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How to Know if the Woman is Attracted to You-


									Are you missing the signals women are giving you?

I'm sure you've seen these commercials aimed at men. They're usually pitching some
product that has absolutely nothing with dating or women.

For example, deodorant, gum, a car, even FOOD. There's some doofus with a movie
star haircut and chiseled jaw standing there with his super-stuffed burrito in hand,
with two model-looking women looking at him like he just gave them 10 orgasms a

The message is, "Eat this burrito and girls will love you."

Or those gum commercials, where the guy pops a stick of gum in his mouth, and all of
a sudden, some super-model looks over at him like he's her favorite flavor popsicle.

"Chew gum, chicks dig it."

I find this both funny and sad.

Funny because of how ridiculous the message is.

Sad because this crap actually gets into guys' brains after repeated exposure. The TV
is a brainwashing machine.

But these ads bring up a really important topic.

What kind of signals do women really send us guys?

In the past, I would assume that if a girl didn't twirl her hair, twinkle her eyes, and
smile shyly, that she wasn't into me.

I literally thought that women sent signals like this to guys if they were attracted to

Now I know exactly what to look for. I see the matrix, and let me tell you, there are

Not a day goes by that I notice a signal to approach from a woman. Women are
constantly inviting me to talk to them, or at least letting me know that they are

But here's the thing - most of the time they aren't aware of what they are doing.

Women's signals are very much like "poker tells."
If you are an experienced poker player, you'll know that most players will do some
kind of unconscious action that gives away what kind of hand they have.

It can be a twitch of the eye, adjusting in their seat, or maybe talking more than

Women do the same thing. And it really takes a strong intuition to pick it up.

It took years of experience, and lots of mis-reads and screw-ups to fine-tune my
'signal radar.'

One of the main things we discuss in The Attraction Code is how to notice windows
and how to respond to them.

We break down the female psychology behind this phenomenon, which will allow you
to apply the principle to any scenario.

This way, you can develop your own style using the general formula to help you
strengthen your radar.

For instance, one thing women will do is preen themselves, although it's usually much
more subtle than you think.

It can be something slight, like checking themselves out in the mirror briefly to make
sure they look OK.

Or it can be a flattening of their blouse to ensure their tummy isn't sticking out.

The key is to notice when they do this. Is it right when you walk up, or just after you
look over?

Watch for the little ways women tighten up or reveal a self-conscious focus when you
come into their awareness.

The world will look like a land of opportunity when you get the hang of this.

If you've seen the Mel Gibson movie, "What Women Want," you will know the kind
of power you'll have

In a sense you'll be able to read women's thoughts, at least about whether or not they
are attracted to you.

It's too bad that we're not taught this stuff when we're young. As guys, we aren't even
taught to LOOK for signals.

Instead we are taught to DISPLAY signals so that women will choose us.

Here are some of the implicit messages bombarding men:

Lift weights until your muscles are so big that women approach you.

Work 80 hours a week so you can get a nice car, and then women will throw
themselves at you.

Eat that burrito, buy that kind of deodorant, get that kind of cell-phone.

Use this pickup line.

Say this joke.

Be confident, be funny, be in top physical shape, be rich.

Be perfect, have everything.

Only then women will like you and approach you.

It's all bogus.

Guess what - women RARELY, if ever approach. So if that's your plan, you'll be
waiting a long time.

Men are so busy trying to signal women to come talk to them that they completely
miss the obvious signals women give them to approach or take things to the next

And all it takes is a simple shift of focus.

Your focus is like your path. You lay out your path through intention, and your focus
is the journey on that path.

If the path you're on isn't taking you where you want to go, let us lay a new path out
for you.

Only YOU can walk the path.

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