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                             EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS / DVD'S
                        These titles are available in either DVD or VHS (video) format.

                                       LIFE SKILLS SERIES

                                           SUBSTANCE ABUSE

MONICA AND THE POWERFUL DRUG (17 Minutes) Grades 1 – 5                                PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

This is an animated musical cartoon intended especially to educate young children
about alcohol. The cartoon depicts a girl monkey, Monica, learning about alcohol
and how it affects her older brother. The cartoon contains messages about health,
family, resistance to peers, and ways to have fun without using drugs or alcohol.        LS023        R 365.00

HOOKED : THE ADDICTION TRAP (3 X 26 Minutes) Grades 7 – 12                             PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
This research-based modular unit uses the testimony of young addicts, as well as
resilient youth who have developed good coping skills, and the information of
experts in the field of addiction research and counseling to provide an in-depth
look at the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to addictions
both to substances and behaviours, and the life skills necessary to avoid or
escape an addictive pattern.
Addictive behaviours explored include:
• tobacco, gambling, drugs, alcohol, the internet, sex
An extensive Facilitators Guide includes instructions for the administration of the
programme activities and resources for participants. A particular Survey for each
of the three modules, designed to help facilitators assess knowledge of addiction
before presenting the lesson, and a useful tool in determining if participants need
intervention for addictions.
Part 1 : What is Addiction? (26 Minutes)                                                  LS013A      R 365.00
Part 2 : The Consequences of Addiction (26 Minutes)                                      LS013B       R 365.00
Part 3 : Alternatives to Addiction (26 Minutes)                                          LS013C       R 365.00

LSD : GAME OVER Grades 7 – 12                                                         PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

This programme shows the psychological damage and life-threatening potential of
LSD. The programme explores the connection between LSD, violence and mental
breakdowns. Interviews with youth whose lives and mental conditions have been
adversely affected by the drug are woven together with a doctor demonstrating
how “acid” acts on the nervous system and how it can trigger latent mental illness.
This programme and accompanying guide provide an invaluable warning to
students that LSD, while not physically addictive, is nonetheless a dangerous drug.      LS027        R 365.00

MARIJUANA : WHY AND HOW TO SAY NO (26 Minutes)                                    PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
Marijuana is the most widely used drug today, and can serve as a gateway to other
addictive drugs. In this programme a Doctor illustrates the complex chemical
reactions that happen within the brain that damage memory, thinking and
communication. A young psychologist explains how addiction can develop and
offers an upbeat way out.                                                            LS030            R 365.00
SAYING NO TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL (16 Minutes)                                            PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol can be very difficult to deal with. The result:
students often let other people choose for them. This programme begins from a
13-year-old’s point of view, deals with the element of choice, and realistically
confronts teens with the consequences of their choices.                                   LS031       R 365.00

METHAMPHETAMINE : THE CRYSTAL CAGE (25 Minutes)                                        PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Easily synthesized, readily available, and highly addictive, methamphetamines
represent one of the biggest drug crises facing kids and parents today. This video
educates kids on what “crystal meth” is, its dangers, and why using it is a dead-end
street. Using the compelling stories of kids who have been to the depths of meth
addiction (told by the kids themselves), the video graphically explores the transition
from casual use to addiction and onward either to death or to recovery. Interviews
with a clinical expert give physiological explanations to the young addicts’ stories.
Computer-generated animation explains in detail what happens to the body and
mind as a result of methamphetamine use. Other issues explored include an
explanation of the reasons kids begin using meth, the detrimental relationship meth
use can have on friends and family, and reasons and strategies for staying clean
and sober. Methamphetamines present use with one of the biggest challenges
facing kids.                                                                              LS022       R 365.00

COCAINE & CRACK : THE ROAD TO NOWHERE (32 Minutes)                                     PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Gritty and tragic life stories of cocaine and crack addicts – youth as well as
longtime users – are interwoven with information from experts on the physiological
effects of this deadly stimulant, to paint a grim picture of a road that leads
nowhere. From the attraction of the “rush”, through the futility of “crashing”, this
hard-hitting programme shows how dangerous this drug can be. Interview
segments detail the negative consequences of cocaine addition – to healthy, family
relationships, school and work, finances, and legal problems. Finally, users
describe what they would have done differently, had they known where they would
end up when they took that first hit.                                                     LS038       R 365.00

INHALANTS (20 Minutes)                                                                 PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Your students will see the very real dangers of inhalants as they understand that
something so common can be so deadly. Without being a how-to video, this
programme shows that inhalants are not even considered to be drugs. They are
poisons. Your students will hear the personal stories of ex-users who explain why
they started, why they stopped and why your students should never even try it.
They will see the tragic story of a boy who died from inhaling. They will hear a
young doctor explain what is actually happening inside the body to the lungs,
heart, kidneys, liver and the brain as computer animation shows in graphic detail
how brain cells die. A psychologist explains how this damage is permanent.                LS039       R 365.00

ANGRY YOUNG MAN : A DRUG TRAGEDY (24 Minutes) Grades 5 – Adult                      PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Angry Young Man is a video that takes a harsh look at the realities of drug abuse
through the eyes of Andrew Clark. Andrew, a young man from a middle-class
family, re-enacts for the audience how he tried Marijuana one day after school.
Soon he was smoking marijuana daily and eventually moved on to cocaine; his
violent conflicts with family members alerted his parents to the seriousness of his
problems. Finally, Andrew was arrested after an all-night robbery spree. Councilor
John Hrick informs the audience that mothers and fathers of addicted teens often
feel overwhelming guilt, frustration and helplessness when they discover they have
an addicted child. He also firmly states how imperative it is that parents get
between their children and drugs in any way possible. Moving interviews with both
Andrew and his parents emphasize the pain addiction causes not only for a teen
but also for his whole family. What started as a seemingly innocent after-school
adventure for Andrew led to an addiction and a criminal record, along with
indescribable heartache for his family.                                                LS001          R 365.00
JUST SAY KNOW TO DRUGS (28 Minutes)                                                  PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

Incorporating the heart-felt anti-drug messages from popular teen celebrities with
the poignant testimonials of recovering substance abusers, this powerful and
touching programme sensitizes students to the harsh realities of drug and alcohol
addiction. This unique and informative presentation was created, written and
produced by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., a renowned Medical Communication Specialist.          LS010        R 365.00

DRUG DEPENDENCY : THE EARLY WARNING SIGNS ( 22 Minutes)                              PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

The solution to drug dependency problems begins with recognition of the problem.
This programme is a comprehensive recognition guide to behaviours that signal
use is becoming abuse. dramatic vignettes illustrate the early warning signs,
which include social, emotional, physical, economic, and legal problems.               LS044B        R 365.00

It’s now proven that the drug concentrates in the two areas of the brain that affect
memory, learning, movement and thinking. Mental changes sustained by users
are revealed through laboratory demonstrations, interviews with physicians and
other health care professionals, and documented experiences of recovering
addicts.                                                                             LS009           R 365.00

OTHER DRUGS (23 Minutes)                                    PRODUCT CODE                             PRICE

This documentary introduces practical solutions to drug and alcohol use among
kids that families can use now. It shows the results of a nationwide search to
discover the best programmes, techniques, and approaches that are successful in
keeping kids drug – and alcohol – free. The five programmes featured differ in
approach and method, but all show victories in substance abuse prevention.             LS031A        R 365.00

ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS (26 Minutes)                                               PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Drug and alcohol abuse among kids has become a plague across the country.
This documentary spotlights effective, innovative, and replicable drug and alcohol
programmes from across the nation. Four programmes present triumphs in
substance abuse treatment and recovery.                                               LS011          R 365.00

DRUGS DON’T MAKE IT (28 Minutes)                                                      PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Incorporating the anti-drug commentaries of numerous celebrities such as
Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, Lionel Richie and Patrick Duffy, the flavour of a
music video, and the poignant testimonials of six recovering substance abusers,
this programme presents the harsh realities of alcohol and other drug addictions.
Produced by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., who specializes in adolescent medicine,
substance abuse, and medical communications, the programme is divided into four
segments.                                                                                LS012       R 365.00

HARD CHOICES : INSIDE LOOKING OUT (28 Minutes)                                       PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

Hard Choices is the story of two teenage boys confronted by the temptation of
drugs, and the two professional athletes they meet. Former NBA star Alex English
consciously chose to avoid drugs. He how holds a respected position within the
NBA organization. Former NFL star Ralph Coleman made wrong choices in his life
and is now serving a life sentence in prison for murder. The focus of this fast-
paced programme is the stark reality of the boys’ prison visit to meet Coleman.         LS013        R 365.00
HAPPY, HEALTHY, DRUG-FREE ME PART 1 (10 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
The first programme sets the stage by helping youngsters understand that they are
remarkable individuals with very special physical, mental and emotional traits. It is
pointed out that while all of us can choose how to behave, it’s not always easy to
know what’s best. Rules often help us make the right decision. There are rules for
behaviour at home, at school, and for taking medicine. There are rules against
children using tobacco products and alcoholic beverages because those things are
very harmful to young people.                                                            LS040A      R 365.00
HAPPY, HEALTHY, DRUG-FREE ME PART 2 (10 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

The programme explains what stress is and the most appropriate ways to deal with
stress without being tempted to turn to drugs – doing exercises, forming
friendships, and talking to sympathetic adults, such as parents, teachers,
counselors and members of the clergy. The video goes on to discuss peer
pressure. Viewers learn how all of us need friends, and how friends can influence
our behaviour. The video also explains that friends, perhaps even an older brother
or sister, may say that drugs help people forget their problems and reduce stress.
After a while, however, the problems and stress come back – even worse than
before. PRICE INCLUDES PART 1 & PART 2                                                  LS040        R 365.00

DRUG DANGER : IN THE BRAIN (12 Minutes) Grades 4 – 8                                 PRODUCT CODE    PRICE

In clear, easy-to-understand terms, this video helps students understand why
drugs are so dangerous. Using colourful computer animation, it carefully explains
the two major parts of the brain and how drugs can change the way each part
works. The programme provides concise scientific explanations that will empower
students to reject drug abuse. The latest research is incorporated in the
programme, including the various ways drugs block, slow down, speed up, and
change messages that flow to and from the brain. Drug Danger : In The Brain has
been produced in association with a nationwide panel of experts composed of
physicians, researchers, counselors, and educators.                                    LS044A    R 365.00
DRUG DANGER: IN THE BODY (12 Minutes) Grades 4 – 8                                  PRODUCT CODE  PRICE
Drug Danger : In The Body focuses on the two most commonly used gateway
drugs, marijuana and alcohol, as well as cigarettes, and discusses the effects each
has on various organs of the body. Careful attention is given to how THC, a
chemical in marijuana, damages white blood cells, and important part of the
immune system. Students see the long-term effects of alcohol on the liver,
stomach and brain. They also see how substances in cigarette smoke : nicotine,
tar, and carbon monoxide, endanger the lungs, heart, brain and the cardiovascular
system. Drug Danger : In The Body has been produced in association with a
nationwide panel of experts composed of physicians, researchers, counselors, and
educators.                                                                              LS044    R 365.00

ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR : IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU (14 Minutes)                           PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
Addiction is a problem all too many teens face today regardless of their home
situation, social-economic status or race. This video features teens talking to the
viewers via an interview approach without adult commentary. You will see a range
of teens from those who rebelled amidst an obviously unhealthy home environment
to those who seemed to be model kids from model families.                              LS035         R 365.00

HEROIN: DENIAL TO DEATH (28 Minutes)                                                 PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
In this compelling programme, young junkies provide an unflinching look at the
horrors of heroin addiction and withdrawal. Heroin abuse and its consequences
are described in vivid detail. Two young junkies shoot up and talk about losing
everything – their friends, families, and dreams – to heroin. A substance-abuse
counselor shows how heroin use permanently affects the brain. A dealer describes
in chilling detail how he gets young users addicted. Junkies share their stories of
addiction. Recovering addicts offer advice to at-risk students on how to resist peer
pressure and make healthy choices                                                       LS026A       R 365.00
GOLDTOOTH (27 Minutes)                                                           PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
This is the story about children who are on the streets where drugs, alcohol and
solvents are part of every day. Life is hard for these kids. Many of them use
substances for their own personal reasons and needs. What happens to them is
deadly.This DVD will help young people talk about substance abuse and street life.
It can help them ask: How do we see ourselves? How can we take care of
ourselves? Who are our real friends? How can we stay off drugs? The story of
GOLDTOOTH includes violence, because violence is a core issue of street life.
Substance abuse by girls is very often associated with sexual abuse. In the film,
GOLDTOOTH exploits children to make money through drugs and prostition. He is
not the only one who provides drugs to the kids. They also give drugs to each
other, sharing and selling among their friends. Sometimes the source of drugs is a
friend, sometimes it is a bad person like GOLDTOOTH.                                    LS017       R 365.00

L-EVATED: THE BLUNT TRUTH (24 Minutes)                                     PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
More than 50% of juveniles arrested in America test positive for marijuana
use.Many urban teens show neither awareness of the long-range health risks
associated with escalating marijuana use nor understanding of how the drug can
impair cognitive skills and be addictive. This DVD combines dramatic vignettes and
interviews with youth and health experts to illustrate how destructive and
debilitating marijuana is. A doctor describes the effects of regular marijuana use on
human behavior. Users become pathetic, tired, moody and irratable and
experience a lack of energy and concentration. Judgement can also be impaired
when under the influence of the drug. The programme depicts scenarios where
young adults take such unecessary chances as having unprotected sex and
committing armed robbery. Former adult marijuana users help young people get
back on the right track by showing them how using the drug messed up their lives.       LS011B      R 365.00

McGRUFF AND DRUGFREE KIDS (26 Minutes)                                               PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
One of the most important choices youngsters can make is not to use drugs.
McGruff explains that drugs are dangerous. They can make people sick, damage
their bodies, and keep them from growing up healthy. Unfortunately,kids are under
a lot of peer pressure to use drugs. McGruff shows older youngsters how to deal
with this pressure and to respect themselves and their bodies. Three vignettes
depict ways of saying “no” to drugs, and illustrate positive things kids can do with
their free time.                                                                        LS021       R 365.00

STRAIGHT TALK (24 Minutes)                                                 PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
African-American Roland Abner’s “straight talk” about drugs has tremendous
impact because his knowledge of the subject is painfully intimate; he was a heroin
addict by the age of eleven, and an alcoholic by fifteen. In the programme, Abner
speaks poignantly about his nightmarish experiences. Abner discusses his
addiction as the desperate response of a teenager who hungered for acceptance.
That hunger frustrated him and chemicals like alcohol, marijuana and heroin
became attractive because they made him feel like the “king of the mountain.” In
between the highs, Roland spent time in prison, saw his family torn apart, and
suffered the abandonment of his so-called friends. He found that the high is never
worth the low that comes “on the other side of the mountain.”                           LS026B      R 365.00

SUBSTANCE ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (20 Minutes)                                 PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
This programme focuses on mothers who are abused and the effect it has on their
children. Various forms of abuse are and the warning signs of troubled behaviour
from the child of an abusive home are reviewed.                                    LS031B           R 365.00

NOT JUST BLOWING SMOKE (10 Minutes)                                          PRODUCT CODE                PRICE
This DVD examines the position most young people take regarding smoking. The
vast majority are strongly against it. Insightful interviews soon reveal that many
kids are swayed as they get older by such influences as parents and friends.
Young people express concern about their ability to resist the pressure to smoke
as they get older. Youngsters who are the most adament about not smoking
express their concerns for family members who smoke, and seem unable to quit.            LSO34A          R 299.00

OUR SMOKING VIDEO/DVD (20 Minutes)                                                  PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
Page and Ryan, who are teamed up in an advanced college video production
class, have been caught smoking at school. Instead of facing suspension, they
accept the assignment of producing a “comprehensive” video about tobacco and
smoking for the student body. Highly resistant at first, Page watches as Ryan
builds the first sequences for their production, which includes messages sent
about smoking and interviews with young people expressing their views on the
subject. For her contibution, Page surfs the internet for information about the
effects of tobacco and nicotine. Struck with the overwelming “hard” evidence
against smoking, her rigid position gradually softens. In an emotional and climatic
interview with her mother, an addicted smoker, Page finally reaches the point
where she decides to quit, and help her mother do the same.                           LSO34B             R 299.00

SMOKING: NO THANKS (7 Minutes)                                              PRODUCT CODE                 PRICE
This video provides strong examples for young people not to succumb to peer
pressure to start smoking. Featured are a variety of scenarios in which young
people are pressured to try a cigarette. This programme is an invaluable tool for
young people because it shows ways in which young people can say “no” to
smoking, and still be accepted by their friends.                                          LS045          R 299.00

SMOKING: TRUTH OR DARE (34 Minutes)                                           PRODUCT CODE               PRICE
Despite increased education about the real dangers of tobacco use, many young
people still are not getting the message. They may be aware that smoking tobacco
has dire consequences, but they do not believe or care that they, too, will become
part of the statistics. This DVD graphically demonstrates to young people who use
tobacco exactly what this deadly habit is doing to them. The damage to their
bodies is not just something intangible that they may have to face 40 years down
the road; these young people are suffering the deadly effects of their tobacco use
right now, and the consequences will only get worse.                                      LS045A         R 299.00

TOBACCO X-FILES (28 Minutes)                                                              PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Using graphic imagery, interviews with cancer patients, current and former teen
tobacco users, this DVD combines hard-hitting facts with an X-Files take-off to
present the truth about smoking and chewing tobacco. Viewers understanding of
the risks of tobacco use is explored as cancer victims, speaking with the aid of
amplifiers held to their throuts, attest to the addictive nature of all forms of tobacco,
while an individule who lost half his jaw to cancer, gives personal testimony that
chewing tobacco and cigarettes are equelly deadly. Current teen smokers, who
have tried unsuccessfully to quit are juxtaposed with a particually graphic exhibit –
a glass jar containing a quart of tar – the contamination that pack-a-day smokers
accumulate in their lungs each year. Viewers will be able to identify tobacco use
as an unsafe behavior, and to understand the relationship between tobacco use
and their physical well-being.                                                              LS045B       R 299.00
THE TRUTH ABOUT TOBACCO (42 Minutes)                                            PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco magnate RJ Reynolds, tells teens the hard
facts about smoking and other tobacco use. Through satirical ads, cutting-edge
advertising and striking personal stories, Reynolds makes painfully clear the high
price tobacco users pay, both physically and emotionally. In Part I, Reynolds
indicates that cigarette advertising has a much greater impact on teens than they
realise. Ninety percent of all smokers become addicted when they are teenagers,
thus making teens the main targets of smoking ads. This is one of the main
arguments for the ban placed on smoking advertising in South Africa. Part II
relates the story of Sean Marsee, a 19-year old former athlete, whose use of
chewing tobacco led to cancer of the tongue. Sean died, after extended efforts to
save him. Photographs of Sean, whose tongue and part of his jaw, face and neck
were removed, need no words to prove tobacco’s heartbreaking effects. Reynolds
implores teens to root out the causes of their tobacco (and other) addictions by
dealing with their problems head-on, and making positive choices in their lives.       LS005         R 299.00

                                  LIFESKILLS: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING (12 Minutes) Grades 10 – Up                              PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
This programme focuses on the devastating effects that domestic violence has on
children. Interviews with children who have lived with repeated acts of violence
demonstrate common behavioural and psychological problems, including
aggression, sleep disorders, anxiety, withdrawal, depression and constant fear.
Viewers learn about the types of help available to children from abusive homes
and see how various families have tried to cope with the after-effects of domestic
violence.                                                                             LS020A         R 347.70

SUBSTANCE ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (20 Minutes)                                PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
This programme focuses on mothers who are abused and the effect it has on their
children. Various forms of abuse are covered, and the warning signs of troubled
behaviour from the child of an abusive home are reviewed.                          LS026             R 347.70

MEN & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (19 Minutes)                                                PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
This programme tells the story of one young man – George, who’s trying to change
his lifelong pattern of violent behaviour. Viewers learn that power and control are
the roots of domestic violence.                                                        LS048         R 347.70

YOUNG ADULTS & DOMESTIC VOILENCE (20 Minutes)                                    PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
This programme looks at the components of dating violence, from physical attacks
to mental and emotional abuse. Also examined are key causes of youth dating
violence, from pervasive media messages to behaviour patterns inflicted on the
abuser in the home.                                                                 LS049            R 347.70

SPEAK UP AGAINST VIOLENCE Grades 7 – 12                                              PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
This video begins with candid interviews with over 30 teenagers of varying
backgrounds, discussing what they are thinking about the issues of violence and
nonviolence. In part two, the students talk about nonviolence, and the things they
are doing in their lives to create nonviolent environments within their communities.
Some projects that are highlighted in the video include a self-defense class, peer
mediation, Teen Court, a low-rider bicycle club, and the Youth Environmental
Summit.                                                                                LS020B        R 347.70

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: HOW TO COPE (26 minutes)                                             PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Rainey, a victim of verbal abuse from her father, is troubled by feelings of anger
and frustration. In trying to cope with the situation, she returns the verbal abuse,
trying to hurt her father, but only ends up hurting herself. Two other dramatizations
of emotional abuse illustrate the many forms this style of abuse can take. Each
situation offers valuable insight into problems confronting teenagers and ways in
which they can be resolved.                                                              LS020        R 347.70
ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS: CROSSING THE LINE (14 Minutes)                              PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
This video dramatically tells the story of Gina, who has found a new love in Paul.
As the relationship progresses, Gina notices some distinct changes. Paul
becomes more possessive. He keeps her away from her friends and starts to
abuse her, physically and mentally. Gina becomes increasingly afraid, and
realizes that she does not belong in the relationship. With the help of a support
system, including family and friends, Gina shows incredible courage as she ends
the relationship. This is a moving story of courage, friendship, and awareness
combined with educational information for kids who may find themselves in similar
situations.                                                                          LS020C             R 347.70

WOMEN & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (16 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE               PRICE
This programme tells the story of one young woman, Olivia, and how she took
action to protect herself and her son from domestic violence.                  LS047                    R 347.70

                                CHILD SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE

SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN                                                                PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

These programmes give an introduction to child sexual abuse. They spell out the
nature and incidence of sexual abuse, the official procedures which follow
disclosure and what can be done to help the victim, the family and the abuser.
The three programmes are:
Programme 1 : The Facts (28 Minutes)                                                       LS074       R 399.00
Programme 2 : Investigation and Procedures (32 Minutes)                                    LS075       R 399.00
Programme 3 : Therapy (28 Minutes)                                                         LS076       R 399.00

TALKING WITH SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN                                                   PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

These programmes outline the qualities and skills needed by those who conduct
investigative interviews with children who may have been sexually abused. They
also look at helplines and the role of the adult who receives a voluntary disclosure.
The three programmes are:
Programme 1 : Who Can They Tell? (26 Minutes)                                              LS077       R 399.00
Programme 2 : Listening, Watching, Thinking (33 Minutes)                                   LS078       R 399.00
Programme 3 : Toys, Dolls and Drawings (23 Minutes)                                        LS079       R 399.00

PHYSICAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN                                                              PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

These programmes summarise current thinking on the detection, management and
prevention of physical abuse. Programme 3 is also available as a slide set.
Programme 1 : The Background (23 Minutes)                                                  LS080       R 399.00
Programme 2 : The Medical Examination (25 Minutes)                                         LS081       R 399.00
Programme 3 : Illustrations of Child Physical Abuse (28 Minutes)                           LS082       R 399.00
Programme 4 : Management & Procedures (30 Minutes)                                         LS083       R 399.00
Programme 5 : Therapy, Prediction & Prevention (30 Minutes)                                LS084       R 399.00

MEDICAL EXAMINATION IN CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (35 Minutes)                          PRODUCT CODE           PRICE
This programme looks at the role of the medical examination in the diagnosis of
abuse.                                                                             LS071               R 475.00

ILLUSTRATIONS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (21 Minutes)                               PRODUCT CODE            PRICE
This series of 79 slides on videotape, mostly of prepubertal children who have
been sexually abused.                                                             LS073                R 475.00

ABUSE OF NON-CAUCASIAN CHILDREN (11 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
The set of 43 slides contains illustrations both of abuse and of conditions which
might be mistaken for abuse.                                                         LS072             R 475.00
FEELING YES, FEELING NO!                                                            PRODUCT CODE          PRICE
Feeling Yes, Feeling No is a highly effective series of four educational
programmes on the prevention of sexual assault of children. One programme is
for adults, introducing the series and the subject. The other three programmes are
for children, each designed for a specific age group, and their purpose is to give
kids tools to protect themselves against sexual assault – from strangers, family
members, or other trusted persons.
Programme One (14 Minutes) Ages 5 – 8                                                  LS086A             R 399.00
Teaches children basic skills that build self-worth, confidence, and good
judgement which provide the necessary foundation for self-protection. The
programme points out that some touches feel good – a “yes” feeling; others hurt or
feel bad – a “no” feeling.
Programme Two (14 Minutes) Ages 9 – 12                                                LS086B              R 399.00
Reinforces the understanding of “Yes” and “No” feelings and goes on to teach
children, through role-playing skits, how to recognise sexual assault by strangers.
Children learn three simple questions they can ask themselves to ensure their own
Programme Three (16 Minutes) Ages 13 – 18                                             LS086C              R 399.00

Teaches a more complex level of differentiation. Building on the earlier self-
affirmation and discrimination skills, it introduces the subject of sexual assault by
family members or other trusted persons. This final programme shows children
how to protect their integrity and get help in the face of such an event.
Feeling Yes, Feeling No : The Adult Programme (28 Minutes)                                    LS087       R 399.00
This programme explains the nature and scope of child sexual assault. It also
provides an understanding of what an adult can do, once confided in by an
assaulted child.

Minutes) Grades 1 – 4                                        PRODUCT CODE                                 PRICE

This thoughtful programme takes a difficult and sensitive subject and presents it to
children in a clear, strong and positive way. They will feel empowered as they
begin to understand their rights. Viewers will learn that nobody should touch you in
a way that makes you feel strange. You have the authority and the right to say
“No” because you are the boss of your body.                                                   LS015       R 425.00

KATIE’S SECRET (14 Minutes) Grades 9 – 12                                                  PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Katie has a secret. She is being sexually abused at home by her mother’s fiancé,
and she can’t find the courage to tell anyone. When a concerned teacher finally
gets Katie to tell her story, she brings her to a teen crisis centre. There Katie
meets a culturally diverse group of peers who have similar stories, and she
realises for the first time that she is not alone. It is then that she finds the courage
to tell her mother and start on her path to healing. This dramatic video is based on
a real story of a young girl who found courage.                                               LS100       R 425.00

CHILD MOLESTATION: BREAKING THE SILENCE (20 minutes)                             PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
A sensitive, award-winning film for adults that provides tools to spot potential
abuse                                                                               LS101                 R 425.00

NOW CAN I TELL YOU MY SECRET? (15 minutes)                                       PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
In a gentle, reassuring style, this programme gives youngsters the important
message that they have to protect themselves against sexual advances by
anyone. This is the story of a young boy who is keeping a secret from everyone –
the se cret that he was molested by a neighbour. The programme stresses
fundermentals of child abuse prevention; understand the difference between good
touch and bad touch; saying no to uncomfortable situations; get away to a safe
place; and tell an adult who will help you.                                         LS103                  R 425.00
THE SECRET: CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (25 Minutes)                                        PRODUCT CODE          PRICE
It is a dramatized programme which tells the story of two young children who are
sexually abused by their uncle. It traces the history of abuse and the subsequent
behavioral changes in the children stemming from their feelings of betrayal and
guilt. It examins the role played by a teacher in the disclosure of the abuse, the
emotions experienced by the parents,and the ultimate support needed by the child
victims.                                                                              LS106               R 425.00

BREAK THE SILENCE: KIDS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE (30 Minutes)                                  PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Actress Jane Seymour hosts this programme that breaks open the terrible reality of
child abuse. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect are explained in a way
young children can understand. Four kids talk candidly about their abuse and their
abusers as they describe how adults use fear, maniplutaion, and neglect to hurt
children. As each story is told, animated versions of the child and the abuser help
illustrate how the abuse happened and how it made the child feel. With the help of
social workers, therapists, and foster families, these kids are receiving help and
are leading normal lives. The main point thoughout the programme is that children
should tell an adult if they feel that they are being abused, or if they know someone
who is. Additionally, is is vital for adults to listen to children. Only when the silence
is broken can the cycle of abuse end.                                                        LS107        R 425.00

                                              ALCOHOL ABUSE

AD-LIBBING IT (17 Minutes)                                                            PRODUCT CODE       PRICE

Ad-Libbing it is an irreverent look at how advertisers try to hook young people on
cigarettes and alcohol. This humorous programme exposes these advertising
practices and shows viewers how they are being manipulated to smoke cigarettes
and drink alcoholic beverages. Audiences of all ages are encouraged to be critical
of advertisements and to take responsibility for their own health.                        LS000          R 399.00

ALCOHOL : THINK, DON’T DRINK (20 Minutes) Grades 5 – 8                                PRODUCT CODE       PRICE

This documentary features actual young people who have experienced firsthand
how devastating alcohol can be to young lives. Your students learn the truth about
a boy who died when his drinking went too far. A researcher from the University of
Chicago performs experiments that show how alcohol can slow down the brain and
eye functions. Two medical students from the University of Chicago visit a
classroom to show the students an actual human brain and liver that illustrate how
alcohol can damage the body. Dr. Elizabeth Roberts, an adolescent psychiatrist
and guest expert for Oprah Winfrey Show, speaks directly to the camera to reveal
how using this drug can cause numerous problems, short and long term, with their
family, friends, school, work and futures.                                                LS028          R 399.00

ALCOHOL AND THE MIND (30 Minutes)                                                      PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world. Popularly concidered a “social
lubricant” which may initially cause a feeling of relaxation, alcohol also hamper’s
the user’s judgement. In “Alcohol And The Mind” various people recount how
alcohol consumption blurs the ability to think clearly and act rationally. Two Doctors
explain that the effects of alcohol may range from a temporary relief of stress to
recurring axiety and memory loss.Corroborating interviews include college
students, other adults who have abused alcohol in the past, and a law
enforcement officer who details the ways in which alcohol impairs ability. Users
may say things and engage in activities they later regret, including unprotected
sex, a particually dangerous venture in this era of HIV/Aids. For adults to decide
whether or not to drink, they must weigh the fleeting pleasures of a few drinks
against the lasting consequences, including embarrassment, the possible loss of a
job, friends and other relationships, arrest, accidents, and even death.                  LS300          R 399.00
OVER THE LIMIT (45 Minutes)                                                             PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Bobby, Jason and Matt are seniors, stars of the swim team, and best friends.
Matt’s neighbour, Chris, who is known for his drinking, decides to throw a party.
When Chris, Bobby, a girl named Randy, and Jason leave the party in Chris’ van,
an accident occurs and all, except Jason, are killed. Nagged by doubt about what
may really have happened, Matt conducts his own investigation. He learns the
truth and must deal with difficult questions of loyalty, friendship, responsibility and
the price of honesty. The programme offers strong arguments against teenage
drinking and driving.                                                                      LS033       R 399.00

ALCOHOL: IMPACT ON THE FAMILY (17 Minutes)                                        PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
This programme describes the influence of alcoholism on the entire family and how
family members become “co-alcoholics”, stressing the importance of counseling for
the entire family.                                                                   LS301             R 399.00

Adult                                                                             PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
First Dose Of Addiction : Teens & Alcohol examines the increase in alcohol abuse
among young people today and shows how alcohol often leads to abuse of other
drugs. An informative presentation, this video clearly states how alcohol wreaks
havoc both physically and psychologically in teens, and one teenager shares how
alcohol abuse led a friend of his to die in a drunk driving accident, making this
presentation both effective and moving.                                              LS003             R 399.00

FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME : THE EARLY YEARS (20 Minutes)                                PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
This programme focuses on the challenges of caring for the F.A.S/F.A.E. child.
Viewers spend a day with the family of an F.A.S/F.A.E. child, and learn what life is
like for them. An expert explains why children with F.A.S/F.A.E. behave in certain
ways and offers advice on the best way to handle typical situations. It is also
stressed that unlike healthy children, F.A.S./F.A.E. children require constant
attention, due to their shortened attention spans.                                      LS007          R 399.00

FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME ; THE SCHOOL YEARS (20 Minutes)                               PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
This programme concentrates on the importance of meeting the needs of children
with F.A.S., at home, in the classroom, and at the school and district levels. It is
stressed that students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or the related Fetal Alcohol
Effects are not mentally retarded, and should not be viewed that way. Parents and
experts offer their views on the importance of functional skill education, including
how to use public transportation, make change, use the library, go for a job
interview, and live on their own.                                                       LS008          R 399.00

OTHER DRUGS (23 Minutes)                                    PRODUCT CODE                               PRICE

This documentary introduces practical solutions to drug and alcohol use among
kids that families can use now. It shows the results of a nationwide search to
discover the best programmes, techniques, and approaches that are successful in
keeping kids drug – and alcohol – free. The five programmes featured differ in
approach and method, but all show victories in substance abuse prevention.              LS003A         R 399.00

ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS (26 Minutes)                                               PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
Drug and alcohol abuse among kids has become a plague across the country.
This documentary spotlights effective, innovative, and replicable drug and alcohol
programmes from across the nation. Four programmes present triumphs in
substance abuse treatment and recovery.                                              LS003B            R 399.00
DRUNK DRIVING: THE PARTY’S OVER (23 Minutes)                                            PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Drunk Driving: The Party’s over, written by a college law professor, puts your
students in the jury box. At a teen beer party, Kevin urges Amy to go on a “beer
run”. Mike goes with her. There is an accident and Mike is paralyzed for life. He
sues both Amy and Kevin. The defense strategy: Mike should get nothing as he
assumed the risk.The video moves quickly, interrupting the testimony with party
scenes and the Jaws of Life rescue. A doctor testifies as to the extent of the spinal
cord injuries. Mike describes how people treat him because he is in a wheelchair
and Amy tells of her life in jail, reminding the audience of the criminal penalties.
She ends with how the accident has cost her parents their life savings.After the
video, your students must decide the case. Their verdict is not important – their
discussion is. The next time they are offered a beer, they will know the absolute
seriousness of what they do next.                                                          LS041       R 399.00

F.A.S. AND EFFECTS : A FOCUS ON PREVENTION                                       PRODUCT CODE          PRICE
Through candid interviews with experts, parents of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
children, and pregnant women, this programme presents the facts and offers
advice on the prevention of F.A.S. and Fetal Alcohol Effects (F.A.E.). The
importance of abstaining from any kind of alcohol when pregnant is stressed, and
viewers learn that help is available for mothers struggling with alcoholism.        LS006              R 399.00

ALCOHOL : IT’S NOT FOR ME (8 Minutes) Grades 2 – 6                                      PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

After school, Jason goes to Bill’s house. Bill’s big brother and cousin are there
with some of their friends. The group of older boys begin to drink beer, and thinks
it would be fun to get Jason and Bill to drink too. They coax the youngsters to
have a bottle. They say only babies and wimps don’t drink. What should Jason
and Bill do? The programme tells how to avoid such circumstances and what to
do if avoidance isn’t possible. The video also explains why alcohol can be
dangerous, pointing out its effects on various parts of the body, and how it can
affect an individual’s judgment and behaviour.                                             LS302       R 399.00

THE LAST DANCE (18 Minutes)                                                           PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
Examine the life-altering consequences of driving while impaired, as this
programme follows a teenage couple from the first horrifying moments to the
desperate life-saving attempts in the emergency room. The emotional climax is
reached when the family and friends discover the youths fates. Computer
animation recreates the dramatic physical impact of the collision and illustrates the
causes of the grave injuries the couple sustain. Understanding these traumatic
injuries can serve as a forceful reminder of just how fragile life can be. The DVD is
a powerful indictment of impaired driving and speaks well of the use of seat belts.     LS031D         R 399.00

THE TEEN FILES: THE TRUTH ABOUT DRINKING                                            PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
For many of today’s teenagers, it is concidered “cool” to drink as much as they can
in social situations involving their peers.In the programme, teens who are current
drinkers see firsthand the potential consequences of alcohol use from every
perspective, including how drinking impairs a person’s coordination, vision and
reaction time; how the brain and other organs suffer lasting damage from alcohol
use; how a drunk person really drives.                                                 LS031E          R 399.00

SURVIVING SOBRIETY (13 Minutes)                                                     PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
The primary commitment in an alcoholic’s life is sobriety. This programme looks at
the lifelong recovery process, its rigors and rewards, along with the importance of
attending regular group meetings.                                                      LS671           R 399.00

      HIV/AIDS & STD's (Whoopi Goldberg, Iman, Magic Johnson & Susan Sarandon)

CHOICES : LEARNING ABOUT AIDS (20 MINUTES)                                         PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
With the proper education, the risk of acquiring and spreading AIDS can be greatly
reduced. This programme attempts to provide that education as well as to
sensitively address some of the many complex issues of morality, religion, and
basic human needs that arise when AIDS is discussed.                                  LS066            R 399.00
BEGINNINGS : YOU WON’T GET AIDS (14 MINUTES)                                       PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Combining colourful animation, live action and song, and following the Surgeon
General’s guidelines, this programme allays fears, dispels common
misconceptions, and answers children’s questions about how AIDS is spread.
Children will learn to take responsibility for their own health, and to open their
hearts to those with AIDS.                                                            LS067          R 399.00

POSITIVE : A JOURNEY INTO AIDS (29 MINUTES)                                           PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Michael Sutton and Kimberly McCullough, who portray a couple battling AIDS on
the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital, are the subjects of this powerful
documentary. The programme tracks their experiences as they learn about HIV
and AIDS from real men and women living with the disease. In an attempt to
understand the tragedies of AIDS, Michael and Kimberly visit various locations,
including hospices and the AIDS quilt. They learn quickly that the virus does not
discriminate – it attacks people of all ages, sexes and races. Positive : A Journey
Into AIDS is an informative and moving presentation about AIDS and its victims
that should be seen by everyone.                                                         LS068       R 399.00

STAR Theater, a teenage theater company, uses drama and peer education to
raise awareness about the risks young people face growing up in the age of AIDS
and teenage pregnancy. Sex…and other matters of life and death captures these
uncensored peer to peer discussion as awkward questions are posed, surprising
disclosures are made, and difficult emotional issues are dealt with. A poignant
portrait of how painful, dangerous, and yet hopeful the process of growing up can
be.                                                                                  LS069           R 399.00

AIDS : THE FACTS OF LIFE (27 MINUTES)                                          PRODUCT CODE          PRICE
Hosted by Susan Sarandon, this adult education programme offers a tremendous
amount of information about AIDS. Straightforward group discussions are shown
during the programme and adults share their views and fears on dating, sex and
AIDS.                                                                             LS054              R 399.00

This film briefly reviews the “teamwork” that takes place in the immune system, and
then proceeds to discuss how it attempts to battle sexually transmitted diseases,
such as Chlamdia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and AIDS.                                        LS070         R 399.00

PLAYING IT SAFE (21 MINUTES)                                                  PRODUCT CODE           PRICE
This award-winning video is targeted for teens who are about to be or who are
already sexually active. Opening comments address the dangers of casual sex,
AIDS, veneral disease and unwanted pregnancy.                                    LS057               R 399.00

A IS FOR AIDS (15 MINUTES)                                                            PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

One of the most popular AIDS titles available, this programme has been revised to
meet the demands of a new AIDS era. Geared toward intermediate-level children,
Dr. Andy Answer, an animated character, explains to children what the immune
system is and how the AIDS virus harms the immune system.                                LS058       R 399.00

AIDS AND WOMEN : THE GREATEST GAMBLE (26 MINUTES)                            PRODUCT CODE            PRICE
This programme focuses on five very different women who are living with and
coping with AIDS. In candid interviews, the women discuss how they were
infected, their reactions to the diagnosis and how they are dealing with the
disease.                                                                        LS060                R 399.00
TALKING ABOUT AIDS (26 MINUTES)                                                   PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
Through rap, drama, animation and interviews, this programme offers teens the
latest information on AIDS. Dramatic sequences look at relationships, one that
shows promise, the other – doomed. Ed, the AIDS nerd, an animated character,
shows how stupid it is to believe the myths surrounding AIDS, such as
transmission from restaurant utensils, telephones, even hugging. Teens will learn
that it’s cool to understand AIDS.                                                   LS061            R 399.00

JUST SAY KNOW TO AIDS : ABSTINENCE (24 MINUTES)                                       PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
While this programme is geared toward pre-teens and young adults, it is also an
excellent educational tool for teachers, parents and healthcare professionals. This
is a must for educating the growing number of young people participating in risky
behavior and possible contracting and unknowingly spreading HIV. The
programme includes a series of compelling interviews with HIV positive and AIDS
patients who share what it is really like living with and dying from, AIDS. Stressing
abstinence and providing facts and statistics concerning HIV and AIDS, experts
substantiate information dealing with testing, how you can and cannot get HIV,
how the immune system inevitable breaks down after HIV infection and the
realities of the disease physically, emotionally and financially.                        LS019        R 399.00

JUST SAY KNOW TO AIDS : SAFER SEX (35 MINUTES)                                       PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
This programme is hosted by MAGIC JOHNSON and is a must for educating the
growing number of young people participating in risky sexual behaviour and
possibly contracting and unknowingly spreading HIV. Compelling interviews with
HIV – positive and AIDS patients show what it is really like living with – and dying
from – AIDS. Experts substantiate information about the physical, emotional and
financial realities of the disease.                                                     LS053         R 399.00

AIDS : EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW (28 MINUTES)                                         PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

WHOOPI GOLDBERG joins medical professor Dr. Alexander Levine in presenting
the facts on HIV/AIDS. Young viewers learn that AIDS is a deadly condition
caused by a virus known as HIV. They also learn the various ways in which HIV is
passed from one person to another and how to avoid contracting HIV. In a
forthright approach to human sexuality, and the hazards of STD’s including
HIV/AIDS, abstinence is emphasised as the safest course of action. The proper
use of latex condoms in HIV/AIDS prevention is also discussed.                            LS016       R 399.00

HIV AND AIDS: STAYING SAFE (15 Minutes)                                                PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

This programme helps kids understand why prevention is so important when it
comes to HIV and AIDS. It introduces adolescents to some of the basic facts
about HIV and AIDS in a sensitive and careful way, preparing them for some of the
difficult decisions they will make as they approach their teenage years. Through
discussion, demonstration, and animation, the kids will see what the virus does
inside the body and why it leaves the body so vulnerable to other infections, and
how HIV develops into AIDS. The programme explores the ways that HIV can and
cannot be contracted, so that kids can identify safe and risky behaviours and can
make good choices about the health.                                                       LS063       R 399.00

STD, AIDS, AND THE CLEAN LOVE SOLUTION (30 Minutes)                                    PRODUCT CODE   PRICE

Watch as two teenagers jump in a car and embark on a quest for knowledge.
They visit doctors, clinics, and STD educators, and chat with their peers about safe
sex. They hear the harsh realities from young people who have been infected with
AIDS and other STDs; it’s real and it can happen to you. Tracy and Gyasi learn
that the answers are simple – the safest way to avoid sexually transmitted disease
is to abstain from sex, but for those kids who do have sex, they can reduce their
risk by maintaining monogamous relationships, getting tested for STDs, and
always wearing protection, etc. Communication is a key. Learn how to discuss
your sexual feelings in a mature way and insist that your desires are respected.
Upbeat and solution-focused, this video offers many new insights to young people
as they begin to experience the world in new ways.                                        LS064       R 399.00
COME SIT BY ME : AIDS EDUCATION (8 Minutes) Grades 1 – 5                              PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
Beautiful illustrations accompanied by a child’s soft narration combine to tell this
touching story about friendship and compassion while teaching young children
about AIDS. In this story, Karen is a young girl returning to school after summer
vacation. Each night she tells her mother about the day’s activities and about the
new child in her class, Nicholas. Karen wants to be friends with Nicholas. One
evening at supper, Karen tells her parents that other children aren’t allowed to play
with Nicholas because he has AIDS. Karen’s parents lovingly answer her
questions about AIDS. Their responses will help other youngsters and their
caregivers understand what AIDS is and promote understanding and compassion
towards those who have the virus.                                                        LS065         R 399.00

STAR Theater, a teenage theater company, uses drama and peer education to
raise awareness about the risks young people face growing up in the age of AIDS
and teenage pregnancy. Sex…and other matters of life and death captures these
uncensored peer to peer discussion as awkward questions are posed, surprising
disclosures are made, and difficult emotional issues are dealt with. A poignant
portrait of how painful, dangerous, and yet hopeful the process of growing up can
be.                                                                                     LS069          R 399.00

THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX (30 Minutes) Grades 7 – Adult                                   PRODUCT CODE       PRICE

More than half of all teenagers have had sex before the age of 18. Every 10
seconds in America, another teenager contracts a sexually transmitted disease,
and over 3,000 teens become pregnant each day. Parents and teens are often too
uncomfortable to discuss the risks associated with sex. This programme supports
Health and Guidance, Sex Education, Family Life and Life Skills units on human
growth and development, human sexuality and reproduction, behavioural choices,
and STD’s. With 20/20 clarity, it focuses on the realities of having sex too young,
including unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. students’ understanding of the
relationship between unsafe behaviours and personal health is reinforced through
real-world examples of several sexually active teenagers. Two teens discuss the
struggle of becoming parents at such a young age, while another young couple
faces the possibility that they could be pregnant. A group of teens tour a
microbiology lab, where hundreds of STD cases are diagnosed each year, and
participate in a “mock AIDS test”. Lisa, a 33-year old woman with full-blown AIDS, shares her story.
                                                                                        LS272          R 399.00

CHOOSING TO BE DISEASE-FREE (22 Minutes)                                         PRODUCT CODE          PRICE
There are more dangerous sexually transmitted diseases in the world today than
ever before. Pam Stenzel uses straightforward, honest discussion to explain in
detail the hazards of sexual activity for teens and to emphasize that because no
form of protection is 100% effective, the safest choice is abstinence.              LS669              R 399.00

YOU CAN REFUSE (17 Minutes)                                                         PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
You Can Refuse shows teenagers modeling Refusal Skills in realistic situations,
and thus staying out of trouble with their friends while still keeping them, having
fun, and staying in control. The video also shows how students can use the skills
to resist pressure, either from one individual or from a group.                        LS670           R 399.00

Pam Stenzel makes a convincing argument for the choice of abstinence by
illustrating the life-changing consequences of unplanned teen pregnancies. A
moving message will spark the audience to carefully think through the
consequences before they make the choice to have sex.                           LS668                  R 399.00
TWICE A VICTIM (23Minutes)                                                            PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
This programme explores the aftermath of rape and its effects on victims. While
away at college Lisa becomes a victim of date rape and as time passes, she
realizes that the pain of the assault continues even after the rape is over. At first
she denies help from a counselor and her roommate, claiming she is “fine”. But
she isn’t. Lisa is haunted by the episode, and fear and depression begin to rule
her life. After she encounters her rapist on campus, Lisa finds the strength to go to
a support group, but not before she acknowledges her rapist’s identity with an
anonymous message on the wall of the women’s restroom. This programme
provides compelling media support to Health and Guidance units on rape
prevention, survival and coping, violence prevention, self esteem, and crime
prevention.                                                                              LS673        R 399.00

ME. MYSELF AND I (SELF-CONFIDENCE) (12 Minutes)                                   PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
The S.T.A.R.S. provide tools and share experiences that give tens hope while in
puberty, emphasizing that hard times can create personal growth. Some topics
covered are identity issues, depression, sex, drugs, gangs, eating disorders, and
making the commitment to be the best you can be.                                     LS679            R 399.00


Session 1: RESOLVING CONFLICTS PEACEFULLY. (26 Minutes)                              PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
School staff will learn the skills needed to implement a successful conflict
resolution model in the classroom as well as a school-wide peer mediation
programme. The model demonstrated will enable learners to state what they need
to arrive at acceptable solutions, to listen reflectively and to be a peer mediator.
How to integrate various aspects of the model into the curriculum, the effect on
school atmosphere and discipline in the classroom are also discussed.                   LS104         R 299.00

Session 2: TAKING THE LID OFF ANGER. (28 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
This programme will give teachers the tools to help students manage anger by
being aware of the signs of anger, expressing their feelings and making healthy
choices. The boundary between violence and anger, the roots of anger, forming a
positive relationship with students, tips to integrate the discussion of feelings into
the curriculum and specific violence prevention activities are also discussed and
demonstrated.                                                                             LS105        R 299.00

Session 3: THE GANG ALTERNATIVE. (28 Minutes)                                  PRODUCT CODE           PRICE
Educators and school staff will learn valuable information on how to identify
learners at-risk for joining a gang and how to implement successful prevention
strategies in the classroom. How to identify gang members and key areas of
prevention to focus on in the classroom are discussed by a principal, an
instructional coordinator, a former police officer and gang specialist.           LS109                R 299.00

Session 4: SAFE SCHOOL, SAFE ENVIRONMENT. (26 Minutes)                            PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
This comprehensive programme provides a guide to creating a safe school. The
key areas for the implementation of an effective emergency plan in the case of
violent occurrences in the school are presented. How to create a safe environment
with an emphasis on prevention is also discussed in depth.                           LS110             R 299.00

                              The 8 episodes are between 18-30 minutes each

BEYOND ABSTINENCE: LOOKING AHEAD                                                     PRODUCT CODE     PRICE
Relapse, unfortunately, is a common experience for many recovering addicts. Why
do some make it, while others never seem to grasp recovery? In this episode, a
recovery specialist explains the necessity of setting goals in recovery, and why the
first goal must be changing a negative self-image. The importance of responsibility
in recovery, and the value of changing lifestyles are also stressed. Viewers are
able to hear firsthand the attitudes that preclude success, and those that herald a
relapse. Recovery involves much more than just staying clean and sober, and this
DVD helps those affected move beyond mere abstinence by looking ahead to
inner peace and fulfillment.                                                            LS113         R 365.00
DENIAL: CAPTIVES OF DECEIT                                                             PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
The disease of addiction is progressive, destructive, and ultimately fatal, and it has
many symptoms. Of all its characteristics, perhaps the most dangerous is that of
denial, which helps to keep its prisoners firmly locked in prisons within their own
minds. To an outsider, denial is glaringly obvious; but to someone caught in the
disease of addiction, it is almost impossible to recognize. In this episode, the
dangers of denial are demonstrated as five recovering addicts relate their own
experiences with denial, and the destructive consequences that resulted. A
recovery specialist explains how the denial system works, and the necessity of
breaking through to acceptance, honesty, and willingness.                                 LS115        R 365.00

DISEASE: PRISONERS OF ADDICTION                                                       PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
The disease of addiction is not discriminary; there is no age, race, social status or
financial status that is immune to its destruction. In this programme, the disease of
addiction is explored through the lives of people who have been caught in its grip,
are learning to break free.                                                              LS116         R 365.00

CO-DEPENDENCY: PRISONERS OF LOVE                                                      PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
Codependency affects many of those who have been imprisoned in the disease of
addiction. It is difficult to define, and sometimes even more difficult to recognize,
because it is often disguised as love, devotion or even commitment. This
programme outlines eight characteristics of codependency, and offers some
solutions to this condition.                                                             LS114         R 365.00

FAMILY OF ORIGIN: CHILDREN OF CHOICE                                           PRODUCT CODE           PRICE
Often the disease of addiction originates in childhood with family secrets,
dysfunctional relationships or trauma. Understanding the family of origin is a
necessary part in discovering who we are today. In this programme recovering
addicts share intimate details about their childhood and how their experiences
affected their addiction.                                                         LS117                R 365.00

FEELINGS: FREEDOM TO FEEL                                                        PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
Emotional recovery may be one of the most frightening and confusing areas to
confront in the addiction recovery process. In this programme, the lives of five
people in recovery are examined in terms of how they are coping with life after
treatment.                                                                          LS118              R 365.00

ENABLING PERSONAL FREEDOM                                                           PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
For those caught up in the in the disease of addiction, enabling relationships
become a tricky tool of the disease, allowing the addict to continue the abuse. The
programmes explain the behavior of enabling, and how it helps the disease
flourish.                                                                              LS119           R 365.00

SPIRITUALITY: CHOOSING PEACE                                                     PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
Most people who have achieved lasting sobriety agree that developing a spiritual
programme is a priority for success. Yet many in early recovery are frustrated when
presented with the often confusing issues of spirituality, acceptance, serenity and
letting go. In this programme a recovery specialist explains, from a clinical point of
view, the importance and the joys of a spiritual recovery programme.                     LS120         R 365.00

                                        RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD

CHRISTIANITY                                                                          PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
A revision of the award-winning title from the Religions of the World Series. The
religion of Christianity has more followers in the world today than any other. More
than one billion, eight hundred million people are considered Christians. In the last
two thousand years, the life of one man, known as Jesus the Christ, may be said to
have had a more profound effect on the course of history than that of any other
being.                                                                                   LS771        R 350.00
HINDUISM                                                                              PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Hinduism was born of a civilization that existed nearly 5,000 years ago – around
3,000 B.C.E., in the Indus valley of India. It is believed to be the world’s oldest
living religion. Unlike other religions, Hinduism has no single founder and no
defined organizations. The religion has maintained its strength in the face of
invasion by Muslims, the missionary efforts of Christians, British colonial
occupation, and the pressures of social changes in Indian culture. In this
programme, shot on location in India and the U.S., we visit many Hindu sacred
places, and get insight into the deities, rituals, and symbols that provide spiritual
meaning for the followers of Hinduism. Emphasis is placed on Hinduism in the
modern world – from the time of Mahatma Gandhi through present day.                      LS772          R 350.00

ISLAM                                                                                PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
The Arabic world Islam means “to surrender.” It is derived from the Arabic root
word for peace. One out of every five people on earth, more than one billion
people, have chosen to follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, the
religion of Islam. It is the world’s fastest growing religion. Because of this, the
social political and economic power of Islam is profound and it is important to
understand why the youngest of the world’s religions has attracted so many
followers. Segments cover: The history of the faith; the practices of its followers;
the art, architecture, and science of Islam; its contemporary role in the world; and
the effect of the colonial era on the faith. Shot on locations in India, Iran, Saudi
Arabia, and the U.S. and including interviews with followers, as well as historic
footage and stills, this programme provides insight into the heart of a powerful
faith.                                                                                  LS773           R 350.00

BUDDHISM                                                                              PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
Buddhism can be described as more of a way of life than a religion. Not based on
a belief in God, its goals for humanity is to transcend the world perceived by the
senses in order to achieve true happiness and peace. The Buddha pointed out
that most people experience life as unsatisfactory and filled with suffering and that
much of this we bring upon ourselves through our lack of understanding the true
nature of reality. This programme, shot on location in India, Nepal, Thailand, and
Japan, explores the history, development, art, and influence of Buddhism in the
world.                                                                                   LS774          R 350.00

JUDAISM                                                                              PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
This programme, shot on location in Israel, Egypt, and the United States, traces
the history, development, and practice of Judaism from its earliest beginnings to
the present. Some of the areas covered are the Torah, Jewish teaching and law,
the ancient faith, the practices of Judaism, the Holocaust, the state of Israel, and
the Jewish Renewal movement.                                                            LS775           R 350.00

A COMPARISON OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT (This episode is 60-minutes and
can stand alone)                                                                         PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
This programme features interviews with seventeen different individuals
representing the five major world religions. Among the topics addressed are the
search for a spiritual path; and the foundations of faith; life after death; religious
experience; original sin/good vs. evil; the spirit in daily life; belief in one God. The
interviews include both members of the clergy and layperson. Location footage
from around the world is included to illustrate the subjects covered. These
programmes provide an opportunity to compare the similarities and differences in
the way fundamental religious concepts are viewed by different religions. After
viewing the programme, the viewer will have a better understanding not only of the
concepts presented, but also of the importance of religion in the lives of those who
follow the different faiths.                                                                LS776       R 350.00

Minutes)                                                                            PRODUCT CODE    PRICE
The programme centers on the lives of several teenagers and features Dale and
Darlene Emme, the parents of a suicide victim, who now travel the nation talking to
young people about suicide. The Emmes run a national outreach effort called the
Yellow Ribbon Programme. Teenage years are difficult enough, but add to that a
problem such as alcoholism, divorce, domestic violence, or even sexual abuse,
and a teenager is sometimes pushed to the brink of suicide where the only way out
seems to be to end it all.                                                             LS666        R 350.00

DON’T POP YOUR CORK ON MONDAYS! (12 Minutes)                                      PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
In bright humorous and lively animation, this programme provides children with an
understanding of stress, and the importance of developing stress survival skills.
Beginning with the types and causes of stress, the young viewer explores the ways
in which stress affects us, both physically and mentally.           Importantly, the
programme also offers effective ways for children to deal with stressful situations.   LS667        R 350.00

SELF ESTEEM: BEING THE REAL ME (16 Minutes)                                          PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
This programme contains clear “how to” instructions on self-esteem developments
for young children. Real kids, including kids with disabilities, carry the message
and show how to appreciate oneself, set goals and do positive self-talk. What they
say is insightful and inspiring. Award-winning writer and host, Ruby Unger,
describes easy-to-follow breathing exercises that help viewers relax and “de-
stress”. Visualisation techniques are taught to help students set goals, both
immediate and for the future. In addition, students are encouraged by their peers
to trust their instincts, to challenge themselves, to accept mistakes as learning
opportunities, to seek support, to follow respected examples, to reach out to help
others, to accept responsibility for their actions, to find the positive, delete the
negative, and practice, practice, practice to internalise their new, improved habits    LS672       R 350.00

FRIENDS BY CHOICE (12 Minutes)                                                       PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Changing schools, moving or being in an unfamiliar environment can make fitting
in and making friends frightening. Viewers will identify closely with being excluded
from a group, or not being chosen by a partner in class. James gets discouraged
when he sees the benefits of healthy friendships portrayed on television. The
programme shows how Ivy gets up the courage to introduce herself to her
classmates, and James finds a friend through basketball. Young teens will realize
they have a lot more in common than just sports or going to the mall, and how
easily friendships can grow. Students will learn to develop the courage and skills
necessary to make new friends                                                           LS674       R 350.00

JUST DO IT? (SELF-RESTRAINT) (12 Minutes)                                         PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
In this programme, teen mentors (S.T.A.R.S.) discuss reasons adolescents get
involved with high-risk behaviour and guide viewers away from self-indulgence and
toward self-respect. Abstinence is viewed as a way to eliminate fear and guilt
while earning respect.                                                               LS675          R 350.00

GET ON-LINE (COMMUNICATION) (12 Minutes)                                       PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
S.T.A.R.S. discuss communication between boys and girls and the benefits of
authentic expression and the importance of avoiding phony fronts. Building the
foundation of relationships on good communication and friendship are
emphasized.                                                                       LS676             R 350.00

Poignant comments from S.T.A.R.S., skits, and discussion focused on healthy and
unhealthy relationships are featured in this programme. Topics like jealousy,
possessiveness, love, lust, and infatuation are presented. The importance of
taking the physical side of the relationship slowly, setting boundaries, and
relationship roller coasters are discussed.                                        LS677            R 350.00
FROM HERE TO THERE (GOALS AND IDEALS) (12 Minutes)                                  PRODUCT CODE      PRICE

A powerful concept of choosing, not being chosen, is introduced by the S.T.A.R.S.
and explained in more detail by counselor Cari Worley. Emphasis is placed on
maintaining high ideals and setting goals for the future.                               LS679         R 350.00

RESPONSIBILITY (15 Minutes)                                                            PRODUCT CODE   PRICE
Brock wants to hang with his friends instead of taking part in this character project.
Same with Peter, who runs off to the football field at every opportunity. With help
from the others, they learn how to do what’s right.                                       LS681       R 350.00

INTEGRITY (15 Minutes)                                                             PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
Kelly keeps finding wallets on the street! Some have money, some have
identification, and all help show her the meaning of integrity. Stephen also has a
wallet problem – he borrows money from friends and never returns it! Denise has
her own integrity issue: she saw someone from the group do something truly
bad…should she tell?                                                                  LS682           R 350.00

KINDNESS (15 Minutes)                                                            PRODUCT CODE         PRICE
Karen’s always getting made fun of by some kids at school. She knows
unkindness. Joey knows unkindness, too. Together, the group learns
compassion, kindness, and how fighting fire with fire can just get things burnt.    LS683             R 350.00

RESPECT (15 Minutes)                                                               PRODUCT CODE       PRICE
Not only does Sarah have to deal with Stephen’s mistaken idea of true respect, but
her own older brother’s. You can get respect in lots of ways, but what respect
really is and how you get it is the most important distinction of all.                LS684           R 350.00

HOW TO HANDLE STRESS (9 Minutes)                                                  PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
This information packed video provides young viewers with tools to identify and
handle stress. A variety of scenarios illustrate situations in which teachers,
coaches, parents and peers cause pressure and anxiety. Viewers will connect
with these examples as they learn what stress is, where it comes from, and how it
affects them. Both the positive and negative physical and emotional reactions of
stress are reviewed. How to Handle Stress teaches viewers to deal with stress in
a positive and healthy way.                                                          LS685            R 350.00

(27 Minutes)                                                                        PRODUCT CODE      PRICE
A catchy song introduces two teenage hosts, Damian and Alexandra. They talk to
the audience, in an entertaining way, about the rules of growing up; eating right,
getting enough exercise and sleep, avoiding cigarettes and drugs, practicing good
hygiene, recognizing mental distress and following safety regulations. Four other
kids tell about their personal experiences with weight loss, smoking, a skating
accident and depression. Among the problems discussed are anorexia,
communicable diseases, peer pressure to drink or smoke, and the results of too
much stress. Damian and Alexandra conduct true or false quizzes for audience
participation and present a succinct set of rules for taking good care of “the only
body you’ve got”.                                                                      LS686          R 350.00
                           ECONOMICS: A FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING
   Fundamental Economic Concepts, Microeconomic Concepts, and Macroeconomic Concepts provides a solid
 foundation for economic study. Designed for use in America at the high school to junior college level, the series
                   covers major terms and concepts in a comprehensive yet intelligible manner

FUNDAMENTAL ECONOMIC CONCEPTS (29 Minutes)                                              PRODUCT CODE     PRICE

Economics is the study of the use of limited resources to produce and distribute
goods and services. This programme, which may function as an introduction or as
a review, examines the principles that are at the core of economics. Scarcity leads
to opportunity cost decisions, the necessary choice between economic options.

Fundamental Economic Concepts equips students with an understanding of
historical economic systems. The programme then focuses primarily on the
structure and function of the free market economy and explains the institutions and
incentives that have developed to regulate production and distribution of goods,
services, and money, which are exchanged in the world marketplace.                         LS880        R 250.00

MICROECONOMIC CONCEPTS (29 Minutes)                                                     PRODUCT CODE     PRICE

Microeconomics is the study of how markets work; it looks at factors that influence
and result from the inner workings of economies. Specifically, it looks at how
businesses in the market economy go about using limited resources to produce
and distribute goods and services. This programme demonstrates how the market
sets prices and determines the quantity and nature of goods and services
produced, and demonstrates the roles of competition and regulation. The
character of a well-functioning market economy – with its back-and-forth flow of
money and factors of production – is analyzed. What happens when the market
process fails, and the methods available to correct market failures are explained.         LS881        R 250.00

MACROECONOMIC CONCEPTS (29 Minutes)                                             PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
Macroeconomics is the study of the factors that influence, and result from, the
large scale functions of economies. It is the way economists measure the
behaviour and functioning of economies. To do this, economists quantify aspects
of the economic process using economic aggregates, or averages; measurements,
such as the Gross National Product; unemployment; and inflation. This
programme looks at how these measurements can provide insights into the health
of an economy, how they impact the purchasing power of currencies, and ways
governments can control and impact economic aggregates.                            LS882                R 250.00

  The series introduces students to the basic concepts of economics. Understanding economic concepts and
 principles has become increasingly important in preparing students for negotiating the ever-changing worlds of
                                       jobs, business, and life decisions.

RESOURCES (17 Minutes)                                                         PRODUCT CODE              PRICE
This programme defines and illustrates three basic kinds of resources: natural
resources, labour, and capital. Students learn the principle of “opportunity costs”
in all phases of resource utilization, i.e. the use of resource for one purpose means
it cannot be used for another. Finally, the programme presents some of the forces
that determine how we choose to use resources in economic activities.                      LS883        R 250.00

MONEY                                                                                PRODUCT CODE        PRICE
The evolution of money is traced through history, starting with bartering and ending
with today’s electronic forms of monetary exchange. Illustrated by humorous skits,
the five defining properties of money are shown. The concepts of savings and
checking accounts, and credit cards, are presented.                                     LS884           R 250.00

NEEDS AND WANTS                                                                 PRODUCT CODE             PRICE
This programme defines the three basic needs common to humanity: food and
water, shelter, and clothing. This programme examines how a market economy
works to satisfy wants. Students learn that the principle of “opportunity cost”
governs the use of resources to satisfy wants and needs.                           LS885                R 250.00

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