members: Tom Gimbel, Carlyle
Florence M “Bubs” Hoffman                                                              Dunaway, Gerda Andersen,
                                                                                       JoAnn Browne, Victoria Crosby,
                                                                                       Glenn Dorsey, Vicky Fox,
                                                                                       Nicole Engels, Jim Large, Peter
                                                                                       Marshall, Bob McLane, Liza
                                                                                       Picoli, Nancy Polk and Larry

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