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									TH E BIG ONE
– The Club’s 25

Ann iversary is here                        Sponsors
    n the January magazine
    we provided details of the
    pre-booking arrangements
 for Thoresby Hall Hotel, our
 weekend base for the Club’s 25th
 celebrations in Nottinghamshire.
 At the time of writing this
 issue, we don’t know what the
 booking situation is like but we
 do anticipate an early sell-out of
 rooms. If you haven’t yet booked,
 then you should do so now, the
 details of which are as follows:-

 Thoresby Hall Hotel
 Pre-booking Details
  For 5th to 8th June
  Tel: 01442 203453
 Contact: Diane Clark
  Quote our Unique
 Booking Ref: 96 TH 8
 Other Accommodation
 In view of the anticipated popularity
 of this event and particularly for those
 who want a different type of “stop-
 over” or just a one-nighter before the
 big Sunday rally, we will shortly have
 available details of other hotels and
 guest houses in the area. These will
 be published in the March edition of
 this magazine.
   The North Nottinghamshire area is
 well catered for with a wide variety
 of accommodation from the likes
 of travel lodges, country B & Bs to
 quality hotels. If you want to check
 out information for yourself, contact
 the tourist boards:-
   Nottingham for the whole county –
   Or for the immediate locality
 of Thoresby and North Notts –

                 The Club celebrated its 20th anniversary here, at Thoresby Estate in
                 2004. 2000 cars came along. Help us to make our 25th anniversary
                 at this venue an even bigger success over the first week of June.                                                 JAGUAR ENTHUSIAST FEBRUARY 2009 13
                                                                                           At the time of writing our sub-
                                                                                         committee organising the event are
      Anyone remember 2004 and the Club’s 20    th

      anniversary, well this was just part of the                                        working hard on the final plans but just
      wonderful display of cars on show?                                                 some of the Sunday activities we are
                                                                                         planning will include:-

                                                                                         ● A Formal Concours d’Elegance
                                                                                           – open to all Jaguar and
                                                                                           Daimler models.

                                                                                         ● A special Mark 2 Concours
                                                                                           (open to all variants of the
                                                                                           Mark 2 from 1959 to 1969
                                                                                           including Daimler V8s).

                                                                                         ● Our usual Pride & Joy Competition
                                                                                           (for those well prepared but
                                                                                           not concours examples of all
                                                                                           Jaguar/Daimler models).

                                                                                         ● A NEW Costume & Car
                                                                                           Competition (when the occupants
                                                                                           of the car dress up to match the
                                                                                           car and its era – specifically
                                                                                           geared to the 1960s era.)

                                                                                         ● A Mark 2 Extravaganza Display
                                                                                           (all members examples of the
                                                                                           model range parked together
                                                                                           PLUS an Historic Display of
                                                                                           models from the earliest 1950s
                                                                                           Mark 1 2.4 through to the very
                                                                                           last Daimler V8-250 plus some
                                                                                           interesting and unique examples.)

                                                                                         ● A Mark 2 Arena Parade
                                                                                           (with commentary depicting
                                                                                           the development of the
                                                                                           car over the years.)

                                                                                         ● A Jaguar “Time Line” Display of
                                                                                           Jaguar and Daimler cars from
Thoresby Hall Hotel, our weekend base for the 25th anniversary of the                      the earliest Swallow through
Club this year. You too could stay here but you need to book early.                        to the current models.

The Weekend Plans                            2000 cars present and this year we are      ● Racing Display (displaying past and
For those who will be staying at the         planning to entice even more. Not only        present Jaguar racing cars along
Thoresby Hall Hotel, you can arrive          will we be celebrating the 25th (Silver)      with examples from our own Race
during the Friday (5th June), relax, enjoy   anniversary of the Club but also the 50th     Series.)
our Welcome Meeting with drinks, get         anniversary of the Jaguar Mark 2 saloon
your weekend itinerary and take in the       and the 10th anniversary of the modern      ● Live Music and Childrens
superb hotel and lovely surroundings.        Jaguar S-type.                                Entertainment throughout the day.
That evening there will be live
entertainment after the meal.
  On the Saturday, for anyone staying
at Thoresby Hall Hotel AND for those
staying at other venues in the area, we
will have some interesting road-runs
organized so they can take in the local
scenery and sights, with their Jaguars,
of course! Alternatively make your own
plans to visit places like Chatsworth
House, Lincoln Castle and City,
Nottingham, or just relax in the spa and
enjoy the many other facilities Thoresby
Hall Hotel has to offer.

Sunday – Our Official
Anniversary Celebration
Within the extensive grounds of the
Thoresby Estate, we are holding what
we hope will be the largest Jaguar event     Mark 2 owners – we want your car along at Thoresby this year to
ever in this country (and perhaps the        celebrate the car’s 25th anniversary. Whatever model, condition,
world). In 2004 we managed to get            original, restored, modified or racing, bring it along.

14 JAGUAR ENTHUSIAST FEBRUARY 2009                                                                     
                                                                 Part of our Jaguar “Time Line” from 2004, a feature to
                                                                 be repeated and improved on for 2009. Virtually every
                                                                 production model of SS and Jaguar will be on display.

We are not forgetting the modern
Jaguars, with your help, an enormous
display of S-types will be on show.

● Special “Ladies Only” attractions and
● Arena Displays and Entertainment.

● Regional Displays (special themed
  displays with good prizes to be won
  for the best Regions).

● Club Model For um Displays
  (including a special display for the
  10th anniversary of the S-type).

● Trade stands, new and used car              All our Regions are asked to contribute to the spectacle of the event.
  displays and much more, still to be

   All this is going to be happening on                                                      Want a trade stand at
Sunday 7th June so even if you can’t make                                                    Thoresby in June? Contact Sue
it for an overnight stop, or for the full                                                    Hedley as soon as possible.
weekend, you MUST come along on the

Thank You to all our members from
the Club for your continued support,
dedication and enthusiasm.

The most important thing at present is
to set this date (7th June) in your diaries
so you don’t miss out. Also, if you
intend coming along for the stop-over,
at Thorseby Hall Hotel or elsewhere, get
your bookings in as soon as possible.
More next month…..                                                                               JAGUAR ENTHUSIAST FEBRUARY 2009 15

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