How to Keep Your Office Cool in Summer by aihaozhe2


									The worst thing ever is to be stuck in a hot office all summer long, especially when
you would rather be anywhere else that is nice and cool, like the park or down to the
ocean. Here are some great tips to keep your office cool during the long summer
months when you have to stay inside.

Get a desk fan to put on your desk. Some of them just clip on and plug in to your
main power supply so that a nice breeze is generated while you are sitting at your
desk. This is nice if you have to share a cubicle area where there are a lot of people
sharing a small space. Some of these desk fans can be plugged into a USB as well if
you don't have a power supply available to you.

If you have an office all to yourself you can reduce the amount of sun that reflects off
the pavement into your office by closing the window blinds. It will be darker in your
office unless you get a little desk light, but the room will be cooler because you won't
have the hot sun beating down on you. If you can stand to work in a darker room, you
will be amazed how much cooler it will be in your office space.

By minimizing the amount of electronics you have turned on at one time, you will
keep your office cooler during the summer because your equipment is running double
hard to do the same amount of work it would take less energy to do in the winter
when it's cooler out. Instead of having your computer, printer, desk fan, light, and fax
machine on, turn off all of the ones that you don't need immediately. If you aren't
expecting a fax, then it probably doesn't need to be on.

Consider getting an air conditioning unit for your office space. If your company will
allow it, get a portable unit that can sit in your window so you will have nice chilled
air all the time during the summer. This will be really nice on those scorching days
when the temperature outside is unbearable. The nice thing about a portable unit is
that it won't have to stay there all year long, so when it starts to get cold again, you
can pull it out of the window and your office will be warm again like the rest of the

Try getting a fan specifically for your electronics. Your office gets hot from all of your
appliances blowing hot air all over the place. When you keep your electronics cooled
down, it is less likely that you office will get as hot.

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