The Cruise Ships Cometh by dfsdf224s


									No. 5                                                                                              Summer Issue - July 2000
                                      The Cruise Ships Cometh
Long-awaited cruceros bring kneesocks, camcorders and dollars to Nicaragua. Who
                     benefits? Depends on whom you ask.
                                                                                                        Jean Walsh (PCV Rivas)
                                                                            Originally printed in ¡Va Pué! March-May 2000 Issue
     They looked as out of place as the     couple didn’t appreciate or even realize     spectacle parked in tiny San Juan bay.
cruise ship they rode in on, the first      they were in virgin territory here in what   She mocked all the beat-up launchas and
passengers I spotted. Pale and pasty from   is referred to as a “new destination” in     pangas with her titanic 53,000 tons. The
the Northern winter in their matching       shipspeak. I wanted to tell them, “This is   Empresa Portuaria National had spent
Panama Cana visors and apanking white       Doña Salvadora. She may not have seen        $100,000      on     port    infrastructure
Keds, this new wave of tourists are a       a man and woman from Missoula                improvements in order to bring in the
breed you don’t usually run into in San     before.”     When I was in Hawaii I          ships. The alcaldia had installed public
Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. A far cry from     remember thinking the cheery “aloha” we      telephones and repainted town landmarks
the tan and shirtless surfer dudes or the   were greated with at every turn seemed       and the Instituto de Turismo had given
backpackers on the Central America-on-      phony, a ploy to get vacationers in the      free technical English capacitationes to
a-Shoestring circuit, this khaki-clad       mood to spend money, a mutated               local waiters and organized a street fair.
couple looked like senior citizens          “welcome to Bennigan’s.” In San Juan,        After months of preparations, the chisme
strolling through an “It’s A Poor World”    however, this is the real deal. For now.     had indeed become reality
exhibit at Disney Land.                          I had ridden my mountain bike down           On cruise ship days you can see bus
     When they reached the artesanía        the dusty back roads from Rivas to San       after big tour bus hauling down the Pan
tables, I amusedly watched them obiously    Juan to witness the highly touted arrival    American towards either Granada, the
attempting to bargain with humble           of the very first crucero to Nicaragua.      market and volcano of Masaya, or a
Nicaraguans who hoped their quasi-          Rumors had been flying around town           coffee plantation in Jinotepe. On board,
English responses somhow matched the        since last August that cruise ships were     passengers can purchase one of four
questions posed. I got the impression the   coming, but I must admit I was as            different bus trips ranging in price from
                                            skeptical as I was excited. How could ill-   US $39 to $92 from Nicaraguan-owned
      Highlights Inside                     equipped San Juan possibly compare           Careli Tours.       Of 1,192 passengers
                                            with the ship’s other glittering             aboard a recent ship, 634 were bused
                                            destinations – Aruba, the Panama Canal       away, much to the chagrin of many San
   Web Site Update             2            and Costa Rica? What would someone           Juaneños. Of the remaining passengers,
   Crisis Corps Nicaragua      3            who paid thousands of dollars for ten        some choose to stay on the ship, others
   Executive Board Report      4            days aboard a luxury ocean liner think of    straggle off and spend the day in port.
                                            the borrachos along the pier, the terrible        For a few blocks along the main drag
   NPCA Page                   5
                                            restaurant service, the fact that no one     tents are set up offering traditional
   Public Health Visit to Cuba 5            speaks English? Would the heavy hand         Nicaraguan artesania: hammocks and
   How you can help Refugees 6              of “progress” transform sleepy San Juan      guayaberas from Masaya, ceramics from
   Under the Mango Tree        7            into yet another tourist machine with        San Juan de Oriente and Jinotepe, and art
                                            franchise restaurants and overpriced         from Managua and Diramba. Cigars,
   Trail Behind Me             7            hotels like so much of the rest of the       coffee, and Flor de Cana rum also make
   Hard Work Holidays          8            world And perhaps most importantly,          an appearance, in addition to the street
   A Difficult Question        9            would such development be good or a          kids hawking cashews and swewets. The
   Missing RPCV & Friends 11                bad thing for Nicaragua?                     atmosphere is relaxed and festive, with
                                                 But as I rounded the ben on that        dance       performances,       chicheros,
   RPCV News Events           11            sunny February morning a big smile
   Renewal Form               12            came to my lips.          The cruise ship             (Cruise Ships Cont’d on page 3)
                                            MAASDAM was certainly an impressive
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Page 3                                                 ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                  Summer Issue - July 2000

         (Cruise Ships Cont’d from page 1)

mariachis      and     marimbas     palying   culture, to discover uncharted lands, or to    spots unspoiled so we’ll have quaint
intermittently. Bicycle rickshaws that fit    “rough it.” They don’t owe Nicaragua           places to come visit. The truth is that if
two passengers shuttle up and down the        any favors. Their culture has conditioned      they were to put a McDonald’s in San
street, (charging an ambigous “cinco”         them to demand good service and high           Juan, we’d all probably be bitching about
which turns out to be dollars for those       quality, just like at home anywhere in the     the degradation of the town over a Big
who don’t know any better and cords for       world. And Ricardo’s has followed what         Mac, fries and a Coke.
those that do.)                               seems to be that ridiculously simple                That vision, as welcoming or
     But the landscape of the fair has        recipe for success; menus in English,          frightening as it may be to you, may not
already changed.          Some of the         good atmosphere (no florescent luz),           be so far off. The jaded cruise ship
Nicaraguan vendors have dropped off and       great music, and a place to check e-mail       staffers make jokes about the idential
there are more foreigners now. The last       - and they take MasterCard. The truth is       shopping malls that lie on the banks of
time the ship came in there was a family      that even if the cruise directors didn’t       foreign shores. And it was they, who’ve
from Antigua, Guatemala, some French          suggest Ricardo’s, passengers would            seen it all before, who offered the most
people selling South American jewelry,        discover it on their own.                      telling comment about the fate of this
as well as a few dreadlocked vagabonds              So then who makes out in this whole      charmingly shabby little fishing village.
who set up a blanket to peddle jewelry.       crucero deal? Each ship, according to               “Just wait,” they said, ominously.
“Prices have doubled and tripled since we     Raul Calvet, representative of Careli          “You’ll see…”u
first came here,” said the ship’s Art         Tours, should generate an estimated
Director, Bruce. People like you to come      $205,000 for the country; $5,000 to the        Crisis Corps Nicaragua
down and try to get them to up their          port and $200,000 spent on tours and
prices and exploit the tourists,” he half-    other purchases. In San Juan, the only               June 9, 2000
joked, holding an intricately carved          businesses that seem to be benefiting are                   Mark Lewis (RPCV ‘93-’95)
jicaro gourd priced at five dollars. “Just    foreign-owned. But you could argue that                       Crisis Corps Coordinator
in the past two months we’ve noticed that     if Ricardo’s does well, he’ll hire more                        Peace Corps Nicaragua
the kids have become more aggressive “        cooks and waiters, get more fish from the         
commented a hairdresser on the ship. I        fishermen, buy more vegetables, and
did see one older woman shriek in fear        everyone will eventually make out.                  Most of you are aware that Crisis
and surprise when a dirty child in            Theoretically, the wealth will “Trickle        Corps was formed to help countries in
chinelas approached her with some             down.” But is that good enough?                Hurricane Mitch reconstruction and
pottery.                                            Or is that the only possible way?        recovery efforts.         Crisis Corps is
     Later in the afternoon I found myself    Visible evidence is all around that the        expanding it’s presence to assist other
at Ricardo’s Bar, sipping an overpriced       Nicaraguan government is healvily              countries in “Crisis” situations, like
Tona and chatting with members of the         promoting turismo.         Many consider       flooded areas of Venezuela and certain
cruise ship staff. The Nicaraguan-owned       Nicaragua to be the next big vacation          African countries in the refugee or
restaruants along the strip were palmado      spot of Central America, looking to Costa      resettlement camps.
as usual, but this afternoon Ricarado’s       Rica as an example, “to quote fellow                Its been almo st 19 months since
was packed. “Oh, they told us to come         PCV Bob deRosset, “is that there are no        Hurricane Mitch struck and we have done
here,” said one woman from New York,          Costa Ricans there.” It seems like every       a lot, but there is still much work to be
referring to the speech given by the          decent establishment is owned by               done, not just in reconstruction, but in
Director of Ports and Activities. Before      Americans,        Germans,       Canadians,    preparing communities for the next
debarking,      passengers      attend    a   Italians, all expats looking to make a         natural disaster. We are requesting Crisis
presentation in which they are given          buck. And imagining San Juan’s growth          Corps Volunteers (CCVs) to help
warnings to not drink the water or give       potential in the next five or ten years has    communities       in    preparations    and
money to the street children because they     gotten me brainstorming ideas for              planning      for    volcanic     eruptions,
should be in school. The vacationers are      businesses I could open after Peace            land/mud slides, earthquakes and even
also supplied with a map of the town          Corps. For a moment I feel guilty to be        another Mitch type of hurricane. There
complete with x’s next to the Nicaraguan      yet      another extranjero       exploiting   are other agencies doing reconstruction
Land Company and Ricardo’s Bar.               Nicaragua, but then I consider the             work in Nicaragua who are funded until
     As a Peace Corps Small Business          alternatives. It’s nt that foreigners would    the end of 2001, but Crisis Corps
volunteer working with several clients in     be stealing jobs away from Nicaraguans,        Nicaragua will begin scaling back it’s
the area, I couldn’t help but feel a bit      rather, they would be crteating                activities this September/October. So, if
gypped that the ship’s cruise director        employment that would otherwise not            any of you-all are interested you have
would endorse a European-owned                exist.                                         make your intentions known to Crisis
establishment. Couldn’t the guy help out            I could not find a single Nicaraguan     Corps Washington.          Or contact me
some of the local places? But then I          who thought the arrival of the cruise          regarding specific assignments that might
realized; why would he do that? Clearly,      ships and the development that would
most cruise shippers do not come to           follow might ruin the country in any way.
Nicaragua on a mission to “make a             But that foresight is a luxury of the
difference,” to immerse themselves in the     developed world. We want to keep these                  (Crisis Corps Cont’d on page 10)
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If necessary, ties shall be decided by a public toss of a coin by      Amigos de Nicaragua bank account. This person will also be
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                                                The NPCA Page
     Upgraded Website                         "What We Do For Our                        that will incorporate the music, dance,
                                                                                         and art and rich traditions of the countries
                         Gigi Felix               Country?"                              in which Peace Corps served for over
           NPCA Membership Director              Since the Peace Corps was               four decades.
               established in 1961, over 155,000                 September 2001: NPCA will bring
                                            Americans have served as Peace Corps         together the Returned Peace Corps
     Check Out Our Upgraded Website at      Volunteers in 134 countries speaking         Volunteer Community for a national The NPCA is upgrading         over 300 languages and dialects.             conference      in    Washington,      DC.
and redesigning the entire website to       Returned Peace Corps Volunteers              Attendees will bring themselves up to
make it more useful for you. We will        continue to redefine the meaning of          date on the countries where they served,
inform you of the enhancements as they      community responsibility through the         look ahead to new NPCA programs in
come along, but if you visit us on-line,    scope and impact of their volunteer          international and domestic voluntary
you will find that you can now do the       services. Through the National Peace         service, examine the nature of current
following through secure transaction        Corps Association's more than 130-           American engagement abroad, and
using your credit card:                     affiliated groups across the country,        participate in memorial services to honor
  • Join the NPCA                           members           regularly        support   those volunteers who died in service.
  • Renew Membership                        environmental and social service projects
  • Make a Contribution to the NPCA         such as food banks and river cleanup.        Annual General Meeting
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  • Subscribe to WorldView or               cultures and countries in presentations to        The NPCA will hold its annual
       Hotline                              thousands of school classrooms and           general meeting at the Shawnee Inn, a
  • Join Global TeachNet                    community groups.           They conduct     historic resort at Shawnee-on-Delaware
                                            fundraising efforts to provide support to    from Friday, August 11 through Sunday,
You can now also visit us on-line and:      micro-enterprise      and      sustainable   August 13. The leaders of the more than
                                                                                         130 affiliated groups of returned Peace
 • Update your Individual Records           development abroad.
                                                                                         Corps volunteers and other interested
 • Update Group Leader Information               To honor the vision and legacy of
                                                                                         NPCA members will attend the annual
 • Purchase the Hospitality Network         our founder, President John F. Kennedy,
                                                                                         meeting to consider new p     roposals for
      Directory or Register to be a Host    the National Peace Corps Association is
                                            leading the plans for the 40th celebration   presentation to the NPCA board of
 • Shop from your Favorite Stores                                                        directors.     Some leadership-building
      while Supporting the NPCA             of the Peace Corps through activities,
                                            events and a national conference. The        workshops and social and recreational
                                            events will showcase the past, current       activities will be scheduled during the
There will be a new look to the web site                                                 weekend, and the board of directors will
with many more changes to come, so take     and future spirit of service of the Peace
                                            Corps community.         The three main      meet on Sunday.
a peek to see the following new                                                               Reservations and details about events
highlights soon:                            components of the 40th Anniversary will
                                            include Volunteer Day in March of 2001       will be available on the NPCA web site at
  • Regular RPCV Feature Stories                                                u
  • Ongoing NPCA and Affiliate              (March is when the executive order to
       Group News                           establish the Peace Corps was signed), a
  • Affiliate Group Directory               gala at the Kennedy Center in May of              Public Health Visit
                                            2001 (May 29 is the birthday of John F.                to Cuba
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       affiliate groups)                                                                      The      National    Peace     Corps
                                            conference in September 2001.
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                                                 March 2001: NPCA will kick off the
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  • Frequently Asked Questions              and programs in their own communities        public health.      We are looking for
       (FAQs)                               across the country during the first week     Spanish-speakers,      preferably    with
                                            of the month. Volunteer Day will be a        experience in Latin America. It will
     Visit us at today to      clear demonstration that Americans who       focus on exchanges with Cubans working
see what you are missing!                   served as Peace Corps Volunteers             in the public health field. Visits are
     We are very grateful for the in-kind   continue to serve their communities when     planned to a variety of Cuban public
support from Schoolyard for making this     they return home.                            health facilities. The visit should be a
all possible. u                                                                          good opportunity to learn about the
                                                 May 2001: NPCA will honor the           achievements and problems of the Cuban
                                            vision and legacy of our founder with a
                                            gala celebration at the Kennedy Center                         (Cuba Cont’d on page 6)
Page 6                                                   ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                   Summer Issue - July 2000

     How you can help                           3153,                    migrant professional program. Call 212-
                                                     Episcopal     Migration     Ministries     425-5051.
        refugees                                (                         U.S. Catholic Conference, Migration
      Anne Costello (RPCV Cape Verde)           resettles refugees for the Episcopal            and      Refugee       Services       (www.
     Every year more than 70,000 men,           Church in the U.S. A coordinators      resettles an estimated
women and children must leave their             directory on their website contains             25 percent of all refugees through a
homes and start over again in the United        detailed contact information for 41             network of 100 diocesan refugee
States. Returned Peace Corps volunteers         resettlement     programs,      by     state,   resettlement offices, most of which are
have not suffered from war, famine,             coordinator, address, phone and e      -mail.   Catholic Charities agencies. To receive
flooding, or the threats against life that      Also contact Frances Tinsley, placement         information about any of their local
drive many of the world=92s displaced to        and processing manager at 800-334-7626          programs contact Holly Herrera at 202
come to here, but like refugees we              at the New York headquarters for                541 3341 or
needed to quickly develop effective             referral.                                            World         Relief       Corporation
cross-cultural    communication       skills.        Ethiopian Community Development            (       is   the    relief   and
Many of us have worked in refugee-              Corporation      (www.ECDCinternational.        development arm of the National
sending or receiving countries and              org) is a community-based voluntary             Association of Evangeli-cals, and has 25
possess the knowledge of culture and            agency serving refugees of all ethnicities,     local affiliates. Click on U.S. Ministries
language that can help many of these            with headquarters and an affiliate in           and the office finder for names,
refugees.                                       Arlington, Virginia and affiliates in San       addresses, phone, fax and e-mail, or
     Refugee resettlement in the United         Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, and                write:            914-268-4135           or
States is carried out by a network of           Chicago. The Refugee Resettlement link u
national social welfare and international       on their homepage lists affiliates’
relief and development volunteer                addresses, phone and fax numbers. Call
agencies through cooperative agreement          or e-mail Kelly Ferguson, volunteer
with the State and Justice departments.         coordinator,        at        703-685-0510
These      agencies’    local      affiliates   (
throughout the nation provide core                   Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
services for refugees during the first three    ( resettles former Soviet
months after arrival. Some of these             Jews through locally independent Jewish
agency offices operate with volunteer           community centers. Make a donation to
staff. Many agencies need volunteers to         HIAS in New York, or visit the Jewish                           (Cuba Cont’d from page 5)
collect and manage furniture donations,         Community       Centers     of      America
                                                (          for        volunteer    public health system.          (The Cuban
tutor in English as a second language, or
                                                opportunities.                                  Government takes particular pride in the
help find jobs.
                                                     Immigrant and Refugee Services of          delivery of health services to its
     Most of all, refugees need our quiet
                                                America        (         in   population.)
commitment to become involved in their
                                                Washington, D.C., operates a strong                  In 1999 NPCA worked with The
welfare, the assurance that we can ease
                                                advocacy program (U.S. Committee for            Friendship Force to arrange a successful
the traumatic transition from home to a
                                                Refugees) and resettles refugees in 29          visit to Iran of RPCVs who had served in
foreign country. Your involvement in the
                                                local programs. Contact Shelley Preston         that country. Friendship Force is one of a
life of a refugee is as potentially life-
                                                202-347-3507 or          number of American non-government
changing as was your Peace Corps
                                                to learn how to help.                           organizations      authorized     by     the
                                                     International Rescue Committee             Department of State to undertake
     Your country-of-service group may
                                                ( has 16 affiliates as        programs in Cuba and has already
choose to become involved in helping
                                                well as refugee relief operations overseas.     arranged several group visits to that
refugees who have sought asylum, but
                                                Their homepage Resettlement Programs            country. The trips to Iran and Cuba are
individual     returned    Peace      Corps
                                                link has local e  -mail as well as website      part of the new NPCA program thrust in
volunteers       can     contact       these
                                                addresses.                                      bridge-building to societies where
organizations directly.     Here are 10
                                                     Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee             government-to-government relations are
national voluntary agencies that resettle
                                                Services ( has 42 local            strained but important possibilities exist
refugees.     Contact one any of the
                                                programs, is run by a coalition of              for improving people-to-people ties.
                                                Lutheran churches in the U.S., and is                If you are interested in signing up for
     Church World Service (
                                                based in Baltimore. Their homepage              this trip, please send an e-mail addressed operates immigration
                                                Affiliate Office link provides contact          to both Pat Taylor, Trip Director, at
and refugee programs for the National
                                                name, phone and fax or e-mail.        ,         AND        Melissa
Council of the Churches of Christ. Their
                                                     New York Association for New               Mendonca, Trip Asst. Director, at
homepage links to a detailed list, by state,
                                                Americans (www.nyana. org) is the only
contact person, address, phone, fax and e-
                                                geographically-specific        resettlement     Exact costs of the trip have not yet been
mail of 44 local resettlement programs.
                                                program.      Their website Volunteering        established, but that information should
For more information, contact Jennifer
                                                link provides information about the             be available shortly. u
Graber, information officer (212-870-
Page 7                                                   ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                  Summer Issue - July 2000

         From Under the Mango Tree                                                    The Trail Behind Me
                                    Randy Wood (RPCV 98-00)                                    Martha McKee (PCV, Somoto, Madriz)
                                                         Originally printed in Va Pue! July-August 2000 Issue
Managua, Nicaragua                                                           Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, swimming
     Not a day goes by that I don‚t wake up happy to be back in        in a cold sweat wondering – what am I doing here? My projects
Nicaragua. The day starts at 5:30AM, when the tropical sun             such. The ants eat everything. I am totally useless. Although
filters in through the Scarlet Hibiscus and the air begins to          within a matter of minutes, I fall back asleep escaping to the
warm. There‚s no sense in trying to sleep in because by 6:00           comforts of my dreamland.
even the cotton sheets have lost their coolness, and the humidity            Usually, the chickens wake me up by five am, if I am not
has begun to creep in. Time for coffee picked from the slopes of       woken first by my neighbor singing rancheros sad enough to
Mt. Fraile with cream from the dairies alongside Lake                  make anyone stay in bed. By five-thirty am the tortillas are
Cocibolca.                                                             being punded away and I can non longer hide beneath my net.
     The rhythm of the Nicaraguan morning here in the capital          So, six am I am up to greet my Nicaraguan world.
city is different from the mornings I remember in the small                  The rain has brought me great relief. The smell, the
communities of the North. Gone is the soft slap-slap of strong         emergence of nature. I never realized the wealth of rain, or for
campesina hands forming the fresh tortillas and the crackle of         that matter water. Having to haul my water from the pozo down
the firewood in the kitchen. Gone too is the familiar sound of         the hill makes me appreciate ever last drop.
the little girls I lived with, Kenia and Marillita, fumbling to get          The day before the first rain, I was collecting caña with
ready for school, long hair still wet from bathing by the river,       some school girls to finish off as fence for our huerto. There we
Marillita hoping if she can‚t find her notebook that she can stay      were – only four of us in total – walking through the field,
home and play. Gone is the sleek Œzing‚ of machetes being              talking and laughing (usually at me) when all of a sudden in the
drawn from the rack and sharpened for a day in the fields.             corner of the field appeared a mini-tornado, twirling around,
Instead it‚s the phone call to the motor pool to arrange a car and     high and low, making the caña dance magically in the air. We
driver, and breakfast under the shade of the mango tree. Warm          look at each other, sharing an urgency to run away but cemented
toast with butter and guava jelly, and the news on the transistor      in its beauty. The winds quickly disappeared, though leaving the
radio: the president has revoked the citizenship of one political      sky to rain caña over our heads. All we could do is laugh as we
rival, the bus syndicates are threatening to strike if they aren‚t     ran to tell the others. My first Nicaraguan rain dance! After all,
allowed to increase fares even a little, gas prices are up again       it rained the next day.
and no-one knows where the profits are going. Better to turn the             Days pass rapidly and as time goes on, I am becoming more
radio off and think about the mangos.                                  of a farmer. I have planted trees, café, hortalizas, and now even
     Firm and green going to purple, they’re bigger than my fist       soya. Yet even as I feel one step behind. For who knows if
and dropping with thuds onto the soft grass. I pick some up to         what I am doing here is making any difference. Philosophies
eat later in the day, and let the ants have their share of the rest.   and realities of development surely give me a headache. No
They burrow into them and eat from the inside out, finally             doubt I often think of my wonderful family and friends that I left
abandoning the shell. The last marañones, too, fell with the last      behind in the United States. Even still, this is my life right now
days of May and their seeds - cashews- are being roasted over          and I cannot imagine leaving. I ponder what I will be doing in
slow fires all over the countryside.                                   20 years. Who has any idea? But the people here my goodness,
     The rainy season started thunderously the second week in          what a tough life agriculture is.
May, and there’s a tropical downpour three out of five days soon             Day in and day out experiences pass that make me
after lunch. Even in the dusty north of Nicaragua, where               appreciate life in general. One day I was walking home with a
farming is so precariously dependent on regular rainfall, the          young chavalo. We had just finished making a tree vivero with
rains have been soaking the earth, and there‚s hope for a good         my women’s and children’s group. He was carrying my bag as I
year of corn. Here in Managua, rain just means endless fender-         had the sifter screen balanced on my head. I asked if his mom
benders in the already tortuous traffic, and washed out streets in     was at the house… thinking that maybe I would stop in for a
the poorer neighborhoods where homes are made of scrap                 visit.
corrugated steel and the roads aren’t paved. The rain falls                  He said that she had a meeting in San Lucas but that she was
during an hour or two, and torrents of water course down the           home now. “Oh,” I said, “ Was the reunion earlier in the day?”
polluted streets of Managua towards the shores of Lake                       “No,” he replied. “I see her shoe prints here. She probably
Managua. From my office window in the hills overlooking the            just returned.”
city though, the pollution is unnoticeable. Instead, Managua is a            It took a second to register. Her shoe prints? I thought for a
snarl of red-tiled roofs and coconut palms and the broad               second and looked at the road. Here we were on a dirt trail and
canopies of the Genícero trees, and Lake Managua stretches             he saw her shoe prints among all the others.
majestically north under the shadow of the twin volcanoes                    “Look,” he said, pointing to my shoe prints from hours
Momotombo and Momotombito.                                             earlier waling in the other direction, “There are yours.”
     I’m neither the first to fall to Nicaragua’s charms, nor the            “What!” I said in disbelief. But upon closed inspection, I
first who finds himself unable to evoke what it is about this          realized that sure enough they were my shoe prints. Prints until
place that makes it so inescapable. I’ll give it a try though, once    this point I never even cared about noticing. I looked at him in
in a while, from here under the shade of the Mango tree. u             amazement and he smiled innocently.
                                                                             Life passes, I thought, and we are all leaving footprints. Do
                                                                       we notice them or just keep on walking? u
Page 8                                                  ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                 Summer Issue - July 2000

   Regional Gatherings                              Hard Work Holidays                              In 30 Seconds…
Washington, DC:                                      These sites appeared in a Newsweek          The following is a nice way to spend
      This meeting was planned and took         article regarding using your vacations for   30 seconds on the web...a way to donate
                                                volunteerism. Anyone ever tried them?        food/forest without even opening your
place in DC back in March 2001. While
the meeting went well for a first effort,       Please     send    us    your     thoughts   wallet.
meeting planners, Andrew Middleton and          ( and we will    
                                                report on them in the next issue:      
Lisa Mueller plan to hold another one.
Please contact them if you are interested   – Action Without
in attending.                                   Borders, Inc., New York, NY 212-843-              1. Go to these two sites and click on
                                                3973                                         the button marked "donate free food" or
      Several issues came up during the
meeting that we would like your input on    – Transitions     "donate free land"
addressing:                                     Abroad, Amherst, MA 800-293-0373                  The advertisers whose names you
                                                     –   will then see have donated free food or
• Start a monthly happy hour (starting in
                                                International     Volunteer       Programs   land in exchange for having you see their
   April) and have it at the same day/time
                                                Association, 510-293-9206                    banners.
   each month (anyone interested in
                                            – International Medical             2. Appreciate these advertisers.
                                                Volunteers Association, Woodville, MA,            3. Come back frequently. (You can
• Resend the mission statement out to
                                                508-435-7377 u                               donate once a day.)
   the membership and possibly to our
                                                                                                  Save the site in your "favorites" list,
   entire mailing list, with a membership
                                                                                             by clicking on "Favorites" on your menu.
   pitch (it’s on our new website – check
                                                                                             (Add to Favorites)
   it out)
• A flyer explaining who we are and how
                                                                                             Click on some of the advertisers
   to contact us, should be created and                                                      sometimes to see what they have to offer.
   sent to Madlyn W in Nicaragua for all                                                     NOVICA is my personal favorite.
   COSing volunteers (one is in
                                                                                             Beautiful stuff from around the world. u
• A BBQ should be held this summer
   for 70's volunteers in particular, so that                                                          New Newsletter
   we can draw them into the group more.                                                                Masthead!
• A list of advocacy issues should be
                                                                                                 Thanks go out to Randy Wood
   drawn up and presented via an
                                                                                             (RPCV 98-00) for taking the time to
   "Intranet"     message      board      for                                                design out totally cool new newsletter
                                                                                             masthead! I hope you enjoy it as we
                                                                                             continue to work on turning this into a
Massachusetts:                                                                               bona fide newsletter.u
     This gathering was set-up at RPCV
Dan Burke’s house in Northampton, MA.
Back in June 2000. We are still working
on the best mix to gain more participation
but this was a great effort. Everyone had
a wonderful time and in addition to
RPCVs we met people from other groups
in Massachusetts that are involved with
                                                                   Adapted from “Dust”
Nicaragua.                                                                                                            By Yael Dyan

New York City area:                                           It would be dishonest to pretend that
     This gathering was planned around                 I went because
the free New York Philharmonic Concert                 I wanted to turn the desert into a garden
given in Central Park each summer.                            or to realize dreams that were thousands of years old
Unfortunately it was rained out, so we                 I went because it was different, because
will be looking for a new location and
date in the near future.
                                                       I wanted to go, because it was a road
                                                              that might have an end.
Other Locals:                                          I knew I would not stay forever;
     Anyone interested in hosting or                   I never thought of tying my future to this newness;
helping to host a regional gathering of                I knew I would take the road back one day,
Nica RPCVs, please contact one of the                         But perhaps carrying with me a particle
board members. We would love your                             of the night’s silence,
assistance!                                                   or the day’s honesty.
Page 9                                                  ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                  Summer Issue - July 2000
         (Crisis Corps Cont’d from page 5)     meet with and interview representatives
be in the works. But this is a limited time
                                                                                                 A Difficult Question
                                               of various NGOs doing Hurricane Mitch
offer, obviously first come first served       related projects to determine if they have               Robert deRossel (PCV Leon)
and there may not be another opportunity       human resource needs that can’t be met                   Originally printed in ¡Va Pué!
like it in the near future.                    due to lack of local skills or limited                       June-August 2000 Issue
     On the personal side, my good             funding. If it looks like I can offer               One of our Newsweek magazines
fortune i being selected as the Crisis         something      I    submit     a   Position   featured an article about the lobbying
Corps Coordinator for Nicaragua has            Description to the Crisis Corps staff in      efforts of U2’s Bono to obtain debt-
been an opportunity of a life-time (so far;    DC who pull-out all the stops to identify     forgiveness for third-world countries.
like my Peace Corps assignment was). It        and recruit a qualified RPCV candidate.       The article (which probably should have
is interesting being on this side of the            At first, I started approaching the      been published in People) had a great
Peace Corps fence. I came into this            larger NGOs who had the name                  quote. Bono mentions how he was
assignment with a PCV mindset. I was           recognition (some of whom I donated           impressed by the politicians he met while
constantly reminded by the PC Nica Staff       dollars to in the US). I was thinking I       lobbying. “They deal with the possible,”
that I was not a volunteer anymore and         knew these organizations and they would       says Bono, explaining his impressions of
needed to dress and act accordingly. In        have the resources to get things done in a    the likes of Bill Clinton, the Pope, and
my “APCD like” attire I was still taking       big way and require many CCVs …               Tony Blair, “unfortunately, not much is
rutas/buses around Managua (now                make my job easy. Yes, they do have           possible.”
considered off-limits to PCVs), even to        access to resources and get things done in          That sentiment applies to us at Peace
and from the bank. I have never been           a grand way, but sometimes they miss the      Corps as much as to the pantheon of the
robbed on a bus, but last January              smaller target(s). Also, trying to offer      world leaders. I live in Leon, the second
witnessed a robbery and thus the reality       something “free” to a well-funded             largest city in Nicaragua, and a longtime
of my situation was firmly planted.            organization is like trying to offer water    Peace Corps site. If you wanted to take
     I have a nice little office (the old      to a fish in Lake Nicaragua. I gravitated     you on a tour of Peace Corps past, I
bodega) and have access to those nice          to helping the smaller organizations          would be able to show you the following:
new Peace Corps vehicles for my work in        whose attitude is, anything or anyone you     a small incomprehensible mural on a
“checking-up” on the Volunteers. All           can give us will help. They have given        school walk; a place where some trees
that APCD stuff goes to my head                me the immediate and gratifying feed-         were planted, then later left to die or be
sometimes, but I try to keep the balance.      back that we/Crisis Corps are doing good      stolen; and a “nature” park filled with
Peace Corps provided me a basic casita         and making a positive impact even in our      trash and starving animals. All these
(near Tica Bus and the hospedajes where        short-term, “just do it” assignments.         started off as an exercise in the possible,
Volunteers hang-out) within walking                 I’m sorry that Hurricane Mitch           and now stand testament to the limits of
distance to the PC office. I don’t have a      happened at all and especially to             our effectiveness here.
TV and still do my own laundry (except         Nicaragua, which was, and is still,                 At no point in training was I told that
for the collared shirts that need              dealing with enormous problems with           because of the efforts of Peace Corps
professional pressing). But now that my        limited resources. In spite of the negative   Nicaragua, that x% of campesinos now
Nica friends know that I have a “better”       circumstance, I’m glad to be back here        wash their hands after going to the
job (the pressed shirts and driving the        helping in this Crisis Corps role. There      latrine, that a greater number of
new PC vehicles gave me away) the              will always be a need here and through        Nicaraguans use compost or practice land
requests for loans, employment and visa        Amigos de Nicaragua I hope to still do        management who didn’t before, or that
help have been non-stop.                       my part (and keep that old PCV spirit         sound accounting methods are now
     I think I have it better than the         alive in the process) even from a             practiced by more micro enterprises in an
average APCD in that with Crisis Corps         distance, when Crisis Corps Nicaragua is      area where volunteers served. Instead,
I’m dealing with RPCVs, many of whom           done and I’m back in the US. u                anecdotal evidence of success is passed
were considered super PCVs. They don’t                                                       on in Peace Corps lore, usually in terms
require the hand-holding that PCVs                                                           of how hard the volunteer worked, or
experiencing their first responsible job or                                                  emphasizing       short-term     successes.
time out of the US need. Although, most        How you can participate                       Instead of talking about the rise or fall in
RPCVs from South-America or the                                                              rates of infectious disease, or childhood
Caribbean need a little extra orientation      in Amigos de Nicaragua                        pregnancies, we are told about how many
to the Nica flavor of life. Most have              Contributions: Returned volunteers        charlas somebody gives each month, or
read-up on Nicaragua and understand its        and staff may support Amigos de               whether or not they use lots of dinámicas.
history.        They receive their first       Nicaragua projects with contributions for     All fun stuff, but nothing that makes it
impressions on the drive from the              specific Nicaraguan projects or by            easy for a weak mind like my own to get
Managua airport, which appears to              general contributions. Keeping your dues      a handle on whether we are making a
confirm their worst thoughts. I try to         up to date is a major way of supporting       difference.
assure them that it does get better, they      Amigos de Nicaragua. u                              Are we making a difference? The
are positively hopeful, but I can hear their                                                 first goal of Peace Corps is “To help the
subliminal “yeah…right”.                                                                     peoples of interested countries and areas
     For the most part this job is                                                             (Difficult Question Cont’d on page 10)
challenging and equally rewarding. I
Page 10                                                  ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                                   Summer Issue - July 2000
  (Difficult Question Cont’d from page 9)       States.                                         two alone do not justify the existence of a
in meeting their needs for trained men               Those aspects fit nicely into the          Peace Corps program in a country. If the
and women.” This goal is derived from           second and third goals of the Peace             purpose of Peace Corps is to improve the
the Peace Corps Act’s mandate to “help          Corps. “To help and promote a better            world image of the United States, this
the peoples of such countries and areas in      understanding of the American people on         goal could be better met through other
meeting the basic needs of those living in      the part of the peoples served” and to          means. If the purpose of Peace Corps is
the poorest areas of such countries.” I         “help promote a better understanding of         to provide an opportunity for United
suggest that in relation to the first goal of   other peoples on the part of the American       States citizens to live overseas for a
Peace Corps, things here in Nicaragua are       people.” Assuming that these two goals          couple of years, and talk about it when
pretty much humming along as they               are legitimate, the answer to the question      they get home, perhaps that money would
would be if we had never set foot here.         “Are we doing any good here?” is yes.           be better spent paying down the national
Forget about the fact that we are just one      The second and third goals provide an           debt.
noodle in the big kettle of foreign aid         intangible benefit to Nicaragua by                   So what about that first goal? I
soup. Our impact on the standard of             making them more open to us, and by             humbly suggest that if the first goal
living, quality of life, or whatever            allowing us to create a positive image of       means that we are supposed to improve
tangible measuring stick that you want to       Nicaragua in the minds of other                 the lives of people in developing
use is largely limited to the host country      Americans when we return to our homes.          countries, then this goal is not being met
nationals whose salary we pay. Not a            These other Americans may one day send          here in Nicaragua. This is not to say that
very big return for our tax dollar.             aid to Nicaragua, or ask their                  we are not trying. I know plenty of
      I do not mean to suggest that Peace       Congressman to vote for a bill that favors      volunteers who take their jobs seriously
Corps is doing no good here in                  her. The more difficult question is, does       and work very hard to help the people
Nicaragua. I believe the most good that         the amount of good that these second and        around them. In addition, my experience
Peace Corps Nicaragua does is sending           third goals do justify Peace Corps’             has taught me that the staff in Managua is
Americans to sit around in small towns          presence in Nicaragua, and the money            dedicated to the mission of Peace Corps
(and sometimes big cities) without much         that is spent to keep it here?                  and tries their best to accomplish it. Nor
money for two years. “It shows people                Before you shout, “Yes, if just one        can the accomplishments of individual
that we aren’t monsters,” reflected the         child has a better tomorrow, it is all          volunteers in helping to solve short-term
indomitable Paul Pheelen over ice-cold          worth it!” think about it. The main             problems (such as people did post-Mitch)
Victorias in El Viejo, Chinandega one           benefit that we bring are cultural ones,        be ignored. But that begs the question of
hot summer night a black bits of cane           and we as Peace Corps Volunteers are the        whether our work here contributes to the
ash waft gently down from the heavens.          primary beneficiaries.       I cherish my       aggregate growth of Nicaragua. I have to
Paul was referring to the APSO, the Irish       experience as a volunteer, and do my best       say that if measurable progress were
equivalent of the Peace Corps, when he          to work hard in my site to help people.         being made, we would have all heard
said it, but I think the same logic applies.    However, when all is said and done, a           about it in our respective trainings.
Simply by walking around and not                Nicaraguan       with     more     business          So as Keanu Reeves said in Speed,
screaming at people we often leave a            experience than myself could have been          “What do you do?” If the volunteers are
better image of Americans than existed          hired to do the same job, and probably          all working hard and the staff is dedicated
before we came.                                 for less money when you include the cost        to their responsibilities, what do you do
      Another check in the plus column is       of our plane tickets down here, the             to get that first goal met? Work harder?
the fact that Peace Corps allows us to          training,      the     newsletters     from     More money? More Volunteers? No! If
come and live here for a couple of years.       Washington that show up in our                  the system is not delivering results, don’t
I was hired by the United States of             mailboxes, and all the other paraphernalia      put more into the system. Instead change
America to be a business advisor to             that comes with our beloved institution         it. How? Well, that’s a subject for the
micro-entrepreneurs in Nicaragua. This          (refrigerator magnet anyone?).         That     next issue of ¡Va Pué! Until then, I’ll be
despite the fact that I spoke no Spanish,       would have been one more employed               in Leon, doing my job and trying to make
had no business education, and zero             Nicaraguan. Not to mention the fact that        a difference. u
experience working overseas (what was           it would erase the whole language and
up with those other hundred or so people        cultural barrier problem, and whatever          How you can participate
that applied for my spot? Were they not         training was necessary would be spent
yet eligible for work release?). When I         training that person how to do the job          in Amigos de Nicaragua
leave Nicaragua, I will take home a             instead of how to ask to go to the                   Newsletter articles:    Amigos de
foreign language skill, a few new               bathroom. The same could be said for            Nicaragua welcomes articles by returned
professional skills, and a lifetime of          almost all jobs that we hold as volunteers.     Nicaragua volunteers. All reasonable
memories and experiences here in                     So, is it worth the extra expense it       articles will be published, although no
Nicaragua. Not a shabby deal for us             takes to bring us here to allow the locals      commitment can be made on an exact
volunteers, and a benefit that is deeply        to meet a gringo? And is providing an           publication date. We try to publish in
personal to almost every one of us.             all-expense-paid travel abroad experience       order of receipt. u
When we get home, I am sure that many           a wise use of tax money? I think no, that
of us will share our experiences with           the second and third goals should always
others at home, and make Nicaragua a            be subordinate to the first goal, and that if
little more real to people in the United        the fist goal is not being met, the second
Page 11                                                ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                               Summer Issue - July 2000

                                        Missing RPCV & Friends
I need your help. We do not have current addresses and/or e-mails for the following RPCVs. If you have current information please
let us know at: or you can pass it on to the following address: Dalle Rivera, 600 La Salle Dr, Altamonte
Springs, FL 32714.

Thanks for your help!!

Greg Wheeler                                  Jack & Becky Elliot                          Gretchen Muller
Dan Johnson                                   Gayle Fleischer                              Roberta Nelson
Jaffa Felber                                  Francisco Garcia                             Evelyn & Phil Nielsen
Jeanine Meckel                                Ash Halliday                                 Eugene & Flora Patterson
Edward McGrath                                Louise Halliday                              Allen Porter
Barbara & Aron Adler Horton                   Timothy Hancuff                              Cash Prude
Joanne Anderson                               Mitch Harmell                                Daniel Riederer
Ricky Andrew                                  Dee & Steve Harrington Legvold               John Salazar
Glen Bieber                                   Timm Harris                                  Anna Sampson
Bari Brandon                                  Antonio Hernandez                            Roman Sanchez
Bob Brodie                                    Robert Huges                                 Brenda Smith
Peggy & Robert Brown                          Darrell Johnson                              Andrew Streeter
Joel Bruce                                    Marya Kinzel                                 Tim Thatcher
Mary Susan Bush                               Kim Kiser                                    Richard Vroman
Deborah Clayton                               Andrew Lyons                                 Carol Westling
Margaret Corthell                             Myk Manon                                    Susan Wiedenbeck
Kathleen Mecchi Eliias                        Jon Moore                                    Arvid Zetterberg

                                           RPCV & Friends News
Sent to the account:
                 PEOPLE LOOKING FOR RPCVS:
I am currently trying to find the whereabout of a RPCV Glenn
D. Cox who served in Nicaragua around 1971-1974. I am a
RPCV from Costa Rica 1975-1977 and worked in the Training
Center for Peace Corps in Liberia, Costa Rica from 1971-1975.
You can email:           with your
response. I only know that he then served in Colombia and then
was in Washington and that is when I heard from him last. I am
currently in Margate, Florida. Thank you - Peace Out - God
Bless you! Maria                                                             HAVE NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE?
I was just wondering if anyone knew of where I might be able to                    AND NEED THEIR ADDRESS?
obtain educational materials (in Spanish) on well disinfection or
anything related to water contamination. My company is                   CONTACT RPCVN ICARAGUA @YAHOO.COM AND
sponsoring a small group of volunteers to do some water                    WE WILL TRY TO HELP YOU OUT BY GETTING THE
sampling and testing in a remote village of Ecuador that has
been experiencing many health concerns as a result of water                                    WORD OUT.
contamination. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
– Jennifer Webster (
Berkshire Amistad presents the 13th Annual “Give Peace A
Dance” Family Music Festival benefit for Malpaisillo,
Nicaragua – Pittsfield, MA’s sister city as well as other
Berkshire Amistad projects in Central America. On Saturday,
July 15 at the Butternut Ski Center on Route 23 in Great
Barrington, MA. Music is from noon until 6:00 pm.
Page 12                                       ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!                         Summer Issue - July 2000

                                   AMIGOS DE NICARAGUA
                            MEMBERSHIP/RENEWAL/ADDRESS CHANGE
 All RPCVs and friends of Nicaragua are encouraged to join both the Amigos de Nicaragua and the National
 Peace Corps Associations as your funds allow:
 NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________
 ADDRESS : _________________________________________________________________________
 CITY, STATE, ZIP ____________________________________________________________________
 HOME PHONE: ______________________________________________________________________
 WORK PHONE:______________________________________________________________________
 E-MAIL:______________________________________               CAN RECEIVE ATTACHMENTS? YES ¨ NO ¨
 YEAR AND SITE WHILE SERVING IN PC:___________________________________________________
 For one year membership to only the Amigos de Nicaragua group, send a check for $15 made out to
 “Amigos de Nicaragua” to Tom Trepanier, 23 Jeffrey Lane, Haverhill, MA 01830
 Information Changes/Updates: Please send complete, legible address updates & corrections to the below
 address. Mailings are often returned for lack of apartment numbers or incorrect information:
       Database Coordinator: Dalle Rivera, 600 La Salle Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.
        Tom & Dalle communicate on a regular basis, so if you are just signing up with Tom, he will let
                                    Dalle know your address and contact info!

   ¡Dale Pue’ Nicaragua!
   A Newsletter for the Nicaragua Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
   c/o Dalle Rivera
   600 La Salle Drive
   Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

          Have you signed up to be a member of
           Amigos de Nicaragua? We hope to
           build a pool of funds (from dues) to
           help out worthy Nica PCV projects!
                                                                        ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED

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